Baby Nearly Starved To Death; Lazy Parents Sentenced

Baby Nearly Starved


A child was nearly starved to death last December. This week justice was served. The lazy parents that would rather not feed their child, and party with friends instead,  were sentenced to 60 years behind bars.

The case was in Dallas, Texas. Some teen age children heard a baby cry outside a trailer. When they found the baby he was nearly starved.

Fox Channel 4 reports:

HOOD COUNTY, TX – Baby Riley is safe after he was found starved by his parents nearly to death. The young couple, Justin and Brittany Alston were sentenced to 60 years in prison after it was discovered that they had starved Riley because they were too lazy to take care of him.

Last December several teenagers were attending a party at the couple’s mobile home in rural Hood County when they heard crying from the back of the trailer. What they found was horrifying. Baby Riley was lying there emaciated, covered in urine and vomit. The teenagers called an adult who brought him to the hospital, where doctors who treated him didn’t believe he would live. Investigators believe that the parents may not have fed him properly for over two months.

“Brittany [the mother] told investigators when she was asked why she didn’t feed this baby she said that she had other things to do, like getting the oil changed in the car,” she said. The 21-year-old ‘parents’ admitted they preferred drinking and smoking pot with their friends instead of taking care of their baby.

“These parents, I don’t know if they wanted him to die but they were waiting for him to die and I believe if he had they’d have thrown him in the trash,” Hood County District Attorney Robert Christian said.

Doctors fed Riley through an IV until his body could finally accept food. He was then placed in a foster home and in just a few months has fattened up just like a baby should.~

You can see their video of the case here:
Dallas News |

  • Edwin Hernandez

    Hell yea! 60 years!

  • Noneedtoknow

    How the heck are you too lazy to feed your child!? That’s almost as natural as breathing, you just do it. This is disgusting. 60 years… great…. I’d like to see them starved as well for this, but due to our fucked up country, they’ll be getting some nice meals behind bars. Chitlins for them I say

  • sue

    I doubt that they’ll get 5 years !!!!!!

  • 1776militia

    If this would’ve happened in some Libtard state, they would’ve sentenced them to counseling, given them an award for being “Most Improved Parent”, and a free medical marijuana prescription.

  • sue

    Partying is OVER !!!!!!!!!!

  • laura m.

    If they didn’t want kids, indigent people can get medicaid to pay for sterilization.

  • Sandra Mika Milewski

    They should be locked away and left there to starve !!!

  • God Loves

    so sad that people have children they don’t want nor love, when there are so many people like myself that cant have the family they long to have.

  • Patti Spencer

    You and me both!! The good Lord decided that my husband and I were not to be parents though.

  • Jami_Lyn

    No they wouldn’t have. That’s just plain ignorance. And no, I’m not a liberal.

  • DNavyBrat

    I hope the guards in Jail, return the favor and are just too busy and forget to feed them !

  • Rachel M.

    This is just disgusting. Why go through 8-9 months of pregnancy, then delivery, just to starve your baby? This is such a shock to me and something I can’t fathom. Nobody is “the perfect parent” but we all at least TRY, and we feed our kids. It was just something that was naturally ingrained in me. When I had my son, I heard every little movement and sound he made, I usually got his formula ready before he got into a full on cry. He always did this little fussing type sound. When I heard that, my body went into auto pilot, get up, go pee, mix formula, swaddle baby, sit in rocking chair, feed lol… all that in just minutes. It started from day 1 when we brought him home. It’s instinct. Guess she didn’t have that, but knowing that, why not give the baby up for adoption? He could have had a much better life. I hope they rot and starve at some point in prison, I hope they get “prison justice.” Not a fan of violence, but because of what they put their baby through, well, what can I say?

  • Rachel M.

    Right on!

  • Tanya

    I have three kids ,my oldest I had at 19, raised by myself while working 12 hr. Shift and i would of moved mountians to care for my daughter! I was always tired and sore and exhausted , I was even hospitalized for exhaustion, but my child was feed, dressed nicely, always clean and she was Happy! This child is lucky her won’t remember all of this :-(

  • Ellis

    If they gave them 60years. Why dont the just shoot the POS.

  • Justin Martin

    Just like I wouldn’t want to feed my ducklings, even though I do of course, every four hours because they are suuuuppper messy and nothing like chicks!

    Sometimes I catch myself dreaming of duckling nuggets.

  • Jess Golden

    Are you kidding me?! Once the other prisoners hear wtf they did, and that they did it t a child, they will both be lucky enough to survive a week, tops…

    Prisoners have a moral code–If you do something heinous to a child, your ass is grass…

    You think its bad in men’s prisons…..women’s prisons are worse–You have Mama Bears in there.

  • Traci Christine Hosler

    I reiterate… you have to have a license to cut hair… to fish… to drive a car.. but ANY PIECE OF S!@T can have children!!! Are we EVER going to DO something about this?!?!?!

  • WendellWillkie

    Kind of hard to force pregnancy prevention…

  • Kelvin Hoffman

    got a question… was the parents registered DEMOCRATS ? sounds like something a democrat would do.

  • Della

    hope this baby boy has a real nice life with his “real” parents who care for him. The bios are just plain subhuman, ignorant people!

  • Lynda Gockenbach Butler

    only 60 years??? sounds like just not enough to me!!!

  • WendellWillkie

    Patti and God Loves – if you want them, g oo gle “Terry Mize Ministries.” Jackie Mize will walk you through the faith steps to having a family, yes naturally pregnant, no matter what your body’s condition is. God can do anything. He said to be fruitful and multiply and He longs to give you the desires of your heart. Seriously. Google her and get her book or any cd’s on supernatural childbirth. (Side Note: I believe she passed away in October.)

  • WendellWillkie

    I listened to her tape every day when I was pregnant. Childbirth without pain, fast delivery, and having children even when the doctors say you can’t are the main focus of her teachings on childbirth and pregnancy. I had pain but my baby was born in 42 minutes.

  • Abby Sapp

    I can’t even comment on this. So this is all you get.

  • Cecil King

    Adopt. I was adopted by two wonderful people who couldn’t have kids of their own. Please consider this. My parents chose me, and I feel blessed that they did. I know that Christians have a saying: “When God closes a door, He opens a window.”

  • Cecil King

    What would you suggest that wouldn’t bring more federal involvement into our already heavily monitored and censured lives?

  • Lee P. South

    With poverty in our country being so far removed from the definitions known throughout the rest of the planet, I believe that we sometimes overlook the fact that the lack of a good foundation will always become evident no matter what is built on to cover it. We should all pray for this child’s future.

  • Sandra Johnson

    Ah! But that would be More government control! Kids in high school need educating if their parents won’t do it! Condoms available in bathrooms!

  • Jan

    Pass around some more hand-outs so folks like these can continue to lay about, party and breed. Why would you expect them to take care of the child? They don’t have to do anything else for themselves.

  • Robley Martz

    While in jail, they should be fed with the same frequency as they have that child!!!!!!

  • SumiDos

    A bitter republican, i sense in you.

  • SumiDos

    wrong. china does it pretty well.

  • Barbara Morlan Lord

    No, someone speaking the truth.

  • Joe_USA

    So sad that a mom and a dad can do this to their baby.

