High School Senior’s Testimony Devastates Common Core

Knox County board meeting

Ethan Young is a student who has been subjected to the Common Core in the Knoxville School system and is currently a senior at  Farragut High School.  He testified on November 6th at the  at Knox County (TN) Regular Board Meeting.  His five-minute testimony to a packed house is devastating to the Common Core initiative.

First he takes on the facade of the Common Core Standards as “State Led .”

Here is the history of the Common Core. In 2009,  the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers partnered with Achieve, Inc, a nonprofit that received millions in funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Thus the initiative seemed to spring from states when it reality it was contrived by an insular group of educational testing executives with only two academic content specialists. Neither specialist approved the final standards, and the English consultant, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, publicly stated she felt they left students with an empty skill sets  lacking in literary knowledge.

While educators and administrators were later included in the validation committee and feedback groups, they did not play a role in the actual drafting of the standards. The product is a quote “rigorous preparation” for career and college yet many educators agree that rigorous is a buzzword. These standards are rigorous, just different and designed for an industrial model of school. Nevertheless, common core emerged. Keep in mind, the specific standards were never voted upon by Congress, the Department of Education,  state or local governments. Yet the implementation, was approved by 49 states and territories. The President essentially bribed states into implementation via  Race To the Top…..

He then takes some time to defend teachers and to speak against the teacher evaluation, then gets to the crux of the matter with common core, that it is a model of industrialized learning.


Standards based education is ruling the way we teach and learn.  Yes, I’ve already been told by legislators and administrators, Ethan, that’s just the way things work.  But “why”?  I’m going to answer that question: It’s bureaucratic convenience.  It works with nuclear reactors, it works with business models, why can’t it work with students?


I mean, how convenient calculating who knows what, and who needs what…I mean why don’t we manufacture robots instead of students? They last longer and they always do what they are told…but education is unlike every other bureaucratic institution in our government…the task of teaching is never quantifiable.  If everything I learned in high school was a measurable objective: I haven’t learned anything. I’d like to repeat that.   If everything I learned in high school was a measurable objective: I haven’t learned anything.  

He ends with what kind of things should be taught to a free people.


Creativity, appreciation, inquisitiveness…these are impossible to scale but they are the purpose of education…why our teachers teach …why I choose to learn…and today we find ourselves in a nation that produces workers…..everything is college and career preparation.  Somewhere our founding fathers are turning in their graves, turning and screaming and trying to say to us is that we teach to FREE MINDS….we teach to inspire, we teach to equip.  The careers will come naturally…ask yourselves: haven’t we gone too far with data?


Knoxville Wate.com, MO Education Watchdog

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    What an outstanding young mind. We need more like him, sadly, most kids aren’t taught to question or think for themselves anymore.

  • Jeff

    Even more to the point, kids today are taught to sit back and take whatever they are told in school to be factual. They are told by teachers, by Hollywood, by the music industry, by the very progressives seeking to indoctrinate them that their parents are always wrong. That God doesn’t exist, and that even if He did, that they can’t believe Him, or trust Him.

    They are taught the exact opposite of what is needed in the real world where capitalism, personal responsibility, hard work, and risk-taking are valued (at least were up until a few years ago).

  • jr61020

    Fell on deaf ears!

  • getitgeti

    Wow – this young man is going places!

  • mhgoats1

    My father always said to ask “What if?”. What if it rains before you can get the harvest in? What if all of the records the IRS has suddenly caught fire AND all computer records were wiped? What if you had one day of food and a storm hit and no one could get anywhere? What if? What if we do not teach our children to THINK?

  • Skorpsy

    If all the parents in America were as smart as this kid, we could get rid of this CC crap a whole lot quicker.

  • Mike S

    Like those sidewalk interviews Jay Leno does, where he asks people questions and they give whatever answer because they feel they MUST give an answer even when they don’t know the answer. If a person doesn’t know the answer to a question, they should just say so, and ask the questioner to give them the answer! But no, they just go about saying SOMETHING, like they have no power to think, deliberate, or ask, simply, “why?”

