[Watch] Child Endangerment: New Mexico Mom Takes 5 on a High Speed Chase

430 cops new mexico shoot at minivan full of kids

Recently released video of a Taos, NM police stop is raising some serious concerns regarding their State Police operations.

The chain of events began when Tennessee resident Oriana Farrell was stopped by a New Mexico State Police officer on Highway 518 near Taos. The officer was attempting to ticket Ms. Farrell for speeding and had asked her to shut off her engine as he was returning to his cruiser. Not only did Ms. Farrell not shut off her engine, she drove away.

The State Police officer then took off in pursuit, at which time Farrell once again pulled over. This time the officer opened the driver door and demanded that Farrell exit the vehicle. She resisted at first even though the officer is pulling on her to get her out. He advises her that she is already facing evading charges. She eventually complied. When the officer informed Farrell that she was being arrested she backs around the vehicle and climbs back into the driver seat.

As a struggle was continuing in the effort to arrest Ms. Farrell, her children, including a 14-year-old son who had previously exited and returned, all got out of the van and joined in the exchange. The fourteen-year-old rushed the officer, which enabled Ms. Farrell to get back into the van. The teen then ran around to the passenger side and was able to shut the door behind him before the officer could get his taser to fire.

At that time, video shows backup officers arriving and police start to beat the windows of the van with clubs. As this is taking place, Farrell begins to drive off, which results in shots being fired by an officer at the fleeing vehicle.

A high-speed chase resulted and Farrell eventually pulled over at a motel where she and her son were arrested.

Farrell was charged with five counts of abuse of a child, as well as aggravated fleeing an officer, resisting an officer, reckless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia. The son was charged with battery of an officer and resisting arrest.

The State Children, Youth and Families Department took over custody of the other four children who range in age from six to eighteen years of age. The children were later placed in the care of local residents known to the family.

I’m going to ask the question that you are probably wondering too , “Why is this one cop shooting at a van full of kids?”  If he’s trying to kill the driver for resisting arrest, the penalties are pretty stiff in New Mexico. She should have robbed a bank.

For me, the issue goes way beyond the woman, Oriana Ferrell, fleeing. As the police action relates to that, it appears to have been valid and justified up to the point where the backup arrived and the batons started swinging. That seems a bit over the top. Doesn’t anyone shoot out tires anymore?

What is particularly troublesome is the shooting officer’s behavior. All involved are fortunate that he missed his target. If he had been able to hit the driver, it is quite likely that another passenger or two would have also been in the line of fire.

He might have taken a cue from the other officers on the scene who were closer and not firing. Maybe there was a reason why they weren’t already shooting that should have crossed his mind.

To make this an even more bizarre scenario, the fleeing Ferrell was charged with five counts of abuse of a child. I understand the whole “blame the victim” rationale that she caused him to fire by fleeing. Understanding the premise and agreeing with it is not necessarily the same thing. The officer is the one who endangered those children by firing his weapon at them.

Farrell endangered others and her children through her reckless driving. If that is the basis for the charges, it is perfectly legitimate. Those were her deliberate acts.

This is just more of the incredible mountain of evidence of the encroaching police state in America, where failing to stop or obey is a ground for the use of deadly force.

The other officer, wailing away at the van with his baton, seems to be personally infuriated that this woman would dare to defy his orders. Its looks like he might be taking things a bit personally, which isn’t a positive trait in your police force.

Trigger and stick happy cops like this give the good ones a bad name. How many properly enforced situations go unreported and are overshadowed by the few abusive ones such as this?

The shooter should be looking for work which doesn’t involve carrying a firearm and under investigation for criminal misconduct. He stepped so far over the line, he’ll have to turn around to see it.
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  • Mr. Anonymous

    I don’t know, the driver was pretty stupid for taking off like that. All the cop was giving her was a speeding ticket. Now she faces charges much worse in comparison.

  • The Guru

    So ridiculous. You have her personal information and know where she lives. If she runs away, just go to her house.

  • Troubleshooter

    My Guess is, she thought she was going to get gang raped by a bunch of pigs.

  • Kraznov

    I see a woman resisting arrest, driving off from a traffic stop. A boy attacking an officer. What a fucking mess. I’m surprised it didn’t end worse.

  • John Nathaniel Tuffield

    Completely 100% JUSTIFIED. Speeding ticket (offense one) She took off (evading the police, two) then she resisted arrest (offense three)… Then her boy assaulted the police officer who was taking him mommy into custody (offense four). Then she took off again for the second time and led the police on a chase with her children in the vehicle (offense five, child endangerment). The officer also shot at her tires, He didn’t shoot at the windows nor did he hit the vehicle. This should be removed from this website because it is all wrong. Every bit of it is wrong.

  • Joseph Yu

    Knowing that there are children on board that was reckless for the cop to start shooting. This was just for a traffic stop, I don’t even care if there was drugs on board. There are other ways to stop this situation.

  • John Nathaniel Tuffield

    Well Im glad there is at least two people who’ve watched this video who isn’t a complete ignorant douche.. lol I agree with you.

  • thisisdumb

    I agree she should not have taken off but it should not be a risk of being shot for a traffic ticket

  • DMG

    This was one big mess all together! Shots should have never been fired though….

  • Rick

    I agree, The cop was attacked to began with, he only wanted to give them a ticket, and yes, I saw that too, the cop shooting was aiming at the tires. Nothing to see here folks, move along….

  • Barb Clipper

    Stupid gangsta tramp and her hood rats should have just followed instructions.. Ghetto idiots.

  • NyLone Tschetter

    No reason for cops to act that way!!!! They were brutal mean n bad cops…they did not give her a chance to explain n no right to use those sticks to break the window…Very mean selfish cops.. hope they lose their metal with no pay..or get fired!!!! NO RESPECT!!!!

  • notso

    So, because a woman has not got enough sense to obey an officer, I am supposed to be all outraged because the officers escalated to the point of drawing a gun? I am supposed to feel sympathy for her because she cannot obey his directions to turn her engine off and stay parked until he gets back from his cruiser? I am supposed to side with her because she has a substance abuse problem that is impacting her judgment concerning putting her children’s lives in danger by having drugs in her van and trying to run? I don’t think so. LE was doing their jobs and the only reason this is being posted is jumping on the race card propaganda band wagon. Now, I said it. RACE CARD RACE CARD RACE CARD. The liberal media utilize it all the time, so the conservatives have now decided to give it a try. Sickening all the way around.

  • freerichard

    I agree with everything the officers were doing right up and until the dumbass cop starts throwing lead randomly without regard to the safety of the children.

  • Stan

    If she had not driven away, the whole thing would have ended with her getting a ticket and that’s all. I do believe that there are people in law enforcement that have abused their power and position, but I also feel that there are more people that feel they are above the law and can do what ever they want. As long as our government and those leading it are out of control and unaccountable for their actions to the American taxpayers (note I said taxpayers, not free loaders, illegal aliens, unpatriotic, and citizenship dodgers), more and more people in this country will become the same and act the same. We lead my example, not words! God help America!

  • Jack Iddins

    As much as I don’t like cops – this was totally justified. If nothing else if they had all been killed the police would just be doing society a favor by helping natural selection. Stupid people shouldn’t breed :/



  • Nico

    Looks like it could be Obamas family

  • ben

    What she did was dumb but that officer is supposed to be a professional and use better judgment than that these are the kind of cops Obama wants when its time to disarm Americans.

  • Rick

    22 year retired officer and trainer here: The attempts to break the windows with batons is completely justified. Police officers are trained NOT TO SHOOT AT TIRES as ricochets are likely. Given the information PROVIDED in your article, deadly force (shooting at the van) was NOT justified.

  • Brian Pierce

    I guess she did not show her son anything in life for one, It don’t matter who you are, The cop is almost always going to win, second he should of never got out of the van. The woman should had enough sense to get out and just take the ticket and fight it in court. With all that happened she is lucky no one did get hurt, cop shooting at tires or not could hit a tire and flipped the van, she is still responsible for her actions. She risk her kids over a ticket cost may be what $100. She got herself a whole mess of trouble now, If the video is used in court she going to lose, She ramped up the whole situation by not following direction/orders from the officer. I usually don’t side with the police because I don’t give them proper doubt. But this time I have to give it to them.

