Duck Dynasty Told Again To Stop Praying To Jesus So They Don’t Offend Muslims!


Duck Dynasty is again told by A&E to stop praying in the name of Jesus in order for them to stop offending Muslims. Also came the shocking surprise of the producers using fake bleeps to show that they are cussing when they are not!

The Duck Dynasty crew is a family operated business. They hunt, they have strong family values, and they kid each other. They go to church. They use guns. At the end of each show, they pray over their meal in the name of Jesus.

It seems that Phil and Willie Robertson got a surprise from the producers again when they started to review their shows for the year. They discovered fake bleeps being used to show that they were cussing when they were not.

If we’re not using profanity, why make it look like we’re using profanity? What is the point? Why don’t you just run it and say what we say?”

The Duck Dynasty Crew was not alone in the use of bleeps when there was not cursing on the set. According to other shows they have found the same thing. Two instances were found in SyFi’s hit “Face Off” and the show on History Channel called “American Pickers”. It is unknown if the modern day producers are doing this to make the shows look more “edgy” and to try to attract more audiences or why they would falsely put these in.

Another thing that bothered Phil, who holds a Master’s Degree in Education, was that once again he is asked to stop praying in the name of Jesus. When he asked them “well who are we offending” the answer was presented to him that he and the crew were offending Muslims by the producers.

This is not the first time the Duck Dynasty show has come under fire. Several times now they have been approached to stop praying and several times the answer has been the same, if you don’t like it, don’t put our show on because we will not stop. Phil even goes so far as telling them, “We are in spiritual warfare.”

You have to hand it to the crew for “sticking to their guns” when it comes to their beliefs.

  • sonia

    amen Phil keep on praying (Y) :)

  • Thought Criminal #1

    Stick to your guns, guys. You have all the power because they want the money.

  • Kat Blakely

    God bless you for not denying Him.

  • Tracy Photogirl Shaw

    I will NEVER DENY My Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST! AMEN!

  • Gary Arciszewski

    Fans like me watch the show for those family values and pro-God stance. Muslims don’t like it, too bad!!

  • Butch

    Those Peaceful People watch this show? Naw

  • Kenn Winters


  • Jay Law

    Keep praying to Jesus. We don’t care if the Muslims like it or not.

  • Lani Cartwright

    well..if the muslims know it’s a Christian show…WHY are they tuning in to it??? and THEN have the nerve to get offended! go figure!

  • aznative

    Don’t give in. As an American citizen I’m offended that one Muslim is left in this country after 9/11. This us our nation and our heritage. And I’m going to start praying everywhere at anytime at the drop of a hat. We pray over our meals too. Always have. God is our co-pilot. The the phony religion of Islam which is really a terrorist organization. Tell your producers we the people are offended by Muslims and we want them exiled back to their homeland now. We can love them in their homeland but this ain’t it.

    I demand this radical tribe of people be escorted out if our nation immediately. It is over. They have no place here, they are not part of our heritage period.

    Read the levitt newsletters they come to dominate and destroy not assimilate. They have no plans to respect our laws or our nation. This has been their pattern for 1400 years. Their weapon of choice is the sword and beheadings. And they will not be happy until they have spilled every Americans blood in the streets. Get real Americans. Living in this country has not changed their deep seeded hatred for all other tribes of people.

  • Dan Matchik

    you go phil and family ! as popular as you people are i doubt if those producers realize how much pull you have with christians

  • angryeagle7

    I could NOT care LESS if it ‘offends’ Muslims. If they want to wallow in their cesspool of fraudulent, degrading, destructive beliefs, they can go right ahead. But they had BETTER NOT expect the God-fearing American people to bow to their every whim and supposed ‘offense’ at every turn. I will NOT deny my Father in Heaven or His Son, my Savior, nor will I stop revering them, or stop praying. If Muslims are so offended with every last thing Christian, they can just go back to where they came from. They are NOT going to impose their beliefs, or Sharia law or anything else on me or my loved ones, and I’m sure I speak for most of the American people!! This is NOT bigotry or racism — it is speaking out against racism and anti-Americanism and anti-Christendom that THEY keep demonstrating !!

  • aznative

    A&E if they are supporting Muslims, are committing treason. Because they are the enemy of every nation. Every nation that has allowed this radical group of misfits in is in turmoil and in danger of the loss of their countries and their heritage and are waking up. Look at Egypt. Look at Africa. Britain, France, Somalia, Bahrain, Australia these countries are all in turmoil because of this radical tribe of people. Send them all home. They are not welcome period.

  • Ken


  • Robert Ottis

    Fuck the Muslim they don’t run this country we the american ppl do it’s obvious that our current president doesn’t.

  • aznative

    Even God wiped out tribes in the bible. Hello what do you think the flood was all about. He was fed up and cleansed the earth. He wiped out everything. How about the money changers in the temple. I know he is about loving others, but he gives us the gift to discern pure evil. We have had wars throughout history. I don’t think Jesus wanted them. But there are some people who are full of pure hatred and evil. Watching this video it explains a lot. And not everybody believes like we do about our great savior. Christians and Americans always think that everybody believes like we do. That everybody respects life we do or freedom of choice. No other nation is like ours and it is our heritage not theirs. They don’t respect our nation or honor our ways, so who are we to be made to bow at the feet of their pure evil. Thus 1400 years of invading other nations and murdering. Look at france, look at britain, look at egypt, loom at somalia, bahrain, Australia. Every nation is having major horrific issues with this tribe of people. There is something wrong in their DNA. Not to mention their pure hatred of women and bad behavior towards their own children. Child brides. And it isn’t just Muslims. Africa is bad about this to in some areas with the rape of children. We have to do our best to love others but this tribe has done nothing but cause turmoil everywhere it enters. Are you going to stand down and allow them to take your Jesus? Are you going to allow them to destroy your children’s heritage? Are you going to allow them to rewrite our history or burn our bibles. By giving them a foothold in our nation you are saying you condone their evil. We can love them in their homeland but this ain’t it and not at the cost of the loss of everything this nation was founded upon. We are a Christian nation based on Christian values, but there has been evil since Cain and Abel.

    We have never in the history of this nation had such a radical tribe of people, 9/11 was just a wake up call to their brutality. Islam is not a religion it is a cult and is being used to hide how bad this tribe is. Are you going to allow the mutilation of your daughters or women in your family? Rape? Child brides? Beheadings? Stoning? Watch the stoning of soraya m. It is a real insight to this tribe if misfits. Would you stand down while one of their elders raped your daughter to death? They are already demanding their own way in OUR nation claiming Christmas and Jesus offends them. Excuse me their being here after 9/11 as an American citizen offends everything this nation stands for.

    Read the levitt newsletters they come to dominate and destroy not assimilate. They have no plans to respect our laws or our nation. This has been their pattern for 1400 years. Their weapon of choice is the sword and beheadings. And they will not be happy until they have spilled every Americans blood in the streets. Get real Americans. Living in this country has not changed their deep seeded hatred for all other tribes of people.

  • Robert Ottis

    Always pray to the god that fits your needs don’t try and bring that shit in another country that isn’t yours.

  • Cliff E.

    That video has been around for months, from the 3 nights of DD marathons, A&E won’t be telling the Robertson’s Much…… i don’t know the robertson clan but i know their type, they will walk away if A&E would not allow it they would not allow the cameras to come in. Also A&E won’t do too much this show is what keeps the network going, other than Longmire A&E has what those staged storage unit buying shows?

  • Tony Fields

    We have catered to these Muslim fanatics for way to long! The idea of us having to be politically correct is undermining the very fabric of our Christian society. There are those that would have us turn our cheeks on every issue, and it is up to us to know the issues that require a firm, no exception retort. Stay strong my brothers, and give’em hell Phil…

  • Misty White

    Why do Christians have to change or stop doing what we believe in, because it “offends” Muslims. Are they asked to stop killing Christians? That offends me!!! Isn’t it part of most religions, to forgive, be sympathetic & empathetic towards others? Why is it so one sided? Didn’t this country suffer the most horrific terrorist attack at the hands of Muslims? I know that not all Muslims are radical terrorists.

  • Jerry Jacobson

    I’m pagan I watch duck dynasty, I have no problems with them praying to Jesus, this is America where we have the freedom of religion and speech. Now more importantly on this issue do muslims watch duck dynasty, hunt ducks, buy duck calls etc. If your’e muslim and you watch duck dynasty please respond ( I’ll admit I doubt there are any muslims who watch duck dynasty )

  • Wayne Williams

    That is one of the best parts of the show. They all get together and thank God in Jesus name for their blessings and the food. To me, it is a reminder of how it is supposed to be. Robertsons rock.

  • Evelyn

    Why do we as Christians have to stop our beliefs, because someone from another religion can not accept differences. Jesus accepted everyone. Muslims believe that Jesus was a spiritual man and their Qur’an speaks of him. Jesus is love. By their claim of being offended then they are not being filled with love. Where’s the love? Keep praying, Keep on being a lighthouse for the greatest light of the world.

  • moose

    First of all, all you bigots can kiss my ass. There’s five times a day that it would be very convenient for you to do. Second, your problem should be with the network, not with some imaginary Muslim that is supposedly offended by anyone praying. Produce the Muslims that are offended by this, my guess it’s some network exec looking to make headlines or has an issue with people of faith for whatever reason.

  • clem

    No one makes Muslims watch Duck Dynasty ( I doubt they ever would ), but there is a channel changer that they can click, if they don’t like the duckanese dialogue.

  • Rhonda

    A&E needs them…they don’t need A&E at this point…they could BUY A&E!

  • tonya

    good for them! dont let these idiot people keep you from being you! Like they said if you dont like it dont watch the show or take them off the air! If we love and believe in God and Jesus we should not be ashamed of our beliefs because other religious individuals are not ashamed of theirs.

  • Janell Baines

    Didn’t Jesus say, “If you deny me before man, I will deny you before my Father”? Stay strong in your faith. You know, just because other (non believing) folks insist there is no God, no Jesus, and that the Bible is a work of fiction, doesn’t mean they are right…merely misled. Perhaps those folks will never go towards the light and will spend eternity in darkness. Oops, I forgot, they don’t believe in Heaven or Hell.

  • FrankC

    I hope they told A&E producers and any muslins they are offended to kiss off

  • John Skinner

    Dear A & E. I am a Disabled Veteran and a God Fearing (Loving) man. As a defender of the this great nation called The United States of America, I’m going to give you a real quick history lesson. It’s called America. It was founded on Freedom of Religion with Freedom of Speech. It was not founded on “do whatever the muslims says or are offended by”.