  • Damien

    This young man should run for office.
    He is beyond his years & understands what very few others do.
    And that is, Government can not make a person. Only the individual can make him or her self into what they want.

  • An American

    Once again, the President is bullying people into accepting things. Just because Obama says something, does not mean you cannot question it. Each State Education Department MUST have input into the education programs placed in our schools. Obama is NOT an educator and does not have a clue how to improve the education of our children. The State Education Department MUST take a stand and decide this is not right for our children.

    Once again, Obama is putting in his two cents where it doesn’t belong. STAND UP AMERICA, COMMON CORE IS NOT GOOD FOR OUR CHILDREN.

  • Derrick Mains

    This kid will be getting the drones.

  • TexasLadyJuanita

    Hear! Hear!

  • Reidweaver

    They are – they are just home schooled. Our aim was for our children to be self-learners by the time they reached 6th grade. The public school system spoon feeds students information and then tests on whether or not they can regurgitate that information. That is not learning at all. How many times have you seen people with “book” knowledge with no ability to apply that knowledge? I see it every day in the work place. I work in an executive office and the quality of writing I see (and have to edit) from supervisors and higher is FRIGHTENING! People cannot spell, have terrible grammar, and not a clue about punctuation. People say we are training up a work force of factory workers. I say we are training up a work force of government workers.

  • Reidweaver

    Unfortunately, our State Department of Ed is ramming it down the throats of Marylanders. They have town halls in every county – no one is allowed to ask questions, and then they tell you it is already decided. So what was the point of THAT??? The Dept. of Ed is making a whole lot of people in our state pretty darn mad.

  • dennis howell

    smart young man…need lots more like you…

  • SmartFedGuy

    Maybe you’d like to try being a government worker before you spout off. I know some of the most educated, professional, and motivated people whom are in the government workforce. I will certainly agree with the part about terrible writing skills but it’s not exclusive to the government! I see it running rampant in colleges and universities too. Don’t generalize and throw your half-assed insult at government workers so easily please.

  • Mister E

    Damn good kid.

    You’ve learned what I knew when I was in school . . . that I’m here to learn, grasp, and move forward. I’m not here to be turned into an indoctrinated drone or a robot capable of being told & following, but never asking why I should pay attention and follow.

  • Brigitte St John

    I disagree – go into a classroom and take a seat.. and see what really goes on.

  • Roy D Carlson

    I know what goes on in schools. And yeah some schools actually DO what they’re supposed to. But there are FAR too many schools, and particularly in the public school system, that use their access to kids as a way to express opinions as facts and then what’s worse, when a student says “no that’s not right” they shun the student and punish him for disagreeing. That’s what’s REALLY going on…and it’s been going on for decades.

    What’s the result? 2 or 3 generations of stupid people who don’t know anything. Why do we keep getting the ignoramus politicians elected in? Because students are being told to vote with their feelings and not with facts – and being affirmed in that. Why is our work force falling by the wayside? Because we have young adults who think it’s ok to live off mommy and daddy until they’re 35 (which is mommy and daddy’s fault too).

    Why do we have 3000+ unborn being killed each day in America? Because young women were taught from day one that it’s ok to kill and unborn because it’s not really life anyway, that abortion is just birth control (after all we’re just apes anyway, do what makes you feel good and don’t worry about consequences).

    What does it take to fix this? Sternness on the part of those of us who actually made it through the system without too much lost. Sternness and a willingness to be called every name in the book in order to get into the minds and hearts of the young and plant words of truth into them.

  • Brigitte St John

    Abortion rights doesn’t belong in the classroom . It should be a personal decision. BUT abstinence should be taught

    However, society is too lenient and perhaps corporal punishment should be brought back… it is an uphill battle.

  • Elden Morris

    Our teachers and school administrators trade common sense for college credits. With this “Common Core” they are merely producing widgets, not the future of civilization. This young man has hit it on the head, although according to our schools, this term is a violent and unacceptable.

