The Truth Behind RFID Chips In Obamacare



The truth is there is a huge smear campaign to hide the truth.  The RFID chip that everyone is worried about is in Obamacare. It isn’t labeled brilliantly that “we are going to microchip the world” that some people would like to think, but the wording and the ability to microchip everyone in America is in the final bill that passed and is now being implemented throughout the country. It is listed under a bio-metric tracking implant.

When the RFID chip was first announced, the Democratic Senators, House Members, and President all went out of their way to put millions of dollars out in an effort to say that anyone that thought it was in there was nuts. Even when liberal NBC predicted on live television that everyone would be microchipped by 2017, they received several smear campaigns. Even keeps updating their website to “prove” no such thing appears in the bill. We have to remember that these are the same people that say you can keep your insurance, premiums wouldn’t increase, there are no death panels, and several lies when it came to their Affordable Healthcare Act (now known as Obamacare).

When the original wording came out, HR3200, it turns out that they indeed had means and wording to microchip the entire country within three years of its release.

The page numbers and language cited in the example above were taken from HR 3200, an early House version of health care reform legislation which was never passed by Congress; passages cited from HR 3200 are therefore irrelevant.”

They are correct. HR3200 didn’t pass, HR3962 did. This led to a startling prediction by NBC that everyone would be microchipped by 2017.

Turns out that HR3962 has the same things int it. It is an exact duplicate of HR3200 minus very few words concerning the RFID chip. They instead change the name to bio-metric device and bio-metric tracking.

So many point out that there was a reconciliation bill 4872 that all the fact check sites point out to try to debunk the HR3962 bill. The reconciliation bill was put into place when they could not agree on the funding for Obamacare. If you take a close look at HR4872, on page 1014 is the exact same wording as HR3962.

Download (PDF, 3.78MB)

In it you find the wording for the implementation of the Class II medical device throughout the country. While it does not say everyone in the United States will be microchipped, it very well grants the government the ability to put a Class II medical transponder that is implanted under the skin.

That leads one to question if the transponder is the RFID chip.

Well, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) web site, it is. The patent has been out since around December 10, 2004, and they have been searching for a way to implement the system. So what is a Class II medical device? According to the FDA: an implantable radiofrequncy transponder system for patient identification and health information. The link to the website is attached. The key word is implantable. They also have the implementation of RFID technology for storing vitals and tracking.

If you are worried about the grain of rice looking microchip, that seems to be a test run. The device you see on the internet measures glucose levels and even Snopes has to admit that it is being tested now.

The chip shown in the photo is actually one that measures glucose levels in diabetes patients, as evidenced by this 2007 article about this new concept in glucose monitoring.

They are also in artificial limbs, pacemakers, and breast implants to send real time data back to the doctor already.

With the banking information and the IRS also being in the bill that you can read, it will also include banking and purchasing information. There is also clauses to include the Medicade and Medicare fraud units that will propel the chip in a way to avoid system fraud.

It seems in a way what most people don’t see is that there is also a version of the chip that has a lethal dose of cyanide. The Saudi inventor was looking at a way to “improve” on the RDIF technology. The patent was denied in Germany but the technology exists. With it if their “slave” or potentially a “terrorist” wandered off, it would inject a lethal dose of cyanide, thus eliminating the target.

This adds another layer of scary to an already scary bill. It is in the documentation that was signed off by the President. It has been predicted by NBC. It is on the FDA website. It is being tested as we speak. Please don’t just take our word for it, look at the documentation and see for yourself.

So should we be worried about the video below? With what is coming out and has been researched, anything is a possibility.


  • MP

    Over my dead body are they going to microchip me!!!

  • MeMadMax

    They could put it in the food supply as well…

  • Brad Scott

    You people are idiots. Can you even read? Did you pass 3rd grade reading?

