Obama Asks Supreme Court To Destroy First Amendment


When you think of President Obama, how far do you think he would go to control the masses? Do you think he would make a move and ask the Supreme Court of the United States to destroy the First Amendment protections of the media? How about removing Fox, CBS, NBC, or ABC news crews off TV? How about print media such as the Washington Times, New York Post, LA Times, or Houston Chronicle? What about internet media like the Blaze, the DC, or even the Free Patriot?

According to him, any journalist that seeks a profit from the news is tainted, and he would use that justification to remove that “privilege”.

As the Washington Times reports, don’t laugh. This is exactly the kind of state ran media corps he is asking for and the dangers of his request. The Obama Administration is using this “ground breaking” theory in their arguments to the supreme court!

The threat is carefully-camouflaged within the legal briefs filed to defend Obamacare in the Hobby Lobby case. At the core of its argument that Hobby Lobby must provide abortion-inducing “birth control” to its employees, the government claims that for-profit corporations have no First Amendment rights. Only individuals do. Plus non-profits.~ Washington Times

Therefore Bill O’Reily would get his individual Constitutional rights, as would Glenn Beck, Rachelle Maddow, George Stephanapolous, Matt Lauer, Diane Sawyer, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Marc Levin, and Brian Williams. Other’s that deliver internet media or talk radio would have rights as individuals as well. However, the companies that each and every one of these individuals work for would not have any freedoms granted by the Constitution unless they restructured into a non profit corporation. That way the only news media left that could damage his reputation would be NPR and PBS.

Then here is the kicker. None of the persons as individuals would be protected from being spied upon by the NSA. None.

Now to be fair, we agree, corporations are not people. As the liberal leaning Times points out:

To be fair, the Solicitor-General’s pro-Obamacare briefs in Sebelius versus Hobby Lobby do not single-out First Amendment free speech and free press rights; but they don’t exclude them either when they argue that First Amendment freedom of religion rights should be denied to for-profit corporations. Yet since when do any Constitutional rights hinge on whether an entity is a for-profit corporation? It’s a novel argument and a chilling one. If the Supreme Court accepts the idea it would set legal dominoes falling as other rights toppled. Once it’s the basis for limiting one First Amendment right, it becomes a sinkhole where other First Amendment rights disappear.~ Washington Times

Our First Amendment rights are a protection placed by the framers of our Constitution in the Bill of Rights to protect us from becoming a state ran media or a Theocracy. It states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. It grants us the freedom to worship how we want, express our opinions, gives the media the right to report what is going on, and to have the government listen to our grievances.

But what about the businesses we work for? Do they not deserve some sort of protection as well? We do function under capitalism. Our work is a major part of our lives. We do the businesses work, we accomplish the business goals, we control the finances, and we are the ones that make it function. So in a closely held or small business, does it not represent us as well?

Hobby Lobby is not a small business but it is a closely-held business, a subchapter-S corporation owned by just seven members of the David and Barbara Green family. By disregarding this, and demagoguing purely against the supposed evil of for-profit corporations, Obama’s lawyers are asking the Supreme Court to issue a ruling that would be used to claim that all our First Amendment rights are lost whenever we choose to work through the medium—the tool—of a business structure.

Disparaging the profit motive has been a long-time goal of the American Left; now they want it ratified by a Supreme Court decision. That would demote businesses to the lowest caste in America’s previously-classless society. They would become outcasts. Pariahs.” ~ Washington Times

While it is strange hearing this from the Washington Times, they have a point.

It is no secret that President Obama has been chipping away at First Amendment rights in this country. While this isn’t as direct and blunt as telling Military Chaplains he will arrest you if you conduct mass, it is still just as vile of an attack.

These are Stalin like tactics. Demonize those that seek to earn a profit, for they are taking away from the poor! Usually this ends up showing his socialist side while trying to make anyone that makes money providing goods and services look bad. Truthfully, he has done it for five years and usually the people either buy off on it, or see right through the Alinsky tactics.

The Washington Times has some good primary examples and an excellent analysis of the current fundamental battle being held.