  • Dan Balfour

    taught at home…

  • http://www.facebook.com/OnlineOnTheAir Online On The Air

    Bravo! Did not agree with every small detail of what he said, yet major kudos to the preparation, passion and delivery of his convictions. Kudos on the “guts” too. I see a destiny in politics and/or law school.

  • yikesmcgee

    You just made all that up, Jeff.

  • yikesmcgee

    Actually, I found that to be a pretty poorly written speech which makes a lot of disconnected claims, but substantiates none. I’d give him a C for that one at best! Also, the editorial notes are mostly inaccurate. Sloppy article.

  • 6cheri6

    They are taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think.

  • Citizen60

    Being as it is a government school that this young man attends, thought it would go more like, “yo, skool blows, she-at is crazi. We don’t be lernin nuffin…axe for mo moni,Yo”

  • Bobbie

    Sorry … that’s like saying “I’m a Lawyer and I work for the people” …

  • Lorie A. Voltz

    I agree Roy… I pulled my child from public schools when I learned they were teaching that Columbus discovered America and other such old teachings that we know are not true now, they would not say the pledge, they were not allowed to say “merry Christmas,” no teachings of where Christmas came from…… yet I seen a tree in the classroom…. a tree….hummmm… with no meaning of origin…. pictures of santa too…. I pulled my child right after the holidays.. she goes to a Christian school now. They are trying to NOT teach about the Haulocaust… (sp?) , I spoke to a twenty year old recently who had no idea what had happened, barely heard of Hitler, just passing through class to get a grade from a system who only wants you to make them more money!

  • Lorie A. Voltz

    In Linguistics we learn that a persons ability to speak and write grammatically correct, or inability to speak or write grammatically has no bearing on IQ. Einstein for example was a terrible speller, and not very grammatically correct, but a genius still, and bipolar.

  • BP

    “…makes a lot of disconnected claims, but substantiates none.”

    Coincidentally, your reply does exactly that.

  • BP

    A government worker defending government workers… who are we to question!? We’re just THE EMPLOYER.

  • yikesmcgee

    Really? Where are my “lot of unsubstantiated claims?” I know it’s hard, but try this: if you are actually interested in the point I made, then go back and look at the claims the student makes, e.g. he connects “bureaucratic convenience” with procedures surrounding nuclear reactors – that’s quite a claim that requires some substantiation to be taken seriously, and if he has an appropriate citation to support it, it is remote from this site, whereas my claim that he’s all over the map with no substantiation can be tested by rereading the above article. Use your brain! Maybe it isn’t so much the education provided in this country that is the problem, but how hard people resist it in order to maintain their biases.

  • JimboPatterson

    How to excite people when not sure what to say anymore: insert forefathers and freedom, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for patriotic yells where people are ready to take issue with something not completely understood. American 101 ;-)

  • Evett

    This is the reason why I put my child out of school and now homeschooling him.

  • Barbara Finger

    Awesome kid – his parents should be really proud

  • littlebigman21

    I wander what the Board members thought of that.

  • Tommie Kaye

    As a previous government worker I can honestly state that if most people in government had to get jobs in the private sector, they would be unemployable. I never had an easier job than I had working in government. I was way over paid, spent most of my day talking to other workers and watched as my fellow workers spent most of their day on the Internet, on the phone on personal calls or walking around talking to other workers too. At first it was a culture shock for me but after about three months I got used to it. Lazy government fat cats pretty much sums it up. Notice I said “most” not “all”.

  • Constitution101

    That was inspirational and truthful. At the end the panel sat stone faced and motionless. We need to get back to teaching and inspiring and then the careers will come. Our current education is like socialist Germany where early on kids have their career fields tested and picked for them. That eliminates creativity and forces the student towards a career path that may not what they will be best suited for ultimately.

  • disqus_ted_ho

    Thanks for your take on the subject now go back to your robotic duties.

  • disqus_ted_ho

    Those who work for the government (I use the term “work” loosely) do nothing other than collect a welfare paycheck for putting in some time to force the government on the lives of the average citizen. I challenge you to get a real job and then maybe some of the respect you desire will be shown. Until then, drop off a cliff. lol

  • yikesmcgee

    So, you got nothing to add, Ted, but thought you would anyway?

