OUTRAGE! 15 Year Old Girl is Stolen Away From Her Parents By Boston Children’s Hospital


Justina Pelletier was a typical teen, who loved to ice skate, laugh, and spend time with her family.  She did however, have medical issues.  She had been diagnosed with  mitochondrial disease, a genetic disease that affects your strength and coordination.    With a couple of complicated surgeries and medicines, she was able to live a normal life.  Then in February of 2013, she came down with the flu.  That is when their nightmare began.

Her parents checked her into Boston Children’s Hospital, where they diagnosed Justina with somatoform disorder.  Somatoform disorder is a mental disorder.  The parents questioned the diagnosis, since she had been doing so well under her previous treatment.  The doctors ordered security to escort Justina’s parents out of the hospital and within four days had a court order removing her from her parent’s care. They are permitted one hour visitation and two twenty-minute phone calls per week.

Dean Hokanson, a West Hartford psychologist, who has treated Justina for the past five years, testified at the first hearing.  After the hearing, he said, “They were actually being accused of being too active in pursuing healthcare  matters for their child.”  If this sounds familiar, it is.  Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s brother and Obama’s Obamacare advisor is quoted as saying, “Some doctors take the Hippocratic oath too seriously.”  Under liberals, you are expected to blindly follow where they lead and emotions and caring have no place in medicine.

Boston Children’s Hospital refused to make a comment for Fox News but discharge documents gave some insight into why the hospital acted as it did:

“Due to concerns regarding Justina’s regressive behavior changes around her  family, the multiple medical procedures and care episodes she has been through …  and both parents’ resistance towards recommended treatment plans for Justina … a  child protection team was convened.”

The family provided proof to Fox that every procedure and medication was sanctioned by her doctor Tufts Medical Center specialist Dr. Mark Korson.  Tufts refused to let Korson speak to the investigative reporters, but her parents, Lou and Linda, showed them a letter from Dr. Korson to their lawyer, “I am dismayed. … It feels like Justina’s treatment team is out to prove the  diagnosis at all costs. … The team has demanded that Justina be removed from the  home. … This represents the most severe and intrusive intervention a patient can  undergo … for a clinical hunch.”

There is nothing else they can do before their next court date, which is December 5th, 2013.

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  • kewee


  • parent

    wtfk is going on they need be processed
    in hll

  • James Justus

    communist bast you know what.

  • Constitutionalist

    Down right pathetic no wonder federal law bans weapons from hospitals. . So they can gey away with this bullsht….

  • Chris Alvarez

    Take my child, I take your life. I don’t give a flying fuck what judge says what. End of story

  • Daniel Sloan Johnson

    How far would this hospital have gotten if the parents had acted in defense that what the hospital was doing was against their religious beliefs?

  • Haveawonderfullife

    Chris, recently in my state, a dog killed a baby while the mother went to the bathroom. The dog had never shown any agressive behavior previously. Needless to say the parents were totally distraught and in disbelief. The father came home and demanded to see his baby. He told the cops that they couldn’t stop him from seeing his child. Well the cops tazed him. I saw a photo of the father…… stunned, in handcuffs, on the ground and sobbing his heart out. It was heart wrenching. The judge may not be able to stop you but the cops, that the judge sends, will. It’s a screwed up world that we’re living in.

  • Jack Reed

    Something serious has to happen here. We cannot allow this to happen. The hospital needs to pay a serious price for their actions.

  • Haveawonderfullife

    Depends upon the state. My daughter had to lie on her college forms that her religious beliefs would not allow her to have a vaccination booster shot. She had a severe allergic reaction to the initial shot.. The pediatrician wouldn’t put the reaction in her records because he said, ‘it could jeapordize the future of the vaccine.” Afterall, that new vaccine was a big money maker. Now states are starting to ban the religious exemption. When that happens in my state then we will be faced with a lawsuit…. to prevent my daughter from having a booster shot that could kill her. We cannot get a medical exemption because there is no proof that she had an allergic reaction.

  • upload

    I would pick my child and walk out with her. If they wanted to stop me, they had better bring a freakin army.

  • Russ

    Welcome to Obamas fundamentally transformed America

  • Sharon Kidwell

    Mass. is horrible for taking children away and this has been going on for years. A woman I met had her son taken away and spent thousand upon thousand of dollars trying to get him back. He had gotten angry at her and told someone she hit him. She was given visiting rights after he was placed in a foster homel however, soon after she was denied even visiting rights. I spoke with her attorney because I did not believe, but sure enough everything she told me was true. This is a sad story, but like I said, Mass. is famous for doing this sort of thing.

  • Justin Martin

    That is why its important to strike first if your under threat.

    “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

    Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  • DoctorInjustice

    There would be some DEAD doctors and a Great News Story on the Evening News – Because I would flip out. You fuck with my family I’ll fuck with yours!

  • Killroy was here


  • Killroy was here

    They also burned people at the stake for witchcraft. Innocent people that never even spoken a spell in their life, and just because they looked too old or acted differently for everyone else, they point and screamed WITCH! Then had a human BBQ. These Doctors are the same and its insane. The only way to beat it is to SUE them and SUE them and SUE them until that can no longer afford to be a doctor, and it does not pay for them to practice medicine or work any where else because they are OWN by the people that sued them—Doctors like these do no belong in Medicine.

  • Fay

    Dec 5 every person in that town with children needs to go to court and demand justice,,, it could be your child next,,,stop it now before it hatches and spreads like roaches,,,

  • Vunderlak

    25 points for quoting Tzu. But really, in this day and age, they do not even expect you to resist this bullshit anymore. And when you do,they are more than willing to drop the hammer on you. I am with you 100%, just know, defying authority is met with deadly force most of the time now.

  • Ron Richmond

    Same here. Hell they took all the Native American kids form thier families way back when and farbade them to even speak thier native toungue. Unfortunaltely this is nothing new.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    If by sue you mean riddle them with bullets then I agree.
    It has gone fr beyond playing nice now, the only answer here is violence.

  • bobfairlane

    Under this regime, you can’t even pick up your kids from school when you want to. (Recently a man was arrested for “disorderly conduct” for telling the cop even what state law allowed him to pick up his children from the school, as the cop denied he could get his children.)

  • ActinUpinTexas

    Elections of any type city, state Federal have consequences. Power. They have it, you don’t…. See. With media outlets you need to out these horrible Dr’s and staff at this hospital…. Name the names, addresses and make sure to go to the white pages and fill out a public survey in great detail. Fight back with everything you got. Hand out flyers at the door to parents so they know entering with your child might not mean you get to leave with your child…. We have ceased being a free nation, better start figuring out who you are supposed to be saluting, and fast!

  • McHale72

    the religious beliefs have to be Muslim or Atheist for liberals to care

  • McHale72

    What needs to happen is the only thing that will work – the next time they have their scheduled weekly visit about 3000 people show up and go to the room and they remove her from the hospital then take her to a state where Boston has no jurisdiction. THEN SUE THE SHIT OUT OF THE HOSPITAL. Cops and security are only useful when they have the upper hand or when the people they are trying to control don’t fight back. As soon as they are out numbered and people ignore them, they run like little girls.

  • Zach

    This is the most biased one sided article I have ever seen. “Under liberals, you are expected to blindly follow where they lead and emotions and caring have no place in medicine.” That statement does not even made sense, we would have the same doctor “under” liberals as we would conservatives. That sentence also has very poor grammar. I prefer news sources that can actually write the English language properly

  • Senry Harrison Kiser

    More of Agenda 21 and Hitler’s “non-productive eaters” policies.