  • Joe Geror


  • Lori McGlaughlin

    They should offer both of them 5 years off their sentence if they agree to be sterilized. No way in hell should either of these people be breeding ever, ever, ever, ever again!!! It’s really bad when a bunch of teenagers have better sense than both of the parents of this child. I hope he’s in a good home now with people who have his best interests at heart, and he stays there. But knowing how the justice system works, they’ll probably release both of them early on good behavior, then try to give the kids back to them because the kids “are always better off with their biological parents, even when those parents have tried to torture and kill their own offspring”. I think we should start holding judges responsible when they put children back into toxic environments. Why remove a child from a good healthy environment to put them back together with the pos that abused them in the first place? Just boggles my mind that things like this happen. Everyone ought to know to feed their child. What kind of parent (sociopath) can sit and listen to their child cry from hunger and watch them waste away to nothing and not want to do something about it?

  • Paul Cote

    If people do not want their children, I will find them a home.

  • Blessed Mary

    Where were the grandparents, aunts, uncles other friends Please this is so bad to know this could be going on somewhere else. Thanks to the foster parents, if you know about this kind of abuse please please put your nose in it and call CPS

  • josh

    If the US was an eye for an eye this kind of stuff WOULD NOT HAPPEN!

  • pyhlock306 .

    whill there in jail lets starv them like they did to the baby

  • B Falls

    This is the kind of thing, unfortunately that can happen when you are dealing with kids having kids. I feel so bad for this little one, and hope that he’s quick to a new, warm and loving home. Very cute and happy in the second photo. I’m not the almighty judge, and jury, but prison time isn’t the way I would’ve dealt out justice. They will be fed, watched over, and taken care of with tax payers dollars. I hope that they put both of these idiots in general population, and turn their backs on them for about five minutes. Justice at that point will be well served, you can count on that. We all and prisoners have one thing in common, we hate child abusers period. The only difference between the two is, you can’t hide inside.

  • Keith

    Has he been adopted. I know a great couple that would love to adopt him.

  • The Amish Granny

    If you are a teen or young parent and you can no longer care for your baby or children, please contact me, I can find someone to adopt them! I am not an agency, but only a caring Mom and Grandma. There are people out there, who would love to have a child of their own, who would allow you to have contact with your child. There are 6 that I can think of just in my neighborhood! Don’t do this to a child, don’t end up in prison, email me …. the [email protected]

  • Janice Craig Thaxton

    No,they shouldn’t offer them ANY time off their sentence! As far as sterilizing them….that should be mandatory in any child abuse/neglect cases.

  • EricaS

    I Absolutely believe in an eye for an eye, but the U.S. will NEVER enact it.

  • Troubleshooter

    Heavenly Father, I pray that you will restore full, wonderful health to little Riley, and that you will hold him in the palm of your hand throughout his life. I ask also Heavenly Father that you cause a genuine longing for their child to spring up in the hearts of Riley’s birth parents, and that they bear the genuine grief of his absence in their lives, and that it out weigh the grief and sorrow they feel over being locked up. I ask Heavenly Father that you cause them to document their realizations, and to share truthfully with others what their thoughts have been, and how they have changed. Father, please cause all parents who are letting selfish, self-centered thinking cause them to neglect their children, and cause them to grow strong, genuine love and concern for their children, and to properly show such love in every thought, word, and deed throughout life. I ask this for all parents Heavenly Father, and I ask it for the sake of, and in the Name of Christ Jesus, who once said “Suffer the little children to come to me”. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord, Amen.

  • Damaris Kay Jenkins

    if they didn’t want the baby why didn’t they just give him up for adoption thank god his doing better now n thoses people r where they belong

  • Arlene

    Let’s hope it’s 60 years with no parole. They’ll be in their 80’s when they are released and no use to anyone!!

  • DangIt Bobby

    This makes me angry beyond words.

  • SpencerChaffin

    When anyone is drunk or doped up , you can not expect any common sense to be present!!

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Come on, don’t make yourself look anymore foolish than you already are.

  • Melanie Schielder

    this is pathetic, their are women out there that CAN’T have kids and would love to, then their are low life scum bags like these 2, damn shame really when u think about it, and they have nerve to say kids are a gift from God, I ask you, what God gives a beautiful kid to a bunch of low life scum bags, while at the same time refusing good women the right to have a kid?

  • Rachel M.

    I see your point, however, if the baby was born at a hospital, they do not allow alcohol or ‘dope’ to be brought in, therefore why go through all that labor and such, knowing you really didn’t want the child? And why not give it up for adoption? She had to have been half ass conscience to know she didn’t want the baby, but yet, she took the baby home anyways, even after a few days or so, if you weren’t going to take care of the child, why not drop the baby off at a “safe child” site? Most hospitals have that now where you can drop off the baby and leave. It seriously just does not make sense at all. There should have been NO reason or excuse to not have done at least that and given the baby a better life rather than get the oil changed on her car or whatever. Well she could have done that and then go and drop off the child, I mean seriously, NO living being should be starved to death!

  • Rachel M.

    I see your point, however, if the baby was born at a hospital, they do not allow alcohol or ‘dope’ to be brought in, therefore why go through all that labor and such, knowing you really didn’t want the child? And why not give it up for adoption? She had to have been half ass conscience to know she didn’t want the baby, but yet, she took the baby home anyways, even after a few days or so, if you weren’t going to take care of the child, why not drop the baby off at a “safe child” site? Most hospitals have that now where you can drop off the baby and leave. It seriously just does not make sense at all. There should have been NO reason or excuse to not have done at least that and given the baby a better life rather than get the oil changed on her car or whatever. Well she could have done that and then go and drop off the child, I mean seriously, NO living being should be starved to death!

  • James

    An added shame to this story is that there was not one parent who didn’t feed the child, but the other parent didn’t step up and do it, or say it was wrong. That is so sad that TWO people in the same house could be so horrible. I’m glad the baby boy is ok, and while I usually advocate for education rather than punishment, these two DESERVE to be punished for the next 60 years for doing that to a helpless child! Ugh…What the heck is wrong with people????

  • James

    An added shame to this story is that there was not one parent who didn’t feed the child, but the other parent didn’t step up and do it, or say it was wrong. That is so sad that TWO people in the same house could be so horrible. I’m glad the baby boy is ok, and while I usually advocate for education rather than punishment, these two DESERVE to be punished for the next 60 years for doing that to a helpless child! Ugh…What the heck is wrong with people????

  • JWB

    I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but these two, they don’t deserve to breathe! Anyone who can do such a thing just needs to be euthanized!

  • Cheryl Dickens Peterson

    those kind of people are not usually even registered as anything

  • exafcop

    The first part of their sentence should be no food for two months. Then every year another two months without food until they get out of prison… if they get out of prison. This is horrible, I can’t believe what a human will do to another human let alone their offspring…

  • Brenda Busken

    nothing but bread and water just enough to keep them alive and feel the pain of starvation

  • Brenda Busken

    this is not about politics

  • Chrissy


  • Kathy

    Another one of those ‘can not believe’ stories that seem to keep coming an encredible rate. The parents should be starved and see how they like it.

  • Dawn English

    I hope the prison employees “forget” to feed these two pitiful excuses for human beings.

  • Lori McGlaughlin

    That would never happen. The ACLU would have a fit and fight that tooth and nail. It would be against the criminal’s rights. But if you offer time off their sentence, then it would be the inmate’s decision and a win-win situation for everyone, especially any other children that they might bring into the world whom they would treat the same way.

  • Sarah

    Why isn’t it legal to just beat the crap out of people like that and make them live through what they did to that child? I think they should be put in a special “child abuser” jumpsuit and put out in general population in prison. They shouldn’t be allowed to go to seg. They should be kept in general populations so the other inmates can deal with them properly.

  • rmscp1971

    Amen! Well said.

  • Matt Miller

    They deserve to be starved to death, poor kid.

