WATCH: Hilarious! Oprah Gets Called Out for Her Victim Mentality


In case you’ve been under a rock this week, Oprah came out in an interview with the BBC claiming that Americans hate Barack Obama, basically because he’s black. Yep, she said it. Something to the effect of, we’re all thinking it, but we just don’t say it. HA! I know, who cares what Oprah thinks at this point right? Well I do, because she’s been filling her audience with faces that aren’t black for decades and still has the audacity to make these outrageous claims.


“It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?”, would be the norm to blame for all things you may not agree on with these progressives. Preposterous they say, that it could be based on a difference of OPINION.

Included is a preview of her BBC interview, followed by a video from a fan, not of hers though. Take a second to watch Wayne Dupree break it down to Oprah.




In Case you missed seeing the original “Friday” movie, starring Chris Tucker, this scene represents to me what Dupree just handed down to Winfrey.
  • ThatGuy

    that guy is epic! so true to X)


    He has a very good point. The left built their very foundation on equality to all! They brainwash the public frequently by telling them how the right hates them. Yet, why is is so often that talking heads on the left go beyond just “rude” and tinker in the territory of “vile” when speaking of their opponents? I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve heard them belittle Sarah Palin. Poor woman, bless her soul. Libtards are sick bastards.

  • Bonnie Girard

    Love this guy!!!

  • Melanie Schielder

    I used to think of Oprah as a roll model for all the accompaniments she has done, now after this crap spewed from her mouth, all I see is a race baiting bitch.

  • millie

    She purposely played down her racism for years until she became rich and famous. Now she has underestimated the people who put her there. She thinks everybody should pay attention to her because she is so rich. This is tearing apart the black race more any other race could.

  • Jackie Jackson

    Share the hell out of this, Thanks

  • Steve Toom

    I hate obama because he is a tyrant and a warmonger

  • skw

    This guy is awesome!

  • Tammy

    Apparently Oprah can’t figure out we have a brain – to dislike Obama based on his lies and the way he is destroying the country. Can you say your stupidity is showing? I watched you when you first came to Chicago and the white population embraced you! Cram the racist stuff down your piehole lady! That’s a bunch of BS! Jackson, Sharpton, Obama and YOU – yes – you are racist. Your comment about laughing about having white people working for you and what your Grandmother would say and that’s why you hired the white people shows it is YOU who is racist Lady! Some of us caught the radio show where your bigoted side was showing! I am now boycotting you and your tv programs!

  • NeverAgain

    Here’s another guy you will really love. He posts videos on YouTube daily.
    I Subscribed to him

  • Brian Pierce

    Ha ha ha listen to the video where gurl says Oprah is a victim of racism, Some blacks don’t know that Oprah is not doing so well as they think, she has been selling some of her propertys and her tv business is not going to so well. And if oprah wanted to make a statement. why didn’t she go on tv here in America in front of the white americans that made her rich. Oh snap, oprah can have all the money she needs but when you got big money you got to keep moving the capital or lose it to the tax man. she be out of money who the heck would want her involved in anything they are doing. Just look where the hell are all those celeb speakers Obama had, Hollywood gave the finger to Obama Samuel Jackson hasn’t got a money deal since he spoke up helped Obama, Hey sammie you don’t speak so loud now, guess it hurt your wallet just a bit, some good advice if your a celebrity stay out of Politics it could hurt you later. Just ask Sammie.

  • calcul8ed

    I never disliked Oprah or Obama because they were black! I now dislike both of them because they are Racist, Arrogant, Stupid Black people.

  • v markwell

    if no white pple liked barry co hes black how did he became president, stupid woman and shes suppossed to be intelligent, …and this comes from the same women that said black pple cant be racists…i loved this women wen she first got started she was nice, caring and impartial but she got to big for shes boots..

  • Tolerance…

    You had to put the black part in didn’t you…come on, that part doesn’t matter, COLOR SHOULDN’T MATTER…IT DOESN’T MATTER…we are told constantly that we are “different”…because the powers that be want us separate, they don’t want us to be united.

