[Watch] Knockout Game Rules Changed by Pistol Packing Victim

433 knockout fire back

Some sound advice is being given in this video from “the Advise Show” on YouTube. It showcases the attempted assault of an innocent man who was just going about his business and the negative effects it can have on the perpetrator who picks the wrong victim. The incident happened this past August 28th, the warning video is new.

An unidentified Lansing, MI, man was waiting to pick up his daughter from the school bus at a bus stop when a local punk thought it would fun to play his favorite, the knock out game. The punk had his own version of the game which involved the use of a stun gun.

Things didn’t go so well for that thug, though, as he pressed it into the side of his selected victim, it malfunctioned. That prompted the victim, who has a concealed carry permit, to open fire with his handgun, striking the perpetrator, Marvel Weaver twice.

The 17-year-old thug, Weaver, is now serving a one year jail sentence, but it could have been worse for him, he could be dead. He’s played this “game” before, this was his 6th or 7th victim. His luck ran out this time, or since he’s still alive, maybe his luck held up.

The video interview with the perpetrator highlights the total lack of compassion and respect for other people who this young offender has. He acts as if labeling what he did as a game makes it okay. He offers an argument for his innocent fun that they didn’t rob anyone, as if that makes it harmless.

One would hope he corrects his outlook over the next 12 months. After that, he’ll be back out among us again. This is just more evidence of the importance of being aware of your surroundings and staying alert.

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  • disqus_7XeFokRE9B

    Shot twice & 12 mths. in clink, seems fair pity it wasnt two head shots.

  • ello

    He’ll be back committing another crime…vic should have had vetter aim.

  • Native

    Too bad he wasn’t killed. THIS ISN’T A GAME. How long are we going to allow these filthy barbarians to get away with this?

  • Manuel Falcon

    Smart guy, don’t want to be the next Zimmerman. Hated for defending yourself.

  • Native

    THIS ISN’T A GAME……….how long are we going to allow these filthy barbarians to get away with this?

  • Manuel Falcon

    If you’ve ever shoot a firearm specially in a situation like this unless you’re a robot your hand will not be 100% steady. You always have to be aware of your surroundings. A headshot is a smaller target bigger chance to miss. Maybe shooting into a house or even killing an innocent bystander.

  • Paul Cote

    It looks as if the “knock out” gamers are all black…am I right?

  • bozzer 52

    He should have shot the SOB!, one less porch monkey to deal with.

  • Lee Williams

    should have taken a HEAD-SHOT…………

  • Patrick Rowe

    Notice how concerned the black guys are for the safety of the “kids”. Notice that the victims are weak appearing whites and Asians? The media just can’t call it racially motivated attacks, My how they would scream if it were whites attacking homosexuals or minorities.

  • Jared

    They are cowards, pick some one weaker and from behind. Try that from the front and see if they are still standing.

  • Terry Brokaw

    brutally assaulting innocent pedestrians is called a game????? Attention all Law Enforcement: I don’t consider this a game, and I don’t like it being refered to as such. Hop scotch, jump rope and tiddly-winks arae games. disgusting and shameful

  • jane

    it is about time one of them punks went up against someone that was packing and regastured to carry. and the idiot govt that says they are watching the net should be taking that crap they record and stick on youtube off. why are they allowed to post that mess. and how to make home made weapons, fk violating the posters rights. that stuff should not be floating around the net. if i was a mother to one of them little punks i would tear their ass’s up for even thinking of playing a game like that.

  • WhiteGuy2

    yea but dont lock your car doors because the president says thats racist.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    So this little thug pussy can’t knock someone out on his own he has to use a stun gun to help.
    This pistol packing hero failed us here though, that stupid chimp should not have been allowed to breathe another day, next time dude unload your clip, bullets are cheap.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    Until the color of their skin turns to white, face it blacks can do whatever they want and when it is wrong it is. “Oh well, he read about slavery and is just lashing out.” None of these little bastards have a clue as to what being judged on the color of their skin is, they are judged solely on how they act.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    The government should be censoring. You serious? You want that retarded baboon in the White House yo decide what you can and can’t watch now that he has wrecked insurance beyond a point where it will ever recover in your and likely the lifetime of your children (in the unfortunate event that you actually have any).

  • Mark Watson

    I wish they would try to Knock me Out.. I got something for them..

  • Jeff Howe

    Aim big, miss small

  • Mark Watson

    Well said sir.