  • Stinson47

    A&E is worried about offending Muslims! I find muslim intolerance of other religions and non-believers terribly offensive and I will find the people at A&E offensive as well if they succumb to this PC nonsense.

  • upload

    This is an old story. I think this interview was in the first season. Have you heard a bleep recently? A&E knows if they stop the prayers, Phil will pull the plug on the show. Immediately afterward, there will be a hundred networks knocking on the door to pick up the show. Who is going to give up nearly 12 million viewers an episode in a time when CBS, NBC, and ABC have a hard time pulling those kinds of numbers for anything they put on the air? Political correctness goes out the window when this kind of money is involved. Duck Dynasty is to A&E what football is to most colleges: the cash cow that keep them afloat.

  • Mike Holmes

    If the muslims don’t like it, they can change the channel just like everyone else. And to all of the muslims in my country, GET YOUR DIRTY STINKY ASSES OUT.

  • tamlezebra

    It’s super great that they have been so blessed that they could care less if they pull the show.

  • Tracy Bannon

    You go Phil!!!..Muslims offend me by not wanting us to practice our religion…yet they want us to allow them to practice theirs!!

  • Sandra Johnson

    The Muslim agenda is to make schools comply, governing bodies to do what they wish, to have Sharia law all over America! They could care less what laws are in place to protect freedom of religion.
    They will dominate every sector of the American way of life if lawyers, judges, teachers, voters….All of us don’t take action!!

  • John

    Good man. Don’t stop.

  • Arior Shearsant

    I am not a religious person, I don`t know if there is a God, I would like to believe there is, but my personal feelings aside, if you don`t like what the man has to say… CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! I don`t like soccer, so I don`t watch it, maybe I should campaign to have it removed from TV.

  • Robert G Strait

    in this country, muslims are free to pray to allah or whatever man they are praying to….but because they know they have no hope of salvation, they have collectively decided to try and make people stop worshipping God and Jesus. At least they are ‘free’. They are free to change the channel, and should. We don’t want them watching anyway, they might get offended.

  • Michelle

    Tell the Muslims to stop praying as it offends the rest of us…

  • Richard

    As in anything else, if it offends them, they can just not watch the program! What is so difficult about that concept?

  • johnboy0143


  • Paul Dormont

    If you don’t like it; don’t watch it!! Nobody is forcing you. Aren’t you due on a prayer rug soon anyway?

  • Brian

    Thank Phil. Please do not give in. Do what you are doing. Glorify God almighty!

  • Panther Smith

    Keep on Phil do not back down for any reason.

  • Brian

    Thanks Phil. Please keep doing what you are doing. Do not change for any reason. GLORIFY GOD ALMIGHTY!

  • Nan

    Don’t stop using our Lord and saviors name – Jesus. Who cares if you offend thethe Muslims or anyone else. They don’t have to watch. They can change channels if they don’t like it. Millions of us love it.

  • fredosqui

    This is exactly the angle I saw it from… WHY/HOW ARE MUSLIMS GETTING OFFENDED!? Oh, they’re watching the show… My advice to the people getting offendedby the show, turn to something more to their appeal! This is not the show for them apparently.

  • Fredrik


    I’m a practising Muslim and I can say that no one is offended by the Robertsons praying. These are again total lies. Furthermore Muslims is such a small minority overall and an even smaller minority when it comes to the Duck Dynasty audience it would not make any sence that AE would listen to the complaints. Do not believe everything you hear.

  • Denise

    Why should we be worried about offending Muslims or any other religion. We have our beliefs and they have theirs. Their religion doesn’t offend me…..until they start trying to suffocate mine. Keep on praying to Jesus Phil and all Robertsons. More families should be like yours. You are a great role model……..Maybe you can teach your producers a thing or two.

  • popmobley

    Keep On Phil and Family. Never know when you might convert one. Can’t believe muslims even watch the show. I wouldn’t tell them to stop praying to their God. What makes them think they have the right to tell us when to pray and to Whom. I understand they have whole countries that are Muslim, they sure are free to move there. God bless them and show them the Only True Way, CHRIST!!! not our words. HIS!!!

  • Mike Hernandez

    To hell with the Muslims.

  • Kyle Field

    This is exactly how our country is going down the tubes…why is the CHRISTIAN nation bending over backwards to please Muslims? 9/11…how quickly people forget. A religion of peace my ass…they force their agenda on us, demand we remove all reference to Christianity and in its place want to put Muslim beliefs. Have you not see what has happened in Europe??? The UK is being overrun by Muslims…they’re worse than fire ants!

  • Kyle Field

    They can’t…they don’t “own” the show.

  • Kyle Field

    Better yet, tell the Muslims to get the f— out of out country. We don’t need their violent agenda here.

  • Kyle Field

    Totally true. When they started to build a Mosque in New York near ground zero, I lost all hope for this country. In 200 years this entire planet will be muslim as they spread like fire ants.

  • DJ

    Is not this country a majority of Christians….where are our rights???

  • Desma

    A&E most DEFINITELY are Not getting anymore of my support! Ill watch Duck Dynasty Online!! tvmuse (dot) eu

  • Karyn Rasor

    Continue to pray. If Muslims do not like it, they can do what the rest of us are told to do if we don’t like nudity or profanity or violence. CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!! I doubt A&E will be losing a large portion of their viewing audience of this show if Muslims are offended.

  • ElDuderino

    A&E is pushing their luck with this… Duck Dynasty is only the #1 rated cable tv show. Surely they wouldn’t want to jeopardize that and I know Phil doesn’t give a hoot whether he has a TV show or not.

  • Mike Donohue

    If the “Bleeping” Muslims are offended by Grandpa Phils saying grace well then tell them to stop watching the “bleeping” show ! ! ! How dare they come to our country and try to force their culture on us ? ? ? Mr Robertson, if you need another soldier in this “spritual warfare” then know I’d be proud to take a stand and fight side by side with you. In the Lord Jesus’s name, Amen !

  • Nina Ammons

    Muslims don’t have to watch it.

  • Tristen Wells

    This country needs you, Stand up for GOD And fight This evil attack, And if your whole family would run for political offices you would have my vote. This I ask In Jesus name Amen.

  • Shannon Kimbrell

    Keep praying! Muslims and their “jihad” warfare offend me!

  • Shannon Kimbrell

    They just need to start their own “family values” network! They definetly have the money. Then that way hardly anyone would be watching A&E and they can stop making money from a show that they deem offensive!

  • Rjewel1

    Wow! If people don’t like the praying, change the channel!! Their rating are high despite the praying and it does not seem to be hurting their popularity! I love the praying. Keep on keeping on!

  • Chele72

    Honestly… as a Pagan.. I think this is just frickin’ ignorant. Who gives anyone the right to tell someone who they can pray to? If you don’t like the fact that they pray to ‘Jesus’ then why are you watching the show??

  • helena

    Keep on praying! You aren’t asking people to convert by showing them that you are a spiritual family.

  • rhs

    It’s the highest rated reality show because of what it is. I don’t think Phil will compromise his beliefs.

  • Rachal

    Well then they should not be watching the show then.

  • Rachal

    Why is it that we are not allowed to pray to Jesus, but yet they are allowed to pray to there god on tv and movies. We need more ppl like Phil Robertson and his family who are not afraid to pray to Jesus and who are not afraid to stand up for our one true Savior.

  • Susan Whitman

    If Muslims are watching and are offended by their praying in the name of Jesus, then the answer is simple…IF YOU ARE OFFENDED, DON’T WATCH IT!!!

  • Scotty

    Yeah, Peter said the same thing (Matthew 26:35).

  • Susan Whitman

    Total agreement! They are on our turf…coming into my yard to try and make it like theirs. Don’t like it here? Go back home.

  • Susan Whitman

    I agree. They had money before A&E and they will have money after A&E leaves if that is what it comes to. If A&E keeps pushing this, they could very well be cutting their noses off to spite their faces.

  • redshirtdecoy

    HAHAHA… they really think this group of guys are going to stop praying because of Muslims. Hell… thats funner than How I met your mother… and thats saying something.

    I am not Christian but I have nothing but respect for this family and sticking to their faith the way they have. These men are role models and should be on every channel.

  • Susan Whitman

    We have to also consider the fact that this could be nothing more than a ploy from A&E to try and get their way. They don’t have a clue.

  • mackelby

    I personally am not a believer, I have no problem with religion. But I have to say I love watching people stand up for good things. And islam is a an evil sick perverted human travesty.

  • pat wood

    keep on praying phil and family. if praying offends them why are they still watching they dont know what a remote isfor? god bless your family. keep on praying.

  • Susan Whitman

    The thing is, if we go to their country and disrespect their laws, we would be imprisoned or even worse killed. Yet they come to our country and make unrealistic demands on making changes to our religion and beliefs. We also have our POTUS to thank for a lot of this new-found mess going on. It is sickening.

  • John Robertson

    If the muzzies dont like our religious beliefs, they can expedite there trip to there promised land ( HELL ). Isn’t Allah another name for SATIN, and Mohamed a bread of swine? May the fleas of a thousand pigs infest there arm pits.

  • Daniel Mason

    Muslims are so offended they don’t know how to change the channel ? They can make a cell phone set off an IED but don’t know how to operate a TV ? Sounds like producer bull crap!!

  • Charles Ferringer

    I guess Muslims who are offended should not watch the show then.kinda simple.

  • Carola

    USA needs christian and family values at home. Why do they have to impose something like not letting them pray!! I guess the Muslims do not use american currency.. it clearly say in God we Trust,, and God is Jesus Father. I guess we cannot call each other brothers and sisters in faith, because, let’s face, we are also Gods children!! So I guess, we cannot show up on TV. We live in a democracy, with freedom of speech. America was constituted by Christians, and made this land for everyone to live in freedom. You decided to live here, you know you are under one flag! You know that if you do not like or want to see them pray… HELLLOOOO!! GO BUY A REMOTE CONTROL AND CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!! You cannot stop something a majority likes for just a few. My question is… do they get offended with other types of programs that are promoting adultery, fornication and other things that do affect negatively our family values??? Guess not!!!

  • Gary

    It’s obvious that “We, the people” DON’T run this country, or we would NOT be in the mess we are in!

