Obama Administration Admits Over 126,000 Enrollments In Obamacare Not Real!


The Obama Administration is now having to admit that over 126,000 enrollments into the Obamacare system are not real. From fake friends on Twitter, to fake first person to enroll, there is nothing about the system that appears to be real.

Enrollment is not finalized, the web site crashed live on CNN after declaring “Mission Accomplished”, and now the numbers may be showing duplicate applications. To make matters even more pressing on the enrollment, the payment methods have not even been installed in the new software, which means technically, no one has enrolled. Now they are finding that the new website is even more open to hackers to get your personal data out of the web. To top it off, we get this from the Washington Free Beacon.

Obama administration officials admitted Monday that roughly 126,000 Americans who successfully navigated the Obamacare website and enrolled in a new health insurance plan might not have officially signed up for their plans, ABC News reports.

Technical problems surrounding the transfer of an applicant’s personal information from the federal marketplace to the selected insurance company have plagued the system since its launch, making it difficult for insurers to finalize some enrollments. The 834 forms that issuers receive from the system have been riddled with errors, including often duplicate or incomplete information.

While the front-end of the website has been vastly improved, the back-end glitches remain a serious concern, IT experts and industry officials say.

The Obama administration suggests individuals who were told by the website that they had successfully signed up should contact their insurance to ensure their coverage actually exists. If it does not, individuals would have to start the process over again.~ Washington Free Beacon

And they wonder why people don’t want to go to the website? By the way, for those that would like to enroll by phone, need we remind you all that Jay Carney and President Obama both admitted that it still has to be processed through this same system. Buyer beware.


  • Steve

    Failing with flying colors! ….why would anyone choose to go through all this hassle just to have their personal and financial information stolen???

  • ThisAdministrationBlows

    Epic failure!

  • BoiseBoy

    Meet Butch Matthews, A Republican Who Came To Love Obamacare After Realizing It Will Save Him $13,000

    “I still am a very strong Republican, but this… I’m so happy that this came along,”


    Of course, you do not have to spend the extra $13,000/yr on a new car or paying off your mortgage. You could always send it to a good cause.

    But why on earth give it to the insurance sharks?

    Our joined premium per month will be $660 and our maximum out-of-pocket for care will be $3,250 each.

    I feel like I won the lottery: no riders and no preexisting Blue Cross policies with nationwide providers.

    Read more at: http://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/opinions/letters_to_editor/article_d95522b2-5dcd-11e3-8347-001a4bcf887a.html

  • BoiseBoy

    No more Pre-existing Condition denials. :) Hooraaaaayyyy! This is so awesome.

  • Robert M

    Stories are pretty isolated. Maybe we will get more success stories later!

  • William Wallace

    http://talknewstome.com/post/23166430849/fact-checking-think-progress-fact-checks. This is just one example of the wild stories on Think Progress site that turned out to be wild hoaxes. You need to fact check your source. Even Chris Mathews that thinks of Obama as the second coming has said to fact check the site. You sir are an idiot if you believe it. I’m hoping you are being sarcastic.

  • Mike Ritchie

    Bulkshit troll post.

  • Allison Kerpash

    That clause actually doesn’t go into effect until 2017. But you do get to pay the penalty for being denied insurance for the next 4 years until it does go into effect!

  • Farmgirl

    Isn’t that another ground for impeachment?
    After all, it is another lie.

  • WitchWay

    Gee, if Russian diplomats could get Medicaid what could go wrong with the ACA Healthcare.gov? IF it had ever been the intent to provide actual healthcare for all Americans – they could have figured out a Single Payer plan that would help those who needed help and would have left the rest of us alone. This is far more devious and simply ensures that the Health Insurance folks will make a fortune.

  • FactFinder

    Some of these nirvana testimonials stink of 10 day old tuna that just exploded in a port a potty, with a bunch people hanging around, taking a deep nostril inhale, astating”Ummm uMMM, what smells so good?” “I AM HUNGRY” very FISHY indeed!
    That doesn’t happen in this universe! But I have to hand it to them, they are really chipper skipper indeed ;)

  • tom

    it really amazes me that there are that many stupid ass people in this country that this guy not only did he get in office but got to stay there for a second term but then again a mere paperhanger killed 6 million Jews before he blew his brains out i wonder how many people this guys going to kill before he does the same thing

  • ArcanVmXII

    Obama supporters don’t care about the truth. They believe he’s lying for the greater good. No matter what deception he implements they will applaud him as outsmarting his opponents and of being a political strategist before they would dare accuse him of lying. Pointing it out will not sway them. They don’t believe in the truth, so lying is no big deal for them.