  • Dan

    Let me start off by saying that I think Obamacare is one of the worst piece of legislation to come out of the Obama administration, though NDAA is probably a little worse (depending on where your priorities lay). Both are outrageous violations of personal rights and freedoms, and I was very saddened for the state of our nation when SCOTUS refused to rule it unconstitutional.

    However, after investigating all of the evidence being presented, I can only conclude that his article is a complete myth and fabrication. Even a casual reader of pages 1001-1008 of the Affordable Healthcare Act can see that there is nothing in Section 2521 that even mentions requirements for the implantation of any device, of any kind. Section 2521 creates a registry for class III or class II medical devices that have been and will be implanted into people, such as pacemakers, artificial hips, and prostetics. I’m not certain, but I think even breast implants will be placed on this registry. The registry will track health records of device recipients to see which devices are good and which devices are causing or not improving health problems. There are no mandates for any medical procedures of any kind in section 2521.
    The document quoted from the FDA is not an approval of anything. It is a guidance document for any company that wants to make an implantable RFID chip for the purposes of storing patient data and health information, and it is effectively a warning to all of those companies wanting to make any such device that it would have to be classified as class II and all of the implications that comes with that (such as testing and the approvals process). This is truly an instance where “if A=B so then B=A” really does not apply. The FDA document clearly states that any RFID chip will be a class II device. Nowhere in that document does it state that a class II device is an RFID chip.

  • MommaPatriot

    This is why we need to do everything we can NOW to make sure we are not dependent on the govt when society collapses. If you do not eat the govt supplied food, then you would not be exposed to this.

  • Yogi Bear

    You Yanks are crazy people, you believe any old shit,

  • CitizenBrain

    Did the Queen give you permission to speak, slave?

  • Raymond Andrews

    There are times when I have to agree with your statement.

  • Raymond Andrews

    Thanks for saving me from having to explain all that.

  • Raymond Andrews

    The author of this article is reaching on this one. I read the pages of the Bill that were mentioned and I have a completely different understanding. I do have experience reading government written documents so I have it a little easier. In this case, the dots do not connect.

  • Peach

    I am all for no more Obama but the video above does not at all convince me that it loosely refers to the RFID chip. In my opinion, “life supporting and life sustaining” devices have nothing to do with the supposed chip.

  • pat wood

    straight out of hitlers book. fema camps, concentration camps. obamacare, law makers do not have it. when the hell are you people going to wake the hell up. obama does not care about you. he hates us. his wife hates us. he wants to kill us all damn hitler all over agin. only worse.

  • pat wood

    you better go back and read the obamacare bill agin. it is in there. also in there isl the death panels and the part about anyone over 60 had to go for end of life concusling every 5 years. anyone that does not believe the shit about obamacare needs to get new glasses and go read it agin.

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    I’ll just crap it out!
    That won’t work!

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  • Charles

    Yes we are the same crazy people who saved your sorry ass from Adolph Hitler, when YOUR Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin declared “peace in our time”

  • Controlled Puppets

    The bottom line facts are…. our government is corrupt as hell and they use people like you to lie and deceive the general public. I guess with the high level of controlled intelligence you posses LOL that you believe fluoride in our water is good for our teeth. And GMO in our food is good for us…builds strong bodies or the spraying of our skies ….
    chem trails is a new type of cloud that just popped into existence. So which government terrorist group do you work for the CIA or the FBI.

  • Pied Piper

    In a nutshell. There are only so many resources, there are too many people wanting a bigger piece of the pie. The people wanting this power are the ones that God has put fear into and to control the resources and money is the way they think they will survive and have. But be at peace and have joy that they can not understand, God is in control through Jesus Christ we will prevail.

  • Huldah1776

    Download the original from the government and go to page 1502 or simply search for “device” with adobe reader. I am studying psych and a researcher who published a peer reviewed article in a med journal acknowledges that eugenics is also being practiced through abortion. It is : Dixon, D. P. (2008). Informed Consent or Institutionalized Eugenics? How the Medical Profession Encourages Abortion of Fetuses with Down Syndrome. Issues In Law & Medicine, 24(1), 3-59. They recommend aborting all unborn babies (latin = fetus) with any kind of disability. Even a cleft palate which can be easily fixed with surgery! Know any veterans who have lost a limb? If they had been born that way they probably would have been aborted.

