Father Arrested For Attempting To Pick Up His Kids From School!! [Watch]


A video has gone viral after a Cumberland County father was outrageously arrested when he attempted to pick up his children from South Cumberland Elementary.

Jim Howe of attempted to pick up his children on foot instead of his usual arrival in his vehicle. Howe chose to walk to the school in response to a new policy which has all parents lining up along the highway, sometimes blocking traffic. The video shows the seemingly never-ending car line and shows that the line is still active one hour after school is dismissed.

The new policy allows parents to pick up their children by car, or has students walking alone, but not walking with a parent. How says, because of a new policy that started last week, the only way parents can get their children after 2p.m. is to wait in a line of cars until everyone is released at 2:35, according to local 6 News.

“I’m not raising my voice, I’m not confrontational, I want my kids,” Howe states in the video.

“You don’t need a reason as a parent to go get your children. They are our children.”

Amanda Long, Howe’s fiancé, continues to film the ordeal as Sheriff Deputy and School Resource Officer Avery Aytes refuses to allow them to see his children because “those are the rules.”

As the video shows, Howe was arrested by Aytes for disorderly conduct. Deputy Aytes tells 6 News he’s unable to comment because this is an open case. Cumberland County Sheriff Butch Burgess, whom Howe calls to complain in the video, says he hasn’t seen the video and doesn’t need to, because it won’t tell the whole story. He says Aytes was just doing his job, According to 6 News.

The sheriff says he agrees with Howe that the new policy is creating safety concerns along the highway outside the school. “On the other hand, the school system needs to realize you can’t make a black and white law,” Burgess said.

  • Frances Summerall

    home schooling for my children just because stuff like this happens way to much

  • Nicholas Hampshire

    unbelievable!!! as a father, if I ask for my son, I expect to get him. That would be the last day my son went to that school!!! And clearly making laws as we go officer. Where was this man disorderly??

  • Thomas Crenshaw

    billy get yer gun

  • Diamanical Johnson

    This is yet another example that if you still have your child in a government indoctrination camp, formerly knows as a public school you are guilty of neglect and abuse. There are no excuses people.

  • Manuel Falcon

    When the fuck can you not take your kids home? If he didn’t have legal custody that’s one thing. But you cannot prevent a parent from taking their kid home. Whether it’s car, train, bus, walking, helicopter or even a teleportation device it shouldn’t matter.

  • hot daddy

    I agree 100%

  • Kim Smith

    We now live in a regime. There is no freedom, schools have become dens of power. They push parents around everyday to prove they hold the power. This Sheriff is the one who is confrontational and being disorderly, abusing his position of power, and just plain silly. Scary. What will it be like in ten years?

  • Will

    Involve the ACLU. Your civil liberties are being violated. The will represent you for the sake of justice, not at a cost.

  • kc

    Cops run amuck

  • CauseIsaidSo

    My question is why the hell do all these parents think they need to drive to school and pick their kids up? I realize some things are different, but in my state (Missouri) part of our taxes go to our school bus system. Why the hell do parents pay taxes for a bus system and then insist their kids never ride the bus? Paranoia? Fear? Spoiled little brats?
    I understand when it’s parents coming to pick up their kids because they are in walking distance and are walking them home, but people who live outside of the walking distance, let your damn kids ride the frickin bus that you pay for.

  • Jacqueline Church

    i would start home schooling and also sue the school for holding my kids,also the cops , this is going too far

  • DaveBinAZ

    America has become clinically retarded.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    No unfortunately the ACLU doesn’t do cases for white males.

  • Nick Monterosso

    I would sue the arresting officer, his station, and the school. They are basically holding this guys kids hostage and arresting him for calling them out on it.

  • le

    Yes and I also agree….

  • Beth Garner


  • Will

    Not true. They have made cases for and against both sexs and all races.


  • Stack

    Anddddddd.. He lost his job. XD One argument ruins the cops life.. my oh my..

  • Beth Garner


  • Daniel Wright

    Reminds me of Barney Fife……….where’s Andy to straighten out Barney’s mess?

  • Kari Houston

    I never let my kids ride the bus. I grew up in a small town in the Southern Bible belt but every bad thing I learned, I learned on the school bus. My grand daughter is 13 and told me over the summer she was embarrassed to ride the bus because of the filth she heard there. When my children were in elementary school we lived just under two miles from the school and weren’t eligible for bus service – still paid full taxes mind you – because they said it was within walking distance. I had to sit in a similar line because you try walking 2 miles in the snow with 3 kids under the age of 11. The bottom line is, everyone’s circumstances are different and you don’t get to make decisions for anyone but yourself.

  • Evelyn Logan

    Schools don’t make laws, they can only make rules. What law was he arrested under?

  • Jeffrey Owen Hunter

    This is an absolute fiasco. This officer is clearly in over his head and this guy is three times his size. He doesn’t resist arrest, doesn’t raise his voice, doesn’t do anything wrong, and clearly states laws that trump the officers attempt to tell him he wont be getting his kids. This is fucking ridiculous. It’s just one thing after another with this nation now where our civil rights, liberties, etc are being violated and infringed upon. I can’t believe this shit! I would be furious and furthermore I wouldn’t have said a damn word to that cop afterwards. I would’ve told him I refuse to speak with him any further until an attorney is present, and then I’d sue the everliving fuck out of him, the precinct, the district, and the school for that. It wouldn’t be about money for me as much as it would be for presenting that this is a violation MAJORLY. I can’t believe officers have become so stupid lately. Wake up you idiot police officers… You were put in power to UPHOLD THE LAW, not attempt to be ABOVE IT. Fucking God Almighty the USA has severely declined in mental stability and intelligence. Make sure you guys start recording things like this all the time so the police cannot bully you around and act as though they’re made of gold.

  • Marvin Knoll

    Dude they don’t give a damn, the ACLU has been bought and sold. 1st this is a man, a “white” man at that, which means the ACLU won’t go anywhere near this, however is this father was African-American (hate that fucking term), Asian, or clearly Muslim they’d already be all over this, “White” people and or Christians are the “oppressors” which mean the ACLU does not not get involved anymore in issue regarding those particular demographics because it as seen as taking the side of the “racist oppressors”.

  • Johnny307

    My taxes also pay for buses. But if you live within 2 miles there is no bus route, hence why parents that care about their childrens safety choose to pick them up. All 3 of the schools my kids attend are on major roadways, not to mention the sick monsters that like to pray on children. The wait lines can be over an hour after the buses have departed.

  • Mike c

    I assume the school and this overbearing deputy rationalize their actions as somehow protecting this man’s children from unforeseen danger by unknown people. News flash – both the school and deputy look pretty damn stupid about now. Put me on that jury and the parents will be able to afford a damn fine private tutor and will be financially able to educate their kids at home when I get finished.

  • mannychooch

    i hope that prick got fired and put in jail. way out of line. the only crime i saw was an unlawful arrest. i’m retired law enforcement, this was absurd.

  • The Truth

    You are thinking of the NAACP

  • mannychooch

    i wish i was in his shoes. i’d own that county.

  • Rob Morse

    The school and sheriff proved they are not up to their jobs.

  • mannychooch

    fuck the bus. that’s another den of abuse.

  • Jeni Merritt Watkins

    OUTRAGEOUS! This policy is absurd and needs to be changed. Not only does it violate parent rights, harm the children but look at what the gas all those cars sitting there for up to 2 hours is going to be doing to the environment and wallets! BAD on the school as far as I am concerned

  • Alice Liddell

    The cops needs to lose their job if they actually think it is safer for a child to walk home alone vs walking home with parents. The school system needs to be revised, it’ll be a cold day in hell if I wasn’t allowed to pick up my own child from school.

  • Jeni Merritt Watkins

    Sadly you are right!

  • Ron Williams

    As a LEO i will tell everyone this. The school has no right to refuse him his children! The school and the deputy can be charged with kidnapping. For those that wish to exercise your rights, look up the number to the U.S. Marshal’s office in your district. If you are confronted with this type of issue from your child’s school, stop and call the marshal’s office and inform them of the issue and request their presence on scene. They can not refuse as they were requested to investigate a kidnapping case involving a state inanity and a LEO. Your next call should go to the state investigating board of the state police and inform them of the issue at hand. finally your third call should be to your attorney. Be sure to sue, sue ,sue and sue some more.

  • flatbedbill

    The father handled it better than I would have. I wanted to b–ch slap that school cop.
    It’s a ridiculous policy. He’s the father and doesn’t NEED a reason to pick up his kids.

  • The Truth

    What this school is doing is totally against the law. This government is pushing the common everyday person to the breaking point with these absurdities so they have a valid reason to arrest everyone in the nation to get total control. Fuck these pencil pushing office twats and these power tripping, badge heavy wannabe badass cops. Our lawmakers must be spending too much time with that fat bastard mayor of Toronto. Fucking crack heads.

  • dawgone

    Where are you from?

  • dawgone

    How long are your children on the bus each day?

  • flatbedbill

    That pot bellied Barney Fife of a school cop gets a little authority and it goes right to his head. In no way
    was the father confrontational, and I hope he DOES sue. It’s absolutely ridiculous. School has ended,
    he wants to walk his kids home, and winds up in cuffs in a car going to jail. This REALLY infuriates me.
    I feel downright sorry for the dad having to go through that for no good reason whatsoever. Something
    similar happened to me years ago. I had to pick up my son for a dentist appointment, and for the
    life of I couldn’t remember the code word each kid gets assigned. I had my ID and everything,
    but brain farted on the code word, and they wouldn’t release him to me. I understand that, and
    they did the right thing. But THIS is completely bogus.

  • Sam

    As soon as the father started sighting state law the cop got upset and put him in cuffs. You can get in trouble for knowing the laws apparently! They have no legal right to hold your children from you unless there is some kind of custody issue! That cop was dead wrong for what he did.

  • Linda Habecker

    They said the children can walk home “ALONE”, but not with a parent. What kind of idiots are they. Our kids are getting kidnapped on their way to and from school at an alarming rate these days. Something needs to be changed there. I can’t even believe anyone is so stupid to think this up.

  • carl

    I hope that man sues them officers and sheriff and school. Because you can clearly see the officers were disorderly. If this went court and that man doesnt win a settlement from being harassed by officers, you know that the court was fixed. Hope he sues the hell out of them. Our right are little by little being taken away from us. It has to stop.

  • outofcontrolcops

    Since when does a school create a law? He is appropriate parent for pick up. He should file illegal detention, kidnappimg, false arrest.. The deputy used a “fall back” excuse to charge him. When no other options available. Pull out the disorderly conduct charge. As far as video not showing the “whole story” as the sheriff claims. Then he is afraid of public uproar over his departments fall back policy. Only to find out he is now a National Joke.

  • ploof

    to me it sound like the cop being unruly not the father

  • Stephen Karnes

    I think he is on the right track, the deputy violated his civil rights, the Sheriff made his Department and therefore the County liable by backing up the deputy. I would simply contact an attorney and file a 100 Billion dollar lawsuit against the county. Once he gets their attention he can offer to take only 10 million so long as the deputy was reassigned to a desk or somewhere that he had no contact with the public, or optimally was fired. Also the Sheriff would be required to publicly apologize to the gentleman for not properly training his deputies in techniques used to avoid being a stupid fuck.

  • Gary

    Learn about the Common Law Grand Juries where you can restore your liberties! You can put controls on our run-away government and legal system. Watch the video in the link below and join! Stop the madness Now! http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org

  • Gary

    Learn about the Common Law
    Grand Juries where you can restore your liberties! You can put controls
    on our run-away government and legal system. Watch the video in the
    link below and join! Stop the madness Now! http://www.nationallibertyalliance.or...

  • silverandgoldisrealmoney

    Commie PIG of a Sheriff! Hope he sues his ass right out of office. These idiots need to be removed. Dumb as doormats to boot. Go DAD go!

  • Marvin Knoll

    I don’t give a damn what lies they tell on their website, try to get them to take a 2nd amendment case……….. or anything where a person of color has violated the rights of a “white” person, or how bout this……….. Muslims have gone into a store where there is “Christmas” decorations and demanded them to take them down because they find the decorations “offensive”. The “nonChristians” will win that fight EVERY TIME and the ACLU won’t touch it, but, if it’s the other way round the ACLU is foaming at the mouth to get that “oppressive” Christian into court. Islam is being openly taught in a lot of schools and the ACLU does not give a damn but ANYTHING Christian and BOOM there they are. As I said earlier the ACLU WILL NOT defend the “White Christian” demographic because they are the “racist oppressors”

  • David Matthews

    Wait! Another cop abusing his power? NO WAY!!!!

  • baldeagle

    i dont know where you live but where i from some school have stop busses from running say it costing the state to much money

  • Diamanical Johnson

    No, I am explicitly speaking of the ACLU.
    The NAACP does all that it can to hold blacks back,most people see that now.

  • Chelle44

    Pull your kids out and homeschool them! When one leaves their kids in the charge of government then government gets to mandate the rules! Hit em where it hurts… The wallet! No kids no federal money! Parents are the most qualified people to teach their children. No one would tell me EVER what I couldn’t do with my kids. Call ACLJ!

  • charlieholmes

    Looks like the kids will be enrolling elsewhere pretty soon…unless Obama’s goon squad interferes.

  • Mr Smith

    I would have kicked the shit out of that fat pig of a jackass Sheriff who abused his authority and should have called for a supervisor – who no doubt would have release the special needs child to the parent.

  • Clif Gregory Od

    All those people that deputy name work for the people.

  • JWB

    This person should file a criminal complaint against the school and the sheriff’s department with both the City/County District Attorney’s office and with the States Attorney General. He should also sue them civilly. That complaint needs to specifically include unlawful arrest and detention, kidnapping of the minor child, and excessive use of force under the color of authority! No need to add insult to injury by including stupidity in the complaint!

    Schools have been pushing the limits of their authority without proper control of that authority for some time now! It may be time to rein them in a bit! A bit of civil non-violent disobedience is sometimes a good thing, as common sense seems to have left the house………..

  • Skintus_Maximus

    And yet again we have the same thing here in the UK, schools not only ruling over parents but now they think they can control what children do outside of school and travelling too and from. It’s all part of conditioning your children to OBEY ‘authority’ without question.

  • Brian

    Ridiculous. Not only on behalf of the school but also the deputy. Use some F ing common sense people. This is the children’s father and you are keeping them against their and his will. False detention come to mind?

  • Geter Done

    How about every parent do home schooling then no more problems.

  • Steve Foster

    The school system is getting to powerful,we should put them down a few notches

  • Denise

    No excuses for putting your child into a public school? What about for the parents who work and can’t homeschool, or the parent’s who can’t afford around $400/mo PER CHILD for private school? Its hyper-sensitive idiots like you who throw the words “abuse” and “neglect” around that get perfectly good parents harassed and investigated by cops and CPS, while letting the REAL abusers fly under their radar…until you hear about their dead or nearly dead child in the news.

  • Guest

    This is insane! When did schools become “owners” of our children???? As a parent, I expect a school to cooperate, to work with me, not rebel against me. I can only hope that this man is bring severe legal action against them. Note the end as well. His fiancée was harassed for recording what was going on “school property”? The shift of power needs to be reversed. Allow us as parents to decide what is best for our children, not a school!!

  • Gloria Montgomery Dickinson

    This is insane! When did schools become “owners” of our children???? As a parent, I expect a school to cooperate, to work with me, not rebel against me. I can only hope that this man is bringing severe legal action against them. Note the end as well. His fiancée was harassed for recording what was happening on “school property”? The shift of power needs to be reversed. Allow us as parents to decide what is best for our children, not a school!!

  • Joe Sills

    Just got off the phone with the Sheriff`s office and they said There is more Video and it will be released soon

  • TranfixusIII

    The ACLU will defend anyone they believe is in the right. They have defended the right of the KKK to march and assemble. Now that’s as white as it gets.

  • Joseph Jacobi

    LOL, you’re right!

  • Joseph Jacobi

    LOL, You’re right but I bet they jump on board faster if it’s someone with an ethnic persuasion other than white.

  • Joel Stoner

    This is unbelievable, a police officer can not simply arrest you because you don’t agree with his interpretation of the law. The school is responsible for the children until they are in their parent or guardian’s custody. Parents can take their children out of school at anytime they want.

  • SirGregor

    Denise, do you have an iPhone? A large screen tv? Do you have two cars? Does your kid have a Playstation or an xBox? How much money did you spend on your last vacation trip?

    I’m not going to say that you are guilty of these things, because I obviously don’t know you and you might be legitimately broke, but here’s my point …

    I made the personal decision when my children were born that they would never step foot in a public school, and then I did what was necessary to make it happen. Here’s the key …

    My children come first. That means, if being able to afford a private school means I eat Ramen for six months, that’s what will happen. There were times when it was really tough, but if I had needed to, I would have lived in a tent on the river until the day they graduated. Every dime I made was FIRST directed to pay for their school and their food. Everything else was secondary.

    Unfortunately, I have many friends who use the same excuse you do. They whine that they can’t afford it. It’s just too expensive. Meanwhile, they spend their money on all sorts of luxuries like trips to Disneyland, iPads, and things that are just completely sad, like cigarettes and alcohol.

    The bottom line is that most people can do it, if they really want to. They might just have to rough it a little. That’s all.

  • dmcinc50

    WTF is this country coming to ? You can’t pick your own kids up at school. This cop needs to fired, He has no clue what his job is if that was a disorderly person to him he has a major law suit waiting for him and I would take it to him.

  • mommyof3

    I live in Jefferson County, TN, about 3 hours away from Nashville and this story literally left my jaw hanging!! I would have been a hell of a lot more disorderly if this was my children they were refusing to let leave with me!! You go, Mr. Howe, you did the right thing, by all means!!

  • Scooter Morton

    i find it funny that he wasnt read his rights before during or after he was arrested that is automatic cause for dismissal

  • JerryDDay

    What has happened all across our country? It is actually becoming as bad if not worse than it was in the 60s as far as rights violations. School is out, but he’s not allowed to retrieve his children. The Sheriff clearly lost his temper because he was being challenged. I would pull my child from that school regardless of whatever the Law had in store for that crime! I hate to advocate resistance but it’s beginning to get to the point where regular people may start pushing back.

  • Jody Tucker

    Let us know how much they settle for, lol…

  • Gregory R Coveart

    Unbelievable! He threatened jail for her too because she was standing in the school driveway, right were he was standing, claiming she was blocking traffic?! Ego maniac deputy was totally in the wrong!

  • Tyler M

    Sad to say it? But sooner or later one of these badge wearing thugs is gonna get shot. Then “We The People” will get blamed for it. Then they get mad and start kicking down doors. Problem is? There gonna be loaded guns on the other side because “We The People” are gonna snap.

    Truly is a sad state of affairs we are in. How much did this cost the taxpayers, anyways? When all they had to do was let him pickup his child? Shaking my head.