  • LadyRedMane

    I totally relate to what you’re saying, Reidweaver. I am a professional writer and cringe with some of the things I read – misspelled words, plural words made into singular possessives for no reason, and no knowledge regarding the way a sentence/paragraph is constructed. I also work in customer service and the things I hear people say on the phone is absurd! A turnip has more knowledge than a lot of people coming out of the public school system nowadays.

  • linlin

    Yes, we need more people like him saying the truth about common core. Common Core is not education, it’s indocrination and should be repealed in every state. Brainwashing is not education.

  • Matty Fatty

    Indoctrination is not new

  • TripleB

    If the US truly cared about improving education then they would take all the money they are spending on “the next big thing in education” and spend it on teachers. No, not give them raises, hire more teachers. The number one thing that can be done to improve the education of our youth is to reduce class size. If you want to see learning increase then decrease class size to 15 students per class…maximum, no exceptions. Last year I had 34 students in one of my classes (I’m a 7th grade Math teacher) and this year my daughter (11th grade) has 44 students in one of her Math classes. When you go to the doctor does he see you, diagnose your problem, and treat you while he’s doing the same for 33 other patients? Then why does the public think a teacher can do the same with children? How can we expect students to have common sense when those in charge of the educational system in the US have none???

  • Retired

    BRAVO!! After a 30 yr career as a teacher, I’m happy to see even the young people understand how ludicrous this educational jargon is! BRAVO!!

  • guy

    Why do we feel like evry kid going through our schools should be highly educatednfor college and/or a carrer? Some kids need to be left behind, they have no desire to separate themselves from others. Some will do it on their own, some are pushed by a parent or other mentor but the reason school administrators push these big new ideas through is for justification of there rediculous salary. When they really aren’t doing a damn thing but implementing change. One bad idea replaces another. Brilliance is to discovered by policy! It is discovered by desire and exposure. We have our kids sitting in a classroom all day following a teacher that’s directed not inspired. I don’t think anything good is going to come from this, our schools are already robots. I watched my daughters preschool teacher end 10 minutes putting name tags on each kid so they could go out for 5 minutes of recess. Why? So other teachers would know who my daughter is if they spoke to her! Try asking her her name!

  • Gin

    So true Mike! The reason people do this….they are taught this way. Don’t question anything.

  • Rhett

    I don’t know about that. Coming out of my high school two years ago, I felt that I had received a fairly unbiased education. Of course, I lived in the suburbs and had a fairly compassionate school staff so I can’t speak of what goes on in the inner-city schools. Still, the notion that all schools are pushing socialist and atheist views on students is false. In fact, Jeff, it seems like the only thing you’re worried about is that schools aren’t teaching YOUR point of view.
    I had a class in high school called Political Radicalism. In the class, we spent the first semester going over political theories, the political continuum (both the 2D plane and the single line version), and influential people. For the second semester we had speakers come in from every corner of the political world. We listened to the retired Grand Dragon of the KKK, the former leader of the Weather Underground, members of the International Socialist Party, members of the Libertarian party, members from the Tea Party, and the list goes on. Personally, I felt that this class was a great leveler when it came to the controversy of liberal bias in schools. No matter what you had been fed previously, this class made you question everything. I went from considering myself a stout socialist to a libertarian and now have soundly landed smack dab in the middle.
    Basically, I’m saying schools should opt to teach all views rather than none. However, when it comes to religion the schools are kind of between a rock and a hard place. They can’t teach just one, and they certainly don’t have the budget or time to teach all major religions. So they opt to just steer clear of it as much as possible. That means teaching your children religion is up to you, unless you wanna pony up the cash that it would take to teach religion in the schools, and that means ALL major religions.

  • Michael Rice

    My wife works for an organization that handles kids who have been removed from school. Mostly, lower risk stuff….non violent type things.
    Today she was working with 6 kids, from 6th grade through a senior. None of them knew what Pearl Harbor was or where it was located.
    Granted, most of these kids are of a the “don’t pay much attention” variety, but seriously?

