White House Jokes About Islamic Attacks Killing Christians



The Islamic killing of Christians and burning of churches should never be funny it is cold and insensitive.  The White House press staff should have to attend sensitivity training for their last stunt. While thousands of Christians have died recently due to Radical Jihad, and over 90 churches burnt in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood, the White House makes jokes about it.

The Muslim Brotherhood attacks on Christians have been brutal. Egypt has had a total of almost 100 churches burnt since August that we know about, some of which are hundreds of years old. There have been threats on families, kidnappings that have ended in murder for people not being able to afford the stiff Jizyra (penalty tax against non-Muslims) that they attempt to impose, and violence on a daily basis. Scenes are played out daily like this:


The individual that filmed that was in fear of his life. What you see is a cab driver pulled out of his car and beaten. What we can’t show you is the Muslim Brotherhood led mob beat him to death over a cross on the cab’s rear view mirror, then beheaded him.  Therefore, this kind of violence and attacks are never funny. However, someone needs to tell the White House press staff.

During the afternoon press conference on Tuesday, November 14, the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, if the President had a new “red line” over the attacks on Christians by the Muslim Brotherhood. Fox News correspondent Ed Henry was quite serious when calling an end to the violence by the President.

The answer stunned the crowd.

Well, I didn’t bring my red pen out with me today,” Earnest joked.~the DC

I guess the silence let him know that it was a wrong move.

Soon after making the remark he stated that the White House was “outraged and shocked” over the attacks and violence. It is noted, however, that the attackers were never called out. He never names the attackers, and he neglects to criticize their attacks instead blaming the military saying they are, “portraying violence against the peaceful protesters” Peaceful protesters, with all the death, businesses destroyed, bombings, and church burnings?

It got even better in that he stated it is because they don’t put the Muslim Brotherhood back in charge!

I can tell you that we have condemned in unambiguous terms all the violence that’s has been perpetrated there in Egypt,” he said.

“We have been concerned and condemned the violence that has been perpetrated by the government against peaceful protesters, and we’re just as outraged and just as concerned about reports that Christian churches have been targeted,” he said.

During the last year, Obama backed the brotherhood-backed elected prime minister, and is now considering whether to strongly push for its return to power.~the DC

There is a big problem when the Administration backs the terrorist organizations, ignores pleas from our only allies in the Middle East, and continues on this push for the Arab Spring to reform.

  • swan

    that is fine let them laugh all they want-because after all disposable income disappears from american wallets and the china economy crashes because we can no longer afford to buy made in china crap-then set back and watch china kick their fucking asses-it wlll be fucking awesome!

  • luls

    If this situation did happen, no one would be kicking anyones ass. the world would be in chaos. 2 major markets collapse? yea there’d be chaos. not attacks, not wars, flat out world wide chaos

  • Terry Fidler

    Im so sick of hearing about these communists in the white house backing MUSLIM terrorists with our tax dollars. And now here plans on bring 150 million of these ANIMALS over here. The village idiot has no idea what he is going to start doing that. I do notbelieve in turning the other cheek when it comes to these animals. This monster has to be removed from office

  • Sharon Kidwell

    This is very disturbing! Firstly, the jerk that made a joke about Christians dying should be immediately fired! Secondly, I am concerned that Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood. I was concerned when he supported it initially and even more so now. What I don’t like is the fact that we have these people openly in our government; homeland security at that!

  • David Brown

    Tuesday, November 14?? Was it today or Tuesday?

  • bepinwv

    Brandon. While I appreciate your posts and am appalled by what is happening to Christians at the hands of Muslims throughout the world, you really need to edit your writings before you post them. It would lend a great deal more credibility to your posts. Just a thoughtful suggestion brother.

  • Lynn Fisher Richter

    When is national Slap a Liberal Day? I seriously want to deck every idiot who voted this commie-Muslim extremist into office.

  • David Frank

    Nice to see there are people more concerned about a typo than thousands of people dying at the hands of thugs. How compassionate.