  • Mark Schlager


  • jerry thompson

    This would be a reason to file a lawsuit.

  • Sam Casey

    OMG! My office uses that same hold music!!

  • Sam Casey

    Sorry. If I show up ANYWHERE and want MY KIDS, I WILL GET MY KIDS!!!! PERIOD!!!!

  • Sam Casey

    I wish I could find a woman who would stand by me like that!!

  • Tania Soldano Heinle

    I hope this cop gets fired! In my opinion this was a false arrest! This father had every RIGHT to take hiskid out of school! As a mom, I make the rules when it comes to MY kids! This is such BS!

  • Canine Justice

    You beat me to it brother, almost exactly what I was going to say. The parent has the right to remove their child from the school at ANYTIME they so choose. They have the right to refuse their child attend school (certain provisions apply) as they choose. What this parent did made perfect sense. If the line to pick up the kids is taking more than an hour, it made sense for him to walk to school in order to reduce his time in traffic and congestion on the highway.

    This is literally a case of kidnapping by the state. The parent wasn’t trying to intimidate the deputy when he mentioned a law suit, he was making a statement. I really hope he follows through and sues the sheriff’s office, the school district and the state.

    I’d like to think this wouldn’t happen around here in the Knoxville area but after having seen a coach threatened to be arrested if his team didn’t throw a loss at a little league baseball game, you never know.

  • Guest

    First, he was being sarcastic (unfortunately it also has a lot of truth in it).

    Second, why would you want the same group that fights for the “rights” of pedophiles go anywhere near your children or their schools?

    Fuck the American Communist Lawyers Union and their child rape defending ways…

  • Canine Justice

    First, he was being sarcastic (unfortunately it also has a lot of truth in it).

    Second, why would you want the same group that fights for the “rights” of pedophiles go anywhere near your children or their schools?

    Fuck the American Communist Lawyers Union and their child rape defending ways.

  • Richard Felton

    i’m sorry but it seems to me that even the sheriff isn’t too bright when he says. “On the other hand, the school system needs to realize you can’t make a black and white law,” Burgess said. most laws should be black and white. the gray areas in laws are what cause the problems. and, do school systems make laws? i know they make policies but laws? just pull your kid out and home school. there are so many good options these days.

  • Collin Shelton

    Great dad. Its shitty that cops are just allowed to do whatever the hell they won’t now. They are your kids you have every right. No one should tell you otherwise

  • marc weers

    The cop knows it is this guys children. The cop is clearly being a jerk. I would find him later and beat his ass tio a bloody pulp and tell him never come between my kids and me.

  • Don Oberloh

    This abuse of power is outrageous. His deputy truly needs to be fired. He was argumentative, the father continued to be in control at all times. I know I probably could not have been that collective. I would love to live in his town so we could vote some real changes into policy.

  • Don Oberloh

    There is always a way where there is the will. Take responsibility and stop making excuses. Get together with other parents and pool your resources.

  • Don Oberloh

    The ACLU doesn’t help white males either

  • Don Oberloh

    THE ACLU is a collective of Racist attorney who do not, I repeat DO NOT TAKE civil rights violation of cases for White men. I have been down this road before. My complaint was filed as a white father. They said there was nothing they could do. I then called about the exact same incident, told them I was black…..instant help.

  • Don Oberloh

    Amen Marvin

  • Don Oberloh

    That was the old ACLU and it was for the attention the case brought


    When did his miranda rights get read?

  • Don Oberloh

    It should. Police should be held to a higher standard than civilians they serve. He should be fired AND criminally and civilly prosecuted


    Public school will become a prison for kids and parennts once we start making it a military like place cause the outcry on school shootings. I rather leave the doors open then raise them in that style.

  • Ron smock

    That police officer should have been fired no patience you should not be around the public especially kids if he act like that with an adult how does he with children wow!!!!

  • Naia McCoy


  • liana rock

    what a load of crap that cop came out with . so your saying now kids are like fast food you have to wait in line to pick your child up . ( Crapppppp )

  • Eva

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  • Demonic

    i’m no lawyer or anything but if they won’t let him see his son isn’t that, you know…kidnapping?

  • Ken Bennight

    This man should not have been arrested this is more American stupidity…will it ever end?

  • bormanator

    F**king cops everywhere are being a**holes. Too much power, not enough common sense.

  • bormanator

    After the arrest what happened to the kids? Who took care of them, some strangers from the state?

  • papabear

    The ACLU ain’t worth shit.

  • monica

    Well, I am not going to be popular for this comment, but I see the schools side. I have read this a few times and watched the video a few times. If I understand this correctly, they do not want parents coming up to the building afterschool. In light of the school shootings, do you want any person able to walk up to the school while the kids are all in the hallways leaving? Take this in for a moment. Kids all over the hallway, happy to be out of school, talking to friends, putting their ear buds in their ears, zoning out….all in the hallway. What if this man was not a parent…What if he was Adam Lanza and able to just walk into the school….and another Sandy Hook happened….Can you picture the devastation. The school does not want parents to just walk in while the kids are walking around. Our school has the same policy. If a student is going to be dismissed, they have to be picked up no less than 20 minutes before school ends. This is to keep all children safe.
    Obviously the school has a broken car pick up system….but this man was being part of the problem instead of part of the solution. In my opinion, what he should have done is ask “why” the system was this way (find the rational behind the system), research alternatives to correct the broken system while keeping the rational in tacked, and present his method to the powers that be. This was the wrong way. I understand why he is upset, but I see the schools point of view. Everyone siding with the dad….just think how your opinions would be different if this man was Adam Lanza and had guns blazing.
    Find a solution to a problem instead of being a problem with finding the solution. Now if this man has suggestions, people will not listen because of this incident.
    I do not think he should have been arrested, but it was two hot heads, each one wanting to be right instead of addressing the problem and finding a solution.

  • Logan

    (931) 788-6713
    Ask for Darell Threet
    Explain to him that you want him to make a public apology to Jim Howe on video and to make awareness that the traffic is an issue. to SOLVE the problem of the traffic, the Cumberland County Sheriff should INDEED, work traffic to better the safety of the children as well as the public safety of the motorist. If indeed a PARENT wished to pick their child up, by any means, they are permitted to.

  • Jim Keating

    Thanks Officer Williams for that information!

  • Bill Berger

    Hopefully, this retarded doughnut assaulter will be fired, charged and convicted of kidnapping, stripped of all accrued pensions, and sent to prison.

  • raheem

    sheep peasant

  • Michele Beatty

    That’s messed up. There was no need to haul him off to jail for picking up his own kids. He is a good man!

  • raheem

    why did he even let that fat slob arrest him? seemd like a pretty big dude.if youve donr nothing wrong allow yourself to be put in cuffs? i dont care abou the gun or that he has on a badge…i mean cmon guys…where are the real men?

  • Gary Reno

    Some law enforcement, maybe more than less, are used to their authority settling matters by intimidation rather than the law of the land or The Constitution. When met by an informed CITIZEN, some police make up whatever violation or bend statute as they see fit to effect an arrest as punishment rather than restoring peace or protecting the Constitution. This reveals the true belief of that individual peace officer that he is above scrutiny by the mere PEASANT. Nothing is more damaging to the oath of office pledge than denying ones freedom without warrant. Gestapo? I trust this man wasn’t led off to a concentration or death camp, but he definitely lost his complete freedom that afternoon did he not? And why? This fathers crime is that he came to pick up his children.

    Authority is given to schools for ensuring the continuity of responsibility of children’s safety by identifying competent, legal adult supervision to minors. Legal parent’s / guardians have complete control over their child with exception to only a few emergent reasons. School custody is the absence of parental presence and ends when the parent takes control with all rights never suspended. It is not the right of that school to withhold that child releasing only when that school sees fit like this deputy verbally states. If this does not bother you to the core like it does me, then we are in trouble.

  • madashell

    Bravo…you sound like a great parent. Our society needs more like you.

  • raheem

    soon as he started to recite tennessee law the PIG sheriff couldnt handle that someone actually knows these laws(codes) so he takes him to jail for disorderly conduct all while its on film? proves he knows he can get away with anything without punishment.these cops are out of control..

  • Logan

    Also, Cumberland Sheriff’s department (931) 484-6176 ask for Butch Burgess, and explain your feelings at how this Deputy responded.
    (931) 484-6176 This is Investigator Casey Fox, and ask him to follow up on Internal affairs as to the conduct of this Deputy’s actions.

  • Danny Norman

    You sound like a nut job that believes we should lay down and accept anything our government wants to throw at us. I can’t help but wonder if you have a picture of Hitler on your wall.

  • Jim Wilkins

    Redneck pig!

  • Ken Gove

    This officer should have just checked the ID of the parent to make sure he is the one who could pick up his kids. The officer was out of line and I am sure that after a law suit and getting into his back pocket once or twice as well as the Sheriff’s Dept’s back pocket, I am sure that the law will be changed. I think the School board should be involved in getting sued as well. The man was not disorderly and he was respectful as he was trying to get his point across to the officer.

  • Not shocked by this garbage

    The sheriff says he agrees with Howe that the new policy is creating safety concerns along the highway outside the school. “On the other hand, the school system needs to realize you can’t make a black and white law,” Burgess said.
    The school system can’t make any “laws” ever, they are not a legislative body, They can make rules, but you can’t be arrested for said rules, which is why they arrested him on disorderly conduct. It’s the school systems way of enforcing their rules. The fact that the sheriff would imply the school system made a policy and is now law might be the real story here.

  • raheem

    come back to the force..we need more like u around smh

  • May

    I agree with you….
    But, they can come back & say…
    “Why didn’t you home school your child?
    Your home, your rules.
    The School Board makes our rules, by sending your child here
    means you made a decision to follow our rules”.

  • sherry8260

    Excuse me, they have online school now. My ex friend and her husband both work full time and when she gets home, she sets right down at the computer with her son and they take the online courses. He went to public school in kindergarten. She took him right out, immediately. I believe its free but if not, it can’t cost much…shes a records clerk and hes a security guard and they rent with no help from their families. Calling people “idiots” isn’t something you should do when you obviously haven’t spent a little time researching alternate education methods enough to know that you can put your kid through school online on your schedule…

  • Happy Homeschooling Parent

    Perhaps if you stopped getting your hair and nails done, stopped eating out at restaurants three times a week, stopped buying more clothes when you already have some, perhaps then you could afford to find a better place to educate your children.

  • rikperry

    The nicest arrest ever.

  • TheGrittyEdge

    Losers such as Aytes have absolutely NO business being in ANY position of authority!!!

  • http://www.sk1wbw.wordpress.com/ Wayne Williams

    And while this was happening, someone was beating their wife, kids, dogs, cats, or robbing a bank. Good thing we have police arresting parents at schools. Bravo! This is why people hate police.

  • Scott Cooper

    Let me get this straight. The new school policy “allows parents to pick up their children by car, or has students walking alone, but not walking with a parent.” So the school thinks students are safer walking home alone rather than with their own parents??? What kind of idiots are running that school?

  • TheGrittyEdge

    dumb a z z hillbillies!

  • TheGrittyEdge

    UnFREAKNbelievable!! What is this? Nazi Germany? The old USSR? This is a perfect example of what happens when you give an otherwise nobody loser who couldn’t get a job at Wal-Mart a little bit of authority. It goes right to that big empty spot in the brain and suddenly Barney Fife finds the ego that has been missing all his life! WHAT A BUNCH OF A Z Z BACKWARD HILLBILLIES they have in the Sheriff’s Dept. and school system up there! One more good reason to home school should you find yourself having to live in such a GOD AWFUL backwards place! I hope Howe sues the school district, the Sheriff and Barney Fife (Aytes) Actually Aytes should be the one facing charges for false arrest to start with.

  • TheGrittyEdge

    “explain your feelings”??? “ask him” ???? Not very assertive are ya? How about DEMANDING he follow up? These SERVANTS need DAILY reminders that THEY WORK FOR US, NOT the other way around!!!!!

  • cslagenhop


  • TheGrittyEdge

    100% AGREE!

  • Diana Lynn McDargh

    It appears to me the officer has somewhat against the dad. Perhaps the other incident with the special needs child has made this dad unpopular. Our govt. from the lowest level to the top doesn’t want their authority questioned in today’s world. Where are our American values and rights? This dad did nothing wrong. I hope the sheriff’s dept. and the school system swallow their pride, admit they’re wrong and make changes to keep school’s children safe.

  • whatashameforall

    if he was my kid the school would have one less student !!

  • Gary Reno

    Exactly! This really is not an isolated incident. This deputy infers that as an American Citizen, with all right under the US Constitution afforded by our Fore Fathers, that you lose, are suspended or are somehow altered in your rights upon stepping onto public school grounds and that our children are in effect, children of the state. You come to pick up your child under the graces of the state and under whatever “RULES” it deems. This is not unlike NAZI Germany with parents losing control of their children. I am not making comparison to the six million Jews murdered here.
    Lets pretend Hitler never pulled that off for one moment and look at NAZI Germany that only just a short few years before was a Democratic society. State sponsored children camps that were mandatory for all children of age both boy and girl were separated from parents to be indoctrinated by the State . Female summer camps for girls fifteen and sixteen years of age coming home pregnant around 80% of camp population. Parents could do nothing out of fear of being reported by their own children to the Gestapo as saboteurs of German motherhood! This really happened! This father could not take custody of his children and then, lost his freedom in five minutes time with so much ease.

  • http://www.modernrustichomes.com/ Joe Folsom

    It would be easy to establish a waiting area on the grounds of the school to allow parents and kids to be supervised and picked up just like they do for the children waiting to board the school bus. This is a problem easily resolved should the adults actually decide to act like adults.

  • Kimbo

    Terminate the disrespectful, uneducated, ignorant wannabe Barney Fife and send him home. Protect and serve my ass.

  • Chelle Smith Jani

    There are so many options! Public school should not be one of them. This is just a small fragment of what is going on- youtube parents arrested- at school- school board meetings all over THEIR children. Public schools have ruined kids, mentally beat down, becoming a wall flower- forgetting who the kids are as individuals with their own creative mind and thought. School conforms it to be conforming where everything is relative and nothing is absolute. Very sad. You don’t have to be rich to homeschool- Our family lost half its income when we decided we were going to do it. And with finding new ways to save, finding the freebies this life now is what it is meant to be- keeping it simple, reasonable, living with learning at every opportunity! It is AWESOME!! My kids really play out side! they did give up their game boxes for a above ground pool! lol The value of taking them out of public school is priceless! They are OUR kids- why let the school raise them. What do you remember about school? I bet it won’t be the work- may be a great teacher- a mean teacher- that bully- or the group of them. I will continue to teach my kids how to process the hard things in life- why we have to be caring for other humans- why there will come a time to stand up for what is right- to always ponder the consequences of their actions- Parents have no clue what they are missing!!

    There will always be scum that should be no where around children- sometimes it is teachers. Don’t think the words of a teacher don’t effect as much a physical pain. I hope everyone that abuses a child is caught- I hate that and there is no reason for it.

  • Richie Hodge

    Another dick with a badge on a power trip

  • jonathondf

    Not all of it.

  • ma wood

    That security officer is as stupid as he sounds. I hope he loses his job. You should be able to pick up your own children. The only one be childish and throwing a tantrum is the idiot in the the security uniform. He is just mad because someone was recording him. And to arrest that father while his children were coming out was just stupid. What is that security officers name. He needs an idiot sign.

  • Lynnz

    Some people are just to stupid to even try to explain anything to !!! Good luck to your children Danny if you have any !!!!

  • Dave

    Dang-it Danny! Godwin’s Law states that as an online argument grows longer and more
    heated, it becomes increasingly likely that somebody will bring up Adolf
    Hitler or the Nazis. When such an event occurs, the person guilty of
    invoking Godwin’s Law has effectively forfieted the argument.

  • irritated and poor

    I do not have an iphone, my kids do not have play stations. we do not have an hd tv in the house (we have an older analog large screen tv we bought off craigslist for 25.00 though) we do have directtv, but share the bill with my mother who lives next door. we cannot afford for either of us to quit our job to homeschool our children since my husband lost his good paying job 2 yrs ago.
    Fortunatly my children are in a good school and when I had the opportunity to be a stay at home mother I chose to volunteer at the school and on the pto board so I am familiar with most of the teachers and know the principle.
    We do not now have the luxury of homeschooling our children. I hope you do not have to suffer the job loss that we have and have to make agonizing decisions. When you have to chose to have a place to live or food on the table or homeschool your children. I suppose if we were homeless it would be easier to homeschool and fly under the radar.
    My children have been to Disney once in their life and we saved up for almost 10 years for that trip. My 18 yo does not drive yet because a car and insurance are not affordable for us and I would choose for him to concentrate on his grades so he can get a better college education than work.
    Stop judging us and assuming we are all making poor choices on how we spend our money.

  • John

    Pussy cops. When they start losing the argument they throw up the handcuffs and cry disorder conduct.

  • Joe Krownen

    Absolutely NO ONE should be sending their kids to school (indoctrination centers). Keep them home.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    How does a school hold a child against the parents wishes? Sounds like kidnapping! cops like this need to be arrested and removed from the police department! What is happening to our country? And why are we allowing it?

  • Christopher Bridges


  • Teresa Arnold

    The father was in the right. He has every legal right to walk his kids home. He is their parent and is to protect them. How is he suppose to protect them when he can not walk with them, but yet they can walk home alone. If I were the parent I would set up a place not far from the school and have the kids walk there so you can walk with them. But in eye sight so you can watch them walking and make sure they are safe. But the policy the school has is stupid. They are not only putting the kids safety in harms way but the parents who are sitting on the highway waiting to just get their kids. Come on people put in some laws that will protect our children not harm them. I agree Howe does need to sue sue sue sue sue the Sheriff’s department, the State, the School for this unnecessary arrest. He was just stating the truth and was in total control of his body and everything.

  • Ted John Noga

    That officer should be arrested. I want to know how his actions serve no legitimate purpose for the actor! Picking up your children is a legitimate action for any parent at anytime. Using this catch all doesn’t work becauee it isnt really a catch all. Worse.. the obscenity part of the law is no longer enforceable because the aclu and the pa state police made a deal that it is unconstitutional. It is you have a right to unleash whatever string of obscenities you deem best to get the jerk sherriff to stop ocking you getting your kids and falsely arresting you under some bs law. I don’t cafe about any “rule” the school has, that isn’t law..

  • irritated and poor

    so who watches the kids while they are at work? I chose to send my kids to public school and do not appreciate the implication that I mentally abuse my children. Maybe you should be dealing with CPS for your narrow mindedness and judgemental abilities that you are obviously passing on to your offspring.