    You don’t think they are capable of implanting a device?

  • Huldah1776

    Hate to burst your bubble but there are those of us who believe Jesus returns only once, to END the tribulation. Do your own study and do not, do not, ignore Revelation 20:4-6
    the first resurrection (remember-the Dead in Christ are to rise first, then the rapture of the living, right? that is what you learned right?) Pay special attention to verse 5– a short sentence usually ignored—“THIS IS THE FIRST RESURRECTION” the first resurrection of the dead is not at the beginning of the tribulation [or the supposed second coming] when he takes everyone to escape death when logically we are called to take up our cross, and give our life to him…

    4 Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. 5 The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were completed. This is the first resurrection. 6 Blessed and holy is the one who has a part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with Him for a thousand years

  • Rita Rice

    and what do the other 2000 pages say? Who knows because they passed something they didn’t read!!! That will forever baffle me………………..

  • June Proffitt Bullock

    mark of the beast I refuse to take it over my dead body

  • overmydeadbody

    ill die before I let someone micro chip me. This is why I don’t get shots at the doctor

  • overmydeadbody

    Obama is writing a new chapter for Hitler. Mein Kampf Vol. 2. The Fall of America. Impeach that POS! IMPEACH obama bin laden

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  • Fed up

    You know everybody wants to voice there opinion which is great, but that’s all it is. When is someone or everyone going to rise up and make a stand to really do something? We put these people in office and should have the right to remove them. RIGHT. If we continue to let all the law makers due all the bidding then we deserve what we get.
    Just saying..

  • Rey Jaso

    The same forces behind Hitler are the same forces today pulling the strings of BO.

  • ricsands

    Oh come on, they’ve been using RFID chips on newborns for years, they use them to monitor for potential abductions. They clip them to the umbilical cord after it’s cut and remove them at the time of discharge. What’s going to be amazing is the potential of the EHR systems and RFID chips. EHR is already switching to bar codes and cloud based transference. EHR will also be universal in it’s capacity to be transferred. You want to know what’s not amazing? The outrageous price of all this. The regulations pinned a lot of Healthcare facilities to the wall and they are now waiting for those Obama bucks to roll in.

  • Proud_to_be_American


  • bbgirl

    First of all, I will never I mean never let them microcip me, and second of all Jsus Christ is coming back, so people get ready :-)

  • Anthony Gillette

    It is all coming to a head. All prophesied in the Bible. God will soon show His face and those that doubt Him will still reject Him. But in the end “every knee will bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God The Father.”

  • Susan Livingston

    Reaching? Not nearly as far as Big Pharma and the insurance companies will reach in order to make the nightmares come true. Even Dan (above) acknowledges that the chip is for TRACKING – not treatment, not prevention, not diagnosis. Old-style implants kept their tracking data internally to be shared with the supervising physician, not broadcast into the noosphere where it’s vulnerable to terrorists and hackers and simple human error.

  • Raymond Andrews

    You should calm down, take a breath, and read what Dan wrote a little more carefully. Nothing will be broadcast anywhere. It is to track patient records of people who have had medical devices, such as pacemakers, implanted. There is nothing about implanting a tracking device on a person.

  • Susan Livingston

    YUP! Gotta keep people working to generate Obamabucks so they don’t have time to participate in Life as citizens and community members. You can’t even put a pricetag on the cost! I’m heartbroken (again!) to learn about tracking newborns (more extraordinary precautions against unlikely events and profiteering from the misfortune of others) and glad for the resurgence of home births.

