[Watch] A Look Back At Prophetic Visions of John Voight Regarding Obama

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John Voight is on the Mike Huckabee show talking about the dangers of Obamacare and how Obama is trying to turn America into a socialist nation. He makes point after point that sound like they could be taken from today’s headlines.  Voight is out on front on this issue as this video is from September of 2009.

He talks of how America is on a path to civil unrest, how divisive Hussein Obama is and how we are witnessing “a slow and steady takeover of our true freedoms.”

If only more people would have spoken out like this at the time, we might have been able to avoid this disastrous legislation and the devastating consequences to our nation.

It’s as if Voight had seen into the future in his descriptions. It’s very powerful and well worth a listen.

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  • moxie

    So many have predicted what was going to happen in our country………some of us saw the writing on the wall….only those that are famous are able to say what we knew to be true. Thank you for good Americans like this!

  • LindaSinclair

    I totally agree with the entire interview!

  • LindaSinclair

    Mike Huckabee for President!!!

  • lindkev

    Ok a lot of folks don’t want Obama care but millions of people do I feel it is about time we have a health care system for everyone not just the ones who can afford insurance The reason President Obama did this was because his mother had cancer and instead of concentrating on getting well she was constantly fighting insurance companies,doctors,and other medical enties about coverage and money. I have seen it my self friends getting cancer and their insurance company dropping them. Their medical cost goes over a cert-en amount and they are told they have maxed out there life time benefits. I can tell you all the stories behind both these statements but i don’t have the time now.now insurance companies can’t do that now and it cuts into profits.that who is behind this get rid of Obama care campaign.that is who is paying these guys to say this stuff. there are some bad things in Obama care but there are a lot of good things for us too. but you don’t here them say lets fix it do you.It should had been fixed before it was passed.The people who are in charge now are not fit to lead our country so this is what you get.People who think more about the money in there bank accounts and what their lobbyist want them to vote on then the well-fair of our country

  • judy

    I understand where you are coming from. I myself had to fight insurance companies and still do for things they don’t think should be covered. However the biggest problem that and many Americans have with Obamacare is the fact that they are lossing their insurance that they have and can afford to have to turn around and HAVE to buy the Obamacare that is more expensive for them than thier insurance was. Why must he make people pay a fine for not being able to afford insurance? Shouldn’t this be a concern that so many people are scrapping by and now must fork out more money to pay for insurance or a fine in which they can not afford either?


    Well lindkev you have missed the point and you sir a a huge donkey. Insurance is a

    Privilege NOT A RIGHT.


    Civil war is coming! It will be in the next 10 years. Obama will not give up his seat as president. He will try to be our dictator. War is coming.

  • Ron

    The problem is not insurance. The problem is the cost of health care. Insurance is just the rancid band-aid that is now making the problem even worse.

  • 1nativeamerican

    Islamobamao, could care less about your health, this healthcare law was just to get everyone from doctors to hospital janitors into unions. You can’t inject a socialists program into a free enterprise system, socialism doesn’t work. Look at the Soviet Unions collapse, even Castro said socialism doesn’t work. Socialist healthcare is spreading the wealth, those that will work to have more, is forced to give more to those who won’t work for more. Why should they work for more, when more that they haven’t earned is given to them freely. This is a lessen that is taught to your children now, you don’t think so!
    Ever been to football, soccer, baseball or basketball game involving 5,6,7,8,9, year olds, when the season is over, the last place team gets the same reward as the first place team. So our children are taught that regaurdless of what they do or do not accomplish they deserve the same as those who work hard to have more. Now let’s make socialism alittle more into prospective, lets apply socialism to sports. You have team A, and team B, team B practices hard, learns how to play better. Team A, they don’t practice, even if there was a practice, they don’t want to. Team B scores more points that team A. So under the rules of socialism, you take some of team B’s points and give them to team A so that they both have to same amount of points. But team B has sacrificed, worked hard to have more points, team A is given points, what is the incentive to practice if what you have earned is given away. At the end of all this, there is no Superbowl, no World Series,

  • Margie Lee Green

    I would like to know how many (and who) actors are still wearing rose colored glasses. Why aren’t more speaking out since people may listen to celebrities. God Bless you John Voight!

  • Bigboyrd

    ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! Also, The problem’s lie here. 1. There are not enough JOBS in this country. 2. We have too many LAZY FUCKS that don’t want to work.
    They want everything given to them for FREE.
    The funny thing is, These IDIOTS thought they were going to get FREE health Insurance!! LMAO!!!!
    My opinion to solve this health care BULLSHIT is: LOWER THE COST OF HEALTH CARE! PERIOD!!!!! $20.00 FOR A FUCKING BAND-AID?! REALLY?! People are going to other countries for Medical services. i.e. surgeries. Because, It’s thousands of dollars cheaper and, the medical procedures they had done are just as good as if it were done in America. So what’s the problem? GREED!!!!!!