  • Richie

    The black animals need to be put down, just kill them Obama wont stop his animals

  • Mark Watson

    Hey Just Imagine This > the wrong kid Trying to Knock out Some Gangbanger who is like the Top dog or something and they don’t know it , Bahahahahaha

  • Habbibit

    This is what happens when you build a society based on incarcerating everything in site and keeping everyone as poor as possible. People eventually figure out there is no hope so screw it. We’re all responsible for this type of violence and until we all come together to improve society through eliminating poverty and putting education at the top of the to-do list.

  • Marion Lambert


  • FloridaCattleman

    Yeppers, you ARE right.

  • FloridaCattleman

    Two rounds center mass and then double tap the skull !!

  • FloridaCattleman

    MY hand will be steady as a rock, I’m a combat veteran !!

  • FloridaCattleman

    Gee… If they didn’t break the law they wouldn’t be in jail, DUUUUUUH !

  • Brandy Carapezza

    Its not a game..its criminal behavior. ? I wish they would stop calling it a game!!!..itz one of the most cowardly acts of violence!!..Not A GAME

  • bulldog1982

    Yea, they are.

  • Rick Elmore

    There was video of hispanic ones too and I’m sure a few white kids have had their “fun”.

  • Rick Elmore


  • Rick Thompson

    Should have killed the punk

  • chuck

    Cowardly monkeys. I hope you try that on me cause I’ll smash your big lips to the back of your head, monkey !

  • Lynn Fisher Richter

    If Obama had a son he’d look like these guys playing knock out.

  • Keith Martin

    what part of the victim shot the bastard didn’t you read….. we as a nation are tired of their crap and to all the punks out there ….. please come to the forests of Oregon to try that shit…. can you say bear bait?

  • J.J.

    2 shots should have been center mass, then GAME OVER!!!

  • Keith Martin

    My fellow American’s …… from this moment forth if you witness a crime committed against your friends or neighbors get off your asses and do something about it. Its called having a brothers back. We all as the citizens who own the land should get our heads rapped around the idea that we have a duty to protect this land from those who will try to harm those we love. Beat a mugger down then call the cops, don’t just give a description of the guy, hand then over and in need of medical help….. with a lesson learned
    Men if you witness a man hit a woman please bitch slap the shit out of him to show him how it feels. If your neighbors are being robbed call the cops and get over there with your gun or everyone you can find to help out and catch those who would take from us all… no one said be nice about it either. If you see a rapist trying to snatch a kid just put that asshole down and save us all the cash and trouble of conviction. Why house a rapist? Just kill the bastard.
    And if those in supposed authority start abusing that authority and you witness it get involved and don’t allow it to continue.

  • scott

    fuck that spook bastard,we need to get more white people painting a target on these fucking coons,spades are nothing but trouble

  • scott

    wrong,this is what happens when you try to civilize a race of people that are not known to be civilized,we gave them affirmative action,welfare,low income housing and they use it and abuse it..We tried for years to make black people equal and give them the same opportunities as whites and they squander it away.the best thing that could happen to most of these folks is to put them down,plain and simple.

  • http://www.immigration-weaver.blogspot.com/ weaver

    Exactly, shooter was extremely restrained by not taking that third shot.

  • Martha Cortez

    If they’re so bored they don’t know what else to do, they should all be entertained by some forced community service to keep their black asses busy. And I say black asses because, as we have all noticed, they are all “black” teens, not just any teens. Call it what it is. If the media wasn’t so afraid to report the whole truth, people that might be victims can keep a lookout for these blackl thugs and learn to protect themselves. Where are the parents of these animals? They just let their bad kids run around the city even though they have surely seen this game covered in the media. If they looked closley, they can see they are all black and maybe should try to keep close tabs on them to make sure they won’t be the next trayvon. After which, they will be crying and calling out racism is to blame and their kid was innocent.

  • Martha Cortez

    That’s all I’ve seen is black kids. Never seen any other race or ethnicity. And for the person saying they are sure white kids have had their fun, shame on you. Don’t point fingers unless you saw proof. Here they are in living color for you to see these were all black.

  • Troubleshooter

    I greatly appreciate the effort that this gentleman is making with his video, to get the attention of these black kids, because they are not likely to listen to such warnings from whites. Death due to stupidity is going to come to some of these kids if they don’t stop.

