Kristin Powers Renounces The Democratic Party “Religion”, Finds Christianity

Kirsten Powers

Kirstin Powers was once a Democratic Party hardliner that was a regular on Fox.  Sunday she came out and said that the Democratic Party was her religion and she renounced it after she found Christianity.

Kirstin Powers had all of the Fox major players upset at one time. She refused to face facts, made excuses, and even lied for the administration on live television. She lived, ate, breathed, walked, and talked the Democratic Party. She took on the likes of Sean Hanity, Bill O’Riely, Megan Kelly, and even got into it with fellow Democrat Juan Williams.

But then something changed.

Sunday, she came out to describe her ascent from secular Democrat to Christianity. She said it was a slow process.

I think my whole life had centered on Democratic politics,” she told Howard Kurtz. “I was very much in that bubble. I worked in the Clinton administration so I had all these friends from there, and then in Democratic politics in New York, so that’s what we sort of bonded over — that was our religion, to a certain extent.”~The DC

On a Fox News Sunday program, she describes her gradual progress from secular left-wing politics to devout Christian. She even put it together for a “coming out” of sorts for Christianity Today.

Powers blamed Christians themselves for media treatment of Christianity, telling Kurtz that while “the media is not the most Christian-friendly place in the world for the most part, at the same time, a lot of these Christians bring it on themselves.”~The DC

You can watch her Fox News interview here courtesy of the Daily Caller.

  • zack

    Wow. What an idiot. Democrat or republican. Niether one is any better than the other.imo.

  • thomas lamb

    She did not say she changed from Democrat to Republican, she said she became a Christian and that Is a whole lot better!

  • Candace Zingg

    The ” Truth” shall set you free! I will continue to ” Pray” for the hardcore liberal Democrats! We need to get this Mation right with God, so we can be blessed again!

  • screwulibs

    Hope its true…can’t trust these dems and libs….they will say and do anything to manipulate othera

  • Ollie

    true that is why our true goal on earth can be found only in John 3:16

  • James

    Way to go Kristin. I think it’s awesome that you are willing to stand up for the Lord. Keep the faith. God bless!

  • Wayne Van Scoyoc

    There is something mentally wrong with anybody that considers a Political Party and obtaining power at any cost a Religion. WTF.

  • ed vaughn

    there brain washed

  • James Loos

    it happens. The Lord it there for us all, and asks only for our love. Everything else follows

  • Charlie Greer

    She’s too pretty to be a liberal anyway… seriously though, the bible says everyone has an inward knowledge of Jesus.. some just choose to shut it out. good for her.

  • Macho Muchacho

    She is no true Christian. Anyone who espouses the liberal lifestyle cannot be called Christian. That’s like calling a black panther tolerant, or blak jeebus balack pajama intelligent.

  • bormanator

    It started when she lost her health insurance! :)

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    Of course, she is now Persona non Grata in the liberal circles.