[Watch] DOJ Civil Rights Nominee Won’t Answer If Citizenship is a Civil Right for Illegal Aliens

Debo Adegbile is up for confirmation as the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. That would place him as the top civil rights prosecutor in the country. Just to be clear, it’s a law enforcement position in what is supposed to be a law enforcement agency, the Department of Justice.

To illustrate how far and how rapidly one can climb by refusing to adhere to the law, the Constitution and the wishes of the people, Adegbile was given a pass and allowed to refuse to answer a direct question from Senator Jeff Sessions.

Senator Sessions asked Adegbile if he believes, as his possible boss Eric Holder does, that amnesty is a civil right. Session read the quote of Holder’s remarks before the Mexican American Legal and Education Fund last year.

Adegbile deflected the questions once, so Senator Sessions asked him again if he agreed with Holder that illegal aliens had “a civil right to citizenship in America.”

Adegbile responded by using a favored tactic of Holder’s, saying he was “just hearing this statement now” which automatically buys him some deference, and he then got philosophical and vague, two other tried and true methods to hide your real feelings and get past an uncomfortable question.

He said he believed “in certain circumstances” those who “are vulnerable or not properly documented can be preyed upon because of their status,” and “there are certain circumstances in which such people would need the protection of law enforcement” so that their rights are not violated under the Constitution.

Senator Sessions followed that second attempt at a response with a quote from Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, who said comparing amnesty to the civil rights movement is an “incoherent” understanding of a movement. In the civil rights movement, American citizens who happened to be black were seeking the same rights as white citizens, applied in an equal manner.

Sessions asked Adegbile if he agreed with Kirsanow’s statement, to which he replied that he would give “fidelity” to the law and “enforce the laws as they are given by this Senate and the House of Representatives and duly signed by the president.”

Another Eric Holder in the making. Does Congress really want to put us and themselves through that?

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