Texas Principal Under Fire After Banning Students From Speaking Spanish [Video]

A Texas middle school is under fire and its principal has been placed on administrative leave after students came forward with assertions that they are no longer allowed to speak Spanish in class.

Hempstead Middle School is under investigation as student claim that principal Amy Lacey announced over the intercom that students must cease speaking Spanish in the school. Lacey may have waged war considering that roughly 50 percent of the student body is Hispanic.

According to CNN, four students have come forward to oppose the announcement, saying that it’s discrimination.

Yedhany Gallegos, 8th grader, said, “She was like, ‘No speaking Spanish.’ She told me like that. I was like, ‘That’s my first language.’ She said, ‘Well, you can get out.”

The students say that the announcement was made on November 12, and more than two weeks later a letter was sent to parents stating that “neither the district or any campus has any policy prohibiting the speaking of Spanish.”

“There’s one teacher that said, if you speak Spanish in my class, I’m going to write you up,” said 8th grader Tiffani Resurez. “It’s wrong for them to do that. It’s wrong for them to tell us to not speak Spanish at our school.”

To most of the Spanish-speaking students, Spanish is the primary language spoken at home and amongst their friends. 6th grader Kiara Lozano said, “People don’t want to speak it no more and don’t want to get caught speaking it because they’re going to get in trouble.”

CNN reported that Hempstead ISD spokeswoman Laurie Bettis released a written statement:

“We are continuing to ‘Create a Culture of Excellence’ which includes embracing all students of all cultural and diverse backgrounds. Our priorities are our students.

“The district has received allegations regarding this issue and the district is investigating the matter. At this time the administrator is on administrative leave with pay until the investigation is completed and appropriate action is determined. This is all we can say at this time as there is a pending investigation on this matter.

“The district is committed to efficiently and effectively resolving this matter with as little disruption to our students and their learning environment as possible.”

  • Scooter Trash

    The teacher was right. You don’t like that? Go back to where your parents brought you from. Americans speak English. It is the International language of business.

    No one said you can’t speak Spanish. They just insisted that you don’t do it in a way that is deceptive or disruptive.

    The instructor was correct because your purpose in speaking a foreign language was to be deceptive or disruptive.

    In this country, we speak English. You don’t like that? Go somewhere where they speak what you want. Let me know how that works out for you.

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  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

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  • Str8Shot54

    These so called people have to get it through their thick skulls that you live in AMERICA we speak ENGLISH in this country, if they want to speak Spanish, they should go back to their own country. What is so hard about that? Who do these so called people think they are coming here telling us how we are going to do things and what languages to allow. If you want to speak Spanish keep it in your own homes, we don’t need this kind of ignorance in this country and we don’t need the changes they are trying to make here in this country. TELL THEM TO GO BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY AND MAKE CHANGES THERE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, MAYBE IT WON’T BE SUCH A DOGBOX.

  • chris meza

    you are in america speak english not Spanish if you don’t like then go back to mexico

  • Brandy Carapezza

    Oh my goodness..just sick of all this..if u dont want to speak english or you dont like our religions and or our freedoms which are scarce these days..then leave leave leave..adios!!!

  • General Chan

    Jesus Christ! Let them speak their native tongue amongst each other for crying out loud! Its quite strange that you attack Latinos but you don’t dare speak out against us gooks? I speak my native tongue amongst my peeps and none of you white folks have a damn problem with it. Why is that? I’m still trying to grasp around that logic. Here is the only logic I can understand…what do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language? American. My friends, I am trilingual and my gf happens to be quad lingual. She beats me by one language. LOL Nuff said!

  • Betty Weaver Woods

    They are in AMERICA, for heavens sake!! Why not learn the language! When I grew up in west Texas in the 40’s & 50’s …speaking spanish on the school gounds meant automatic expulsion. Back then it was an honor to be fluent in English. All of the students spoke English and were proud to do so because they were proud to be in America. Not learning English shows disrespeck for our country and for us.!!!

  • TheRuleOfLaw

    This is America. You must speak English, or at least the American version of it. If you don’t want to assimilate to our culture, get your asses across the border.

  • Linda League

    Until we handle immigration like it should be handled and make people learn English and assimilate before becoming citizens, chaos will reign.

  • Tina Elliott Brown

    These students appear to be capable of speaking English clearly..Why is it that everyone wants to come to America and cause constant uproars about how our American ways offend them..If you are not comfortable with the way things are done here in America, stop going thru any and all lengths to get here..I have no problem with any other race or religion.. I do, however, have a problem that there is always some complaint or lawsuit, etc. about how we are offending them with our American ways and traditions..I don’t feel the need to cater to them and their wants/needs..This is AMERICA,, you came here WHY?

  • munch01907

    Maybe because it’s just plain rude to be speaking in a foreign language that not everyone understands??? You don’t want to learn enough to be fluent in English? Go on home then. No one is stopping you!

  • Wendy Reynard

    When will people have the back bone to stand up to them and say, Too bad you can speak Spanish all you want at home, But at school you speak English. I think it is unfair for the teacher when all the kids are speaking Spanish and they do not understand. I think they were right to say English only, This is America still isn’t it?

