Armed Robber’s Family Angry That Good Samaritan Shot Him, Hero “Should Have Just Left” [Video]


The family of an armed robber is angry and lashing out after a Good Samaritan shot him. They believe the hero “should have just left the store”.

Adric White, 18, held an employee of a Family Dollar in Mobile, Alabama at gunpoint when a concealed carry permit holder, who remains anonymous, took action.

The unnamed defender told FOX10 News that he was shopping at the Family Dollar on Stanton road when he saw the masked gunman leading an employee to the front of the store.

“He had the gun to his head. He had him on his knees,” said the man. “I drew my gun on him and I said ‘Hey don’t move.’ At that point he swung around and before he had a chance to aim the gun at me I fired. I didn’t want to shoot him.”

In a FOX10 interview, a family member, who wished to remain unidentified, was angry that White was shot under the circumstances.

“If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him – what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative. “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”

Court records show that White was out on bond for robbing The Original Oyster House at gunpoint  a little more than a month before the Family Dollar robbery.

Mobile police have also arrested Tavoris Moss, 19, as an accomplice to the Family Dollar robbery. The police said that the Good Samaritan who shot White had broken no laws.

White remains in police custody after being treated at USA Medical Center.


  • frank

    – what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative.

    Dear relative, prolly the same ‘right’ what got Adric capped in the first place…dunno, jus’sayin’.

  • Panther Smith

    To the family Go F*** yourself. The person should have been a better shot. Or you should have been a better parent to teach your kid not to rob someone at gunpoint you idiot. Just a thought, but really get a clue teach your kids not to do stupid sh** that will get them shot in the first place. HELLO HELLO anyone home? Is there a brain in that head of there’s????? This is kind of stuff that just pisses me off.

  • Laura Desiree

    OMG, this is sickening.. they “should have just left the store and went wherever”…and just ignore the armed robbery going on in front of them. Good for the Samaritan

  • PCpolicesuck

    “should have minded his own buisiness” stupid IGNORANT TRASH like this family member are what’s wrong with this world today. Only thing that should happen to the guy that shot that PUNK is a reward and some free time at a firing range. Headshot nextime! And God Bless you for Caring about Others and being enough of a man to do the right thing!

  • Allan Phillips

    Same discussion about this topic a few weeks ago. Why does the family think the robber should be spared when he had the employee at gun point? That sounds to me like his/her life was in danger. This is why these youths resort to robbery in the first place, no consequences of they get away. Could you imagine what any “normal” parent would do of their son robbed a store at gun point? I’m sure the last thing they would do is defend the assailant. This entitlement mentality has to stop if this county is going to succeed. Also if the good Samaritan was a white man, which the story doesn’t say, that would be more fuel to the fire. Stupid is as stupid does, always will be.

  • Stephanie Marie Martin

    With a mug like I may have just shot him myself….really good Samaritan should have just walked away and left the poor employee on his knees with a gun to his head…I would have had no problem blasting him….problem is I’ve never had a gun…The robber and his entire family are complete idiots…dad probably gave him the gun and said go get me some cigarettes and scratchies…and while your there get yourself something!! SMFH!

  • DNavyBrat

    To the relative… What gave your punk relative the right to put a gun to anyone’s head!? He apparently picked on the wrong store!

  • echo

    If you don’t want to get punished for it, then don’t do it!!! In this day and age no one any longer knows what a criminal will do! We cannot afford to let criminals get the upper hand! If you don’t want to get shot, then don’t be a criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronald Tankersley

    The Robber is lucky, I would have shot to kill and he would not have a 3rd chance to rob someone yet again.

  • William Oscar Hand

    How stupid can people be. That Thug had a gun pointed at an innocent mans head. In all probability would have killed him. The person who came to the rescue gave him a chance to put down his gun. He replied by turning towards the man to shoot him. The man had every right to defend two lives. His own, and the store employees. Your relative Adric is the one who should have left the store. He had no right to threaten the lives of anyone or for that matter to rob that store. I am pleased that a good citizen stepped in and averted a tragedy.

  • BuzzHigginbotham

    we should start holding some parents responsible, they raised a piece of shit, correction a dead piece of sh*t and what they said in response proves how they are ACCOMPLICES in crime.

  • Bill Harbaugh

    more people should be grateful for this good samaritan if more people got shot pulling off dumb ideas this country could be great again!

  • Timothy Barbieri

    So its okay if your little bastard holds a gun to someones head but its a problem if he gets shot…? file that under to damn bad.

  • Jared

    Let me see now. So let’s say the guy walks away even though he had the means to save these people and they are shot and killed by the scum bag. Now the cops investigate, realise that the guy could have saved them and charge him with manslaughter or even murder because he did nothing. It is a catch twenty two scenario. He chose the fight option to save lives, he is a hero. The Robber is a complete Zero and his family are just scum for thinking they guy should not have helped. I would send them to jail as accessories after the fact, after all, it is their job to teach him right from wrong too.

  • Bill Harbaugh

    Yea really, teach your kids correctly and they would turn out better then a common thug!

  • Steve

    …and THIS is the exact same mind-set that elected, then re-elected the current POSOTUS… any questions?

  • cdreekfreak

    Are you f’n kidding me,for this “person” to say the customer should have just left the store without helping the store employee shows how low some members of our society have fallen…

  • Bill Harbaugh

    goofy welfare trash trying to take it out on someone that follows the law not breaks it!

  • Hal

    He should shot him twice in the chest and once in the head! He would have needed a morgue not a hospital

  • Jonboy

    He black not white lol

  • Jennifer

    I am so shocked at the audacity of this family member!! What gives him the right?? Seriously chick, if a you had been held at gun point in a store would you still want that guy to just get in his car and go wherever? I highly doubt it! How about you apologize to this man for the fact that he had to waste his ammo on YOUR family!?!? Where were you when this punk was growing up? Maybe if you had been a better role model for him he wouldn’t have been HOLDING OTHERS at gunpoint in the first place!
    SMDH at how far out-of-touch some people actually are with reality! When did we stop taking responsibility for our own actions and start blaming the people who saved the day?

  • Straightshooter69

    Some parents should not even BE “parents”…..In any case, he’s probably in a better place!

  • Katfish27

    LMAO………………are u kidding ????????????????? his family should have nothing to say

  • Christopher White

    The best outcome for an armed robbery is for the robber or robbers to be shot dead at the scene by an armed citizen, employee or security guard, with no customers or employees injured, period.

  • Sammi De La Cruz

    Now I see where Adric gets his stupidity from. His family thinks the guy should of just left the store and hoped that Adric would not shoot the store employee. Oh yea that would work, not.

  • Chelsea

    really, if he was putting a gun to someones head and then turning around, i would have shot him, this relative will bring in race im sure next, making it look like this dumba** was in no wrong and a hate crime. If so then sh*t is getting out of hand. This person needs to be shot too…yes a robber is going to let me go out of the store while he is robbing it and allow me to call the police so he can go back to jail….yeah im sure all the ARMED robbers will do that.

  • Michael Miller

    He should have made that shot count, rid the world of dangerous felons.