  • LCM☝✊

    It’s a descriptive term, they are black you know, is it not ok to say that? Hell they are the biggest racist also.

  • LCM☝✊

    Oprah, she needs a time lock on her mouth like she has on her fridge.

  • rickochey

    obama isn’t black………. Because a real true black man would have fought tooth and nail to prove his worth. He would have done things the American way. obama is screwing us over because he’s kenyan, muslim and anti-american.

  • Julius B. Carey

    It counts! A spade is a spade is a spade. And OpieholeFull & NoBama are the biggest offenders of all…

  • Roma

    I watched her from the beginning also & the “white folk” embraced her to be sure…Not me however, I saw her racism then & now it’s stronger… “Most powerful woman? (you bet cha, in her mind…) she has enough money now to openly be the true racist she is & always was hiding to make her DOLLAR, Hummmm, wonder if her fame was only due to “African American” financing?,,, Go to the UK to spew hate????, She is acting as “un” American as Obama, & his “un-proud wife” (you know, office of the president) People don’t care for him, because of his ACTIONS… (Too many to name) NOT the color of his SKIN, Shame on the ignorance….

  • Liz

    DOES EVERYONE KEEP FORGETTING, OBAMA IS NOT AGAIN I REPEAT NOT ALL AFRICAN AMERICAN!!!!!!! HIS MOTHER WAS NOT OF AFRICAN DECENT OR TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT SHE WAS NOT AN AFRICAN AMERICAN!!!!!!! HE is NOT a 1st ALL black president, not sticking up for him, but am sick of hearing all this crap about his ethnicity. Im ashamed to see what is happening to this country for YEARS now the rich get richer and the poor just doesn’t matter.

  • Roma

    Yes!!! Lets see what they did to Paula Dean, be done to her!!!!… Lets see her in the same boat, Didn’t she just disgrace ALL AMERICANS in general? That’s worse then one racist comment she made the entire country look bad… I know I will boycott her TV programming & anything that she is associated with!.

  • Stephen Legette

    It’s Because He’s a Lying POS, Commie SOB & a Kenyan Faggott

  • Ken Hauser

    What was the excuse for main stream media and the democrats attacking President Bush? Disrespecting the office during the Bush Administration. Was it because he was Texan?

  • justapatriot

    There’s a very simple way to fight this. Never purchase anything that Oprah endorses again. If she touches it, boycott it. I no longer want to hear one lousy word out of her mouth.

  • jrkl007

    A highschool dropout giving medical advise! THE American Medical Association is on to her giving medical advise to a young girl who took her advise and died.

  • jrkl007

    Are all African Americans black? Are there any non blacks in Africa.

  • Ilovemydawg88

    What’s cool about America? A frumpy, tent dress wearing, middle aged nobody can get a talk show and become a super star! I watched her when my baby was a baby and loved Her. but for about 10 years now every time I see her run her gab I throw up a little in my mouth and suddenly have to empty my colostomy bag. Why?? Cuz she’s a arrogant, not that interesting, queen of the universe.. Please someone, make her go away!!!

  • aj

    Amen! All black people should be offended by what Oprah said. She is trying to take away what America has achieved, where race is concerned. She needs to step back, shut up and take a look..we have a black president. Rejoice in that, that is a major achievement. And Americans, of all colors, voted him in. Martin Luther King must be turning in his grave right now. She wants us to judge him by the color of his skin, not by the content of his character, like she does. Shame on her.

  • FJ


  • Roma


  • Allison

    I totally agree. I cannot believe Oprah said what she had to day.The presidents issues in office have absolutely nothing to do with his skin color. They have to do with the fact that he is a tyrant, a communist, and a dictator in waiting. If you, of all people, cannot see this, then your money has blinded you!!!

  • PaPaCee

    Im catch n the back part of this stupidness coming from Oprah,but damn I said it a long time ago she just don’t care. Remember we da people got your but line up to b famous,n now ur show n yo azz,wake up Oprah,u may hv climb that ladder to da top,but yo butt can slip n fall.I drove buses for Greyhound n a few yrs back I met two of her class mates who rode on the bus with me going to Huntsville,Al for the homecoming game,n man they was talk n about her like a dawg. they said she act like she don’t know her friends anymore,she look down on them n she forgot where she came from. U got to crawl b4 u walk,n money will make your head so fat,that ur forget about the people u love n got u over the hump.So think b4 u open your mouth n say smthing stupid,because when u say smthing dumb n crazy,people listen,n they will dog u out til da end.