  • General Chan

    I was born and raised in the US and served in her military for 9 years. So you’re telling me to go home, well, I am home. In the United Snakes of America. If I am speaking to someone who only understands English, then I will only speak to them in English, other than that…it shouldn’t be your business if I speak to someone else in a different tongue. I’m not being rude, its just like when I’ve landed in Japan, I could hardly find anyone who can understand or speak English well, so I end up speaking to them in Japanese which I’ve took 4 years of in high school. I knew it will become handy one day. Other than that, my native tongue is Viet and I speak 2 dialects of it. How do you like them apples? And besides, learning Spanish isn’t even that hard. Its words are almost similar to English, if you study world language and what words came from what, then you will be able to piece everything together. You will be surprised of what you end up discovering.

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    Ok I can understand these students are of Hispanic families. They are however old enough (Middle Schoolers) to have learned plenty of American English. English is the National Language in America. This school is in America. So at least while they are at school they should stick to speaking English. Save the Spanish for home life. Nothing wrong with what the Principal did. None of those students are new to the country at Middle School age. And before anyone flies off the handle and screams racism here. Consider this. Jobs that have been outsourced to other countries that have customer service lines in other countries. How many of them either call you or do you place calls to for information answer in that country’s language? Example: you call for information on a product that has their call center in India. Do they not speak English when dealing with American customers? Yes they do. What this boils down to is simple. Hispanics want to be citizens of America yet don’t feel they should do what every other American does. Speak English, Pay taxes, legally gain citizenship etc. If you want to be an American citizen at least act like it. It ain’t rocket science.

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    You are Asian and call yourself a Gook?! Bwuahahahahaa Also nobody said they couldn’t speak Spanish. They asked that it be limited to home life and NOT in school. Get a clue please. I guarantee you didn’t speak your native tongue in school. I am certain you only spoke it at home or in business transactions with those that speak your native tongue as well. Perhaps you need a course in Reading Comprehension to help you understand what the article stated. FYI I was born and raised in America and can speak Pennsylvania Dutch (Low German Dialect), French, some Spanish and know a good amount of American Sign Language. Your pathetic attempt at joking that Americans do not know any other languages is invalid.

  • tricky d

    i have nothing against anyone speaking spanish. but i was raised that it was rude to speak in a way that others around you can’t understand. the teacher should be able to set a rule in their classroom to speak in a way that everyone can understand them. they apparently speak english. so it shouldn’t be hard for them to comprehend. it seems obvious (IMO) that these girls are just stirring the pot. in the photo above they have shit eating grins on their faces. plus this is just more political correctness, i got my feelings hurt, bull shit. go anywhere south of the US border and pull this crap and see what happens.

  • General Chan

    I don’t find it offensive if someone calls me a gook, compared to my other counter parts. LOL As for the statement that you’ve made of GUARANTEEING that I didn’t speak my native tongue in school turns out to be false. True, I do speak it at home. True, I do speak it to make business transactions. And also true, that I have to make translations for the school admin of new students arriving from overseas (Done that ever since junior high and throughout HS of course) I’m from a community called “Little Saigon” in a southern part of Cali where there is about 250k plus of us. So the American school’s here are filled mostly with Viets. Back then the teachers didn’t seem to care if we speak it amongst each other in class, I think is because most of them are more understanding. Hell, I still keep in touch with my 3rd grade teacher for the last 23 years. I applaud you for speaking other languages, you’re one of the rare kind in this country and that’s good. Now I want to ask you this, if you were to travel overseas to another country, are you going to expect the locals to speak only English to you? Don’t get me wrong, some can and most can’t. So what do you do then? LOL Hell, I’d wish I can speak French and German so might as well put that on my bucket list next.

  • General Chan

    Here’s a solution, how about America doesn’t allow other cultures to exist within her society? Yes. Lets ban everything that is not consider to be American. YES…YES! So might as well not share anything amongst each other. Not even culture, traditions or even customs. Lets just stick to only one culture and that is the AMERICAN CULTURE! Lets stick to only one language in this country and that’s ENGLISH! Learning other languages should be forbidden! YES! Lets not welcome others who don’t understand or speak English from overseas. YES…Yes. This is the true American way of thinking. AWESOME!

  • RobGoblin

    If you can’t speak English,or speak it fluently,then I could understand. But if you can speak English,but choose to speak a different language,then their should be consequences. This is an English speaking country.If this country ever changes to a bi-lingual country by law, then both languages should be taught in schools and be mandatory. Until then,speak English.Spanish may be a first language for some,but the rest of the country speaks,reads and writes in English,…except around some of the Canadian borders,lol. AND that’s something else,….I would rather it be called American than English.Here in the states,although similiar,the both languages differ. Ex/:-color, and colour. So there IS differences, even in language. EX/:- Car trunk,and boot. SEE?

  • Butch

    When the Germans, Poles etc. came they had to learn English!! How the hell do you expect to get ahead!!!~

  • kyle

    why do you blame white folks that comment make’s you sound racist. Another thing I know black folks agree you should speak English. as for me I don’t give a damn what you speak but if you can’t handle someone say if you can’t speak English get out an go back to your own country go back to yours then you shouldn’t be here.

