Bret Bohn: Medical Prisoner Over 60 Days in Anchorage, Alaska

Bret Bohn

While many of us had Christmas and New Years, the family of 26-year-old Bret Bohn has held a vigil across the street from Providence Hospital, Anchorage, Alaska  as they have most of this fall. Fighting some of the coldest temperatures of the season, they have held a vigil in an attempted to have their son released from the hospital.

It has been 60 days. There has been no diagnosis, no second opinion, and Providence has custody of him.

The hospital won’t let his parents in to see him. Other family members are being given very limited access. He has requested release and does not want to go to Boston for treatment.


He is being held as a medical prisoners. The family has appealed to the hospital staff to release him, to no avail. They have tried Governor Parnell–who only blocked the family from Facebook and refused their calls.

Providence called for an emergency hearing Thursday after Christmas. They want to force the transfer of Bret to John Hopkins Research Facility in Boston, MA. This is totally against Bret’s and his family’s wishes.

Based on statements on their Facebook page, I have attempted to construct the details of the event according to the family’s statements below.

“I Lorraine Phillips am the mother of Bret Bohn who is a 26 year old healthy young man with no other health problems other than his nasal polups/smell disorder. His father and I brought Bret into the ER at Providence Hospital on October 16th, 2013 because he had not slept for 7 days (insomnia) there Providence release Bret to us the same day subscribed him medication that we as parents thought would help him sleep. Brought him home where he had suffered one seizures, and still did not sleep (now 11 days) his father and I brought Bret back to Providence Hospital ER on October 20th, 2013 where he had been given more medication and suffered three more seizures and was taken into ICU. He has not had seizures to date since he got out of ICU the day of October 22nd, 2013.

Bret is held against his will and those of his parents. We begged the doctors to stop medication after Bret had not slept for 24 days they agreed and Bret finally got sleep and was doing better. Father and I were stripped of Bret’s legal documents and then Providence resumed medication & restricted visitation on family and friends to one hour or less.
Because Bret has no insurance, John Hopkins Medical Research facility is the only one that would accept Bret.” Bret’s parents have repeatedly stated they will gladly cover ALL of Bret’s local medical care, but not a medical TRIAL TESTING FACILITY(on the other side of the country).

Providence told Bret’s parents “Bret May not ever come home”.

Another cat scan (makes 4th known) performed on Christmas Eve in preparation to transfer to John Hopkins Research Facility. All against Bret and his families wishes. Bret’s arms are completely covered with puncture from the forced meds given intravenously. 22 known drugs being administered to Bret, all against his and his families demands. His pupils are dilated fully most of the time from the forced meds. For almost 60 days there was no diagnoses.

No visitation as of December 25th. Family and friends are begging to visit Bret but they have him in complete isolation to date.

Father called on December 30th was told by Providence fifth floor nursing staff Bret was not there and they could not give any information to him regarding his care. We are very hurt and fear for his life because Bret has continue to decline in the very hands that we trusted to help Bret. Please continue to pray for Bret and for a change of heart of those caring for Bret. Bret himself has and continues to pray for the doctors and staff that they may have some compassion on him.

Providence plans to force the transfer to John Hopkins Medical Research Facility. There, they plan to administer trial drugs and perform a biopsy of his brain for research.

The family has demanded a second opinion.
The family has demanded transfer to another hospital.
Bret and his family have demanded that the drugs be stopped immediately.
There was NOTHING wrong with Bret that weaning off of the nasal prescription would not have cured.
All demands have been denied by Providence Hospital.

Pray for Bret and his family. Providence Hospital has systematically removed their rights and have arranged for Bret to be removed from the state and family. He will be reduced to a Guinea pig and butchered until his death.

A Facebook page for the cause has been established to keep people informed on events related to Bret Bohn’s release and medical condition.

  • Sandra can this be?

  • TeaPartyBarbie

    That is an excellent Question! Share it so the family can get some answers. The hospital went to court and got custody over a 26 year old! What??

  • Jamie

    There is a LOT more to this story than what is told here. There has to be!!!

  • magwina

    I looked in the local newspaper, his name searched. Nothing came up. This could be a scam thing, wondering

  • magwina

    you can get to the Anchorage daily news at

  • Ryann

    I have to say, I’m confused. Custody over a 26 year old? The only way I see this possible is that he has a mental disorder or is on life support. There’s more to the story. Ex specially if Parnell is ignoting the family, this can’t be.

  • CitizenBrain


  • Ray

    A search on brings up nothing on his name (Bret Bohn). Sounds fishy to me …

  • Wade

    no its legit im here in alaska, and my family used to work for providence…this is right up their alley. not surprised they would do that at all.

  • KristinMarie

    Lawyer up. The doctors tried to do the same thing when I fell ill and because she refused the life threatening surgery they were going to gargle her with neglect. Shame on these doctors for trying to play God. Perhaps they should remember, first do no harm.