  • Skip

    Why didn’t he kill that piece of sh*t? This is why I carry Hornady Critical Defense in my gun. His family should be happy it wasn’t me or they would be burying his pieces.

  • Nick Belcher

    Guy did the right thing. No he shouldn’t have just left and “went to his car or whatever”, he did exactly what he was suppose to do, defend those that couldn’t defend themselves. Don’t like getting shot? Don’t commit armed robbery.

  • Obama’s Son

    I would have just put five rounds into his back. Or lined up a head shot again not saying a fucking word first. Anyone holding a gun to a store clerks head is an enemy combatant in my book and should be dealt with as such. For anyone that wants to say we arent at war, I think you need to wake up.

  • Retired Disabled Veteran

    Yea considering he was out on bond for a “Armed Robbery” of The Original Oyster House a little more than a month before to this armed robbery. What’s to say he would have let the man leave the store anyway had he seen him in the first place.

  • MmeMoxie

    Stupid is … As stupid does.

  • Retired Disabled Veteran

    Amen Jennifer my sentiments exactly.

  • Shane

    Just another dumb well you know. Why didn’t your family member just get a job? He’s lucky the Good Samaritan didn’t put one in his head. Good job Good Samaritan!

  • musaxeman

    WOW, You are SO RIGHT, with everything you said.—–Thank You!!!—The sad part, for Good People Like You and I, is the sorry Fact that the so-called family member is Lacking a brain. “just go to your car, and go away”?, or something as such??—Gee Wiz,—-When I see something “going down”, that is as Evil as this, (putting a gun to the head of another, in order to ROB MONEY) I Do The Same Thing. I’ve saved before, I’ll ALWAYS Do it. Even if it costs Me My Life.—We Have to start somewhere.—–I can’t stand for anymore violence.—–One last thing: Without a gun, in the hand of a Good person, we are ALL Victims, waiting to happen!!!—Too bad the perp., did not die, for he is evil and will do it again. We live in dangerous times, and the Gun Issue ONLY Makes sense, when it is in the hands of the Good Men & Woman out there!!!—Be Safe, and Watch your Back!!!

  • musaxeman

    Bless You, for your words are SPOT ON!!!!!—–(Love your wacky picture, you must be a rock-n-roller??))

  • musaxeman

    SPOT ON!!! Thank You!!!

  • musaxeman


  • Retired Disabled Veteran

    Agree Bill, raised mine that way and my son is a Ford mechanic and my daughter is studying to be an Engineer in college.

  • jane

    wow so the good guy should of just left while the thug had the store worker on his knees with a gun on him. is that idiot for real? news flash moron family member be lucky your thug brat is not dead. why are you really so pissed about? that he didnt get the money and bring it home to your sorry lazy ass? teach your kids respect and stop all the hate raising. we do not live in the 1700s anymore. just like an illiterate undomisticated idiot to say something like that

  • musaxeman

    THANK YOU TOO, FOR ALL THE WORDS, THAT SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!—One thing that I’ve noticed, (and I don’t think I’m alone here) has anyone ever noticed, that 98% of these kind of thugs, are SO UGLY!!!???—-I may seem twisted here, but I do believe that BAD PEOPLE, the kind we are talking about, can do ONE good thing in their lives: BECOME FERTILIZER FOR TREES IN THE FOREST!!!

  • Edward R Cover

    I would have shot him in the head so he won’t rob anyone else

  • Suezq

    This punk should have walked away instead of using threats with a deadly weapon to try to rob someone, he deserved what he got. Had the person not been there to shoot this POS more innocent people might have been hurt. As far as what his family thinks?? Are you stupid??? Maybe if you worried half so much before this happened, this creep would NOT have attempted what he was attempting…while out on bond for doing something similar…

  • Brandon Micheal Clary

    He was well in his rights to shoot the armed suspected. Good job.

  • Bill Berger

    The law should arrest those family members who made that statement, on domestic terror charges, and REMOVE them from any and all Govt. social services benefits they are stealing from taxpayers.

  • Charles Reed

    what if it was one of them that had the gun to there head would they want that person to just leave the store or would they wont them to help them.

  • RavenWolf_LDR

    That relative just wanted the Good Samaritan to WALK out the front door past an ARMED gun man who was already at the front with the clerk who had the gun to their head?? Now someone please help this relative do the math. Armed gun man + robbery in progress + hostage clerk + unknown customer trying to walk past said armed gun man = equals two dead innocent people and their dumbass robber going to prison for DOUBLE murder! Yep, that seems like the right simple math to me. Obviously these relatives who are saying this are as much of dumbasses as the robber and probably liberal anti-gun activists as well. Also, I don’t want to seem racist, but anyone else notice that the ones who cry out this kind of BS are of colored skin and not of any other nationality?? Think about it, if it was our relative doing this we would all be looking at his ass saying, “You should be glad the man was a poor shot! I would’ve made it hurt worse plus put my foot up your ass!”

  • Bill Harbaugh

    That is great example. My son is still in school and doing great and my daughter is in the Army reserves and going to college also!

  • FFighters of America

    Tell the family their lucky I wasn’t shooting at him because he wouldn’t be alive

  • David Platt

    hahahahaha You f’in idiot, this played out the way it should whenever one of you scum do things like this. hehehe I’ll be he was surprised when some one pulled the trigger on him.

  • David Platt

    That family member that’s so pissed of he can’t make sense probably would have benefited from the loot. That’s why the Samaritan should have “just walked out” What a freaking joke.

  • David Platt

    lol, right on!

  • David Platt

    Far as I’m concerned, they sent him on the mission.

  • Donald Sanver

    pity he didn’t kill him

  • LD

    this should be a message to all parents, you don’t want your kids shot, teach them not to be a scumbag criminal who go around trying to rob people. theres an old saying you live by the gun you die by the gun.

  • RGP

    Anyone in the family complaining about this is likely the one who lost the coin toss deciding who would rob the store.

  • lizzitish

    There are a lot more of those “Adric’s” out there. Maybe it is about time those with carry permits, who are armed, to take out these creeps, permanently. No more warnings. Just do it.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    This was so disappointing I made the mistake of assuming that he killed the guy and instead the taxpayers are now having to shoulder the burden of him being in the hospital and then housing him in jail for however long.
    Someone out there that reads this will know him or know someone in his family, I implore you to tell them that this worthless piece of shit will never be worth $1 for the rest of his life PLEASE have him get a vasectomy, and tell the relative that was on the phone to get her tubes tied ASAP. Without a doubt she already has 3 or more kids, probably from 3 or more different baby daddies. The whole family is obviously a pack of animals. Kudos for shooting him dude, next time please, PLEASE finish the job.

  • Kristie Go Broncos Underwood

    Are you serious! just leave the store LMFAO! what dumba$$e$ … teach your son right he deserved to be shot! I hope one day you family members are being held at gun point and the person that could have saved you just goes back to his car and leaves! dumbshit$

  • Diamanical Johnson

    That’s one of the biggest problems with these stupid chimps. They have the no snitch, mind your business mentality and think that they all should be allowed to do whatever the hell they want to do, whenever they want to do it and if you are not getting hit by the feces they fling around then you should just mind your own business. The police can never get any cooperation out of them, but when there is a problem and the police can’t solve it, then the police are neglecting the area because of the color of their skin, well that couldn’t be further from the truth, the police give the area second class treatment because the inhabitants insist on being niggers instead of people.