  • Amanda Cochran

    So if they allow them to speak Spanish in school-who is next? Muslims speaking their 1st language, Russians?? Where & when do we step up
    & say This Is America, Speak ENGLISH!!!!!!

  • Rey Jaso

    We should all be proud of our heritage it keeps us grounded to know our roots. Yes, english should be the language of business. I proudly speak both english and spanish.
    Spanish at home and english at school, pendejas!

  • LCM☝✊

    In America speak English! Want to speak Spanish, it’s easy, go home immigrants.

  • LCM☝✊

    How about your nationality or legal citizenship? Pointing that out OK? Oh, excuse me I’m not asking. If your primary language is Spanish I already know. As an American who’s ancestors legally immigrated & served I ask you, where do your loyalties lie?

  • LCM☝✊

    Exactly, in America speak as Americans do. Our national language is English & I ignore anyone using any other language here. If I visit their homeland I’ll converse in their language. In America we use English. We also have immigration laws soon to be citizen enforced.

  • LCM☝✊

    Side with the principle in this!

  • LCM☝✊

    Mexicans are talking trash. If it’s your first language kid go the hell home! Get out & take a taco bell pack for your walk back across the desert. You are all invaders & we will remove you one at a time! Want to stay, learn the language Holmes & be glad you’re here & not that toilet you originated from. So much pride for a place you absolutely will die to get out of, Mexico. Salute the flag, recite our pledge & dedicate yourself to the Red White & Blue or go to hell.

  • Larry

    Does not matter if the whole student body is Hispanic, your in the USA not mexico or Spain. LEARN TO SPEAK F&*KING ENGLISH!!!!!!!

  • Gary H Losey


  • Conserned

    I understand America is considered the melting pot of the world but I am sorry English should be considered your primary language and Spanish your second.
    Diversity is fine but people come to what was once a great country to escape something or to find something better, They claim American benefits, rights and privileges…Yet wish to stand apart and hold onto the system they left behind and not teach their children what this country is truly about.
    As parents of immigrants by not teaching their Children to be Americans first in order to continue to move this country forward we are creating a generation of confusion and mixed values.
    If you and yours crossed our borders at least make the effort to become Americans and not just take what is convenient from us and try to force what you left behind onto the American population you are, Americans now.

  • Diamond Foster

    I only hope that when this country goes to shit, that the people in whatever countries we all end up in treat us better than we have treated families that came here for a better life. And seriously, um… Didn’t Mexicans live in Texas before the English ever did? Cold heartededness is pathetic. In South Korea, the people there try to help people who don’t speak the language, instead of shunning them back to their morally poor country, that is America or where ever they came from. You people say you stand up for America, no you stand for hate and you are doing nothing but making people feel like the only thing they deserve is a country where violence runs rampant. Why don’t we embrace the diversity, because accordingly the rest of the world we are ignorant assholes, and you may not understand how true that is if you have never been outside the country. How would you feel if Native Americans came to your schools and told your children to go back to the greedy shithole they came from? Oh wait I forgot, Americans try to forget we STOLE this land from morally rich people to turn it into a money hungry country where only “true” Americans belong. So don’t forget, the Native Americans had most of this first. Go back to Europe and guess what, nowhere as many Mexicans as there are there, because that’s where most of YOU all came from. And don’t you dare go to Africa, black people own Africa. And don’t go to Canada, that’s for French folks only. You all sound so greedy and ignorant, lmfao, does anyone on earth actually OWN the earth??? No, you didn’t make the dirt or the air, if anything all of us have RUINED what we are so blessed to have. Let me guess, no one wants to OWN that fact do they, DO YOU? Stop being greedy, stop being hateful, spread some love, I mean Jesus Christ, you all sound like babies fighting over who’s bottle it is.

  • Orthospinedoc

    I think it is appropriate while your in class no Spanish unless its a Spanish class…I wasn’t allowed to speak English in my Spanish class..and if they don’t like it go back to Mexico…by the way my wife is Colombian and totally agrees too. So please no racist comments!

  • Nicholas Ian Cortese

    I’d like for Americans to be able to speak 5 languages like the Dutch and Swiss but yeah, Speak English. Strong cultures protect their language. I live in Thailand and there are not five different forms to fill out. If I need something translated I have to pay for it. I’m learning to read and write in a foreign language with a completely different script, but I digress. What’s alarming is the principal and the teachers are not being allowed to administer their school. Totally lame. We complain about education failing but any time an administrator takes a hard line with students to produce continuity in the classroom they get this lame shit.

  • Orthospinedoc

    Your an idiot!

  • Orthospinedoc

    Get a clue..speak in English in school..no one cares if they speak Spanish anywhere else…in Spanish class we were not allowed to speak English and nobody complained so what is your point.

  • General Chan

    Hey, I was born and raised here so I am home. And I had also served in her military for 9 years. I do agree with you that they shouldn’t be living off of our social security or social insurance if you want to say it but as for jobs, they end up taking jobs that most of us don’t want. They understand that a job is a job at least it gets something in. Perhaps that is something that we gotta learn from them. If they only speak Spanish amongst themselves then there shouldn’t be a problem but if they do that to us, then yeah, I can find that very disrespectful.

