[Watch] TacCon Releases “Bump Fire” Trigger For Your AR-15, As Close As You Get To Legal Full Auto



No the brass flying from a rapid pace is not a fully automatic M-16. It is a rapid fire drop in trigger that fits most standard AR-15 models.

These triggers are a new line of service parts from Tactical Fire Control Incorporated.

Close to an automatic, it uses the gun and inertia to completely accelerate the rate of fire at a hair-trigger in that selection.  While close to similar models sold for the AK and AR type weapons, this one completely selects the pressure to become lighter and uses the recoil of the gun to help accelerate the rapid fire capability, basically as close to fully auto you can get legally.

Its fire rate is slightly slower than fully auto but the statistics show that it is a lot more accurate than a fully automatic burst down the field. According to the web site, even though the 1 to 2 lb “fun mode”, as Guns Save Lives website calls it, it has a full 4.5 lb trigger mode as well for when you don’t need the full burst capacity.

The company says that they will send an ATF approval letter with every trigger purchased. It may be a good idea to put that in a safe place and keep it so that there are no questions that it is not a fully auto gun.

The price tag is yet to be confirmed, but the rumor mill is approximately $495 plus tax. Considering a competition Semi-auto trigger set will cost around $100-$300 dollars,  and the “rapid fire” group that you have to match the stocks for cost between $250-$350, that is not that much bigger of a mark up for a universal AR model trigger.

The best rumor on this trigger, it will be available for Christmas if all goes well. Happy hunting all.

  • Bill Berger

    Honey! I’m home! The freezer is full, I got the entire herd of deer in one clip. ;>)

  • Sam Fulton

    Screw TacCon. i designed an internal bump fire system 3 fucking months ago and was rejected because they didnt want to allow rapid fire modifications that were not visible. this is bullshit. you just wait. im buying one of these when they come out and if you bastards ripped me off so help me god there will be hell to pay. and if they didnt rip me off i want to know why the hell they get to make a rapid fire system that isnt visible but i cant. this smells like some buddys butt buddy at the ATF either fucked me over or gave these guys a special pass. i will be finding out what is going on with this shit.

  • Brian Powers

    Hope you copyrighted your design. I feel for you brother.

  • Brian Reynolds

    One “magazine”–we are not back in WWII with clips any longer; ARs use magazines.

  • Fry

    yes please!