  • Vicki Holm

    Didn’t give her a chance??? Really Chance one
    :get the ticket—drive away
    :chance two get out of the van—assault a cop and drive away
    HOW MANY CHANCES DOES SHE NEED??? Drugs paraphernalia in the car with children??? Really?? Come on. I am Proud of the police officers.

  • M.Green

    Justified my ass. More of the police state this country has become. I’m guessing Mr. Tuffield is in law enforcement. (no surprise) At no time did it become a high speed chase. LEO could have easily followed and dealt with the situation elsewhere. Shooting at the tires? Really? how about the rest of the public being endangered by those shoots being fired? Bullets had to go somewhere. What if someone riding done the road was struck by one of those bullets? Oh I know that would have been her fault too. Wake up America, Like lambs to slaughter, If you don’t question authority and exercise your rights.

  • Mike

    Compliance or non compliance is not the issue, a cop should not use deadly force unless faced with deadly force. The cop who fired his weapon should be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawfully discharging a firearm, and probably quite a few others, he should spend time in prison for this incident.

  • Jing Yagunazie


  • Good Job

    Second shot ricochets off the drivers side bumper, about 6 inches above drivers rear tire. Police officer was aiming at drivers rear tire. 100% justified. A lesser officer would have tazed the boy while this one had an open shot but restrained himself from doing it. No one wants to taze a child. Good job NM state police.

  • Good Job

    DaFuQ? Assailant- From Tennessee, Stop was made- New Mexico. Ever heard of jurisdiction?

  • Bill Berry
  • Montanalon

    At the point she drove off the second time both she and her son were fleeing felons. If the officer can articulate that they were an imminent danger to himself or others at the moment she drove away then he was justified in using deadly force. Assaulting an officer and hopping back in the vehicle and locking the doors is a sure way to get your windows busted. I am impressed the officer didn’t shoot the kid when he came after him. I wouldn’t have gone after the taser at all and little bobby would be proned out on the concrete voluntarily or have holes in him and be proned out anyway.

  • The Guru

    Ever hear of extradition? Fking idiot.

  • 7.62longrange

    I agree, should have chased down and blocked the car. not even close to a shooting event. when the olther cop saw the shooter he should have responded by telling him to stop.

  • Bill Berry

    tell you what that overzealous sack of shit picked the wrong family to pull that shit , I will get justice before I leave this earth I dont recall signing off of human rights when I cross the threshold of the door …………….
    The only documentation for Thomas Berry’s involvement in the Battle
    of Kings Mountain, which took place on 7 October 1780, is a court
    document indicating that he and several others, were being sued for
    their actions, or actions they allowed, specifically, plundering,
    most likely after the battle had taken place. This piece of evidence
    firmly documents that Thomas Berry was one of the Overmountain Men
    who responded to a call for Virginia and North Carolina militia from
    the settlements over the mountains to assault British forces
    marauding across the Carolina coastal plain. The only real question
    to resolve is which Thomas Berry does this represent, and Washington
    County tax records pretty well solve that issue.

  • David P Hill

    Good for the police these people tried to assault a police officer they all need to go to jail.

  • James Adkins

    you guys do some good stories but this is one of the many you have been putting out lately that is complete garbage the cops were justified the kid is lucky all the cop did was pull his taser assaulting an officer is cause for deadly force at least around here. your starting to sound like a bad ACLU lawsuit.

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    unless she was aiming the car at an officer or someone else there is no justification for the use of a firearm here John Nathaniel Tuffield. Nor was it justified to damage the van with batons. As far as a high speed chase. that van had not even the slightest chance of outrunning police interceptors (especially with all the stuff on top) So I have to ask. Is your stupidity hereditary or self inflicted. You sir are the epitome of a jack ass. How about you remove yourself from this website because you are all wrong.

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    It is not a question of sympathy notso it was a question of unjustified use of a firearm. Go back and read.

  • Brooklynbreed

    No don’t feel for her feel for her kids only one acted in response not all and they were all attacked. That officer should be fired and facing criminal charges.

  • David

    THANK YOU!!!! Someone who understands use of force continuum. Everything that happen was acceptable, but the use of deadly force.

  • thughater

    Damn that was one stupid woman. Dumbass kid too. Thugs both of them but I thought cops were only supposed to fire when their life is in danger? I saw not one cop in danger or fear for his life. Those childre were the ones in danger when he opened fire. Not good chase them yes but no need for a firearm to be used. I hate thugs like these people. Those kids might grow up to be thugs but give them a chance to grow up. Damn.

  • Janie Johnson

    The Mother was wrong, but the boy was just trying to protect his Mom, understandable..the cop shooting at the tires was justified…I have seen so many of these videos where the cops are being to aggressive and sometimes innoccent people are killed…not good….

  • Werewolf1

    so even though the punk got out and attacked the officer, the lady ran and refused to obey the officer, it’s the officers that are in the wrong? I agree the pistol was overdoing it, that’s what they have spike strips for.

  • David Freeman

    My question is this,was there not a license plate on the van? Does the N.M.S.P. not have a helicopter? Those officers responded to this in the most unprofessional way possible,and,somewhere there is a civil rights attorney salivating to get this case. Run the plate ,track it’s progress and let her hang herself! Who is training these officers? The New Mexico Legislature had better get a grip on their officers before something really bad happens.When is evading a deadly force offense?

  • sherry8260

    Seemed to me another black person raised to believe that they’re being racially profiled by police, that they were “only pulled over because they’re black” and that “the man” will “get you”. And how sad that this woman passed that on to her children. Not one damned thing would have happened to her had she just simply complied. All of that over a ticket. Now children are traumatized and the stupid race-fed woman AND her son will have criminal histories. And how sad that, when all is said and done, this will only cement her belief that she was a victim only because she was black. There would hvae been no shooting. There wouldn’t even had been backup officers had the stupid b*tch had just taken the ticket. Jesus, wtf is *wrong* with people???

  • David Lloyd

    Cop was attacked, plain and simple. The lady DID NOT COMPLY with a DIRECT ORDER! this lady needs to have her DL yanked for life….The fact that she did this with her kids in the car makes it even worse because she is clearly a TERRIBLE example of being a good parent……Stupid lady, i have no sympathy for you.

  • David Lloyd

    lol….my thoughts exactly! (:

  • CheeseheadDJ

    JUSTIFIED ????? ARE YOU FREEKING KIDDING ME ??!!!!! SO POTENTIALLY MURDERING KIDS & A UNARMED WomanFOR NON CAPITOL offenses ( Misdemeanor traffic CRIMEs ) IS JUSTIFIABLE TO YOU ?????? You must be Jack booted thug cop !!! Just keep drinking the POLICE STATE Kool Aid !!!!

  • David Lloyd


  • CheeseheadDJ

    The Kid was DEFENDING THE WOMAN FROM A HEAVY HANDED JACK BOOTED THUG !!!! The Police in the USA are out of freeking control !!!!!!! POLICE STATE USA !!!

  • CheeseheadDJ

    I didn’t see the other officers stopping him or telling him NOT TO FIRE..KIDS IN THE VAN !!! HOLD YOUR FIRE !!!!!! so all 3 of these JACK BOOTS needs to be charged with attempted manslaughter !!!!!

  • Josh Cullen

    The driver is clearly in the wrong… However that still does NOT justify that cop shooting at a fan full of kids. That cop should loose his job and go to jail for what he did.

  • dragon5126

    bullshit story,,, an 18 yr old is not a child reducing the count to THREE other children… how much OTHER FALSE information is in the story?

  • That Guy

    Looks legit to me

  • Amos Moses

    she’s BLACK,,,so she gits a free pass .