  • General Chan

    My point is that they should be allowed to speak Spanish amongst themselves even if no one else understands them. If they do, then kudos for them. If not then oh well, they can either ignore it or learn it to enhance themselves as a individual. If someone doesn’t understand what they say when conversating to the receiver, then of course they have to speak English. So you’re telling me that they should only keep it within their household and it becomes offensive if they speak it in public? What kind of country is this? I thought this is America where diversity exists. Where all cultures are welcome. Where all traditions and customs are respected. Well, from what I at least understood, that’s how it was 20 years ago when I was their age. Please…enlighten me.

  • Jose C.

    So I guess that since we all live in American we should all speak the Native language of this land Right! Good luck my friends..

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    Kabinapek, Kainai (Kainaiwa), Kalapuya (Kalapuyan,
    Kalapooya), Kalina
    (Kaliña), Kanenavish, Kanien’kehaka (Kanienkehaka), Kalispel, Kansa (Kanza, Kanze), Karankawa, Karkin, Karok (Karuk), Kashaya,Kaska, Kaskaskia, Kathlamet, Kato, Kaw, Kenaitze (Kenai), Keres (Keresan), Kichai, Kickapoo (Kikapu), Kiliwa (Kiliwi), Kiowa, Kiowa Apache, Kitanemuk, Kitsai, Klahoose, Klallam, Klamath-Modoc,Klatskanie (Klatskanai), Klatsop, Klickitat, Koasati, Kolchan, Konkow (Konkau), Konomihu, Kootenai (Ktunaxa, Kutenai), Koso, Koyukon, Kuitsh, Kulanapo (Kulanapan, Kulanapa), Kumeyaay (Kumiai), Kuna,Kupa, Kusan, Kuskokwim, Kutchin (Kootchin), Kwaiailk, Kwakiutl (Kwakwala), Kwalhioqua, Kwantlen, Kwapa (Kwapaw), Kwinault (Kwinayl)


    Laguna, Lakhota (Lakota), Lakmiak (Lakmayut), Lassik, Laurentian (Lawrencian), Lecesem, Lenape (Lenni Lenape), Lillooet, Lipan Apache, Listiguj (Listuguj), Lnuk (L’nuk, L’nu’k, Lnu), Lokono, Loucheux (Loucheaux), Loup, Lower Chehalis, Lower Coquille, Lower Cowlitz, Lower Tanana, Lower Umpqua, Luckiamute (Lukiamute), Luiseño, Lumbee, Lummi, Lushootseed, Lutuamian


    Macushi (Macusi), Mahican, Maidu, Maina (Mayna), Makah, Makushi, Maliseet (Maliceet,
    Malisit, Malisset), Mandan, Mapuche (Mapudungun,
    Mapudugan), Maricopa, Massachusett
    (Massachusetts), Massasoit (Massassoit,
    Mashpee), Mattabesic Mattole, Maumee, Matlatzinca, Mayan, Mayo, Mengwe, Menominee (Menomini), Mescalero-Chiricahua, Meskwaki (Mesquakie), Metis Creole, Miami-Illinois, Miccosukee,Michif, Micmac (Mi’gmaq), Migueleño, Mikasuki, Mi’kmaq (Mikmawisimk), Mingo, Minqua, Minsi, Minto, Miskito (Mosquito), Missouria, Miwok (Miwuk), Mixe, Mixtec (Mixteco, Mixteca), Mobilian Trade Jargon, Modoc, Mohave, Mohawk, Mohegan, Mohican, Mojave, Molale (Molalla, Molala), Monache (Mono), Montagnais, Montauk, Moosehide, Multnomah, Munsee (Munsie, Muncey,
    Muncie), Muskogee
    (Muscogee, Mvskoke), Musqueam, Mutsun


    Nabesna, Nadot’en (Natoot’en,
    Natut’en), Nahane
    (Nahani, Nahanne), Nahuat, Nahuatl, Nakoda (Nakota), Nambe, Nanticoke, Nantucket, Narragansett, Naskapi, Nass-Gitxsan, Natchez, Natick, Naugutuck,Navajo (Navaho), Nawat, Nayhiyuwayin, Nde, Nee-me-poo, Nehiyaw (Nehiyawok), Netela, New Blackfoot, Newe, Nez Perce, Niantic, Nicola, Niitsipussin (Niitsitapi), Nimiipuu (Nimi’ipu), Nipmuc, Nisenan (Nishinam), Nisga’a (Nisgaa,
    Nishga), Nlaka’pamux
    (Nlakapamux), Nomlaki, Nooksack (Nooksak), Nootka (Nutka), Nootsak, Northeastern Pomo, Northern Carrier, Northern Cheyenne, Nottoway, Nuu-chaa-nulth (Nuuchahnulth), Nuxalk