  • sam

    I Love Obama and Oprah and I also love all of these stupid people who think she is racist. If you hate them, then I love them. Peace losers

  • francis

    Winfrey is racist and must have forget that Black attack people kill ,babies, old men,women raped and killed all over US because hate mongers are all color and right now people are going to never watch anything to with you . Martin Luther King looks down in great anger that ,all black doing this is making sure his dream went to hell along with all that kill, Destroyed Constitution and Bill of Rights. May God judge you all


    Some one needs to put these people down. They are obviously suffering.

  • avallliere

    No one despises OWEBUMBER because he claims he’s black, which is only part black – but need to say not fond of his WHITE side either. Not fond of him at all…has nothing to do with his color….let’s see lie after lie after lie after lie after lie – the extreme bailout – the consistent printing of money – AP – IRS – Benghazi murders….need we go on….despise the fact that he has no business/management ability in his little finger – it’s his personal agenda he has going on and WE THE PEOPLE are getting crippled by it. BTW – I WILL NEVER EVER RESPECT OPRAH EVER AGAIN – YOU TALK ABOUT RACIST….AS IT GOES, BLACKS ARE THE ONES THAT ARE RACIST. Entitlements/affirmative action/free housing….and they have the gall to complain. WTF?

  • cody

    SERIOUSLY??? YOU are making her comments valid, idiot.

  • cody

    Well, don’t let the door hit ya on tha ass

  • Louis

    The NSA took the videos down

  • Johnny Rader Hoskins

    AMEN!!!! It is so refreshing to hear it the way it is ……

  • Angel

    OMG I didn’t believe what I read that Oprah said we don’t like Obama because he is african american. I had to go watch the video clip.
    I used to like Oprah and thought she had a good head on her shoulders until I heard that come out of her mouth. The fact she would say that makes me think she might be racist herself. Why else would you say such a thing.To think the entire world can not think past the color of some ones skin is beyond crazy. Yes there is people out there that couldn’t look past white, black what ever but for crying out loud we are talking millions of people. Not you room full of people at a talk show. This is at least one entire country full of people. What does she honestly think that every white person in america sees in black and white. Does Oprah think she is the only person in the USA that has a brain and can use it. It really does turn your stomach.

  • Angel

    If Obama was worth a pinch of salt and not racist himself, since the comment was made about him during this interview he should at least pull her up on it. Set the record straight. But I would bet money that he lets it stand. You have to give Oprah credit she hid it very well for years and years. But her true colors are showing now. SHAME ON OPRAH…What a big disappointment.

  • Patrick

    She thinks her own people are stupid. About time some one stepped up and called her out. I said Obama wasn’t ready day one, and of course for that I was called racist. Amazing I didn’t like Bush and that was cool, but Because I don’t like this ones mistakes and policies I’m racist. She supported him so like all sheep she will back her play with lies and pathetic non intellectual bull crap..

  • D.K

    Love this right on, except I don’t exactly love Sarah Palin. I also don’t think she is so bad.

  • Elaine

    This guy is wonderful! Smart, intelligent…..

  • Patricia Crowe


  • Sherry Jones

    Obama supporters know damn well our disdain, dislike, and disrespect of Obama has absolutely nothing to do with his race, and everything to do with his character and his actions in the White House. They have to keep playing the race card, though, because if they don’t they’ll be forced to actually have a discussion about things like his character and his actions in the White House. And they know damn well that he has been a treasonous, lying snake.

