EPIC Plan to Shut Down the NSA: Shut Down the Water


The Tenth Amendment Center has an epic plan to shut down the NSA–shut off the water. The new NSA data center in Utah will require 1.7 million gallons of water a day to keep the computers cooled off. If there is no water, the computers cannot stay in operation.

The simple solution? If there is no water to the facility, being built in Bluffdale, Utah it can’t operate.

The city of Bluffdale, Utah has a water contract with the NSA. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the city agreed to sell water to the NSA well under market value. The $1.95 per gallon charge is well below the state average of $2.09 a gallon.
Further, the  10-year contract that took effect Sept. 30, 2011, specifies that Bluffdale can’t increase the rates on the Utah Data Center without also hiking rates on all Tier 2 water consumers.

Bluffdale city manager Mark Reid has said that the city could, in theory, turn the water off to the NSA. However, in doing so it would have to shut down water to the whole city. This isn’t because of the infrastructure, but because of the contract.  In other words, Reid is in it for the NSA, not for the people.

The people of the state have a powerful interest in circumventing the diversion of water to the NSA. Utah is the nation’s second-driest state with 13 inches of average annual precipitation, and is practically a desert. Why the federal government would build a facility that requires that much water in the second driest state in the United States is beyond logic, but it is. Over 80%  of Utah’s water is used for agriculture.

Further, the NSA has a habit of maxing out state resources. In In 2006, NSA HQ maxed out capacity of the Baltimore area power grid.

Given a choice between water and power for crops and local businesses or for an NSA facility, who would get the water? Do people think the farmers and other business would win on this one, or the NSA?

Activist have crafted a law for Utah and other states that would prevent a state from participating in providing resources  to federal agencies that violate the 4th Amendment. The law would have to be  introduced into state legislatures, and obviously the focus here is on the Utah State legislature.

There is no legal requirement for a state to cooperate with the federal government. As the Tenth Amendment Center states,

This is based on the undisputed legal doctrine of “anti-commandeering.” The federal government has no power to require states to help the feds carry out federal acts or programs in any way.

The Supreme Court affirmed this in these cases: 1842 Prigg, 1997 Printz, 2002 New York, and 2012 Sebelius.

James Madison, writing in Federalist #46, said that states had “powerful means” to oppose either unconstitutional or “unpopular” federal programs. Included was a “refusal to cooperate with officers of the Union.”

The group also has a Youtube video that gives a quick overview. The facility in Maryland is maxed out. Stopping the Utah facility may only postpone the construction of another facility. However, this will give legislators time to act on legislation.

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  • RGP

    If the NSA can’t come up with a simple and considerably cheaper recirculating radiator type system but instead require almost 2 million gallons of water every single day at $1.95 per gallon instead of two million gallons maybe once a year, how intelligent can they be?

  • francis

    Impeachments and High Treason and murders with no inquire,NSA is enemy of American People and should be shut down now and dissolve all NSA,and all Military for war take to army bases ,Billions Bullets and fire all that broke law against Constitution and American people made to be put in camps

  • That Guy

    Who the hell pays $1.95 a gallon for water? How is my water bill $30 bucks a month? Surely I use more than 14 gallons a month. Who signed that contract?

  • teejcee44

    There is something WRONG with this report. NO ONE pays 1.95 per GALLON of water, not even the US Government. Think about that… almost 4 million dollars a DAY for the water to cool the computers? Someone is lying!

  • Brian Woodruff

    Saddly this is false, it will not take 1.7 mil gals/day in a closed loop cooling system (FYI is not normaly used in a server farm), and besides they would want to run distilled water so it does not cause corrosion/algi and that is only if they use a water based system and not a phase change cooling system (which borders on extream when most Serverfarms use AC) while it is more effective than water it requires more power than just running the AC.

  • Sean Garrison

    You’r half right and half wrong.

  • Jeff Getchell

    The NSA will simply TAKE the water, much as they do anything else they want. Salt Lake City vs NSA, its really that simple. While I would love to see them shut down…it isn’t going to happen.

  • Cindy M.

    They would take your SOUL if they could…Just like the late Michael Jackson in His song, THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US. When the SHEEP FINALLY WAKE UP, WILL IT BE TOO LATE???! PROBABLY SO…

  • John Vermore

    I presume the water is used for cooling. If so, is it merely warm afterwards and fair game for use in agriculture?

  • Random Joe

    Is this a real article, or did someone who works for the website publish their child’s government paper.
    Teacher: “Students, write an article detailing what you think a government shutdown is”
    ^This Student^: “I’m gonna fix to say how Utah could shut down the NSA. That is if that there Utah cared more about their crops and people, and not the government’s water-powered computers.”
    In response to how you the author would feel about this post. I am not a Democrat. I am an American that remembers learning about propaganda, and it’s uses. I am not a genius or fit to lead a country or state, however I am fit to call this article ignorant and idiotic. For us as a country please stop uttering every whimsical thought that may enter your head. Free speech is a right. This article shames the fact so.