  • Susan Livingston

    Okay, the device is installed in the pacemaker which is implanted in the person. Semantics. Tracking goes far beyond recording. Tracking means it’s sending real-time data about every heartbeat TO a database so your doctor’s expensive time can be more efficiently utilized by not having to review your record. Again, my semantic apologies for calling that data transmission a broadcast. Chip or no chip, this is a further move away from health care (treatment, prevention, diagnosis) and toward a fatter corporate bottom line.

  • Raymond Andrews

    It’s not semantics. There is NOTHING installed in the pacemaker. I’m guessing at some point in your life you have been to the doctor. That would mean you have medical records. Are those medical records currently kept on a microchip that has been injected into your body? I’m guess the answers no. They are saying that they will track your medical records, not you, to make sure the product you have implanted or are using fulfills its function. Nothing is sent to a data base. By the way, modern records are already kept on a data base. Every time you go to the doctor everything the doctor tells you, prescribes you, or tests results ordered for you is kept in a computer. Please explain how making sure medical devices function properly is NOT related to health care and leads to a “fatter corporate bottom line.”

  • TheRuleOfLaw

    These are definitely the end-times…

  • Peggie Geiger

    Not trying to verbally attack you, but how would you purpose that we do something, because I believe that everyone here would take action if someone could tell us what it is we need to do. We keep hearing that over and over again, wake up America, take a stand, but know one seems to be able to tell us just how to do that. Allot of us are awake to what is going on, but feel helpless to do anything about it.

  • pete

    Every child born here in at least the last 8 years has had it’s DNA placed on file by the Dept of Health the parents don’t know even though the info is available. Watch our “well meaning” progressives and how they use that data.

  • Susan Livingston

    No, Raymond, the chip does not track medical records. It creates them. It tracks physiological indicators, vital signs. And you’re right – there’s nothing “installed”; the chips are part of the manufacturing process and are essential to the proper functioning of the device. It’s a very small inconvenience or expense to change the means of access to the data being recorded. I used to have a choice about going to the doctor. There’s a world of difference between making health care available and making sick insurance mandatory. I, for one, would prefer that quality control of medical devices be borne by collaboration between user, manufacturer, and professional – stakeholders, in other words. Haven’t we abdicated enough to the corruption and incompetence of government regulation? all very well-intentioned, of course! cf. environmental protection, water quality, land use, education…. WAKE UP!!!

  • Raymond Andrews

    You are wrong on pretty much all accounts. I don’t understand people who will buy everything they are told hook, line and sinker. I’m a Conservative. I retired from the Army after 21 years but you can’t believe everything you are told from either side. I’m definitely against Obamacare because it forces people to buy a product they don’t want so other people can get insurance at a better price and then penalizes you if you don’t get it. Even though my values are Conservative, I support the FDA and the EPA. The reason I support them is because companies have shown time after time that they will put their profits ahead of the health and safety of people and the environment. People need to stop drinking both the red and the blue kool-aid and learn to think critically and for themselves.

  • Mack10

    OR, inside those “flu” shots. I don’t get them either. No microchippin’ for this ole gal..

  • Mack10

    HOW do you know there’s nothing implanted in pacemakers? I, for one, do NOT trust Big Brother and will never “knowingly” get microchiped..

  • Joe Folsom

    Listen….I don’t like the AHCA or the corrupt administration that created it. But…..I also know we need to stick to the facts and not mislead people. It deteriorates our credibility as conservatives and our efforts to to expose this corrupt administration.

    I pulled HR3962, HR4872 & HR3200 and did a search for both “RFID” and “bio-metric device”. No hits. None of this is in the bill. All of this post is fabricated.

  • Beck Sisk

    thus why I dont go to a Dr unless A medical situation cant be handled at home B surgical reasons

  • Raymond Andrews

    Ya got me. I don’t know if anything has been implanted in pacemakers. What I do know is that nothing I have read (the ACA or the FDA information) says anything about making it legal to implant anything into people in order to track their whereabouts or medical history. Is the technology there? Yes. Has the government said it much be done? No.

  • Raymond Andrews

    I definitely agree with you.