  • Cheryl

    That’s what happens when an intelligent mind like his meets logical reasoning. Another big problem with schools now is not having the potential for failure. So success in some degree is assured. My husband is a math teacher in a high school where they are not allowed to give the students less than a 50 as a grade, even if they did nothing and earned a zero. Because they know the lowest grade they can receive is a “D”, about 2/3 of his students play on their cell phones throughout every class. Teachers are not allowed to forbid the students from using their phones, so this disruption continues each and every day. The students he has tried to counsel say they don’t worry about grades because the government will give them food stamps and housing, so what’s the big deal. Then you have the breakdown of the families that affects these kids too. Everything the government is trying to do to redefine the family, religion, and education, is failing miserably. It will become more evident as time passes, but will it be too late to do anything when enough people finally realize that?

  • Dennis Webb

    Funny, because I can go to any major corporation and find the same thing. No matter where you work you will find people goofing off or slacking. Workers usually follow the trend that their supervisor sets so if he/she is a hard worker than the employees will be as well. If you witnessed this and then did it yourself, that says a lot about you.

  • mbzguy

    Why is it a stretch to connect bureaucratic convenience with nuclear reactors? He is referring to a checklist that must be completed hourly, daily, weekly, etc. to make sure the reactor is stable and functioning properly. Common Core asks for a similar checklist to be completed on each student at certain intervals. His point is that students are not taught how to think, but only what to think. And that what to think is getting further and further from useful information and closer to indoctrination. Obviously he is not all over the map, but you lack the thinking skills to see the connections he is making. Obviously a product of an under-performing government school.

  • marryjane69

    tress and the history of christmas would have nothing to do with the version YOU want them to know… The history of the tree and YULE which is where Christmas came from is Pagan. You would not be happy if they taught the HISTORY!

  • Dasgeiss

    You know, our education system must have been pretty good back in the early 1900’s. Look at all the great stuff discovered and provided by those students over the years! Maybe we should just return the education system back the way it was and dump all these so called Education Engineers of today. Just a thought!

  • Hannah

    As a teacher and in a new state to adopt the common core (illinois), it’s senseless. Kids completely lack foundational skills as education in the past dictated. We are making curriculum more “figorous” when they couldn’t meet the rigor where it was. Just because we raise the bar, doesn’t mean they will reach it. I am in a low achieving CPS s. chool. What we are asking them to do is ludicrous. We have fourth graders expected to devise an opinion statement when they don’t even know the difference between a fact or an opinion. We want to do “math talks” when students don’t even have the basic foundational skills in math (adding, subtracting, and multiplication facts). This is a one size fits all model. What happened to differentiating? There is a conflicting idea of what should go on. Differentiate instruction, but don’t differentiate assessment. I do think there should be some sort of testing on foundational skills. Common core is fluff. There is not much crux to it and it’s just something that looks good on paper. I can’t wait for this buzzword to go away.

  • Joann Nabb

    Hurray for Ethan Young! Common Core takes the love out of learning and those creative students who think out of the box cannot flourish. Our teachers are dying in the classroom under evaluations and numbers leaving their natural talent and desire to teach, lost to our students who need those wonderful and creative teachers more than ever. We are creating clones or robots as Ethan said. Common Core HAS to GO!

  • yikesmcgee

    How do you know so specifically what he’s referring to, he doesn’t state it. Sounds like an awful lot of conjecture on your part. You should have helped him write the speech since you apparently know him so well; he sure could have used all that clarification!. Also, yours is not an accurate description of Common Core, more like the No Child Left Behind model. I’m not advocating for either, just objecting to the misleading headline that this kid’s testimony “devastated” Common Core. He failed to do that, gave a weak argument, but this kind of website ignores truth to promote cynicism. And none of it is about indoctrination, by the way. Resist the propaganda! It’s ostensibly about competing, but I believe it is a misguided approach. You think I lack thinking skills? Do you always go immediately the ad hominem? Not much of a debater, I guess. Fact is, I don’t care what you think, but your pronouncement is similar to that disingenuous headline, an unsubstantiated exaggeration! I don’t think you’d want to get into a dialectical discussion with me about it, I’m pretty sure I’d have you for breakfast, since you rely only on unfounded conjecture and ad hominem arguments. And no, I’m not a product of an under-performing government school. Again, just more conjecture on your part.