  • don moore


  • Johnny Johnson

    Maybe they should be watching BBQ Dynasty, or Pork Rind Dynasty. If you stop the current format of this show you will “OFFEND” a hell of a lot more people than a few MUZZIES. Why are you not concerned about offending millions of Christians instead of a few Muslims…..Oh, that’s right, the Christians wont storm your studios and MURDER every one in the building….That shit is going to CHANGE SOON, JACK

  • David Fiser

    f u c k th e rag head muslims

  • Johnny Johnson

    Send them all back home in Body Bags

  • Discusted

    I’m offended when I hear the ragheads say Allah, so make them stop!!!!!!

  • ARC

    I’m offended by all sorts of things on many different channels! But I have this thing called a remote with these buttons, one allows me to change to a new channel and another says “Power” and turns the thing off. Maybe Muslims and other easily offended people should get one.

  • David Fiser

    muslims dont watch tv they are busy having sex with young children

  • David Fiser

    muslims watch the gay porn movies the ones with young boys,everyone knows that

  • Becky Collum

    KEEP ON PRAYING , YOU DON’T HAVE TO FACE ANYONE ONE BUT GOD ON JUDGEMENT DAY !! If others don’t like it they can always ” TURN THE CHANNEL ” !!!!

  • Whitney

    If the Muslims don’t like that they pray in Jesus’s name, then they need to stop watching the show!!! We don’t have a say in their building of mosques in the US, so they need to shut up about our God (NOT Allah) fearing based television shows! We love Jesus, we were born and raised here believing in God’s word. If they don’t like it, tough!! We’re made to deal with their culture, so they can deal with ours if they’re gonna live here!

  • Whitney

    @Ken Winters – Don’t worry, they will cancel their own show before they stop praying in Jesus’s name. You don’t have to worry about that.

  • Margaret Anderson

    In the FIRST place, NOBODY invited ‘them’ here! In the SECOND place, if we went to their country of origin, and started making demands, we would most likely be killed, for speaking out against THEIR religion! Who the hell do they think they are, not even naturalized citizens, to DICTATE to the American people, what we can, and can’t show on tv? I see nudity, I change the channel! I see a lot of cussing,( no bleeps ) I change the channel! We have Spanish channels, I don’t watch, also one Vietnamese/ Korean channel, I don’t watch- what is the BIG deal? The point is not even about changing the channel, anymore! It’s about CONTROL! I know we are supposed to be the ‘melting pot’ of different cultures, but for GODS sake people, wake up and smell the coffee! They didn’t come here to embrace our way of life, and our freedoms! They came here to control and conquer the American ways! Demand that A+E keep these fine people’s show, and without altering a single word! Most folks only tune into this POS channel, to watch the Robertsons healthy, faithful, and wise family values! Something a lot of people seem to be lacking!

  • Beached Texan

    I do not watch game of thrones because I am not a big fan of male genitalia, I do not watch the Kardashians because I am not a big fan of trash with money, as well as many other reason I choose which shows I watch and which ones I pass by. If a muslim does not like a show where they pray to Jesus, then do like the rest of us do and simply change the channel I am sure there are plenty of shows about treating women like they are a subspecies

  • Peace Gal

    LOL you really believe it’s because of the Muslims??? Do you realize who owns A&E, as well as about 90% of all media, and basically all of our elected officials??? It ain’t the Muslims……

  • Wanda Harrah

    uummmm lets see… Muslims do know how to use the remote control and change the channel dont they
    If they dont like IN GOD WE TRUST…. or IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN…. plug your fucking ears

  • yeti7557

    Maybe they should have a wild pig hunt…

  • sleeper48

    Phil and Family aren’t Muslim, so they can pray however they want. This is STILL AMERICA.

  • Melody Mills-Dolan

    We in the United States that were born, as our Fathers and Grandfathers before us were Americans, not African-Americans, not Jewish-Americans, not Mexican-Americans, not European-Americans and not Middle Eastern-Americans… AMERICANS living in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! We are all Americans we owe our allegence to this country no matter whether you are born here or a naturalized citizen. This means we live by the words and declaration of our forefathers who created this Republic. It is your responsibility to live with these declarations as a citizen of the United States of America.

    Whether you like it or not this is a free society. We are free to choose the God of our liking AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT INFRINGE ON ANOTHER’S RIGHTS!!! As soon as you inflict your beliefs on me you are violating MY rights as a citizen of America. Live and let live has been the rule in our society for as long as I can remember. But once you’ve made us angry or hurt us we become something very dangerous. We will fight to protect our country right down to the last drop of American blood.


    What are Muslims watching that show for to care in the first place? Not exactly their cup of tea…they can switch to child brides or road warriors!?

  • Margaret Anderson

    Point being, why should they, or anyone else have to submit to ‘them!’ I’m not worried, because my God, is a Mighty God, and I am secure in my faith as a Christian. Others need to see that this family is wholesome, devoted, and a role model for many! When was the last time you prayed over meals? When was the last time you gave the Glory to God, for your successes? When was the last time you showed your children the WAY? Do you take them to church, or bring them? There’s a whole lot of questions unanswered out there, but ‘should we be afraid of Muslims’ isn’t an option! We embrace many cultures here in the United States of America, which is a healthy, and respectful way to live. By not imposing on each other, is what has made this country strong! Now, it’s divide and conquer/ hate and offend! Just what is the purpose, other than to ruin all that we have worked for, or believe in? I remember when Nikkita Kruschev said, ‘ We shall never have to attack the US, it will destroy itself from within!’ Please don’t let this evil prophesy be fulfilled! If you profess to love your freedom, if you truly love your country and your childrens Heritage, do something about it, NOW! Make a stand against these usurpers of life! For that is what they really are about- death- to the ‘infidels’ that don’t or won’t convert to Islam! In Jesus’ Holy name, I beg of you!

  • ladydy679

    I love the show and the family and Christian values. If someone is offended then don’t watch it! Its that simple turn the channel or turn it off.

  • Cezar

    If this is true they should sue A&E for discrimination. And, for bleeping them and making it look like they were cursing.
    This could also be made up to get even more viewers.
    Why would Muslims even be watching this show?

  • Chef M

    Right exactly Susan I so agree with you !!!Muslims came here to be free now they are free and they dont like Duck Dynasty who do they think they are anyway ??? I think they should go back home where the bombing is…

  • Chef M

    Right on Margaret !!!

  • Donna

    If Muslims are offended..CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!…It’s refreshing to see people pray on TV and love Jesus.

  • Chef M

    Send them back home and they would be in body bags when they get there !!

  • Chef M

    You got that right John !!!!

  • Chef M

    I wished they would have their own network Im appauled at A&E for even suggesting such a thing seems the Robertsons need to get off of A&E I seem to watch only Duck Dynasty off of it anyway !!!! Im a Redneck and proud of my beliefs !!! if the muslims dont like it they can either walk down a Rednecks road and tell the Rednecks how we offend them see how fast they will run !!!

  • Kelly N Rocky Johnson

    Anyone Who Is Offended By Them PRAYING TO JESUS Should Simply Not Watch The Show. Its Supposed To Be A Show About Their REALITY and In REALITY, they Pray To JESUS! We Have Many Different Religions Here, And Just As The Muslims Are Allowed To Freely Pray To Their God, Then These People Also Have The RIGHT to Pray To Their JESUS…. If You Are Offended, CHANGE THE STATION.

  • pappy86us

    First of all why are Muslims watching Duck Dynasty in the first place? In Islam it is Harum to have anything to do with the “Unbeliever” one who does not believe in Allah… So, why would it offend Muslims when they shouldn’t be watching it in the first place?! Beside who gives a rats ass what offends Muslims… this is American we should not have to assimilate to them, they should be assimilating in America!

  • Cynthia Potter Nichols

    There are shows such as Big Bang Theory that I find extremely offensive. I simply change the channel. The muslims can certainly do the same if they are offended by Duck Dynasty. And besides- they are in OUR country- why should we cater to their picky little sensitivities?

  • Miles to Code

    How many Muslims actually watch Duck Dynasty? And haven’t they ever heard of a television remote? It’s a magical device that CHANGES THE CHANNEL!

  • Thomas Wright

    I think that we should all quit watching A&E except for Duck Dynasty And put them out of business. They won’t be able to make it on just one show and the DD guys can always find another network if they show amazing popularity.

  • Andrew Harmsen

    Keep the faith,,you guys will overcome.Merry Christmas!!

  • Cleta Smith

    It just goes down to if you don’t like the show don’t watch it. I love those guys and I think we need more shows that encourages family values and morals. Personally I can see everyone’s view. I mean I’m not watching two good shows because of the network it is on. So why watch something or a station you don’t like, these people need to get over that fact that the Robertson crew prays before their meal while enjoying the company of family and friends. If Muslims are offended then they don’t need to watch. I’m getting tired and offended by them constantly saying Praise Allah. What is worse is it is okay for them and if Americans are offended by it then we are racists but if they are offended by it we now as a nation have to become politically correct just to suffice a bunch of people. I’m sorry to say but I think the Founding Father’s of our Country are rolling over in their graves as we speak because of what we have become and have let the current ignorant President turn us into.

  • hmbval

    Muslims are the most anti women group in the world. Who cares what they think. This is one nation under God. These politically correct morons who run this network need to get a life.

  • Mike Edwards

    we need to stop being afraid of being attacked if we offend someone. maybe we should force everyone to be muslim for our own safety.

  • Gary Arciszewski

    You, Sir speak the truth.

  • Noboodi Busini

    No, for muslims it is let us build a mosque here and now accept our rules that no other religious building can be built anywhere near to our mosque as we do not want to hear any church bells or other religious sounds but our own. Stop eating pork in schools, stop listening to music in schools and in cabs, even though we listen to music extra loud in our own weddings and only female doctors should see our women, even though in emergencies it is alright, but make more female doctors available for our women anyways. We also want halal sold in every single grocery store for our convenience even though we also have our own islamic stores, just like there is stores for every other nationality too, but our kids do like pizza so pizzarias all should be halal now too, even big chains like kfc offers halal as muslims are now the in thing. Keep bending to the muslim wishes and give them an inch and then a mile. Muslims are offended in how we dress, eat, talk, chew gum, women smoke, swim, drive cars, go out alone, are employed, are educated it all offends muslims. They likely like the show, but are not supposed to associate with Christians and lord forbid if thier kids pick up on how Christians pray if they wish to watch the show, so they want the praying removed. Little house on the prairie was a good show and they then had to make a show called little mosque on the prairie. Don’t you get it muslims can offend, can say, and can do as they please and we are not permitted to complain and must accept every action they do or we are racist, but never are they racist or offensive. Yet, they can burn flags, protest, kick and scream as much as they want to and they are only apparently fighting for thier rights, but nobody else is allowed.

