[WATCH] Black Female Law School Professor From Vanderbilt: Obama is Destroying Blacks


Dr Carol Swain is a strong willed woman , who is faithful to America and her God.  She credits America’s exceptionalism and the Hand of God in lifting her from a family of 12 children, born into poverty and growing up in Southwest Virginia.  She now sees that “we have all of these forces pulling us away from faith to secularism.”

“As a person, it bothers me that the America I know and love I feel like is being destroyed by a black man. I don’t understand why.”

“It bothers me that so many black people have been deceived into supporting programs and policies that are killing them.

She is especially concerned with the way Obama is destroying the constitution and robbing blacks and whites of their civil rights.

“I value my free speech. You know, I take that clause [of the Constitution] very seriously.  And, what I see in America right now is our freedom of speech, our freedom of religion, freedom of association — all of that being totally eroded. And when I look at the Fourth Amendment about the search and seizure, I see we have no protection. We are living an Orwellian experience where we are almost under 24-hour surveillance. We never know when we are having a private conversation.”

She closes this interview with Ginni Thomas with some powerful words:

“I don’t believe that it’s too late for America.  Many people look at the direction of our country, and everything seems upside down. We’ve talked about the Constitution, and just how it has been shredded, it’s not respected. It’s as if it didn’t exist. They look at that and they look at the immorality and the leaders in both political parties and how much they’re compromised, and they feel like it’s hopeless. But I don’t believe it’s hopeless.”

“I don’t think we should put our confidence in our political leaders of either political party. It’s up to us; it’s gonna be we the people that transform this country.”



  • Brian Murphy

    very good

  • sunshynuse

    Thank you for seeing the truth. I am praying for our nation and our people to see what is happening all around them

  • David Platt

    Now that’s refreshing.

  • mel

    amen sister

  • cin

    I am so glad that we have a smart black woman speaking up about the President. No one else will do it, whose black.

  • Dion Argueta

    Very well said! A black woman saying it adds extra credibility to it. So many black people support Obama because he is the first black president!!! The words and things she said to express our rights being taken away is very accurate and to the point!!!! Thank you Carol Swan. My opinion of you is exceptional from just the speech you gave on this point!!!!

  • Samuel Gee

    i hope her taxes are in order

  • Honesty

    Finally a woman who is speaking the truth about the Democratic Party.

  • 1nativeamerican

    She’s racists

  • American ex-Pat

    It’s ashamed that her words will likely not be heard by those that need to be ‘awakened’ the most, as the low-informations and incompetents that voted this charlatan socialist into office would gladly do so again, basing their decision on nothing more than skin color, rhetoric, and giveaways!
    I do applaud her for taking a stand and exposing herself to the ridicule of the ‘black’ community and others, such as “1nativeamerican” posting below and calling her a racist, when he is actually the racist!

  • American ex-Pat

    Hey ‘Geronimo’, try your Spell-Check next time, you won’t look so undereducated!

  • Dewayne Beavers

    its a people thing not a black thing. but i know what you are meaning.

  • Gran Gran

    Thank you so much. I only wished that millions of people could read what you wrote. . God Bless you and your family for making such a strong educated woman.

  • Don Clapp

    I believe this Lady Wants the American people to “Take a Stand” Against the Gov’t. to “Take Our America Back”.

  • schnarfster

    I understand the point you are trying to make but it’s not a race thing but an informed/uninformed voter thing. There are other blacks which stand up for America against Obama, Col. Allen west for instance.

  • Ken


  • American ex-Pat

    No Ken, I actually meant to spell ‘undereducated’!
    But thank you for trying to do the work of SpelChek, and it is a correct useage.