  • Joshua Perez

    I dont give a damn what color they are. They can be little green men with eyestalks and wings, they try this crap on me or mine, they’re gonna get stabbed to death.

  • Tkd Mike

    Yes you are

  • Tkd Mike

    Blacks commit 99 % of all crimes

  • Paul Cote

    Can you provide evidence supporting your position?

  • v markwell

    they are also doing it from behind mostly . COWARDS

  • Paul Cote

    Rick, Can you provide evidence supporting your position?

  • Rob

    I read somewhere else that the guy shooting was also black. Otherwise this would probably be a court case all over the media right now.

  • omega2

    The victum must be a bad shot! That close the shot should have been FATAL!

  • cw

    all i can say is its about time. on the other note the man should have killed the little bastard i know i would have. teach him a lesson hell all he got was a slap on the wrist and we the tax payers are paying for his medical bill and his housing and food that he is now getting in prison. i say to anyone that wonts to play this game you need to be killed rid america of the ignorance that you are.

  • Manuel Falcon

    You know dam right I was talking about civilians, not everyone is special forces, navy seal, scout sniper.

  • Mister E

    Fuck him, fuck his family, and fuck the society that allowed him to come about.

  • LOL


  • slate nemp

    Right on man. Did you know there aren’t any blacks in prison? How do they always get away with it?

  • slate nemp

    I see you disagree with Obama there. You must be a racist.

  • joe mama

    i wonder what abe lincoln would say now.

  • Mark Schroeder

    Hang this nigger.

  • JB

    Kids lucky he did not kill anyone taser someone with a bad heart condition and its all over.

  • guest

    He did shoot him, you moron. I’m guessing reading comprehension isn’t exactly your forte.

  • cslagenhop

    Unfortunately, this is true. I propose a new term: “Africanized” Americans

  • cslagenhop

    Two in the chest and one in the head. 45 Cal.

  • Rick Elmore

    Before it was coined as “Knockout” it was called cold-cocking and, yes, I knew white kids and hispanic kids who did it. It’s just come back around with a new name for national attention. So my first source is personal witness. My second source is YouTube. Look up “Cold Cocked” or “Cold Cocking”.

  • Rick Elmore

    And to the punks who down-voted… Do YOUR research. Plus, race shouldn’t even be relevant. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic… any kid is capable of playing Knockout. You should know that it used to be called “Cold Cocking” before it was Knockout. So it’s not a new concept. Prove me wrong.

  • Guest

    Go Fuck yourself.. Go right ahead and start a race war and watch what happens. Meanwhile, go and whack off to your Sarah Palin pinup

  • Jimmy

    No fuck you! This guy is making a valid point not a race war! Most crime is done by blacks and everyone shown in the video playing this “Knockout” game was black. So before you start sticking up these blacks that don’t know how to raise their children try shutting the fuck up and realize what’s going on!

  • goonie


  • Diamanical Johnson

    These little gang banging thugs call this among other things ‘polar bear hunting’. It is a racially based attack, it is not being called a hate crime.
    Equal protection under the law is not being provided here to people of white skin color.
    On the subject of hate crimes, that itself is a joke because you can not be punished for your thoughts, at least not yet but with crazy coon we have in charge it is probably coming.

  • Jessica Golden

    Whats wrong with kid’s today. When I was his age I did not go around knocking people out just because I was bored, I FIND stuff to do, Like reading books, Hanging out with friends, going outside and playing, Video game’s. (I also know there grammer error so don’t need to point it out for me. grammer nazi)

  • your momma

    paul cote is a cock sucker enough said.

  • hookemowls

    Start a race war???!!? That’s exactly what the POS racist obama has incited since day 1. Remember “the Cambridge police acted stupidly, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”. Obama’s whole platform is race baiting, class warfare, creating hate and chaos. punishing those who don’t agree. he is a pyscho, sick tyrant who should be jailed or in a mental hospital or both! You are being used to promote his sicko agenda… You just keep playing the fool…or open your eyes and see how the total corruption in DC is spilling out into the streets and bolstering thugs, punks, low-life’s the courage to destroy people’s lives. Liberals are a vile, sick cult.

  • Paul Cote

    Dear Rick,

    That is not providing evidence. You make an assertion and I ask you to back it up with evidence… you have failed to do so.

    Please provide the forum with the links that you want us to see.