  • Terry Lundy

    i offend muslims more then the average american for i know the religon and culture of these people and use it against them

  • Jessica Quick

    if they don’t like it they don’t have to watch unless they are to stupid to change the channel .Everyone I know loves this show because they are people with good old downhome christian values.We love you Guys, Phil,
    Thank you for standing for something good .

  • Susie Barton

    AE has one of the top grossing hits on their channel. I’m sure if you don’t want Duck Dynasty on your channel drop them, I’m sure there will be a line of cable networks standing in a line to pick it up.

  • Tara Morgan

    From when god created the earth guns and weapons, killing our food and praying is the way it was and the way it is. This is america, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, muslims get over it, you do the same then and now. No one is different. They aren’t hurting anyone its a show about there lives.

  • Tara Morgan

    From my husband to Muslims what about the sttacks on USA back off

  • liberaltool

    Muslims…may the piss of Allah come upon them like the rain.

  • Teddy Chaney

    If we were in a Muslim populated country we would have to adhere to abiding by their religious beliefs. The United States of America was founded on Christian values. Hence if it offends someone from an Islamic culture who has come here for the benefits of a free society then if is is so upsetting to the Islamic people they are free to back to where they came from. Getting sick and tired of the spineless liberal rhetoric.

  • Patrick Mumford

    For how much longer with the current regime in charge?

  • della


  • della

    the muslims don’t have to watch the program; this is a free country!

  • doglover

    It is really possible to tell when the family is praying, so if you don’t like it, turn the sound off or the TV off, whichever you prefer. Or there is always the popular changing the channel for a few minutes. You are here in oiur country, Adapt.

  • DNavyBrat

    Well Muslims offend me, by being offended!

  • MomFromMadison

    If the Muslims are soooo offended, they don’t have to watch!

  • Laurie Murdock

    I do not for the life of me understand how anyone could be offended by someone else’s expression of their beliefs. If I were watching a show that featured Islam, and a minute or so was spent in which its followers expressed their point of view, I would either find it interesting and continue to watch, or not find it interesting and stop watching. Do people really not understand that different people have differing belief systems and may sometimes *gasp* pray or otherwise honor their deity? I love Duck Dynasty; even though I’m not a devout anything (sorry religionists), it never occurred to me to care about their expression of faith. I find it rather charming, and I think I would no matter what religion was being followed. There are many cultures and religions in this great land of ours. Get over yourself if you think you’re the only ones whose beliefs may be put on public display.

  • Cristie Landis
  • mamabear1966

    Muslimes can go eat bacon! They have no value in our country and need to get the hell out!

  • Brenda

    If I am offended by something on TV I change the channel. This is a cop out by A&E. I do not think anyone that is offended by the show watches the show so what is the problem.

  • Chris Romero

    If you don’t like what they do on the show by praying. Don’t watch it use common its that easy. In America we have the right to choose what we watch and what we don’t.

  • Reverend M

    This is SUCH bull-BLEEP! A&E is just doing this for the controversy is creates and the press it garners. You know what they say, “even bad press is good.” This is what gets published by the main stream media. For the most part, MOST Muslims don’t feel this way. It is the radical sects that are reported on. The press does not report on every day Christian events and worship service, but they DO report on radical Christians, ie; Westboro Baptist Church. Most true, loving Christians do not feel the way Westboro-ians do. It’s the same with Judaism & Islamic faiths. This isn’t the first time the press has been used by gov’t factions to stir up controversy and hate.

  • whatashameforall

    Dont ever change in what you think or say,and as it is said things will change and for the betterment of ourselves and our nation. I will not give up being a Christian and doing what is right. And as I have said many times before if you dont like me then stay away,but remember I will still pray for you. And it goes without saying,you may hate me but I will love you in the name of Jesus and there’s nothing you can do about it !!

  • v markwell

    shame on them carry on praying i thought the muslims was not supposed to watch westernized tv

  • Its Me Again

    I would have to say that if anyone is offended who is not of our nationality because someone prays in the name of Jesus, GO HOME TO YOUR OWN NATION :)

  • aznative

    He just added more Muslims to
    His cabinet. Isn’t this treason?

  • Cindy M.


  • Charlotte Westerheid

    Im muslim and so are my children we watch the show religiously and love it people just need to get over themselves.

  • Mary Ann Kintner

    My family and I watch the show because of the family values and pro-God stance. As far as I know, we still have freedom of religion and speech in this country. If the Muslims don’t like the show, then they don’t have to watch it! I don’t want to see any fake bleeps for swearing on this show either! Stop trying to change this wonderful God loving family! My God wrap his arms around Phil and his family and protect them all from outside forces trying to destroy them! Amen!

  • Jenny Stacey

    What muslims watch Duck Dynasty? I believe the producers are smart enough to know that there are far more Christian viewers that stand behind the show, the family and their values then the few muslims that complain…the bible speaks of a time when we would not be able to speak the Lords name…this time is here…what will YOU do…..

  • LeeLee

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why we as Americans put up with this kind of harassment! The United States was built on Christianity-different varieties but still Christianity. We are God loving people. When you look at all the Muslim countries-all you see is hatred disguised as a religion. Its time to put an end to the l crap and tell the Muslims to go where they are welcome–anyone know of a place?

  • Liane Canova


  • Kim

    Why should the Robertson family have to change who they are & their beliefs because it may offend other people… If A&E wanted a show created around this family,,, then they need to accept who this family is… We the american people are tired of the fake TV families & low morals… I love watching a real family act like a real family… so refreshing… and the reason I just started watching this show is because of their belief in the Lord Jesus Christ…. I want to see this on TV!!!

  • Ed Hatton

    Keep praying….I’m sure another channel will pick you up if A&E is dumb enough to drop you!!

  • rocket

    If the Muslims don’t like it, then don’t watch. This irks me. I also do not like looking at their buts while they pray to there god, but I am not calling A&E telling them not to show that on TV.

  • Robyn BonEnfant Glover

    as far as I’m concerned, as a Christian it offends me that muslims (or any other religion) DON’T want to hear Jesus’ name and prayer! if a person’s religious beliefs leave them ‘offended’, don’t flippin watch it! duuuh :( this country was built on ‘God’. don’t like it, i’ll show you the door….

  • Eatz

    It isn’t Muslims complaining, it is government blaming them for everything so you hate them, don’t be fooled. Why would a Muslim watch it to complain. DON’T LET GOVERNMENT FOOL YOU. Muslims are innocent and being blamed so we are angry at them. It is our government lying to us. Keep up the great show guys and don’t let them lie to you.

  • Robyn BonEnfant Glover

    AAAAMEN!!! :)

  • Alice Smith

    This country was founded on freedom of religion. We had prayer in school when i was a kid until Madeline O’Hara (i think that was her name) started a lawsuit that went all the way to the Supreme Court to stop it. I agree with Phil, if you don’t want to see Christian values and praying, turn the tv off. Christians have to stand up for the faith and beliefs. I have never berated anyone for their religious beliefs. My response to them when they are trying to sway me to their belief is that they can believe what they want to and I will believe what I want to.

  • sammyr

    This sounds like a ‘fake’ story – Muslims don’t complain about such things in general – however others who are not Muslim often make such mistaken assumptions about them.
    Most religions like to see some form of prayer or giving thanks, compared to non at all.
    Now Athiests, they may of course be offended by anything from any religion, but you won’t hear them complain much either!
    Thus it’s a fake story, either directly or indirectly.
    Be angry at the non-Muslim idiots who are actually making it an issue, when it really isn’t.

  • Alice Smith

    I agree with you.. if A & E disagrees with the Robertsons and their Christian lifestyle.praying, i am sure another network would love to have a money producing show

  • Pamela Baker


  • Daniel

    Keep on doing what you all are doing. Muslims don’t watch the show if you do not like it. Heck i turn the TV off when the butt head in the white house comes on.

  • losar1

    Few issues with this entire article…1. Why not give the names of the people telling you to stop praying? 2 if this was about Muslims what does swearing have to do with it? And 3. 3. I would like to hear A&E on this

  • DancingFlower

    With what is in the whitehouse, it won’t be long….muslims need to take a hike.

  • DancingFlower

    Sad to say the POTUS HAS invited them here and given them rights. Look at Tennessee now making it illegal to say anything bad about those scum suckers on facebook and sites like that!!!

  • April Stiers

    I’m Pagan and I watch this show. I love them and I think it’s great that they are a spiritual family and are not willing to compromise on their beliefs for the producers or anyone else. People of faith should be allowed to pray or whatever they do. Me, I don’t “pray” per se, not in the same way Christians do, but I communicate with my Deities in my way. I’ve had numerous times when I’ve shied away from doing so when I’ve needed it or felt a pull to do so, because of being uncertain if I would be ostracized because of it, but no more! I am Pagan and I’m proud to have found a beautiful spiritual path that feels right to me. Those who are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, whatever, should say the same. Be proud of your beliefs, always! But do not stand in the way of another person’s right to believe as they believe. That includes you Muslims toward Christians. You have every right to believe in Allah. But Christians have just as much right to believe in Jesus.

    Now, if a Pagan can say this about Christians, then anyone can! Never again the burning times: FOR ANY RELIGION!!

  • sharilicious

    Agreed Kenn. There are other channels for them to watch

  • Paul Dineno

    Maybe A&E should refer to aetheist and egomaniacs rathen Arts & Entertainment. Pray on family Robertson. You are a refreshing change from the usual crap on the TV!

  • Paul Dineno

    What ever happened to “One nation under God?” Is that not the thread under which the US was born?

  • Jim

    They need to fire the A&E network and go to a Christian network… It will draw more people to Christ, which is the point…

  • Donna Dopson


  • Jazzy Ann Smith


  • DanandHolly Dehner

    Exactly how many Muslims are watching a show that features unapologetic Christians? :P If they don’t want to hear prayers end with “in the name of Jesus” or “in Jesus’ name” then don’t watch the show! And if A&E doesn’t want them to pray then I’m sure other networks would love to have this family on! ;)

  • arealpatriot

    The muslims can go to hell! My bad-they already are!