For example, in arguing for health care reform in July 2009, Obama urged that medical professionals and insurance companies should not be trusted. He told ABC News, “A whole lot of people are having bad experiences because recommendations are coming from people who have a profit motive.” That same summer he accused doctors of performing unnecessary surgeries, even amputations, due to greed.

While the Occupy Wall Street movement has fought American businesses, Obama has led an Occupy America movement, railing against political speech by corporations. His infamous 2010 State of the Union remarks condemned the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United case that protects issue-related advertising by corporations. Corporate ads on behalf of a candidate for office remain illegal, although Obama often fudges over that important distinction.

But while he condemns corporate speech and restricts White House press, Obama freely spends public funds for propaganda, including an estimated $684-million to promote Obamacare, according to Associated Press calculations.

Hobby Lobby sued on principles of religious freedom and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that requires government to accommodate those principles. Instead of accommodating them, the Obama Administration saw a chance to expand restrictions on religious freedom.

The effort is being coordinated. For example, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D, WI), last week said, “The First Amendment, we revere it. It protects the rights of religious schools, churches, places of worship. And I think that the sanctity of that is something we all appreciate as Americans. The Hobby Lobby is not one of those institutions.”

So, according to Moore, any type of religious activity at Hobby Lobby has zero First Amendment protection?

Does she know that each year Hobby Lobby purchases hundreds of newspaper ads at Easter and Christmas, inviting people “to know Jesus as Lord and Savior”? They even post a collection of their ads online (link). The official corporate statement of purpose includes “[h]onoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.” The company foregoes tens of millions of dollars of annual revenue by closing each of their hundreds of stores every Sunday. They provide chaplains and spiritual counseling to all 13,000 workers. They provide insurance to workers which includes 16 of the 20 contraceptives that Obamacare says they must. But not the four that actually terminate a pregnancy. For that, they face fines that could be $1.3-million each day.

Those details don’t matter to the Left. They are blind except to the dirty words, “for-profit.” But they glorify non-profits, as though non-profit or “non-partisan” means better-intentioned and clearer-thinking. In truth, neither for-profit nor non-profit is automatically good or bad.

The Left poses the issue like this: Religious liberty is for people, not corporations. Elizabeth Wydra of the Constitutional Accountability Project writes, “a business corporation lacks the basic human capacities — reason, dignity and conscience — at the core of the right to free exercise of religion,” adding, “Have you ever seen Exxon Mobil in the pew next to you at church?” Of course, those identical points could be raised about non-profits as well. Posing arguments in her way misses the point.

Here is a better analysis: Corporations are legitimate and convenient tools that individuals use to accomplish their purposes. We don’t restrict religious use of other tools on the grounds that they lack a conscience. To accomplish our religious purposes, we can use a car rather than walk, or use radio and television rather than speaking only person-to-person. Rather than asking whether a corporation is for-profit, a better test is whether it’s a legitimate tool or instrument. For a family of seven devout Christians, their closely-held subchapter-S corporation, Hobby Lobby, can be used by them the same as their other personal assets, consistently with their religious faith. For companies in similar circumstance, or which are instrumentalities of churches and religious orders, Obamacare exemptions should apply. Multiple courts have agreed and so should the Supreme Court.

On the other hand, CBS, with thousands of shareholders, would have a more difficult challenge in claiming a religious exemption because they would be hard-put to demonstrate religious purpose and activitty. But they should have no difficulty with their claim to other Constitutional protections, once the Obama “for-profit corporation” test is rejected.

It’s frightening to grasp the audacity of the government briefs in the Hobby Lobby case, and the boldness of the new limits on Constitutional freedoms which they could sneak in if the Supreme Court approved “for-profit” as a new boundary line for rights.

The government brief also repeats a common nonsense argument that is heard so often that people rarely think it through. The claim is that an employer, by not providing contraceptives, is “imposing their religious views on their employees.” No. The employer is refusing to let the government impose its view upon the employer. If somebody compels you to perform an action, they are imposing upon you. When you refrain from taking an action, you are not imposing on anybody.