    Expand your thinking. One thing doesn’t work for everybody that is why we have choices and need to make the best decision for yourself and not somebody else. I have seen the online “homeschooling” and would not do it. Neither do I want my children sitting at home for 10 hours a day unsupervised to come home from a hard day at work and force them to do work they do not want to do. I have seen that in friends families and no thank you.
    I have seen homeschooling done well though and that is a full time job.
    You need to stop judging.

  • Ted John Noga

    I see a sheriff that just lost his next election

  • Charles Robbie

    …AND America allows these idiots to TEACH children?

  • Teresa Arnold

    they probably would come back with that. But their policy is just plain stupid. They are putting the children and the parents in harms way. I wonder how long it takes to drop them off at school as well and being on a busy hwy is quite scary while just sitting and waiting as other cars fly pass you

  • Killroy was Here

    I swear more and more the schools are trying to make our children property of the state, If school was out you should have been able to pick up you child the state is no longer responsable once you are on site. Take it to the judge and show him the recording. I would be interested in knowing how this all turns out. The officer was in the wrong, and but woman behind the counter was in the wrong having to force you to fill some weird paper work out—you should have been simply go in check your kids out and have the school call them to the office…How GOD DAMNED hard is that. Public People has a GOD complex any more they need to get off their high horses and come back down to earth. But I believe in Karma the cop will have his day.

  • IamPam

    What a dweeb this officer is. Just give the man his dang kids! The father did the right thing in going along while this offer flexed his muscle. “Get my good side” he says. Did anyone catch which side was his ‘good side’?

  • Danny Norman

    People like you try to demand society bow down to your opinions. Its simple,Hitler is the best example of that there is. Get off your pedestal and try to look at things for what they are. In your perfect world you probably see that father as cheap trailer trash, I see him as a MAN that would probably kill for his kids and doubt that you would have the courage to try to stand in his way.
    This country was founded on freedom and real men fought and died for it. Slowly but surely our freedom is being taken away from us and you are too blind ts see it.

  • Danny Norman

    It’s a shame to see white people starting to use the race card, and you think I am stupid?

  • killroy was here

    Sounds to me the is corruption at this school—TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Calling the state or state police is a waste of time. Cops investigating cops results in cop having done no wrong! Suing them is the way! Calling the U S Marshal might work, as a Bail Bondsman I have had to call them for help with a city or country officer tried to stop me from arresting a Bond Jumper and told me he would arrest me if I arrested the bail jumper. When the Marshal arrived and told them if they interfered with my arrest they would be arrested, they changed their mind!


    This deputy is a moron. This father should get a million dollars for putting up with such harassment.

  • MuteJoe

    Yea, all of it. Something can not be a little, either it is or it is not.

  • Lynnz

    Here we go again !!! Danny !!! What race card !!! Please go to the back of the room shut up and maybe you will learn something !!! I have no patience for this kind of stupidity.

  • yayo

    Was the use of inanity excellent word play? Or, were you trying to say entity?

  • Terry

    there is a lot of school “no tolerance” policies being brought in by administrators and school boards. This is not what they were created for! These parents pay their salaries. School board people are generally other parents but are political, so i guess like any other office, when you get elected you lose your brains and just do stuff you want, not what is best. But school boards are supposed to control money and make sure curriculam meets state standards.

  • ED

    That cop is out of control….Power hungry dick !!!

  • yayo

    You should brush up on grammar before you start home schooling.

  • Jennifer

    WOW JUST WOW!!! I would be pulling my kids out of that school and home schooling them no doubt!! Parents can go get their children from school when ever they want!! Sure your not aloud to just not have your kids go to school or miss to much school but this guy wasn’t doing anything at all that cop was way out of line!! I Would love to see the end result from this! That “Sherif” need to lose his job!!! That guy didn’t do a damn thing to warrant being cuffed and hauled off in front of everyone at his child school! You know what those other parents are going to be saying about him now and the children at the school to this guys poor children! So wrong on so many levels!!!

  • jim stein

    cop is on a power high

  • Cheryle Correa

    As I was repeatedly saying “unbelievable”, I found it comforting to see so many comments posted that began with “unbelievable”. Since the parent was known to this school security, there was absolutely no reason for the law officer (and I use the word law loosely), to deny the father his children. In fact, I would agree with another person who posted here that this could be considered kidnapping. When this “law” official asked the father if he was the superintendent of Nashville, I would have responded, NO, but I am the parent of these children, the person with a legal right who makes decisions concerning my children and I would have absolutely followed through with a law suit. The father was never confrontational and the security officer was constantly challenging the father. There was absolutely no need for this display of unauthorized, authority.

  • Terry

    mostly school boards are parents too, so this must be some class from a hi-filutin member.

  • Manfrom Modesto

    “The school system… can’t make a black and white law.” Absolutely not! In fact, the school system can’t make laws at all.

  • Mackenzie Gibson

    The LEO needs to go to jail for being a dumbass, That and being disorderly and confrontational. The Father is going to sue, and this is a case in which that is necessary. We need to get these stupid and dangerous officers off the streets and away from the Children

  • Terry

    you as well as I and all the others pay this big thing called taxes, that build and maintain these schools as well as the educators put in their walls. We bust our tail out there and deserve some of these things for us and our families. You do it your way and that is commendable, but not everyone wants or should have to do it as long as we are paying taxes. A better way would be to totally screen school board and administration candidates for their flaws so that a school can run like it should not as some doper wants.

  • Manfrom Modesto

    Most police actually don’t know very much law at all. They write tickets to create revenue for the city. The city is a corporation, and they are “officers” of that corporation, creating profits.

    Just like other ignorant public servants (e.g. 80% inspectors, 30% building permit issuers, etc.), when challenged and they don’t know, they fall back to aggression.

  • Jenness

    It’s school, not prison. I’d pull my kids out immediately. Parents have not only the right, but the duty to be able at ANY time to check on the welfare of their children and/or pick them up. This is a horrible school policy and one that does NOT foster a spirit of togetherness but one of “we will do what we want to your kids and there is nothing you can do about it.” Any school that has that attitude I brand as child abusers and there is no way a public agency is going to be allowed to abuse my children. NONE.

  • Terry

    don’t sluff off the elections is a better way. community involvement and know your people on the board. know the rules and fight for or against.

  • Skip Willis

    sorry, wrong answer. my dad was a Florida State Trooper. A police officer, in any state in this country, can arrest you at any time, charge you with any number of crimes such as disorderly conduct, vagrancy, trespassing, failure to obey a lawful order etc. You may or may not be guilty, however, you Will go to jail and have to bail out if you can and then show up in court to defend yourself.

  • Terry

    why do we pay taxes???????????????????????????????

  • Ted John Noga

    That is simply not true. They defend plenty of white people and they have taken a gun case in the past. I carry a NRA card and an ACLU card. The problem is that you want your illegal rights violating laws but not the ones used against your beliefs. If people stopped being hypocrites and realized that you’d be offended if the situation was reversed and stood up against even those things you support that violate the rights of others, this world would be far better. If Muslims demanded a muslim decoration on the town square and you called the ACLU they would in fact fight for you if they had the funds to do so.

  • Ted John Noga

    The guy is white and I personally know him and gave him money to help in his defense. He won quickly both the criminal and civil trial Click on the link you’ll see he’s white as driven snow.


    ACLU Files On Behalf Of Gun Owner Abusively Arrested By Philadelphia PolicePublished 1, February 17, 2012 Constitutional Law , Criminal law , Politics27 Comments

    We previously discussed the abusive arrest of Mark Fiorino by Philadelphia police. Now the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania and the law firm of McCausland Keen & Buckman have filed a federal complaint today against the city of Philadelphia in his defense. It is an important case and we will be following it closely.”

  • Bruce Krall

    Why are some cops becoming such assholes????

  • Ricky Branscum

    This police officer was out of line !!! He felt he was being made to look powerless, so he did what most “unprofessional” cops do at that point !!! ARREST YOU ! I hope you do sue and cops like this move on to other jobs where they belong like telemarketing or bill collector !! What has happen as a result of your arrest ?

  • Heir Muller

    of course, Velkomin to 1939 Deutchland ya’ll

  • Larry Harrell

    this kind of shit goes on every where . government (any level) does things they know are not in there power to do but they can get away with it so they do it. a trumped up charge of disorderly conduct is a prime example of how communist the united states really is. we need more action from THE PEOPLE or we are really in trouble. but as sad as it is to say there is no way to stop this shit until our government fails (as it will surely do , just a matter of time). then and only then will we see a change for the better.

  • Heir Muller

    of course, Velkomin to 1939 Deutchland , ya’ll !!!

  • bigMike

    I et if that man started punching that fat lardass SOB poor excuse of a sheriff, it would have been FUNNY! People, it’s time to start pushing BACK, they are NOT going to make us live in a police state! start bringing in a lot of witnesses, and when the cops start acting like the thugs they are PUMMEL THE SHIT out of them! beat them back into line!!!

  • Scott Cooper

    More like dumb a** liberals!

  • Iam Hernandez

    Did I understand the issue correctly? The child would have been allowed to walk home alone but NOT with their parent?

  • scott

    the teacher and the sheriff would be on the ground if they tried that with me

  • scott

    support vouchers,they allow your child(ren) to attend any private school they want at the cost of your school tax dollars

  • Cocomaan

    Since 2001 they’ve been given quite a lot of power. Not only have we ceded many constitutional rights through various pieces of legislation, leading to increased use of LE for mundane activities, but the quality of the LE has changed fundamentally. For instance, there are multiple programs in the federal government aimed at giving surplus military weaponry and equipment to local law enforcement offices.

  • Monica Creason

    That is soooo stupid because I would rather the child walk home than alone that’s why there are are so many abductions and the school system is saying the are in the best intrest in the children YEAH RIGHT!!!!

  • Alpha Dog

    Welcome to the Dictatorship Country of the United States of America!!! And its going to get worse!!!

  • Tina Stachura Newby

    There is a difference between can and shall. Just because a police officer can arrest someone for no reason, doesn’t make it an acceptable practice. I’m fairly certain that everyone has how are the terms false arrest and unlawful imprisonment several times before. This or any officer may be able to get away with such failure in judgement once or twice, once a pattern presents itself there is sure to be negative consequences.

    It is my opinion that this officer was intimidated by tue mans physical stature and knowledge of his own rights. He needed to assert his power in order to not feel in control. Basically he stepped too far out of fear.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    Mainly to keep the IRS from murdering me.

  • One Dumb Bunny

    Intimidation? Which? The officer threatening to arrest the father or the father threatening a lawsuit?

  • Tpappa

    As a parent, in America, you can kill your child in the womb when it’s inconvenient but just can’t pick them up after school when it’s inconvenient. Wake up America

  • Tina Stachura Newby

    Taking your child out of thr public school could be seen as a bad thing. show your children what it means to fight for what is right. Many parents do not seem to realize that they have a voice in what happens. Help yourself, your children, your neighbors, your neighbours children, and work toward making our system better. This is a democraxy still, we have the ability to make our situation what we want out of it. Grabbing your toys and saying “screw you I’m going home” has never changed anything for the positive for anyone.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    You are an idiot, as absolutely mind blowing dumb as you could possibly be idiot.

  • One Dumb Bunny

    There are “legitimate” exceptions, such as if the school is under “lockdown” or the weather is under a “state of emergency.”

    This case does not fit either of those examples.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    You have got to be kidding me.
    Taking your kids out of public schools because of the lunacy there is nothing akin to taking your toys and going home.
    It is retards like you that want to play patty cake with these liberal fucktards that have helped to enable this to happen.

  • greenthumb07

    I’m not disagreeing with you or judging your situation, but if your husband lost his job two years ago, why doesn’t he run the schooling while you are out working?

  • trukinman52

    this cop is so stupid this just goes to show how communistic this country has gotten

  • Monica Creason

    I absolutely agree 100%!

  • Diamanical Johnson

    They are not public schools they are government indoctrination camps.
    You don’t even know where your kids are. /rolleyes

  • Jane

    The officer threatening to unlawfully arrest the father is intimidation. The father advising the officer that he will face a lawsuit for his unlawful actions is not.

  • Angela

    I think this father was trying to make a point about what he felt was an unsafe new dismissal policy. He had obviously planned to make a scene in order to make his point. I’m not saying I disagree with his point, but I think that there are better ways to facilitate change. I feel certain that the school was not trying to insight his frustration. Dismissal is a very challenging time of day at any school. You have students going in all different directions and the school wants to make sure that everyone is going where and with whom they should.

  • Junes Gonzales

    whats the point of letting students walk home by themselves and not get picked up by their own parents. come on now the school board is only our parents for 8 hours parents have the right to pick up their child whenever they want this policy is retarded because if students can walk home by themselves something is going to happened to them and guess what its going to be the school’s FAULT instead of the parents so in my own opinion this policy is not going to last

  • Zak

    What that father did was right.. and the cop resorts to using his badge as a tool to “win” an argument he was losing. Sad thing is the Sheriff will most likely back up his officer and not the father because too many police dept’s have become clubs that stick together… no matter the facts.. or the law.

  • Casey Sandford

    All Heil the conquering brown shirt nazi’s!!!

  • Jane

    Yes. Where there is a will, there is a way. It’s all about priorities. Unfortunately, in this entitlement diseased world today, you are considered a nut job. Some people can’t wrap their brains around the idea of sacrificing everything possible for the sake of their children. It’s not expensive to home-school your child. You may lose an extra paycheck from an outside job, but if you care enough, you can supplement your income in other ways. No point in arguing with those that go off the deep end at the thought of losing their luxuries. They are too self-absorbed to open their minds to anyone else, including their children.

  • Bradley Walker

    Schools don’t make “laws”…

  • ssweat

    at first glance I was like, “What does astrology have to do with this?” :)

  • Jane

    home-schooling is not a full-time job. My children ended up more than a full grade ahead of their peers and what we did some of the time, could be compared to “unschooling” although we did use some curriculum.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Unschooling is an educational method and philosophy that rejects compulsory school as a primary means for learning. Unschoolers learn through their natural life experiences including play,game play, household responsibilities, personal interests and curiosity, internships and work experience, travel, books, elective classes, family, mentors, and social interaction. Unschooling encourages exploration of activities initiated by the children themselves, believing that the more personal learning is, the more meaningful, well-understood and therefore useful it is to the child. While courses may occasionally be taken, unschooling questions the usefulness of standard curricula, conventional grading methods, and other features of traditional schooling in maximizing the education of each unique child.

    The term “unschooling” was coined in the 1970s and used by educator John Holt, widely regarded as the “father” of unschooling.[1] While often considered a subset of homeschooling, unschoolers may be as philosophically separate from other homeschoolers as they are from advocates of conventional schooling. While homeschooling has been subject to widespread public debate, little media attention has been given to unschooling in particular. Popular critics of unschooling tend to view it as an extreme educational philosophy, with concerns that unschooled children lack the social skills, structure, and motivation of their peers, especially in the job market, while proponents of unschooling say exactly the opposite is true: self-directed education in a natural environment makes a child more equipped to handle the “real world.”[2]

  • Ethan

    I apologise for contributing my one cent worth of comment. I am not a parent neither am I an American Citizen. I am just a young adult from South East Asia. This is probably the most ridiculous news I ever read. At least in my country, parents or guardians are allowed to wait right outside the school gate to pick their kids up after school or in my time, parents are even allowed to enter the school compound in the canteen area to pick up their kids.

    As a kid I will not want to worry about what time my parents will be here to pick me up. No kids should be subjected to such wait after all who will not want to leave school early.

    From what I seen, this dad is not confrontational at all. But I do have to admit that I do know what is the law in Tennessee but I really don’t see any wrong in him walking to school to pick up his kids.

    This state definitely need to review this rule/law and change it.

  • Claude Lynn Hayes

    What a pot-bellied BARNEY FIFE !!!! That insecure little coward does NOT belong in law enforcement.

  • Danny Norman

    lynnz you must be some big fat ugly chick that is so bored with your life all you can do is mouth off to people that don’t agree with you. Have a nice day in your tiny little sheltered world.

  • penny

    wow unbelievable is all I can say I hope that father sues the heck out of that officer and that that officer looses his job that father was not confrontational or disorderly in the least

  • Derrick

    Ridiculous!!! The Deputy even makes a comment about him calling the Sherriff about the traffic jams at the school. This was clearly a revenge arrest. That Deputy should lose his job and the father should sue the Sheriffs Dept. What’s it matter that he is on foot??? Most of these so called “parents” these days won’t even get off the couch to go get their kids!!!!

  • Keith Jalbert

    Some of these cops need to be throat punched….. Unreal even after knowing it was his children.. This is what happens when you let big government into the education system we happy yet?

  • Sarah

    I think the deputy has some issues. He wouldn’t even let the guy speak, he just had his feathers too ruffled. I guess he thought he was supposed to be the final authority. He wouldn’t even LISTEN!

  • Jeff

    The police can arrest you, but if there’s no reason for the arrest they could be inviting a lawsuit for wrongful arrest. Not only could they be sued, but the officer making the unwarranted arrest will likely face discipline, especially when it’s caught on video that he had done nothing wrong and in fact was the one that actually knew the law.

  • Jeff

    The police can arrest you, but if there’s no reason for the arrest they could be inviting a lawsuit for wrongful arrest. Not only could they be sued, but the officer making the unwarranted arrest will likely face discipline, especially when it’s caught on video that he had done nothing wrong and in fact was the one that actually knew the law.

  • WORSEKarma

    “Roger Ramjets” is what I call these psychopaths with badges.

  • John Beach Hubbard

    Too bad that they give I.Q. tests to applicants for police jobs and if they flunk the tests they’re hired!

  • adsf

    sue that deputy!

  • Richard Maloney

    cops are programming you to obey without question, that fat good ol boy was so wrong on so many levels that he wont admit hes in the slightest bit wrong… time for all the parents to walk to school and pick up their kids.. .whats the school gonna do.. hold the kids til cars line up like good little pions… and the fat man with the gun dont have that many handcuffs.

  • kevin Golike

    well skip that is called abuse of power under color or flag, false arrest. while police have the power and authority to arrest anyone,it must be done so with probable cause.

  • a mkm

    Why do parents need to pick up their kids? Is there bus service? The parent could have waited until the busses left. No reason to argue with anybody. I was once told that I couldn’t take my kid out for a doctor appointment during exam week (didn’t know it was exam week when I made appointment). I knew the office person and I told her to watch me. I took my kid, went to the appointment, and returned before the next class. I always scheduled appointments during lunch and band so they would not miss anything. Of course that was 20 years ago and the rules have changed some.
    He should have signed the paper that they could walk home and then waited just off the school property and walked home with them.

  • Ali

    That is just despicable! Disgusting! I hope all the parents get together and abolish the schools policy!!!