  • Emma Hunt

    you are a libtard KUNT

  • Icare

    They need to spay and neuter them so they can’t have other children. This is what you get when you have children who are ignorant and not responsible enough to have children. Ignorance isn’t a disease, it’s a choice. You can get the skills if you really want them bad enough. I hope the baby has a good life and the biological parents are never allowed to see him.

  • Jane Bowen

    if the inmates hear….and chances are, if someone does find out, they will be moved ASAP to another prison. of course, that is not my wishful thinking, but that is procedure i do believe. charges are kept hush hush.

  • ermedic2008

    **Can you believe this Crap! They need to hang the Lazy parents! How horrible babies, children and innocent animals are abused pisses me off sooooo bad I am sorry but What the heck is going on in the minds of these people that are given such a precious gift from God??????**

  • ermedic2008

    Put me on the jury Please!

  • Michael Hurst

    what world are you living in that cfharges are left hush hush?

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Haha! It’s funny when American women try to act like they know things other than being whores.

  • Barbara Wagner

    I will NEVER understand why scumbags like this are allowed to have children. It breaks my heart, to see all the couples out there who want children and can’t have them. I hope these two fuckups stay in jail until they both rot.

  • Tammy Peck Malin

    Starve them until they’re as emaciated as he was and permanently fix both of them so they can’t have any more children!

  • Lana Steere

    this just makes me sick,, my daughter lost 4 babies, because her body wouldn’t let her carry them, now to see this it just about makes me want to smack these brats around. Just like they say people that can have one right after another don’t want to take care of them,, meaning hand them over to the grandparents and go about their business,,but the ones that really do want children can’t have them,, this just isn’t just tears me up inside to know there are people like this out there.

  • Kristin Thomas

    What’s bitter, I see truth. Why should we continue to give hand outs to scum like this???

  • Sandra Mariani

    Omg feed them only once a week for the next 60 years that their in jail

  • Momof3

    kill em!!!!

  • doxiluvr

    Republican? Democrat? Liberal? Conservative? What difference does it really make??? Good grief people!! It isn’t about politics — IT IS ABOUT A BABY BEING STARVED!! No matter which party you associate yourself with, the fact remains the same — the ‘parents’ of this child abused him by keeping him away from food or water. These people obviously didn’t want (definitely didn’t need) this child. Thank goodness, this baby was put in protective custody. He obviously had a great will to live and I believe he will do great things in his life after he is in a loving home willing to give him what he needs.

    The name calling on here is shameful to say the least. Especially you, Emma Hunt. You really should have paid attention in class and learned to spell, honey. I certainly hope you don’t have plans to homeschool any children or run a daycare. I would also say you are quite the bully. No place on a public forum for bullies. Your comments certainly don’t add anything to this conversation.

  • Mr.K

    This is beyond wrong. If you are too lazy to wear a rubber, too lazy to take the pill, too damn fucking lazy to pull out…well don’t be too lazy to give the child up for adoption. If you don’t want to take care of a kid, there are plenty of good, god fearing people out there that would be ecstatic to do adopt your child!

  • Lizah

    Shut your mouth TERRORIST! before I go CHRISTIAN NRA MEMBER ON YOUR SMELLY ASS!American Women don’t take your BS so your just mad go home!

  • Luane

    Maybe god just believes you would make great parents to a child who has no parent. Share your love to a little boy/girl who needs it

  • Corey J Dickinson

    Just sick maybe in 60 yrs they’ll grow up

  • Chris Davis

    they wont be moved fast,the guards are prolly betting on what happens,which is a good thing,justice will be served a few times on them

  • joan of ark


  • sherry8260

    Oh leave Imam alone. He’s just a sad little 12 year old troll who only gets to use the computer when his mom passes out from getting high and daddy’s off screwing the neighbor. Poor thing. This is the only fun he has.

  • sherry8260

    It’s called PC (protective custody) and they will automatically go there first. I think here, in California, they have special wings for kid creepers…

  • Ernest Murphy

    Wow pretty harsh sentence for ignorant uneducated parents. Where as we have a Indonesian Usurper who has infiltrated our white house and is all about destroying the country we live in. He gives us a phone # Obamacare is I-800-382-5968 which spells out on your key pad F.u.c.k.y.o.u. making baby Reily’s life insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I do not know the facts the judge had, but the law is the law. Attempted murder by starvation is unexceptable. However Oboma as a senator said that if someone paid to have an abortion and the child was born the abortionist is obligated to finish the job. How many of you are Oboma supporters?

  • Chris Archer

    Nope I do not see any name calling or any of that in Jan’s comment

  • Mark Tanner

    not true guards are people too and things “slip” also people ask to see your paper work to prove you didnt rat etc and if you dont have any it raises HUGE red flags and you will have a horrible time based on just that

  • SKC

    Thank God that little guy is okay. I hope he never has to know what his parents did (or didn’t do). Let some good family adopt him and may he have a wonderful life from now on.

  • IMaMom

    Sure off to prison they go.. but first… why don’t we deprive THEM of basic human needs, too.

  • Daniel Houchin Jr

    I don’t think it had a thing to do with being lazy, they just wanted to party and couldn’t be bothered. What really bugs me is creatures like this couple would rather let a child starve to death or beat it to death instead of taking it to any of the NUMEROUS places that they say to take a child if you don’t want it. OR that ditch witch and her worthless BF could have kept their pants on, or get themselves fixed to where they couldn’t have kids and thank God these punks were tossed in prison for 60 years, it spared any children from being born by these two halfwits.

  • iggination

    They’ll love it in prison!

  • Aaron Waters

    As others said on here, God may have closed that door on you but he’s left a window wide open for you to take advantage, adoption is highly encouraged in the Christian faith and you should take a serious look at your options for that, don’t look at your misfortune as some how God telling you no, he wants you to be fruitful and multiply, it may be just in another form such as adoption or foster care.

  • Brandi

    Do we know if the baby was officially adopted?

  • Nancy F.

    Thank God those teenagers did something. They saved that baby’s life. They did’nt look the other way.

  • nancy

    Imam, we do know things. That’s what scares you so much. Women with power and knowledge. Killing kid’s cause they want an education(Malala). Your cohort’s visited prostitutes before they did the twin towers. Mr. pure man. Killing your wives cause they get RAPED, by( you sicko’s.) Raping a girl on the bus, who later died. Your demented , warped belief’s are sickning. Look at your dirty thought’s know. This is about saving that baby, jerk. Whore lover

  • nancy

    Imam, we do know things. That’s what scares you so much. Women with power and knowledge. Killing kid’s cause they want an education(Malala). Your cohort’s visited prostitutes before they did the twin towers. Mr. pure man. Killing your wives cause they get RAPED, by( you sicko’s.) Raping a girl on the bus, who later died. Your demented , warped belief’s are sickning. Look at your dirty thought’s know. This is about saving that baby, jerk. Whore lover

  • Lexsey

    I dont even care to mention the parents in any way; theyll get what the have coming but that baby boy! Ohhh I just want to give him a big hug and allll my love! I hope and pray he’s loved by a family as their own and doesn’t face any hardships that are so likely to arise through foster care situations!

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Sharmouta, your whoredom makes you whores. The way you dress, being lesbodykes, prostituting your bodies without shame or respect for what the one true God Allah (SWT) gave you.

    Your Zionist created lies about the martyrs of the great victory of 9/11 are hollow and have no sting, You decadent fools even allowed us to build a mosque there where we celebrate our triumph over the Great Sheitan.

    When Islam rules, you American harlots will don the burka or face the sarif. You will then know what it is to be taken to pound town by a a real man with a huge meat SCUD missile.

    Your days of scissoring your lady bits with your lesbo lovers while your ‘men’ are getting it in the rear at your gloryholes will be over.

