This Vet is Marching to Washington to Take a Final Stand….Will Anyone Follow?

1 soldier 1 mission

A former United States Army soldier has had enough of the tyranny, and he is marching all the way from the great state of Tennessee to the nation’s capital, in full combat gear (roughly 75 pounds), to make his point. Here are the specifics, as taken from his Indiegogo page, where you can help support him.

One Soldier, One Mission: march from TN to Washington DC in full combat gear to Honor his oath that has no expiration date.

Contributors fund ideas they can be passionate about and to people they trust. Here are some things to do in this section:

SFC McNair is a disabled veteran that has had enough of Washington DC
SFC McNair is going to March on Washington DC ready for combat
Contributors will help me achieve putting Washington DC on notice, that the American Citizens have had enough and not going to take anymore foolishness from Politicians.


Break it down for folks in more detail:

I will carry lite and freeze at night, so your much-needed funding will provide bottled water, nuts and energy bars for the 500 mile mission.
Tell people about your unique perks. Get them excited!
Even if I do not reach my financial goal, the mission is still a go and your prayers are welcomed.

The Final Stand

With the way things are in America, this mission may be my last and final contribution to America.
I will be in full combat gear and carrying an American Flag.
I do not do this for myself, but for all those that come after us.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

When you see me walking along the highway, just blow your horn and wave.
Or a bottle of water, a bag of nuts or a word of encouragement.

In HIS service and yours

  • Killroy was here

    God Speed young Patriot…May God guide your path and keep you safe. From one their shall form many and from many shall tyranny fall. Enough is Enough Tyranny shall reign no more in these lands.

  • Rebecca

    I’ve completely lost hope that the American people will ever form numbers large enough to resolve the tyranny. Only a small percentage of us sees the truth that is out there. Nobody else cares, they just want to sit and watch reality TV all day.

  • Beverly Morrison

    I wish I could go. I would love to be a part of history. The energy will be amazing.

  • Richie

    Becca, believe me when and if the shit hits the fan, the gov will be in trouble, the American people will not put up with this asshole in the whitehouse, there will be blood

  • Tilen Van Grum

    Why is he going alone? Are you americans all of a sudden so afraid of your government? Once you were a highly respected nation, and I had a deep respect for your nation and American people. Now Europe as the rest of the world hate US as much as Israel or even more. I know there you have strong movements of liberty and I know Americans are not bunch of pussies! But when I see that one man will march on Washington, and people will not go to march with him I feel like you already surrender to tyranny. To support him with words and bottle of water? pfffff,….. Wake up Americans, if you are real patriots who believe in freedom, constitution and power to the people GO MARCH WITH THAT GUY ! Here is Slovenia we went to the streets and we overthrown our government 1 year ago, but not because 1 man was marching, but because we stand together ready to fight to the end as we will again…

  • Mike Donatello

    Can we get his schedule/route? I’d love to meet him on the road with some light rations or fresh socks.

  • CheeseheadDJ

    The Shit already has hit the fan. America is now a Tyrannical Police state…You must not watch the news.

  • James Crowe Sr

    We must remember, only 1% of Americans ave ever served in the military and have fought in a war
    .Never under estimate the power of a few. I am a Disabled Veit Nam Veteran and my children were trained by be to fight for our way of life.

  • Tilen Van Grum

    Please go march with him, you don’t need to have guns, just go to the march with or without the military gear. That’s how you show support. If you go there 1 by 1 you are doing government a favor cos they will lock you down 1 by 1. And when you see that cops killed more people in US, than military killed civilians in Iraq you must know that something is wrong and that there is time to resist. You know Media will try to twist it around, that’s why you need cameras and document it for yourself. I know, I’m not from US and you may think why the fuck someone from Europe rant about this. Because we are in this together, and believe me, when shit hit in America it will spread around the world as the fire. Governments will burn all over the world cos we all have enough of it!