  • Dennis Laws



    Anyone know what happened to this story?!? It was posted 11/19/13- so it’s new…just curious about charges and what’s scheduled next. I’m in Texas and have had a similar incident happen to me- except my daughters were waiting in the line to be escorted to the cars, so I simply walked to them, grabbed them, and took them home. All while the Principal is telling me he will call the cops. It’s ridiculous. The line between safety and parent-rights is a lot thicker than the school districts think. You can still protect my children- without taking over my rights.

  • Dennis Laws

    This attitude of cops, arrest just because you can, is why I CHEER when I hear of one who gets their brains blown out.

  • moon pappy

    It’s because losers like that are somehow allowed into positions of authority. Actions controlled only by their ignorant emotions with no actual logic involved. It’s this kind of idiocy that runs so rampant through America these days and it’s just getting worse.

  • Rick Harteis


  • justwateringthelawn

    Surprised they didn’t gun him down!?!

  • Guest

    If this man in another universe came in with guns ablazin, it wouldn’t matter if he got there on foot or a car…I know what it is you’re saying and I agree that decisions need to be made, but I know how much damage anyone can make under multiple scenarios if ones heart is devoid of a soul. Imagination is key here. Remember right after 9/11 the final analysis was the governments failure of imagination. If you’re going to make policy in response to a new threat, one needs to explore all reasonable possibilities, find solutions that restrict freedom the least and are the most laterally mobile. This might take you to uncomfortable places, but how do think movies are made? I could dress up in full leather suit made for race bikes, Don protective pads made for martial arts sparring, and with only my fire ax or heavy machete start from one end of the school working to the other with little chance of some teacher offering any resistance. I would eventually be stopped, as they all are but you get the point. Any knee jerk reaction or poorly thought out plan will only prove to create issues such as this father experienced with very little increased protection. Any change to prevent previous tragedies from happening in the future will only be met with evil ambition, plotting and the will to carry it out.

  • Gary Reno

    If this man in another universe came in with guns ablazin, it wouldn’t matter if he got there on foot or a car…I know what it is you’re saying and I agree that decisions need to be made, but I know how much damage anyone can make under multiple scenarios if ones heart is devoid of a soul. Imagination is key here. Remember right after 9/11 the final analysis was the governments failure of imagination. If you’re going to make policy in response to a new threat, one needs to explore all reasonable possibilities, find solutions that restrict freedom the least and are the most laterally mobile. This might take you to uncomfortable places, but how do think movies are made? I could dress up in full leather suit made for race bikes, Don protective pads made for martial arts sparring, and with only my fire ax or heavy machete start from one end of the school working to the other with little chance of some teacher offering any resistance. I would eventually be stopped, as they all are but you get the point. Any knee jerk reaction or poorly thought out plan will only prove to create issues such as this father experienced with very little increased protection. Any change to prevent previous tragedies from happening in the future will only be met with evil ambition, plotting and the will to carry it out…..

  • sleeper48

    Just because you are a police officer doesn’t mean you don’t have to use your faculties; brain included. If you aren’t capable of making correct decisions you aren’t capable of being a law enforcement officer. Whatever happened to good old common sense?

  • FckPssyCops

    @skipwillis:disqus then that makes you the typical dickhead just like this officer ! Disagreeing with an officer is not against the law. This father obviously will win this battle with all the support he has. So, we will all just wipe our asses with your arrogant comment thinking a officer is above a father trying to pick his or her child. #win

  • Princess

    That sounds about right. So, if it was a petite woman like myself who asked to pick up her kid, I would likely be directed to the office to sign him out. I do understand that there has to be an orderly system, so adults just can’t go grabbing kids, and even family members who aren’t on the pick-up list cannot be allowed to leave with a child.

  • politicstick

    How small can one guys pecker be????

  • AU>miner

    UHHH! I am not sure if you know much about home schooling YAYO. When i was “home schooled”, I went to see a teacher once a week. I did my work on my own pace, and took it back to school to my teacher. My parent had nothing to do with “teaching” me.

  • Bigboyrd

    I would have filed a complaint against the school for kidnapping!

  • revolution now 2013

    Bingo, that is why a lot of citizens despise cops. When they are not on their power trips, they love to break about every traffic law on the books on or off duty because they think they can. Clearly hypocrites. So if you or your daddy believe that hillbilly was justified in arresting that man, then you can both kiss where the sun don’t shine. To be more specific that’s my big white behind.

  • Pi**ed off

    This is a prime example of the kind of officers that will be on the wrong side of the battle when the **** hits the fan. They think that they are among the elite and powerful because they wear a badge. WRONG! They are just one group of useful idiots that the “elite left” use every day. How long will he continue to “do his duty” when he no longer is drawing a paycheck?

  • AU>miner

    Wrong, as an uncle I have had to pick up my nephew that was sick, when their parents could not afford to lose time at work. I was not on the list. A simple phone call saying I authorize this person to retrieve my chid on this day is sufficient.

  • AU>miner

    what happened to our rights!

  • Mindi Tindall

    what happens if you dont own a car or only 1 car and the spouse takes it to work? I would fight and fight hard. this is ridiculous!!! I am appalled at this. If a parent wants there child that is there right. Shame on the school and the school district and also the officer.

  • kim in jax, fl

    My kids school wouldnt let me get them after 1:15. They get out at 3. And this is in Jax, Fl. But I feel like if I want my kids, I will get them, whether, you give them to me or I walk to their class and take them. THEY ARE MY CHILDREN!

  • Deborah Justice Cutrell

    This is INSANE!!!! I hope that father sues the crap out of that school and county!!! He was in the right!!! Those are HIS KIDS… not the school’s property!!! And that “officer” for lack of a better word… said that a parent cannot do what they want on school property!!! OMG!!!! I hope they get MILLIONS AND THAT “MAN” loses his job!!! I hope the Super and the Principal lose their jobs as well!! This is just pure crap!!!

  • trish

    he did nothing wrong he was not loud or causing a scene but the officer was the one disrupting everything justnto be a ass and he should be delt with. I think he is on a power trip because he is the law

  • Twitch

    WOW!!! Yet another reason why I no longer want to teach in our public school systems! Some of the things that go on in schools is crazy!!!! I can understand having a set procedure for picking up your kids from school to help with the the after school chaos that happens but to not allow a parent to take their child is just ridiculous. The school I taught at had rules and they really weren’t unreasonable but as a teacher if I tried to enforce them, I was the one that got in trouble. This story would be very different if he were not supposed to pick up his kids due to him not have legal custody of them or something of that nature but to simply say, nope, you can’t pick up your kid from school without a car???? WHAT? What if the family doesn’t own a car? I am supposed to just have my child walk home, along busy streets, by themselves? The parents have to wait down the street for the kids to get out and walk with them starting from a certain distance? I responsible parent should never be kept from their kids! (I only say that for those who are not responsible and their kids have been taken away due to neglect or abuse.) Also, someone mentioned home schooling the kids. Well, first off, that is a lot of work and if you don’t know how to teach or where to find appropriate resources you may not be giving your child a very good education, second, um…if you don’t have a parent who either doesn’t work or works from home that really isn’t an option. Third, that isn’t always the best option for every child for so many reasons such as learning styles, social development, and so many more. Yes, I do believe in home schooling and will most likely home school my children some day but I also have a degree in education and know what to teach, when to teach it, and how to teach it. More parents should get more involved with the schools, if they were, they would be able to have more of a say in the policies that are being made. Something else that I think this guy should do is organize a group to walk to the school every day to pick up their kids. Once more people start saying, NO, we don’t agree with this policy and we want a change, I doubt they would arrest all of them. Oh, I could go on and on about this topic but I will stop here.

  • tazdablito5962

    Wow. And then the cop threatens to arrest the significant other in the parking lot. That would piss me off to no end. I hope that jerk of a cop loses his job. And the principal needs to be fired as well. His comments were out of line. They’d better be VERY thankful that I wasn’t there.

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    I dunno. People keep complaining about police state this laws that, I think this is an issue of insecurity. People in power get too scared of the people and authority entrusted to them to embrace challenges and show their diplomatic and leadership skills. It’s like they don’t know what to do, so they forget how to reason with and talk to people, and to have the wisdom to know when and where to bend the rules or be rigid, and not assume some dude is threatening you because you’re scared of him or he broke a rule and you don’t know how to talk to him. Maybe you shouldn’t approach every person who breaks or questions rules like they’re psychos. Maybe they need to learn a lesson, and if you teach it to them, and it they’re good, they’ll respect you as a man and leader for it. Cop got scared. I can forgive him, and I can tell the guy “hey that’s the rules” but this could have been handled much more smootheley with self confidence and mutual understanding. And if it wasn’t? Ok, you did the right thing now the other guy is more obviously in the wrong. But don’t panic. What did a wise man once say? “A harsh word stirs up anger, but a gentle one brings about understanding or peace?” Both were kind of messed up. The dude broke the rule at first and the cop panicked, apparently. I think the dad could have been reasoned with. Some kind words, spoken to from a position of confidence and self respect, and above all empathy, instead of freaking out and calling every big dog that comes close to your kid rabid. Guess that’s hard, huh? We all make that mistake. I’ve been on both ends. Be firm but respectful, people. Near the end it seemed the dad was less at fault, if not in what, then how.

  • jcarl

    I hope you sue the sheriff’s dept. & deputy dog, too.

  • cw11

    just ridiculous if i was to ask for my son and the officer was to do that to me i would catch disordly conduct and assault on a officer because i would have knocked his bitch ass out.only then would you have a reason to take me to jail with a smile on my face. hope this guy gets this straighten out and wins this lawsuit because this is just unbelievable to what America has come to. and on another note the officer should loose his job for wrongful arrest since clearly the guy was being as nice as he could be the officer was the one being a dick. just because he wonted to argue and not sign a stupid policy allowing children to leave school on there own. just idiotic!!!!

  • edster48

    This is getting completely out of control. School administrators seem to be on some kind of power trip, telling people what can be in their kids lunch, expelling kids for pointing their finger and saying “bang”, and now, not allowing a responsible parent to pick their child up after school because he showed up on foot. This is what happens when the government has too much input into the private lives of its citizens.
    We need to roll this back, now.

  • truth

    God gave me my children not the goverment and if we the people dont start cleaning house in all our government from top to bottom they will one day own our children .sir don’t back down

  • Christopher

    A couple things… At first I thought that the person there was a rent-a-cop security tard as they used to be the stereotype for people acting so foolish. To see this was the actual sheriff is sickening. First off you don’t treat people as property, unless you feel you want to go against the constitution and act as if you own someone such as a slave then see how quick you get lynched. As for the father I would recommend home schooling. Most children receive better education by home school and can dodge Common Core dumbing down of America. If there are any owners of any minor it is the parents or legal guardians, not the school even if the students are in custody for a period of time they shall not supersede the legal guardians of blood or legal parents. I would say especially with some king city dipsh*t like this at best rent-a-cop accusing a responsible father of being childish and when the childish cop doesn’t get his way he supersedes law and his duties and arrests him? Astonishing to see where the country is headed…

  • tomyj1

    The RENT-A-COP had a big bowl of stup!d for breakfast..

  • tomyj1

    Somebody elected the obama regime .

  • Brian S Murphy

    I’d went to jail but not because of disorderly conduct but beating that cops ass he’s on a power trip must have been abused and beaten up in school so becomes a school cop to get back and boss people around with a gun and badge backwoods hillbilly cops are the worst. Sue him for holding there children against there will schools out end of the story you can not detain them once the day has ended period!

  • truth

    we quite voteing ,and letting the same people stay in office year after year ,that’s what is happing and will keep on happing until we the people start taking our country back .

  • Blessed Mary


  • Pete Depuysselier

    I agree. In New York state, the kids don’t get text books any more just photo copies of the pages the need that day, the teachers pay for most of there classroom supply with out reanbustment, there’s no money for fieldtrips, so were do my school taxes go

  • Glenn Martin

    Sorry, right answer. And someday down the road of time a good ass beating is in store for such assholes who think they are above the law because they have a badge. I support most police officers but not pricks like this scumbag!

  • stkman

    Since when do school districts write and pass laws.

  • nke

    “the schools can’t make a white and black law”. They can’t make any laws period. If parents wants their children and you refuse that is kidnapping, period end of discussion. It is the parents choice if they child even attend the school. who do they think they are to keep a parent from their child

  • Vicki Shepherd

    This Deputy should be removed from duty IMMEDIATELY. He’s merely a pompous a_ _. The father was very respectful and composed (I wouldn’t have been) and at no time was disorderly. The deputy (moron is a better term) went overboard when the father started to recite law. School is out at 2:35 p.m. and if they know you are the parent or authorized person, your child(ren) should be released to you no later than 2:40 p.m. Also, when he threatened the girlfriend with jail–this Deputy really thinks he hot stuff. Let’s see the ol’ pot-bellied son-of-a-gun chase down a real criminal!!!!!

  • Guy

    No offense but if your dad taught you that AND acted in the manner you just described then he was one of the douche cops that give the police the asshole reputation they have.

  • stupidfuckingrule!

    EXACTLY…. whew i thought i was never gonna see this comment, this is what i was looking for to agree wwith 100%. ALONE?????? WTF next what youll see the kids picture on a milk carton or an amber alert b/c the kids can either walk ALONE with no parent, or only be with the parent if he or she has a vehicle?????????? but has to walk alone ???????WHAT FUCKING BULLSHIT IS THAT???

  • Edwin Waters

    This is what happens when dead people and illegal immigrants get to vote.


    its obvious the cop in the video has a small penis and was probably bullied in high school. he uses his badge and gun to make himself feel above others. I know other cops like this and they act and behave the same way. I also know cops who are great cops and uphold the law, and would have no issue with what this man did. from the video alone i cant see anywhere that the gentleman who was arrested was being disorderly. The cop just felt PICKED ON.. and didnt feel that he had AUTHORITY any longer…so he resorted to aggression and arresting the guy. If anything the cop was more of a disorder and raising his voice..and in a school mind you!! What a dickless wonder.

  • Tami Moneymaker

    if you notice the one who act like this are the barney fifes’ of the police world.
    the cop was showing his ass

  • Princess

    I am guessing that you live in a small community or your nephew attends a private school, but perhaps not. For legal reasons, a situation like this would normally require a fax from the parent. That is why the form has a list of permissible and emergency people who can pick up the child. I assume you were added to the list :) Anyone could make a fake phone call and an unauthorized person could pick up the child leading to $$$$ lawsuit.

  • LeAnn Addleman


  • Pat

    How stupid. How stupid. How stupid. And very wrong.

  • Raoul Gonzo Duke

    I’m sure he had something to do with this. Moron

  • 1janicebeaty5

    My children would not walk by themselves, it is my job to protect them especially with all the perverts on the street. If I want to sign my kids out, or walk my children and when school is out They are mine not the schools or the states. This was wrong and the officer was a but hole.

  • 1janicebeaty5

    I’m with ya.

  • Raoul Gonzo Duke

    Are you Native American? If not, it isn’t ‘Your country”

  • 1janicebeaty5

    Think u r rt.

  • Linda Habecker

    Yeah, I had to read it twice to make sure it said the children could walk home but ALONE, not with a parent..I still am at a loss for words and don’t know what their reasoning is for that. Is it because they think a predator will grab the wrong child, well, the child will scream right there and they are caught, and they don’t have a vehicle with them. If they are so worried about that, have the parent have a badge around their neck, and as their child walks out, make sure it is the parent. How do you know the people in the cars aren’t predators, and lure someone into a car. That’s what usually happens anyway when a predator “does” kidnap. These people at this school are just F****** PLAIN STUPID!!!

  • Cody D Darr

    I just want to know since when did school policy become “law”? Black, white, or otherwise?

  • Threefiftyseven Sig

    Hello?! Are you awake? The state run school system can do anything they want to us peons!! We’re only the parents, and this is the result of our not being aware of the incremental encroachment into our sacred responsibilities as parents; this is part of the big picture agenda-to take away all the rights of parents!!! Unfortunately this goes hand in hand with the POLICE STATE that we are rapidly deteriorating into!!!Home school while you can!!! Or get up and get yourself elected to the school board and help STOP these retarded regulations from being foisted upon the citizenry!!!

  • Vegas Beck

    Not necessarily. I live in Las Vegas. I volunteered in my son’s class, and I was asked to bring home one of his daycare classmates. They called the mom who said sure. No note needed. This school is creating a cluster. But, it seems to be the trend. Schools have all these zero tolerance (i.e. too lazy to deal with the issues) rules, and now they are trying to pass them onto the parents. I’m so frustrated that I’m considering homeschooling my kid…Well, if I had 30 hours in a day, anyway. lol

  • Vickie Vohsen

    Ridiculous indeed!!! What kind of world are we raising our kids in now??? So very sad!

  • Brad

    actually having unprotected sex caused your children but otherwise pretty much on point.

  • JP Dubois

    Yea and thats what is wrong with this country. If the man is not doing anything wrong and wants HIS children, not the schools or the cops kids. The officer should be reprimanded to the highest extent to the law.He was the one being disorderly. And as far as the sheriff saying this video didnt tell the truth, it told everything we need to know.

  • Rick

    If this father caused any real trouble how long would it take officer Barney to get his one bullet out of his pocket and into his gun ?

  • AU>miner

    I don’t see what the obama regime has to do with me commenting this article. I do believe that you are upset with the president. I also don’t believe that my political choices are any of your business. I will however give you one hint though, I am not a democrat. If you want to troll I suggest that you get a good fishing boat, a twelve pack of beer, and find a serial killer on craigslist to be your fishing partner.

  • mimabo72

    Folks we need to take a collection to give this man the money to sue the county sheriff’s Department and this Barney Fife here.

  • Face it

    That is bullsht!! This USA is turning into a police state we have no rights when It comes to the police, people should fight to get those like this one fired he has small man syndrome

  • Susan Michelle Kirkland

    Sorry, that means we have a military state. I am not amused at your opinion nor your father. Wonder how many innocents he put in jail or threatened because they disagreed with him.

  • Jeanette

    What an embarrassment to the Sheriff’s department!!

  • difficultwoman

    ABUSE OF POWER AND STUPIDITY…is your dad this ignorant or does he use common sense. I don’t see any way you can defend this “officer”..barney fife deals with otis better than this bafoon. How can you respect the law when it behaves like this?? AND yes he will have to show up in court to defend himself and SUE THE SHi$ out of these idiots….but they don’t care..cause when jim howe wins…and he will…he will be paid with our tax $$. Skippy, the way you start by saying a cop can arrest you at any time etc………….sounds like you think that is acceptable…….it isn’t……

  • http://www.misslibertyamerica.com/ MISS LIBERTY AMERICA

    This is just the preconditioning and the beginning of a police state!

  • Kevin Miller

    I think it’s time that the militia come onto school property for the protection of the adults and students rights. THIS IS BULLSHIT!

