Attorney Requesting Autopsy Reports in Suspicious Death of Obama Birth Certificate Provider

459 loretta fuddy killed in plane crash autopsy report orly taitz

We can add from nine to twelve more people to the list of those whose lives have been affected by the web of deceit covering the identity of B. Hussein Obama. An unknown number of surviving passengers as well as the owner of the aircraft are going to be under scrutiny as a result of the crash of the flight which carried Ms. Loretta Fuddy, the certifier and provider of copies of B. Hussein Obama’s supposed Hawaiian certificate of live birth.

Her death, under suspicious circumstances, is taking a much more public turn as attorney Dr. Orly Taitz, a long-time challenger of the eligibility of B. Hussein Obama to be president, is now involved.

Dr. Taitz has requested that the coroner provide her with a copy of the autopsy report. She has sent by Federal Express the necessary forms to the proper authorities at Molokai General Hospital, in Molokai, Hawaii.

In addition to the request for the autopsy report, the letter to the hospital includes the following language:

Ms. Fuddy was reported to die an untimely death after the water landing of the Turbo Cessna Caravan plane which was to transport her and her deputy, Keith Yamamoto, to Oahu. There are conflicting reports in regards to her death, which only add to the controversy.

According to the report by the Fire Rescue her body was found in the fuselage of the plane. According to survivors, C. Philip Holstein and her deputy, Keith Yamamoto, Ms. Fuddy got out of the plane with all the other passengers and was alive and wearing her life vest when she suddenly let go of the hand of Mr. Yamamoto and suddenly died.

Further, some reports place the total number of passenger at 8 and a total number of individuals on the plane at 9, however reports of the Coast Guard rescue team state that they found 9 individuals floating in the water, which does not include the Mr. Holstein and the pilot, Mr. Kawasaki, who reportedly swam to shore, as such the total number of individuals on that flight was 11 and not 9 as reported, and it is not clear, whether the person who passed away and was examined by the Coroner’s office at Molokai, was indeed Ms. Fuddy.

Considering her verification of the forged ID for Mr. Obama, Ms. Fuddy could have been a target and her death could have been the result of some foul play. As such it is in the public interest to release the autopsy results and coroner’s report disclosing the cause of death.

Based on all of the above and per Unified Information Practices Act 92F I am requesting herein aforementioned Coroner’s/ Medical Examiner’s report and results of the autopsy of deceased Loretta Deliana Fuddy, date of death 12.11.2013, date of autopsy 12.12.2013-12.13.2013.

There is also a question as to whether or not the pilot made a mayday call prior to the incident. Initial reports indicate that no mayday call was sent, however the owner of the plane, Richard Schuman, owner of Makani Kai Air, stated that there was a mayday call.

She also finds it odd that rescue crews did not reach the scene until well after the plane crashed, in spite of the crash site being within full view of the coast. It took an hour and a half for them to be rescued even though they were close enough that one of the passengers swam to shore.

The other passengers will surely be questioned regarding the events and may even be called as witnesses in criminal or civil proceedings. They will all have their own stories to tell, under oath.

This is just more evidence to the importance of arriving at the truth regarding who is the occupant of the White House, and how did he get there. It is becoming more obvious every day that he will not be able to keep his secret forever.

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  • JesseMace

    go get the bastard, we all know that he is hiding his past for a pretty good reason. why else would he spend millions sealing every record in his past? thank a democrat if you like tyranny.

  • Shelli Barnes

    No surprise here. They’re too obvious and predictable, almost like watching cartoons now.

  • weak


  • Hawaii Guy

    This is BS get the facts and quit spinning them. Everyone on the plane was helping the Hansen’s Disease patients on Molokai. Yes, as in Saint Damien, Saint Mariane Cope. Damn idiots who write this crap! It just tragic, that’s all.

  • Robert Fleeman Jr

    personally i think sealed records for someone running for president should be unsealed for the purpose of seeing who said person really is. when it comes to being president there should be no secrets, everyone should know the entire truth of the person on the ballot. our president is so confused even he don’t know who he is.