  • Burce Willis

    Dopera Wigedoutfridge is a racist bitch …

  • T

    I was in the middle of a very difficult time in my life and was flipping the channels and came across Oprah’s Howard University Washington, DC, May 12, 2007 commencement speech and was so thankful in anticipation of something uplifting…. and then I listened… really listened and became even more distraught as I listened to this racist bigot deliver the following to an entire group of promising young men and women about to embark on their and our future the following racially dividing words….You know, I come from good stock. Dr. Swygert was mentioning my grandmother who had a dream for me. And her dream was not a big dream. Her dream was that one day I could grow up — she used to say, I want you to grow up and get yourself some good white folks, because my grandmother was a maid and she worked for white folks her whole life.

    And her idea of having a big dream was to have white folks who at least treated her with some dignity, who showed her a little bit respect. And she used to say, I want you to — I hope you get some good white folks that are kind to you. And I regret that she didn’t live past 1963 to see that I did grow up and get some really good white folks working for me.

    Despicable garbage.

  • Tierney Sheets Clark

    Good for you sir! If more people, black AND white, would take this attitude: mainly that a person’s QUALIFACATIONS, NOT SKIN COLOR, determines their ability to maintain office: then racism would be a thing of the past. The ugly truth is, most of us hard working middle class American people of any color, are not obsessed with racism nonsense. It is always brought up and batted around by the rich powerful people like Oprah, Jackson, and most of the jackass talk show circuit. They use their influence to stir it up until it stinks: to get what they want to happen in government (in this case) and many people listen. Why? Because it is SUPPOSEDLY coming out of the mouth of someone more knowledgeable then themselves. My answer to that is BULLS**T. If it smells of racism, it probably is, and maybe we should turn the channel. Oprah has one vote just like the rest of us, and if that doesn’t work for her, too friggin bad. She can wait for the next election along with the rest of us. I can appreciate the magnitude of being the first black president. Long overdue maybe. But there is FAR more qualified black people who would serve our country much better. If the rich blacks and the liberals don’t like it: next time get another one with a little sense.

  • Brandi N. Campbell

    I am sorry, but we all bleed the same, all of our organs are the same, we are born and die the same way, what the hell does the color of our skin matter? It doesn’t in my book, it is how we act and present ourselves that make us who we are. Mr. Obama is not the right person for our president, he has given us nothing but losses instead of gain, our children are suffering more and more because of these racist comments. And when i say race i do not mean tbe color of their skin but who they are as people. I’m sorry i may be 30 but could not fathom spending what they do, for vacations or clothes, etc. It’s rediculous! And they wonder why people are becoming more in debt, while others are loosing jobs. It’s bullshit people, when will we receive a president who has had to work his way up, rather than pay for it. And who understands that the u.s. is made od all skin colors,not black, white, red ,uellow, fair, etc. It’s rediculous, miss oprah u just dug yourself a hole and i pray reality hits u hard!

  • Jimmie Robinson

    And now obuma has awarded the Medal of Freedom to the racist bitch…what a crock of crap…

  • Tierney Sheets Clark

    But the ones bringing it up constantly are “his people”, such as Oprah. Somebody shut them up!

  • Semater

    I haven’t been under a rock. I just never watch Oprah because she’s so full of crap.

  • melissa rigsby

    Run along and go cry in the corner like the little baby you are! Oh and take that blanket, stamped in BIG BOLD CAPITAL letters -Racisim-, with you! Maybe even suck on your thumb and blame us for putting it too close to your mouth!


    Finally a man who tells it like it is. Someone who sees what is happening to our country. Not every older white American is racist. Most aren’t but most of us can see what this president has done and is doing to our country. We Americans, black and white, love our country and hate to see it destroyed by someone like you. Thank you Chris

  • ChrisinOregon

    I always thought it was narcissistic of OPRAH to only allow pics of herself on her magazine put out each month. I MEAN, come on……Her true self is now coming out and it AIN’T PRETTY….. Where is her boyfriend these days? Wonder what he thinks??? Probably too afraid to say…..I would imagine she rules that roost and the rooster… money…….


    Forget black or white. Remember we are all Americans and its OUR country that is being destroyed by a man who is professed to be a Communist and a Muslim. We love our country and will not let him destroy it as he is trying to do. He has lied about numerous things and tried to tap dance is way out but WE know and its time it stopped.