  • musaxeman

    You are so VOID of Logic, and WHAT LOOT can anyone get from a “Dollar Store”?????—-a low life NEGRO looking to make the BIG TIME at a discount store, by putting a gun to the head of the cashier???—-You MUST be as F@@KED as the JackAss who took one!—Too Bad, it wasn’t a fatal shot. You, d.platt, should be the next person to be dragged out, with some jig shoving a gun in your temple, you are SCUM-Void of Logic, and without a doubt, Very Uneducated!!! call a cop!!!!

  • D674

    How can this even be justified ! Good for him ( the customer) ! He deserves a medal , if he didnt step in people could had died due to some dumbass that already had charges for the same kind of crime ! Mom should have taught him better then be a POS !

  • William Kohler

    I think the only thing the relative failed to realize is he did it before and he will keep doing it again and again until he is put down. The only thing I have against the customer that shot him is he didn’t make it a head shot and make it a permanent withdrawal from crime. My hats off to the customer and thanks.

  • PCpolicesuck

    Captain Spaulding is a very disturbed clown lol and I actually have quiet an eclectic ear but many wouldn’t think I like anything from Mendelssohn to The Platters But I have been told I fit the rocker catagories hehehe Back before I had tattoos, yeah, I guess rocker type, Happy Thanksgiving!

  • PCpolicesuck

    Captain Spaulding is a very disturbed clown lol and I actually have quiet an eclectic ear but many wouldn’t think I like anything from Mendelssohn to The Platters But I have been told I fit the rocker catagories hehehe Back before I had tattoos, yeah, I guess rocker type, Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Richard Maloney

    the good samaritan should have blown your sweet lil ones head off. The fucker had a loaded gun to a persons head committing a crime….. what part of that is not wrong in your sick mind????
    and his picture says it all, arrogant, and ready for some up close and personal time in prison…. if a person commits a robbery with a gun they should be locked up. double the jail time and not in a cosy padded cell. make them work to earn the right to wifi and tv

  • 67anarchy .

    and this is why every fine citizen of these untied states should be legally allowed to pack heat and use it. let’s take care of our own

  • Tyler Marchand

    Your family member was threatening to shoot people. Society instantly shunned him and gives zero fucks once he did that. Good thing somone stopped him before he seriously hurt or killed someone. Rot in prison.

  • Robert Kunsman

    watch this scumbag and his family try to sue should have gone for the head shot they have no clue about the rules for a justified shooting by a civilian

  • Nancy Rutledge

    My husband is a cop. They never prevent the crime, they arrest people after the crime is committed. The good Samaritan was right. We as a society cannot tolerate this kind of behavior.

  • Nullzip

    the most tragic part of this story is that white survived!

  • Diana Drake

    Same old bullshit comment from the family, “Ardic is a good boy!”

  • John Lepper

    The hero only made one mistake, he didn’t shoot the other one also.

  • Tmysze

    Musaxeman You are an idiot tard! You would have walked out and probably would have pissed your pants you liberal scum bucket! Yeah call the police so when they arrive ten minutes later at least they’ll be there to mob up the poor workers brains off the floor! You and people alike are cowards and have no real human dignity about what human life is supposed to do for each other! Idiot! I will remember your name in case I ever see you with some guy holding a gun at your head and remind you of your stupidly and then walk out!

  • Ron W Smith

    Do you really think that your POS relative would simply let someone just walk out of a store while he was holding a gun to the head of an innocent victim? Too bad he didn’t shoot off his nuts so that he could not reproduce.

  • Larry Cowden

    Awkward , guess that relative was missing her share of the holdup. Typical. N——- attitude! Illegal for anyone to interfere with them while they’re committing a crime! He got what he deserved! A quick bullet before he had a chance to kill anyone.

  • jeff

    he is dam luck i wasnt the one shooting his scumbag ass. i carry a 45 loaded with mankillers he would have been dead end of discussion.

  • Brian Pierce

    Hey that could of been Obama son again, out doing what he does out on bond for another robbery, good for the person with the conceal carry permit. There is no telling it the guy that was robbing the place would of killed the store clerk or not, But when you do things like this be prepared if someone takes you deadly serious. I hope they didn’t think he was joking because if it would of been a policeman that shot the guy he would of been just as dead.

  • D A

    If it had been me , I would have shot him..DEAD. Plain & Simple. I am assuming the parents already knew how stupid there interview was because of the demand that it not be played.

  • gingerb

    exactly, if that idiot relative of his (whoever she was)..thinks the good samaritan was brain there. guess she would feel the same way…if she on here knees with a gun pointed at her head. what a moron!!! man did the right doubt about it!!!!!

  • Janeen Alley

    Ha ha ha ha ha! the crook just what he had coming to him! Damn shame he let him live! Next time AIM HIGHER! That mother should be ashamed of herself! Look at the kind of TRASH SHE RAISED! Honey you cannot fix stupid. Your son & you are stupid, you are stuck! Hope he gets to reflect for the next 25 years for what he has done!

  • Brian Pierce

    To the family, maybe it could of been your father or mother or daughter that had the store clerks job, would you of wanted someone just to ignore it and walk out? If you said yes your just ignorant. I would want someone anyone. If the guy that was robbing the place wanted money so bad, why didn’t he just rob a family member so he wouldn’t of got shot, That’s sarcasim because I know family members will shoot you just the same.

  • gingerb

    yes, they would… would be no one else’s business! geez…that lady is a goofball…and pretty darned stupid.

  • scott

    I am waiting to see how long it takes for Al and Jessie to show up

  • tailpipe05 .



  • Anonymous

    “If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a
    gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him – what gives him the right
    to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative. “You
    should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your
    car or whatever.” Yes what gives the thief the right to hold the customer at gunpoint? He should have just left the tore and went wherever he had to go in his car or whatever. Logic ????

  • leftheart

    no your idiot child should of stayed home or search for a job.. if you try and break the law you will get hurt!

  • kim b



    Really should have gone on and do what” he need to do” idiot mom who has idiot son who died the way he lived. Ok then., 911 Bitch is the answer and then shoot.


    And also why is there bond for violent charges. Judicial system is getting us killed.

  • A.D. Hopkins

    Robber had a gun to the employee’s head, which is intended to make the employee think robber is going to shoot him in the head, and robber may well have intended to do so. If the concealed weapon permit-holder had waited any longer to intervene, robber might have murdered the employee. Even so, permit-holder didn’t shoot the robber cold turkey but gave him the chance to not get shot. Instead, the robber turned to shoot the permit-holder, and the permit-holder fired in self-defense. Any cop would have shot the robber at that point (and his duty would have required the policeman to do so) if not before. The robber and his relatives can count themselves fortunate that permit-holder either wasn’t a real good shot or WAS a good shot and showed the robber a little mercy that he perhaps didn’t deserve.