  • CheeseheadDJ

    Not to worry , Many will join him on his way. I would not be surprised if 100,000 Marchers arrive in Wash DC with him… it’s too bad it won’t fix anything…. These Marchers have to march ARMED with slung AR-15’s to be taken seriously. He should have gotten a group of volunteers together maybe 100 to start this march – ALL of them Armed with AR-15’s / AK’s

  • Edwin Hernandez

    He won’t make it one mile before getting arrested and all of this forgotten and swept under the rug by or government

  • Bill Guyther

    How can we follow where he is as he is moving toward Washington?

  • Terry Fidler

    GOD BLESS this man.

  • Tilen Van Grum

    Isn’t it better to go down that way, or you prefer to go down alone in the house 2 years later, or maybe on some checkpoint or cos you wrote something they don’t like or whatever bullshit they will put on us… Allways watching your back for cops, TSA, NSA, FBI,.. And you know things won’t go to the better on it’s own. Imagine 15 years ago someone told you there will be drones in the sky, that they will tap your phones, listen to your emails, tase people for no reason, TSA grabing you by your dick on airport, checkpoints on the streets, FEMA camps all over the place, President clone reading from teleprompter, Media lying all the time, fear of terrorism, invading of 5 or 6 countries, 2nd amendment gone, cops “allowed” to kill people,… Imagine someone told you that 15 years ago, you would think he is mental.

  • Ruth May Cothron

    I would march with him if I did not have custody of my 15 year old granddaughter.

  • Dottie Sundberg

    No weapon formed against you shall prosper

  • Jessie FixesIt

    it won’t happen til the gun confiscation squad knocks on peoples’ doors. and dont underestimate our Oath Keepers. there are more out there than you think…

  • Jessie FixesIt

    only 3% of the people fought the American Revolution. numbers mean nothing when the will to be free is infinite…

  • Gregory Lesniewski

    Why isn’t the media covering this? What are they afraid of? This is great news that they should ALL be reporting on!!

  • animalaura

    Most able bodied Americans have become a blind mass of sloth, laziness, and apathy –waiting for their next federal check to pay for their cable TV bill. They had rather watch a football game than standup for their own country against tyranny…. and have this “let the other guy do it” attitude. They have no concept that they are being frog-boiled and living under a dictatorship.

  • Mark Watson

    He Did his name was George Orwell 1984 ,, and the Cure is 1776..

  • Mark Watson

    Prop’s to YOU SOLDIER , May God Bless your Path, and my your feet stay solid.. I hope you get there w/ no strange, Accident’s , Watch them they might try to take you out.. In my Prayer’s

  • Mark Watson

    He doesn’t say when ?

  • lynne1249

    We must stand up now! Obama and his socialist base will never stop until WE stop them PERIOD!!

  • G Pizarro

    Tilen Van Grum, You know more of what’s going on in our country than our own citizens.
    That’s Amazing, and Shameful on our part, that the citizens of this country have to hear this from an outsider, that has delt with this in his own country. I’m a Veteran of 38 years, and it breaks my heart to see what’s going on. Others can’t, or refuse to see the “Forest for the Trees” Thank You for your insight, and God Bless!

  • G Pizarro

    Tilen Van Grum, You know more of what’s going on in our country than our own citizens.
    That’s Amazing, and Shameful on our part, that the citizens of this country have to hear this from an outsider, that has delt with this in his own country. I’m a Veteran of 38 years, and it breaks my heart to see what’s going on. Others can’t, or refuse to see the “Forest for the Trees” Thank You for your insight, and God Bless!

  • laura m.

    Rebecca: I am amazed at the over 60 crowd who are stuck in stupid/dumb as a stack of bricks. Living only for sports and entertainment, and trusting of politicians in general. Many are involved in these phony 501c3 gov. corp. churches(social clubs) who have to be pol. correct to keep their tax exemption and refuse to take a stand on anything controversial. Many articles on on various subjects on corrupt gov., churches, etc.

  • airborne

    When is this supposed to happen?

