Muslim Man Tries To Sell His Castrated African Slave On Facebook


While slavery is now illegal in every country in the world, ending with Mauritania in 1981, it is still widely practiced, especially throughout the Middle East.

One muslim man created a facebook ad in attempts to sell his African slave. This ad has since been removed, but the photos are still circulating, according to the Gateway Pundit.


An Arabic blogger reported on the illegal ad. The blog has been translated to English via Google Translate. The blogger writes, “Slave for sale For English readers. This photo was seen circulationg [sic] in facebook. I’m not sure of its authenticity, but looks genuine to me.”


The ad:

Peace be upon you …

I have a [male] slave I bought from an African country and arranged for his visa and stay till I got him to Saudi [Arabia]

His discription:

1 – Black skin. Tall 172 sm. Weight 60 kilos.

2 – Castrated (excellent for working with a family) you can check him with a doctor our yourself if you have experience in the matter.

3 – [His] health is quite undamaged and has no imperfections.

4 – Age 26 years.

5 – Religion muslim and [he is] obedient and will not disobey you except in what displeases God. Please, the matter is very serious and is not a joke.

Slavery was outlawed in Saudi Arabia in 1962, yet some Saudi immigrants have run into trouble with American law due to slave ownership, including a case in which a judge dismissed charges against a Saudi princess who kept slaves in her California home.

  • Panther Smith

    Can we castrate the owner??? What an a-hole.

  • Penny Gleason Benedict

    If this is true then it is seriously messed up and the person trying to sell should be castrated and put in prison

  • bbgunplinkplink

    that man is very sick

  • Constance Chapman

    we don’t want him!!! we are still trying to find someone to pay to take all the ones that are descended from the ones we brought here. if you are reading this YT: PICK YOUR OWN DAMN COTTON.

  • Antonio

    You’re a racist. The one’s born here are Americans. You can suck a fat one.

  • Constance Chapman

    I’d rather be a racist than someone with their head in the sand. Oh by the way, My great grandfather was a white slave. So I owe them nothing.

  • Antonio

    If you are racist then you do have your head in a lot smellier place than the sand. My great great grandfather was a leader of the KKK in South Texas (He believed Mexicans worked for what they have and blacks did not). I am Hispanic.

  • aznative

    Now to convince blacks that Obama is no black. He is Muslim. A big difference.

  • samazf

    And yet their religion is the politically correct one? The one that treats women like dog poop and beheads gays?

  • sara

    I hate to break it to you,but this guy apparently isn’t the one who castrated this man.Thousands are sold in african nations,and not that what this guy is doing is appropriate,you should be aware he probably bought him with the thought to free him and realized he was putting the enslaved man at greater risk.~Wherever there are kings and queens,there are slaves~ Not right ,but TRUE,no matter how it is covered or what name its given.

  • Markus DeShane Sr.

    If they are Americans then why do they call themselves African Americans and they never were in Africa.

  • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

    I hope this Muslim brothers sale goes well and he fetches a fair price for this abid.

    I myself bought my last negro slave for 10,000 Rials and a well used 1986 Toyota pick up truck. He didnt last long, he was caught stealing figs and had to be put down.

  • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

    Gay Named Homo,

    Is it the slave you speak of?

    I hope he is not sick, he will not catch a fair price unless he is healthy enough to work the fields.

  • jane

    non whites are not allowed in the kkk. if they are they are used as pee ons. i know this because my grand father was in the kkk.

  • Dusty Shotgunn

    At least he’s castorated. Hate to see any muslim of any color breed.

  • jane

    i hope and pray all muslums die soon and go to meet their god, they worship satan not the heavenly god

  • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran


    The infidel loser Antonio never had family in the hillbilly KKK.

    His great grand daddy maybe sold oranges to a KKK leader at a red light once though.

  • Mike Holmes

    And they blame US for slavery!!!!!!!!

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

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  • happylada

    He’s actually half white and half Arab.

  • happylada

    At least its not Christianity . . .

  • Anna

    I find it disturbing that in this day and time after all the United States has been through with slavery that it would be allowed at all. Be they a visitor to this country or otherwise. Everyone can pass back and forth the slurs and be as horrible to each other over this if they want but I feel this man should be put in the custody of the US and given a chance to live free. No one told them to bring him here and while they are here they should have to live by the laws governing this land. As for the princess she should be held to the same standards as well. What is wrong with people? When you hear about something like this you want to slur each other. Why not put things in perspective this country is off the rails enough without people acting as ignorant as the government wants us to be.

  • Anna

    yes he does need a dose of his own medicine

  • Jerrie Hayley Klenk

    I was thinking the same thing. If, somehow, we could get them to look past the color of his skin and look at the person… his beliefs… then maybe we have a chance. But, I have no idea of how to do this!

  • Jerrie Hayley Klenk

    You idgit! You would prefer Islam over Christianity? Seriously? Are you Muslim?

  • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

    Jerkoff Jerrie,

    Islam is the way.

    You kufirs will have no choice but to convert when the Caliphate is in effect or face Sharia Law

    Allahu Akbar

  • Pamela Walklin

    Bring it. You will lose.