  • Greg Scott


  • Diamanical Johnson

    Not gonna happen. The shooter, judging by his dialect was black, he may not have been but I’d bet that he was. Black on Black violence has never even made either of those 2 chimps bat an eye. This was a (presumably) black man shooting another in self defense. Al not Jesse either one will fling any feces into this.

  • weak

    This is the reason, that Parents should be Mophandled! W.T.F! He should have went on His way? You should have raised a Better Son!

  • AintMizBahavin

    phuck this family.. if this raggedy ass itch had of been raised with some morals and integrity he wouldnt have gotten shot…. you’re lucky he’s alive. its obvious this family is inbred. the hero should have went on his way? YOUR RELATIVE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A JOB ITCHB. but it isnt hard to see where his lack of education and intelligence comes from….

  • Big momma

    Wish there were more people like that guy who saved family dollar employes and God bless him :) He a Hero

  • crazy farm girl

    Hey You idiots,,, raise your kids to understand that what is not theirs they may not steal… then they will not rob hard working folks,, and hard working folks wont have to put them down like the rabid dogs they are. Just a thought! Martin Luther King is ROLLING in his grave~!

  • Ross A Lloyd

    Getting to the point in Obama’s America that being a black criminal or Muslim means you are above all laws…

  • Salena Rose Alfaro

    If the victum was a black person or one of their family they would want someone to help them,and would be thanking the samaritian

  • baddab

    To the family of the dumbass robber…be glad he was not carried out in a body bag!!!! Those of yrs with concealed carry don’t want to shoot someone but in times where someone’s life is at stake…and the employees was~gun at his head and on his knees in execution position….your sorry excuse of a son just sent from lethal injection candidate to 20 to life at tax payers expense

  • Prince Nelson Yiga

    Amazing family member who I think should be checked out for too being a robber. What a state,ent from a stupid fella or fellow in the Robbery World.

  • baddab

    Tmysze….go back into the hole you crawled of and keep drinking that nobama koolade…..

  • baddab

    Its typical of the race…look at the news and its always the mother coming out along with the black church leaders saying the accusations are wrong…this boy would never do that…YET IN EVERY CASE THE black boy is either caught red handed or with the evidence of his crime in his possession…..

  • baddab

    Back shots will get you arrested because they would say he is leaving the scene at which point our responsibility to stop the crime as a citizen with a Concealed carry permit stops

  • BeachCityCountryGirl

    The most disappointing part of this story is that this loser’s statement making family member didn’t also get a bullet.

  • unkilldoo

    Obviously he missed his target the scum is still alive.

  • Andrew Huddleston

    The family needs to pay for the terd’s hospitalization. Yeah, right–as responsible as they’ve been with him–“he needs help,” to them, means someone else has to help him of course.

  • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

    I’m concealed carrier myself and if I walked in and saw this, I’d do the same . The first thing that would come to mind if I saw this was that the robber intended to kill this person, execution style and if I just walked away and he killed the store worker, it would be very hard to sleep at night.

  • David J Winters

    Although I agree with your pov somewhat but you have to be careful not to end up in jail or be sued over shooting a criminal, because they have more rights than law abiding citizens do. Sorry just a fact.

  • cjstarr36

    baddab “^^^” That is not a true statment!!! baddab maybe you need to read the article
    again. It clearly states that the suspect turned to shoot the good samaritan.
    If someone with a firearm is turning around to engage you you have the right to defend yourself from that point on…..

  • David Platt

    I was being sarcastic. And my name and number are in the book if you feel strong enough. You dumb ass bastard. Fuckin’ hillbilly.

  • baddab

    Cjstarr36…you need to read the ENTIRE comment I was commenting on…my comment was based on the comment from obamas son who stated “I WOULD JUST PUT 5 ROUNDS IN HIS BACK……AND NOT SAID A WORD FIRST”. Cjstarr36 a concealed carry permit does not authorize you to just make a shot like that, much less 5 shots in the back unannounced…nor does it allow you to pursue an assailant and shoot them down…by making a back shot without alerting him you are there it could be construed by some that the assailant was leaving the scene of the crime…so now cjstarr36 FULLY understand the basis of a comment before you interject a fact…Obamas son was merely commenting that he would sneak up and open fire multiple timed in the back…

  • shaunthebrummie

    another reason for segregation…

  • Ruth May Cothron

    Too bad he wasn’t killed….thug that he is,

  • Jack Chipley

    This armed robber should have been still in jail from the first armed robbery the guy who shot him should have done a better job!

  • cjstarr36

    baddab thats your oponion and thats fine. You warn the suspect with the gun to the back of somes head, as for me they would be history. All I’m going to tell you and anyone else is; If you have a gun to the back of someones head and your intent is to rob or cause bodily harm to that person or any others and I have the chance to take you out I will.Unlike the good samaritan that told him to drop his gun and gave the POS the opportunity to turn and engage him he would not have been as lucky with me or 90% of others that would have been there. The one thing you learn in battle is to never give your enemy the opportunity to fire that first shot. In any conflict the objective is to walk away alive…..

  • Lonnie Harbaugh

    one shot to the head,everyone goes back to shopping,thug goes in the trash where he belongs. good day in america.

  • olddoc.

    Chances are that the scum bag was just carrying on a family tradition of criminal behavior. I have seen two good thieves, one was dead, the other was taking his last couple of breaths.

  • karmafindsherway

    Should of aimed right between his for his family karmas a bitch aint it…he deserved to die

  • coachbrian

    How dare that armed citizen shoot my armed robbing thug son!

  • savant

    Don’t matter what the guy looked like, he deserved to get plugged.

  • DS

    I think you should have stayed in school, your reading comprehension isn’t as good as you think. You probably get mad reading cereal boxes, right? I hope none of these words were too big for you. (Nice language from a racist nit-wit)

  • houseone

    The family are idiots. Their son had that employee on his knees with a gun pointing to his head. He got what he deserved. Should have raised their kid not to steal and not to threaten someone with a gun.

  • Noneedtoknow

    Seriously… leave the store?? “Hey Mr Robber, I’m just going to go on my merry way, have a good one!” Yea… cause that’s how it works. How stupid are you people!? I applaud the CCW guy. That is what the 2nd amendment is all about, amongst other things.

  • Stephen Legette


  • Julia Thurlow

    LOL. No.

  • Memento Mori

    Given the inherent risks, and penalties involved in an armed robbery, this kid sets the bar pretty low….An oyster bar and a Dollar Store? Really? 10 or 15 years, sleeping and playing with some grown up criminals in prison will help these boys set some real goals for when they are eventually released by some liberal parole board…..

  • Stephen Legette

    That Ain’t a Negro, He is a Fucking Nigger. YES I SAID NIGGER, He proved it with his actions. Dumb-ass out on Bond and Robs another Business Lucky He is Not 6ft under.


    Adric got what was coming to him.

  • Scott Sayles

    the good guy sounds kind of familiar

  • Conservative Lifer

    Too bad the good samaritan didn’t take care of this mess once and for all.

  • ChicoNLysette4Eva

    You live by the Gun you die by it and the family wants the customer to walk by him you think he would’ve been accommodating to a witness smh sometimes in people’s grief they are thinking of all options to have their family member still here so I will just believe they are hurting and looking for relief and a reason to blame praying for the family

  • james

    F#*k this dude! What about the people fearing for their lives, but I guess this poor example of a young American man has the right to rob a store at gun point.
    I would like to offer shooting lessons to this HERO.