  • Don Wayne

    i count Ed as one of my friends, he has my support and my love as a veteran. I am trying to help rally support for him. people, let us make sure this man is watched over, protected and fed, and given a warm place to sleep as he needs it.

  • Gloria Eppley

    My husband has a bad heart, and I have bad knees, but we will try to go with you, we are so sad what has happened also. We live in Nebraska, so, where or when?

  • Home Owner

    I completely understand his passion and why he wants to do this. But if he’s disabled , how’s he going to march 500 miles ?

  • Pat

    This man has done this already. With the exception he is not military. You can read his story He is still on this mission in a different way but has not given up even after they have tried to murder him recently.

  • James

    Three percent of the population fought the British in the Revolutionary War.

  • Keith Martin

    and they train more and more of us OATH takers every day too. I do remember something about ALL ENEMIES ……… and domestic. I said those word and my Son died for those words. I beg them to try it just once……. it will light a fire across this nation that will end this game for good. I can just hear the orders barked now….. “Lieutenant…. order the men to shoot their own countrymen!!!” Because no one over Lieutenant is stupid enough to give that order.

  • gerbilcrusader

    You defeat this tyrrants by building small guerrilla forces in every community, block to block. That’s how it’s done throughout human history towards tyrrants. I suggest you read and study the ART OF WAR by general TSZAN TZSU or san soo ancient chinese general. The US marines uses this and our own enemies like muslims are using it against us with their Quran.

  • gerbilcrusader

    Many of us are forming our armies dude! Protesting and marching does not work with obama and his liberals!

  • Joshua Perez

    I fought and bled for the oath. I still carry it in my heart. ALL ENEMIES.

  • Sam

    @jessiefixesit:disqus Agreed. Not to mention, I can almost bet that 95% of our Military would not fire on the citizens

  • Debra Blakley Weasner

    Wow you were talking about my husband–except for the church part !!!

  • Debra Blakley Weasner

    The media didn’t cover the 2 Million Bikers To Dc, or the Vets March To DC, or Million Mask March. So why should they cover this?? The media is bought by O and his croonies.

  • Debra Blakley Weasner

    Tomorrow. Nov 19. The Bikers are there and so many others !!!

  • Paulette Morgan

    God Bless this man, when is he leaving?

  • jason12321

    60 years of being forced to consume mind-numbing chemicals like sodium fluoride will do that to people!

  • Chris Evans

    Why do you assume it’s his legs?

  • Juliet Bravo

    When is he marching? I’d really like to join him in his march, or at the very least contribute. I’m not in the military, but I am a damn proud supporter. We need many more people to join in this march and really show these jack wagons in office that their time is soon coming to an end. Tyranny will not stand as long as we band together as one nation and take back what belongs to us.

  • Matt

    my question is what is he going to do when he gets there? stand armed at attention or go on the offensive? no matter what party you route for you should know its corrupt, if we want to change we must fight fire with fire, whatever the government would do to us to get what it wants we need to enforce the same way, that is sadly becoming the only option of 2 left, the other being just take it and keep taking it

  • SR20777

    That is an absolute fact Sam. They will not fire on the Citizens they enlisted to protect.

  • Fellow Vet

    One step at a time my friend…… step at a time.

  • Jaksquot

    C’mon III%’rs….Don’t tread on me…..Roger that.

  • mensageira22

    M<ay God protect you all the way in your mission..God bless you.And may you live a blessed and long life.

  • mensageira22

    May God bless and keep you safe in your way to Washington and may you live a blessed and long life.

  • Robert Arima

    I am a 15 your old teen living in hawaii and i will support him

  • JamesPaul VonHelton

    This man lives in Tennessee, where the winters are mild. He won’t last very long out in the DC cold. Not trying to downplay his mission, just stating a fact. He’s gonna need far more than just a bottle of water!

  • Knightd00b

    3% is 3.3 million – thats bigger than the Army.

  • killem all

    so the government took jfk out so why cant they do the same to obama?