We have had too much imposed on us already from the first Supreme Court decision on Obamacare. Fortunately, even after the Hobby Lobby case, more challenges to Obamacare are in the legal pipeline. An important action by the State of Oklahoma. And multiple lawsuits by Catholic-affiliated institutions. It’s just too bad that the White House gets a bottomless pit of taxpayer money to fight against them. And uses the money to ask for outrageous new restrictions on our rights. ~ Washington Times



  • Hugh_Jass

    Considering how the media has laid down for this Jackass for 6 years now. This move is superfluous at best…

  • Jason Pearson

    Just you wait., if he gets that., then Christian televison will be out and you will all have to watch ismalmic texts screamed out at us daily.
    Im glad i dont live in America.


    The govt. should be denied taxpayers money to fight taxpayers in legal matters concerning our rights, the Constitution, Bill of Rights.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

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    Manning suggested that Obama’s involvement with older white men is what got him into Punahou, and Pope seems to agree, though she used a reference to the CIA or some “force” that got Obama “set up” at Punahou. “It was certainly not a natural thing,” she said. https://www.facebook.com/jaime.riosbaturoni Is this guy a CIA agent? http://lnkd.in/bBCAaDY The CIA killed Kennedy

  • Dem274

    If Obama wins, you loose, because you are all incorporated through your legal fiction.. This is a back door, to totally destroy these rights..

  • beau

    it would seem the prudent way to obtain ones freedoms is through the pockets of those challenging their very freedoms…if Christians would UNITE and stop watching CBS, ABC, NBC, stop shopping at WALMART, TARGET, THE MALLS……if CHRISTIANS, true CHRISTIANS or just those who have opened their eyes to tyranny would come together and stop filling the pockets of those who would deny us our very rights then this would be a great country once again

  • Terry Fidler

    The thing I don’t understand about the traitors not for profits ideals is that when he holds stock interests in a company that disperses highly toxic chemicals into the environment such as the oil dispersement used in the gulf oil disaster where he made over 1 million dollars, its ok, even though he claims to care about the environment. This toxic chemical producer was owned by Halliburton Industries, former CEO Dick Cheney, former republican vice president. Still don’t see the collectivist ideology at work? Obombya don’t care about anything but the NWO and stuffing his corrupt pockets with AMERICAS tax dollars! Communism 4 us, same old game with a new name. What is so new about the NWO. Same people squeezing more money and natural resources out of our dying planet and enslaving the US for their GREED!

  • James Lawson

    Fat chance.

  • Sheryl SoRelle

    Electronic media, such as radio, television and the internet are extensions of the press. Do they not still wear “press badges” to otherwise closed political events in order to gain admission? When radio first came out, this was quickly established by common practice. Our laws were originally based on English Common Law, an unwritten code with its roots in the Anglo-Saxon era. People could not read and write, so they agreed on common standards and then enforced them. The American People’s common agreement on and treatment of radio, television and internet as forms of “the press” gives them status as such. Therefore, the government has NO basis for restricting the freedom of media to express themselves as they see fit.
    If Hobby Lobby had forced people to remain employed while denying them certain forms of birth control, that would be illegal. However, people who do not like their stand are free to find employment elsewhere. No law broken here except that of “majority rule”; a premise already invalidated by our form of split legislature. One house with the same number of representatives for each state and another house based on population. This was designed to prevent states with large populations from pushing their agenda on small states while also stopping a group of small population states from forcing their will on the country as a whole.
    All this is basic stuff. I learned it in high school some 32 years ago.

  • Devil Dog

    This is why “red” is the new “green”. Communist has usurped the green movement. They are using those that care about our natural resources for a nefarious agenda. The republican and democrat establishments are two ends of the same stick- and they could care less about our environment. Our country is rife with crony capitalism- where the government decides who win and who loses. Have you seen the phenomenal rises in the stock market? Completely at odds with the realities of the hardships being experienced by people in American. Remember, the FED is pumping 85 billion a month into the stock market- propping it up.

  • MikeW


    Is it possible you are mistaking the Times for the Washington Post? I have found the Washington Times generally to be the counterpoint to the Post’s perspective. I believe that is exactly the reason this article has many good examples as you’ve mentioned. If this were written in the Post, I would almost have to keel over.