    Obispeño, Ocuilteco, Odawa, Ofo, Ogahpah (Ogaxpa), Ohlone, Ojibwa (Ojibway, Ojibwe,
    Ojibwemowin), Oji-Cree, Okanagan (Okanogan), Okwanuchu, Old Blackfoot, Omaha-Ponca, Oneida, Onondaga,O’ob No’ok (O:b No’ok), O’odham (Oodham), Opata, Osage, Otchipwe, Otoe, Ottawa


    Pai, Paipai, Paiute, Palaihnihan (Palaihnih,
    Palahinihan), Palewyami, Palouse, Pamlico, Panamint, Papago-Pima, Pascua Yaqui, Passamaquoddy, Patuxet, Patwin, Paugussett (Paugusset), Pawnee, Peigan, Pend D’Oreille, Penobscot (Pentagoet), Pentlatch (Pentlach), Peoria, Pequot, Picuris, Piegan (Piikani), Pima, Pima Bajo, Pipil, Pit River, Plains Indian Sign Language, Pojoaque, Pomo (Pomoan), Ponca, Poospatuck (Poosepatuk,
    Poospatuk, Poosepatuck), Popoluca (Popoloca), Potawatomi (Pottawatomie,
    Potawatomie), Powhatan, Pueblo, Puget Sound Salish, Purisimeño, Putún


    Quapaw (Quapa), Quechan, Quechua, Quilcene, Quileute, Quinault, Quinnipiac (Quinnipiack), Quiripi


    Raramuri, Red Indians, Restigouche, Rumsen, Runasimi


    Saanich, Sac, Sahaptin, Salhulhtxw, Salinan, Salish, Samish, Sandia, Sanish (Sahnish), San Felipe, San Ildefonso, San Juan, Sanpoil, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Santiam, Santo Domingo, Saponi, Sarcee (Sarsi),Sastean (Sasta), Satsop, Savannah, Sauk, Saulteaux, Schaghticoke (Scaticook), Sechelt, Secwepemc (Secwepmectsin), Sekani, Selkirk, Seminoles, Seneca, Seri, Serrano, Seshelt, Severn Ojibwe, Shanel, Shasta (Shastan), Shawnee (Shawano), Shinnecock, Shoshone (Shoshoni), Shuar, Shuswap, Siksika (Siksikawa), Siletz, Similkameen, Sinkiuse (Sincayuse), Sinkyone, Sioux, Siuslaw, Skagit, Skicin, S’Klallam, Skokomish,Skraeling, Skwamish, Slavey (Slave, Slavi), Sliammon (Sliamon), Sm’algyax, Snichim, Snohomish, Songish, Sooke, Souriquois (Sourquois), Southeastern Pomo, Southern Paiute, Spokane (Spokan), Squamish,Sqwxwu7mesh, Stadaconan, St’at’imcets (St’at’imc), Stockbridge, Sto:lo, Stoney, Straits Salish, Sugpiaq, Suquamish, Susquehannock, Suwal, Swampy Cree, Swinomish


    Tabasco Chontal, Tachi (Tache), Taensa, Tahltan, Tagish, Tahcully, Taino, Takelma (Takilma), Takla, Taltushtuntude, Tamyen, Tanacross, Tanaina, Tanana, Tano, Taos, Tarahumara, Tataviam, Tauira (Tawira),Teguime, Tehachapi, Ten’a, Tenino, Tepehuano (Tepecano), Tequistlateco
    (Tequistlatec), Tesuque, Tetes-de-Boules, Tewa, Thompson, Tigua, Tillamook, Timbisha (Timbasha), Timucua, Tinde, Tinneh, Tiwa,Tjekan, Tlahuica (Tlahura), Tlatskanie (Tlatskanai), Tlatsop, Tlicho Dinne, Tlingit, Tohono O’odham, Tolowa, Tongva, Tonkawa, Towa, Tsalagi (Tsa-la-gi), Tsattine, Tsekani (Tsek’ehne), Tsetsehestahese, Tsetsaut,Tsilhqot’in (Tzilkotin), Tsimshian (Tsimpshian), Tsitsistas, Tsooke, Tsoyaha, Tsuu T’ina (Tsuutina), Tualatin, Tubar (Tubare), Tubatulabal, Takudh, Tulalip, Tumpisa (Tümbisha,
    Tumbisha), Tunica, Tupi, Tuscarora,Tutchone, Tutelo, Tututni, Tuwa’duqutsid, Twana, Twatwa (Twightwee)


    Uchi (Uche, Uchee), Ukiah (Ukian, Uki, Ukia), Ukomnom, Umatilla, Unami, Unangan (Unangax), Unkechaug (Unquachog) Upper Chehalis, Upper Chinook, Upper Cowlitz, Upper Tanana, Upper Umpqua, Ute


    Ventureño, Virginian Algonkin


    Wailaki (Wailakki), Wailatpu (Waylatpu), Walapai, Walla Walla, Wampano, Wampanoag, Wanapam, Wanki (Wangki), Wappinger, Wappo, Warijio (Warihio, Warijío), Warm Springs, Wasco-Wishram, Washo (Washoe), Wazhazhe, Wea, Wenatchi (Wenatchee), Wendat, Weott, Western Pomo, Whilkut, White Clay People, Wichita (Witchita), Wikchamni, Willapa (Willopah), Winnebago, Wintu (Wintun), Wishram,Witsuwit’en (Witsuwiten), Wiyot (Wi’yot, Wishosk), Wolastoqewi (Wolastoqiyik), Wyandot (Wyandotte)


