Mark Obama Ndesandjo ‘Floored’ About The President’s Lying About Meeting Him


Barack Obama’s half brother, Mark Obama Ndesandjo doesn’t understand why the President lied about meeting him.   Barack Obama had said they had met only one time.  Mark Obama Ndesandjo said that was not correct, that they had first met in 1988.  Ndesandjo said to Laura Ingraham that he received some inspiring advise from his brother after they reconnected in later years.

His comments were on the Laura Ingraham on her show via telephone on January 2, 2014. In addition, he indirectly sheds some light on the authorship of  Dreams from My Father, which is alleged to have been written by Barack Obama.

The President is none too happy about the book. While not intending to do so, it shows how much Barack Obama has lied about his past and about his family. A partial transcript of the section of the interview is below:

Mark Obama Ndesandjo: We are family. I see him as my brother, I don’t see him as the President most of the time. That is where the book actually comes from. Now I’ve had very intense meetings with him. Some have been very elating and very inspiring and some have been intense and disappointing …. I am really trying to be as honest as I can in my book, because I believe that it is important because it is history.

Laura Ingraham: Why did he say he only met you once, you’ve met him on a number of occasions. Why once did he say he only met you?

Mark Obama Ndesandjo: I heard that after the meeting we had  in Beijing, and I can tell you I was floored by it — I don’t know why he said it. I talk about it in the book. In fact, I open the book with that sentence. I think in that sense, he was being president and was not being my brother. I’ve thought about it and I’ve really wondered why he said that. That was something which disappointed me. ”

Laura Ingraham: Is it something he is ashamed about? Is he ashamed of his connection to you or his other half siblings? There is another half sibling with another mother living in a dirt hut in Kenya that he has spoken to like  once I think. But your family not talking to you and not acknowledging you is, that is kind of tough.

Mark Obama Ndesandjo: Well, the ironic thing is that meeting we had in 2008, which was one of the first we had in about 20-25 years,  was actually one of the most elating experiences of my life. We hugged, and I really felt he was my brother. We first met in 1988. I think what happens is that, you know  it is hard for me to wrap my eyes around, my ears around what I heard that particular day. But I also think my brother has got tremendous pressures, and I hope that at some point, that my writing doesn’t alienate him. I think that was probably part of it. I was open about things that happened in our family. I really feel this is something we must because a lot of people don’t know about the Obama family, a lot of people don’t know about children who go through some of the things we went though around the world because we don’t want to talk about it. That is something we must do, because we owe it to ourselves and future generations….

Mark Obama Ndesandjo has a forthcoming book that he wrote to correct the record. Both are bi-racial, both are American citizens, but he lives in Beijing, China. His book, Cultures, My Odyssey of Self Discovery,  is something he wrote, not something someone else wrote for him. This sounds like an allusion to the claim by Jack Cashill and others that William Ayers wrote Dreams of My Father, and not Barack Obama.

The book has an appendix that corrects Dreams of My Father

Unlike Barack, he was raised by Barack Obama Sr, who beat his mother.  Ndesandjo’s mother, Ruth lives in Kenya and he and his mother lived with Barack Obama Senior. He was a witness to extreme abuse by his father on his father. Ndesandjo attended Stanford, not Harvard, and his journey was in search of his western roots. His love of classical music and literature is a reflection of that search. While he is currently a business consultant in Beijing, he is also a concert pianist.

It is unclear why Barack Obama would lie about his brother. Unlike other Presidential relatives that have plagued past presidents, he seems like a successful business man. He spends his time trying to help orphans around the world.


    Mark appears to be the Obama with the brains….
    Every bit as charismatic and much more attractive than his brother. Can’t wait to read his book.