  • MikeW

    Sheryl, What you said in the first sentence is exactly what I have found myself sort of “screaming” in my mind in retort to fat Michael Moore when he has so smugly commented on 2nd Amendment rights and that it really only applies to the weaponry that existed at time of ratification. My mental screamings are all about that if this were the case, he has absolutely no rights to freedom of the press or expression through his sickening and idiotic movies and various ramblings.

    BTW, I also make it a point to query those who make the comment about corporations not being people to point specifically to the language in the 1st Amendment and in the full Constitution that distinguishes that these rights do not apply to specifies groups (of course 1st Amendment details there is a right to assembly – or to come together in collective groupings – which can be in gatherings in the square or as business entities or others as well) such as corporations. The bottom line is that there is no such specific language. If there isn’t, lawmakers and courts cannot so construe that the right does not pertain to such assemblies. Further, when people tell me that bosses or owners of businesses cannot force their morals and views on them, I have told them to find another place to work; they aren’t being held at that business by force or servitude. Also, insurance coverage has always been a benefit – a voluntary offering by the business owner. The government has no authority to impose such mandated coverage simply because a business exists.

  • TheRuleOfLaw

    ‘Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech’ ~ Benjamin Franklin

  • Killroy was here

    YOU KNOW THIS MAKES ME THINK! IF PRESIDENT OBAMA DOES NOT LIKE OUR CONSTITUTION AS ITS BEEN FOR 235 YEARS, AND IT OBVIOUS BECAUSE HE WANT TO CHANGE EVERYTHING IN IT! Why did he want to be president. The president is supposed to Execute and Protect the foundation of the Constitution NOT change it to fit his leadership methods. (WHICH BY THE WAY SUCK) I feel that you are mentally incompetent Mr. President, and are unfit to be in a position to lead a FREE Nation. You socialistic and communistic ideals are from puzzle pieces from an Era long gone and do not fit into the American Puzzle set or its Culture. I feel that you must be removed from this position. YOU are hurting the country more than you are helping it. If you are so hell bent on Changing the Constitution why not create an ACT Call the THOU SHALT NOT LIE. Oh because that is all you do and that would give us the ammo we need to get you out of the office.

    OBAMA STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION — IF YOU CAN NOT LIVE BY IT LIKE IT IS AND DEFEND IT — THEN SIR GET OUT, GET OUT OF THE OFFICE, GO BACK TO KENYA OR SOMEWHERE YOU FEEL SECURE IN HAVING YOUR LIFE RAN BY YOUR GOVERNMENT. Me I prefer life here in this Glorious Country where WE the people are the Government, were if we see our leaders screwing up we can voice and press our likes and dislikes of how they are leading the people. For which I am sure you are feeling the heat of and rather than do the right thing you want to CUT OUR TONGUES OUT AND POKE OUR EYES OUT so that we can not say or see just how incompetent you are and what a SCREW UP you are! The problem is you can’t fix problems, you are great a making more problems, and you love to point blame on everyone but yourself.

  • mn550

    Please learn grammar and spelling, the PROOFREAD! It lessens your credibility when you have misspellings and poor sentence structure.

  • Sumdumbunny

    I’ve often thought, wth, why do our tax dollars need to be spent on govt advertising programs? Be it local or federal more and more these advertisements look like commercial advertisements to entice enrollment to attract more depatmental tax dollars to justify their existence regardless of their need or effectiveness … unless their effectiveness is measured by more tax dollars spent each year? In contrast a company advertises to attract cistomers that spend yheir after tax dollars based on the merits of the product or service. Product no good the company closes its doors. Theyre outta money and biz. Govt advertises to give our tax dollars away to justify itself and measures its success by how much they wasted on everything from execution to propaganda.

  • Sumdumbunny

    grNo God. No Hope. No Hope leaves only the federal govt … keep God strichtly in the pulpit and shut the doors. Kind of the same paradigm that led to the pilgrams coming to America. The difference being that God was spoken everywhere, but if one sought to know Him personally the door was shut or slammed on you.

  • Robin Gonsalves

    It was only a matter of time for the piece of shit muslim in the oval office to turn on the media once he got his way…He uses everyone, lies to get what he wants then disgards the trash! How does it feel media?