  • Paul Cote

    Don’t want to be the next Zimmerman? Don’t call the Cops in advance or after the fact. Don’t hang around after you shoot a thug, pick up your brass and make a hasty retreat. Then change out your firing pin and the gun barrel, or destroy the gun (acid bath). The police will chalk it up to gang related violence as they are only too happy to not have to work for a living.

  • commonsense

    Since when did this become a black and white thing? How about a right and wrong thing. Who fucking cares what race they are? It’s highly improbable that the ONLY kids doing this are black. Don’t be an idiot. How about we focus on how to deal with this as opposed to focusing on race for a change?

  • commonsense

    That’s funny. I thought that Congress was 100% white….?

  • Manuel Falcon

    You forgot load your rounds with gloves on. The thing is this guy was waiting for his child couldn’t just leave. If someone saw your face and reported it, which is highly unlikely you would be charged. In the situation I was in I went to work like nothing ever happened, however I used a boot knife not a gun. They were not able to knock me out due to situational awareness. It took the detectives just an hour before they came to my work. Lucky for me there were many witnesses who saw me get assaulted.

  • Belita Ross

    Go to youtube.com, look up coldcocking. There you will find many white kids doing the exact same thing but you won’t do that will you? No, too scared to be proved wrong.

  • Belita Ross

    You want evidence, go to youtube. All the evidence you need will be there.

  • Brian Pierce

    guest use a real name, but I got message for on the race war issue, blacks wouldn’t stand a chance Mexicans would get you first. Read the book wrote by a black man, The title of the Book is The Brown and Black war, even the black Arthur says the black man is losing right now to the brown man. myself if you want to be stupid and try a race war you cannot win go for it. Blacks are out numbered 10 to 1 it wont be good. Check the facts and you will see over 300 million in America only about 30% are black, Hispanic even outnumber blacks.

  • Kyle

    well said indeed im tired of it I know that

  • Kyle

    well I can say for myself im not promoting shit and fuck trayvon he was nothing but a thug Im glade hes gone one less person that will hurt someone and fuck Obama and his administration there all guilty of treason and should be hanged

  • Kyle

    hey bitch stop being a pussy and use your real name if your going to talk shit mother fucker Obama already started that war and fuck trayvon he was nothing but a thug and got what was coming to him just like all the other ones that try and rob steal or hurt anyone so if anything GO FUCK YOURSELF BITCH HIDEN BEHIND A NO NAME

  • Chris Corle

    Kill them all, that’s the only way to solve it

  • Brandon

    Belita I did just what you said, and did not see one video of any white people playing the knockout game, your an idiot. So looks like you’ve been proven wrong.

  • Melissa Haas

    dumb ass, hope u r knocked out for good

  • Michael Thomas

    To bad his nuts where not blown off.

  • scott

    should have made it a head shot,one less darkie to worry about

  • Matooz

    I hope you really mean rob us to give to the entitlement parasites. The rich invest their money and that is how a country grows. Parasites just suck the life out of everything good and make their hosts suffer.

  • Troubleshooter

    The cop in the Chicks wit’ guns video had a shitty attitude. He was really trying hard to work that scrunched eye-brow, dark-faced frown.

  • Troubleshooter

    The very fact that a government sworn to support, protect, and defend the Constitution Of The United States, is even ASKING our Service Members if they are willing to violate the Constitution and their Oath Of Enlistment by following an Illegal Order that is a Federal Crime, Treason, and Conspiracy to Violate Constitutional Rights, a crime with no Statute Of Limitations, is more than ample evidence that We have a Serious Problem in our government, that needs to be addressed with IMMEDIATE ACTION by those who KNOW that what they are doing is WRONG. The whole idea, put forth by Van Jones, as a government employee, that there should even BE a conversation about disarmament or gun control is proof of Felony Intent, and should have resulted in the immediate imprisonment and charging of every sonofabitch involved in this OUTRAGEOUS ASSAULT ON OUR FREEDOM AND OUR CONSTITUTION. THIS KIND OF SHIT IS WHAT OUR SECOND AMENDMENT WAS INTENDED TO PROVIDE US PROTECTION FROM. WE ARE FOOLS NOT TO EXERCISE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND DEMAND COMPLIANCE BY ALL OUR ELECTED AND APPOINTED GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES.

  • Troubleshooter

    Hey, John…if you’re so worried about America’s finances, why did you give your already overpaid ass a fucking raise, you sell-out, double-talking maggot.