First Vote in Texas Under Voter ID Law Embarrasses Liberals

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The liberal’s argument against voter ID laws revolve around voter suppression.  However, if they were hoping for proof when Texas recently voted on changes to their constitution, then they have egg on their face.  Texas had a similar vote in 2011 and by comparing the numbers, it is impossible to claim suppression.  In both 2011 and 2013, the votes were over taxes and state budgets.

In 2011 there were  672,874 total votes.  In 2013, under the voter ID law there were  1,099,670 total votes.  In Hidalgo County alone the number of Hispanic voters quadrupled from 4,000 to 16,000.  Gregg Abbott, who is expected to run for governor, stated that critics of the voter ID laws have now run out of arguments.  This is hardly unusual to Texas.  Both Mississippi and Georgia also had increases in total voting and sizable increases in minority voting after they passed their laws.

Opponents are refusing to let facts get in their way.  The Justice Department, civil rights groups and U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey , have filed a federal lawsuit to get the law overturned.  This time they will have to explain the increase in the number of voters.


  • joanma

    Rachel Maddow will never believe it.

  • Constitutionalist

    Who’s this Rachel Madcow guy?

  • joanma

    Rachel Maddow on MSNBC has a mantra against Voter ID, preaching the evil voter suppression of those who want ID’s. She’s an Obama/Socialist (her definition not mine.)

  • MissSterious

    The exact same thing happened in Georgia. We have had strict voter ID laws since 2006.

  • Denny Erickson

    I am Sorry Liberal Demi-Commies ,you need to figure out how to cheat another way , this isn’t going to be so easy to cheat again. .

  • WORSEKarma

    Gee… It’s almost as though a lot of people weren’t voting before because they figured that with all the fraud and illegal aliens, their votes didn’t matter…

  • Kevin Dwayne Hoke

    I bet this leaves a rash on her scrotum.

  • Charles Edmonds

    All of her viewers agree with her.

  • Ilovemydawg88

    I think you know who he is..

  • Glen Saunders

    Never let proof and facts get in the way of a bunch of Liberal with an agenda….

  • Justin

    All 4 of them?

  • kas_wolf

    Bummer when the truth hits liberals square in the face…..

  • Steve Forsyth

    Liberals are victims of reality

  • Robert Fleeman Jr
  • Leslie

    She may believe it but her opinion pieces usually stray far from the facts.

  • upload

    Aw come one! Democrats can’t cheat anymore? How are they going to win?

  • Dwight Hannah

    lets face it…the democrats just do not want to lose votes that should have been eliminated years ok when the death certificate was filed

  • AnnaGraceS

    Bawahahahahahahahahaha such low rent amoral libturds!!!

  • flatbedbill

    Love it. Been a bad last 2 weeks for the democommies – things just ain’t workin’ out for them. BWAAAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!! It’s as if the Karma Bank took a stiff
    dump all over them these past 10 days. And I’m enjoying it way too much!

  • Morgan Graves

    People didn’t care about politics until now, because now they see what not voting got them. The Anti-Christ Obama. Who is selling out our country. The only reason Democrits & Liberals want this law overturned is so they can rig elections as they did with the last presidential election. Poor people have id’s , they have to get food stamps and cash government checks. That is not a slight against them just a fact.

  • tim west

    Doesn’t surprize me one bit. Seems when liberals run their collective pie holes, its all emotional garbage and it goes away…….when conservatives do the same….it eventually happens.

  • tim west

    The Republicans will hold a voter registration drive at the next Democratic National Convention…..and they expect great numbers.

  • Bob Howell

    As always, the liberals can’t stand to be beaten, so they go crying to the courts to help them out.

  • silentdogood

    would it be do to the fact of “lost ballots” in the 2011 or the economic boom do to TX and SD are the 2 leading states with Jobs.


    i refuse to give the sorry SOB that much credit. i think that he is one of the frogs of Rev. 16 put here to be forerunners of the real thing

  • Randy Lerch

    Libtards never allow facts to get in the way of their agenda…

  • Lonnie

    Justin, I think at last report she was down to 3!

  • righteousreverenddynamite

    We still need to cut down on the fraud that occurs with absentee ballots (e.g. turned in by someone other than the voter, mailing it in and then voting in person, etc..). This option should be for people too incapacitated to go to a poll or whose can vouch that they are going to be out of town on voting day. It seems that once you are on the absentee list, it just is renewed without inspection each year. I hope they impeach Holder next week…

  • Francis X. Knight

    The facts will not get in the way of the left….Just because more people voted legally does not mean that it is a good thing…

  • Francis X. Knight

    Just another thought…Why not have thumbprint I.D. required on all absentee ballots???

  • Elmer Landrum

    I want to know how many right in votes in nursing homes are done by others then the one who is supposed to be voting.