  • alaskandreamer

    No, there really isn’t a lot more to this story. They are good people who have gotten caught up in a nightmare. They aren’t the only family this is happening too, there are a number of these cases nationwide. Here’s another article:

  • 72_K20_4x4_dude

    This happened to their 26-yr old son, who
    trusted his parents so much, in years prior he had hired a lawyer to draft and create a power of attorney, giving his parents the right of decisions for him in a situation like this. As somebody else mentioned,
    the parents are great individuals, who were believed to insist on a 2nd opinion,
    did not have that chance when their rights (and Bret’s) were stripped from
    them. Yes, there is more to the story….. But in this case, you’ll never know
    the other side, as information won’t be public (that’s why you won’t see in
    With guardianship handled by state, and supposed “patient privacy laws”, everything
    will stay behind closed doors. In this case, with out proper laws, it will only
    aid the institutions to hide anything they wish. Don’t be ignorant people…. Hospitals and
    justice systems are not perfect, and this is an easy out for them to hide
    anything. More to the story I’m sure, but you shouldn’t just trust the system without scrutiny. If you do, you’re an idiot.

  • Dave

    if the parents truly loved their son, they would break him out of the hospital by whatever means necessary. this is why the 2nd amendment is important!

  • Jennifer

    This is propaganda. The family is refusing to accept or understand his diagnosis. There are laws in place to protect patients from both sides; and there would be no benefit to the hospital to “hold him hostage”. “Bret may never come home” BECAUSE HE IS GRAVELY ILL.

  • swrdprfsnl

    I understand the keeping him in the hospital, I used to work for Providence. The part that makes no sense is no visitis or phone calls. No social status can be equally as fatal.

  • Busy Bea

    It’s not a scam; the story was covered by two of our local television stations, KTUU and KTVA. The fact that this story isn’t being covered by the Anchorage Daily News means absolutely nothing. They run a lot of non-local wire stories, and are great at the warm and fuzzy human interest pieces, but a story involving complicated legal and medical issues would be beyond them.

  • Busy Bea

    Do you have children? Can you imagine any scenario where you might question a healthcare provider regarding the treatment of your child, possibly even seeking a second opinion? Even though Bret is adult, the Bohns have their son’s power of attorney regarding his health care. They have every right to ask questions of the doctors and seek a second opinion, just as you would have that right if you didn’t like a course of treatment recommended by your child’s physician. They don’t dispute the diagnosis, they dispute the treatment. Rather than blaming the parents, ask yourself why Providence Hospital is unwilling to allow a second opinion.

  • patriot156

    This scares the hell out of me for I have a DR’s appoinment tomorrow at a Providence health care here in town Hope I come home from it!

  • patriot156

    So should I be scared of them then? I’ve been seeing this DR for a while because of my back pain. He’s in Providence in my town. I ahve an appointment with them tomorrow and fear this coudl happen. I am having a witness go with me so hopefully they wont’ try this, but fear they may try anyhows.
    If I dont’ make som kind of reply on this Disqis site for a while people pease help for I will be being held agains my will too! doing this now in hopes it wards off anything that migh happen!

  • patriot156

    state paid troll move on people!

  • patriot156

    are those saying you own yourself really aware how easy it is to have that right taken away? OR are you just paid trolls to depropagandaize the truth?
    After Newtown how can anyone be safe form overeaction, and police state mentality?
    The meds have made this kid ill not that he was ill before why are people defending the state on this?
    He went in on pollups then the meds they gave him made him insomnia so they gave him more pills meds which gave him siezers now their diagnoses and meds have made him sicker not better why can’t people see that? OR is it too hard to admitt that some other agenda, or peoples fear is what’s going on, and not malpractise?
    Like I said I hope I come home after tomorrow for I have an appointment at a Providence medical center here in town for back pain not anything mental.
    Although at one point the Dr there doagnosed me with Schitzo effective disorder, or that is to say he relied on old notes from a DR I saw almost 20 years ago! WHo btw almost killed me by prescribing Zoloft! This Dr I am seeing tomorrow previously prescribed some medicatiaon that made me sick and I stopped taking it. WHen I looked it up online I found out it is for Depression, but told it doubles for pain. I say Bull to that. He prescribed another med which turns out to be too expencive so never got!
    I am telling you people to beware of these people not all DR’s have your best interest. Again Hope ot make it home tomorrow if not help me then! For I have told my wife and mother to go to the news and not let these people get away with this! so you will hear about it if this happens!

  • patriot156

    ok made it nothing happened wheew but ya let this kid go!

  • survivor030406

    Jennifer, it is a shame you don’t understand the fact that criminals don’t follow the law.
    Hospitals do in fact have a benefit for taking hostages for experiments. It’s $$$$.
    This is not the only case. There are thousands more.

  • survivor030406

    That is because it is impossible to confirm a diagnoses for a disease that does not exist.

  • patriot156


  • Carmen Adams

    the ktuu station has something from, apparently some months after what is written here, he’d been transferred to a hosp in wash state, she kidnapped him from there, but was captured…and, alaska has been awarded custody of bret…

    station ktva–cbs 11– has nothing.

    personally, i haven’t had this happen, but have heard about it…snopes has nothing under his name…