  • George P. Greer


  • Sharlene Frazier

    I say we need to earnestly pray for whoever objects to Christian programs. God loves their souls as much as He loves us. To “send them back where they came from” will not change their hearts. Prayer will.

  • TheRuleOfLaw

    Muslim scum aren’t supposed to watch tv anyways…

  • Lars Skiipole

    Tell the mooooslimes to go watch al jeezera if they dont like it.

  • bluefighter

    They eat some bacon for breakfast. If Muslims are offended by this then we aught to tell them let us worship our Deity whatever we wish and leave them alone to worship their Allah which is guaranteed by first amendment..

  • justmesally

    I completely agree with you. What amazes me is that the possibly offended muslims don’t know how to change the channel.

  • Brian Lownsbury

    here i s and idea tell the Muslims not to watch if they are a fended. i love the show for those very values. keep it up commander.

  • lj

    If Muslims are offended they just need to turn the channel. It’s unbelievable that the producers would use this as an excuse. This shows the Administrations policy’s leaking through not only news but programming. Propagandizing America is in full force. Common Core is indoctrinating the children and TV and Cable are indoctrinating the Adults

  • katzen

    If anyone, Muslim or not is offended, they can feel free to change the channel!! IMHO

  • Mary Crohan

    If they stop because of Muslims, I’M OFFENDED AND SO ARE MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS!!

  • David Guth

    hell yeah………

  • Patricia Cherepes

    Muslims In Jesus name turn your TV off! Oh I pray almighty God and Father that Family values will continue to return to television …GOD BLESS AMERICA and please have mercy on us… In Jesus name …Amen

  • p-ray2000

    just want to say I am not affined in anyway what so ever, as a Muslim, as an American, and as a Veteran. I am more offended by the fact someone is saying that prayer is wrong, and putting in false bleeps where none are needed

  • Bob

    So it is not right to offend muslims but it is okay to offend Phil and his family. What is this country coming to. If we don’t soon get a complete new crowd in Washington I don’t know what will happen to us. Their show is the only show that the entire family can sit together and enjoy.

  • Chris Martin

    im an atheist, but i will say that if the sand niggers dont like it, they have their own countries where they can go to. because true Americans dont give a rats ass whether or not Muslims are offended by anything we do.

  • Kele Johnson

    This show has such a high viewership that I feel certain if A & E continues to be offended by the family’s prayers, there’s most likely another network that would be happy to give them a prime time slot.

  • keith

    tv producers and politicians seem to have one thing in common, thats throwing away who American values and ignoring religiose beliefs all to please the world and those who hate the truth, Jesus we love you…..

  • Rex Geer


  • sylliebearr

    Pretty sure this is just racism fuel. Dont let the Media control your minds.

  • Josh Boguslofski

    Being a strong Christian and fan of this show, this makes me very upset. For those offended, it is called changing the channel.

  • Josh Boguslofski

    And that’s from an airborne infantryman who was wounded in Afghanistan and still has the God-given ability to serve as the same still.

  • Kay Kardian-Porter

    I am so proud to see this man stand up for his beliefs. God Bless him. He is definitely letting them know “you cannot stop me from what I believe in” I cannot understand why other religions or non has to force the American people who have been doing this for many many years and now we are offending them, so we have to stop, do we mess with their beliefs. If you come to this country to live then you will have to understand the American People and what they believe in, not what you want stopped. Good job Phil

  • Deb

    The only reason I watch A&E is because “Duck Dynasty” is on and I like the fact that they Pray in Jesus name..
    If muslims are offended because of Jesus name there is this thing called a ” REMOTE CONTROL”, Change the channel, it’s that simple!! If they still have a problem just cause they Heard JESUS name then go back to where you came from, its a very simple solution!!! I Pray that ALL Christians who believe in Jesus speak up and DEFEND JESUS….In Jesus name I Pray…AMEN!! Don’t tell yourself someone else will do it so you don’t need to cause there are a whole lot of other Christians thinking the same way…. We have to Speak up for our generation, for our children and their children…. I AM NOT ASHAMED of my Lord and Savior “Jesus”

  • Gary H Losey


  • christophercilley

    The brother commented in the video that he didn’t have a scripture for using Jesus’ name, Jesus Christ gave us the instruction Himself! “Whatsoever you, do so in My name.” I take it literally! Work on the truck, I do it in Jesus’ name. Plant the garden, I do it in Jesus’ name.

  • r.j.

    To the duck dynasty family and crew ” stick to your beliefs ” I am with you I pray to the god lord every chance I can! And I keep my ammo and weapons in class 1 serviceable condition .I will stand with you and the a and e network and the Muslims can go to hell!!!!!

  • The Truth

    I watch the show. I’m a Christian. That being said, this article is total bull. A friend posted a link to this on Facebook. I just thought I’d tell y’all that when they were saying this stuff last time about A&E telling them to stop praying, Jase said it wasn’t true. Ask yourself this… Why would A&E ask the people in the most highly rated show on TV… Their biggest money maker of all time… To do anything different than exactly what they are doing now? Doesn’t make good business sense. Doesn’t make any sense. This article is hogwash. Think for yourselves, and quit letting these fake news organizations make you think everything you love is under attack. It’s not. It’s going to be ok.

  • maggie

    u know what muslim people of the USA, turn the darn channel if it offends you that bad!!!!

  • maggie

    sir, thank you for serving our country, I hate u got wounded, glad you are at home with your family, God bless you and your family, and have a Merry Christmas!

  • Matthew Martin

    Christians instill good values in their children . not KILL THE INFADELS

  • Jc

    He A&E we pray in Jesus name that you all find God and leave the Robertson alone cause if you change or Robertsons stop making the show. You will have to file bankruptcy and sell your network cause all of true Christians will boycott A&E! And we are bigger in numbers that what you think

  • Matthew Martin

    this Christian owns his own ak-47s . come on mufti??? were waitin.

  • Sammi De La Cruz

    If the muslims do not like it why are they watching it? Muslims are just trying to have things their way that is why they are taking so many people to the courts trying to get the courts to give them their way. I just hope the courts tell them to go back where they came from and stop expecting other people to bow to their will. Everybody who loves and watches Duck Dynasty should write to A&E and tell them to stop with the crap. Duck Dynasty is one of the few shows I can watch with my Grand Kids and Great Grand Son

  • Robert Zimmerman

    It’s not really a matter of offending Muslims. I know a few and all of them don’t really care. Why? Because in Islam, Jesus is a prophet and religiously speaking – indeed, theologically speaking – they have no problem with is. It is a false pretense that we ASSUME we are offending when in fact, most of the time we are not. They do their thing, we do ours. Those that ARE genuinely offended are the one we need to show the most love for and pray for, not all of this hate and bigotry. I praise the Robertsons for sticking to what they believe in. They are not going out of their way to single out minority groups, there is no direct hate speech, nothing. Muslims, by and large, appreciate and respect anyone of any religion that takes their religion seriously and truly means it and stands by it, not be all wishy washy.

    Today my son asked me why Muslim women wore a burka. I tried to explain it to him but then suggested that he ask my Muslim friend, Abdulah. My son was scared to and when I asked him why he said “because I don’t want to offend him.” I laughed and told him that that exactly is what’s wrong with this world…too much ignorance and not enough information, knowledge, wisdom. Ask the questions, don’t be afraid. And I will continue to ask God for guidance and peace through this troublesome time in our world right now. It is not our job as humans to judge, but to love. Judge not lest ye be judged has less to do with the worry of God’s judgement on you, but what others in this world might think of you. God Bless.

  • whitcheywoman13 .

    Or WHY muslims would even want to watch…smh

  • H Baltazar

    l dont follow your show, but all the power to you. Lord said be ashamed of me, l will be ashamed of you. We need more Christians to stand up to those who try to control the world thru their corrupt beleifs (A&E) and hold their ground. l am glad your show is so strong in ratings that they have to submit to your terms. l know there is lawyers and contracts, but how hard is it to change networks and tell A&E to kiss off???

  • Darlene Hughes Mcmillan
  • survivalistinme

    They’re strong enough Christians to know what they should do. If Phil and family fear the Lord,they’ll do what is right. If they don’t they’ll pay for it…..they know this.

  • Alllah

    Fuck Muslims!!

  • Thill

    If you have to stop praying to be politically correct then it’s time to stop being politically correct. I never did like that whole concept anyway this is America if I offend you than you have the right to walk away.

  • Sandy McClendon

    As far as I’m concerned I don’t give a tinker’s damn what the Muslims like or don’t like since they’ve never asked me whether I like them killing Christians. Secondly, I doubt that Duck Dynasty would collapse if no Muslims watched the shows, which I would bet they don’t. They just look and dig for something to complain about so they can get their way. Just another way of their taking over MY country. And, I will also bet money that if Duck Dynasty went away tomorrow the ratings on any replacement program would probably stay in the sewer. Duck Dynasty does not need A & E; A & E needs DD. Those guys can buy their own TV station; I’m sure it wouldn’t take them longer than a week to get a new show going.
    Just hang in there DD – you’re fans will always be behind you!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Miller

    Freedom of Religion.

  • Marsha Hicks Molden

    Very well put and to the point . Enough said right here in these few sentences.

  • Marsha Hicks Molden

    If the Muslims don’t like the Robertsons praying to God, then they can feel free to go back to wherever they came from so they won’t risk being offended. Tired of hearing how everyone in America is being told how to live so we don’t offend others that don’t agree with our values. If you don’t like our values, please remember, this is still a free country and the open door policy works both ways, feel free to leave.

  • Marjorie Janis

    i didn’t know tennessee made it illegal to say any thing bad against the scum suckers on fb or any place else! wow i will say where are all the good old boys /red necks in tennessee gone too ?any way is that infringing on freedom of speech.ha ! i’m amazed i had not heard that,nothing new i could be amazed every hr. on the crap this adminidtration has shoved down peoples throats & are still around to laugh at not just tennessee for it,but the whole country.laughing stocks.

  • Marjorie Janis

    sure hope you are right.i don’t have words i could use to say how bad this burns me straight to the bone!

  • Marjorie Janis

    like merle haggard said ! if you don’t love it ,leave it.because when your running down my country ,your walking on the fighting side of me.

  • Marjorie Janis

    they can take (IT) & family with them as a keep sake /or a token of thanks from America .