  • That Guy

    CheeseheadDJ must be black and defending a black woman. Guess what thug… she was in the wrong and the cop did everything right. Get over it.

  • That Guy

    You are black too and are on the defensive… look at the video again. The cops are completely justified.

  • dragon5126

    there IS NO shooting at a moving vehicle PERIOD if there are children involved this is SOP and you do not shoot at tires a wheel can deflect a bullet into innocent individuals or the gas tank these are hard core facts, Also the use of deadly force MUST be justified. based on the story as PRINTED there was no Justification. there is an adage that Motorola is faster than a bullet. you let them run and another vehicle stops then down the road. With all that said the story stinks to high heaven calling an 18 yr old a child, wrong placing an 18 yr old in the custody of someone wrong, so there is more to the story or there are published lies in it.

  • That Guy


  • dragon5126

    Change your name asswipe you are giving Wisconsin a bad name. the woman committed a felony-fleeing… the cop screwed up by not laying her on the ground and cuffing her

  • That Guy

    Or the mom needs to go to jail for endangering her government supported children by driving away from an officer who just needed to give her a speeding ticket Stop trying to justify this crap because she is black. Racist.

  • dragon5126

    the pistol was reckless endangerment NOT just overdoing it. the whole second stop was handled wrong. She Should have been laid on the ground at gunpoint and cuffed. Fleeing from a stop is an automatic felony. The officer needs a write up for allowing AND escalating the situation to the use of deadly force, in a situation where there was no reason to believe the vehicle would be used as a weapon. lawfully the cop committed felony reckless endangerment.

  • That Guy

    Because of the fact that he is a trained professional with a firearm, I believe that there was no threat to the occupants inside the van. Therefore, he was in the right. If she was on drugs or intoxicated, she was putting her children in danger by driving off from the officer in the first place. He was doing his job by protecting the children in the vehicle. Stop using the race card to protect a criminal. That is just stupid.

  • dragon5126

    Shut up, Tom Barrett’s butt licker, you are just another Milwaukee drunk

  • That Guy

    I’m guessing Mr. Green is actually Mr. Black.

  • CheeseheadDJ

    Actually I am White, Small business owner, HATE Obama , PAY TAXES & VOTE CONSTITUTIONALIST. So REGARDLESS of the Race of the occupants of the vehicle your ok with Murdering a car full of HUMANS, All UNARMED, Mostly MINORS because the driver drove away from a traffic stop ? ANYONE who is OK with the Blood Thirsty Heavy handed tactics used by these police officers & All law enforcement officers in the USA is a worthless POLICE STATE loving ANTI AMERICAN , ANTI FREEDOM – SCUM BAG …. & it’s sure sounds like you really are a Racist ! funny you called me a thug…FUKKING MORON !

  • BCreegan

    The Officer was NOT shooting at the tires! Don’t be ridiculous! You’ve seen too much TV. No police officer would try to shoot out the tires. Shooting at a spinning object is a REALLY bad idea! Not to mention the odds of hitting the tires are like, what, 5%? These officers are currently under investigation. Discharging your firearm is a serious matter.

  • That Guy

    Police are routinely tested on gun safety and accuracy. He was not shooting at the children. He was shooting at the tires. If you think any different from watching the video, it would seem that you are just trying to place blame on the cops for no reason… or, you are black, i which case, you are trying to place blame on the cops because they were white.

  • Mark Watson

    She was prolly Scared to death after watching all the News on Cop beating’s

  • dragon5126

    AMEN Rick. the only thing missing is the reason WHY the windows are broken,,, (among other things extreme ease of identification in pursuit by other officers) We ARE seeing way too much over use of weapons in this day and age. It can’t be blamed on burnout because it isnt “veteran” cops doing it. The abuse of Tasers is extreme. This is creating a snowballing situation with fanatics like CheeseheadDJ and other fanatics

  • Mark Watson

    All but the use of Deadly Force..Glad your Not a Cop..see how they are Getting you trained to accept things that are wrong. ..

  • CheeseheadDJ

    Another silly idiot….your only about 2.0 hours off . Green Bay & sorry, I don’t drink.

  • That Guy

    Nobody in their right mind would stoop to that level.

  • Mark Watson

    How do you Know what He wanted to do.. it was edited. And you Can’t read minds . . When its your Mother out there you will feel different,

  • CheeseheadDJ

    I NEVER once mentioned Race…go back and re-read my post…..How do you know she is collecting govt assistance ???? So tell me RACIST…You must think all Black people get welfare ? Because I know many Black people who work for a living, pay taxes, serve in the Military.

  • Mark Watson

    I believe she was talking about the Nazi , who used deadly force with out reason.

  • That Guy

    Black people are brought up this way… They seem to feel that they are better than the rest of us. Slavery ended 160 years ago… how long does it take to get your act together?

  • Mark Watson

    whats your Problem with Black’s and who cares what color a person is when they are stating what they Believe . Your Ignorant Please Die.

  • dragon5126

    again SHUT up you do not have a clue…

  • Mark Watson

    thats not right the Cops were white ,, After all the bad news about Cop beating’s I’m sure she was scared.. I would have Jetted to . to a public Place.. Can’t trust Cop’s now day’s they aren’t our Friends no more..

  • Mark Watson

    Ignorant ass.

  • Mark Watson

    says the guy who would Be crying the Loudest if it Happen to Him. How dare you Call them gangsta tramp do you Know them ? no Just another Hater,, you need to wake up it’s not us against Blacks its us against the Man .the Cops Are Just the Soldier’s Like the Mafia. had.. WAKe UP..

  • Mark Watson

    then please don’t breed Moron.

  • Mark Watson

    your Mom raised a what?

  • Mark Watson

    your the Nigger !!

  • Mark Watson

    And lets not forget the Radio Moron..

  • dragon5126

    WRONG the cop should not use deadly force unless facing injury or death. AKA the perp is ESCALATING FORCE. there is a gray area here due to the drivers son fighting with an officer. does this qualify as escalating force? not in my book as it cites no extenuating circumstances or use of weapons. An officer is NOT required to let a situation escalate to the point of BEING on the RECEIVING END of deadly force before using it all they need is reasonable belief that the perp WILL attempt it through said perps escalation of force, however getting physical does not necessarily mean that they will. now if they had a deadly weapon in hand yes it qualifies, if they had an officer on the ground beaten senseless it counts, advancing with a pipe or 2×4 in hand depends… if a taser is on the officers belt, NO, if no less lethal device is available, then yes. Circumstances must make the choice, there are not always black and white answers on deadly force use. Hence the saying “I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6″

  • dragon5126

    I dont know what moron gave you a vote down but I can guess…

  • dragon5126

    what was your mother’s excuse?

  • Mark Watson

    Same thing that is wrong with you .. your Dumb .How sad is it that we justify shooting at a Van with kid’s in it..No excuse unless mom tried to run them over.you don’t know what would have happened are you Americas first Mind reader. Legit wow thank you for your Brilliance.. Now keep it to yourself you look bad..

  • dragon5126

    down vote for being a jackass, not the commentary about how the stop escalated

  • dragon5126

    no they were not justified. this is use of excessive force and reckless endangerment

  • dragon5126

    on a traffic issue? you are being the idiot now

  • dragon5126

    you are not REALLY santa get a grip

  • dragon5126

    this is a perfect example of what entitlements breed

  • dragon5126

    She didnt justify anything, she just passed on the obvious, stating out loud, what everone with a brain already knew

  • dragon5126

    BULLSHIT it was just “his chance” to get some “whitey”. this whole thing was black on white racism and no doubt there were slurs flung at the cop who did the shooting, but that still doesnt make it right

  • bobfairlane

    One thing that seems strange to me is the cop breaking the window with the “teen” in it. Why not stand in front of the vehicle with guns drawn, if the driver was under arrest, and shoot the tire at PBR if she moved the van before they could get in front of her?

  • Tony

    I agree with the officers actions

  • flatbedbill

    Absolutely justified.