  • Latoya Ramer

    I think they should be treated the same as what they did to there child

  • VSGal

    Imam…the only thing I will do with your burka is wipe my ass! I am proud to be an American woman, and that’s what bothers you so much. American women don’t allow some dumbass man to control her life. Your women need to step up and grow a pair…and put you in your place. You are all a bunch of low-life cowards and I hope you all ROT IN HELL!

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    You know you fantasize about us virile Muslim men, real men because your American ‘men’ are too busy having gay sex and shooting up drugs.

  • Magali Garcia

    Dechets de l’humanité !!!! >:(

  • KimLuvsMJJ

    You dumbass, know nothing about American Woman! I know many that are far from Whores, and We know a Hell of a lot more than you ever will, and I know that for a Fact, and that scares the crap out you. See American Woman don’t back down to Dumbasses like you and it doesn’t matter what nationality you are.
    90% of the American Woman can and do any job that a man can do and many of them do it better than the man, So do us all a favor, and get a life and stop thinking your better than we are just because we’re woman.

  • KimLuvsMJJ

    Allah Didn’t give me Shit, my God gave me life and guess what, It’s my God that will send your ass and this baby’s Donor’s and that’s all they were was donors to Hell where you all belong for your actions.
    You need to get a clue dude. One thing you don’t get is American Woman aren’t afraid of your ass. only Pussies take over planes and fly them into buildings, and only Pussies use car bombs because they are to scared to fight skin to skin. and Islam will NEVER RULE this nation. No matter how hard you dumbasses try.
    We will always be “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” no matter what anyone tries to throw at us. Home of the Brave and Land of the Free.
    and Sexuality has nothing to do with our people as a Nation, so if you don’t like how things are here on our soil, do us all a Favor and Get the Fuck out.

  • KimLuvsMJJ

    I have to agree with some of these other posts hun, Adopt if you can, be a Foster parent. There are so many that need love, to feel wanted, and it takes a special person to give that opportunity to these children. I read another story that really burned my ass besides this one too, about a couple that gave their child back after 9 years, just because this child had behavior issues. 9 Years, they had him from a baby, We need people that can give any one of these children Love and understanding, that aren’t gonna just up and one day say take him I can’t handle him anymore. this poor kid feel so confused and hurt, and I don’t blame him I would too.
    But Parents like this need to be in jail, and get Death for as far as I am concerned for doing this to any child.
    It’s people like you and God Loves that can make a difference to kids like this. If I wasn’t disabled and could afford to take on more kids I would do it in a heartbeat, because my kids are 22 and 19 soon to be a year older here in a few months. but with my condition, I can’t do the type of care little ones would need and I don’t want to put an older child in the position to have to take care of my house because I can’t do it the way I used to.
    But if you can I know they would appreciate it and show you love back. It’s just an option that if you can go for it and make a difference in a life.

  • Dadoftwoboys

    This brings tears to my eyes. I remember when my kids were this young, and fighting to keep the baby taken care of while also fighting for sleep so I could work and provide was tough, but worth it. There are times as a parent you feel neglectful because of exhaustion. I feel neglectful when i cannot spend as much time playing with my kids. My youngest and I played with stuffed animals together for a while a couple days ago, and even that little time together is the best thing in the world. I would do anything for my kids, and the thought that parents could care so little about their kids that they not only do not show them love, but they seemingly go out of their way to bring harm and pain to their kids is absolutely appalling. I never leave the house without getting hugs and kisses from my kids. I tell my kids multiple times a day that I Love Them and that I am Proud of Them, and it is still not enough.

    Being a parent is not for everyone, but for the child’s sake, please, please, please, give the child up for adoption instead of being a parent so bad that your child almost dies.

  • cj

    Look how happy and healthy he is now…true what they do in prison for hurting children, especially YOUR OWN…..

  • Carrie Ann

    Great advice Cecil! I gave my first child up for adoption because my fiancé was abusive. I left him, but I was afraid he’d hurt the baby after it was born if he was granted visitation. He was always threatening to kill me, and said he’d rather see the child dead than adopted out. My son is fifteen now, and in a happy, well-adjusted two parent family. I think about him all the time, but I’m sure I made the right decision.

  • Carrie Ann

    Newsflash!! Your “allah” raped little girls, and was insane. You cowards feed off of human misery, and the only way you can keep your women is to enslave them. We are still free here in America. Free enough to shoot you in the face if you crazy morons come after us. As for sodomy….I hear it’s a real hit in Afghanistan and other muslim countries. We know your dirty little secrets.

  • Carrie Ann

    These people aren’t really kids. They may be immature, as most young adults in our culture are, but they aren’t kids. This is about a society that fosters laziness, self-centeredness, and immorality.

  • Carrie Ann

    He’s in foster care. I hope he is adopted soon. I would certainly adopt him myself. The fact is, however, adopting a (relatively) healthy child in this country is EXTREMELY difficult, because there just aren’t that many for adoption. That’s why a lot of people spend thousands to adopt children from overseas. I’m hoping this child goes to a family who’s been on an adoption waiting list for some time.

  • Carrie Ann

    Newsflash!! Your “mohammed” raped little girls, and was insane. You cowards feed off of human misery, and the only way you can keep your women is to enslave them. We are still free here in America. Free enough to shoot you in the face if you crazy morons come after us. As for sodomy….I hear it’s a real hit in Afghanistan and other muslim countries. We know your dirty little secrets.

  • Peg

    The best punishment (in MY opinion), would be for them to be placed in a room w/no food or toilet, maybe a diaper, and a NICE BIG VIDEOCAM so we can watch them slowly starve, then go in w/a water hose, clean em off, feed them juuust enough to keep them alive, then DO IT AGAIN!!!! ;-) that’d be SWEET justice!

  • bella

    Lol been there done that the asshole Muslim I married walks three paces behind me not the other way and was used for everything he was worth not that it was much mind you. That is what a real woman will do to yo skank

  • Delores Buckaloo

    I don’t understand how they could listen to the sweet baby crying for nourishment and totally ignore him. It is hard to believe people can be so cruel! Drugs make people heartless! It is awful how some people treat babies and children. God help us all!!

  • Chrystal Heidelmark

    i cant believe that i have a daughter and this is so sickning to my stomach it makes me want to hold my child closely and you know ill even take baby Riley in and raise him and show him what a loving home is i may not have much money but he will have what he needs and plenty of attention and love this poor child!! they should make her donate all her eggs and they will both pay the price in prison PIECES OF SHIT!

  • Diamanical Johnson

    Instead of special wings they need to have special tattoos on their foreheads so everyone knows what everyone did. Then let them dish out justice as they see fit, prisons are over crowded, world is over crowded too. We need to get rid of a few hundred million on this earth anyway why not start with the lowest of the low.

  • Diamanical Johnson

    Bring it on you pig fucker, bring it on.

  • JustMom

    I knew a CO, mail from court/lawyers would always ‘mistakenly’ end up in the wrong hands when it came to child molesters/murderers/etc.

  • Feathers

    Who said anything about hand-outs? Living in a mobile home doesn’t mean they’re on welfare.

  • willberly

    That’s such a horrible despicable act!! I hope they get what they deserve in prison, rotten scandalous pieces of crap pigs!!!!

  • American Man

    Islam will never rule America. Because the instant Militants enter this country, there will be American Men who will desecrate Every dead Muslim with Pig blood. Yes, you heard me. We will annihilate you, then wrap your corpses with the skin of swine, then bury you in a pool of their blood. We may be infidels to you, but after all is said and done your after life will never be with Allah or Virgins. We will then proceed to unleash wrath on Mecca so no Muslim will make the pilgrimage. Pray to your god that we will be merciful to you. There may be Gay men in America, but they will stand on the right hand of God long before you do. And lastly, you will die before American Women fall under the oppression of Sharia.