  • Thomas

    This is just an asinine statement.You have no basis for making such a stereotypical comment like that. It’s always funny how an entire group of people are judged by the stupidity of a few. Sound familiar?

  • widower9

    I agree.

  • Tee Mac

    This needs more attention than a blog. Legislators need to get involved.Churches News Channels Parent groups Also have never seen a school so big a line like that is caused what kind of backward ass donkey runs the school district there. Put his name out there let him get some feedback for his approved policy.

  • apoolle

    I live in Tennessee and a school guard tried to tell me that I couldn’t pick up my daughter. I told him that I would pick her up-anytime I chose to-and continued to do so. He thought that he could intimidate the wrong person. This is bull crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are our children. This cop was Waaaaay out of line and I hope that Jim Howe sues the crap out of the cop and the school!

  • widower9

    This is NOT the first time this kind of situation has occurred. If you think that your kids are really your kids, you have another idea coming. The masterminds of the New World Order have been preparing for this kind of Brave New World for quite a long time. This is only the tip of the iceberg and the beginning of what is yet to come.

  • Tee Mac

    Sorry wrong answer just called 2 lawyer friends. Police cannot just arrest you for any old trumped up thing!

  • Shannon M Carithers

    By definition I am a native of the United States of America, a constitutional republic. So, hell yes this is my country and his country as well.

  • apoolle

    You are jerk – Raoul! With that name-its obvious that you are not a American-so you have no say! And yes I am a native American-I was not only born here but I have Washtana Indian in my bloodline.

  • tony1948

    School thinks it is running autonomous Government of a Government. That is ridiculous how they treat a parent wanting to pick up is kids after school. Hope you sue the officer, police department, school principal and the school.

  • lonewolf

    the cop and the sherriff are yellow cowards. that cop is way to fat.

  • Lisa Hildebrandt

    This officer is an idiot. Those are his children. He has every right to take his kids from school whenever and however he chooses. One would think that this father would be commended for walking with his children. He not only is spending time with his kids, but it’s healthier too. The over weight officer might take a tip on that. Good thing that it’s all on video. A judge better through this out of court and could possible charge the officer with custodial interference and child indangerment since there parent is now in jail. Just sad… a parent doing the right thing all around and he gets arrested..God Bless America..

  • Wolf

    Only in america. This would have been so much fun in my country. That cop would have been in jail in 10 seconds flat. Being a dick like that.

  • Laura

    Actually you are the employer of every school employee. You pay for the “free public education” with your tax dollars. No one has the right to withhold your child from you at any time. Of course, those of us who really want to take back our rights homeschool to begin with and keep our kids out of this mess.

  • Dave Ott

    I didn’t hear that officer read him his rights…

  • Joel

    This world is just falling apart. That officer needs to be reprimanded or released of his duties. The day when a school or officer or any form of legislation or government local, state, or federal can retain your child from leaving a school is a sad day and the beginning of dangerous times. This is outrageous. We all need to wake up North America. The government is slowly but surely taking away our rights and the sad thing is is that we are letting them because this government is operating on fear of it’s citizens. And to the father you handled that perfectly and didn’t give that deputy or sheriffs department the opportunity to slander you by saying that you were just some crazy guy starting problems.

  • Gary M.

    This sheriff is disgusting and so is the school! What a complete violation of our rights as parents in the U.S.A.! I hope and pray this cop gets fired and the man and kids in the school win some cabbage for this violation of AMERICAN,, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

  • David Brown

    you sir are wrong, I am native American and you sir are wrong

  • Allen

    Barney with a bullet! It is the arrogance of government!

  • David Brown

    so what you are saying is black police don’t have the same power? idiot

  • fuck u

    your a fucking idiot Raoul

  • Kenneth DeWit Jr


  • Gene Marlowe

    Mr. Duke

    I am 50% Native American. Just 2 generations back G-ma & G-Pa 100% Cherokee. At what point does one have the right to call themselves a native of the country they were born in? Even the American Indians were emigrants. Science has traced their blood lines to China and most North eastern Indians are basically descendants of Africa. Everyone from Europe and the America’s are emigrants. Simply put if you are born here your American, if born of American parents anywhere, you are an American. If you are naturalized, you are an American. If you are an American, THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY! PERIOD END OFF ARGUMENT. Since I was 12 yrs old, when asked “what nationality are you?” I have always answered, AMERICAN

  • Kenneth DeWit Jr

    Go to hell you Mongrel!

  • Kenneth DeWit Jr

    Tell that little BITCH!

  • Saxxin

    I’m not. It’s still my country. Don’t separate. Unite. To do something about this everyone has to know one thing. United we stand. Divided we fall. We have been divided and this is the result.

  • Kenneth DeWit Jr


  • Troy Collins

    That cop is undeserving of the uniform, and badge. This is exactly why people hate cops. What a digrace to the profession. He needs to be fired immediately. This idiot has been sworn to serve, and protect? What a freakin joke!

  • Gene Marlowe

    Skip is 100% correct. Having said that I had a county cop harass me giving me 76 speeding tickets in 6 weeks. I lost the first one in court. Then beat him 20 in a row at that point I asked the judge what should I do with the rest of the tickets. In the end I had all my ticket dropped including the first one. Then ALL the tickets he wrote to bikers on bikes or driving cars with a MC license for the past 3 yrs were thrown out and refunded. Anything he was involved with legally were thrown out. He was also kicked of the force and he was never again a cop or even a security guard. He lost his gun permits and was not even allowed to own or have in his possession so much as a BB gun. He did end up in a hospital for 3 yrs. If you are in the right, it is your duty as a citizen to fight back hard. Remember this though, never lose your cool and when talking to those in power speak softly and with authority.

  • Tiger

    unbelievable.. I would dare someone to stand in the way of me picking up my kids from school. I prolly would have socked him 1

  • Thunderboy1

    If you were born here, you are a native American.

  • Renee Kriner Spohnholtz

    I would like to know what the outcome is on this. Does anyone know?? This is complete bull shit!!!

  • erin

    ha wow i woulda punched the cop and got arrested for a real reason

  • David S.

    And this is the exact reason every state should have a voucher system and allow school choice.. This system will put money into the parents hands to use at either a public or private school. Those schools that fail will no longer be supported by tax payer dollar. Why should the father in the story above be forced to pick between a private school or this horrible public school his kids currently go to. School choice would allow him to take his kids to a better public school if he so desired, or allow for him to actually more readily afford a private school for them. By the way my wife and I home school and do not think the taxes we pay should go to these schools. We should have the right to fund the schools that we choose. Oh and by the way research shows it cost more per child to educate through the public school than through either private or home schooling.

  • Ron Grounds

    Sue the police,the officers and the school.

  • Fran McLaughlin

    Sue the bastards

  • David S.

    My wife and I home-school but I would hardly say it is a full time job. But hey this is a great video about 7 lies of homeschooling http://youtu.be/qHg1Chcdvng

  • Louise

    wow .. what a total abuse of power .. how is it wrong for a parent of a child to walk to school to accompany their child home so they can get home safely?! Especially with the instances nowadays of kids being abducted on their way to and from school
    . My daughter is 14 and is a walker and I still worry, these parents had children younger .. it makes you wonder why children have little respect for the law when they are witness to displays of total and utter disregard for basic decency and common sense.

  • michael campbell

    Never once did I hear him read his miranda rights…

  • Lena

    He wasn’t read his rights… They can’t hold him without being informed of them, so technically he was arrested illegally. Also, it is the parent’s right to have custody of their children when they need them. There was no reason for this at all.

  • Richard L. Ghue

    Don’t have to. Only if he is under arrest and is being interrogated. Otherwise, what good is “you have the right to remain slient…”

  • Richard L. Ghue

    Yes they can.

  • Melissa Ann Lamoureux

    This is ridiculous. If it were my child I would demand them too just like that father did. Some cop on a power trip has no right to arrest him for wanting his kids their so called policy can not be a policy.. some people do not own car, some people do not have the money for gas and no matter what the reason they have a right to walk to school and pick up their children. Holding their children over something so petty should give him rights to sue the school for kidnapping because they are technically holding the childreb against the paents will after school hours.

  • Fuckin American

    As a retired police officer this so called deputy is a disgrace to the badge !!!!!!! I hope Dad gets the county’s pay check. This office is a waste of county money and needs to be in a VW patrolling parking meters. I’m so fuckin mad right now I can’t see straight !!!! The fuckin sheriff won’t say anything so he can protect the deputy. The video does say a lot, regardless of what the dumbass sheriff says !!!!!!

    Quote: Just like other ignorant public servants (e.g. 80% inspectors, 30% building permit issuers, etc.), when challenged and they don’t know, they fall back to aggression.
    I hate the fact that I was in law enforcement because of dumbass’s like this !!!! He gives all of us a bad name !!

  • TheArchitect Reverse Polarity-

    When the cop told him he couldn’t walk his kids home, he should of turned right back to the woman behind the desk and said “Get my kids up here now please, because im un-enrolling them from this school” Would of loved to see what the cop said then.

  • Heather Johnson

    at my school my dads a teacher never had this problem actually when i leave school early because i dont have classes the guards just let me walk out i walk home what can i say its a small town everyone knows everybody else so yeah

  • Navybrat

    Not this school, apparently. What kind of idiot makes a rule that children can walk home alone, but not with their parents??? That’s a whole new level of stupid! It’s hard to believe that all of the parents who were lined up along the road, waiting to pick up their kids, are accepting this. I hope there is a lawsuit and that the man and his wife win.

  • Clint
  • Clint
  • Clint

    Somebody who gets it!

  • Clint

    Somebody who gets it!

  • Clint


  • Clint


  • kori pierson

    Depends on your state check out your laws. I am so lucky we live in Florida which is very home school friendly.
    This makes me so glad I enrolled my kids in an online private school, it
    enables me to choose how and what my kids learn, and opens up for us to
    take numerous field trips and because it is online they can do it
    anywhere and rather than stop for a few months i choose block classes
    with one week off a month and school year round, also it exempts my kids
    from Fcat here in Florida.

  • Navybrat

    Your spelling is atrocious. “quite voteing” – quit voting “happing” – happening. Are you aware that “our country” was stolen from the native people who inhabited this country long before the encroachment of Caucasions? Did you know that these same white men stole land from Mexico, as well?

  • Rolling Thunder ⅔ FA

    Raoul Bonzo Duke, when progressive fascists totalitarians. who call themselves liberals can’t win an argument (because they are clearly in the wrong and don’t know what their talking about) they immediately go to race. Well dumb a**, I am ⅛ Cherokee and I hate when you libtards start that sh*t. You only try to divide because you can’t win on the ideas. So go F*ck yourself.

  • Navybrat

    It was the “take back our country” that annoys some of us. For one thing, our country still belongs to us, last I’ve heard. The only people who should ever have been able to “take back” this country are the ones who were here long before we were. Also, Truth’s spelling is, as I said to him/her, atrocious!!

  • wiley789

    That guy has some self control. i would have ‘lost; it and beat that fat bellied pork rasher into a heap of quivering blubber. then calmly sat down and awaited my arrest lol. maybe the cop (LOL, sic) was low on blood sugar and needed his donut fix. lardass solid skulled nasty spiteful LITTLE man. imagine what he would be like if he wasnt a cop. Then laugh. !!!

  • Brian Thompson

    Yayo, you are a yoyo!

  • Navybrat

    Don’t call someone an idiot when you can’t even get “your” right.. it’s you’re, dummy!

  • marygay chaples

    this country has lost its mind and the cops are more dangerous then a criminal. They can arrest you for anything and as a parent i would be home schooling my children before i would risk this type of unconstitutional behavior on a person who is suppose to protect the citizens not abuse and arrest them.

  • Brian Thompson

    Keep to the reason why you are here. It has nothing to do with your family and your financial difficulties!

  • Navybrat

    I hate gross generalizations.. and they make you look ignorant.

  • Tracy Babcock

    um im a parent but maybe i missed something the children walk alone but a parent cant walk with there child wtf???? whats the difference if the parent walks with or drives there child to school. my son is 5 and the school sure as hell wouldnt allow him to just walk home or alone or to my car. the parents must pick there child up at the school. unless they ride the bus then there walked to the bus by teachers and other who work at the school. something very wrong with that schools policy

  • Navybrat

    That doesn’t even make sense. So, one person elected Obama, twice? And here I thought we all had voted! A lot of “somebodies” elected the Bush “regime”, as you so quaintly put it, twice, and we survived that. Barely survived it.

  • Navybrat

    Yes, and you also keep them from socializing with their peers, along with not giving them a decent education.

  • Navybrat

    Homeschool and teach them all of your biases and conspiracy theories! Make sure they don’t get a good education so that they will be able to join the conservatives and Tea Party fanatics. You clearly have not been subject to a true police state.

  • Navybrat

    I’m sick to death of these ignorant people who hate cops! There are bad apples in every occupation. Police officers, like firemen, risk their lives every time they get into their patrol cars. The difference is, everyone likes firefighters. I believe most of the “cop haters” are people who break laws and commit crimes. If you have nothing to fear and nothing to hide, you will never have to deal with cops. Police officers are probably the most under-appreciated, under-paid and most maligned people in this country. Just imagine what our country would be like without them. I, for one, have no desire to return to the dark ages.

  • Grace

    So what happened here? Was he able to sue them? I dont think he did anything to get arrested. That cop was a complete dick! I think his little badge made him feel extremely powerful! I hope he was able to sue them! They deserved it!


    home school home school home school… I would withdraw my child in a heartbeat, and never send them to public school again. and I would get every single parent possible to join me in that action… this is so far beyond outrageous it’s not even funny.

  • Funny HaHa

    It’s Caucasian… just saying.. B-)

  • Lyle James Berryman

    “Don’t let a few bad seeds spoil the entire organization” That is what the Hell’s Angels say. And yes, I think comparing police to Hell’s Angels is appropriate. When you give someone the power that we give police, you expect them to act professional and respectful of citizens. I was in Iraq for a year running convoys, I knew the risk and did it for far less than police are paid. I am not saying I hate cops, but I do think they should be held to a higher standard of justice like the military is, UCMJ can prosecute the shit out of you if you get out of line, they can still send people to prison with HARD LABOR. This guy is in no way protecting anyone, he can use fair judgement, and he chose not to. I hope he loses his badge, the last thing we need are police that have double-digit IQs.

  • Navybrat

    There are bad people in every occupation. There are bad teachers (pedophiles), bad priests (also pedophiles), bad lawyers and judges, bad politicians, bad mayors, bad governors, and so on, ad nauseum. I could go on, but I think you get the point. This guy was an asshole (cop). It happens. Don’t try and project that on every police officer in the country. I fully support our police officers for the ones who put their lives in jeopardy to get the bad guys and protect us. If we had no law enforcement in our country, what do you think it would be like?? BTW, you need to think about taking an English class. “I’m fairly certain that everyone has how are the terms false arrest and unlawful imprisonment..” is one example taken from your comment.

  • Navybrat

    Actually, it might not be sufficient. How can the school know if the person on the line is really the parent?

  • Amused

    He said “while” not “white”, and you called him the idiot?

  • Greg Scheuber

    I would have called the cops and had a complaint filed against the school… Those are his kids..rule or not, that’s the legal guardian of those children. I hope this guy removes his kids from the school and then sues the crap out of it.

  • Travis Augustine

    I was born in this country and so were my parents and grandparents so yes this is MY COUNTRY.

  • R.cole

    Anymore,I think every parent should just homeschool their kids and put these sorry arrogant school officials that are on power trips out of a job. They come up with the stupidest programs. It is more than obvious that it is an accident waiting to happen. This damn police state has got to come to a halt.

  • Navybrat

    You’re the idiot.. that isn’t what he is saying at all. You just aren’t capable of understanding what he said. Go to your room.

  • Navybrat

    Your big white behind must have an equally large rectum. You appear to be one of the ignorant masses that group all police officers together as bad guys. “..they love to break about every traffic law on the books..”?? You’re an ignorant idiot to make such a biased and ignorant comment. Some people despise cops because those “citizens” hate to get caught when they break laws, commit crimes, beat their spouse, beat/abuse their children, mistreat their pets, get into fights with their neighbors, drive when they are sloppy drunk, and so on and on and on. They are the ones who have to deal with the aftermath of murders, suicides, rapes, armed robberies, again, so on and on. The people who just want to live their lives, do the right things, be happy and safe, and take care of their families (legally) have no reason to fear law enforcement and are capable of realizing that the majority of police officers are decent men and women who are doing their best to stop crime and get home alive. I feel sorry for our law enforcement people who have to put up with the likes of you and

  • Lynnz

    Danny Danny Danny !!! ROFLMAO !!! How childish, just like a little boy to call names and then does exactly what he accuses !!! Again go to the back of the room and shut your mouth and you might learn something. I have no patience for your stupidity.

  • Brian in COS

    That is horse Shit Raoul, I am white, born here 51 years ago and am claiming the USA to be MY country. If you and your yahoo indians want it back, time for a civil war bro! Come take(or TRY) to take it back! :o

  • Bill Hoffman

    Wow, that deputy is a dip shit, and he didn’t like being proved wrong…what a ass hat!

  • Ami Fowler

    Is that school system stupid? When a parent/guardian signs out their children the school is no longer responsible 4 the children’s welfare, but if they will only let the children leave alone 2 get home the children R still the school’s responsibility. & Gods & Goddesses forbid something happen 2 any of those children. Or is that paper the school is having the parents/guardians sign supposed 2 take liability off the school if something happens 2 the children? Go get that paper back & burn it!

  • Navybrat

    Every occupation there is has some assholes. There are more decent police officers than assholes. Wish I could say that about the people commenting here. And, yes, the cop in this case was an asshole and an embarrassment to decent cops everywhere. I’m sick to death of the ignorant, stupid people who group all police together as bad cops. Can you imagine what this country would be like with no law enforcement? Would you want to live here then? I wouldn’t. I think that the “cop haters” are people who have a reason to fear/hate cops. If you aren’t a criminal, don’t beat your spouse/children, and just want to live a good life, there is no reason to hate cops.

  • Brian in COS

    We didn’t steal this land from Mexico Navybrat, we FOUGHT a war for it. If they want it back, LET’S ROLL! Come and get it wetbacks! :o

  • Ami Fowler

    So U’ve had 1 of those jobs? 2 B so informed. If, that’s the school’s policy & obviously this wasn’t the 1st time… Doesn’t mean the father wasn’t correct & that the school’s policy is the dumbest shit ever…The cop was doing his job & the father was doing his job. The father needs 2 continue w/ the legal action & get that stupidness changed, because the children R important than some stupid policy.

  • Ami Fowler

    Isn’t theirs either

  • kumo

    Law Enforcement Officer

  • Vinij Strano

    So umm, where the hell were his Miranda rights?