    Yakama (Yakima), Yanesha, Yaquina (Yakonan, Yakon), Yavapai, Yawelmani, Yaqui, Yinka Dene, Yneseño (Ynezeño), Yocot’an, Yokaia (Yakaya), Yokuts (Yokut, Yokutsan), Yoncalla (Yonkalla), Yowlumni,Ysleño, Ysleta del Sur, Yucatec Maya (Yucateco,
    Yucatan), Yuchi
    (Yuchee) Yuki
    (Yukian), Yuma, Yupik (Yu’pik, Yuit), Yurok (Yu’rok)


    Zapotec, Zia, Zimshian, Zoque, Zuni

  • General Chan

    Well, I am somewhat racist. Sad to say but it is true. I do have white friends and I find it funny that they agree with how the way I perceive things for a good reason. Hell, my peeps respect the American culture and customs but the American culture doesn’t respect our cultures or customs. So therefore, we have to live by your culture and do away with ours? Sorry but the 1st and 2nd GEN’s don’t forget where they come from. Me Being the 2nd GEN since I was born here, we are still conflicted between two cultures because we don’t even know where we belong. So can you tell me where we belong? LOL

  • Eric Hord

    English is what we speak here — not conflicted Mexican Spanish. They come up from the south cross our borders and to be here — now they are bitching that we want them to speak our NATIVE LANGUAGE which is ENGLISH. This country was an English COLONY and the original 13 states all spoke ENGLISH. I you came into this country legally they even learned to speak English even though they may have been from Italy, Germany, Asia, or other, they all learn to speak English. However the Mexicans just refuse to learn it. And I am not learning Spanish — to me its a nasty sounding language that I have no interests in learning. I feel that the teacher is right and if these Mexicans can not deal with it take you ass back across the border where the hell you came from and fix your own hell hole of country rather than coming here and trying to change our culture. To be more like Mexico which I could get a rats ass about. If I wanted to be Mexican I would go to Mexico. In a nutshell — If you want to be an American be more American by speaking the English Language and blending into our Culture and not trying to CHANGE it to be more like where you came from. When you took the Oath of Allegiance you swore to sever all ties to your old country. If you are illegally here — well there is just no room for your criminal ass and you need to be sent home ASAP!

  • General Chan

    Vietnamese is my first language but I was born and raised here so I should go home too? My home is America. LOL

  • General Chan

    Who the hell voted down? I’m just blabbing out the TRUTH! LOL

  • General Chan

    LOL! You’re awesome Jose.

  • General Chan

    People in Thailand should only speak English then. Just to make things easier for only English speaking people. Now tell me if that is open minded. LOL

  • ledberg

    Maybe the first thing these kids should be taught is the word “assimilation”!

  • Jose. C

    The ignorance in this country is unbelievable! Yes, It is important for one to assimilate to the language of the country they live in but it is also as equally important to embrace one’s own heritage as well! Keep on rocking General!

  • ledberg

    What an ignorant douche bag you are…. So much taxpayer dollars are spent on trying to integrate these people into our society that our own kids education suffers, and here you are cheering it on!

  • ledberg

    Moron! This is America. It wasn’t then. We conquered this land and then it became America, with a new set of laws. When the white man 1st settled here the “Natives” had not even discovered the wheel. And with that being said, the so called “natives” were actually mongoloids who migrated here from Asian countries via Siberia. DUH…..

  • Walter Thespeeddemon Gates Jr.

    LOL that’s nuts.

  • Walter Thespeeddemon Gates Jr.

    I hear Thailand women are looking pretty good this time of year. LOL

  • Walter Thespeeddemon Gates Jr.

    It’s just as rude to speak English to someone who doesn’t understand it as well. It’s like this if i go to Vietnam and i spoke English they might send me home. The same would happen to you if you spoke English in a different country and would be considered rude if you spoke it same difference there as it is here. Foreign people don’t have to be fluent in English just know enough to understand and maybe carry on a conversation. Telling foreign people to go back home because they don’t speak fluent English can be seen as being racist to them. I welcome all people regardless of race because I learned to embrace all cultures and languages. We all are humans no matter which way you look at it.

  • Rey Jaso

    I am a US citizen. Enough said…

  • Lew

    Scheisse essen.

  • Jose. C

    The Moron here is you, my friend ledberg! Yes, this is America, therefore people have the right to freedom of Speech, even in espanol. Good day to you amigo.

  • Lew

    It’s not about not allowing other cultures or traditions, but societal requirements of speaking the native country’s language. In the USA, English, in Italy, Italian, in Germany German.

  • Lew

    I speak 7 languages, so what???

  • Richelle

    probably had issues with students mocking teachers and other students in spanish so threy couldnt understand, yay teacher!!

  • Linda Lindeman

    English is the first language of Americans. If I ever venture to Mexico I will learn to speak Mexican or if to Spain I will learn Spanish. If the US is your country learn and utilize the language. I am tired of bending and patronizing special interests.