  • terlet

    Smoking pot never hurt anybody. Yeah, right!

  • Barbara Repko

    Even if they try to hush it up, the prison grapevine has a way of finding out. News will travel fast and prison justice will be meted out like these scumbags deserve.

  • Barbara Repko

    How would you know what American women are like, you filthy smelling baby rapist, Christian torturing, woman murdering piece of garbage?

  • Barbara Repko

    Get some help for yourself, you Muzzie psycho.

  • Baconat’er

    There is no mosque at ground zero. Near there yes, an Islamic cultural center that I’m surprised still stands above ground and not burnt down, but it is not ON ground zero, if you’re going to lie at least lie good. As for Women in America donning the suffocating garb that you force your women to wear, that shit will NEVER happen, we’ll see your dick’s cut off or your throats slit while you sleep before that will ever take place. American women have bigger balls than you do and we will fight tooth and nail to prove our point and we don’t let me control us like a dog on a leash. You can talk all the shit you want to over the computer but when it comes right down to it you’re (coughcough gag) “men” are cowards that send children and women to do their dirty work. Grow up, get a real life and a reality check while your at it. The whole world does not bow to Allah the pig.

  • Barbara Repko

    Hahaha, “real” men don’t rape babies, dogs, goats or anything with a hole like you savages do.

  • Barbara Repko

    There’s no way I’d give my baby up just because some abusive man tried to intimidate me.

  • Klynn

    Just yet again another reason why people should have to apply to have children. Educate young kids on how hard it is to BE a parent and they will have a better grasp on how to prevent pregnancy! I hope both of these two jackasses get their ass handed to them on the daily.

  • Barbara Repko

    Judging by what trash there were, I’d say that was a good assumption.

  • Barbara Repko

    Yes they would, especially here in Pittsburgh, libtard heaven and home to the most corrupt politicians and “justice” system of any place I’ve ever lived.

  • Barbara Repko

    CPS in most states and counties is worthless. They don’t follow up on genuine complaints, then when the child is tortured or beaten to death they make all kinds of excuses to cover their ass.

  • Jeffery Moyer

    not any worse than this – – and we are still forced to do to vaccinate our children.

  • Barbara Repko

    It isn’t so much their age, it’s their maturity and lack of caring. I was 21 when I had my oldest child and she was the light of my life and I would’ve gone through hell for her to make sure she was well provided for. I loved her the minute she was born and 2 years later my son came along. The age of these scumbags has little to do with what they did.

  • Barbara Repko

    I agree with you on everything but “the baby is insignificant in the scheme of things.” Every life is significant, especially a child’s.

  • Barbara Repko

    Kids would never believe it if they were told how hard it is. For too many of them, they think a baby is like a doll to play with until reality sets in. And if people were forced to “apply” to have children, we’d become the second China.

  • Jimmy

    and to think some people want to take planned parenthood away :(

  • Jyl Lytle

    The picture of that baby’s eyes will haunt me forever. Jesus.

  • Andrew Harmsen

    You are a deceiver aka SATAN, May you burn in a lake of Fire!!

  • Andrew Harmsen

    So that’s what you fayguts are doing in the bathroom, flogging eachothers little boy excuses for a deek. Your mother was a goat and your father smelt of Elderberries. SCUM!!!!

  • Jim Farley

    Let’s hope he doesn’t get put with the Child Welfare Services supervisor in North Carolina…

  • Margaret Rose M

    this person (IMAM KHALID BLAH BLAH BS) is obviously mentally ill and posing as this person.

  • Margaret Rose M

    Ignore this IMAM KHALID BLAH BLAH BS and he will go away. he is trying to incite people. He is more than likely a demented nutcase.

  • Margaret Rose M

    You would if you needed to protect your child and that was more important than anything.

  • Margaret Rose M

    You would if you needed to protect your child and that was more important than anything.

  • Margaret Rose M

    Besides, we all know that the “virile” muslim men have small penis syndrome. what else explains their disgusting behavior.

  • Margaret Rose M

    Besides, we all know that the “virile” muslim men have small penis syndrome. what else explains their disgusting behavior.

  • juls

    Are we surprised at this? We have created such disregard for human life with the abortion mentality. There is no sanctity of life anymore. If they would have just aborted the baby they wouldn’t be in the news and they wouldn’t be going to prison. End of story.

  • Gail

    I truly enjoy when people like you open their mouth and prove how stupid you really are. LOL

  • Ernest Murphy

    The people who support Oboma or rather Who Oboma supports are they not hand in hand? Oboma Supports Muslims who support the murder of innocents who do not believe like they do. Those young parents were not brought up by conservative people. My point is, those who think this is terrible and rant on about it, how many of them are Oboma supporters? Because Oboma said If you paid for an abortion, and the baby was born, the abortionist is obligated to finish the job. I think you missed my point. If you support Oboma you also support abortion, so what difference does it make if the child starves to death or is sucked to pieces or cut to pieces?

    Indeed this child is important and significant and by the good neighbors, and the lords will this child was saved.

  • Ernest Murphy

    oh that was how the word got out.

  • upload

    I’d like to be the one to tell the other prisoners what they did and sit back and watch.

  • upload

    Unfortunately, I have seen parents who are borderline this bad. I’ve known kids who were out roaming town past midnight during the school year, and the kid was in third grade. I also have seen kids go to neighbors’ houses begging for food because there was none in the house.

  • cmsexsmith

    Carrie Ann, that was very brave of you…that’s what made you a good parent!

  • angela

    so you are a ‘white trash’ man hell bent on goading people to give you these responses for kicks? congratulations….well done! by the way how was 9/11 a victory? all that happened was the Americans grew stronger in the love for each other…

  • Lisa Pratt

    The only reason he replies is to get you fired up….you feed his ignorance! STOP!!! …Imam Khalid is to be treated like the FART ,,yes he is fowl and stinky ,,but if you just ignor him,,he will eventally go away…People dont imbrace or give your time and energy to someone that doesnt even matter.. and did you notice he is using a computer . invented by an AMERICAN lol silly silly Iman Khalid..If you hate us stop using our inventions.

  • laurenzmom

    Poor little baby. I am thankful that the teenagers who were there actually had enough sense and compassion to call an adult to come and get Riley to take him to the hospital. I do not understand why on earth people have children and then do not love or take care of them. Hope they have a miserable 60 years of their pathetic life in jail.

  • Matt Marino

    I would love just 5 minutes in a room with these people. P.O.S

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Yes, you can love yourself all you want at your checkpoints, NSA collection clusters and FEMA camps. Hahahaha!

    It will make it that much easier to weed you racist Islamophobic homoqueers out.

  • Michelle Renà Harkins

    glade they get whats comeing to them glade that poor baby is in a good home and is doing wonderful!!!

  • KimLuvsMJJ

    We aren’t Islamophobic, We just don’t put up with Dumbasses like you that think your better than everyone in this world. Nor do we put up with people like you that think taking planes and cars or trucks and blow up our people because you don’t like how we live in our Nation.
    You are nothing but a bunch of Murderers, that’s all it boils down to. I am not saying out Nation is Perfect but at least we treat our people with dignity and Respect. We don’t enslave our Woman and Children, We don’t act Superior over them. We are Equal in our Nation and your woman see that, and are learning to fight back for their rights and that scares the Hell out of you Pussy Ass Men.
    That’s the only reason your dumbasses dislike American people. Because your way of life is coming to an end. We fight to keep our Nation Free, We don’t fight to keep our Women enslaved like you.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    kum katcher kim

    You will receive a severe beating from your male owner when he sees you have been on his computer without permission.