  • Navybrat

    The “officer” ( doesn’t deserve to be one) was obviously assigned to the school. School resource officers are often the ones that are put there because they aren’t equipped to go on patrol. This one clearly is not very bright. But, he was enforcing the school’s policy, not the law. For some unknown reason, this school has a rule that a parent cannot come to the school and walk their children home. The children can walk home alone, but not with a parent. WTF???? I was astounded to read that. The sheriff didn’t say the video “didn’t tell the truth”, he said, “… he (sheriff) hasn’t seen the video and doesn’t need to, because it won’t tell the whole story”.. (quote from the article that you apparently misunderstood). The officer was doing his job, albeit poorly, in trying to enforce the school’s policy. I’m not sure what ” ..reprimanded to the fullest extent of the law” is supposed to mean. I think you confused it with “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”. About all the man who wanted his kids can do, as far as the sheriff’s Dept. is concerned, is possibly sue for false arrest. He would do better to sue the school board for it’s unreasonable policies. Hard to believe that all of those parents in the cars lined up along the road, waiting to pick their children up, are ok with the school’s absurd policies.

  • DLinz

    Get an attorney and sue the crap out of everyone involved……EVERYONE. Your name will be on that “school” before it’s over.

  • Just a person

    So putting them in public school where they can learn to be a liberal, and they don’t have to earn a thing because the government will take care them! That is the better choice?

  • mydreamretrievers

    Since when does sending your child to public school give them a good education. That ended a long time ago when teachers had to spend so much time in activities other than teaching. When you have a class with twenty or more students and you have to spend a great deal of time with 3 undisciplined children who are mouthy and uncooperative, none of them gets a proper education. Besides that, there are many homeschooled children that test far above public school children. Their parents have friends with children and because they all pay taxes, their children are allowed to be on the local school district’s sports teams if they wish to. Homeschooled children are taught the way we all used to be without all the agenda and political correctness that has become so commonplace in today’s public schools. By the way, my children went to public school, My grandchildren do as well. I do, however, have close family members who homeschooled. Their children tested far above the public school students. Not only that, they started college classes when they were 15 and 16. My niece has already graduated nursing (that is RN) school and she won’t be 19 until March.

  • Brian Merica

    Really? shut the fuck up. have a seat asshole.

  • sherry

    WOW and I thought this was about this poor father who was harassed by an idiot who pretends to protect and serve the people. I think he should be arrested!

  • Gypsie Jean

    No man should be held accountable for the actions of their grandparents’ grandparents. I am: 12.5%Navajo, 12.5% English, 50% Irish. Where is my country?

  • mydreamretrievers

    The school can call the number that the parent listed on the emergency contact list. It is not that complicated.

  • Spawn

    While some of your comments are pretty spot on, trying to be the internet grammar police is down right annoying! Some people type while they are aggravated and do not really care about proper grammar or spelling.

  • Navybrat

    So, POS, you’re another ignorant idiot who thinks all cops are bad. What happened, did they spoil your fun when you were driving drunk? Issue speeding tickets, shoplifting, get you for domestic violence? So, the actions of one cop proves to you that all cops are bad? You’re a fucking idiot. Let’s say there is a bad firefighter who is an arsonist. Does that mean that all firefighters are bad? Nice last name, Dennis, for someone who thinks all cops are bad cops. If all cops have the “arrest just because you can” mentality”, then who is arresting the criminals? You’re either very young, or very stupid. Or both, which is my choice. I hope their are people who will cheer if you get your brains blown out. I’m using the term “brains” very loosely. Grow up.

  • Navybrat

    Yes, too many people here are blaming that incompetent, probably school resource officer, cop for this mess. The cop, clearly not the brightest one on the force, was actually enforcing the school policy of not allowing a parent to come to school and walk his/her child home. The children, however, are allowed to walk home alone. As I said in a previous comment, WTF??? Their other brilliant idea is having all of the parents in cars line up along the road and wait an hour or more to pick up their child. This man should be suing that school.

  • Spawn

    You are just as shallow as the cop who arrested this father! I have personally had a teacher tell my child, and his classmates, that they should not be having the parents call her asking about getting extra time before or after school to understand a subject… they need to just “get it!” Is THAT what you call “good education”? Without throwing your political bullshit into this, think before you type! Plenty of parents can home school and give their children equal or better educations then some school systems. With this bogus comment regarding “teach them all of your biases and conspiracy theories!”, you have lost ALL credibility! As for socializing with their peers….. they should be in school to learn… not socialize! They can do that after school, with their friends in the neighborhood!

  • HeAlZa

    Wait…. I don’t see why he got arrested… I didn’t see anything ‘disorderly’ and if you ask me the security guy was being a douche and was the only one who seemed overly upset….

  • ferretfrenzi

    Actually you have more power than you know to get things done. When my children were in school (they’ve both since graduated) I was very active. I counseled my daughters to always come to me if there was any issue at the schools. I expect my children to be treated with respect and given an education. It’s one of the “reasons” I pay taxes. During the time they were in school I have banned subs from teaching my children, corrected teachers from petty courses of “discipline” (ie a particular teacher erasing a student’s work even throwing away their work simply because they worked ahead) made sure I went through proper channels all the way to the superintendent for the district or even to the state. We have the right to speak and if we don’t our rights WILL be trampled. “Ask and ye shall receive”. I ask until I receive the answer fitting the situation.

  • Scotty Harris

    My children were stolen over 3 years ago by the government. I wasn’t arrested, there was no abuse, drugs, or alcohol. Recently they lost over 20 separate court Transcripts to over 20 hearings. There has been 6 different Judges so far. The police went into our home when I was at work without a warrant and beat my wife in front of our children. My Mother In Law was responsible. She was out to destroy our family and made untruthful allegations. Innocent parents with innocent children destroyed. Federal taxes are taken from the government and handed to CPS, Social Services, Judges and fake Attorneys holding all court hearings in secret. The public is not allowed in. There are no children at these hearings, so to anyone that is ignorant and responds that it’s for the safety of the children….the children are never there. Anyone that complains about where our federal taxes are going and how bad the system is, well, your not fixing it. 100,000.00 per child is what is being taken. That is a fact. Look it up. I have 2 interviews on youtube and facebook. Corruption in Santa Clara County, parts 1 and 2. I had 3 beautiful children that were loved and taken care of. A family that many dream of. And that’s all it was …wasn’t it. Just a dream. An American Dream. I hope and pray that everyone wakes up from this bad dream and starts to care about what’s happening. Apathy is the worst and most people are brainwashed to say…Something must have happened…there must have been something?…NO. Nothing. And money is what it’s all about. Thank you. The world’s greatest father and dad.

  • mnicole

    i would ask for the badge number and arrest report and take this to the news cast and DOE! they need to redo there pick and drop off because any child on school grounds after hours is wrong!! unless after school programs and sports…..but to stop you from pick them up after school by walking to and from the school WTF???? ummmm sooo you want us to waste gas in a bumper to bumper line????

  • Mememeee

    same scumbag cops that would taser a 6 year old because he couldn’t be controlled.. people can’t stand for this quietly.. mayhem is the way to go :)

  • Marvin W. Loveless

    What a dumb ass Sherif! It is amazing to me how stupid people get the jobs they do. This dumb ass is dangerous because he is in a entrusted position and dumber than a bag of rocks…

  • Melisa

    Hey my husband want to know if he out of jail.. cuz if not he’ll bail him out… We are form Green Bay Wi that guy who arrested him needs to be punched in the face for real

  • Red Oak

    we should be careful judging whether or not a person is native by how he looks. By law in this country, a person can be considered “native” (a terrible misnomer) if he has just one indian ancestor on a tribal roll, even if that ancestor was his g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g grandfather. which would mean he had only like one drop of indian blood, and you know he wouldn’t look it at all.

  • Red Oak

    we should be careful judging whether or not a person is native by how he looks. By law in this country, a person can be considered “native” (a terrible misnomer) if he has just one indian ancestor on a tribal roll, even if that ancestor was his g-g-g-g-g-g grandfather. which would mean he had only like one drop of indian blood, and you know he wouldn’t look it at all.

  • GEEZ

    Wow. Idiot just made a whole new level of stupid.

  • Red Oak

    I agree, based on the fact that the actual technical definition of “native” is to be born where you reside. However, EVERYONE including official sources blatantly misuse the term in application to the indigenous people here, thus disenfranchising the rest of the natives of america, who come in all races and colors. I prefer the terms “aboriginal” or “indigenous”…America is one of the only countries that uses the term “Native” in such a way.

  • Brian Merica

    Democrats think stupid shit like this up.

  • Randall Fox

    I wasn’t aware that someone “round” had a side, much less a “good side”. If you want to impress anyone, Deputy Aytes, bend over and touch your toes.

  • theundeadtalkinghead

    welcome to tennessee

  • stupid

    That sheriff is acting like a nig.

  • Rachael Burrell

    I thank God that this was not me or my child’s school. A refusal to hand over MY children would have, more than likely, made me so angry or violent that it would have eventually resulted in a ‘school lockdown’ for sure. As a parent, I choose my child’s method of transportation, as well as which schools he/she may attend (I would move if I had to). That is just ridiculous. I hope the officer was reprimanded for this, and I hope he felt the full force of his own HUMILIATION after watching his behavior and attitude as displayed on this video. I most surely would not want his attitude or influence around my children for 8 hours a day. Furthermore, after watching this officers obvious lack of judgment (not to mention lack of Common Sense), I would seriously doubt his ability to keep my children safe at school, from peers and outsiders alike.

  • Melissa Custeau Murphy

    Oh my goodness, it should not matter whether this dad arrived in his car or walking. School was officially out for the day, the father signed a form for the release of his child to him, and the child should have been released!! But instead it seems they have stupid rules that children that walk home or are walking home have to stay in the school until a certain time, understand this may be so the walking children are not in the paths of all the cars there to pick up children. But come on, this father was the responsible adult that child would be walking with. And instead, this officer/security guard? insisted that this father was being confrontational just because he was reciting the school rules to the officer/security!!!???? So now the officers/guards can arrest anyone for them just speaking???? RIDICULOUS!!!!

  • paulaperry

    she said he lost his good paying job, not that he didn’t have a job

  • M

    dude, look at the other comments, most of the people commenting (who you might categorize as “yahoo indians”) have all said that anyone born here is an American and it is their country just as much as it is Native Americans’ and have all spoken of unity as Americans. They also spoke of naturalized citizens also being equally American, but I wonder what you think about that since you automatically designate any Native American as a “yahoo indian.” It is EVERY American citizen’s country, not just YOURS as you have so blatantly and shamelessly asserted your white AND male privilege. You, sir, are much more what is wrong with this country than the still distasteful attitude displayed by Raoul.

  • David Beyer

    Cumberland County NC. Lived there at one time and all I can say is that they are still living in the 60’s politically speaking and their school system and rules reflect that. They really out to be ashamed and embarrassed by this kind of behavior towards a students parent. One of the reasons I won’t live in that state anymore.

  • HowlattheHowells

    Navybrat is twisting him meaning. And if you are going to throw stones…It is Caucasion!!

  • Karen Jones Thomas

    Aytes is an ayteshole

  • george

    most people who correct grammar have no argument. please die.

  • God

    god you’re a fag

  • Hacienda la Esperanza

    I cannot believe what I saw here! Is this the USA? I guess this father is lucky that the Gov did not target him with a preditor missile. Whew! What is wrong with the USA?

  • Jennifer Parodi

    Good grief, what if the parent does not HAVE a vehicle and the child is too young to walk home alone?

  • matt

    There are good schools and bad schools, just like there are kids that are homeschooled and turn out fine and some that don’t. Most parents, though, probably aren’t qualified to educate their kids past maybe a middle school level. Some parents I’m sure are great at teaching their kids what they need to know. Other parents will leave the child severely misinformed if they teach their kids things like “evolution is a lie and the earth is 6000 years old!”. School isn’t just for learning, it is a place where kids do learn to socialize and make friends. You aren’t gonna meet many people if the only options you have for friends are those that happen to live on your block. I think the best option for parents who want a better education for their child is a private school.

  • matt

    You spend way to much time responding to every freaking comment you don’t like. News to navy brat: THERE ARE A LOT OF STUPID PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. Don’t waste your time responding to them.

  • Redneck Wonder

    Talk about bias, apparently you don’t know much about home schooling. I have a very dear friend that was home schooled her entire life til college. She’s now a very successful surgeon. But I guess that less than adequate education she received must have held her back. On another note you should change your name, being an ex navy man myself your use of the name and your lack of respect disgusts me and is an insult to all my brothers that wear and wore the uniform.

  • Name

    What a stupid comment.

  • corey2444

    That’s the pot calling the kettle black..

    Spanish was never the native language of Mexico. It’s the native language of SPAIN. Spain is a European country and always has been. several hundred Indian languages from Canada all the way down to the bottom on south America. None of them ever spoke Spanish until the Conquistadors came and forced there language, culture and religion on them.

    I love it when an idiot tells me Mexico was stolen by the white man. When I tell them the truth that’s right in front of their nose, it’s always a look of deer in headlights. You are nothing special. You are a product of the Liberal teachers union, taught to think as a collective. Taught that everything about America is bad and that you need the Democrats to pass laws to fix it. Usually when the Democrats convince the useful idiots there’s a problem that needs fixing most of the country is getting screwed with billions of dollars in fraud and kickbacks, benefiting the super rich Democrats and their friends. The super poor stay the same. The middle and low end rich get screwed the most. The super rich keep them elected and we all get laughed at behind the scenes.

    Try to think for yourself for once.

  • Tiffany Marie Murphy

    All these comments are incredibly STUPID. What race you are, what your political affiliation is, or whether or not you home school, has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MANS PARENTAL RIGHTS BEING VIOLATED! All of you would rather fight about petty shit than deal with the main issue at hand. No wonder this country has gone to fucking hell.

  • Krisann Robles


  • Krisann Robles


  • Zero

    The school has done its job…. teach children to obey the law, regardless if it makes sense or not, otherwise you and your parents get arrested!!! That is the purpose of the school … oh, and to teach children OUT of creativity … little boxes, little boxes … DON’T THINK OUT OF THE BOX, GET RID OF THE BOX.

  • Carlos Prado

    Government indoctrination camp. I have some kool-aid. You should drink it.

  • TJ

    Its cute that you left out the Republicans. Both sides of our government are, for the most part, bought by one corporation on another. our school system as a whole teaches only what the government feels need be taught and makes a mockery or education as a whole. I realize that you yourself may be Republican, and not a force fed moron,
    but be fair in what you say. They aren’t all good or bad on either
    side. Your bias aside, you are right for the most part. I may not come back to this, but try not to nitpick at my grammar, you know what I mean to convey to you.

  • Carlos Prado

    Morse v. Frederick
    But you have to be something other than straight for the most part.

    Damn! Those poor straight white males have it so rough!

  • Jake Thorpe

    what the hell dose that have to do with any of this o my god he our she spelled some words wrong you are a joke well did you no a tree dose make a sound wen it falls and no one is around look just go after you read this find some rope and hang your self do the world a favor pice of shit make you fill good maybe they cant spell i Literally hate people like you look down on others scum

  • Canine Justice

    You’re a moron. If you’re going to talk shit about someone’s spelling, you better ensure your grammar and spelling ate perfect. However, I don’t expect much from some assclown that believes in revisionist history.

  • Chris McElrea

    I’m sorry! That cop is a complete ass! He had no right to arrest him, and that school is totally overstepping their bounds by telling parents they can not walk home with their kids! Whatever happens outside the school ground is completely outside of their jurisdiction! Sometimes I wonder who the hell these people think they are!

  • revolution now 2013

    Hey navy puss, refer to my last message you damn semen! Rangers lead the way you freaking waste of oxygen!

  • revolution now 2013

    One more thing dunce, when a state that is financially supported by the people of that state doesn’t serve those people, I like to call them power trip dickheads. That’s what I like to call about 75% of the boys in blue making 25k a year because they can’t do anything else. I will say I respect the other 25% of honest cops who are there to serve and protect, now once again go scrape your teeth on the concrete.

  • Jeffro Freeman

    Er. Actually that is exactly when an officer makes an arrest.

  • Hazel Hendricks

    Don’t be fussing about people’s spelling. As far as I can tell, none of you can spell. haha…… Just joking but it is true. Concerning the Father, it is stuff like this that makes the South look like idiots. A child can walk home alone but not with a Parent?

  • Executive Decision

    Boy when the breakdown of Society comes I have alot of bullets
    for alot of you.

  • Guest

    Isn’t what you just said gross generalization?

  • anarchistbookshop

    I’d rather have someone qualified teaching my kids chemistry and physics and higher maths, thank you very much. I have no ability to teach these subjects and want my kids to learn them well. Kudos to the few parents who actually know and can teach these subjects.

  • Ann Elida Hodgkins

    all these “rent a cops” are all the same. give them a touch of power and THIS is what’s happens. that would be the day they would keep me from getting my kids. what the hell are they thinking? the kids can walk ALONE but not with a parent?? give me a break, i would have been a lot more “childish” then this guy

  • babystace11

    Sooooo….what about children who’s parents do not own or have access to a vehicle?



  • Tonya Marie

    What do half of these comments have to do with the subject? This father was WRONGFULLY arrested and imprisoned for trying to pick up his children. His rights was violates. As well as his children’s. the school system can make rules, but they cannot make LAWS. I would file a law suit against the school system and the Barney Fife, wanna be bad ass cop, for what they have put him and his children through. Also, it would have been my child’s last day at the school. I would wait until that wanna be cop was out if uniform, a every day Joe Blow and teach him the “law”. It’s “police” like him, that give all law enforcement a bad name. It’s a shame to see school systems and wanna be cops, over step their boundaries with parents like this!! I feel for the poor children!!! I think all the parents should start pulling their child from that school system. I know in Arkansas, you have the school of choice. You can remove your child from one school and move them to another. Even if it is two or three towns away. I definitely wouldn’t allow my child to return back to that school.

  • Jessica Collins

    It’s ironic that you call others ignorant and then make such a moronic, not to mention grossly inaccurate sweeping generalization about homeschooling. You seem drunk on the progressive kool-aid, and obviously beholden to big government. Thus, your opinion is moot. Come back and contribute when you are sober and can see the corruption for what it is, a product of a too powerful Federal Government.

  • Jessica Collins

    Well said!

  • Jessica Collins

    The best option is for parents to make the decision, PERIOD. Be it homeschool, public school or private, whatever. Stop telling other people what they should and should not do with their own kids!!! Oiy, your opinion works for you, that’s great. But stop assuming the conclusion you have drawn is universal to all. That’s called narcissism.

  • Jessica Collins

    Well, I completely agree with you about this, but not so much your stereotypical, and naive, view of education.

  • Jessica Collins

    Why must you be condescending about grammar and spelling errors? I am very aware of good and bad grammar, but those who use it as a rebuttal tend not to have a better argument than that, in my experience. Just saying! Focus on the subject, not someone’s poor writing skills.