  • Paul Primmer

    No problems there.. The Democrats can still count on the “Dead Man’s Vote”!!

  • HaHa

    They can still cheat. Not every state has voter ID laws. Until they do, in Illinois for example, the dead will still rise from the grave in Chicago and vote every election.

  • Alan J. Morrison

    How are the liberals going to win elections if they can’t commit voter fraud anymore? :)

  • Guest

    Justice was blinded by her own lack of self-control…

  • jwiddy

    Good one!!!

  • wiprof

    While I am all in favor of voter ID, the logic behind this article is flawed. Just because voting numbers went up does NOT mean that there was no voter suppression. Similarly, if the numbers went down, it does not necessarily mean that there WAS voter suppression. Voting numbers fluctuate for many reasons and to automatically assume that you know why is intellectually dishonest and sloppy thinking. For instance, if there was voter suppression, then an increase in 5% of voters might have been an increase of 7%. You need to dig deeper to learn why the voting numbers increased.

  • James N. Samples

    That’s actually a swell idea.

  • Johnny Wishbone

    I like it when liberals make fools of themselves!

  • Duke Williams

    Never heard of it!!!!!

  • Charles Edmonds

    To be fair, I think its 6.

  • joanma

    Because people went to homes, provided transportation to bring to registration areas. Both parties provided workers. That’s how GA did it too. When you get more people registered voting rates go up, Duh.

  • Stephen Lawson

    The Progressive Liberals (Socialist Party) rely on low information voters and welfare recipients to support their party. Their leaders are not stupid. They know exactly who their constituents are and how they respond to the propaganda and rhetoric they spew pout daily. The Cloward-Piven strategy has been around since 1966 and this time the socialists have gain some momentum. SLL

  • Jeff Warden

    They will never let a good fact stand in the way. Should know that by now

  • Bud Combs

    And in Ohio counties vote 112% for Obama.

  • ColoMom

    Actually they will do what they have already done. Give money to a 3rd party candidate – Libertarian usually- as they did in the Virginia Gov. race as to split the Republican vote so the Dem wins.

  • ThereIsACure

    eventually that plan will backfire too when people start to realize that the libertarian candidate is the only one on the ticket that gives a shit about them.

  • ThereIsACure

    because that would require you to enter that information into a government database for vitrifaction, good luck getting the sovereigns to agree to that, and on top of that if you injure the skin your prints wont match. Just saying…

  • friday51

    Yet congresd never questioned that nor did we the people raise any hell

  • friday51

    Exactly. I bet soros has fire coming out his ears over this news

  • Cathy

    If voter ID were mandatory in all 50 states, the liberals couldn’t commit fraud!! That’s why there’s an increase, they’re ALL counted, accurately, instead of being tossed out or whatever method they do…..usually it was dead people that voted. Then there were “machine malfunctions”. It was fraud in 2012, and there have been some arrests since then. Good.

  • Steve

    Facts and logic 1, Libtards 0

  • David

    so let me get this right? Making us show a ID to vote is against are rights, But forcing Obama care down are throats and fine us if we don’t buy it, is not? WTF Government

  • Tamra Louviere

    DEMOCRATS CHEAT IN ELECTIONS? ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? They ALL do it! The 2012 RNC was the biggest freakin’ dog and pony show EVER! They cheated their own party members! OMG! You people have got to wake up! Democraps, Repukes…ALL THE SAME!!!

  • Tamra Louviere

    What a crock of crap! Libertarians just happened to have figured out that the democraps and the repukes are EXACTLY THE SAME in that they don’t give a crap about any of us!!! The RNC of 2012 was the biggest fraud in the history of American Voting!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

  • runnindeer

    Bill Clinton called the idea racist and unconstitutional when it was first broached as an idea in Georgia . He was visiting the State at the time and talking to another Democrat when the news caught it.

  • Charie

    I’m claiming the Justice Department, civil rights groups and U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey are committing Voter Suppression!!

  • David Lagassee

    the libertarian in that race WAS a democrat paid to run. sorry. the ONLY party out there that will look out for you is the tea party.

  • James Landry

    A good Liberal never let’s something as trivial as facts and logic get in the way of rebuilding this country into the workers paradise that Marx had envisioned. We conservatives could learn a little about the undaunted nature in which these communist drones pursue their objectives. We have a few problems to overcome though, like ethics, honesty and morals. They believe the ends justify the means, I’m convinced that is why our president finds it so easy to lie about anything he thinks will advance his agenda.

  • Jay Jaharias

    Libertarians are horrible people– just as bad as Liberals

  • Jay Jaharias


  • Jay Jaharias

    You are Lying- we cared about politics many years ago– be careful when you try to paint with such a broad brush. Is nothing new that decent people want to push back on the jackalass progressives