  • Jessica Foreman

    how the hell can any one do this to a poor baby like really if they did not want this poor baby they should have give the baby to a loving caring family like wtf are they thinking i tthink we should put them in a room and not feed them and let them sit in there shit and piss see how they like it they should die why have kid if you not ganna take care of them kids are everthing to this world this really pissing me off low lifes go die

  • whatashameforall

    I want them to be put in a cell and starved for two months and then put out in general public

  • Hellios

    Totally agree few hundred million child molesters

  • Carrie Ann

    That’s because you’ve never had to face the idea of your child’s father killing him in a rage to get back at you for leaving him.

  • Carrie Ann

    Thank you

  • margerry

    Abortion mindsets. Its still a wailing blob in their public school educated minds.

  • bruins fan

    don’t feed them in jail see how they like it scum bags

  • Pamela Mcdonald

    American women dont take your crap..and we are not “shocked” by it…..American women ARE educated, unlike Eastern women…..most are probably holding higher IQ’s than most men where you live….they are lawyers, doctors, teachers..etc….what do you do ? besides make rude comments on line ? Go brush your camel Ha Beeb !

  • Pamela Mcdonald

    sad, sad, sad little man…you need to rant and rave….because that is all you can do….I pray the fleas of a thousand camels invade your private area…and your arms be too short to scratch………

  • Pamela Mcdonald

    There is no way an American woman would touch your nasty self… reek of stench….youre dirty…your beards are gross… use your hand to wipe your ass you treat women like cattle……I would love for you to say your gay line to some of our Military Marines….LOL you would be running scared like a baby lamb…..COWARD….but youre a big mouth online……figures…..I think your towel is too tight.

  • Pamela Mcdonald

    Ha ! Her Male Owner ? We dont have Male owners….LOL and she probably bought her computer with her own money from her J O B she works at and makes a great deal of money…women here are Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, teachers..even Astronauts ! sad, sorry little man..I pity you……and your coward people have to fly planes into buildings…cant face to face a Man in this country…..fight with your weapons…our country boys would smash you into little pieces ……..go rock on your rug and talk to your God…..:)

  • momsaid

    This begs the question: why didn’t the same thing happen to Michael Schiavo? The man is still breathing my air, with no repercussions for starving his wife to death. RIP Terri.

  • Tiffany Marie Murphy

    This story breaks my heart! If that baby was unwanted before birth, she should have had an abortion so he wouldn’t suffer the agonizing pain of starvation.

  • Tiffany Marie Murphy

    Smoking pot doesn’t hurt anybody. These parents are just plain irresponsible people. Before you blame the drug, BLAME THE PEOPLE FIRST AND FOREMOST!

  • Barbara Repko

    So you let him intimidate you even after you let him, so he won. I was married to an abusive husband who tried to hit me once, then on another occasion he tried to hit my 2 year old daughter – you notice I say “tried”. I was a foot shorter than him, but I knocked him on his a**s both times and he was never stupid enough to try that again. I would defend my kids to the death, by any means necessary, and no man would ever get away with threatening my child, no matter who he was or how violent he was.

  • Carrie Ann

    So your child grew up without a father–or at least a decent one. Good for you. I wanted better for mine. I didn’t want my child to witness such things. You call your husband abusive because he tried to hit you “once”. I don’t think you really know what it is to be in an abusive relationship. Certainly not the type I’m talking about.

  • Carrie Ann

    My son is nearly sixteen now. He has a stable, peaceful, large family who love him dearly. He doesn’t have to worry about mom and dad fighting, or if dad is going to hurt mom or him. He has a positive father in his life. He has attended the best schools, and will continue to do so. He is happy, healthy and well-adjusted. I write to the adoptive family, and they write to me. And…should he ever want to get to know me, he will know where to find me.

  • Carrie Ann

    This guy has to be a joke. I mean…surely he’s not this stupid.

  • terlet

    So you’re high too?

  • Tiffany Marie Murphy

    I love how you assume. No I’m not. I was forced by the courts to stay clean, even though my children were still fed when I was stoned. So?

  • terlet

    “Forced by the courts to stay clean.” Hmmm. Obviously toking wasn’t doing you any harm at all.

  • Tina Scott

    I know quite a few muslim scum bag men and women that practice queer sex all the time. Hell it started with your Mohammad. He himself was queer, a murderer, thief, pedophile, everything EVIL in this entire World. Your Quran, Koran, how ever in hell you want to spell it, all the same, the Devil’s book. There is only one son of God, and his name is Jesus Christ.

  • Tina Scott

    Child pedophile, rapist, thief and whore monger. Why do you want American women so bad. They don’t want you. You stink. Your ugly and you practice a false religion. Pig face. Your women hide their faces not due to Islam but due to the fact, they hope and pray that you won’t fucking touch them. PIG.

  • Tina Scott

    He won’t do that. He is a pussy. Those men are scared of American women. We can shoot, guns, arrows,poison their food, and even cut their heading offs.

  • Tina Scott

    Uh huh, while your queer woman is having queer sex with another of your queer woman. ha,ha,ha. pig fucker.

  • Tiffany Marie Murphy

    No it wasn’t. I left my baby’s daddy. That was part of the parenting agreement…So before you say another word, make sure you know the whole story before you speak.

  • terlet

    “Baby’s daddy.” Hmmm. So pot leads to illegitimate children.

  • Tiffany Marie Murphy

    I was with my baby’s daddy for over 4 years. He wasn’t illegitimate. My baby’s daddy was abusive to the both of us…like I said, if you wish to open your mouth again, please, for the love of children everywhere, know the story before you speak.

  • terlet

    You were married for four years, and pot kept you from leaving?

  • Tiffany Marie Murphy

    You are seriously an idiot. I stayed because I wanted my son to have the family that he deserved….anymore ASSumptions?

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Christians and Jews have corrupted their scriptures.(Âl ‘Imran 3:74-77, 113) Although Christians believe ‘Isa died on a cross, and Jews claim they killed him, in reality he was not killed or crucified, and those who said he was crucified lied (An-Nisa’ 4:157). ‘Isa did not die, but ascended to Allah. (An-Nisa’ 4:158) On the day of Resurrection ‘Isa himself will be a witness against Jews and Christians for believing in his death. (An-Nisa’ 4:159)

    Christians (and Jews) could not be freed from their ignorance until Muhammad came bringing the Qur’an as clear evidence (Al-Bayyinah 98:1). Muhammad was Allah’s gift to Christians to correct misunderstandings. They shouldaccept Muhammad as Allah’s Messenger, andthe Qur’an as his final revelation. (Al-Ma’idah 5:15; Al-Hadid 57:28; An-Nisa’ 4:47)

    Some Christians and Jews are faithful and believe truly. (Âl ‘Imran 3:113,114) Any such true believers will submit to Allah by accepting Muhammad as the prophet of Islam, i.e. they will become Muslims. (Âl ‘Imran 3:198)

    Although Jews and pagans will have the greatest enmity against Muslims, it is the Christians who will be ‘nearest in love to the believers’, i.e. to Muslims. (Al-Ma’idah 5:82) True Christians will not love Muhammad’s enemies. (Al-Mujadilah 58:22) In other words, anyone who opposes Muhammad is not a true Christian.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Our women are beautiful and we cover them so they will not be lusted after by leering lesbodykes or jealous homoqueers from the West. Us Muslim men repsect our women’s bodies, their sould and our women know their proper place in life that Allah Most Gracious Most Mericiful has given them. As we know our place as their husbands and providers.