  • Cary Davis

    Amazing young man! This raises my hopes of the future of this country knowing that one day all the elite career criminals in Washington will be replaced by people like this!

  • Francis Andrews

    Agree Tommie, I worked in government on a state level and it was the same. They pushed paper around to look busy. When I offered some additional training most indicated that the training would mean they must do even more work if they increased their skills. And they did not want to even have to think about working more. Those people would not have lasted 10 minutes in the private sector at a ‘real’ job. Learning new skills, working more earns promotions. At least I always found that to be true, but not in government work.

  • Francis Andrews

    Can you vote? Surely these people have their jobs because someone voted. State Dept. of Education is political. I worked for ours, so it was. But we had a State Supt. of Education and over him a Governor, Bet there is an organized effort in every state now to stop CCC, check and see.

  • kalaelee

    I think that one of the reasons our country is great is because of our history of innovation. I think these standards are killing innovation in our kids and are focusing on the wrong goal. Instead of trying to get the same test scores as other countries (who may be excellent at producing students who can do rote memorization but are terrible at encouraging innovation), the main focus should be on creativity, innovation and problem solving.

  • Reidweaver

    SmartFedGuy I am a government worker – a GS-11 Program Spcialist in the Director’s office of a VA. My job is reading and editing the correspondence that will eventually have the director’s signature on it. There are GS-13s and 14s sending things across my desk that my teenage children would not have written. I know whereof I speak. Remember, when you assume…

  • Reidweaver

    I will disagree. There are “some” of us who actually take pride in our work. We are the ones who never take breaks, never leave our desks at lunch time and are the last punching out. We are also the ones rising through the ranks of leadership. In 6 years I have gone up 6 grades and doubled my income, but I was always the one in the office who met the deadlines, met the national mandates, while going to leadership school, losing both parents and having our first child married off AND doing other peoples’ work while they slacked. No one else in my office did that. Everyone else in that office is still there. I’m movin’ on!

  • Reidweaver

    Lorie, I certainly wasn’t referring to anyone’s IQ. My original point is that we need to teach our children by teaching them to think and most importantly, to reason. Our difficulty today is that we have an educational system that teaches children to parrot back answers. It teaches them nothing.

  • YouAin’tSeenNothingYet

    i go to a catholic school where they teach you to think about god and morals and stuff like that, but only if it pertains to Catholicism. there isn’t any room to think about other religions in the classroom (although in the hallways and in the cafeteria it’s the main discussion). having a god-based religion is also an example of schools teaching kids to be narrow-minded. they don’t question anything; they just accept it. and when they do question it, they realize its a bunch of crap and then dismiss it. so you end up with either religious bigots or atheists. only a select few actually use their minds.

  • Kari Compton

    Err…Christmas came from Yule; it was adapted by Christians when conquering wasn’t converting properly so the pagans would celebrate a Christian holiday. That’s where your tree comes from. If you’re teaching your kids something different….

  • irenehoule

    Yup those police officers and firefighters sure are lazy. And those teachers just walking around while the entire class goes wild. All those highway department workers out there in the freezing cold and the boiling sun, working at 3am because they can’t work at 3pm or you would not be able to get work. All those social workers responsible for hundreds of families, day in a and day out visiting homes you have never seen and will never see, walking into neighborhoods and buildings that would make your skin crawl.

    Are there lazy people, of course. Are they exclusive to government workers, oh please. You are all guilty of exactly what you are railing against our education system for, being close minded. You already “know” all about government workers and private sector workers, and facts be damned.

    For the record, I do not work for the government, and except for two years as a day-to-day substitute in our local school system have never worked for the government. No member of my immediate family (parents, siblings, mine and husband’s) works or has worked for the government.