  • Jessica Collins

    And I am sick of the arrogant, self-righteous idiots that insist on ignoring the fact that corrupt LEO’s are cleared by “internal investigations” and often protected by other “good” officers when they do the wrong thing. For example, in my local region, an officer recently received the highest award for bravery in the line of duty for shooting a man who was pointing his cell phone at him. He was “positive it was a weapon.” Well, it was a PHONE! He shot the guy and they gave him an AWARD. You just can’t make this stuff up.


  • balsy mcgee

    This is what our government has done.. Burn them to the Ground!!!!!

  • Doug Packer

    Let’s get this straight people. This isn’t about law, this was about school policy. That cop needs to lay off the doughnuts and grow up. Sue!! Also run for the school board and get it changed

  • Brenda Clay

    my children or grand children would never attend that school

  • Whydoyou Wanttoknow

    Cop should have just shut his face.. he aggrevated the whole thing.. this man was working with the lady on signing papers that had nothing to do with the police at the time.. all the cop did was run his mouth.. start and arguement.. then the fatass doughnut eating idiot push’s his badge because he was in a losing battle… that he had started.

  • Whydoyou Wanttoknow

    at the end of the vidio.. you see the Cop actually push the camera out of his way… if he knows the LAW so much.. he would also know this is concidered Assualt and battery. he had no right doing that either.. seen many people go to jail for that argueing with a g/f or what not.. and push thier phones or take them and throw them… thats B/S too.. he better not be keeping that Job.. or the sherrifs dept. there are nothing but a bunch of wanna be cops with no brains…. not to mention.. i don’t know why Turnkeys are allowed to be part of a police dept. when the schooling for it is WAaaay different than police acadamy

  • Sabrina Althea Pope

    God Bless this family. Couldn’t the school be charged w/ kidnapping since they were basically refusing to allow (free) the children to be w/ their parents?

  • Brianne Babb

    Just doing his job? Aytes arrested Howe because the man knew the law and was telling Aytes all about it. He was embarrassed and behaved like a little child with power on the play ground. SMH

  • James Willet

    WOW! So at this school if your child has a dentist appointment before school gets out you are going to be arrested for trying to pick up YOUR OWN child? What a joke and a officer who thinks his badge allows him to do as he pleases so his ego doesn’t get hurt. My kids would not be attending a school with such disrespect to parents and no regard to the children’s safety by mandating parents have to park along a busy highway and their children have to walk to them on this busy highway. It’s a matter of time before someone is hurt or killed along the highway so I hope the school is ready to be sued.

  • Eddie

    I hope they sue the school, school district, sheriff’s department, and that sheriff personally. That’s completely ridiculous.

  • donklady

    Yes as a former teacher I keep telling people to study their history. Spain conquered Mexico. That is where the Spanish language came from. Also Spain is definitely European. Texans did not just come along and take the land from Mexico. The Mexicans wanted to win their independence from Spain. Stop blaming the so called white man.

  • dmgng

    You need to read the Mexican-U.S. history:

    Many people suspected that this violence was provoked byPresident Polk so that he could fight and win an easy war in order to gain lots of Western territory.
    It was seen by its critics as aggressive and so it was controversial. General Grant fought but felt this war against Mexico was unfair and violent against its people.

  • dmgng

    The Koch Tea Party Republicans and the new Obstructionist Republican Party of 2009 are in control of Congress and Senate and you say the Republicans isn’t
    screwing the American people, exception is the wealthy and special interest

    But this is supposed to be about the school’s ridiculous rules of how you, as a
    parent, intend to take your child or children home. The new policy allows
    parents to pick up their children by car, or has students walking alone, but
    not walking with a parent. Instead of them walking home alone he and his
    fiancé were there to walk the kid’s home together. There was no
    rhyme or reason what took place to arrest the father. The arresting
    officer has to be a conservative without common sense. His mentality was
    my way or the highway……lol

  • Steven L

    Wow, just wow. The “sheriff” in this video is the antagonist. He’s the only person yelling, being stubborn causing a scene. As the father of HIS children, he has the right to take his children AT ANY TIME. Here we have another high school loser, whose best grade was probably a C, who became a cop and thinks he’s the law now. Grow the hell up. You’re really going to make children walk home alone when they have a good father, who has his childrens safety in mind, who wants to walk home with them? Please, remove whatever is lodged in your ass out. You don’t have any right to tell a parent they can’t walk their children home, sorry if you are a piece of shit and don’t have any, and if you do they probably fucking hate you. Get off your high horse, do your fucking job. Not be an ass clown. Eat a god damn snickers, your acting like a bitch.

  • Michele Hoyt

    The cop was more disorderly than the father and really no reason to arrest him, my question is what happened to the kids, he did not sign the allowed to walk note and was not there to get them as he was taken to jail…Who called the Sheriff and why did we not see the beginning of the confrontation between the Sheriff and the father? I personally would have talked to my kids, signed the you can walk paper and had them meet me at the edge of the school grounds, way less headache. Seems to me the school should rethink their policies on how this stuff works… not all parents are willing to sit in line, and frankly I never got the lines, I got stuck in one at my grandkids school and if you are first but your kid is later coming out, it screws up the whole flow…I miss the days when it was more normal for kids to walk home and there was no paper saying it was OK, we just did it. It was rare for a parent to pick a kid up, they were expected to walk and if you were going to a friend’s house who rode the bus you just told the bus driver and went…no special arrangements needed… Our sue happy attitude has led to school admins and others having no common sense!

  • Jessica Millard

    That’s disgusting. The school has custody and care of your child till school is over, then it’s our job. disgusting. I woulda been disorderly if someone tried to keep me from picking up my kids.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    That’s what they are making your kids do in the so called government education system.
    You can believe it or not, I don’t care. You are probably an illegal awaiting amnesty in the first place, just remember even if you get amnesty it doesn’t mean you won’t be a target when they day comes.

  • a. miller

    I didnt her his rights read to jim at all. Just that he was aressting him for disorderly conduct.

  • R.L.L

    Are you kidding me? A parent has the right to take their kid out of school any time they want. That cop had NO right to arrest that man. He was NOT being disorderly. He was voicing his opinion much calmer and nicer than the cop was. I hope you lose your job, cop. WTF.

  • SDKev858

    this is the internet. Talking about spelling and grammar on the internet lol. IT isn’t obligated to speak 1 language that the white man invented. trash

  • Christopher Bailey

    LoL…Lawsuit. Of course if he fights back they will just look for everything they can to put him in jail, ticket/fine him etc. Then they will give his family a hard time, his kids, until they move. Awesome how things work. I would pull my kids out, home school them and sue the school & township. Now, if the child got injured while walking back home, I am sure that the school would push responsibility onto the parents. Or maybe the CPS would point it out to be the parents neglect on allowing it. A few years ago I had a fight with the Tenerton Elementary school about my daughters medicine. She is ADHD and her medicine was not working. The DOCTOR gave me 3 options: Increase the doseage past recommended dosage for her age/weight, just keep giving her the medicine ONLY so I can say that I am giving her medicine or take her off the medicine until something else comes out or she grows more. I opted to take her off the medicine and the CPS worker and school put me in for “Educational Neglect”. They felt I should go to whatever means necessary to get hat she “Needs”, never-mind the fact that it could be damaging to her. Don’t put up with their crap. The kids are NOT theirs, don’t LET them tell you how to raise YOUR kids.

  • beth3111989

    Hello Kidnapping by a school district.
    Take your insane rules about when I can get my child and stick them…you do not cloth feed or love my child; I do and until you start paying me child support for my child you do not tell me when I can pick my child up from school or what method I use to do so.

  • Carlos Prado

    Oh, I see. Because my name is Carlos you assume I’m not American. Man, you are crossing some neo-nazi level of dumb with your ‘target’ speech.

  • Guest

    We’re not talking about spelling & grammar…… the discussion is ignorance and lack of education, so wide spread now that people can not spell simple work or communicate in the most elementary ways. Kev, evidently your lack of education is on display also. Get off the interent, go read a book.

  • stewbee

    FYI …Democrats are in control of the Senate.It would be nice if you got your facts correct before you go on a finger pointing and name calling tirade.

  • unknown

    Wow people this went from a discussion. About schools policy to spelling and grammar then to a damn history lesson Wtf if ur gonna comment on something at least stick to the damn topic ……… And as for what the school did Is bull patents should b able to pick up theor children whenever and how ever they choose if I were him I would sue

  • Amber Jean

    Schools are getting out of hand! If a parent comes to the school and asks for There child, they should get them! Nothing is said that you cant walk or drive. All they need to worry about is if it is the correct person picking the said child up! In every school You sign a paper letting the school know who CAN AND CAN NOT be picking up your child. It does not say Anywhere that you have to drive! Children know (for the most part) who can pick them up and Most wouldn’t go with a stranger! Schools need to get real and understand that things can go as they always want!

  • rosswill

    He should have grabbed a pop tart, eaten it into the shape of a gun and let the officer sweat it out.

  • Jen Bova

    What does Obama…Native Americans…Mexico…..Bush…have anything to do with this clip about a man picking his children up and getting arrested?!!! Too much time on your hands? You guys are arguing for the sake of arguing. Do you really think a few comments on social media is EVER going to sway anyones opinion…….Nope! Just sayin!!! :)

  • Patrick Henry

    Need to remind the Sheriff the Nuemberg defense is not allowable. He should be using “common sense”

  • Patrick Henry

    I feel better now, At least it wasn’t the white man who kicked em out.

  • Peter Michael Martinez

    You are under arrest. You are being charged with “disorderly conduct”
    for wanting to pick up your own children from school. This is now a

    Notice what you DIDN’T hear … “You have the right to
    remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a
    court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an
    attorney, one will be provided to you. Do you understand these rights?”

    Without Miranda rights, the arrest is void. Secondly the police
    officer was completely wrong in his arrogance that he had a right to
    detain this man for exercising his parental right to pick up his
    children from school.

    Another case where a county is going to be sued and LOSE because of a poorly trained officer.

  • Ida

    Sheer stupidity of the whole thing. This is ridiculous. Not like he was trying to take someone elses kid.

  • keith

    After reading all these comments, all i have to say is jake thorpe is a retard. U dint spell hardly any words You right, and dint even make sense in slang writing. Dose=does lmfao

  • keith

    Um, no usually those are the smarter ppl who win the arguement

  • keith

    U must a agree because u spell worse than my first grade daughr. She.d put u to shame. I really hope this is a first grade drop out who wrote thusis or we have a bigger problem with the education system

  • Tae

    This is crazy. You can tell by the reaction and what his attitude that he has had trouble with the school before, so the Officer was probably just reacting to how he’s used to the guy being. It’s just horrifying that they would arrest a parent who was trying to pick up his kids, which if you watch the video at the end he says one of his kids has special needs as well. It’s totally inappropriate and to walk him out in traffic like that is dangerous. I know at our schools we weren’t allowed to walk home alone unless we had a parent signed note if we were under 16.

  • Michael Feuerstein

    merada rights?

  • Jon

    As someone once said “Rights aren’t rights they can be taken away, there privileges.”

  • Jon


  • revolution now 2013

    What do you do contact moderators to delete responses to your gibberish? Typical navy brat alright. Remember 75% of cops are lawbreakers, we see it on the news everyday. Normal people have a bad day and decide to bring that to their job, they risk losing that job. Cops have a bad day, they double their quota and get a promotion, all while harassing and intimidating the people who pay their tax subsidized salaries. Now run along, a fresh group of sailors have just arrived at the bus stop.

  • gooch

    That fat little shit sherrifs officer needs alot of retraining on how to deal with people instead of how to eat dounuts out of the teachers lounge.

  • revolution now 2013

    Kicking myself in the rear, after reading some other comments you posted realized you are a left wing Obama drone. Hate when I catch myself arguing with tree stumps.

  • Dennis Laws

    Ild guess by the tone of your reply you are one of the sorry badge wearing bastards, or your daddy was. To answer your assumptions, NO none of the above scenarios caused me to hate the bastards with badges, their lack of respect for peoples rights, not one time, but these piles of shit do this day after day, shooting unarmed people, tazing children in the face, killing peoples dogs who are no threat. THEY THEMSELVES PROVE THAT THEY ARE NOTHING TO CALL HEROES, WATCH YOUR LOCAL NEWS, AND THE INTERNET THEY SCREW OVER AMERICAN CITIZENS EVERYDAY. and Im 60 years old, Ive been watching them go from officers of the law to believing THEY ARE THE LAW.SO NAVY(asshole)BRAT shove it.

  • TJJ300

    Actually, it looks like the police in this case took it to the extreme because they are fed up with the school system laws, and they want this to go viral. Funny, both the parent and the cop have the exact same point to make.

  • Chuck Robey

    That fat piece of trash has no business being a LEO, it’s no wonder he is a school resource officer because kids are at his mental level, what a disgrace to the uniform but then again most LEO’s nowadays are a disgrace.

  • Chris

    Did that coo even read the man his rights? This case will be dropped for sure.

  • Tonia Bailey Lovelace

    My people were here way before any of you so go home ! Now may we talk about what we are on here for. We as AMERICANS have the right to go to any school and pick up our child at any given time. The only time that they shouldn’t let you have them is if you are hurting the child and reports have been filed and or you are ordered buy the courts that you have no contact with them . I have two daughters one is now 29 and the other is 27, also a step daughter that is 27 I have picked them up and never had any trouble what so ever; and yes I know that the laws have changed I also have 7 grandchildren and I have picked them up from school more than their Moms and Dads. In most schools you must show your ID and sign in before you can get them and that is just for the safty of the child. No child should be let to cross a four lane road at any time without an ADULT with them. I am having trouble with a school now, they want my grandson to take two times what the Dr. has told them to give him just because he gets up in class. They kicked him out because he has ADHD, IBS, ADD, and OCD not to mention he has trouble hearing and tech blind at the age of 6, one day the so called teacher wouldn’t see what he wanted when he had his hand up so he got up and went to the restroom…… well she went to get him and had him so scared that he wouldn’t go even when the whole class went after lunch and he pissed his pants. so I have been checking in to the laws over the school system and I have talked to a lawyer next is the news. maybe you should try some of these before going to jail. BTW I would ask for the officers job what he done was very uncalled for. some of them let the power go to there tiny brains .lol

  • Tonia Bailey Lovelace

    My people were here way before any of you so go home ! Now may we talk about what we are on here for. We as AMERICANS have the right to go to any school and pick up our child at any given time. The only time that they shouldn’t let you have them is if you are hurting the child and reports have been filed and or you are ordered buy the courts that you have no contact with them . I have two daughters one is now 29 and the other is 27, also a step daughter that is 27 I have picked them up and never had any trouble what so ever; and yes I know that the laws have changed I also have 7 grandchildren and I have picked them up from school more than their Moms and Dads. In most schools you must show your ID and sign in before you can get them and that is just for the safty of the child. No child should be let to cross a four lane road at any time without an ADULT with them. I am having trouble with a school now, they want my grandson to take two times what the Dr. has told them to give him just because he gets up in class. They kicked him out because he has ADHD, IBS, ADD, and OCD not to mention he has trouble hearing and tech blind at the age of 6, one day the so called teacher wouldn’t see what he wanted when he had his hand up so he got up and went to the restroom…… well she went to get him and had him so scared that he wouldn’t go even when the whole class went after lunch and he pissed his pants. so I have been checking in to the laws over the school system and I have talked to a lawyer next is the news. maybe you should try some of these before going to jail. BTW I would ask for the officers job what he done was very uncalled for. some of them let the power go to there tiny brains .lol

  • Denise

    SirGregor – You’re right, you don’t know me. So asking and then assuming about what I spend my money on is baseless. I’m a single mother of 4, make a little too much over the poverty limit to be on welfare (but not enough to easily make ends meet) – my story is the same as many others out there. 4 children @ $400/mo each – you do the math. MOST PEOPLE IN AMERICA right now can easily say that an extra $1600 lying around isnt readily available to send their children to private schools. Since I DO have work ethics, my job cancels out any time I may have homeschooling my children. Is any of this the “whining” you’re talking about? NO – its stating the facts. If you do not like that some people do, in fact, have valid reasons for having to send their children to public school, then thats your problem. But to say (as the original poster has) that you’re abusing and neglecting your child when you send them to public school is completely idiotic and ignorant. Fortunately for my children, the school they attend is in a rural area in a Republican state. So far, we do not have to worry about this type of scenario happening. The school my children attend also celebrates Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day every year, have countless fundraisers for troops throughout the year, and even a bible study class on Tuesdays that my children are included in. There are good schools and bad schools. I *intentionally* moved to this area because of the type of schools and teachers they have here. Does that sound like the action of a parent who doesnt give a damn about their child’s education? I dont think so.

  • Denise

    What are you talking about? What kind of close-minded person talks like that to someone they know nothing about? I applaud your ignorance. Please, tell me more of what I do and my weekly habits. Do I also go to the theater every week? Do I take extended vacation trips? Do I drive a decked-out SUV that has a DVD player and takes an atrocious amount of gas? I support homeschooling and wish I were able to do it. But someone like you homeschooling their child is pause for concern. Your ignorant tirade can now commence….

  • Denise

    “Excuse me” but apparently your mental state hasn’t been evaluated. I’m sorry to burst your bubble (not really) but online school isnt available because, AGAIN, I have what we call a JOB. Not only that, the K12 Program (and many other online schools) use the SAME curriculum that public schools follow. The only difference is that with the online schooling you can stay at home vs. going into an educational building. Public schools are not free babysitters? Duh genius. My tax dollars went to building those schools. As I stated in another post, I’m perfectly happy with the school my children attend. “Dumping your child there” is such a retarded thing to say that I won’t even waste my time refuting that trash. Calling people “idiots” is what happens when you act like one. You now fall into that category. Congratulations.

  • Denise

    LoL….you’re funny. Get a life instead of pointing fingers. =)

  • Denise

    Uh huh, sure I am. So tell me genius, if letting your child attend a good public school is mental abuse and neglect, what do you consider the parents who beat, starve, and abandon their children? Just curious.

  • Denise

    I applied for that actually. Since I have 4 children, it cut the cost of tuition by $525. The support vouchers are income based, and they do not have deductions for bills. While that is a significant reduction, the total cost is still out of my limit for being able to pay the bills and feed 4 growing children.