    Our women are not harlots, out prostituting their bodies, having children out of wedlock, spreading disease and insulting Allah. They’re mindful, obedient and devoted to Allah (SWT) and the Noble Qur’an. They are pious women who will all go to Paradise.

    All American women are devoted to is lesbo sex, drugs, Riba (mammon) and being bound for eternal punishment in Jahanaam unless they submit to Islam and don the burka.

    When Brother Obama declares the Shariah in North America, you won’t have a choice.

  • Pat Kirchen

    If they have testicles they will wear them for earrings when us American women get done with you. You in your little dress and turban you stink.

  • Pat Kirchen

    What world do you live in, certainly not a free one….

  • Pat Kirchen

    We as women are not owned, nor are we slaves like you, you mindless cross dresser.

  • Pat Kirchen

    Learn to read, learn to think, that is why you are so far behind the rest of the world, You have no couth, you think YOU are GOD, you are a dirty old man that has no power over anything but frightened women and children. BIG DEAL! You are the bigot. the one God is going to put in a Hell Hole, you already live in one

  • Pat Kirchen

    That is why they wear dresses and put down any thing beautiful. Gods first People are the Jews, and gentiles….read a real Bible, read them all get a clue.

  • Pat Kirchen

    Then why aren’t you proud of “your” women?

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    You believe the Zionist lies propagated by your Jewish ran media all you like. You can keep singing that tune right into when you are lapidated after standing trial in the Shariah for being blasphemer and harlot.

  • Fuck You is my name

    Haha! It’s funny when Muslim men try to act like they know things other than fucking camels.

  • Barbara Repko

    I never said my child grew up without a father. Two years after I left my drunken abusive husband I met someone who wasn’t abusive. And just because I didn’t allow my abusive husband to get away with trying to hit me or my child more than once doesn’t mean he wasn’t abusive and I don’t know what it’s like.

  • myrab51

    Sadly, this happened to a child that now lives in my neighborhood. It happened when she was a baby like this. She was rescued and finally totally recovered physically. However, she is a teen now and severely mentally retarded due to the incident. Extreme malnutrition this early on can cause brain damage and be a life long game changer. I truly hope that this little boy has a different story.

  • Vicki Wright

    YUP! They will be History behind bars! :) They deserve it!!!

  • Linda Snodgrass

    anyway the word could get out….just asking

  • Linda Snodgrass


  • Raven Mare

    kill them both,starve them first please

  • roxie

    The people on here are more concerned with the idiot terrorist then tge matter at hand….How easy we are distracted! ! Glad the baby is in a better home and justice served

  • JGo555

    My God does not tell me to kill people. I do not understand why you need to kill me when I do not pose a threat.I am not interested in being one of you, but I do not do harm to you for being so. I don’t want to be a Muslim just as much as you don’t want to be Catholic. We’re even. Let’s leave it at that.

  • Cathy Allin aka Bell

    YES! good job jury….now let these pathetic parents starve for two months!

  • Guest

    I was a CO at the prison here, and the other inmates usually knew what the molestors were in there before we did. Prison justice will be served in 1 way or another, their time won’t be easy.

  • Kristen

    I was a CO at the prison here and they tried to keep molestors in PC, but the prison was crowded so they weren’t in the cell by themselves. Prison justice will be served, their time won’t be easy, if someone doesn’t kill them, I can guarantee they will have the shit beat out of them, and who knows what else.

  • donhughes93307

    They both should be killed. Enough of crimes against children, if you commit a crime against a child it should be an automatic death on the spot.

  • e

    Everyone who commented on this is an idiot

  • Will Wyatt

    id love to get ahold of the sick bastards myself be amazing what a sharpened cheese grater and a bag of rock salt would do

  • Will Wyatt

    look its muhamed the pedophile murderer who likes to screw dead bodys and sleeps with his camel whom I might as is a male and named alah, you guys are pathtic ill never understand how the Nazis didn’t exterminate you vermin instead of others

  • JoJo58

    Unfortunately, that is exactly why pedophiles, child rapists/murderers, etc are kept out of the general population. Falls under the “cruel and unusual” punishment crap. I just think about the VICTIM and the cruelties THEY had to face. That’s why I no longer believe in the death penalty…they end up living longer than the victim’s bereaved family. They should be put in with the general population and be taken care of. It would save the state a HUGE amount of money.

  • voiceinthewoods

    Your wrong about putting a mosque at ground zero.You thought we would not find out.but we did.You won’t have one there to say we conquered you America.Not at the location your people wanted,That Muslim center is not going to happen PERIOD!I know so I am one of the ones who signed against it.You can have Pelosi and Bloomberg behind you they can do all their investigation all they want. we the people spoken.Your man made religion of hate will not rule us.we will stand and we will fall and fight and die free.You talk about us as if you know every single American.You go by what you hear around the world and blinded by spoon fed news media propaganda lies.You want to pass judgement try this on for size. You cannot think for yourself.because at birth you been taught about this Islam religion.Shoving it down your throat saying this is what is true.never at all have any dreams of your are nothing but a Slave! a puppet on a string.

  • Squirrel225

    If you were real mean like you claim you would not hide behind sheets you would come foward and let be known your actions were your own. You are a coward America’s morals might be faulting but they would never allow our great nation to backpadel to a time where we would subject our own people to the degree of disrespect you show to your fellow man when you die and meet god will be your punishment.

  • Nunya Business

    Excuse me but real men have consensual sex. They don’t rape little girls and fuck sheep.

  • scotfahey

    Had the child died, in Texas this would be a capitol crime. Of the 60 year term, Texas has the room, and no real need to even think about early release. Expect at least 40 years in a Texas prison,

  • Sam Watkins

    Well, if you ever do find a “real man with a huge meat SCUD missile” to take us to pound town, come back and talk smack then. I think we’re safe forever.

  • R.s. Moffatt

    Hey, Imam Khalid of Basra…can I please borrow your Quaran? I have to go and take a big ol’ muslim, then wipe my mohammed with some torn out pages of your “holy book”.

  • Scott Galeener

    ha all my ex wifes were whores.i guess that what i get for hanging at strip clubs

  • Joseph Burwell

    bread and water, solitary confinement, no mail, no visits, no nothing, to me they should not even get bread and water. Put them in a cell together and forget about them….+

  • johnnycharr

    You first.

  • Sam Watkins

    1) There is no mosque at the site of 9/11. 2) American women, I can say from experience because I am one (Sam is my nickname,) fantasize about American men.because we know they are very well endowed and know how to make us very happy. We do not need to look to other cultures for satisfaction. Trust me, our guys are built. If in doubt check out our advertising. 3) No burka. No sarif. Islam will never rule us. We already have a God. You can keep yours. 4) We fought for this country several times over her long history. We’ll continue to fight for her as many times as it takes. And, keep this in mind, we never lost. See, we are fighting for our God, our homes and our families, and our way of life. We’ll fight so hard that we’ll make rabid badgers look docile.And eat our bacon and keep our hair uncovered and continue to live as we always have.5) I don’t force my religion down your throat. I don’t ask you to share it or try to convert you. I don’t care what you worship. I will continue to worship my God.Leave us be, we’ll leave you be.

  • Julia Rice

    they should both be sterilized so this never happens again.

  • Tiffany Marie Murphy

    Are you fucking kidding me? There are plenty of children in foster care that emancipate out of the system because no one wants a teenager. You are beyond ignorant!

  • Tiffany Marie Murphy In, Entering, and Exiting Care Point in Time. On September 30, 2011, there were an

    estimated 400,540 children in foster care.

    Entries. During FY 2011, 252,320 children entered foster care.

