Megyn Kelly Yells at Ezekiel Emanuel for Lying


Megyn Kelly entered into round two with Ezekiel Emanuel, who believes, “Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously.”  Kelly quote 5 million, the number of people insurance companies sent cancellation letters to.  Emanuel immediately said the numbers aren’t reliable.  Kelly told him that the could use 3 million and Emanuel once again said the numbers aren’t reliable.

Megyn Kelly Explodes on Obamacare Architect Ezekiel Emanuel Over Rollout

From there it was downhill all the way.  The people who schedule her guests really should screen out the ones who are not embarrassed for being outright liars.

Kelly then quoted the 7 million, the administration said they needed to enroll in Obamacare and he even denied that number was right.  We might have to give him this one as nothing coming from Obama rings true.

“Seven million includes the people who were expected from the individual market to come on as well. So it’s not just — seven million and the number from the individual market. That’s the first point.  The second point is you have to remember in the individual market before Obamacare the insurance companies were canceling people all the time.”

Does anyone remember the last time insurance companies cancelled 5 million people?

Kelly kept pressing Emanuel to admit that in order for Obamacare to work, the private insurance market would have to collapse.  Emanuel repeated the mantra that insurance companies are always cancelling policies, although he did not have any facts to back up his contention.  Kelly called him out:

“That’s spin.  You know as well as I do that the mass cancellations we have seen are hurting a lot of Americans. They are very upset and their relationship with their doctor has been severed as a result –”

That’s when Emanuel morphed into the small child he usually just sounds like and told Kelly to quit yelling at him.  Watch the entire exchange for yourself:


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