South Carolina Voting to End Obamacare




South Carolina senate is voting on a bill to eliminate Obamacare in the state. The bill, set for fast track passage in January, could become the model for other states looking to dump the legislation also.
The Bill titled “South Carolina freedom of healthcare care protection act” passed the state house in April and now heads to the republican controlled senate with special order priority for passage. Upon the bills passage South Carolina will become the first state to exempt is residents from all participation in the affordable care act.

State Sen. Tom Davis, the bill’s sponsor who recently wrapped up study committee hearings for H3101 in Columbia, Charleston and other cities, says that the proposed legislation renders the Affordable Care Act void or inoperable through a handful of provisions.

“It will essentially have five components to it, all of which in my judgment are legal, effective, and within the state’s power to do,” Davis, a Republican from Beaufort, said in an interview.

The bill’s main component prohibits agencies, officers and employees of the state of South Carolina from implementing any provisions of the Affordable Care Act, leaving implementation of the national health-care law entirely in the hands of a federal government that lacks the resources or personnel to carry out the programs it mandates.

This provision, according to Davis, comes from the anti-commandeering doctrine established in case law that says feds can’t compel states to enforce federal laws.

“What the Supreme Court said in Printz v. United States is that states are not merely political subdivisions of the federal government to carry out what the federal government does; they are sovereign entities,” Davis said. “Congress can pass laws, but it cannot compel the states to utilize either their treasury or personnel to implement those federal laws.”

Additional provisions of H3101 further neuter the Affordable Care Act by outlawing state exchanges, issuing tax deductions to individuals equal to the tax penalties levied by the federal government, and directing the state attorney general to sue over whimsical enforcement of the law. Taken together, the provisions effectively repeal the federal law for the people of South Carolina.

Davis adds that lawmakers in Columbia are considering two additional provisions: one that outlaws Medicaid expansion, and another that suspends the licenses of insurers who receive federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.~THEDC


  • guest

    This is only going to make it worse. The law is bad enough as is. No need to exacerbate it.

  • rich1103

    Let them drop out who in hell are they that doesn’t care for their people maybe that is what it will take to wake up the public in South Carolina. They must like it or they wouldn’t have voted for such idiots. Wait till they come crying to the fed’s tell them to go to hell.

  • swan

    they need to be careful obamaterd attacks those that oppose hime-he might just nuke the entire state-he certainly makes like hell for others who oppose his health care from hell

  • disqus_KzdM6cGc6h

    In other words, we should be afraid and cower behind the walls? I don’t think so. I hope other states follow this.

  • terry

    Hats off to South Carolina for having balls enough to tell the government no.

  • Jay Law

    Bama is next.

  • David Reel Sr

    Each state can take care of its own and I, myself, don’t know why they all don’t. My opinion is that each state should take care of their own and allow the government to aid when and only when needed…notice I said aid, not take over like these idiots think they are going to do…

  • Mike Holmes

    All of the other states need to do the same thing NOW, before it kills our nation entirely.

  • Hope Young

    Finally… way to go SC…….

  • guest

    Yeah, they’ll be regretting it very soon.

  • Ruth Porter

    This makes great sense to me. If just a few states did this, Obamacare would sink even faster under its own weight.

  • Beentheredonethatalready

    Thank you SC! Let’s get that “end obamacare” train rolling and see who climbs onboard.

  • brewmaster95060


  • Peggie Geiger

    May I ask, just out of curiosity what it is about Obamacare that you like?

  • Peggie Geiger

    May I ask you too, just out of curiosity what it is about Obamacare that you like?

  • Jonathan Murr

    Im glad I live in SC!!!

  • Don

    I Agree with you also

  • Jonathan Murr

    Its not the state or feds job to “care” for its people, THATS YOUR JOB, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND STOP ASKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT! Sure the feds can aid when they are needed but not care for us like a dog or sheep.

  • MrMidstream

    I hope We here in Texas will be next to drop from Obamacare. And we’ll take our resources with us.

  • dennam

    Hopefully Florida is next!