[Watch] Federal Land Grab Follows UN Takeover of America Mandated by Agenda 21

427 environmental hack activist secretary of interior jewell

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, aka “that woman who looks just like George Washington” is out to prove that Democrat woman are just as attractive on the inside as they are on the outside.

She says she “may recommend” which translates into “has already decided and this is a two step announcement” to B. Hussein Obama that he act unilaterally to create new national monuments.

National monuments aren’t there just to have a place to visit on vacation when the “president” chooses not to close them; they actually transfer ownership of large segments of the country out of the state and private portfolios and into the holdings of the federal government.

We’ll give them away later to our creditors, the international banks or perhaps the nations of China and others, in order to satisfy our astronomical debt. This would complete the fleecing process, stripping us of our assets, enriching the banksters and completing the foreign takeover. Everybody wins except for the compliant national sheep.

As is customary, the fact that the Congress didn’t snap to and immediately rubber-stamp the Hussein Obama directives leaves him little choice but to take action on his own. If they gridlock on making a decision, they are obviously unworthy of their positions and incapable.

Secretary Jewell recently visited some sites in California and she is just salivating at the opportunity to steal these prime acreages.

Just as in the global warming hoax and the closely associated agenda 21 rural land grab and population redistribution scheme, the global elite see these natural resources of the states and individuals as rightfully belonging to them. The huddled unclean masses of humanity must be relocated or eliminated. Federal ownership is a tool through which those goals are to be accomplished.

This woman who has been on the job for six months has now reached such a level of frustration that she is going to use all of that wisdom gained in that short period of time to recommend to the squatter-in-chief that he confiscate property for the good of the collective.

If one were skeptical of this regime, they might think that those discussions were actually a part of the hiring process and predetermined to take place once she had been in the job long enough to give the appearance of having had time to “evaluate everything.”

Jewell blames the official administration whipping boy, the Congress, for what they call a conservation backlog. She warned that the Hussein Obama administration would not “hold its breath forever” waiting for lawmakers to act. Maybe she could start by holding her breath for about fifteen minutes.

In an unveiled threat, the bark-gnawing throwback Jewell said, “The president will not hesitate. “I can tell you that there are places that are ripe for setting aside, with a tremendous groundswell of public support.”


So apparently, in the opinion of the land-grabber-in-chief and his underlings, public support trumps the Congress, and a mere declaration of public support is sufficient to justify their actions.

But wait a minute, as if one bug-eating liberal with armpit braids isn’t enough, in rides grabby Dianne Feinstein to help foul the air. Gun-grabbing is fun, but land-grabbing involves dirt, and she is as dirty as they come. Plus, being from liberal California, common sense and an awareness of what is really going on won’t have to be dealt with. There are no slaves like the obedient California slaves, right Dianne?

Despicable Dianne has proposed sweeping legislation to increase the acreages of Joshua Tree and Death Valley national parks and the Mojave National Preserve. It would also “protect 74 miles of waterways as wild and scenic rivers, and designate 248,000 acres as wilderness. Additionally her bill would create the Sand to Snow National Monument, running from the floor of the Coachella Valley to the peak of Mt. San Gorgonio.

I would argue that the states would be better hands for these real estate holding to be resting in, as the Federal Government, in addition to being entirely fiscally irresponsible, also is more detached from the citizens than the state governments. They also have a considerable amount of debt at the Federal level, which these underhandedly acquired assets of our country could be used to partially satisfy.

The conservation community of control freaks has a list of sites that they want to take over and, with a compliant autocrat in charge at the interior department as well as the executive branch, it must be infuriating to have to wait for these elected representatives to complete their diddling around.

The spokesperson for the National Parks Conservation Association, Kristen Brengel said, “It’s been nearly impossible to figure out how to get more funding for conservation work, whether it’s just getting money to run agencies or getting full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. There is almost no hope for the wilderness or monuments bills — they are being held up.”

According to Brengel, the conservationists see the administration as indifferent to environmental issues. Is she just out of rehab? This is the windmill and solar shady deal king, who promotes the UN Agenda 21 in the name of the environment. Just let him figure out a way to secure more power or line a crony’s pockets and he’ll be onboard quicker than you can say Delta Smelt.

Brengel said. “They are capable of making decisions on conservation. They just haven’t made many of them.” I guess a decision by her definition means a yes vote and approval. No is also a determination and a decision, as can be failing to act at times.