  • Sandy Ellis

    he got in because he was black

  • Stephanie

    I think he was beginning to make an interesting point, and then took the derogatory language too far. He became a hypocrite when he called out Martin Brashir for what he said about Sarah Palin when he had just said something equally as disgusting about Oprah and her microphone. The thing is, the word “racist” has been thrown around far too much against those who oppose the actions of President Obama since he has taken office, but you can NOT deny that there are some (this is the United States after all) that are opposing the president simply because they are indeed racist. Oprah should not have used her influence to imply as a point of fact that the opposition as a whole is racist, but I wouldn’t nominate this guy to be our mouthpiece. It was poorly said, imo.

  • callie

    Oprah doesn’t have the balls to say those things in America…African Americans would kick her ass..we don’t like the president because he sucks at his job. I don’t care what color his skin is or ethnicity…I don’t like anyone who cant do there job or at least try..

  • principacia

    The people on her show didn’t have a brain nor any dignity How could they go on national tv and air ridiculous ,sad, demeaning, disgusting, and very personal problems and tragic stories.

  • mannychooch

    god bless you wayne. you tell it like it is, no if’s or but
    t’s about it. thank you for being so refreshing. you brightened what was to be a boring day.

  • mannychooch

    go girl go!

  • mannychooch

    how true you speak.

  • mannychooch

    alright po pa cee!

  • dogluvr

    Folks, Oprah Winfrey is the epitomy of a racist. To go to another country and slam half of the American population b/c they don’t agree with the President is shameful, arrogant and plain dumb. Most of these “racists” watched her show, bought her magazine and made her a freaking billionaire. I am tired of our country giving this ineffective administration a pass just b/c our President is black. I don’t give a damn what color he is, he’s a disaster and we’re all afraid to say it out loud b/c bigots like Oprah call his opponents racist. When did we lose the liberty to speak our minds. I will NEVER watch her show or buy her magazine or watch a movie in which she’s a part. So she goes over to England, blast her supporters and then the President gives her a medal. What a bunch of dog crap!!!!

  • dogluvr

    aj..awesome post.

  • Lisa Bergeson

    she made billions off all americans and now plays the victim of racism card. Oprah has always been full of bull f&cking sh..t.

  • Christopher

    I like this guy, but only because he’s black. LOL

  • Darrell Farmer

    Obama is not African !!!!!! He 1/2 white for one thing the only reason opera supports Obama is because he is black. who is the raciest ?

  • chicagogurl

    I am cancelling my Oprah subscription. I am sick and tired of her racist attitudes. I can’t deny it anymore….and I was a big fan. No more.

  • Linda

    Oops, you added [and] Black.. at the end.

  • calcul8ed

    I added “Stupid Black” there is a difference, just like white people and “Stupid White people” like people that read something they don’t comprehend and try to make an argument against something they don’t understand so they will look smart. Doesn’t work!!!

  • Linda

    Warmonger? Really? More than W, who started two wars, one with “evidence” of WMD as the reason to go that he had the CIA manufacture for him? You mean the warmonger who is afraid to leave the country because his ass will get hauled to the Hague to be tried as a war criminal?

  • Linda

    Sorry white people who live in a bubble (although I am white, I am not in your bubble), many white Americans do hate Obama because he is black. If you say otherwise, you are being willfully obtuse. I live in the South and here, in private social circles white people have no problem saying so. In general public, as trained by Faux News, they substitute the N-word with “socialist,” the new way to describe any black person who wants to help his fellow Americans (this time, by providing them with health insurance – the horror!!!!). While I have serious issues with him over NSA, Guantanamo, the Monsanto Protection Act, I don’t just make weird shite up to hate him over, e.g., Benghazi. And when did bombs=good; healthcare=bad become the way you guys roll? And let me iterate why Benghazi is a fake scandal: during the Bush administration, there were 13 embassy attacks, including the one where a beloved diplomat, Sergio Viera de Mello, died lying in the rubble awaiting the help that never came. Where are those investigations? Can you imagine if Obama had the CIA manufacture evidence of WMD in order to lie to the American people and convince the House and the Senate to approve invading a country using that info? I am also still mad at Obama for not investigating THAT!