  • Tracey Sarcone

    Thank you for pointing that out. People need to stop calling him black, when he’s not. His fathers birth certificate says “ARABIC” not BLACK!!!

  • Jerrie Hayley Klenk

    Islam is not a religion… it is a cult that rapes and mutilates little girls.. I WILL NOT accept it.. See, the way to talk to a lady says it all!

  • unclemotherfucker

    Bring that shit on over here boy. I’ll show you what the way is. stupid goat fucker.

  • guest

    No it doesn’t. Also Kenya isn’t even an Arabic country.

  • guest

    Because we love labeling people who look/act differently.

  • guest

    They’re not mutually exclusive.

  • Christina Lee

    But let’s just blame the white race on slavery. Read a book. Also, in reference to the ‘princess’….if you come to THIS country, you OBEY OUR LAWS!!! I don’t give a F@#% about your status in another country. In this one, you are just an asshole. Nothing more, but much less.

  • Chicquila Cox

    I’ll be your spotter lol! I shoot expert :-)


    How come this is not in the mainstream news? Where is Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson on this story?

  • Carol Skinner

    Where are all the black civil rights leaders in America and why aren’t they standing up against the Muslims’ slavery?????

  • Joe Sills

    to bad we cant just nuke them all and be done with it.

  • evanescent21

    There is always a choice. “Give me liberty or give me death” Islam is not the way to freedom but the way to slavery. I will never choose Islam or to worship your god, aka satan. I would rather die and that will be my choice. Jesus, whom you guys say you follow, declared, I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the father except through me. Jesus also taught that one should love their enemy, not hate them, Islam teaches the exact opposite. He even compares hate to murder. So is jesus a liar or is Islam the liar?

    God of abraham, isaac, and jacob also condoned murder, “thou shalt not murder”. Why would God change his rules just for Islam. Why would jesus tell his disciples to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, if there is no trinity? I bet you don’t even fully understand the trinity, because islam claims we are attributing a partner to God, stating christians claim God is one OF three and that is incorrect. We claim God is 3 in 1. Just like the US government is 3 in 1; Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, but together make up the over arching Federal Government. God=Father, Son and the Holy spirit. It’s not that hard to understand.

  • JesusSaves

    Think you are bullet proof ? YOU LOOSE – AND YOU WILL FOREVER BE SATAN’s little puppet. There is only one way to avoid that – REPENT AND RENOUNCE SATAN. Turn 100% to Jesus while you have time, and avoid damnation…

  • Jess Golden

    You will never be able to invade and take over America. There is a gun behind every blade of grass.

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    He’s a slave, and must be what his master tells him to be. I’m sure if given the chance he would kill his muslim master. And I would not blame him.

  • Kay Lynn

    If the ones born here are Americans why do they refer to themselves as “African American?” If they considered themselves American’s first there would be no need to differentiate between African and American. White folks are considered white regardless of where they came from. If they were American WHY do so many still continuously bring up the fact that their ancestors were slaves?? My ancestors were slaves LONG before Africa was a drip down their daddies leg, but yet I let it go. Not so many blacks seem to WANT to let it go. What they fail to realize is the first slave owner and the man that kicked off the slave trade was BLACK oops excuse me, African American!! He was an indentured servant that earned his freedom and then started importing the slaves. Also IF their own tribe leaders weren’t selling them off we wouldn’t have been able to purchase them to begin with. SO the “African American” community is blaming the wrong damn people for the slave industry right from the git go….not that that isn’t something they’re famous for. I mean lets face it blaming everyone else for their problems seems to be apart of their culture.

  • Dale

    Hey Al Sharpton! Get your ass over here! If ya wanna cry racism well here it is for real. Get people marching for this. This is the type of shit he should get people fired up about. And hey Oprah what was that about old white people being responsible for racism? Well what the fuck do ya call this? And the owner isn’t white. Proof that old white people are not the problem but dumb people in general and they exist in all races. So lemme get this straight people wanna riot over Treyvon but how many are gonna riot for this poor guy? I mean damn every black person in america should be threatening to riot at muslim owned property unless this guy is released. But I know they won’t. This is disgusting.

  • Jeane Marie Carlson

    I love the beginning of the ad: “Peace be upon you…” LOL!

  • Michelle Marie Cammett

    FYI Arabic is a language not a race….just saying

  • John Gabriel

    Islam is the way of what exactly? I will never be under Sharia Law…ever… this is America buddy and I think you should look up our short history and figure out how we roll… yourselves a favor and do not wake a sleeping giant.

  • John Gabriel

    Like where your head is at Chicquila. :)

  • John Gabriel

    well said Dale….rise up and wake up America.

  • John Gabriel

    what fields clown? ….you live in the friggin desert camel jockey.

  • guest

    Arabia is also a geographic region in the Middle East

  • Constance Chapman

    I see. And that “racist” pejorative name calling shit is the best you can come up with??? your so damn stupid, you think Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company. Now get outta here.

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    Bought him with the thought to free him? How did you get that our of the ad?

  • videriquamesse

    Yeah, and we know that absolutely no Muslims live in Kenya. Even says so on their travel brochures.