  • Properganda

    It is issues like this that add fuel to the fire of a persons ignorant thoughts and fuels ignorant statements. This online mess is truly base from a foundation and thrives period to flame fires of racism. Do not believe everything you read……………..smh

  • AllReligionsAreFairytales

    Him and all the assholes in Congress. Quit drinking the two-party Kool-Aid.

  • AllReligionsAreFairytales

    Right, because one form of theocracy is preferable to another. How about keeping religion out of politics?

  • AllReligionsAreFairytales

    Keep voting two party, and you mouth breathing theocrats will get more of the same regardless of who is in charge. But I guess theocracy, erosion of rights, and use of violence is only okay when it’s your moron in charge. All hail George W. Obama, president since 9/11 and protecting our “freedumb” because people are too stupid to follow the money.

  • LORI

    what the fuck is he doing this for. damn he he need to go back home now

  • Terry Fidler

    Collectivism at its finest and people still believe there is a two party system in this country. When the goal of one world government moves forward no matter which political party is in white house or comgress. AMERICANS are so stupid not see politics for what it really is, nothing more than a show to cover up the real ruling bodies Tri-lateral commission, CFR, and the Bilderburg group.

  • Terry Fidler

    Thanks professor

  • Joey Ramone

    Based on “Corporate Person-hood” this is such a contradiction…smh

  • Troubleshooter

    I wonder how many other Americans have the same thoughts about this conniving liar that I do. I wonder what would happen if we all stood up?

  • AllReligionsAreFairytales

    Downvotes will only prove how much of a sheep you are because you can’t handle the truth.

  • http://titsarsefox.com/ Jasper Foxgobbler

    One imagines you would all sit back down? Nobody likes to stand longer than necessary. As you were.

  • Nathan

    If they took away half the votes that were casted only because he was black he wouldn’t have won. That’s the sad part

  • suzan

    He should really pray that he will not end up like kennedy or Lincolnt, because of his actions, he is going to spark something in someone and that will be the end. I can see it coming on T.V. one day that Obama was shot by someone. How will people feel then?

  • suzan

    scary thought right?

  • Susan Fuchs

    the bill of rights is the bill of rights, and Oblamo must be stopped dead in his tracts, pray people, pray that this is turned down on it’s face…..

  • Diane Luttrell

    We need to stand up and we need to do it like yesterday. We need our troops….God….we need them now

  • Sheryl SoRelle

    Thank you for this thoughtful elaboration of my idea.

  • leslie green

    I sure hope you feel better now. You voiced what so many of us are feeling and thinking. I could feel your anger and disgust.

  • Dan Matchik

    members of the supreme court should remember they are civilians too and one day they’re families will have to live by the laws they decide on !

  • Guitardaddy1

    Cunt deluxe and his forever bitching cunt of a wife

  • Bridget Burton

    Informative article but I always appreciate those that write for the Free Patriot. Not crazy about some of the pics – shame to reflect how the democrats portray people.

  • james o`dell

    Mick Jagger and Billy Idol sang a song back in the 80’s titled “Dancing in the Streets” that’s what we will be doing!

  • http://www.friv2friv3friv4.com/ friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    The bill of rights is the bill of rights, and Oblamo must be stopped
    dead in his tracts, pray people, pray that this is turned down on it’s

  • hal

    I have a idea that will stop this bullshit in its tracks every new paper every cable internet needs to bombard the American public with every lie every story on how he and his want to destroy our nation and if he is aloud to continue. in these ways what will be the end of our nation I mean every thing hold nothing back .the word of the press can and have change history and if they want to save themselves they better do so now

  • billwhit1357

    I really wish an L.H. Oswald would rise from the grave and put a bullet in this Homosexual Muslim Maggot little brain! Obama deserves nothing but Execution, he is a Tyrant and an Enemy of America and needs to be brought down ASAP! He and his entire Legion of Demons are pure Evil unleashed on America and each and every one of them should be in Prison! I cannot believe our Nation has fallen so low and that our Congress have no Balls and are complete Cowards who do nothing but being themselves more Power! Time for the American People to rise and start taking the Enemy out! Start by picking off certain Congressmen and close associates of Obama, until someone can get close enough to the main enemy to bring him down! May Obama burn in Hell for Eternity along with the rest of his Satan Worshiping Muslims!