  • Linda Lindeman

    Diamond Foster. You voted for Obama didn’t you?

  • Nicholas Ian Cortese

    Thai’s, like the Vietnamese, Cambodians, and all of The South East Asian Nations realize the importance of English as it has been agreed to be the official second language of ASEAN member states. They also place a high value on their own language and culture as well but it’s simply a matter of practicality that everyone learns English. This is true the world over now and even in African countries there are places in Kenya where if you travel 10 kilometers there is a whole other tribal dialect. People Speak English because it has become the Universal Language. Take away any nationalism, ethnic centric tendencies, and it is the common denominator. It has little to do with being open minded. Everyone everywhere should learn to speak English, and most certainly in countries where it is the native language it should be spoken in school.

  • Kathy Healy

    Betty, I think the difference is that back in the 40’s & 50’s, the people that came to this country came for a better way of life. They came legally & were proud to become American citizens in every way. Now too many come here illegally & have no intention of becoming citizens. And really, why should they? Our country seems to go out of it’s way to adapt OUR country to THEM! I know everyone jokes about it, but really…WHY do i have to press 1 when I call places to hear the message in my language??? When you go to the DMV to take your written driving test, you are asked if you want to take it in English or Spanish. Until we have a government that has a backbone, this will only get worse. Go through some neighborhoods they have taken over & it’s like being in little Mexico!! Signage & all! I agree with all the other posters here…you like your language & your culture so much…stay in your own country. Work to make yours better instead of coming to ours & turning it into trash!!!! Any politician that wants my vote had better start taking the American citizen BACK into consideration! We are so busy worrying about violating other cultures rights, OUR rights are getting trampled all over & nobody cares about that. Well, I’m tired of it!

  • Scherer Lynn

    If you were born in America your native language is English and if your parents came here from Vietnam that is their native language. Maybe you should find out why your parents came here. America is made up of many different races and they all chose to speak English not the Kings English but the American version so completely commit to being an American and protect all the freedoms that have been fought for over the years.

  • Bassin Earl

    These aren’t immigrants. They are illegals. To call them immigrants is insulting to the true immigrants who have worked hard and done everything right to come to the United States and make a better life for the American dream..

  • ssj12

    You people commenting do know that America does not have a declared language right? You do realize most immigrants that formed this nation spoke Irish, Italian, British English. French, etc?

  • ssj12

    Your first language is the language you are raised with at home. You are not born with a language. You say protect all freedoms, but you are failing to defend their right to free speech. America does not have a declared language, it does not have a declared religion. Get used to it.

  • ssj12

    We do not have a national language. Any bills saying so are unconstitutional. You say that if you want to be an American citizen they should act like one, but apparently you fail at being one as you do not know or understand the law of this land.

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    Let me word it differently for you preschoolers. Since English is the most spoken language in the United States of America it may not be “official” but it is indeed our national language. Nobody said anything about laws here ssj12 you moron. Since my family has been here in America since the Mayflower. Also coming from a long line of military history as well as having served myself. Not to sound my own horn but I am probably more American than you will ever be. Even with Native American bloodlines. So do not sit there typing I have failed at being an American you idiot. Again nobody mentioned anything about Laws of the Land. Please refrain from exposing your ignorance and assumptions on posts like this in the future. You are a moron

  • jerry

    diamond foster thank you I have read all the statements and so far your statement has made the most sence we are a nation of many culters we come from all around the world when I went to nam I was an outsider I was a different race –cultre — language I believe most people come here for a better life they deserve the chance to do so just like the rest did

  • LCM☝✊

    That doesn’t answer my question, you common core educated? Where do your loyalties lie? That was the question. In school they should speak English unless they want to attend in Mexico & by all means if they are here illegally bus them all back.

  • LCM☝✊

    I agree & stand corrected, illegals it is!

  • LCM☝✊

    Great response, bravo.

  • LCM☝✊

    Wow, not ever worth a response, we know what your into. Sick dude. You got problems.

  • LCM☝✊

    Someone check this guys basement!

  • Walter Thespeeddemon Gates Jr.

    I don’t have any problems at all. How do you know if what i said was true, a lie, or a joke? You don’t. The only people who have problems are the ones who openly comment to other people stating they have problems.

  • LCM☝✊

    Not in public school puto

  • LCM☝✊

    Freedom of speech we all understand moron. One weak argument.

  • LCM☝✊

    Have you ever even considered letting your sex slaves go Helio

  • sandie66

    You want to be in an AMERICAN school, a PUBLIC school? Speak English. By the looks of these girls they are old enough to know English and apparenty do know English. You are not at home speaking to your parents. I came to the USA in 1969 at 3 years old. I learned English and Spanish at the same time. I speak Spanish to my parents. To the rest of the world I speak English. Get over it. It is not discrimination. And the schoolboard should be ashamed of themselves for suspending the principal for doing something that everyone else has wanted to do, but didn’t have the balls to do so. And oh, just like these girls, English is my first language, but it is NOT the language of the USA so learn it or go home.

  • Jose. C

    Based on your posts LCM you sir are an idiot, however I do commend you on knowing some Spanish! Keep it up buddy and soon enough you will be able to write a complete sentence!!