  • juliannewylie

    well spoken and he is definitely educated

  • Casey G

    This was a wonderful speech, but my question is, what now? Will he just be ignored or will this change anything?

  • mcpierce

    Schools don’t, and shouldn’t, teach about anybody’s god. That’s for church.

    You do know the two aren’t the same thing, don’t you?

  • mcpierce

    So you taught your children that Christmas was a pagan European celebration? Good for you!

  • davisnet

    Do you really think they would pull that stuff in front of the parents? Not if they valued their job.

    I read all three of my daughter’s High School history books. Not one of the three even mentioned the Viet Nam war. Only one had the courtesy to include WWII and they devoted two whole paragraphs to it so they could deny the holocaust ever happened…

  • davisnet

    You are correct that it doesn’t belong in the classroom but it will be part of the common core. We’ve already received memos from our youngest daughters’ Elementary School ( she is in kindergarten) that they will be receiving sex education classes and I’m sure abortion will be part of that mix. Sex education doesn’t belong anywhere near an Elementary or Middle school for that matter. What should be taught is that partaking in those acts at that age is illegal. Punish the first few and the rest will fall right in line…

  • davisnet

    Wikipedia (who is crediting Encyclopedia Britannica as its source) disagrees with you. I don’t care what HISTORY my kids are taught. I care that they are taught the TRUTH. Not some liberally spun version that is acceptable to the person teaching it because they can’t handle the truth…

    According to the Encyclopædia Britannica,
    “The use of evergreen trees, wreaths, and garlands to symbolize eternal
    life was a custom of the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Hebrews. Tree
    worship was common among the pagan Europeans and survived their
    conversion to Christianity in the Scandinavian customs of decorating the
    house and barn with evergreens at the New Year to scare away the devil
    and of setting up a tree for the birds during Christmastime.

  • Shirley Ujest

    A good godly reference for what has happened to our U.S. Public Schools: The Truth Project – an in home, 12 week course. http://www.thetruthproject.org/ The humanists have revised history, taken God out of the Founding (from the Mayflower Compact on), and brought “education” to the lowest level in history. Wonder why the Christian schools, charter schools, and home schools are producing more well-educated students? Because they don’t put up with the liberal, progressive, humanist world-view which teaches moronic revisionist history, language, math, and science pushed as “learning” in today’s schools. If you can do it (and be careful: our POTUS is backing Germany in trying to extradite a family who dared to home-school in Germany – which is against the law there due to edicts promoted during Hitler’s time) — GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

  • Shirley Ujest

    Just a few quotes from the Founders and others to back up my last note…“It cannot be emphasized too clearly and too often that this nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason, peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.” [Patrick Henry ~ May 1765 Speech to the House of Burgesses] — The Mayflower Compact (authored by William Bradford) 1620 ~ “Having
    undertaken, for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honor of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia, do by these presents solemnly and mutually, in the presence of God, and one of another, covenant and combine our selves together…” (did your children learn all about this, or do they just know Pilgrims in funny hats eating a meal with the Native Americans?) — Thomas Jefferson said, “And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure if we have lost the only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these
    liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? I tremble for my country when I realize that God is just; and that His justice will not sleep forever.” Notes on the State of Virginia, 1781. — April 15, 1775 – John Hancock, President of the United States in Provincial Congress, called for a day of Fasting, Humiliation, and Prayer. He issued this proclamation:
    “In circumstances as dark as these, it becomes us, as men and Christians, to reflect that whilst every prudent measure should be taken to ward off the impending judgments, …at the same time all confidence must be withheld from the means we use; and reposed only on that God rules in the armies of Heaven, and without His whole blessing, the best human counsels are but foolishness.” — THIS is the Founding history that modern “educators” have gleaned OUT of the American classroom. It’s all a part of the dumbing down of America http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/ and the way they got our American classrooms into the mess they are today.

  • Henry

    Eighteen year old boys always think they know everything… Common core has inspired teacher education that improves the way we teach. Students are more excited about lessons that are self-led and self-paced. They learn to question everything put in front of them and the value of productive struggle. Unfortunately, the advent of “performance”-based pay has been at the same time as the implementation of common core, forcing teachers to associate the two together and dislike common core as a result. When implemented correctly, common core is not some plot from Bill Gates or Obama, it’s a much needed instructional shift.