  • haveittodayray

  • Jeff

    What goes around will come around for these WH communists

  • AprilJean

    We have nothing but a bunch of cold hearted bitches and bastards in our government. Often it is hard to tell the bitches from the bastards because of all the immorality running rampant. The government is crawling with liars, homos, muslimes and whatever else climbed out of the sewer. I am disgusted with the entire lot of them. There is not a brain or a backbone between them.

  • Frank Padilla

    That is plain treason. How come he gets away from that?

  • dan3333333333

    I thought it was every day….ooops!

  • dan3333333333

    Obama is Muslim, so of coarse he supports them!

  • Diane Schmidt

    why does it make it any worse if Xtians are killed as opposed to those who are not sheetheads but dont conform to any religious practices….? Any one who is killed over bullshit is still just as “dead”…but yet everyone turns it into a religious or political agenda…..Those who die….still leave behind loved ones who mourn them….and yes I am including the many gay people who die just because of their sex orientation….SMH……

  • Troubleshooter

    I recommend boiling oil to cook these geese.

  • Robin Gonsalves

    Get a life…who gives a rats behind if YOU think his post is credible cuz of a type-o? Quit wasting our air!

  • kc54

    Why should we expect anything other than this blatant disregard for humanity, when this potus fraudulent- liar-in-thief and his puppet admin. has attacked and harassed Christians in this country, takes our money to help PP murder the innocents, and has a socialist group of thuggery pals; “muslim bros” he has at his beck and call, at his right hand?

  • PCpolicesuck

    None of it is any worse than the other . The point is the crude and thoughtless remark made about christians dying and churches being burned. And by groups our government is supporting.. stop shaking your head and open your eyes. If the gays were being killed by a group backed and supported by this government with our tax money I’d be just as offended and pissed off.

  • jonathondf

    Fascists, not communists.

  • Terry Fidler

    Its all the same it falls under collectivist doctrine so its interchangeable.

  • MoBetter2

    What would you expect? We have a Stealth-Muslime Marxist Maggot who has been running the country over the cliff for almost 5 years. He publicly stated in one of his ghost-written autobiographies: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” He has told Y-O-U who he is and what he believes, he has demonstrated daily he hates America, its history, traditions, values, morals, scruples, mores, its Constitution, the Rule of Law and American exceptionalism, yet you elected him, not once, but twice! A pox on every white-guilt, brain-dead white libtard moron who subjected us to this Horror-In-The-White-House by voting him into the most powerful office in the land!

  • UnmitigatedTruth
  • Rick VandenOever

    P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    Religion and politics are the catalyst
    for the killing. How do you separate that from the action?

  • Anthony Francis DiPrima

    Slap is not hard enough!!!

  • http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/MIAMIGARNER miamigarner

    what would you expect from a damned twisted faggot negro?

  • BritishRule

    What do you expect? America has a Muslim President and a Muslim administration. What do we know about Muslims? They HATE non Muslims.

  • flutterby9322

    Many of us don’t give a flying flip about their religious practices, lack of, race, nationality, political offiliation,or sexual orientation. We care that people are being treated like this and that our government will support the people who do it, especially when a large group of us fall into the same catagory as those being tortured and killed. It’s bad enough to turn a blind eye as was done about the genocides in Africa. Joking about it is inexcusable.

  • Bobbie Gustafson

    congress…our representatives in government…does nothing as a whole to represent us. By now there are many reasons to end this administration, yet all but a few are silent. The few that speak up are discredited in the mainstream so the majority of the ill-informed pay no attention. And I would bet that most if not all the incumbents, coming up for re-election…will be re-elected. And many of the votes to re-elect will be by those who are awake! And the insanity will continue.

  • Diane Schmidt

    What I was trying to say…..is what difference does it make as to what religious (or lack of) beliefs a person has? Why is it “more” important if a “xtian” is killed, then if a “non xtian” is killed. Does anyone remember the “Burning Times”? A whole lot of people were murder by xtians because of simply being “accused” of being a “witch”….and many of them died because of false accusations….
    Sorry if my first post wasn’t clear….that is the problem with the internet….the “real” point that is trying to be made gets bogged down with having to be PC to make everyone happy….

  • Walter Jones


  • Nikki Moonitz-Volaski

    I believe he knows exactly what he’s doing. He sides with them, not us.