  • Bruce Rose

    The officer firing was aiming low at the tires, I agree she was in the wrong and the officer didnt put the kids in danger, that family was a mess

  • Bruce Rose

    the fire arm was aimed low at the tires

  • Matt Cook

    Although there are many questions to be asked,the cops were pretty much justified! Their excuse will be that they were scared! That 14 yr. old looks like a grown man to me,hes’ lucky he didnt get shot!

  • Guest

    So the cops pull over a van full of thugs that are not cooperating. I don’t see the problem here.

  • Daveatdocs

    To the Writer of the article. You sir are completely wrong here. 1, She was in the wrong to not comply with the officer. 2 She drove away from him, fleeing. 3 her 14 year old son attacked the Officer. 4 he hit the window to get the attacker out of the car not hit the attacker with a club. ( It wasn’t a club to begin with) 5 Endangered the children by driving 21mph over the speed limit to begin with then fleeing an officer. You asked the question in the article don’t police shoot out tires anymore? Maybe the reason the police officer who fired his side arm was aiming at the tires that’s why he didn’t hit anything. Ever Think of that?

  • Mchlthornt

    She was just strait up stupid for resisting and he was aiming low when shooting to shoot the tires out. She isn’t teacher her children anything right by doing that or acting in that manner either. And she was resisting which gives the cop reason to try and take her forcefully to be handcuffed and regardless the son has no right to put his hands on a cop. The cop had every right to act the way he did. I am a daughter of a cop. I know he rules and the legal aspects of certain areas. If it were my kids I would rather them try a spike strip if time but I WOULDN’T BE RUNNING AFTER A COP PULLED ME OVER EITHER.

  • Dominic Delia

    The officers were 100% justified…right up until they began shooting at the vehicle. I believe the law states that police can not shoot at an unarmed suspect while they are running away unless they believe they are a convicted felon that has committed or will commit a life threatening violent crime. Sorry boys, but shooting at a carload of unarmed kids and a hardheaded mom is a big no no, no matter how you try to slice and dice it.

  • David Gibler

    This article was written by a candy azz. Nuff said.

  • The Guru

    So your solution is to shoot them before they leave the State? Please. They would be arrested and sent back for fleeing the police.

  • georgiaboy73

    Everyone get a grip. Yes, the woman was in the wrong. Yes, the 14 year old was in the wrong but if it had been my mother being yanked and pulled on, I probably would have cold cocked him into next year. Yes, the officer shooting like he did was in the wrong. Could’ve accidently hit one of the kids, or a ricocheting bullet could have hit an innocent by-stander or even one of the other officers. Shooting out in public like that should only be done as an absolutely, without a shadow of doubt, extremely last resort. In one of the other posts someone mentioned using the stop sticks or road spikes, why didn’t they do that first? Now as far as I can tell, no one is asking why she took off in the first place. He was already just going to give her a speeding ticket, so why did she not comply as she was told. If she had none of this would have happened to begin with. I see both sides in my opinion pretty clear. She was the cause of it all to begin with, so yea, she’s in deep. The cop did not use his training wisely, and did not show himself to responsible and think clearly in the heat of action. Remember they are trained at a training facility and must pass rigorous tests before being let loose on the public. They are supposed to remain calm, cool, and collective in situations like this. Now this story is very interesting and makes you think, why she done what she done and what would do if you were the officer in this situation. What I’m not truly understanding is why complete strangers on here are arguing, calling names and being vulgar to one another about them expressing their opinion. The comment section was meant for people to tell their opinion and we shouldn’t judge one another and be hateful just because we do not agree. And the ones bringing race into it, geez mercy. The race of a person doesn’t matter either. Don’t care if she had been polka dotted with green stripes and he was blue as a smurf with yellow squares. Each person is responsible for their actions no matter their race. The race card being played every time something happens is beyond ridiculous. Ya’ll need to get a grip and grow up. Your adults, act like it. Remember, in the end, who really cares what each of us think anyways. We’re not going to all agree with each other, execpt maybe to agree to disagree.

  • Betty Griffen

    the only thing I see wrong is the cop firing into the van…other wise her and her son deserved exactly what they got…she did take off, he did get out and assault an officer, the cop that shot into the van needs to be let go at the least

  • Pat

    Are you a fu@king idiot? “Does anyone shoot the tires anymore?” NO. this moron put up one hell of fight to escape a speeding ticket, don’t you think? Driving a vehicle towards a police officer is a threat with deadly force and shall be met with equal response. Period. The minivan driver and her son are the biggest morons in the planet. And have no one but themselves to blame for the entire incident.

  • Mark Brenneman

    I see a number of things wrong here. He should have just written a ticket, he escalated the conflict, the assisting officers should have blocked her in with their vehicle, the officer needs training on how to use a weapon (taser?), and firing on a van load of kids is just wrong on so many levels when they screwed up so bad in the first place. No weapon was in her possession, and I could be busted by an a hole cop for my papers to roll tobacco cigarettes. I am not saying she was in the right, but the officers were clearly out of line and do not know what they are doing, according to the law.

  • Stacy Rogers

    Well only two things stood out. The officer did not appear to want to hurt them. Second the 14 year old reacted to the possibility of his mom getting hurt. I could see his pause not knowing what to do but protect came into play for the kid. I could also tell he did not want to be a thug and attack the officer. He was reacting by instinct. He got back in the car. he did not proceed to attack the officer. I am unsure what was edited as to why she pulled away. I am suspect that she thought he was done and she could have got scared. Looked like she was trying to drive somewhere she felt safer. The officers did not seem like they wanted to harm her but if there were no cameras no telling what could have happened. I am so glad there are cameras on the cars now days to get the truth and keep officers in line.
    No matter how good someone might be… sometimes the slip up and do bad things. Just saying.

  • Frik Groenewald

    I’m going to way in on this with the following, and it is something I teach my kids as well. If the woman (who was in the wrong for speeding) had stayed put accepted her ticket NONE of what followed would have happened… period. The RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY for the whole incident lies with her.

    If the cops had messed up with the ticket as some has claimed is possible (like in the case of the man with whose anus the NM cops had a fascination) this mother could have sued the police. Her actions led to the reaction.

  • Mark Brenneman

    Whoa a second. There was no illeagle substance involved. A simple pack of rolling papers for a tobacco smoke can be used as a parafinalia (bad spelling) charge, as can an electrical alligator clip, and a doctors forcepts. Go back and read the article again. She screwed up, but the officers were way out of line. Not that it should matter, but I am a white male so no race card happening.

  • chris

    I agree with the police on this one….simple….terrible family…teach kids no to obay the laws…nice parenting.

  • Kushfacer

    Never once would I had or felt is if I needed to open fire on a car full of kids were you threatened by the 14 yr old kid ?,..lbs and that’s all I would of done differnt but that’s me !

  • Anthony Ferraro

    what if his low shot , deflected off the ground and hit the gas tank and killed everybody inside ? you still ok with that ?

  • Hayven Williams

    Are you kidding me what if this was a white woman would you still feel the same these cops could have just followed her and found her later she didnt commit a violent crime these Police just lost complete control they couldnt stand that this woman was disagreeing with him these cops should all be arrested I mean come on a van full of kids he shot at innocent children what if he would have killed those kids then what would that still be justified your a fool this was not a felony stop it was a traffic offense and this punk cop could have just followed behind her there was no need for all that and when she stopped he could have just put her into custody no need for shooting and smashing windows I could see if it was a van full of grown men but not children

  • Hayven Williams

    If this was a white Family there would be hell to pay they handled this so wrong there was no reason for deadly force they could have followed them and put them into custody no need for smashing and shooting. This had better raise some eyebrows scumbag foolish Police. I can see if it was a van full of grown men but kids they could have killed them all over speeding that kid was defending his mother ……Now bring on the attacks

  • James S.

    Don’t these trigger happy turds use tasers? Much less paperwork in the end.