  • FallenHeros

    Burn in hell!

  • FallenHeros

    Adric White that is!

  • Paul Cote

    Chris Rock was right, “there are two types of black people… regular black people and niggers. Niggers just ruin it for everyone.” Niggers commit armed robbery while holding an innocent hostage. A niggers family (niggers themselves) make such excuses for their hoodlum son.

    I applaud the good Samaritan’s clear thinking in a time of crisis. He did not panic and he did not use excessive force. Though I am sure that there are many that would have congratulated him if he had killed Adric White.

    I know that I would have taken the head shot.

  • Angel10672

    Or maybe the discount store has TONS of cash on hand (source: I work in one). People pay with cash a lot in these stores. Also, for someone so willing to point out someone “VOID of Logic”…where the hell is your logic when you randomly decide to capitalize letters? I simply cannot take an idiot seriously, and you sir, are an idiot.

  • AngryCountryBoy

    To you self-imposed victims (supporters of free crime)

    Get used to it. The Millions of us being singled out by your youth, your gangs, your criminal activities…we have had enough.

    You are either a Sheep or Sheepdog (taking care of the flock) and criminals such as this are the Wolves.


  • baddab

    Cjstarr36…if you are properly permitted and trained in CCW then you know there are rules and responsibilities you must adhear to….otherwise you are no different than the criminal…think about it…you shoot someone in the back and his finger is on the trigger…he is hit and squeezes the trigger….YOU my friend just killed the innocent victim!!!!!!!

  • musaxeman

    Meet me face-to-face, Coward, and find out what happens. You are dealing with an Unknown Quantity. IF, you were smart or IF you can read, figure out, that I’m on the side of the Good guy, with the Stones, who shot the scum-bag. That Man, has the stones you are lacking. Go back, READ my posts, then return to your “peter-puffing”

  • musaxeman

    Oh REALLY NOW, Big words, from a Lame Ass Punk.—You even misspelled a word,—
    Uneducated, or just plain Stupid???—-BOTH!!!—Hillbilly, No, but I know a few, and they are Very Good with a Blade!!! Your so-called sarcastic remark was placed in the wrong location. Perhaps you should try “Stand-Up Comedy”???

  • Retta

    You and me both Panther Smith,,,seriously,,,2 armed robberies in less than a month?? The employee isdown on his knees,with a gun pointed at his head and these idiots think the samaratin should’ve left??? Wow!!! I think its a shame it didnt kill him and save the state the time,trouble and expense of a trial. What horrible people they are

  • musaxeman

    Stephen, You are Correct.—I only use that word, (Negro) because Facebook has “banned” me for 24 hours about 6-7 times now, because I used the Perfect Definition of what “it” is!!!—I’m thinking that here, on Disqus, they are more tolerant of the First Amendment!!! As you know, “they” even get Riled Up when someone says NEGRO, yet that is the word, in Websters Dictionary!!!—Once I was at “Speakers Corner”, in London. Some Monkey was standing on a box, Blabbing away, about how the English were treating All his “Black” brothers. How they were being repressed, etc. An older English woman Shouted out: “You’re Not Black, You’re Brown, Brown Like Shit, GET OUT”!!!!! I’ll Never Forget That Day!!!!!

  • musaxeman

    I EVEN injoy, reading CRAP, from the A-Holes, LIKE YOU!!!—Happy Thanksgiving, and have a TURD sandwich!!! (I often, by typing too fast, hit the caps key. So what’s all the fuss??? Caps also, allow a little bit of “inflection” to any Post!!! GROW UP JERKOID!!!)

  • Retta

    They just misunderstood what you wrote honey,, I read it and understood that you were agreeing with them and was on the same side. Sorry it upset u but stories like this makes good ppls blood boil,,as it should

  • musaxeman

    OH, Let’s See Here, does DS Stand for “DIP-SHIT”???—You already know how to F@@K Yourself, so get busy, time is running out . GET it all, while you can. Happy Thanksgiving, “Jive-Ass-Turkey, that you are”!!!

  • musaxeman

    Thank You for your words.—You know, as I do, what the truth is.—However, when a response comes in, and someone try’s to upset me, I actually become amused,—but retort with Foul Language.—I always feel better to “Vent” on those kind of people, (who just Don’t Get It) This way, I clear my mind of any anger and go on to have a good day.—Also, You Too, HAVE A GOOD DAY, AND THANKS AGAIN!!!

  • nic

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

  • musaxeman

    You are One Good Guy. I Love your Harley, and wish I could have my own. My broken body compels me to wear several braces. While trying to save six of my Comrades in arms, I took three and almost lost my arm, so I can’t ride anymore. You look happy, so have a Good Thanksgiving and stay safe!!!

  • musaxeman

    TRUTH!!! Thank You!!

  • Tex Dyess

    Musaxeman, if you ever need back up dealing with these low lifes, I got your back!! I aint even hiding my face or name. Come say that shit to my face DS (Dip Shit!!)

  • musaxeman

    David, Yes, this IS a Sad Fact!—I will Never Understand, the “how & why”, this can be!!??—ANY Criminal, especially with a gun pointed at another persons head, should be Shot Dead, if there is No Other Way, to solve the situation.—Then along come the Stinking Liberal Lawyers and the ACLU, and any other Bleeding Heart.—-F@@K these kind along with their distorted minds!!!—I’ll still Take Out the Bad One, if I’m Able. To me, it’s the right thing to do!!–Thank You for your words!!!

  • DS

    Thanks musica$$man…your anger tells me I was right-on with my comments, your childish cuss words are also funny. You have lifted my spirits even more than they were, so Happy Thanksgiving to you! Loved the empty threats you made to DP, key-board warriors really make me laff, (I mis-spelled a word to set you off again). Have fun eating turkey and all until it’s your nap time, bye-bye now.


    Trade your bb gun in for a 1911 45 and save the tax payers a lot of money..and you practiced,,WOW

  • DS

    Tex, your face scares me, do you play a banjo, or just Musicassman’s skin-flute? You two have fun now “backing” each other up, OK? You have scared me off now, get it while you can cause you both act like you’re ready for that nap I’m sure “Mommy” will make you take….you big mouthed loser…

  • DS

    Can’t even get accepted on Facebook where all the cry-babies post their drama…..Bwa-ha-ha-ha…

  • musaxeman

    Thank You, Words Well Spoken.—-As far as this Dip-Shit is concerned, I don’t know why these Losers are Begging for a Walk in the Woods, or some other form of Justice. I would Never Cause somebody to come looking for me, BUT I Don’t take Crap from anyone, the likes of this DS Punk.—So I Tell them what I think even if it goes over their dead brain—I prefer to Help those who need help, just like the guy that had a gun to his head. This shit has Got to End. It will Only happen because of people like You and Me, and any other Man or Woman with the Guts to do so. Instead, we get Limp-Dick Twerps Spouting off “on-line”, yet they are Hiding from Us, and themselves. They Don’t have the Stones to Show Up!!! As a former U.S. Customs Agent, One phone call is all it takes to find where anyone is,—but is it worth it??—Jack-Ass types like Mr. Dip-Shit, wind up “Hanging Themselves” all by their own hand. Have a Good Thanksgiving, and Thank You Again.