  • Jim Coda

    Next step – Americanistan if we are not careful and start holding those responsible for their action. Or inactions as the case may be.

  • johnnydelgado

    I was blocked by Face Book for the following statement: I agree Ann. Muzzies weddings are wicked, they only marry little girls. What should I do agaisnt Face Book? (legally)

  • johnnydelgado

    Diane, are you having some sort of stroke? damn you, . How can you bring
    somenthing that happened many years ago, and compare that with the murdering is happening now (21st century) in muslims hands ISLAM? Damn you Diane.

  • Getrid ofMuslims

    Can someone just get rid of Obama and his administration y any means they can so we can go back to a better way of life?

  • Diane Schmidt

    well it all boils down to the religious thing dont it…? The good do nothing wrong xtians killed “witches” because they didnt believe or conform to the xtian way of doing things….and now…xtians are getting killed because another so called religion got insulted….so maybe the xtians are now getting a little of what they dished out….damn u and the horse you rode in on too….I am done trying to be PC so u assholes dont get offended….

  • Bud Combs

    Wake up Diane. Its the Muslims killing Christians, non believers, Jews etc who don’t believe in their religion (cult). Get it now?

  • Bud Combs

    Well Diane, we kind of grew out of Christians killing witches almost 200 years ago. The muslims still think its 1000 years ago. They are the one’s that aren’t living in our times. Look how they treat women. Pretty much like cattle. So stop bitching about Christians and religion and figure out that your way of life in America is in danger with the fraud in the White House.

  • Old Ga Dawg


  • Robin Renee

    Why don’t you come to this Century Diane…. what I don’t support is those who would murder a person for no reason and the WH staff making a joke of the matter!! Let me be politically correct here…. Why must any person be murdered like that in the street and our tax dollars supporting the murdering twats? Or do you support what this Gov’t does? How’s that for Politically correct since you can’t even spell the word?

  • Gabriel Alan King


  • Gerry Emery

    I just posted this link on Obama’s Facebook page. Go ahead, try it yourself. It is soooo fun to annoy liberals

  • James Frost

    why must everything be about freaks

  • junebug

    First of all you should read a few books or do some research! Christians have been persecuted since the beginning…..remember the lions that the Romans turned loose on them? We are now supposed to be civilized human beings; sadly that message has escaped the muslim extremists. As for being “politically correct” you missed the boat on that one. The fact that you use an “x” in place of “Christ” is a rather good indication that you are probably a liberal and incapable of separating fact from fiction.


    When Muslims die they go to HELL. Their god is Satan.

  • Trish Duffey

    What are xtians? I don’t know of any xtians being murdered. If you mean Christians, say it. We can not do anything about what happened in the past. What we can do is try to prevent it from happening now and in the future. What makes it worse is, our government is spending our tax dollars to fund these murders and then joking about it. Instead, we, as an almost former superpower, should be sending a strong message to any entity supporting genocide. I say it should start with the purse strings and defund those committing these atrocities.

  • Rick

    Don’t try to change them ….. get rid of them ……. and the assholes who voted for him to get a free handout should be thrown into the sea

  • Diane Schmidt

    I “GET” more than you will ever know….I had it when I read the GD article….now DO YOU GOT THAT?

  • Diane Schmidt

    I was raised by a VERY fanatical father who was a preacher…..
    NONE OF YOU WOULD EVEN HAVE A CLUE…..as to what I was FORCED TO KNOW about your XTAIN FAITH…..PAGANS WERE AROUND WAY before xtians were thought of….so YOU need to do some fn research… now run along and drink more obama ade and hell fucking no I aint no GOD DAMN democrat….neither am I a repub…..I am an AMERICAN…..FIRST and Foremost…and I really dont give a flying fuck what you think…..

  • Diane Schmidt

    you missed my whole damn point!!!
    stupid ass

  • gargoyle387

    Send them all to the middle east and see how they like it.

  • pacman925

    definitely funding the sob’s !

  • pacman925

    the idiot does have a good plan Terry, he is taking over our whole nation !
    We need to go to washington dc..& do not leave until WE TAKE OUR NATION BACK !

  • pacman925

    Exactly Frank !!! treason is by death !!!!