  • http://www.facebook.com/osvaldo.aires.1 Osvaldo Aires Bade


  • Peter M.

    The President will serve out his term completely and he will be judged by history as being at least a good president. Then all you Obama haters can pick someone else to hate. I’m sure Hillary will fit the bill for you morons. Have a good time.

  • Peter M.

    An equal number would tell you sit the fuck down!

  • Byte187

    It was Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Just saying.

  • Guest

    I didn’t think Dilly Idol was corrent but I drew a brain cramp. Wonder if Ovomitcare has a cure for that? Thanks for pointing my error.

  • james o`dell

    I had a brain cramp, sorry. Wonder if Ovomitcare has a cure for that? Thanks for pointing it out

  • Mark Bigger

    I believe a vast majority would want to stand up against this-if they knew all of what is going on

  • Mark Bigger

    racism? I don’t recall that mentioned…

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Is there a date when this is suppose to be heard before SCOTUS?

  • Troubleshooter

    Well, Pecker M., the problem THEN would be whether any of the namby-pamby come-drunk sissies who DIDN’T stand up could actually enforce their desire for me to “sit the fuck down”. In my experience, the number there would slightly fewer than none. Of course, if you would like to come take a shot at it, I will be more than happy to accomodate you.

  • dara

    Hate has nothing to do with it… policies and lies are the key..

  • Angry Patriot

    It’s too bad people are just now seeing this dictator for what he is. He damned America by his inaction and support of a racist preacher, surrounded himself with commies and folks who read chairman mao daily. What has he done to help America? Dress his daughters in the black panther colors?

  • karridine

    Good on ya, Brandon! God be with you, Sir!

  • Rev. Nicole Lendman

    What everyone does not get is the constitution doesn’t apply to us! We have inalienable rights! The constitution applies to the government! To control it. Further more if you are a U.S. citizen you are property of the government and have NO rights at all. If you are an American Citizen then you are protected! Do your research people!

  • Independent Tom

    If the entire legitimate business community simply ignores the ACA then refuses to comply with any subsequent litigation based on their ignoring it, then the federal parasite will be rendered moot. The ACA is going down, one way or the other… be it repeal or implosion, it is already failing, it’s just a matter of time until the failure is complete. No need to waste time and resources trying to comply with something that is already circling the drain.

  • Independent Tom

    If you don’t like what is on television, change the channel.

  • Independent Tom

    Because welfare parasites are cheap to purchase.

  • Independent Tom

    You don’t have to worry about welfare parasites… they talk really big while hiding behind their keyboards at the public library. Look at how the Occuterrorists were run out of town… a couple fire hoses.

  • Independent Tom

    But Hitlery is white… the pedophiles who love Obuma won’t be able to use the race card when her fringe-kook Marxist policies are responsible for harming Americans.

  • Ashley Nelson

    You do understand that he isn’t Muslim, right? If you look at how he lives and the things he does – his mannerisms are WAY off. For instance, he bows to foreign dignitaries – bowing is a BIG no no for Muslims.

    Maybe if you educated yourself – rather than listening to Fox news then you wouldn’t sound like such an ill-informed hick.

  • Whatever

    He may not tactfully “Be” Muslim but he is most certainly their puppet. Wake up would you !

  • goldie

    gopthedailydose.com >us polics> Read article why obamacare is a fantastic success. It will open your eyes.

  • free man

    The goverment has found a way to kill anyone that they consider a threat to there agenda (terrorist). Shouldn’t the people have the same option pertaining to anyone they consider a threat to protecting the constitution (terrorist).

  • Peter M.

    What’s your address?

  • Seth Harris

    Holy Crap! This is a Troll of an Article! “But what about the businesses we work for? Do they not deserve some sort of protection as well?” Corporate corruption only got so out of hand to begin with because Gov’t allowed them to be considered as “People” according to the law, yet without having to bear the consequences of being real people. (Admittedly, I stopped reading after that quote)

  • Dean

    Jees, “educated” you must be a liberal teacher or 1 of the 50% on government handouts.

