[Shocking] Soshi Undergoes Mass Extermination of Dogs


Sochi, Russia is in the final hours of prepping their town for the masses of visitors who will be descending upon it Friday, for the start of the winter Olympic games.  Their final preparations sadly means the final hours for hundreds of stray dogs.  Authorities in the area have ordered extermination for these animals in an effort to cleanse the town of their stray dog problem, and avoid the potential for them interfering with the guests or sporting events.

Local authorities have charged one company with the terrifying task, pest control firm Basya Services.  The firm’s general director, Alexei Sorokin told the Associated Press that his company has a contract to eliminate the animals throughout the Olympics.  He’s described the job requirement as being to “catch and dispose” of the dogs, although would not specify how the dogs would be killed and where/how they are disposed of.

As justification for this job , Sorokin claims that the dogs are responsible for causing numerous and dangerous problems throughout Sochi, including “biting children”.  Also, after attending an even rehearsal last week for the opening ceremony, he commented that he was stunned after having seen a stray dog walking in on the performers.  Sorokin and his team stormed in and “took the dog away”.  His concern is for something like this to happen during the live event, since according to him would “be a disgrace for the whole country”.

Since winning the bid for the Olympic games to be held in their city, Sochi has undergone a major transformation, including lengthy construction time in various locations.  These sites have become home to thousands of stray dogs, as they are more likely to get food, shelter, and attention from contractors than elsewhere in the town.  Packs of dogs can also be seen in the Olympic park, where volunteers pet and play with them.  Some strays have even found a nice napping spot in the sun under the Olympic Rings, in the site where medals will be presented to athletes throughout the games.

Many are against the dog-culling plan the city has in effect, including animal activist Dina Filippova, who says these are ongoing efforts in Sochi, not just with regards to Olympic preparations and maintenance.  Filippova told the Associated Press in an interview, “We should understand that it is done not only before the Olympics but constantly”, she continues with, “Two killers from that company work for the city to kill 300 dogs a month.”

This is not a human solution, however there are ways to handle the growing issue responsibly, namely adoption.  Activists fear the worst, that being a mass sterilization,  which is seemingly what Sochi wants as to obtain a goal of no stray dogs on the streets.

Source: Fox News

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