The problem with the law is that there does appear to be a “legal” means by which the occupier of the White House can take possession of land on behalf of the federal government. It’s called the Antiquities Act. This was the basis for the acquisition of the Grand Canyon by the Feds and was used as recently as 1996 by the Clinton administration to prevent access to Utah coal reserves by “protecting” the surrounding land.

The Hussein Obama regime resides in the pocket of foreign interests and the United Nations so there is little doubt where this will end up and that all of this is little more than theater to justify his unilateral action based upon the purported inaction of others.

The Agenda 21 goal of converting as much of America to Federal land, and the relocation of all of the population to high rise urban centers will dictate that the land grab continue and in all likelihood, greatly escalate.

The United Nations is one of the greatest threats to America, along with the Federal Reserve and the bankster elites that populate and control both. This march towards an omnipotent federal government will continue because it is what they require. It is a component of the evolution towards a world government. Mere citizen serfs can’t be allowed to get in the way of their perceived destiny and their individual greater good

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  • Orthospinedoc

    Americans wake up…we are being destroyed from within…this is part of UN AGENDA 21…this is wicked to the core!

  • Nick Marra

    yes and people will not do a thing to try and stop it…..

  • Jake

    I am just wondering how hot the planet has to get before you admit the planet is heating up. Of course I am not taking a position on why, since it could be a natural phenomenon. However, denying that it is happening is not going to prevent the nasty consequences that we are seeing.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Brother Ubama is giving us this land to build mosques, villages and create training grounds to instruct the jihadis that are going to help ban Christianity, take your guns and convert your women.

    Your pagan religion and shotguns will be nothing but a memory and your wives and daughters will fill our harems quite nicely. There will be no more of your heathen ‘bible’ only the Noble Qur’an.

    Allah (SWT) has blessed us Muslims and his faithful servant Barack Hussein bin-Ubama. Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful – is the One True God!


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  • WitchWay

    There have been hundreds of requests by various conservation groups for protection of lands across the USA. These types of actions have been happening for years. I was until retirement a person who worked at BLM (Bureau of Land Management) which is part of the Dept. of The Interior. In certain states, there has been and will continue to be sales of Federal Lands so that the money can be used to take care of the lands that are left. In other states there will be purchases of land from private entities who have been landlocked in the middle of National Parks or conservation areas. There never seemed to be anything subversive in any of those transactions – and I worked on a lot of them in several different states. All transactions like this also come with a public comment period and YOU, the public can say yea or nay and why. The latest talking head, Sally Jewel is no more nor less than any of her predecessors, some of who were really horrible at their jobs.

  • Orthospinedoc

    Nick I’ve written and called my us and state senators and reps,until I’m blue in the face without as much as a single reply from any of them…besides marching on Washington I don’t see anything changing…so in part you are right! Until people pull their heads out of their own lives for a minute and take responsibility we will continue to suffer until it’s too late to do anything! This has been set up,this way with incrementalization so no one feels pain until we are past the point of return. I could never understand how the Jewish people let themselves be gassed and burned without putting up much of a resistance…know I’m witnessing it first hand here. The only difference they had the USA to rescue them who are we gonna have?

  • TheRealEvilGenius

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  • Frank

    I have called, e-mailed and sent letters to many reps, not just mine. All I get back is e-mails or letters asking for donations. I didn’t vote for them to go to DC and sit and collect donations for doing their damn jobs. They get a salary for that. I am know going to send letters to every person in DC and tell them to do the job they were elected to do, WORK FOR THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. NOT CORPORATIONS, SPECIAL INTERESTS or THE FATTENING OF THEIR FRIGGING WALLETS.

  • Harry


  • ProudAmerican

    Ms. Jewell was a mastermind of the “Barrycades” during the shutdown.

  • John Miles

    big surprise coming to the UN

  • John Miles

    hurry up now! we Americans are growing tired of awaiting to enlighten you!

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  • Frank Padilla

    No, they won’t! This nation is now under martial law.

  • parrotail

    we very well may be killed before theyre through, almost certainly, so , we should march on washington and take by force our country back before its too late

  • parrotail

    look up HAARP

  • velvet

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  • velvet

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  • velvet

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  • Nick Marra

    your right there are too many people who wont do a thing and will just allow them selfs to just be gassed just like the jewish people of WWII. which was sad and bad on so many level’s.
    we can only rely on our selfs to do some thing to make this country as great if not better then it was many years ago….
    find your local militia in your state… join up and be a part of a group that will stand up for the constitution of our country and stand up to the government officials that are out for them selfs and not for the people who put them in power to make this country great…