  • Tex Dyess

    Again DS you are a Troll. You have no guts. You talk a HUGE GAME Behind a screen. You are a coward and a whiny little brat, and most likely live in your mothers basement. It just so happens I do play a banjo. Whats wrong with that? As far as a skin flute, you need to quit insulting Gays and Lesbians by using their chosen lifestyle as a form of an insult. By default you insult them for their chosen lifestyle by referring to their chosen lifestyle as something bad which you clearly did with your “backing” and “skin-flute” comments. But since you just proved my point, with your response, you clearly have no backbone.

  • Tex Dyess

    You too. May you and your family be blessed this Holiday Season.

  • crimsonjane

    I guess they should have got in their car and driven away so he could shoot the employee. Then the idiot would be on death row. The hero might just have given t this idiot a second chance to do something with his life. He won’t see it that way and he’ll kill someone next time. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • musaxeman

    BIG MISTAKE Mr. DIP-SHIT. You Never should have said that to TEX—I’ll bet 10K, he could break you into pieces. DS, you are a Coward, and if you keep using words about Fags, YOU will end up with a Red-Hot-Poker-Up-Your-Ass, and most likely, you will do it to yourself!!!

  • DS

    You and your buddy are the keyboard commandos on here with your empty threats and bs posturing, I tire of your silly banter and am not entertained anymore by your total ignorance and petty threats…you lack any semblance of class, a word I am sure is without meaning in your miniscule life experience, grow up little boys.

  • DS

    You too little boy, “walk in the woods”, HA, bet your Mommy don’t let you out of the yard! Help those that need help? Not unless they are studying invertebrates! To save you time, that is an animal without a spine, loser.

  • Tex Dyess

    “Tex, your face scares me, do you play a banjo, or just Musicassman’s skin-flute? ” You want to talk class after saying these words? I stick up for someone you verbally attacked and you want to talk class with me? Then attempt to retort with the usage of “BIG WORDS” like “semblance of class”, to insult my intelligence? In response to your “bully’ish” behavior? You sir literally proved that you have absolutely NO CLUE as to what the definition of “Class” is. “You and your buddy are the keyboard commandos on here with your empty threats and bs posturing, I tire of your silly banter and am not entertained anymore by your total ignorance and petty threats…you lack any semblance of class, a word I am sure is without meaning in your miniscule life experience, grow up little boys.” You call me ignorant in this rant, even after misspelling the word minuscule? And you started all this by attacking Musicassman for standing up for his principals! You have a whole lot of unmitigated Gaul to tell us to grow up after blatantly trying to be vile and rude to another person for what ever their view point may be. So grow up, get a job, move out of your moms basement, and take responsibility for your own actions.

  • DS

    Grow up Chris, you’re a puppy still yet, barely with enough life experience to talk face to face with an adult…I tire of your childish antics and I am surprised at your admitting that you don’t use “big words” much, but you recognize them when you see them, huh boy? Get some class…(look it up).

  • musaxeman

    Maybe a little late for a response, as I don’t read every little Load of Crap, from Dingo’s like you all day. BUT, When I said “call a cop”, I meant that You might as well call a cop, for I called you UNEDUCATED!!!—It had NO Reference to the story!!!—Goes to show, that your Lack of comprehension is at fault, “GET IT NOW, Numb-Nuts”?????

  • Threefiftyseven Sig

    It’s just SO much FUN to listen once again, to the blatant, unembarrassed IGNORANCE of the criminal’s family member. Why do they even have to interview these big idiots!!!????? This mentality is what the left leaning politician’s are pandering-to the stupidest kids in the class!!! The dunces!! The criminal types!! It should be unbelievable-but it’s not. You go Good Samaritan, the rest of us know you acted perfectly and responsibly in that situation, as well as MORALLY. Hmmmmmm…..that could be what’s missing from the criminal’s family mentality-morality!!!!

  • Mouse

    I hope he doesn’t recover and dies so that way he won’t do it again.

  • JannaR

    Hero should have just left the store? SERIOUSLY…? Why?… so your thuggy-waste-of-space suppurating-boil-on-the-ass-of-the-world relative could rob and possibly murder someone else? Too bad this HERO didn’t aim to kill. Apparently YOU are as worthless as that piece of sub-human garbage is. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?

  • DLt847

    He got what he deserved and they should be happy he’s alive.

  • Seán

    “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke. to the man who knows right from wrong and stood tall thank you to the family member you are now the definition of “gobshite” .


    Where’d the negro get this attitude of entitlement?


    Cops hate it when you take the law into your own hands, however. Inundating America with drugs was in large part a make-work project for cops. And a necessary step in further communizing America. The first major power grab. The War On Terror was the second. All these things have been on the drawing board for over 100 years, read about it: Using drugs as a legal precedent, cops no longer have to read you your rights. In addition, there is no such thing as illegally obtained evidence anymore. Cops can take whatever they want, introduce it in court, and the “judge” will allow it. The authorities can confiscate your bank accounts and property even before you’ve been found guilty. Reasonable cause is anything they say it is. Instead of observing the checks and balances between the three branches of government that our Forefathers set up, all the branches routinely work together. Further, general warrants, one of the reasons our Forefathers went to war with the British – commonly known as DUI ckeckpoints – have been accepted by the average American useful idiot as perfectly okay. And, I might add, widely applauded by “conservatives” (Reagan), whom you’d think would be the last people to approve, since Real Conservatives are Constitutionalists.


    You can’t say that word, only niggers can. Please refrain or I’ll have no choice but to call that completely, notoriously, ubiased Dept Of “Justice”. Good day.


    How many felchbook groups use the word nigga? “That’s different.” When a nigger uses the term nigger it can’t possibly be racism because racism, by it’s very historical context, is an act The Evil White Devil perpetrates against the largely benevolent, victimized black man. A nigger actually told me that one time. With a straight face. And in all seriousness.


    Isn’t hillbilly a hate term?


    Negroids have robbed stores for very small amounts of cash. There have been a billion stories on it.


    All of you knock it off. The jews’ main objective is to get Gentiles fighting Gentiles. Since their numbers are too small to actually accomplish it on their own. Hence 9/11, where they had to manipulate the stupid among us into murdering the last Muslim holdouts against their planned global communist dictatorship.


    Christians don’t say Holiday Season, we say Merry Christmas. Or, in this case, Happy Thanksgiving, that uniquely American holiday that celebrates Christ-ordained America.

  • Stephanie DeSilva

    Your piece of shit relative got what he deserved…

  • Joe Sills

    I hope this is a wake up call to him showing that someone can kill him if he continues to act this way.