    Exits. During FY 2011, 245,260 children exited foster care.

  • Mark

    First off, listen to how you speak. Sure as hell doesn’t speak like a Muslim at all. More than likely a fake person just trying to start shit. Second, even if this was true, how the hell do you think that Islam would ever rule? You all have been beaten for the past few hundred years. You’ve stayed mostly in your little countries and thrown threats to those that you think are afraid, which we are not. Third, if you think Islam would be the ruling power one day then you have another thing coming…think about how many major allies that US has. Hell no one would want to be under the Islamic rule. American, British, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, none of us would want that shit. Get a fucking life and learn about how Americans think before you write a message.

  • Carrie Ann

    Your choice of words make you sound very learned. Yes, there are a lot of teenagers in foster care. There are also lots of children with severe disabilities. Tjere are NOT healthy infants in the system who have difficuly finding homes. If theu stay in the system it’s because they are not eligible to be adopted becauseparental rights have not been severed.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Because your country is weak morally and spiritually. You are decadent fools who allow sin and shameful behavior to go unchecked. You put Allah last in all you do and you no sense of honor or dignity. All you Americans care about is your cable television shows, cheeseburgs and sports games.

    Taking over your nation will be like dusting the sand from our sandals. Brother Obama will see to that. mofo.


  • slappinghoes

    lets see…i have spent time in county jail for minor stuff…disorderly conduct public drunkeness….most prisoners have access to tv…they already know what happend by now…

  • Tiffany Marie Murphy

    Why the hell should it matter if they are healthy or not? Sick children need more love and attention than the “healthy” children in other countries.

  • James Adkins

    Sherry Chris Jane and Jess your all right I work in a prison and child molesters and abusers are the bottom of the pole even felons have kids and standards they will be put in P.C but if its set up like prison they cant stay there forever they have to go to population some how and prisoners have TV’s and watch the news if its set up like California and they have a whole wing for P.C its not unheard of for some one to claim they need P.C just so they can really handle business

  • Shari Rhodes

    Oh you’re soooo wrong about that. I look at the pictures of Muslim maniacs cutting people’s heads off, etc. and half of them look so dirty they appear to not have had a bath for a year. No normal, clean American woman would look at those pictures and see anything attractive about any of you murderers. Don’t know how you ever came up with your warped ideas about American people and their life styles. Most husbands here never have gay sex and never shoot up on drugs. Normal, Christian families live according to the commandments of the ONE true God, do good to their fellow man and want you maniacs out of our country. It’s ours, not yours. You and your evil ideas don’t belong here in the land of the living. Go back to your hell hole and enjoy your evil ways where we don’t have to witness them. Oh and don’t count on finding all those virgins when you get to Heaven (where you will never be allowed to enter). That’s just a big fat lie and you dummies believed it, as an incentive to kill, steal, and persecute, which is totally the opposite of what Christians do to their fellow man. Go back to the Stone Age where you belong.

  • Shari Rhodes

    You are completely off in left field. Everything you say is opposite to the truth. Get a Bible and read it, and find out what the true dispensation of God is. If you’ve never read it, you can’t possibly know what you’re talking about. Any Muslim with a brain would have to see that the Muslim cult is everything opposite to what the true God wants His children to be. Read the New Testament and pray to Allah to bring understanding and enlightenment to youself. Then come back and let us know if you have learned where Islam has gone wrong, and have opened your heart to the truth of God as set forth in the Holy Bible.

  • Shari Rhodes

    You do not know shit about the American people. WE are weak morally and spiritually? What about all the hideous, immoral things you men do in your countries? Murder, sex with animals, sex with each other, raping little girls, and whoever else you want to rape, cutting people’s heads off, killing people in other ways that are as painful and horrendous as you can possibly make it. That’s not shameful behavior going unchecked? How many Americans have you seen behaving like murderous dogs? Try learning about Christian families before you assume. Christians put God first in their homes, work, and lives and try to do only good, to the glory of God. I don’t think you’re an Imam either. Just somebody trying to stir stuff up. Whatever your motive, you are wasting your time trying to convince any of us that you have something better to offer (gag).

  • Shane361

    I don’t think people that murder other people even get 60 years. Now we get to foot the bill for them to live for the rest of their lives.

  • Jason Heuberger

    Just because they might be put in PC, doesn’t mean they are safe there. Probates would be sent there from other gangs just to get someone. It’s prison, not jail. There is no hiding there.

  • AubeO

    GOD BLESS TEXAS! And God Bless the YOUNG PEOPLE who recognized that this baby needed immediate intervention, brought his condition to the attention of an adult, and saved his life.

  • Ilovemydawg88

    Really?? Islam is a self destructive belief system with no real validity. I bet you like f*cking your worship buddies, don’t you?? You know, like the rest of you guys. Right?? Whore? Okay, if you insist.. You are a fool and a hypocrite.. oh and ugly. why do islam women wanna run from all the “men”?? Cuz you guys are some of the ugliest and smelliest pieces of penis life support that ever lived. Oh yea.. have fun kissing my a$$.. He he he


    this happened to me as a baby, my mother was very abused and wasn’t allowed to feed me…this baby will be a fighter for sure!!

  • Kelly Bolin-Hardin

    I hear a beat down coming behind those walls…

  • Nancy Miller Johnson

    You really ARE delusional. Virile? LOL….. Virile men do not kill innocent civilians. Virile men do not treat woman as chattel. Virile men do not disrespect and abuse children by “marrying” them when they are 12 years old. You are a perfect example of a VIOLENT TERRORIST. You will not get your virgins upon your death…. nothing but grandmothers for you… or old men who will put IT where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • amyje1

    May they, these empty, narcissistic, evil, reprehensible, horrifying set of human beings reap what they have sown. May God bless that dear sweet baby and his older sister. Thank the Lord for those teenagers and the adult who took action.

  • Ant

    free lesbian rape porn.

  • Charles

    I hope they get the shiyt beat out of them each and every day they are in prison and get fed once a week just enough to keep tem alive for more azz whuppins

  • Charles

    Hey Imam Kahlid I hear that your Prophet Mohammed (dung be upon his head) took it in the ass from goats and camels and was buried wrapped in a pigs skin. Your religion is nothing more than a bunch of men who like it in the ass and dress like women and hide when the battle gets hot.

  • Charles

    Don`t quote the Koran to me I keep one in my bathroom to rip pages from and wipe my ass with.

  • DMG

    I hope they dont allow them any good time either and they have to serve every day of those 60 years!!!!!!! And let them go with any food for 2 months!!!!!!

  • TheWindsong55 .

    amen sister.. Oh my god ..Tears

  • TheWindsong55 .

    precious Angel… I am so Thankful you were rescued ..someone loves you very much.. Jesus ! Go Bless those teens who found you.

  • icedcoral1

    and take bets? :)

  • icedcoral1

    I say piss on them, save us tax payers a lot of money and throw their asses to the wolves. Assisted KARMA for kid creepers!

  • Talyn

    Are you ladies really that retarded? It’s obviously a troll. You just make yourselves look like frothing-at-the-mouth, unruly bitches that he claims you are.

    P.S. I’m a woman, and he only makes me laugh. It’s obvious you are jumping on your own prejudice towards Muslims and Middle Eastern people and taking his insults as justification to spew your racism and hatred towards a caricature of what you hate. Really proud of you guys, you uncultured, ignorant saumensch.

  • WendellWillkie

    Well, I was referring to pregnancy “prevention.” Not killing a baby with a heart-beat, 10 fingers and toes, and every other part of their body.

  • WendellWillkie

    And forced sterilization – not exactly legal and not really comparable to ‘getting a license’ as the original poster suggested.