  • Robert Collins

    That war U all talk is right around the Corner we are all waiting for the first shot heard around this country , and the games will began , We are all waiting , WE The People have had Enough , !!

  • Frank Padilla

    Where is he? We need him now and forever.

  • John Dossett

    Obama is a joke to the world its time to throw him off of his imaginary throne, literally

  • JohnBode

    Obama and his socialist agenda is not the problem. Our system of government has a severe defect that is going to destroy the USA as we know it, and there is little that anyone can do about it. In 1930, Congeess gave the power of the tariff to one man, the President. Ever since then, every president has reduced taxes on imports. Initially the destruction was slow, but in the late 1960’s U.S. car companies began to see the effect. Normalizing relations with China worsened the problem by a factor of ten. Now, money is draining away from the U.S. At an ever increasing rate. The stock market cannot be used as any measure of the condition of our country. Look at where the cash is, not in the faith of investors. Now for the really bad part. The slide will only continue, in in fact increase, because big business is, and has always been the driving force. They only are concerned with quarterly profits and not in the long term direction of the country.

  • happylada

    “The reason President Obama did this was because his mother had cancer
    and instead of concentrating on getting well she was constantly fighting
    insurance companies,doctors,and other medical enties about coverage and

    That is just another of Obama;’s deliberate lies. It never happened.

  • happylada

    ” Their medical cost goes over a cert-en amount and they are told they have maxed out there life time benefits.”

    Largely a lie.

  • happylada

    “1. There are not enough JOBS in this country.” There are plenty of Jobs. Why do you think the mexicans come here? The lazy will NOT work. They get paid better to stay on food stamps and welfare than to learn to work.

  • happylada

    Obamacare was never about health OR insurance – it was about crashing the system – destroying society as we know it. So far its working perfectly. He is one politician who kept his promise – to fundamentally transform America – from a prosperous nation to a backwater dictatorship!

  • Sandidad

    I would love to see Obama lead out of the WH in handcuffs.

  • Bigboyrd

    Your right about the lazy will not work but unfortunately, you are wrong about there being plenty of jobs. The number of jobs out there are not even close as what it used to once be. we need to bring back manufacturing to this country! when we were the leader in manufacturing, this country and the people thrived!!! Mexicans are taking jobs at a pay scale that no American can take because, they do not have 10 people living in the same household sharing the expenses. If we deport ALL Illegal immigrants and raise minimum wages then, you would see more white people taking the jobs the Mexicans have now. But, the lazy will remain just that, LAZY! Especially, when they have a government giving them every incentive to stay home!

  • Theresa J Memolo

    I agree but what are we going to do about it, bla bla bla is great but action is needed

  • Ben

    Great to see some in Hollywood are starting to see the truth and speak out against the lies.

  • Nick Monterosso

    I think you should restate that “There are plenty of Jobs.” and “They get paid better to stay on food stamps and welfare than to learn to work.” I am a father of two and for the past 2 years I have put out thousands of applications. Sometimes 3-5 a day and renewing the ones for jobs that are still posted every month or so. In those 2 years I have gotten 1 interview and was for a part time cashier position and was over looked for a teenage girl who looked good, I was told that they were going with someone with more experience for the position mind you I have well over 6 years customer service experience and over 5 years retail experience among other job experience. Now I am on food stamps that barely covers food for a month for my family we are living with my mother on her social security, I tried to get cash assistance but the case workers make it so hard to comply with what they want you to do it is easier to opt out than have them violate you and sanction you with a loss of not only cash but food stamps for the month. Now I have a friend of color who is on these programs as well, he is single with no kids, he get double the food stamps and (when I had it) cash I get, he doesn’t look for jobs and he hasn’t heard anything from his case worker in months to even see if he is looking for jobs or not. I mentioned this to my case worker and she didn’t even bat an eye lash or even ask for his name just said and I quote “well I am not sure about your friends case and can’t give you any information about his case.” I personally hate being on food stamps it makes me feel like shit that I am not providing food for my family as I was brought up to. But the jobs that are out there you can only get if you know someone or if the boss likes the way your tits bounce (THAT WAS NOT A JAB AT WOMEN BUT AT THE CHAUVINISTIC WAY A LOT OF MANAGERS RUN THINGS).

  • friday51

    I predict 2014 by way of govt false flags that will be so bad, we will be forced to fight.

  • friday51

    Someb of those phucks should have stood up before the last election.

  • friday51

    You r so right. As a single white mother, I reached out to them when I stopped getting child support (another dss controlled thingy in my area that doesn’t work for a working white woman) and they treated me terrible so I worked 3 jobs to get by.

  • Mark Krieg

    in other words, I told you so?

  • Old Ga Dawg


  • judy

    I do agree. It is sad that it has come to this. Is it ever going to become better and how are we goingto save this great nation from falling?