  • Crystalline

    It really shows your intelligence when you simply throw out insults with no real substance to your comment. :p

  • Raymond Andrews

    That I do know. Back in the 90s, the Army made it mandatory for every Soldier to give a DNA sample. We were told that the DNA was only going to be used to identify us if no other means of identification were possible. Today, every time a DNA sample from a crime scene is checked in the criminal database, it is also checked against the military DNA on file.

  • Crystalline

    And how exactly do you know this?

  • Crystalline

    Why is everyone bringing religion into this? sheesh.

  • Raymond Andrews

    You would definitely know if a microchip had been injected into your skin. It takes at least an 18 or 16 gauge needle maybe even a 14 gauge. It is not something that can be passed through a typical injection.

  • Raymond Andrews

    It would enter your digestive tract and exit your system.

  • Raymond Andrews

    Because some of them feel they are being “marked” by the “beast” if they receive the chip.

  • JCSmith

    I sure hope so. We are waiting! With such hope. Come Quickly, Lord Jesus.

  • JCSmith

    Because it is NOT religion it is Biblical truth, prophecy. If you want an explanation read the books “Left Behind”.

  • whatitdo

    but nowhere does it state that a class II device is NOT an RFID chip. That’s where the outrage comes from. You think these legislators didn’t think of the potential outcry? They didn’t just conveniently forget to include a further explanation.

  • Fred the Dead

    Yah, it’s only been 2000 years… Any day now… How long before you fools realize that you’ve been “stood up”?

  • Joseph Blanchard

    I said it once,and ill say it Again,weve become a country of talk not action.we all hate whats going on,but not one of us with a voice is doing any thing to stop it.we was once a world power.and now,were made to look like pussy…

  • Raymond Andrews

    So, what are you doing? Maybe I’ll join you.

  • Raymond Andrews

    An infant abduction is more likely than a terrorist attack. I’d be ok with tracking my baby while he or she is in the hospital.

  • Raymond Andrews

    Please take you medicine.

  • Raymond Andrews

    Do you know who Hitler got his idea for his eugenics program from? It was us as in the U.S. In the early 20th century, we were sterilizing people that were deemed mental defectives to ensure the gene pool remained pure. By the way, it didn’t take much to get added to the mental defective list.

  • Johnny Unite-Us

    3rd Continental Congress is considered a terrorist organization. Its not that we aren’t doing anything to stop it, its that we can’t get the momentum because the sheeple are afraid of going to jail…

  • D.B

    The mark of the beast

  • pissed off American

    The President and his ass kissers can can go fuck themselves and kiss my American Puerto Rican Ass!

  • fish87

    As bad as the website is going the chip will prolly kill us

  • fish87

    The mark of the beast 666

  • Ernestine

    I can’t believe you people are falling for this bull…Oh dear Lord help us!

  • Ernestine

    Hey why did you delete my comment…is it because I called you out? this whole article is a lie and you know it stir up the crowd with false information.

  • Ernestine

    Here’s the real facts about your so-called implants, people research the information yourself you will see that this is all Malarkey

    Will the law require all patients to be implanted with microchips?

    No. Nothing like this appears in the new law, or in any of the bills that Congress considered. This claim stems from a wild misinterpretation of a provision in the original House leadership’s bill (H.R. 3200) that did not require implantation of anything, and that was, in any case, not part of the final legislation. The part of the original House leadership’s bill that’s usually referenced to support this rather paranoid claim actually would have set up a registry for class III medical devices and class II devices that are “implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.” The Federal Drug Administration’s classifications determine how much oversight and regulation the device has — class III devices (such as, for example, replacement heart valves or artificial hips) need pre-market FDA approval; class I devices (like x-ray film or tongue depressors) need only general quality controls. Class II devices, which need to meet performance standards but don’t need pre-market approval, cover a wide range — blood pressure cuffs are class II, but so are cerebral shunts. That’s why the bill specified implantable, life-supporting and life-sustaining devices.

