Obama’s High School Pot Dealer Beaten To Death By Gay Lover

Choom Gang

Barack Obama’s high school pot dealer was apparently murdered by his gay lover in 1986. Raymond Boyer, known as ‘Gay Ray’ to the ‘Choom Gang’ with whom the future President smoked pot was murdered with a claw hammer to his head. Ray was the dealer who sold pot to the gang.

Accord to the account on-line, Barack Obama was famous for shouting “interception,”elbowing a person,  and taking the joint and smoking a hit out of turn. He also was known for roof hits, when all the windows were rolled up in the car and all the smoke was inhaled, even up to the ceiling of the car.

According to court documents obtained by the Mail on Line, Ray was the manager of a Mama Mia Pizza restaurant  during the years he got high with the President and the Choom Gang. The Mail On-Line account states that Ray had been an avid surfer at one point in his life. The “Choom Gang” used to gather in “Gay Ray’s van” and they would go on pot smoking excursions. Ray Boyer at age  30  lived the typical surfer existence and slept in his van, dealing drugs, surfing, and working at Mama Mias. He met Obama through dealing drugs. He would regularly bring marijana to the “choom gang” and take them up to Mount Tantalus to party.

The Surf Bus owned by "Gay Ray" that the Choom Gang

The Surf Bus owned by “Gay Ray” that the Choom Gang

After the President graduated and went to the mainland, Ray lost his job.  He  moved into an apartment above a car repair shop with his gay lover, Andrew Devere, a male prostitute. Andrew Devere was significantly younger than Ray–by 17 years. They seem to have had a rocky relationship. Devere stated that Ray constantly put him down, made him beg for drugs and had a habit of breaking wind in his face. Finally, he had enough of Ray, and that was when he attacked.


Andrew Devere who killed Ray Boyer by striking him repeatedly in the head with a claw hammer

As the Mail-On Line states it,

As he [Ray] slept on New Year’s Day 1986, Devere, upset with Ray’s treatment of him, took a claw hammer and literally beat his brains out. His body was not found until eight days later.

Devere said that he had meant to shoot Boyer but could not get a gun and was planning to kill him at night but he fell asleep. He finally bludgeoned him to death the next morning.

Devere, who jailed for life for the murder but released in 2007. He has since moved to the mainland and has married a woman.  His wife told the Mail Online,

“He is embarrassed about it but I told him that you cannot run from it.Drugs always alter your mind. I have a past myself. Because of the drugs and his lifestyle it was a really tough environment to survive in.

He survived by being a prostitute. I think drugs affect people in different ways. It depends how you are brought up.

If you have the right tools to deal with them then it’s okay. But if not they definitely subtract from the good.”



Young Obama

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    Who in hell comes up with this crap. And I’m sure a hell of a lot of moron’s will believe it.

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    Disprove it.

  • D. Brown

    The description of youth in this story was typical and the dealer’s behavior a common lifestyle in the 70’s, and still is. The pot in Hawaii was particularly potent and in high demand.

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    Look at the picture, Obama had a thing for blondes back then, that explains that swedish chick. LOL

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    poor Barry, having to party with WHITE KIDS! they were probably racists lol

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    how sad for you obamabots, it’s all true.

    I wonder what you will think when obama’s true crimes are revealed soon? oh you will not believe all the evidence against barry then either

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    actually they did not date, obama was gay even back then