  • Henry

    Sex Ed has nothing to do with common core. Common core is just language arts and math… Such ignorance.

  • Ralph Sampson

    Teachers should just teach, and say to hell with that Communist Core crap.

  • budgiegirl2

    The problem is that standardized tests were only supposed to be a means to gauge what was being taught. The end was supposed to be the education of a well rounded student. Instead, the standardized test has become the end in itself. Everything is geared towards the test result, and we have forgotten that the primary goal was the education of the student. That has gone by the wayside.

  • fed-up


  • KnowB4USpeak

    I just wonder how many of the people posting here with such strong opinions about the Common Core Standards have actually read the Common Core Standards. I suspect you would have a hard time maintaining your opinion if you actually knew what was there. The mismatch between what people are complaining about here and what is actually contained within the standards couldn’t be greater.

  • jackie cox

    sad but true, exposing the academic caste system for what it is, a kid self educated on the ” one Book “, or internet exposes the exponentially increasing emergence of anarchy, which will in time encompass society, removing criminality from all aspects of humanity, his exposure of the gatses,buffetses, farcebuck. etc, microsoft et al etc, world class mafia figures trying to control the academic caste system, using malinformation and misdirection as a base of controlling a youth who have achieved magnitudes of literacy greater than themselves. we are a nation under occupation by criminality puppets of the fed possessed by the demons of ignorance, we are ruled by a ture deminic power, which will either change or perish in time, as Only truth survives time, and time changes al things.

  • Margie

    And if our children are not compliant with the teachers the parents are encouraged to put their kids on mind altering drugs like ridilin, adderall…. adhd is on the rise!!! Traditional school, and I use that loosely, doesn’t work for everyone. I refuse to put my kid on adhd drugs for what? So these teachers strip my kid of his identity and have a computer in class. I for one day allowed to be encouraged and told it’s a gradual increase or decrease in these meds. WTF!!! My boys were like zombies, wouldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and absolutely did not smile! This kid is smarter than many of our politicians, and what they’re doing is not working either!

  • Mud

    Sounds like you has a rare opertunity with that class. Steering clear of religion and only teaching the spiritual belief in government is not a good idea to me. As a child you are told things are fact and the only way to think. I know millionaires that are still haunted that they failed in life because they did not go to college, even though they know it will give them anything of value to their life. They were told if they did not go to college they will be a failur, or they can not apply for a job. You are told government is pure and Nobel, even though no matter what your political belief is, government/courts/police only serve the political/corporate/social elite.

  • John

    While I agree our current education system, by no fault of (most) teachers, is pretty awful you’re clearly placing blame from a political standpoint and therefore its hard to take you seriously. Especially making the obvious remark that you think a presidential election single handedly changed the work ethic of an entire country is asinine.

    By phrasing your argument in that way you are doing the exact thing you are trying to oppose…

  • James Herriott

    I don’t know what kind of candy unicorn dream world you people are living in, but this little boy is JUST like every deluded liberal arts student I went to college with- the same kids who showed up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to their high school senior year speech and debate team full of fairy-tale ideas about how the world works.

    I’m interested to see where an education that eschews the “college and career preparation” he finds fault with for interpretive dance and creative writing classes lands him in twenty years. “The careers will come naturally” is EXACTLY the mantra I saw chanted by half the student body in college, followed by the dismay at realizing there weren’t going to be any prospective employers lined up, chomping at the bit to throw money at them for their vast body of academic knowledge in philosophy, 18th century English literature, or whatever.

    “Creativity” and “inquisitiveness” are not “skills” that can be taught – they are either naturally present in us or instilled in us by GREAT TEACHERS, regardless of the curriculum or testing standards they employ. Enjoy your career as a part-time high school speech and debate coach and your $40,000 in debt, kid. Take heart though; those of us who financially contribute to society will always be there to sign your welfare checks.

  • FallenHeros