  • Renee Clayton

    we would be the strong America we once were insted of sitting around with ower hands out saying where is mine. we would be proud ahen insted of feeling hopeless.

  • Renee Clayton

    you have a grate point Daveloy.. i don’t recall geting a chance to vote on this. it would have no well not just no but Heck bleeping NO!

  • Anthony Poirier

    Wow, I’ve seen old movies about White racist trash from back in the ’50’s but thought they all faded away. Which KKK affiliate are you with?

  • Anthony Poirier

    Yes, I’m sure all those Muslims he slaughters with drone strikes are 100% behind him. (Fuck, just when I thought the collective American IQ was starting to rise above retardation, I stumble across this pathetic quim of comments.)

  • billwhit1357

    There goes the overused Leftist Vomit of calling anyone who is against Obama’s Policies and his Destruction of our Nation a “Racist”! When are you children going to grow up? I, as most Americans, could care less what color our President is, as long as he Loves his country, is Loyal, and tries to make our coutry the Greatest Nation on Earth, as it has always been! I would vote for Herman Cain, Allen West, or Dr Ben Carson in a heartbeat, over any White person I know, and I am White, so take your childish “Racist” whining and stick it up your pathetic Leftist Twat! Grow up and grow a pair before you speak, boy.

  • Mike Murphy

    Hobby lobby has no problem dealing with Communist China, who BTW has mandatory abortion and gender murder as well as limiting Family size by what ever means they chose. Strange that this Great defender of Religion has no problem when it comes to making profits

  • Mike Murphy

    You are a fool, by your logic causing a corporation to abide by it’s corporate laws and the laws it was incorporated under is a violation of the Constitution, if you think that the word Corporation appears anywhere in the US Constitution.

  • Mike Murphy

    Oh yea Paul Crouch just died, I’ll bet he is still trying to explain why he had to have that big SCA ranch with the gold faucets and the horses that they never road. He found out what he thought was serving Y’shua was really serving himself. That why they kept having the Telethons for Christ to pay for their life style

  • Robin Gonsalves

    Really Ashley? Maybe if you stop sucking his dick long enough you’d realize I really don’t give a f**k what your piece of shit mulism boy friend in the oval office is! And do you really think that phrase make you seem intelligent? Tell you what, I’ll go educate myself and you can go F**K yourself….lol

  • Anthony Poirier

    Not even CLOSE to being the greatest nation on Earth, especially after what Reagan and George W. got through with it. Here’s a fantastic clip made during the end of the “Bush” era.

  • billwhit1357

    Are you even an American? If so, then your a far Leftist Twat who has his head firmly planted in Obama Ass. Must like the smell.

  • Anthony Poirier

    Actually, I’m a Canadian who is part of the Alberta Wildrose Party (Right-wing). And we’re all having a real good laugh at your Republican bigots. Our Conservative national government has strong ties with Obama, because he is actually taking a lesson from OUR government. Universal healthcare, Women’s right to control their own bodies. Gay marriage allowed, and welfare (food stamps) for those who got a shitty deal. Our banks and financial institutes are heavily regulated. None of them needed a bailout because they were never in danger of fraud led greed or failure. We didn’t join you in Iraq (first time we didn’t have your back, because we knew it was a bullshit invasion) and saved ourselves trillions of dollars, and saved face at the same time. Our parliament actually PASSES bills and laws, whereas your Republican led congress is without a doubt, the most useless, hated group of greedy bastards the world has ever seen. Not only will Hillary Clinton (or Elizabeth Warren) easily win your next presidential election, but the Republican congress is going to be decimated in the 2014 elections. But of course, as long as you keep calling everyone “Homosexual Muslin Maggots”, who can argue with such profound insight? You’re a fucking inbred cunt (to sink to your level for a moment in language you can at least appreciate.)

  • Anthony Poirier

    Grab yourself some grammar and a decent vocabulary for when you post next. Your idea (as vague as it is) may have some merit, but get yourself educated before trying 3-syllables words in print form again.