  • Charli

    Maybe they need to watch who they offend. I’m offended everytime I read how they treat women. I’m offended every time we are asked to stop praying. We are not forcing this on u. Don’t watch it. We’re not asking u to believe just let us believe. They are free to pray to that music or whatever it is they do in a group everyday. This offends me. It would offend me more if I was employer. Don’t judge me and I want judge u. Evidently u came here for a better life don’t try to change our way of life. We’re tired of being pushed around. Go Home if it’s so bad here. Rant over!

  • Charli

    Josh, thank u for your service. It’s much appreciated.

  • Linda Cain

    The TV has a channel changer. You don’t like it, change the channel. Otherwise keep your nose ou t of what other people watch.I’m sick of kowtowing to these people. Even Jesus laid into the money changers outside the temple. No more turning the other cheek…the time has come to stand and fight.

  • louise graig

    you guys just keep on praying. what the heck if you do offend the muslims. I will still watch your show…..

  • aznative

    Im so proud of the duck dynasty family. They are what makes this nation great. God bless them

  • Jason Pearson

    If they dont like it., then they can watch something else.
    We are told to obey the laws of the land only if they dont over rule the rules of God.
    I would gladly face 1000deaths for defiance of that order.
    I am a Christian and i will stand true and strong in face of any muslim cult and declare the love and peace of Jesus………., if however they want to make bones over it…., ive over 15years martial arts training and i will use it

  • Jason Pearson

    I am offended that the government and courts are taking this kind of stance.
    What happened to the right of Religious Freedom,or does this only apply to minorities or mulsim extreamists and cults????

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Well, I say if A&E doesn’t cooperate then they should take their show elsewhere. I’m sure the network big wigs wouldn’t want to see one of their top shows goto another channel.

  • Kelly Herms

    The truth is very offensive to the liar. Keep speaking the truth Mr. Robertson the unholy are listening and qacking in their boots.

  • Tim Fuller

    The Muslims don’t like it . It’s a free country. The Muslims have the freedom to turn the channel. I believe in Jesus Christ and I WILL NOT STOP PRAYING AND NO ONE IS GOING TO DETER ME FROM DOING SO.

  • Troubleshooter

    My Love and Support to The Duck Dynasty Crew and The Robertson Families and Employees. I appreciate your values, and I thank you for the credit that you give our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. You know that if you are Offending Muslims, You are doing something right. Stand Your Ground.

  • A christian

    So my faith doesn’t matter to muslims? I choose not to hear muslims pray or worship. They should choose not to hear christians pray. It’s a choice and should have nothing to do with being offended. All religions practice kindness towards others. Forcing me to stop watching a show that I and millions of others happen to like is not practicing your religion by being kind to others. It’s a matter of respect not a matter of who offends who.

  • mark

    To say this offends Muslims is total BS. I would imagine the only Muslims that may actually watch DD would a few jealous of the beards.

    I think those offended are Muslims in the entertainment industry. CHANGE the channel. I don’t care to watch the Kardashians therefore I skip the channel. SIMPLE

  • Marilyn

    If it offends you, don’t watch it!

  • In God We Trust!

    Please don’t just complain here. Write the A&E network and voice your opinion. On their website you can “submit feedback”. They only allow 500 words at a time but you can send additional comments in additional messages. This is what I sent:

    Numerous times I have read that A&E has attempted to stop the Robertson’s (Duck Dynasty) from praying and using Jesus name in their show because it offends muslims.

    Please know that my family and everyone I know is offended that this network would consider such policy. This country was founded on the principles of Christianity. The Constitution guarantees the right of freedom of religion as well as the freedom of speech.

    The muslim community is minute compared to the Christian community and is not native to this country nor had any input in it’s pursuit of liberty or it’s foundation.

    Understand that if these policies are true and this show is forced to follow them or cancelled due to them, every red blooded Christian I know will be offended to the point of never watching your channel again.

    Until I see proof that this channel supports the Christian values so needed in this country and depicted on this show, “Duck Dynasty” is the only A&E show my family will watch.

    I will make every effort to have others do the same.

  • farmercarl

    As a Christian I’m offended that A&E has taken this stance against Duck Dynasty. If being offended is what it takes to be heard, then I’m mighty offended. Do you hear me now?

  • ksh21e

    Whatever happened to “if you don’t like it, don’t watch”? Seriously. Is someone holding a gun to their heads to make them watch? I just don’t get it.

  • justin sledd

    Keep it up it is what OUR COUNTRY AND OUR CONSTITUTION WERE FOUNDED UPON. If they are offended the change the channel.



  • Redneck Packrat

    @justmesally, it’s because they’re busy wiping with one bare hand and fondling their goat with the other!

  • Ollie

    A&E once their contracts runs up, you will lose the best thing you have going for you! If DD starts their own station, or whatever, we will follow them, and despise you already for your arrogance against and hatred towards Christianity!! In Jesus name, you will end up on the losing end! So help me God.

  • scott

    If you are offended by something on the show, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! I’m so tired of people complaining about what is on TV! I love the fact that they are have strong family values and are express their religious values. This is good, wholesome tv.

  • marty

    omg…if u don’t like it don’t friggin watch the show, just like I don’t watch any of the muslim crap on my tv…… duck dynasty…

  • Mr.K

    fuck the muzzies

  • beau

    NEWSFLASH!!! muslims don’t watch the show anyway, THEY DONT CONDONE THE EATING OF PORK!!!!! This is just another way for media to bring an end to Christianity,,,,, hey phil, THE MILLIONS you bring to A&E, im sure any other network out there could use to the money,,,,, MOVE ON!!!!!

  • Rebecca

    If the Muslims are offended by the Christian values set forth on this show, why can’t they watch something else? When I am offended by the language and filth on another show, I turn it off. This IS America; our country was founded on Christian values. And even though some people are trying to take away our Christian values, it does NOT mean we are going to give them up. Get a grip…this argument is ridiculous. And if A & E wants to give up the only highly successful show the network has ever had, I am sure that there are other networks, which will gladly give the “Duck Dynasty” to the Christians of this United States of America!!!

  • Trish

    A tip for the offended Muslims, DON’T WATCH!

  • Stephanie Ross

    my boyfriend claims to be a atheist but says this show makes him want to be a better person….You Go Robertson Clan and stand up for what you believe!!!!!!!!!!

  • DS11T

    Watched a marathon of DDa few weeks ago, maybe it’s me but I listened to hear if they said, “in Jesus name, ” at the end of the player and I don’t remember them saying it once! I could be wrong, and I LOVE the show, but I was listening to see if they did !

  • James Lovingood Sr.

    I have sit here and read a lot of comments and they seem to all be in favor of keeping Duck Dynasty as it is. I also agree, but we need to stop making all these comments and get off our asses and do something about it. This country is going down the drain and we sit back and talk about it but what do we do? Nothing! Its time to take this country back and give it back to God in which this country was founded. What happened to “IN GOD WE TRUST”?

  • kay smith

    it is so nice to see that one is standing up for their belief in God, stand strong and they will be blessed for it.

  • Joe Mumford

    Well then, Maybe they should start the show with a opening prayer and keep the closing prayer,,, That is what I would do if it was me,,,

  • aJane

    Wow, I can’t believe people who say they love Duck Dynasty for it’s wholesome family values and Christian love would spout such hate for God’s children. You do realize they worship the same God, don’t you? And that no man or religion is immune to extremism? Not Islam, not Christianity. Don’t judge the heinous acts of the few for the many. I believe Islam is the second largest religion in the world, about 1.5 billion. Are you really judging 1.5 million people based on the actions of terrorists, who do not follow their own religious laws? Save judgment and justice for God. Jesus preached “Love thy neighbor” and guess what? Muslims, Athiests, Hindus, they’re all your neighbors. Open your minds and hearts.

  • aJane

    And for the record, I do not agree with A&E’s request at all. This is a country of religious freedom and no religion should have preference or power of censorship over the other. A&E and others probably call it tolerance but it simply isn’t. Tolerance is changing the channel, not quashing someone’s right to religious freedom and expression.

  • S. Vinson

    The good old boys are here making plans and digging in

  • Heidi

    It’s one of the best parts of the show. It shows that regardless of what happens during the show, they are a family and thankful for what they have. To cut it out would be like taking the castle out of Disney. It work, it’s wholesome, so leave it be.

  • mo

    I am confused. . . .is someone requiring Muslims to watch Duck Dynasty??? In the non-whiner world, we usually change the channel if we are offended by something.

  • Linda Lee Wentworth

    As a Christian I stand united with you for the one true God. Keep on pressing forward. You know the path to follow :) Love the show and the values including the prayer!

  • Carol Sue Bushell-Bousman

    Show the same amount of courage and perseverance in the face of criticism oh A & E that the Robertson family does. And if others are offended by those of us that pray in Jesus’ name then we are doing our job. We Christians will not cower or back down in adversity, but stand tall and on the truths of God’s word.

  • Robbie Thomas

    They are happy to pray over all the innocent animals they have murdered. Never watch this animal abusing and animal murdering show, never will either

  • Davwe Shrader

    If the MUSLIMS or anyone else doesn’t like the praying THEY DON’T HAVE To WATCH IT – IDIOTS, WE ARE SURROUNDED BY LIBERAL IDIOTS!!!

  • Susan

    Hey muslims, there’s a little “clicker” thing that comes with most tv’s, click it and watch another show if you you don’t like it!!!

  • Gary Harper

    If Muslims don’t like it, why don’t they start their own show, Sharia Dearborn or something? They could follow a family in the business of making burkahs or prayer mats or something, something that is relevant to the target audience. They could also bleep out part of their conversations, too. Maybe the America is Satan stuff.

  • Ericka

    We need more God fearing people in this world, that is the problem with this country. This is America, don’t like what’s on tv don’t watch it. I will not watch A&E if they pull Duck off the air because of their beliefs. Robertsons you will be blessed for your standing in the faith, the Lord finds favor with you in doing HIS will not mans, so well done family. Keep preaching the word and giving praise to the Lord for your blessings. God Bless

  • MizBeckie

    Good going Duck Dynasty. I’m offended by Muslim’s shooting at our soldiers and trying to do bad stuff to our nation. So, A&E, can you make them stop?

  • Dave

    He, The CMFNIC is a Muslim.