  • chris

    really that’s what your going with? not even the fact she was fleeing an officer, resisting arrest, assault on an officer, the kid got out of the car without the officer asking and not following his commands….. its funny when someone needs help and are in a tight spot you expect them to do anything to save your life but when you do something wrong you don’t expect them to react differently. if you don’t know the rules of the road and your going to put others in danger and put man an women that protect us at rick. GET THE FUCK OFF THE ROAD! its simple there are bad apples ever place but not all are as you say “OUT OF CONTROL”

  • Don Holmes

    guess if bank was being rob and there were hostages this cop would of fired and hope he hit the robber, these kids had nothing to do with what the mother did so cops had no right to endanger the kid’s lives

  • swan

    new mexico is the same state that got busted last week for performing cavity searches on the side of the road with no warrent in front of little kids-3 different times at least and in one situation used dirty gloves

  • Jonathan

    are you serious who’s the idiot that wrote this article I thought this is supposed to be the free Patriot sounds like your liberal idiot to me because watching a video in knowing my wife as a cop everything that happened was justified and within the law. that officer did not know what is going on whenever that 14 year old boy gets out of the car. he was doing his best to make sure and not go hands-on in front of the kids whenever he was putting the hand cuffs on that woman but yet she continued resisted arrest and put his life in danger several times by those kids getting out of the vehicle. And for the person saying that he was overzealous with the baton is ridiculous that boy attacked him twice and he was going to remove him for arrest. looks like the one officer was shooting at the tires of the vehicle and the other officer was drawing out so once again whoever wrote this is an idiot so before you start spouting off your own personal stupidity you should know exactly what’s going on with law enforcement in that state and understand the rules regulations that they follow until then you need to keep your mouth shut. And yes we are from New Mexico


    Mother Fuckers Cops!!!

  • PETE


  • Not that guy

    wow this could be spun so many ways.we are not the ones who are going to deciding their FAITH. opinions are all we can give and if you can handle them be that guy!

  • hreardon

    My mother would never behave like that.

  • officerr

    Go fuck yourself. Nobody was “murdered” and the driver did not simply “drive away from a traffic stop”. They ganged up on the officer. And to be honest if it was me that they assulted, I would have rocked their world. Looks like they got off easy.

  • Dennis Shuckhart

    Cops are out of control in N.M declare war on them

  • Jacqueline Church

    wow i can no t see why you all are at each others throts ,,1 she was wrong to drive off. 2 the boy was wrong to go after the cop, she was wrong to run,, ok, BUT the boy thought he was saving his mom, the cops were beating the windows they were afrade for there own safty, i would be too, they did stop at a public place and were arested, i would have stoped at a public place too witness;s . and 3 why did they fire on a van full of kids?, it all smells bad,my thoughts are she and son were wrong, but were afrade, we do not know what he said to her or how he said it maby he frightend her, and the cops were even more wrong to use deadley force, so unless we know the whole story we can;t fully judge , me for 1 would file charges about the shots being fired and the beating of the windows , but would also face up to the charges of driving off,and my son , i would prase him for trying to help his mom even tho he did wrong in hiting a cop

  • yourmom

    If you ever watched mythbusters, you would know that a bullet can NOT ignite a gas tank. Even if shot with tracer rounds. Fucktard

  • loki3640

    shooting at vehicle, OOOPS! someone is getting fired possibly! retired 32yrs LEO! no justification per video account!

  • etk7027

    That effing cop doing the shooting should be thrown in prison for attempted murder.

  • etk7027

    You are a moron! and I am white so don’t play the race card. There was no effing reason to fire at the auto!

  • notso

    She put her children in the situation they were in. She made the choice to run from the officer. Put the responsibility where it goes-right on her. Initially there was one officer working the scene. He was alone, trying to do his job, and dealing with a loose cannon that couldn’t seem to comprehend obeying simple directions.
    The situation further deteriorated when her near adult child felt the need to exit the vehicle with the intent of engaging the officer. Anarchy may seem acceptable to people here, but I believe there will be a different mindset should total lawlessness happen in this country. We have laws and rules for a reason. Start undermining and disobeying those laws, and a stricter, harsher enforcement will happen. Common sense people, that’s all it is.

  • Debbie H Bradshaw

    first let me say I realize that this woman was wrong, but for someone hired to uphold the law , he was totally out of line , he could have killed those innocent children or anyone else. okay it was a speeding ticket for Gods sake not a murder or whatever, you could have picked her up at her house. Trigger happy cops, bullies with a badge, small wonder people don’t like cops anymore they seem to be becoming more and more psychotic by the minute. He needs to be fired not reprimanded

  • Debbie H Bradshaw

    you don’t put the safety of children at risk no matter what there were small children in that vehicle, he could have found some other way to solve this matter

  • Steve

    Agreed, and where is the mention of the daughter who also go involved. So you have three people assaulting an officer of the law, it is obvious the intent of the boy when he comes around the back of the vehicle and rips off his toboggan, he is going in for the fight. This is an example of what is wrong with this country, entitlement syndrome with no respect for others including the law. When we were kids, if a police officer talked we listened, we obeyed, other officers were not necessary to handle a traffic stop, let alone anything else.

    The so called police state is caused by our sitting by and allowing people to think behavior like this is acceptable, even saying this is an example of police over reaching their powers, bull…

    When the churches quit helping people and saying things were wrong because they were afraid to offend, the government was forced to move in and try to deal with something that is not part of their mandate. Our Christian society this nation was formed on is failing this nation, and allowing the Government to exceed its Constitutionally limited and directed authorities in an effort to change things. This was all predicted in the 1958 when the “Naked Communist” was written which outlined the efforts, so far successful, of the communist party to take over the nation.

    Articles like this reinforce the actions of those doing wrong, and put those doing right in the wrong light. Quite disappointed frankly.

  • tke

    The way you slice this one is that he was trying to shoot the tires before she fled so that she didn’t kill the kids in an high speed accident! Justified!

  • Darrell Inkster

    I HAVE to side with the COPS on THIS one.

  • Typicalemotinaldumbfuck

    Do the rules and regulations authorize N.M. police officers to fire on a vehicle full of children that’s driving away?

  • Darrell Inkster

    After watching the video over again, I have to DEFINITELY side with the cops on this one and give them credit for NOT shooting her OR her delinquent kid between the eyes. They likely would have SWARMED and KILLED the cop if he would have let them.

  • Gary

    Should have shot the bitch.

  • Darrell Inkster

    A REAL mother would NOT have driven away from a minor traffic stop, NOR allowed her “kid” to get out of the van to assault a cop, not ONCE but TWICE.

  • David

    He was shooting at the tires whoever made this article is just trying to make thats cop look bad why do you think her tires were smoking later on in the video idiot

  • Alberto Rivera

    Perspective: we’re at a war overseas and not even our Military is allowed to shoot known enemy combatants planting IED’s as they flee unarmed due to the Rules-of-Engagement, yet here in the states we openly fire on unarmed civilians all the time. Winning the hearts & minds of our enemies overseas while killing our own people stateside. Nothing wrong here!!!

  • Darrell Inkster

    You’re RIGHT ON.

  • Darrell Inkster

    The “CHILDREN” were piling out of the van to ATTACK the cop. FUCK YOU

  • Steve

    CheeseheadDJ, right or wrong in your thoughts, your method of delivery is emotional and not conversational putting people on the defensive. If you want to win supporters and establish a superior position do it from a perspective of reasonableness and you will be more successful. You come across as an out of control uneducated person which you probably are not.

  • Me

    It look like he was trying to shoot out the tires. Iraq veteran I’ve shot a few. He’s aiming towards the side of the vehicle where the tie just happens to be. We’re going to glorify this lady now that seems intelligent.

  • Guest

    Well he’s a lib. Everything gets over exaggerated as long as it furthers their cause.