    But the bill did not mandate implantable devices of any kind, least of all microchips. Rather, it said that implantable devices will be registered so that physicians can access data about safety and effectiveness in a way that “protects patient privacy and proprietary information.” And again, it didn’t become law.

  • Ernestine

    Then make sure you don’t file for Medicare or Social Security, they are government programs socialism at it’s best.

  • bojo

    I’m not sure what it is or how it works but there is something in the pace makers because my mom has one and she has a device connected to her phone once a week she has to dial a number hold a wand to her chest and it sends info to her Dr. Im guessing like I said not sure how it works.. seems like if they can do it over the phone they could do it via satellite..

  • Susan Livingston

    I’d be okay with providing implants to those who prefer them. I am NOT okay with requiring them. I’d be okay with providing sick insurance to those who want it. I am NOT okay with requiring it. We tread on dangerous grounds when we enact laws to enforce personal preferences as one-size-fits-all requirements. I wasn’t okay with requiring newborns to be issued social security numbers, either. Remember when getting one’s social security number was a sort of rite of passage when entering the workforce?

  • Raymond Andrews

    Tracking babies while they are in the hospital is as much about protecting the hospital from liability as it is protecting the baby from abduction. I’m totally against Obamacare. The reason they want everyone who can afford it to sign up is so those who can’t afford it can be subsidized. How can you claim the kid on your taxes if you don’t have a Social Security number.

  • Susan Livingston

    I listed my kids by name. In case of audit, their birth certificates name me as their mother. They opened their first bank account with my social security number. They got their own social security numbers as pre-teens when they got their first “real” part-time job, as did I, but at a later age since I was female and therefore not so employable when young.

    Peace and Love

    Susan Livingston
    Peace And Nonviolence in Action

  • Burn a Koran a Day

    They won’t care. All the people who refuse to be chipped will die, and all they’ll have left are sheep.

  • Tracy Morehead

    The Mark of The Beast. Read up on it.

  • doctor_dont_thing-so

    bull shit you can kiss my country a_ _ don’t even think about touching my body with dam thing you fricking spy’s

  • He_has_a_plan

    Even if we all came up with the perfect plan to stop
    this, it would fail. It is already written in the Bible.
    It has to happen this way. You cant change destiny.

  • Raymond Andrews

    That was back when Fluffy the family dog was an exemption for tax purposes.

  • CS

    This is a HOAX. I wish they wouldn’t post false stuff just to get people riled up.

  • Rodney Serling

    I cannot believe all you people are this illiterate. Please read the actual document and pages they are referring to and you can see this is extreme BS. Are you people really this paranoid and gullible?

  • PoppySeedPops

    Not everyone is going to be under Obamacare. Some people will have non Obamacare plans. Will those people be exempt from the RFID? There is no way in hell they are putting anything in me

  • Charlie Shumar

    First sign of crackpottery, the author desribes himself as a “licensed preacher and journalist” – who did he get his preaching and journalism licenses from? LOL!

  • bpr

    “beware of anyone who wants to make decisions for you.” Especially when that ‘anyone’ happens to be the government that has your “best” interests at it’s heart. Oh, by the way, they have no heart. Only a desire to control.

  • BoiseBoy

    I also heard you can get computer viruses by using blow dryers.

  • JDH

    Paranoia runs deep in this country. LOL

  • Steve McCabe

    Another myth. Keep hoarding that ammo you paranoid hillbillies.

  • ahabdearab

    We are the government and we are here to help!

  • theundeadtalkinghead

    hahahahah brenda smile for your money shot!

  • justmesally

    Fred the Dead….. you are aptly named.

  • justmesally

    You’ve stated it, and stated it well. Those who believe in this truth, know. Those who don’t will simply come back at you with a snide remark because that is all they have to “fight” with. But no matter what, His word will not return void.