  • Autumn

    “If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him – what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative. “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”
    What gives him the “right” to THINK it’s ok to “just” shoot someone? What gave YOUR family member the right to “think” it was ok just to shoot the clerk if the money was not forthcoming? How was the Good Samaritan to KNOW that your family member would not pull the trigger AS he was spinning around on GS?
    I have read through some of the comments, and obviously I had to quit doing so. This is SO not a story of a Race issue. This is straight up a street thug who thought himself above the law. This is an in your face, the world owes me a handout because I am a young male in a struggling economy needing cash (hey, uh… Adric? SOME of us use Classified Ads and word of mouth tips on getting JOBS).
    I should hope that if I were in that same situation (God forbid), that I ALSO would NOT just get in my car and drive away. I should HOPE that there is still enough Good Will alive and moving in America to keep this kind of trash off the streets.

  • John Unnerstall

    Too Damn Bad the shot didnt go in his little black brain !

    I have good black friends ,but this punk wasnt a black citizen – he was a NIGGER !!

    Thats right … I know how to call a cherry ‘red’ & it doesnt always apply to blacks ,but it definitely applies to him ! It also applies to the relative ,who thought White should have been “left alone”.
    This country is free & should stay that way for ALL & every color !

  • Duplic8tor

    Retards. All of you.

  • Duplic8tor

    What an idiot.

  • Duplic8tor

    Although I carry concealed, I’m not sure what I would do in that situation. However, the family of the idiot that was robbing the place should be shot just for being enablers and stupid as hell.

  • Tex Dyess

    I concur. Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Kal Galath

    America is not christ ordained.

    Methinks you should study history a bit closer. Start with the treaty of tripoli, and move on to the founding father’s personal diaries, letters and notes.

    Another fun fact, christmas is a holiday stolen from pagans celebrating Yule and the winter solstice.. many of the traditional celebrations for ‘christ’s birth’ (which biblical scholars agree was likely in august or september, rather than december), are in fact forbidden, by the bible.
    Particularly the christmas tree and trimming it, which was a pagan rite, and is specifically admonished against, in Jeremiah 10: 2-5.

    Happy holidays fellow human being. I hope you and yours have a wonderful season, in whatever manner you celebrate it.

  • billwhit1357

    The family should be thankful their boy is still alive so that maybe they can change him, if he ever gets out of prison! Apparently, they didn’t do too good a job before, otherwise, he wouldn’t be a wounded scumbag! He deserved what he got, stranger or not! The shooter need to practice more, now taxpayers have to pay for this maggots upkeep. Still, Job Well Done!

  • Elyse

    I hope to God that if someone sees a guy pointing a gun at me that they would take action and help me out… and I bet Aldric’s family would have wanted someone to shoot an armed robber had the gun been pointed at him.
    I have three boys of my own, and as much as it would pain me, if they were to do what Aldric did, I would expect them to get shot, and then I would deal with them when they came home, and it wouldn’t be pretty. Firstly, you should teach your kids better. If they know better, and still made the choice to do bad things, then it’s time to reinforce a lesson in cause and effect. Aldric held a worker at gunpoint which caused a gun holder to fear for the workers life. The effect was having been shot in order to prevent the loss of an innocent life. Them complaining about it is like complaining that an ant bit them whilst they stomped in an ant pile.

  • Larry Alexander

    Typical reaction, I would say……….Thats why the thug was out commiting armed robbery, because of his ghetto family, and their hood mentality……..its pathetic!

  • tom

    we are tired of u and your and from now on we will take our streets back this person should have been killed to do the world a favor now he gets free everything

  • tired

    To the family of Adric White. It’s too bad that they didn’t kill him. Then we wouldn’t have to pay for his incarceration. If he had not been holding a gun to someone’s head he wouldn’t have been shot. It’s people like you who raise these criminals and we are tired of it!!!

  • william wilson

    I agree also musaxeman some people don’t take the time to read and understand a comment all I can say is to bad the shooter didn’t finish this piece of shit off now the taxpayers will surely have to pay for his medical bills maybe some one will get the chance when his family tries to finish his job

  • william wilson

    FAMILY IS AS STUPID AS ADRIC WHITE this was what Forest Gump meant when he said “stupid is as stupid does”

  • Ron Palmieri

    Perhaps his death would bring the severity of his actions home. Its not ok to threaten others. Personally, I would be thankful for a second chance…

  • Punisher 1

    Man your a dumb ass

  • Punisher 1

    Lucky it wasn’t me poor adric wouldn’t be celebrating his 20th

  • LCM☝✊

    This POS lived! Damn it people you have to target practice. Next time…

  • mike marcinanis

    wow the parents actually said that? like should i go out now and hand my hard earned money to this thug without a fight? i mean really now. How do you know that this guy was not going to kill the store clerk? i noticed not even a I am so sorry my son acted out like that. This is a sad world where people think it is normal to commit crimes like this and just let it happen and just walk away and do nothing. the parents are bigger lowlifes than the guy with a gun he learned from the worst. That good samaritan did what any good person would have done. next time that punk may not get so lucky

  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    you talk big. poser. you’re too ignorant for even the reich wing websites. at least you can hide behind your avatar, nancy.

  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

    ― George Carlin

  • Raejean

    When it comes times for someone to defend one of your other family members, I hope your preference of non-interference will be remembered.

  • Autumn

    Not only THAT, Sir, but there was an accomplice. The article clearly states “Mobile police have also arrested Tavoris Moss, 19, as an accomplice to the Family Dollar robbery.”

  • Autumn

    The article clearly states “Mobile police have also arrested Tavoris Moss, 19, as an accomplice to the Family Dollar robbery.” Personally, I do not like those odds.

    What I gain from this article (and honestly it HAS left a few questions, such as: WHERE was the accomplice?) is that the concealed weapon permit holder basically gave the intended murderer two chances, and the third chance is what got him shot. Commendable, as it would imply that he kept a level thought process while trying to save said employee.

    The article does not go in detail as to the chaos that I would assume was going on. I have never heard of a peaceful robbery. It clearly states that the permit holder WATCHED as the employee was lead to the front of the store (where the permit holders “escape”, thus his vehicle, most likely was). WHAT was the robber paying attention to? Most likely his thoughts were on the till (in THIS season, it was more than likely full), and on controlling an extremely frightened individual, and NOT in his surroundings. Just the permit holders movement towards them should have alerted robber, but that was his first chance to back out of his intentions.

    His second chance was when permit holder said “Hey, don’t move.” I liken that to a police officer announcing “Police, Drop your weapon.” In which case, this would be robber had two choices, step back and let it go, or USE the weapon HE had in place at the employee’s head.

    His third chance is why the family members words are called into question (as well they SHOULD be). He WHIRLED around, apparently startled to find another customer in the store, and proceeded to attempt to put said customer in his sights. Permit holder had no choice at that exact moment. His life AND the employees life were now “marked”. From the way this played out, it sounds as if the permit holder aimed to maim, and NOT kill.

    I mean, think about it. IF the robber had shot either ONE of them, he would have HAD to shoot the other. Get rid of the witnesses, right? Never mind the fact that the store itself probably had cameras in strategic places. I ask again, WHERE was would be robbers accomplice?

  • 1nativeamerican

    “If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him – what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” Another stupid statement by an Hussien Obama supporter, he had the gun pointed at a employees head, then turned the gun on a customer with a gun you stupid MFker. Like another incident where the exact thing happened, only it was an off-duty cop. They ask him way he shot the suspect seven times, he replied that’s all I had in the clip.