  • Ascencion Gomez

    After looking at the video…the so
    called cops commenting that this is 100% justified are the problem…I’m no cop
    but any meathead that understands tactics would have placed the 2nd cop car in
    front of her car…So she couldn’t drive off a 2nd time, block her in! Proactively
    ensuring that she can’t run puts more control in the hands of the cops. Not to
    mention they don’t have to SHOOT at people who were not an armed threat. These
    Key Stone Cops couldn’t handle a MOTHER, women and a bunch of kids! Shooting
    and beating out the van window with kids exposed to flying glass into the eye,
    mouth etc… Really! Is this the state of law enforcement…no one thinks on
    their feet, no one has a tactical brain other than SHOOT first and ask
    questions later. @CheeseheadDJ has a point… cops shouldn’t be there to escalate
    the situation they should be the calming force! That didn’t happen in this CASE!
    I bet after the SPD does their internal review it will be deemed justifiable to
    shot at kids, beat out windows while exposing children to dangerous situations
    that they escalated; thereby, deflecting all the blame. Medals for all the cops
    involved for saving and protecting the community. Funny how Marines were court
    martial for doing the same thing in Iraq (a combat zone) and Marines aren’t
    trained to do police work. These guys are supposed to be trained for this stuff…

  • jeff

    Did any bullets hit the van? If any did the officer should be fired and/or worse. Everybody did a bad job of ramping up the crazy, the film should be used as a training tool on what not to do for the cops.

  • Lynnz

    If in fact it was going to be a high speed chase !!! Wouldn’t it be better to stay back let her go until she stopped then make an arrest she was not armed there were children in the vehicle what if the bullets ricochet off the steel the suv was constructed from and hit someone !!! To quick to shoot !!! It was a speeding violation !!! Law enforcement has training to handle this type situation !!! What happened here should have never happened !!!

  • Philip Beck

    Riddle me this Batman, had this militant black woman driven away and caused a ten car pile-up resulting in the death of one of your loved ones, would you rather have had the police been successful at detaining her?

  • Pamela Phillips Burnette

    This video has obviously been edited in many places, even the audio is edited!! Big mess on both sides, I saw no reason for deadly force and anytime a gun is drawn that’s what it does best is be deadly! Bullets can and often do ricochet…

  • CheeseheadDJ

    yes, i am emotional. I am tired of seeing people gunned down by the tyrannical police officers that currently occupy America. They work for us they are not supposed to be treating American citizens like this… This woman did nothing to warrant being shot at ( NO i am not saying she did the correct thing here ) But those kids could have been hit or killed. Yet people here all all saying good shoot, good police officers serving the public interest’s. What happened to freedom loving America ? I am ashamed of all of you people that agree with what these badge wearing thugs did….. YOU ARE THE REASON THIS COUNTRY IS A POLICE STATE – no one has the balls to stand AGAINST tyranny , no in stead you cowards cheer it on !!!



  • Jim

    Well I think that the use of deadly force was a little over the top, the use of expandable batons to break the windows when the occupant refused to open the door no. Shooting tires out??? What department are you from ? I have never heard of that spikes yes shooting tires out no! The lunatic of a driver was the primary cause of the actions that followed, had she complied with the officers instructions she would have received a summons and be on her way but since she decided that apparently the law didn’t apply to her, now her son and herself are facing a slew of charges that would not have been necessary had she just complied from the get go. If you believe an officer is wrong in what he’s doing the side of the road is not the place to dispute that the court room or a complaint to his department is the forum for that!

  • Barbara Hosier

    I agree I watched the video the cop’s were doing there Job. She ran and at least three people assulated the police officer this should not be under review!

  • decourcy

    I see lots of sheep bleating along, accepting the growing police aggression. Unless a cop is having his safety threatened, he shouldn’t be drawing his gun on someone. A 14 yr old kid protecting his mom from psychotic police aggression isn’t a threat to that adult cop. A woman driving away from police with kids in the van is also not a threat — they have her tag number, probably ID info by this time, she won’t get far. Why are people saying that any of this justifies brutal force? You people need to wake up and stop accepting it, its only getting worse.

  • Richard Mcclure

    100 PERCENT BULLSHIT!Do what the officer says and live!must been hiding something or why the resistance.This site spreads bullshit propaganda for hate and discontent.Simple,follow the rules,abide by the law,this isnt a foreign gov’t.Its the united states of america and thats what we do.And this is what happens when you don’t follow the rules,you could die!

  • Richard Mcclure

    I see some other comments left by others and wont mention names but you have to ask yourself if i dont like america and its laws,then why are you still here!huh!If you hate this country so so bad leave,guess what its free country you can do that and go where,where do they have it better….Please tell me guys,i wanna go where you have rights like we do here in the usa.

  • Anthony L Barrett

    I dont give a f, you dont shoot at unarmed children and women, all you people who support this will surely get yours, they may have messed up but they did not deserve a shoot out (wheels or not, people miss, bullets richoche) when they are most certainly unarmed and never never tried to hit anyone. wow all you people who support the cops should be ashamed of your stupid ass selves, one day for liberty next day oh fuck her liberty she got what she deserved because of how she acted. WOW YOU IGNORANT FUCKS

  • laurenzmom

    I didn’t see anything wrong from the officers that pulled her over. She was the one who drove off like a bat out of hell endangering her children. She set the example to her children that if you get pulled over, just get back in your car and drive like a friggin’ maniac in the wrong lane, no matter whose lives you put in danger. Good friggin’ grief.

  • KWHodges56

    The one that jumped out of the passenger side and went to attack the cop made the big mistake. At that point the cops were just defending them selves. The car was the deadly force. You can’t fix stupid

  • James Fannin

    First off, this woman disobeyed several lawful orders by a peace officer. She then fled the scene, resisted arrest, then her 14 year old son committed assault on an officer. The Police officers here acted appropriately. As far as claiming the officer was shooting at the vehicle, it is obvious he was attempting to shoot out the tires of the vehicle, hence why he moved to the left to acquire a clear shot. If he was indiscriminately firing at the vehicle he would not have needed to do so, as he could have taken a shot through the back window. Now, concerning the baton being used, did I forget to mention that the young man had just assaulted a Police Officer? No, I’m pretty sure I mentioned that. What about the mother who put her children in harms way through reckless endangerment? Listen, I’m no fan of those who exceed their authority and violate the rights of law abiding citizens either. But this is far from being an example of such a thing. This mother ceased being a law abiding citizen when she violated the speed limit, refused to follow the lawful commands of a peace officer, fled the scene, resisted arrest, etc. These are not the actions of the law abiding, these actions are criminal. Period.

  • john henery

    There no way that officer life was in danger, he should not fired his gun or beat on the car, That could have hurt those kids.He should be fired.

  • zion1king

    The only thing that I can see that the cop did wrong was to shoot at the van while it was fleeing, They should have shot the tires out before it got up to speed.

  • Aaron

    I usually wont comment on most anything but after seeing this I am appalled anyone would see this as these police officers doing anything wrong. The woman put her children in danger by doing what she did. I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of this event and for this site and writer to be attavking these men like that is foolish journalism.

  • Guest
  • Operator61

    As a retired LEO, I agree with you Cheesehead. Deadly force against
    unarmed minors is not right. Police too often escalate and create the
    situations they are supposed to avoid. They could have pulled back
    followed from a distance and apprehended her later.

  • Pat Fitzgerald

    There was no need for the officer to discharge his weapon period. His actions made a dangerous situation more dangerous. There was no need for the officer to beat the window out in the rear of the vehicle. Drivers door glass yeah knock it out to subdue the driver. But what the officer did was throw an unprofessional out of control candyass fit. What I see are two officers who unfit to wear a badge and a crazy woman that needed to be locked up. The boy I’m going to let slide right or wrong if someone were manhandling my mama that person would probably have died. That’s just the way I was raised you don’t touch the women folk or kids in my family unless you have a death wish.

  • Operator61

    What these cops did was not justified in any police training that I have ever heard of, and I am a retired LEO. The officers seemed to escalate the situation when the woman would not comply. When she got away the first time the proper thing to do would be to follow from a distance, call for back up and make the arrest later with the help of other officers. These guys looked like the keystone kops.

  • Operator61

    I don’t think anyone is saying that the officers were the only one’s in the wrong. The woman was clearly wrong AND the officers clearly handled the situation wrong.

