Target Hacking Identity Theft – Illegal Alien Banditos Nabbed

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Two Mexican illegal aliens have been arrested and charged with fraud in conjunction with the December 2013 Target credit card breach.

McAllen, TX, Police apprehended 27-year-old Mary Carmen Garcia and 28-year-old Daniel Guardiola Dominguez, both of Monterey Mexico as they attempted to reenter the United States on Sunday.

At the time of their arrest the couple had 96 fraudulent credit cards in their possession. The cards had been created using information stolen from Target.

McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said that they had received information regarding the duo’s activities and had already obtained arrest warrants for them. When they returned from Mexico, the police were ready and served the warrants.

During the course of the arrest, police learned of a second stash of fraudulent cards they had in their possession.

The cards contained account information of South Texas residents and were used to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from national retailers. The illegal aliens’ illegal shopping spree included stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us.

The Target hacking incident involved 40 million accounts and the personal information of 70 million customers. That information included names, credit card information and phone numbers.

It should come as no surprise that a country which has made it a practice to ignore and in many ways reward the perpetrators of document falsification of Social Security cards, drivers licenses, resident alien cards, and birth certificates has a problem with identity theft. These two took it one step further, adding credit cards to the other fake documents they carried.

Perhaps Erick Holder shops at target.

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  • Bradley Wilson

    death by firing squad!!!!!!!!

  • James Lawson

    Makes ya wonder who they are working for….

  • Sallie98

    Exactly they sure didnt do it on their own, they were just the fall guys.

  • ~*~

    When I saw the Mexican mug shots connected to the Taget hacked data, w/in 2months I thought WTF?! Or more like whaaat…sure enough the Target hack has the necessity for biometrics security whirlwind a blowing. Immigration reform bill set for 2014 has biometric IDs & chipping neatly hidden like a “Trojan horse” for all LEGAL citizens. I wonder if Obamacare recipients will be the first required to get chip implants. U will be tracked, monitored, and your bank account will be tied to this chip so if u piss off Big Brother your unable to buy food. It’s coming. I wish it weren’t true. So bizarro 17 yr old Russian and some Mexican mug shots … Yep…two birds with one stone…who writes this shit?! Go to YouTube and search THE BLOOD MOONS OF APRIL 2014 WILL LAUNCH WORLDWIDE MARK OF THE BEAST HUMAN MICROCHIPPING
    ByCourageousNerd See you in the camps…. ~S

  • ~*~

    See my comment above. Those pushing for immigration reform to have us all chipped.