  • Vivian Avato

    Speak Mexican. How ignorant ARE you?

  • Vivian Avato

    This is why Americans scare me…

  • Vivian Avato

    Oh, no! People speaking Arabic and Russian in school…obvious death to all.

  • Vivian Avato

    I don’t see how the “illegal” immigrants have not done just that.

  • Vivian Avato

    So you mean that our dialect of American English should be completely separated from the British English from which we originated?
    Are you proposing that we make all dialects separate languages: American, Australian, South African, New Zealand, Zambian, English, Irish, …?

  • Vivian Avato

    I love your profound use of the English language. Your punctuation is particularly stellar.

  • Vivian Avato

    What is your point here?
    That Native Americans are stupid, or that Europeans helped civilization when they arrived in America?
    Because I’m afraid neither of those points is true.
    We “conquered this land” by taking what was not rightfully ours in the first place. Slayed the natives, established a new idea of who is an American.
    And if you say that the Native Americans are neither native nor American, then couldn’t we have the same argument for ourselves? And every other part of the world that has at some point been settled?

  • Scherer Lynn

    Your first language that you choose to speak in of the country that you choose to work and live in (work in ) not live on welfare that someone else is paying for you to have. People do not have a say in were they are born or to what kind of parents but when you go to live in a country you need to learn the language and customs of that country and if you do not agree with their way of life you should go back to were you came from instead of trying to make the place you moved to be the place you came from. More people are trying to come to the USA and live than any other country

  • RobGoblin

    If they’re all different,then yep. Being American, I don’t speak English, I speak North American. I know many Hispanics from various Central American and South American countries,as well as Cuba and Puerto Rico. They all claim to speak Spanish. Some,better than others. But none of them speak Mexican,which they consider a completely different language.But to a Mexican,THEY speak Spanish too.The “French”in Louisiana speak Creole (as does Haitians ),not French,according to Actual French people. Call it what it is,is all I’m saying.

  • LCM☝✊

    I know plenty of Spanish for my workers. Gotta for the wetbacks.

  • LCM☝✊

    Good, stay out.

  • LCM☝✊

    Enough said. We’ve gotta ship them back!

  • LCM☝✊

    Just the facts

  • LCM☝✊

  • Vivian Avato

    Sorry, born here. Still live here…

  • LCM☝✊

    You an anchor baby or a legitimate American?

  • General Chan

    I’ve already know why my parents came here. Both my parents are here to flee the Communist Regime or an oppressive govt I would rather say. Both came here by BOAT. Yes, my mother came here in ’68 or ’69 and my father in 76. But he was a prisoner of war who managed to flee to Malaysia and then into the US. My generation always end up hearing stories from our elders about the war and life of a refugee (spoken in Vietnamese of course). But the first language that I learn at home was basically Vietnamese and English came second even though I was born here. Hell, I had to take a speech class because my English wasn’t up to par like the other kids. As for my Vietnamese friends at school, we speak English to each other at most and Vietnamese every now and then. Even in class. Teachers didn’t mind but I guess it was a different era back then when they’re understanding and capable of tolerance. I grew up in a community where there’s an abundance of us, I would say around 250,000 but that’s the census from 2003. Please, come visit my community when you have the time and money. Land in an airport called “John Wayne (SNA)” located in SoCal and visit the 4 or 5 cities that makes up our community. :)

  • Vivian Avato

    Born in US, parents born in US, 2 grandfathers born in US, one grandmother born in US, other grandmother born in AUS

  • Scherer Lynn

    You made my point you and your friends chose to speak English to fit in with the culture where you were living and trying to belong and work and contribute if not the case you could have chosen to stay in your community and speak your own language that as you said was used by the older generation. This is not the case then. The schools do not teach in different languages other than English unless it is a privet school. During the student exchange programs to go to another country to school you had to be taking the language of that country so you could attend their schools and they could attend ours and see what it was like to live in a different culture. Schools would look like the UN with everyone wearing headphones to translate.

  • Scherer Lynn

    I served in the military to give people like you the right to say what ever it is that you want but not to change the way that we live and speak. If you do not like it here go live somewhere that you will be happy.

  • LCM☝✊

    Your loyalties seam to be elsewhere. Liberals are like that.

  • Jose. C

    LCM, I am happy to hear that you support the American economy by hiring these so called wetbacks! I’m sure your fellow Americans appreciate your contribution to this country. So are you one of those that blames Mexicans for stealing “your jobs” as well? I for one applaud you for helping out my amigos! As always keep up the good work!

  • LCM☝✊

    Well they are illegal so I don’t pay. After the job I ask for all their legal citizenship papers and without them I refuse to pay. Then I give their pay to a local charity for Americans. So thank you for the donations.

  • Jose. C

    You know what LCM, I am happy to see that you have enough trust and confidence in my amigos to construct, clean, assemble, build, cook, or do whatever it is you have them do. I do have to say they are hard workers. Thanks for the support! Cheers, Here’s to the New Year!!!

  • LCM☝✊

    I don’t trust them at all. Looking foreword to throwing you all out, puto.