  • Operator61

    This place is full of trolls. They come to places where the truth is told in order to subvert it. And to irritate liberty minded individuals.

  • Operator61

    That is when the cop should have backed off and De-escalated the situation. Got back in his car, called for back up, followed the vehicle and then made the arrest with more officers in a safer location.

  • Darrell Inkster

    EASY for an ARMCHAIR expert like yourself to say. I give the cop credit for not DROPPING the bitch AND her gangsta kid.

  • DDUB

    First off I can’t stand cops, they are entitled with endless supply of legal support. with that said I will get to the real side…what ever the officer stopped her for , it is obvious he asked her to turn off the car yet she drives away….that is 1st offense next after he gets her out of the car she tries running again that’s 2nd offense. then JR THug gets into a scuffle with the cops …he is lucky he wasn’t shot. so that’s assault on an officer. then she drives off…I see atleast 3 counts of assault on an officer. the law was pretty much in the right on all counts, I would not have kept my cool .

  • DDUB

    Good call on child endangerment, I never caught that one..

  • DDUB

    Are you blind? I can’t stand cops either but they were 110% right. she didn’t need to run. the officer was rather polite from the start and I have had my share of run ins with NM patrol. they are not overly friendly. he was pretty level.

  • DDUB

    when physical harm appears present the police will protect themselves. “DEADLY FORCE WITH OUT REASON?” her son attacked . the officer had no idea what he was going to do. and where is the deadly part?

  • Kenneth Woosley

    using a vehicle as a weapon

  • johnhghlndr

    They must have been high. The police were in the right on this stop, chase and finally arrest.

  • BeenThere!

    As an ex-LEO, I saw a few things that could have been done differantly. 1. The back up Officer should have positioned his vehicle to block further attempts at the suspect driver from pulling away again, and Red lights on to warn any approaching traffic from either direction. 2. Third Officer began firing at tires (bad decision even in a remote area), he was not in danger, and should not have opened fire. 3. Spike strips should have been deployed to stop escaping or eluding vehicles.

    4. The suspect female should have co-operated with the Officer, and failed to do so, she caused the escalation, and 5. She endangered the children by doing so. As a parent she was a complete failure to put the kids in this situation. She was teaching her children its OK to disobey a Police Officers.

    It’s real easy to be an “Armchair Quarterback”, however Officers are taught that Officer Safety is paramount above all, in matters of survival. This Officer handled himself very well, considering he had no back up at the time of the Family attack. If you haven’t been trained as an LEO , you need to know what your talking about before you comment on what a trained LEO is doing. Every State has it’s own training and every State has it’s versions of the Law and how an LEO is to conduct him or her self while in uniform. Keep that in mind before you make remarks about things you obviously have no understanding about.

    Research for more facts before accusing LEO of misconduct. They risk their lives everyday and you sometimes don’t understand what they go through everyday. They have to make split second decisions every hour they are working, they are human and make mistakes, but they are the ones out there, not you! An LEO looses his or her life everyday, and takes his or her chances of loosing their lives everyday while in uniform. It’s even harder being an LEO considering everything you do is judged by people who have no clue of your duties or conduct standards.

  • njlthr

    I too think cops go too far sometimes, but in this case really? Shooting is marginal, but how is he supposed to know who else is in the car and what they are capable of. She acted just like someone who had something to hide. Could it have been a gun? In this case it wasn’t, but how was the cop supposed to know. Some of these comments and the article are easy to write hours after the fact. In a split second it could be life or death. The funny thing is, the cop was going to write a ticket or warning and she would have been on her way. She did criminal actions.

  • OSO


  • lucywwjd

    I hope a great attorney sees this and steps in to help the mom and her son. Yes She was in the wrong to begin with but I BET there is more to her story than we know. You can not judge this by only what is being seeing on this dash cam. And as far as I am concerned the officers did NOT need to break out the windows and shoot at the vehicle – that is what radios are for – to call ahead!!

  • Laura

    Concerns about their operations?! They did nothing wrong. That woman is a stupid bitch that put her children, the polic, and everyone on the road in danger. Lock her ass up.

  • Guest

    Yeah that’s what it was, she fled because she thought the cop was going to beat her…How much Kool Aid have you drank?!?!

  • Guest

    So if I have 5 pounds of weed in the car all I should do is drive off and the cops can come get me later? That might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard someone come up with! I didn’t see anything saying there were illegal drugs but there was paraphernalia and obviously there was something very illegal that she didn’t want to get caught with…

  • Guest

    So it was the cops fault because she didn’t want to follow the law and look out for the safety of the small children? He should have just let her do whatever she wanted to do because she had small children present right? You see nothing wrong with using small children as a shield huh?

  • Guest

    71 in a 55 and people are pissed at the cops for putting the kids at danger…SMFH

  • me

    Cops dont shoot out tires. This idiot has been watching too many movies

  • Colin Olmstead

    So many police sycophants in the world. The funny thing is that word is too big for them to know what they are. We know, I suppose that is enough. But whats funnier is to hear from sycophants who have been converted because they or someone in their family was needlessly brutalized by police. They think it cant happen to them because they are so good at felatio but they often learn otherwise.

  • Colin Olmstead

    This guy for example: sycophant

  • Colin Olmstead

    johny sycophant

  • Colin Olmstead

    Right, thanks imbecile. Blacks get so many free passes from the police. Just when you think stupidity has limits someone else breaks through.

  • Colin Olmstead


  • Colin Olmstead

    Sycophant you too

  • Colin Olmstead

    You are clearly a young child so I will explain this for you. The woman was what we call a law breaker. She was breaking the law and so was her son. The police try to catch law breakers. You following so far? OK now we dont want the police to be law breakers. We want them to “keep the peace”. Still following? When some cowboy starts firing his gun at a car full of children that is breaking the law and it does not help.

  • billygeturgun

    Question for Rick Wells – Since you mentioned it, have you determined
    for watching a video where the officer was shooting? Have you
    considered he was doing as you said and was simply shooting at the tires
    which is a typical question from an untrained civilian. Yes, I
    absolutely he was wrong to be shooting at the van but unless you have a
    walked a mile in a man’s professional shoes, you have no idea what being
    a cop is all about, the risks involved, and you have never had to make a
    life and death decision in a split second have you? I also agree that
    breaking out the windows was going too far but as I repeatedly say about
    these types of incidents – if you would just comply with officers
    demands, take a citation and fight it in court. What this woman did
    escalated this incident into a potentially deadly force incident instead
    of just taking the ticket and again, fighting it in court. It is
    insanely stupid to do what she did, especially in light of having 5 kids
    in the car one of which is already on his way to getting his “felon
    badge” for assaulting a cop. The escalation of this incident is all on
    her but I am sure there will be disciplinary actions taken against the
    officers involved as it should be. Why people do stupid things like
    this lady did is beyond me and I know the officers were trained better
    than how they performed. And yes, I am a law enforcement officer for
    more than 30 years now so I know about what I speak. Many mistakes here
    all over a traffic citation. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!

  • Rage58201

    “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.”
    State v Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260
    “One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.”
    Adams v State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910

  • Colin Olmstead

    So many police sycophants in the world. The funny thing is that word is
    too big for them to know what they are. We know, I suppose that is
    enough. But whats funnier is to hear from sycophants who have been
    converted because they or someone in their family was needlessly
    brutalized by police. They think it cant happen to them because they are
    so good at felatio but they often learn otherwise.

  • Not broken inside

    “Completely 100% JUSTIFIED” LOL! We shoot people who drive of from a speeding ticket now? You’re a sick animal.

  • OccupyBawlStree

    nuthin like a misleading headline to draw folks in… BTW- cops are NEVER trained to shoot out tires.