  • Bobaloo

    Looks like the muslims who are offended by this can’t handle or spend our currency..Maybe that is what should be done, sorry I cannot give you cash if you are a muslim, I may offend you…

  • Bobaloo

    Also A&E remember there are more gun toting, church going, praying to the lord Christians watching than a few offended muslims…By the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all…

  • Carolyn Shive Smith

    Can you believe this is even happening in our country….

  • Bigfoot Steve

    I’d be willing to bet it’s not Muslims complaining at all.

  • Jake_Orton

    They do not worship the same God. Allah tells them to kill people who won’t convert to muslim. God teachs to spread the word of his love and let people decide to follow Him or not.

  • sonofjay817

    Well, I think this is just awesome. Finally, finally some Christians stick to their guns and don’t cowtail to the heathens. And what makes it better is that Duck Dynasty is making A&E so much money, their own love for mammon will force them to back down. I love it. I must admit, I watched the show once and didn’t really like it because of the hammed up cheesiness of the make believe “reality” but I’m thinking about giving it another chance. I’m starting to think it isn’t the goofiness that draw people to the show, but the goodness and uprightness that is pretty much extinct in pop culture today that people so long for maybe without even being conscious of it.

  • Ann

    Yes, he did and because of it millions have people have learned from his example.

  • Patty

    I’m soooo glad they are not caving in to the “political correctness” bullshit that’s being heaped upon us. Pray on!

  • FetusKillerByChoice

    Who cares? God isn’t real.

  • ltneid

    I don’t quite understand. The show edits the footage and can cut out whatever they want. Why would they ask them not to do something? I ain’t going for it.

  • ltneid

    You should get a second TV next to the one you watch it on. Then you would be twice as proactive about watching the show.

  • Amanda Soper

    I love this show for everything THEY stand for, not for everything this world stands for. This stuff is getting ridiculous!

  • flagirl336

    Seriously now, how many Muslims are watching Duck Dynasty, anyway?

  • suzan

    where is our American rights, why don’t people start protesting shows that value their religion and say it offends our children and have their shows bleeped and push that if they don’t want chritianity anywhere and we can’t practice our faith, then we don’t want anyother religion here in America either, that would be fair right?Sorry you like your way’s and so don’t we. Let’s go Christians, let’s start fighting back!

  • suzan

    muslims just coplain and they are trying to make America like mecca, but americans will fight til the end and I do see a revalution heading our way really soon over this kind of stuff.

  • suzan

    they like the money that they make from you Duck Dynasty, now do the American thing and drop their ass and become the next person with their own personal channel. We you take the money from the devil it will die and this is what A and E is!

  • Celena Miller

    My thoughts are if a &e keeps this up then move the show to another channel like a Christian based channel or hallmark something that won’t do that

  • Matt

    unbelievable how much hatred and vitriol in these comments coming from people who supposedly worship God (Jesus) who teaches us to love our neighbours. I don’t recall any verses in scripture saying it’s okay to hate someone, as long as they’re muslim, or of some belief that is different than our own. By the way, I am Christian, and applaud the Robertsons for staying true to their beliefs.

  • Guest

    No, their God does not tell them to do that. That are the radicals that distort the teachings of the Koran…educate yourself, and so, the crusades were a peaceful act??

  • Willa Wiskee

    No, their God does not tell them to do that. Thoseare the radicals that distort the teachings of the Koran…educate yourself, and so, the crusades were a peaceful act?? Oh, and I don’t agree with A&E’s request either, but I don’t think your words or the words of many of the other people here are right either.

  • singcanary

    Thank you Phil for standing your ground ….you represent many of us out here who are being threatened with silence on our beliefs. God will reward you in the end…and WE HEAR YOU! Duck dynasty is the BEST!

  • Lanzecki

    It’s interesting that A&E isn’t worried about offending thousands of other people, Christian or otherwise…I’m offended that people are offended. I am sick to DEATH of the whole offended thing. If you don’t like the show, change the channel, for crying out loud! As far as the muslims….really? Who gives a rats ass what they think.

  • Phyllis Marie Martin

    I not only watch Duck Dynasty for the humor they find in things but the Love of Jesus thank goodness I can tune in every night they are on & get my DD & my Jesus fix Phil & your whole family keep on doing what you are doing & let the haters go back to where they belong no one wants them here or no one asks them to watch your show GOD BLESS YOU

  • JSD89

    It’s a pretty funny show and what they believe shouldn’t matter. it’s a part of their lives and this is reality TV. I wouldn’t ask a Muslim to stop praying to their god anymore than I would ask a Christian to stop praying to Jesus.

  • Phred Ziphell

    Holy sh*t, this can’t be true or really happening. I enjoy the show and I’m proud to be an American Muslim. We believe in Christ and I think the show’s honest depiction of the family’s faith is one of the strong points of the show. WTF is wrong with A&E to pander to such intolerant thinking? I am ashamed….

  • Dell Russell

    For A&E to say they should not pray in Jesus’ name because it might offend someone OFFENDS ME. So, A&E should stop asking them to stop praying in His name. What they really would like is for them to just stop praying. Then they would like for them to cuss more so no one would want to watch them anymore. If they don’t want anyone to watch their show why don’t they just pull the plug on them?

    It doesn’t bother me that Muslims do not pray in Jesus’ name. Why should it? they’re not Christians. I am a Christian and so is Phil and his family, who else would we pray to?

  • Al May

    What happened to freedom of religion and freedom of speech?

  • graysonpink

    They are free to speak their own religion! If the Muslim community doesn’t like it… They can change the channel! They’re are 300 other channels on the tv! I would proudly sit and pray in Jesus name at their table! That’s like telling Billy Grahmn not to say Jesus in his sermon because it may offend someone watching! Change the channel! Duck Dynasty is not having a ratings issue they are true Christian people and their family is being blessed because they are faithful! They are certainly not going to deny their God or downplay their faith by not using the name of Jesus! In the end…everything that has a name will bow to add the name of Jesus! If you deny Him to the world He will deny you to His Father! ♥

  • NyLone Tschetter


  • Barbara

    Phil, like many others, I started watching the show because of your families love of Christ. The giggles are nice, but I’d stop watching in a heartbeat if you changed. Thank you Phil for standing your ground.
    God bless.

  • Steph

    They can say it’s illegal, but they can’t enforce it. Freedom of speech is still in the constitution and any action taken against anyone for using that right would fall dead in court.

  • Steve Trubilla

    To me it looks like A&E executives are just boosting their ratings by pushing this. The sheeple now follow. As for the islamist they just get a dividend from it.

  • Steve

    In America, everyone has a choice of what they want to watch on TV. If you don’t like the Robisons praying at the end of each show, don’t watch it, you won’t get offended. If this offends you, move back to the middle east.

  • OvidiuGOA

    and what does that mean ? This is still america ? What ?

  • Robert

    If the muslims don’t like it, there are several buttons on their TV remote that will take care of it.

  • kisses66

    Change the channel, Amen

  • Jim Hazell

    There’s two buttons on the TV that provide muslimes with a censor against them being offended. One changes the channel, and the other shuts the TV off… These guys have a right to pray, nobody has the right to be offended.

  • LOU


  • Chef M

    AJane I was in Baghdad and balad in 2003 they have no heart they killed our Military blew them up,tortured them with no remorse..I understand what your saying But I know God said love thy neighbor but he also said forgive them for they know not what they do..I did forgive but the memories are still there the reason they want to be in America so they can be free got that one also.But they let their muslims pray in school but teach our children they cannot..So whats up with that huh ???I dont hate I relate …

  • Fritz Geil

    Apparently, A&E have never read the Quran, nor do they have a clue about Islam. Muslims believe in Jesus, he was their most important prophet, and Mohammed made Jesus’ teachings “clear.” Yes, he mangled them horribly, turning Islam into a religion of hate, but praying to Jesus will not offend a Muslim. Of course, if you do offend a Muslim, GOOD! I am sick to death of kowtowing to hateful people. They don’t change their practices (such as flying aircraft into our landmarks and suicide bombing our businesses) so as not to offend us, so why should any American care what a Muslim thinks???


    I hope they not only don’t listen and continue praying, but eat more pork to show who’s in charge!

  • Balinda Carter Sullivan

    Tell the Muslims to watch something else!!!!! Leave our Duck Boys alone!!

  • Donna L. Mumford-Stroup

    Muslims are watching the show??? Who would have thought!!! Ok there is such a thing as a remote..change the channel you all!!! They have an AL-Jezeera channel now..go watch that!! Peace to everyone!!

  • Glenn Martin

    To the Duck Dynasty Family, Why don’t you just tell the network, producers and anyone else in the production of the show to SHOVE IT! It’s your show and without you the network would loose big money, tell them Take It or Leave It! I’m being nice but if it was me I’d tell them to get fucked!

  • Dell Russell

    Phred Zipell, we Christians are under attack by our own country. It’s been that way for many years, so this doesn’t surprise most of us. If you truly feel this way then it would good for more Muslims to stand up and say something and let them know it doesn’t offend you. It would also be good if more Muslims would take a stand against Muslims that hate America and want us to be taken down.

  • carla

    Seems to me everyone is trying to take God and Jesus out of everything this is the only holsome show on TV stop trying to mess with good

  • Prosper Egan

    Has A&E thought that Muslims are offending us. Freedom to worship is what it’s all about. A&E might well be Muslim controlled otherwise why should they care. To bleep out the name of Jesus is so very wrong to those who believe in Him and what He taught. (atheists will disagree with me.) Since it’s not profanity why should anyone care unless the network is owned by Muslims. They are taking over every aspect of our hard won way of life. I for one am too old to wear a burka (I know it’s spelled wrong, but you get it)

  • Prosper Egan

    May all you all have a Merry Christmas

  • Richard Connolly

    This family is America, this is as American as you can get, when people come to this country, it’s people like Phil and Kay that set the example of what you can expect in America , if they don’t like it then they are free to leave, it isn’t up to Phil to change his ways to adapt, it’s up to the visitor to adapt to our ways , if being a Christian upsets muslims well that’s just to dam bad, muslims are a disgrace to what we value, it’s offensive to me on the way they talk , dress, it’s offensive to me when a muslim even talks to me, they are inferior species that don’t belong in North America.

  • Carola Belton

    what happened to Freedom of Speech and Praying / worship whomever we choose too? If Muslims don`t like that we are Christians and pray there are other channels on TV too. Why do we choose to cater to one type of people and us Christians are not allowed in public. Who is being prosecuted then?