  • justmesally

    I agree with you, Peggie. We can “Facebook” all we want and state our wrath about the purposeful and consistent destruction of this country and everything it stands for. But other than a miracle (which I do believe in, by the way), the only way WE can constructively act is to constantly badger our congressmen. Only the Congress can get rid of this man and his thugs. Unfortunately, a great many Americans are very apathetic and/or ignorant…. and therein lies the problem. The patriotism of days gone by would have men out in the streets at war with this government. Unfortunately, the only “men” out in the streets will be thugs ransacking our homes and businesses before long.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    I have two licences in industrial engineering and high school indian agents are evaluating me in manufacture FICO. Without experience in India, they are coming to the States to destroy it, using the same wrong ideas on our economy, This is the work of the indians working among the global mafias. Other indian fraud. Criminal charges are starting to indians. It is similar what they are doing in IT, they have their own secret societies. They want our money and take our lives. Indian fraud. Indians go home The 666 is starting against Christians, catholics and similars. Latinos against the 666

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  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez The diavolic NSA is getting into the rental cars, GPS of the rental cars. Also they are modified the seats of the car to implant you electromagnetic devices in your back while you are driving. Also they are sending secret agents to your hotel or follow you to do these changes, it is really fast and easy to do it with their technology.Also the radio of the car is arranged in certain way to target you, and insult you when you are turning it on.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    Because of the worst Presidents in the History. Mexico and USA are falling like an Empire, politicians are not the solutions. Definetly worse than Santana Master illuminati of Mexico, partner of Bush, ex-CIA working against mexicans for so long time.

  • CrystalRose

    Read revelations people. I will not allow them to microchip me or my children. We belong to God not the government!

  • KB

    i think there are videos that show people how to use magnets to like short out the chips u may or may not do we that we didn’t get a chip the last time we went for a flu shot?

  • Truelitistnot

    You won’t know.

  • ~Dreamer

    Raymond- if the government can create micro-chips the size of a grain of sand ( nano dust ) why couldn’t it be passed through a typical injection ?
    You only know about or see the grain sized RFID’s because THAT’S ALL THEY WANT YOU TO SEE.
    Try to be a little bit more criminal minded , and you’ll know what they’re up to and have been up to for a very long time.
    US citizens were being injected with a micro-chip over 20 years ago that lost it’s ‘ life span ‘ ( the chip , not human ) after 10 years. They injected it with flu vaccinations.

  • Raymond Andrews

    Scientists have created microchips that small and it is a new technology but just for the sake of argument let’s say that the government does have sand-sized RFID chips that are ready to be used right now. Do you really think that the government would write laws that gave themselves permission to use them in Americans? The answer is NO. They would just do it. You aren’t criminal-minded. You are conspiracy-minded. I never accept anything I am told from either side without verifying the information. So, I looked and found reputable articles about the sand-sized microchip breakthrough. I did not find anything about chips being implanted with the flu shot that wasn’t written by complete whack-job conspiracy theorists. Now, I’m a bit on the paranoid myself thanks to the Iraq War but they go a little above and beyond.

  • Dave Clark
  • Raymond Andrews

    Just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone is not out to get us.

  • Raymond Andrews

    It’s not a hoax so much as a misunderstanding of the meaning behind the words mixed with a little bit of conspiracy theory.

  • notasheeple

    Not one of the HR bills quoted above actually is the law that passed…

  • dan3333333333

    Rather then blab a bunch of flippant ignorance, why don you learn how to spell/write!

  • cobobble

    Are you being sarcastic or are you really that stupid?

  • Reason

    Ok, sooo… Mr. Walker, most notably a “licensed preacher”, is telling us that inside something the size of a grain of rice, (or smaller), is a device that simultaneously gathers and stores data, transmits and receives radio-frequency information, contains a power source(battery) that will last a lifetime, etc. etc….? Oh, and also holds a lethal dose of cyanide, along with a mechanism to release the poison by remote input. Wanna just think this through for a moment?
    Just saying.

  • poet756

    If you notice the microchip was in the House Bill. It didn’t pass. The senate bill passed. It has no microchip provision in it.