Obama Lied Again–Stateside Commissaries Proposed Closure



The Department of Defense’s top financial adviser, Under Secretary of Defense Robert Hale,  and Air Force Lt. Gen. Mark F. Ramsay, director of force structure, resources and assessment for the Joint Staff, have requested a plan to shut down the commissaries on bases that are in the continental U.S. No information is available if this will include Alaska, Hawaii, and bases on U.S. soil but not part of the lower 48 states.

This is a major policy reversal by the Obama Administration.

This is exactly what President Obama said he would not do last summer. President Obama told Marines at Camp Pendleton, Calif., Aug. 7 that closing commissaries is “not how a great nation should be treating its military and military families.” The address by President Obama was an effort to get military families to help him to get Congress to override the sequester and support his proposal. The problem is that President Obama’s proposal required huge tax hikes, which Republicans oppose.

 Hardworking folks are getting furloughed, families getting by on less, fewer ships available for your training exercises, the commissary your families rely on closed a day a week.  We can do better than that.  That’s not how a great nation should be treating its military and military families.

I guess, “do better than that” means to close down the commissaries permanently rather than simply one day a week.

By shutting down nearly 180  stateside commissaries, the DOD could free up $800 million to $900 million annually. While cutting commissaries is perhaps a better solution than base closures, it is noteworthy that the Obama family spent over $1.4 Billion in vacation costs last year. Perhaps the commissaries could be kept open if the Obama family would exercise more restraint in vacation selections?

Just a thought.

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  • Jan C White

    how long can we allow this to take place

  • WitchWay

    The POTUS and family should focus on staying at home and getting some work done – or at least pretend they are working at things. We could save a whole Agency or program or all the Commissaries with just the money they cost to take the trips they made last year. How much is that in five years or by the end of his second term? IF they want vacations let them pay for them.

  • Devil Dog

    I think it costs us more when he’s not on vacation.

  • Tressia Langston

    You have really just made the most sense of any post I have read today

  • Carl Harvey

    Asking the POTUS & family to do anything that might benefit US citizens definitely is not in his agenda. I believe they are too selfish to give up anything even if it is beneficial to the military or their families.

  • Lauren Epperson Moore

    What makes anyone think he actually cares for military and their families? That’s always the FIRST suggestion when it comes to cutting spending. however, I don’t see anything being said about the POTUS cut his frivolous spending, including sending our money to Iran.

  • oldenough2remember

    Another thing that makes everyone mad, but nothing gets done about it. When will we take steps to remove this man who hates our way of life so much that he has to destroy it?????

  • Diamanical Johnson

    If you like your commissary you can keep your commissary, period.
    And in other news. If Obama had a son he’d get shot shoplifting skittles and cough syrup at a commissary.

  • Ariel A Morales

    Someone needs to throw the BS Flag!

  • boomer49

    LOL….you wretched little Koch ho’s will believe anything….whatta bunch of myopic Luddites…..you guys ever meet a black man you WEREN’T scared to death of?

  • Roamin Okie

    only one ,the POTUS!!

  • Roamin Okie

    Shud have been only one I AM scared to death of is the POTUS!!


    He’s trying to disarm us all and getting rid of the respected military leaders. Now making sure the troops are at even more of a disadvantage.