  • Miranda Greer

    May God Bless you and keep you safe warm and help you to help everyone else, my husband was a marine and recently passed away in July but I have a feeling he will be with you in spirit I so wish I had money to give or lived close enough to bring you water and nuts as I am disabled and can’t drive far and live in Ky but May God be on your side and may your Marching make others want to join and show the government that we the people mean business especially the ones of the military that have took an oath and that should be respected for the service that they have provided to our country. Bless you

  • Miranda Greer

    I am with you Mr Grum I so wish I could go march with him but I could not make it 1 mile as I have been disabled for almost 19 years now with failing limbs and organs but if I was only younger and not in the shape I am I would be proud to march with him even if it meant my death which is not very far off anyway, God Bless you for your words of encouragement, and your totally right about everything.

  • Miranda Greer

    Just like the 1000.000 truckers that were supposed to invade Washington? I pray they will but I will have to see it because many say they will but they don’t

  • Miranda Greer

    if it does get covered none of us will see it because they will not let it be seen just like the bikers and the Veterans and look how they treated the Veterans that was there its sad they way they done them why didn’t they try that when Sarah Palin was there with the Veterans?

  • punnylady

    Sad but True!!! Don’t give up hope!! There are a lot of us that are waking up and have been awake for a very long time!!!

  • Christy

    You are very right Tilen. I was thinking the same thing. We need to do this now for our children and grandchildren. The Eagle is just waking up and when she does, its going to be very ugly here.

  • Nathaniel Wayne Brooks

    I’m here, just tell me when and where….

  • dewtdew

    wait a minute……there are more over-60 patriots who are fully awake than what you may think!! Don’t sell the older generation short just because the ones you know are still snoozing. We’re old enough to remember what America once was and we’re determined to make her that way again.

  • Alex7772012

    I agree with you but the government would take armed protesters as an unorganized and unconditional assembly and send in riot control or kill the protests unfortunately

  • savoy6

    it’s only going to take the III%

  • ausitn

    We don’t need large numbers all it takes is the will of a single man! He just has to make an impact!!

  • Richard Fischer

    Never underestimate the will of those who put the well being our great country before their own needs, only 3% of the colonial population actively took part and fought in the American Revolution and all it takes today is for the III% to step up and get the ball rolling again on taking back our country from those who would rather see it fall.

  • Saxxin

    You are not alone. We are here. We are the 99%. We are legion. We are Anomymous. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us.

  • Freedom Fighter 5262010

    If….and when the very first door gets knocked on, that is when every oath keeper must rush to that house and defend it. We will not give up our rights as free men!

  • Freedom Fighter 5262010

    For the ones that do, they will be the first to die in battle at the hand of the patriotic soldier that took the oath to defend the people.

  • Troubleshooter

    Obviously you have never been to Tennessee. I live in Pennsylvania. I have lived in Chicago, Colorado, Washington State, Virginia, Oregon, and Idaho, and except for maybe Eastern Washington, Tennessee’s winters are often far more severe.

  • David Prewett

    I think he will be the catalyst for the beginning of WE THE PEOPLE taking back our GREAT COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Connie C

    Wrong, I am 62 and help run a 2A site on FB and these are the very people that refuse to give up our gun rights. You are forgetting about the militias, the Veterans, the Oath Keepers, the Bikers and the Hunters not to mention the folks who are just sick and tired of the Tyranny and willing to help fight. I think we far outnumber the sheep you are referring to.

  • Jeddy Tranquill

    I am 71 and have led 3 major pro 2nd Amendment Rallys, testified before Congress on the failure of the National helmet law, belong to 26 pro Constitution organizations, a Vietnam era veteran with the 101st Airborne Division, pay 10% of all my money to charity and will STAND and FIGHT until I am put into a box

  • BANG

    Mr. Lake, in honor of your actions, patriotism and American beleif I
    stand by you 100%.

    100% USA American,
    William Cosselmon