  • Denise

    Fortunately, the school my children attend do not have these problems. The principal and the majority of the teachers are Republicans/Conservatives. I live in Texas, and in a rural area. I intentionally chose this area to move to because of the political make-up of the population and because I researched the schools and talked to the faculty BEFORE enrolling my children. As I stated in another post, while the school is required to teach the CORE curriculum, the teachers counter-balance it with fundraisers for the troops, workshops for work skills, a bible study one time a week, celebrating Vet and Memorial Day, acknowledging European-American day (how many schools do THAT), as well as doing many other “patriotic” projects throughout the year for the children. The one counselor who was liberal here lasted a year before being transferred back to the city he was based from because he wasnt “comfortable” teaching at the school. I’m a very active participant in my childrens educational lives. =) Im not one of those who just throw their kids in school and forget about them until they are picked up in the afternoon. What children are taught comes from home too, and Ive been adamant about my children knowing right from wrong, left from right, and to be proud of who they are and where they come from. You DO NOT have to homeschool your children to teach them those basic principals, and the people who think that you do are sadly mistaken.

  • Denise

    You dont even know what you’re talking about. Last time I checked, working to put food on the table and pay bills was constituted as taking responsibility, and I KNOW being a single parent definitely means you’re taking responsibility. Ignorant remarks will get you nowhere quick.

  • corey2444

    In one sentence you say, “My people were here way before any of you so go home !”

    The next you say, “We as AMERICANS”

    You sound skitso..

    What is it you want to be part off? The “We Americans” or the “you stole my land, go home” crowd?

    You can’t have both..

  • Cory11

    Indians are from the continent of Asia, a country called India, by the way. People who were here before Europeans are native Americans, or you can call them by the names of their respected tribes. Jus sayin’…

  • abater1957

    Mexico is moving back to U.S faster than you think and there are are a lot of obama laws protecting them better than American citizens are protected.

  • Denise

    There’s also no point in reasoning with deluded people who think they know the reasons behind someone else’s decisions. Talk about self-absorption. You aren’t half as smart as you think you are and know even less about anyone on here….and no amount of big words that you use to make yourself feel intelligent will change any of that. =)

  • Mass Nerderer

    The “country” is established as a governed people, not the land upon which it is founded. Just about every “country” has as bloody a founding as America. Mexican and Native American societies before were often violent and distrusting of one another, as well. In fact, it was far more common to find cannibalistic culture in native tribes and villages in America than any Europeans who set foot in America.

    Native Americans are due restitution for the crimes committed against them by American invading forces. They are not due some magical respect. Native Americans are not saints, they are individual people. Most of which were not even around for any past atrocities. Though that is what they were.

  • corey2444

    When the schools had some semblance of sanity, we were taught in America that “native Americans” were “Indians”. I remember also we told we were wrong to say “negro” and were constantly corrected to say “black”. Then we were told not to say “black”, but to say “African-American”. Why would people not want to say they are simply, “American”? Why would you want to say you are a “Latino-America”? You actually never hear them say that, they just say, “Latino”. Think about it, all this political correctness does not unite America, it divides it. The Liberal Teachers Union gets a say what text goes in our history books. There are forces behind the Teacher Union who would rather see us divided than united.

  • Kory

    I hope your lawsuit seeks, among other things, this officers immediate dismissal. Way to stand up for whats right. THIS is a fund raiser I would donate money to help fund. Keep fightin’ the good fight.

  • becky

    my spelling ate perfect….they have indigestion now.

  • LarryH

    Is history is even taught any more ?

  • Diamanical Johnson

    Yeah, yeah everybody says the same thing. “Not MY school system, my school system is GOOOOOOOOOD.” fucking morons. Parents who beat, starve and abandon their children, well in most cases I think that the parents who are arrested in these situations caught red handed should not have been arrested in the first place, they did go for that police officers gun, he had no choice but to shoot.

  • Denise

    Once again, your ignorance knows no bounds. Did you attend the public school my children go to? I dont think so. Do you personally know any of the teachers? No…I’m pretty sure you dont. As I said before, my children attend a school in a rural district in a Republican state. Whether you like it or not, there ARE good public schools out there. Are you the product of one or were you homeschooled? Either way, I’m ashamed that someone like you is in the same political sphere as me. Extreme, ignorant loudmouths give the Conservative/Republican party a bad name, and you’re definitely no exception to that. If cops were to start using the lame excuse of “he did go after my gun” to shoot every child abuser caught red-handed, dont you think the system would catch on to that flimsy lie pretty quick? Especially because there are so many of them (but not nearly enough) that are caught? How often do you think that excuse would work? They do have laws they have to abide by too. Cops have a tendency to overstep their boundaries, but even that one is a boundary rarely crossed. Talk about “fucking morons.” I dont care where your education came from – regardless, it apparently did you no good.

  • Will Wyatt

    out of curiosity you wouldn’t happen to be a liberal would you

  • askike

    Hey grammar Nazi, relax,. Look up Kennewick man sometime when you are not correcting others grammar. There is more evidence as well but it looks like the Caucasian was here well before any of the “Native American” you refer to. And also human history is replete with examples of conquered peoples being displaced. It is a continuous cycle, both human and animal alike engage in this practice. Hold your moral outrage for the outrageous.

  • Ivan Harr

    Navybrat>Are you aware that has been debunked and has nothing to due with the issue at hand! I suppose your stupid self being a liberal ass needs a real history lesson the Spanish came here and stole the land from the Incas and even changed there culture and as far as the Indians go what gave them the right to say this land was there’s or any ones for that matter, we are all from some where even the so called Native Americans came across the land bridge…………..

  • Diamanical Johnson

    The teachers at your ‘great public (government) school system belong to the same union that the rest of them do. They answer to the same people that set the standards as the rest. Are some government schools better than others? Of course they are. Is ANY government school good? No, because they curriculum now includes things that SHOULD NOT be taught in school. It is pansy ass liberal bed wetters like you that think they are conservative republicans that give the party a bad name.

  • Christopher House

    I and as for you all are Human Being and natural Men and Women with the power of our Creator to determine our own life, what most people are educated is very simpler methods used to “RE”Educate people in countries where new Governments are taking over, but those are camps and that would never happen here? THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER ; is we are prisoners in our own country and its time to fight back. vote for independent and individuals not parties , dismantle the two party system start locally. the first thing I would do is lead a group to underfund and close their education department and start over. get people Armed and present as a group! maybe its time for some old fashion revolt to indoctrination and police state tactics

  • Christopher House
  • Christopher House

    The Social Service Intent: Government Child Confiscation

    May 17, 2012 at 9:03pm

    Tran, a legalese mind who represents the movement before Congress to
    end CPS corruption, explains Medicaid Title IV double billing fraud by
    social services, in terms everyone can understand, courtesy of
    collaboration with Legally Kidnapped.

    The Anatomy of Child Welfare Fraud: Part 1 – Targeted Case Management, http://youtu.be/YNTa7BksGkg

    As the movement to end government family protection fraud, child
    confiscation, and forced adoption gains momentum, we see more propaganda
    proliferated that supports government agencies. Parental rights are
    eroding faster than the masses comprehend. Thus the short docu-drama
    ‘Overruled’ counteracts to inform, and steer our world from more
    grievous disaster for the natural family.

    OVERRULED – A shocking movie! http://www.OverruledMovie.com

    TACTICS of government child confiscation programs use poverty, domestic
    violence, divorce, disability, brain injury, the necessity of medical
    supports, indeterminate medical conditions, autism, obesity,
    homeschooling, breastfeeding, cigarette smoking, to name only a few,
    under the guise of an intervention issue. Not only does SS act upon
    these conditions, they willfully perversely distort them as a means to
    acquire the intended commodity~ CHILDREN.

    Over 95% of the 600,000 children legally kidnapped annually by the US government child
    confiscation programs need never be removed… everyone is chasing those
    federal dollars, funneling money into the supportive arms of SS
    activities (Kids For Cash an obvious example) using these identifiable
    issues of natural weaknesses in nuclear families. Government child
    confiscation programs are now privatizing, and this is a means to funnel
    more money into the long arms of corrupt SS processes.

    It is a MYTH that Social Services (SS), places children with extended
    family. Foster and adoption markets have been cultivated, nurtured and
    protected for many decades, by government, and lay waiting for the new
    arrivals. Legal systems have been corrupted to further government
    activities AGAINST the natural family.

    Mandated reporters
    are aggressively naive at best, under the watchful eyes of their
    colleagues, with laws that force their hand. The indoctrination of many
    professions who touch child protection fraud industries cannot see their
    own academized indoctrination belief systems for what they are.

    Thankfully, the University of South hampton is scrapping social work programs citing a lack of excellence in social work. http://www.guardian.co.uk/healthcare-network/2012/jan/06/southampton-university-social-work-studies
    Will this academic trend ever reach our children with so many already
    indoctrinated social workers in the field? What is the USA to do with
    so many social wreckers already on the public payroll?

    mandated reporters are ill intentioned, and join the ranks of the
    overly-consumed-by-pedophile-demographics in child services everywhere.
    These criminally intentioned reporters find lucrative means to obtain
    their victims through already corrupted
    CPS/DHS/HHS/DHHS/CAS/CYS/CYFS/SS processes, and will soon see greater
    streams of children brought to their doorstep after the unintended
    consequences of Penn State disgraces effectuate laws across this

    Senator Nancy Schaefer addressed the DC Senate on
    the COMPLETE corruption of CPS, her and her husband were
    subsequently murdered.

    1 of 2 – Child Protective Services Predators and Corruption – Senator Nancy Schaefer, http://youtu.be/4nkgezojsgo

    the CPS abuse hotlines are used for revenue streams of children~ many
    communities know this, families abuse this, calling in lies to CPS
    agencies when angry at a family member. SS investigations then set out
    to prove these lies, and take the lies into their corrupt judiciaries
    using the lowest standard of evidence, where hearsay is more than
    sufficient. A diligent, prudent, or reasonable investigation from CPS is
    sorely absent~ that the masses do not know this, and trust the system,
    needs to be well understood.

    Add to this dilemma- family
    judicial processes are fraught with deception for the falsely accused.
    Falsely accused parents spend generations of family assets to regain
    custody of their offspring, but individual cases cannot prevail against
    an already highly efficient SS judiciary- their model has been studied,
    refined, and replicated worldwide.

    natural parent who fights back can face long term criminal
    imprisonment, all based on lies by CPS who will embellish, fabricate,
    and falsify evidence, depending on how corrupt their local government
    happens to be.

    Who are the faces of those coming
    out of the crippled court system? Degenerates? Not at all. It happens
    to highly professional people who lose generations of family assets to
    the predatory extractionary financial practices of family court.

    hearings across this nation Senators have been given statistical
    confirmation of trends where switching case workers/agents is up 21% in
    private case management and 35% in state case management, in addition to
    other disturbing trends. Reference: http://www.kvnonews.com/2011/12/review-board-uncertainty-high-turnover-in-child-welfare/#comment-6283
    From this news article, “If the people working directly with the kids – the boots on the ground –

    are shifting too much .. it is not going to work.”
    agents in cases DURING CRITICAL MOMENTS has been vital to the outcome
    in many cases. FREQUENTLY shifting agents in cases has also been vital
    to the outcome in many cases. This strategic maneuver by SS management
    has been used for decades. This news article has drawn clear evidence
    that the documentation of shifting agents in cases has nearly doubled
    since 2008. That this article and these Senators appear unconcerned to
    this management style, is no accident. It is a popular delegation style
    in our legislators of today, to search for solutions without
    acknowledging the breadth of the problem.
    Let us continue with assessment of this news article…

    The trend of frequently shifting agents in cases is met with:
    1) Missing specific information in foster family placement, info such as drug and alcohol use in those foster families;

    It used to be that the information given to fosters about the children
    they were receiving was full of lies; now, what they’re doing is
    “telling you that this child has no behaviors”. I presume you cannot sue
    an agency for lying if they are not providing ANY information
    whatsoever. Clever maneuver.

    3) The most disturbing is that all of
    these trends can now be seen in the new private sector case management
    under contract by Social Services. Privatizing is an extension of
    corruption, and not correcting an already-overwhelmed-with-corruption
    government agency.

    This news article would have you
    believe that progress is being met, or even sought, simply by the fact
    that Senators are reviewing the 2008 implemented child welfare reform.
    But these are dances around the fire entertainment, an illusion well
    worth remembering.

    It is appalling that our culture sees a
    justifiable reason to take a child from their birth parents because
    fosters are available. Career fosters often divorce and remarry, why
    isn’t a birth parent given this opportunity? Our society has been
    cultivated and nurtured by government to accept the rights of fosters
    and adopters OVER birth parents, and this faulty reasoning is well
    engrained today, so much so that the masses rarely acknowledge problems
    with foster milling. Foster milling can often be found with close ties
    to forced psychological therapies upon these children and their natural

    How did we get there?

    Well, how
    much does government pay? To fosters? Adopters? And all the supportive
    staff to make adoption flourish, ie. a) state employees, b) collateral
    professionals, such as lawyers, court personnel, court investigators,
    evaluators, guardians, and their corrupted judges, and c) SS contracted
    vendors such as counselors, therapists, more “evaluators”, junk
    psychologists, residential facilities, contracted case management, and
    on and on and on…

    How well does it pay? Are their
    pensions good? Does the state or its agents know or care that nuclear
    parents spend generations of family assets trying to regain custody of
    their offspring, and still cannot prevail against a polished corrupt SS

    When the statistics of prevailing
    parties in SS cases is revealed, how does the public judge the overall
    success, and therefore judgment, of Social Services? How can the SS
    system be wrong when their statistics prove them the victor in case
    after case?

    How well do we understand the power of
    indoctrination thru the use of steady income? Once a person becomes
    party to work that pays them well, their own internal defense mechanisms
    will tell them they are doing well, as in good, and that is how beliefs
    of one’s activities are self defined as GOOD. It baffles many falsely
    accused parents how child confiscation industries continue to justify
    their actions.

    It will bewilder history how it continued even more.

    ~Katherine Cherry

  • Branden McGrath

    shut up

  • Branden McGrath

    Contrary to popular belief, the first Americans were not Indians who
    migrated to the Americas across a land bridge from Asia, the first
    Americans were the Solutrians and they were white. so yeah your belief has been debunked.

  • Branden McGrath

    yeah, you too!

  • Denise

    I’m a pansy ass bedwetter because I put my children in public school? Are you high or just stupid? You still havent answered ANY of my questions. Go figure…when you’ve been refuted, you turn to idiotic diatribe. Unfortunately for you, you are nothing, and you mean nothing. =) So your “insults” dont exactly hit home. Thanks for proving my point though. =) I hope you have no children. The world doesnt need any more ignorant trash brought into it.

  • Denise

    You’re boring me now…especially after reading some of the other (and often repetitive) ignorant trash you posted in a few other article forums. I can tell with your maturity level that you’re one of those people who have to have the last word. It’d be hilarious if you weren’t so pathetic in your replies. So while I know you’ll try to have a witty comeback for this, I’ll bow out now and leave you to your trolling. I’m too busy to play with you. =) Good luck finding someone who listens to your tirades though!

  • Diamanical Johnson

    Submissive tool that you are, just like you do to anything King Hussein says.

  • Blueleader1943

    Caucasian race – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    race (also Caucasoid) is the general physical type of some or all of
    the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western,
    Central and …
    ‎White people – ‎Peoples of the Caucasus – ‎Mongoloid – ‎Dravidian peoples

  • Iknow50now

    “The sheriff says he agrees with Howe that the new policy is creating safety concerns along the highway outside the school. “On the other hand, the school system needs to realize you can’t make a black and white law,” Burgess said.”

    Wow! I didn’t know realize that a school or school system had the power to legislate.

  • Gee Bailey

    thank you

  • Jerry Fellows

    Punk schools are stupid, I would pull my kids from all schools and self educate them, the schools are brain washing your kids anyway, why do you think your kids are shooting up the schools.

  • Larry
  • Stephanie Marie Martin

    Shut your pie hole navy brat….there how’s my spelling?

  • Bill Kelly

    Because of some of the stupid comments I keep watching the news for Sheriff Deputy Avery Aytes to be found dead but as of today he is still a no show.

  • Lynnz

    Wow that was well thought out, what are you 12 can you at least try to come up with some thing more original than that !!! Why do men who can’t hold on to a women repeatedly use the phrase “big fat ugly chick” Danny go back into your dark depressing little corner and suck your thumb like the little boy you are.

  • AU>miner

    In my case, I have the same last name as my nephew, and the school knows my family. My sister in law (from my other brother) works as an aide at the school on occasion, and my whole family went to the same school. Also some of the educators that taught us as children still teach at the school.there could be a keyword or a password though that was appointed at the time of enrollment of the child would be a good way to know.

  • mannychooch

    to old raheem, but thank you.

  • mannychooch

    who cares navybrat. you got his message, didn’t you?

  • Frances Summerall

    i just moved from Fl myself lol but yes i am checking the laws now

  • Frances Summerall

    I will thank you very much for pointing that out are you a teacher ?

  • matt

    I never told anyone what they should or shouldn’t do, just expressing my opinion. What’s your beef?

  • Jessica Collins

    Your opinion is that homeschooling makes kids dumb, as well as socially inept, and most parents aren’t qualified to do it. That’s my beef. And I don’t even homeschool, ha!

  • matt

    That isn’t what I said at all. Did you even read my comment? Where did I say it makes kids dumb? And how much do you remember from high school trigonometry, physics, or history? Do you think you could teach a class in it? Where did I say it makes kids socially inept? Do disagree that their social interaction would be limited if they don’t go to school?

  • Jessica Collins

    I did read your comment, yes. You only said that “some” parents will inevitably leave the children socially limited and academically inept on account of their own limited capabilities. How then do you determine which parents should be permitted to homeschool? And with the Internet and instant access to almost limitless information as well as educational resources, shouldn’t teaching your children be easier than ever.?

  • matt

    I have no idea how to determine that, and yes internet could, in theory, make it easier to access knowledge. You can also find anything on the internet to validate whatever pet theories the parents might believe. Do you disagree that some parents will leave their kids at a disadvantage by electing to home school them? Just like some kids are at a disadvantage because the public schools they attend have shoestring budgets. What exactly don’t you like about what I said? I didn’t think I said anything too controversial.

  • Tina Stachura Newby

    I do the best I can to clean up the typos considering the teeny tiny little window available on the device I use to post. Based on the overall content of my comment, a rational person should be able to distinguish the difference between lack of education and the occasional fat-fingered text and auto-correct mistakes.

    A moderately intelligent rational person would also have been able to recognize that I was not projecting anything on all police officers. In fact, I was defending police officers (this one included).

  • matt

    That’s not narcissism at all, that’s more like narrow mindedness. But i don’t see how making a simple observation about the disadvantages of homeschooling qualifies as either. What is crystal clear to me, however, is that you have some kind of learning disability that affects your comprehension of simple concepts. Out of all the horrible things happening in this world, out of all the hateful, nasty, ignorant people expressing their hate on the internet, you choose to be offended by someone who says being homeschooled can possibly limit the development of social or academic skills. I am very sorry to have to tell you this, but you are retarded, get a life.