  • aJane

    First of all, thank you so much for your service and the service of all those who were with you. I can’t imagine the courage it takes to make that kind of sacrifice and it really inspires me and so many others. I know freedom is paid with a high price and you do so much good for the world. I also admire your ability to forgive those who wounded you so deeply. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. I don’t condone anything that men like that have done. I think it’s abhorrent. It simply frustrates me when people generalize and in such a hateful manner. Secondly, I completely agree with you about prayer in school. It seems like a lot of the time, every other religious belief gets freedom of expression but Christianity. It makes me angry every time I hear that someone gets criticized or punished for expressing their beliefs in personal and inoffensive ways. It’s not fair at all.

  • Harvey

    Hang in there Boys, do the right thing and you will never regret it. You know what the right thing is.

  • Harvey

    Kenn Winters,,i will join you in boycotting A&E. This is the only show I watch on there anyway.

  • Mark Meeks

    Dog the Bounty Hunter often prays on his show with his family and associates, and he prays in Jesus’ name as well. It was a great show to watch. I don’t know who’s at the head of A&E, but he should realize that Christians, not Muslims, founded this country. It is the prerogative of every person to worship as we please, but for heaven’s sake, don’t force a show to abandon something they’ve done all their lives because it would offend someone. Maybe they need to see how we live.

  • jerryhulick

    Maybe they’ll just dump A&E and go to another channel with no restrictions. They’re a money maker and other stations know this. Screw the sand monkey camel humpers their nothing more than parasites pushing their cult of hate.

  • Deirdra Scott

    If the Muslims don’t like them praying then don’t watch the show. So because of them we have to give up our rights to please them?

  • Jan

    Whatever AMERICANS do offends the filthy muslims in OUR country,.Send them packing back to their muslim homelands. They see their leader obama taking our rights away so they feel justified in following his lead and helping his illegal ass as much as possible. obama is the muslim that is offended.

  • AnneM.

    A&E should be ashamed. Since when did we cater to Muslims? I love DD and don’t want to see them change how they pray. Don’t change DD! If Muslims don’t like it then they shouldn’t watch it. Period.

  • Taxilady88

    The Muslims can go an watch Al Jazeer or whatever that channel is…don’t even know where it is on my cable service. Don’t want to know…I would rather watch Duck Dynasty than the NEWS or anything else. Wish they had MORE of it!

  • bobjr4freedom

    This is a nation founded on Christian principles.Sorry to say to Muslims.Jesus is not going away anytime soon.And we will pray in His name always anywhere.

  • Kenn Winters


  • Chef M

    Thank you for your reply..Just that I have seen them they teach their children from birth to hate Americans..Sad country over there..

  • jkort

    I have had Muslims ask me to pray for them and they always expect me to pray in Jesus’ name! This is smoke and mirrors – the ones always most upset are either the angry atheists or the Islamists – the ones who are on jihad to build the Islamic fundamentalist Caliphate. These two groups will not stop their whining. We all need to stand up just like the Robertson’s and be who we are – that’s what America stands for and if they don’t like it they are welcome to go to Saudi Arabia or anywhere else they chose.

  • F M

    Offending Muslims?

    now THAT!!! is one heck of an oxymoron. (heck = no bleep)



    How many of these terrorists do you think watch this show? This is one of the best family oriented…lesson learning shows on TV today. I am so happy for them that they will not stop. A&E will never cancel it and they know it..they get huge ratings..if you don’t like it..don’t watch it!! I don’t watch the AL Jazeera news station!!!!

  • angie

    they can change the channel if it offends them cussing offends me and I can just turn the channel and not support that!!!! GO DUCK DYNASTY!!!!!! love the show!!!

  • John Doe

    LOL muslims can go back to where they are from in the middle east where they aren’t free. Get out of America if you don’t like our ways were free and always will be. I didn’t even know muslims had TVs

  • Brenda Backus

    Could’nt hear well my laptop I guess! But if the Robertson’s say no I appreciate that they care enough not to compromise their values! I would not either no matter how much! Its the reason I watch I don’t watch Muslim tv if they don’t like it they have the option to turn it off! How much more do we who were born here have to sacrifice for their values? Its stupid !

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    What ever happened to exhibition of talent, good writing and creativity in TV?
    Has creationist education dumbed Americans down to thinking that Duck Dynasty is the standard of excellence in achievement and innovation?

  • Max Blood

    heres the funny thing. it says in god we trust on money and we all know they have no problem with that and using it. but a family praying together after hunting and being thankful for what they have makes them edgy? well ya. when its in their faith to conquer convert and kill anyone else who won’t, and want you ” to only believe in the true god” and will stop at nothing to try and destroy all other faiths to make that happen. and this is one of many steps into doing it. another was making one president. so that being said. i say to hell with A&E and won’t ever be watching anything on their channels again or any other muslim faith loving jerks, and as long as it says in god we trust on american currency i will pray to my god and jesus,how i want,where i want, when i want and if anyone has a problem with that i say come do something about it and make me stop even if its not on it i still will..

  • Sharon Haggerty

    Who really cares what Muslims like and don’t like. I don’t like that those stupid Muslims that own the gas station down the road hung our flag upside down! If they don’t like it don’t watch it. I like it because of the American Family Values in it.

  • C Damien Belyeu

    Here’s something I don’t get: if someone doesn’t like a show because of something like this, why don’t they just stop watching the show to begin with? It’s like they’re looking for a fight.

    That said, I think it’s about high-time Duck Dynasty went to another channel. I bet History Channel (who owns Pawn Stars) would be more than happy to take the show.

  • Max Blood

    this still pisses me off w/e i see it.

  • Max Blood

    heres the funny thing. it says in god we trust on money and we all know they have no problem with that and using it. but a family praying together after hunting and being thankful for what they have makes them edgy? well ya. when its in their faith to conquer convert and kill anyone else who won’t, and want you ” to only believe in the true god” and will stop at nothing to try and destroy all other faiths to make that happen. and this is one of many steps into doing it. another was making one president. so that being said. i say to hell with A&E and won’t ever be watching anything on their channels again or any other muslim faith loving jerks, and as long as it says in god we trust on american currency i will pray to my god and jesus,how i want,where i want, when i want and if anyone has a problem with that i say come do something about it and make me stop even if its not on it i still will..

  • Brenda

    Look, I watch that show for the fact that there ARE family values, they DO pray and show their love for God. I ENJOY their silliness. If people want TRASH shows there are plenty of them out there, they need to leave this one and these good people alone. If Muslims don’t like it, they can go back to their own country!

  • Called One

    Muslims….can go back to their own country if they don’t like it….If they are citizens of the USA then they ought to know our constitutional rights…….they can be offended.

  • Robert Mooneyham

    I love this show & if A&E wants to support these sorry ass Muslims then they can take their ass & the Fxxkin Muslims back to their country. This is AMERICA Land of The FREE. We have Freedom of Speech here. Muslims aren’t to smart to begin with but learn to change the damn channel. Hell my 2yr old God Daughter can change it. Yea I said “GOD” . Also I’d like to know y Muslims r watchin us REDNECK’S n the 1st place. As a Redneck ill say u don’t want any shit w/us GUN carrying,no shit taking,American lovin Redneck’s. So on that note I’d love for some Muslims to say something to my face about Jesus,praying or our country it will b the last thing u say u sorry motherfxxkers. GO BACK to your COUNTRY or DIE. I’d LOVE to Put a BULLET n your HEAD. Go ahead A&E cancel the show, another Network will pick up the show & HELL YEA ill stop watchin A&E. I know a ton of people that feel the same.

  • yeti7557

    Until you understand what the Crusades were all about, you should study up and not comment until you do…

  • Brad Shattler

    If praying to Jesus offends muslims then I say do it again an keep doing it maybe they’ll go home.

  • bestofsmall .

    Muslims NEED to go back to their 3rd world camel riding countries and get out of mine! I am OFFENDED by MUSLIMS and their unGodly ways <These so called American/Canadian producers need to get an education and quick people watch this show because it is one of very few worth watching on TV I am sick of all the stupid stuff that keeps playing if A&E lose all their watchers maybe the Muslims will keep them going I for one will stop watching altogether when/if Duck Dynasty is taken off the air because of this crap! Why are we worried about offending them? They are in OUR Country and if they don't like it should get out! Have you all forgotten 9/11 ? These people are our enemies why don't you just go ahead and bend over and get ready cause you're gonna get _UCKED !!!

  • follower of one true god

    Cancel this retarded show, for the love of Allah.
    Kill all Christians.
    Praise Mohammad.
    Christian faggots.

  • Freedom Jones

    Muslim’s really they are the most offensive people on the planet tell them not to watch it is after all a free country, the savages do know how to work a remote control don’t they? In fact America would be better off if they went back where they came from. Look at what is happening in Europe it will happen here and does in places like Dearborn, Mich. Christians and Jews can get along with each other, but a Muslim can’t get along with either one of these people . Their religion is a false religion of hate read the koran see how these people believe. Make sure to use a piece of bacon as a page marker then burn it after your done.. Time to set up up some hog farms in Michigan .

  • Michael Brink

    Islamists have their channels on which the spout forth their intolerant rhetoric all day long … so sod off. Go for it ducks …

  • Tag

    I thought this was “One Nation, Under God”. If a show offends you…..DON’T WATCH IT!!! There is a reason why this show has one of the highest viewer ratings. Your afraid that your offending Muslims?? I’m sure there are millions of Muslims tuning in every week to watch the show (being sarcastic for the dumb ones out there)…….don’t let that mess up the ratings!!!!

  • Tag

    heyyyy………’s a million dollar idea……………maybe they should start another show……MUSLIM DYNASTY!!!! LMAO!!!

  • Raymie Connolly

    that means we don’t and won’t give in to whiny little bitches…Jesus Christ is power and that is why they want his name not used. Now go study your country’s history and stop being an internet troll.

  • OvidiuGOA

    first off, you telling me to study my country’s history, what’s up with that ? I don;t think you even know where Europe is without google. Secondly, it;s cool you don;t give in to whiny little bitches when it come to a freaking tv show about redneck duck callers while having your liberties taken away by the most corrupt government in the world, your guns, your cattle, while you are given ” 1 st amendment zones” to voice your concerns. I am glad you are showing what it means to be american by NOT BANNING a redneck on a reality show. That is important and representative for the way “liberty” and “freedom” overcome all evil in your “land of the free corporations “. NOT.