  • Darrell Inkster

    Ya, Sure, and THEN if she would have RAN over someone after LEAVING THE SCENE, you would have been BLAMING those cops for that too. By her and her dilinquent “kid’s” actions, she MADE herself and him into immediate LEGITIMATE targets and DESERVED to be PLUGGED

  • common sense

    is this writer stupid? you can clearly see the officer take his time and shoot with precision AT THE TIRES. safest way to stop a chase is disable the vehicle before the chase begins. no one did anything wrong except the 2 people who were arrested. And how dare this arrogant moron call the “mother” a victim? 4 kids in the car and she is in the possession of drug paraphernalia. then resists arrest and runs from the cops. The cops are not the enemy so stop trying to find every little controversial thing they do and act like they are all evil dictator militants. 800,000 cops in this country pulling people over, giving tickets and making arrests every day. controversial things are gonna happen. Tips to avoid cops shooting at your car. DON’T RUN AND JUST ACCEPT THE DAMN TICKET FOR SOMETHING YOU DID WRONG.

  • common sense

    A blown tire at 20 mph or 4 blown tires at 80 mph. Yeah a spike strip sounds much safer for the kids in the car…

  • jim

    Fuck all of them! Mom should loose her kids forever because she already has shown that she is unfit to raise children with the behavior of her 14 year old thug son as an example. Just another example of a mouthy cunt thinking she is above the law and “it’s all their fault”. Take the speeding ticket and pay the fine. I’m sure the whole family claims that the whole incident happened because the cops hate black people.

  • Mark Watson

    Hey Idiot GUEST : It even said it on the news report’s Dumb ass, stop hating on peoples Color.. And realize the Color of your Skin Isn’t gonna save you when it all Comes down.. How Much Crack did you Smoke !

  • Mark Watson

    Just when I thought Stupidity Has it’s Limit’s COLIN OLMSTED makes a POST, They do really. >> well thats Funny. Cause I have seen just as Many other people get break’s where you been Crack head,, Take another Hit.. And Go to sleep your worthless

  • Mark Watson

    well said Sir..

  • Mark Watson

    Hey Hitler Haven’t you heard ? your Dead..Get back in the Dirt.. you frecking Chomo.

  • Mark Watson

    Really, I think your Both Dumb ,,And don’t know nothing about motherhood. A real Mom would do whatever it takes to protect her Kid’s Against Cops w/ priors for hurting People of Color ,, Period.. And further more, you don’t know how or what your mom would Do ,, if she were this woman . But then again, maybe she wouldn’t , She is an exception. I guess one of the few.. Whatever… She didn’t allow anything moron, She was to busy with the Cop to do anything. Why do I bother .. Can’t Believe you Guys got Vote’s Really are Stupid People In this world. If it was right then why is the Chief investigating the Shooter.. REST YOU NECK’S !!

  • Mark Watson

    Right would really love to see how they react when the Cops Attack them .. oh wait they are White, and Cop’s don’t attack white People Right..they Ganged up on the Officer… Ha ha thats a good one.. the Biggest Gang in the world Got ganged up on by a boy and ran from by a woman .Right officer, dumb ass ,

  • Mark Watson

    when you were Kids doesn’t apply any more, the Cops are Different now Sir..Back in the Day you looked up to the Cops in the Neighborhood , Now you fear them Cause you don’t know If they are going to shoot you or Beat you.. Even cops are turning on Cops.. and further more the Cops of today Sir . Aren’t just Guys getting out from the military any more. we Have Skin heads in Ventura who have joined the Force and are Very unprofessional to say the Least.. And the Crime rate is worse.. I have a lot of Friends who are Cops and they all say the Same thing , Both are wrong for the way they Handled it .. the Cops And the Mother. I am not Dissapointed at all glad the Article is out there For our Education.. Nobody needs to act like this Cop or Victim. Any body who Justifies this has a Screw or two Lose..

  • nurset49

    I have watched the video, read the article and most of the comments. I do not blame the law officers, we do have to remember she was speeding. She was first and foremost in the wrong. When she drove off the first time, I would hope the officer called for backup then. I agree shooting was not the best thing to do, but did anyone else happen to notice this in the article ” Farrell was charged with five counts of abuse of a child, as well as aggravated fleeing an officer, resisting an officer, reckless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia. The son was charged with battery of an officer and resisting arrest. She had drug paraphernalia. Her children were between the ages of 6 and 18 . What could she be possible running from?????

  • Threefiftyseven Sig

    Absolutely. The best call would have been for the officers not to have such an adrenaline-rushed reaction. Level heads are hard to come by among LEO’s, because there are all types. This officer that shot-idiot-he should lose his job. The original officer should have some remedial training on taking control effectively on a traffic stop. The woman, go to jail and lose her kids for fleeing and putting them ALL in danger!!!

  • Threefiftyseven Sig

    Absolutely right!

  • Dave

    Breaking it down and looking beyond all the events the biggest thing here is. YOU DON’T FIRE YOUR WEAPON UNLESS YOU INTEND TO KILL. So in saying that who and for what was that officer trying to kill? Bottom line, what happened to that golden rule of firearm responsibility? And what about not shooting someone in the back? A fleeing person is someone scared, and I’m sorry if someone is shooting at me (I don’t care who it is) I’m not stopping. I’m hitting the gas. At that point she had every right to flee the cops who were trying to KILL her and her family.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Right, I would of just took the speeding ticket. Complete over reaction, freepatriot tried to spin it to make the cops look like the bad guys.

  • Hayven Williams

    Yes the Police are not supposed to have dangerous conflict when it may endanger innocent lives especially when children are involved and 5 pounds of weed is no crime, Maybe 5 pounds of heroin. Im not concerned about the safest drug in the world being in a car more safe then Pop Tarts. Im concerned about the deadly force being used, shooting at children over a traffic stop how can you justify that. What if the Police pulled you over and said they were gonna kill you would you run? we have no idea what really happened ,people are afraid of the Police. Iam terrified of the Police they can kill you and get away with it. This woman was wrong in driving off but maybe she has had bad experiences with the Police, Maybe they killed her brother and she was afraid and made a mistake. No matter what happened it does not justify SHOOTING AT KIDS DOES ANYTHING JUSTIFY SHOOTING AT CHILDREN. I SAY NO

  • Hayven Williams

    “The Kop Shud hav Shot everee Dame won of them ” What a fool you just made yourself out to be. Those days are over Nazi the wars is over .

  • Hayven Williams

    When did that happen I saw 1 kid get out to defend his Mother. If that would have been my Mother that cop would have had his hands full with me.Yes she was wrong but SHOOTING AT INNOCENT CHILDREN IS NEVER JUSTIFIED. HAVE THEY EVER HEARD OF STUN-GUNS .You have no idea how the Police treat people in the ghetto they treat us like animals while their handing out baseball cards in your neighborhood and yes Iam white I just understand the crap that Black folks have to endure. You would be scared to if the police always came at you crazy.

  • Darrell Inkster

    I’D have SHOT you too.

  • dragon5126

    just like a bullet in the gas tank or the head? change your handle to LACKING common sense!

  • dragon5126

    Jack ass its YOU that is bringing the Hating on skin color into this, and that is pure and simple racism. and that is also plain bullshit. She didn’t want a ticket and felt entitled. the idiot cops went KKK. both sides deserve jail time and the cops deserve the unemployment line, that’s all there is to it so grow the hell up and cut the “hating” bullshit and start talking like an adult instead of a ghetto moron

  • dragon5126

    speaking of crackheads, 8ball

  • Operator61

    Luckily most cops have better reasoning skills and training than you. There are several ways to handle that situation without endangering the children or letting the woman get away with anything. Unless her car could fly she wasn’t going to get away from them. Follow from a distance, wait for backup and make the stop in a safer location.

  • Mark Watson

    Obviously you didn’t read My above posts Dumb ass, I didn’t bring Color into it, other people did. Lick my nuts Asshole You talk foolishness.. nobody was hating anybody. over here so Piss off. Funny Ghetto Moron That fits you Perfect Cause Obviously you lack research before you speak..I think you just type to see your Bullshit in Print.. GO AWAY BAD DREAM !!!

  • Mark Watson

    Racist !

  • Mark Watson

    your Mom.