  • musaxeman

    Thanks, and So True.—Another Sad Fact is, the cost of Incarcerating One Criminal, for one year, could pay for a year in College with money left over for books & supplies!—The money that the tax payers pay, if often money Wasted.

  • musaxeman

    It’s Cindy, a-hole!!!!!


    What’s untrue about my statements? If you can be Man enough to articulate.


    Catholics discovered and claimed America. Puritans and Quakers settled America. Our legal system is based on The Holy Bible: Judges, trial by jury, and the testimonies of two or more witnesses, all biblical. A majority of America’s Founders were Christians. The Constitution is based upon Christian concepts of fairness, mercy, and justice.

    And everyone knows about the Christmas tree. And that Christ was most likely born in a warmer season. But we have to celebrate His birthday sometime, and since we’ll never know exactly when that was, Dec 25th is as good a day as any. It’s better than not celebrating Christ’s birthday at all. Since we celebrate president’s birthdays, and they’re nowhere near as significant as Christ.

    But the most telling sign that America is a Christ-ordained nation is the fact that we’re on the verge of being destroyed for allowing edomites (the synagogue of satan) to turn us away from Christ. The ACLU, the ADL, AIPAC, the Jewish Congress, etc. have been behind ending prayer in schools, the removal of The Ten Commandments from our public buildings and courtrooms, replacing the Christmas nativity scene on the south lawn of the shitehouse with a 40-foot jewish menorrah, removing “IN GOD WE TRUST” from our money, and, most recently, for prohibiting Christian members of the military from spreading the Gospel or even praying to Christ.


    I’ll bet this “guy” couldn’t quote anything from a Gentile.


    Thanks Tex. Keep fighting the good fight.


    These guys can never be Men enough to actually articulate why they disagree. It’s just a kneejerk response that’s been programmed into them by our almost completely jew-controlled media. The same “race” that founded godless communism.

  • Denise Lynn Hemmingway

    The only problem I see with this whole mess is that the Samaritan left White alive. If you fire your weapon to defend someone use that force necessary to stop the attack, but just wounding an assailant leaves you the shooter open to lawsuits by the family of the criminal. In my concealed carry class the instructor told us to be sure that the only one alive to tell the story of what happened is you and anyone you’re defending.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Turd sandwich? lol…

  • Mr. Anonymous

    The Jewish takeover conspiracy is really getting stale. Time for something new.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    “Particularly the christmas tree and trimming it, which was a pagan rite, and is specifically admonished against, in Jeremiah 10: 2-5.”

    Now how could the Bible forbid something that didn’t happen thousands of years after it was written…

  • Guest

    The thugs family members comments, totally explain why he is a criminal. Know this thug nation, you point a gun and innocent people, be prepared to get shot and possibly die!!! America is fed up with your crap. Two to the chest, one to the head is the only way to be certain you have removed the threat.

  • bitcop

    The thugs family members comments, totally explain why he is a criminal. Know this thug nation, you point a gun at innocent people, be prepared to get shot and possibly die!!! America is fed up with your crap. Two to the chest, one to the head is the only way to be certain you have removed the threat.

  • Jennifer Weare

    Wow some people are just to ignorant for words…Its just too bad the good guy wasn’t a better shot and just saved the good taxpayers some $$ on housing this habitual criminal. Oh wait everyone, it wasn’t this dumba$$ criminals fault, it’s society’s fault for his circumstances, see his 1st grade teacher didn’t call on him enough in class, or didn’t he get enough hugs as a kid, now hold on, what did we as a society not do that caused this particular dumbass to become a criminal…hmm?! Well regardless of what we did, his actions are our fault, not his!


    It’s gone way beyond theory, girlfriend. Don’t be a typical jewlcker and comment on the research until you’ve actually read it. It just makes you look doltish. And nice try with the buzzwords. If a dead man was lying in the street surrounded by mafia, you’d think the mafia had nothing to do with it? So it is with 9/11. Jews were present from the top down. The WTC owner. The guy who hurriedly hauled away the debris to a China and India. The arline traffic controller. The head of the CIA. The flight school where mossad’s Muslim employees were trained. The 9/11 commissioners. The judges who blocked the victims’ families from taking a closer look at the evidence. And who classified everything having to do with the five israelis who were high-fiving each other, who were arrested with cash, explosives, and maps of the area. Anything who knows anything about communism knows that was a well-worn communist strategy – to classify under “national security” anything that might incriminate them. And the jews administered the Soviet Union, they’re now using communist tactics right here in America. Show me a statement where Comintern changed its mind about taking over the entire world. Plus …nobody but jews have benefited from the Iraqi and Afghani oil AND HEROIN. Are they selling that oil to Red China so China will overtake American as the number one superpower? I believe that’s what’s happening. There’s a reason jews have been expelled from over 100 countries throughout history. They will never be a Gentile’s friend. Never. Right up to Armageddon.


    What happened to the other two bullets?


    It will be a glorious day when America’s made upright and the criminals that control our economy, our media, and our legal system have been either exiled or executed. Along with their useful idiots.


    They not only raise them, they teach them from the time they’re three years old that we owe them something. A black neighbor of mine encouraged his kid to call me every kind of racist name. And to swear at me. Every dirty name in the book. I’ve never seen a White Man do that.

  • David Platt

    No, I’m dead on. shit for brains. That’s actually how stupid criminals are.And yes, they would beat a man in the street for a dollar, so he can take back “the loot” for his family to get high on. Yea, from a dollar store. That’s how low life they are. fuck’n brain dead sympathizer.

  • David Platt

    And you need more education. What irony. You calling Dean a dumbass

  • David Platt

    He isn’t!

  • David Platt

    Big talk for a keyboard. lol

  • David Platt

    Ok, I realize I used the wrong word. Does’t make you any less of a pos. Perhaps you should play “lets go to hell”, and you can win. You fucking puke

  • Guest

    Thank you Angel, I don’t know why they let 14 year olds to have a facebook account.

  • David Platt

    Thank you for your support Angel. I was wrong using the term hill billies. But at least you had the brains to understand what I was trying to say.

  • David Platt

    Say what exactly?

  • David Platt

    You should quit trying to make yourself out to be the good guy. You’re a blowhole. I’ll bet you cant even remember what this post is about.

  • David Platt

    Don’t lose any sleep over these pukes. Not worth it.

  • LCM☝✊

    His family taught him how to rob like that, it’s passed down like black hate.

  • Mr. Anonymous



    This braindead idiot didn’t make it past the first sentence. Most useful idiots have a short attention span.

  • Mr. Anonymous


  • LCM☝✊

    Agreed, we will have a BBQ when the time is right to celebrate. Right now Obama’s approval ratings are falling faster than a Jim Jones follower after a cyanide Kool-Aid drink

  • billy turner

    I hope all you racist dont have children and if you do break the cycle
    .. We got enough uppity white trash that think their shit dont stink. I know I’m teaching my kids they hear someone say any racist comments to knock their teeth out where they stand. There are plenty of whit trash that rob molest and kill…you are not the superior race