Urban Shield – North Texas Drills For Martial Law

422 urban sheild

It’s going to look like martial law has been declared in parts of north central Texas this weekend. The region’s first Urban Shield training exercise is being conducted at an assortment of twenty different sites and points in between.

Heavily armored vehicles, heavily armored police, SWAT teams, paramedics and bomb squads will abound as this DHS-funded exercise, marketed and advertised as a counter-terrorism drill, is held.

The Arlington City Council described it as “an exercise in preparedness, preparedness for man-made and natural emergencies” aimed at ensuring that the public stays safe. “That’s all this is.” It sounds like someone in the council is a little sensitive as to speculation about their motives.

Tye Bell, the police spokesman for the City of Richland Hills, commented to the Dallas Morning News, “To me, it’s a comforting thought to know that help is out there if and when you need it.”

Tye might be comforted, but it’s having the exact opposite effect on many others. Not everybody is pleased. The idea of an armed presence similar to that which took over in New Orleans or Boston is offensive and unnerving to many.

Douglas Bell, a 33-year-old military veteran spoke before the Arlington City Council and expressed his feelings. He said, “You’re bringing them here to go through our homes like they did in Boston, and I’m really concerned over that. What happened in Boston won’t be allowed here by the population…The way they went through people’s homes, the way they pointed weapons through people’s windows…I do not think that that should be allowed in our city.”

Approximately two dozen people showed their opposition to the “militarization of our police force” at the Arlington City Hall.

Resident and military veteran Jacob Cordova also spoke out, “Call it what you want but when you are locked down, not allowed to leave your homes, work, or go to school while militarized units of police roll down your streets pointing rifles in your faces like you’re in Iraq or Afghanistan, coming into your homes without warrants and searching you, that is martial law,” he said.

The group coordinating the event, Cytel Group, conducts these types of events all over the country, as a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security.

Once again, one needs to ask for the reason and the justification as to why these huge and hugely expensive drills are necessary.

An exercise to practice controlling large groups of people in a militarized fashion on American soil at gun point is not something that we should just accept as normal police activity. It is not a traditional part of policing. It is a byproduct of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. The battle against the invisible so-called enemy of terrorism is being used effectively as a scare tactic to force us to compromise our liberties.

We’d be better off taking our chances with a little confusion in the event of an actual emergency and holding on to our freedoms. The price we are paying in liberty cannot be recovered through any amount of false security.

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  • Kathleen Moore

    SO with the training in Hawaii all so , where else is this going to happen at .since this is all at the same time. just like it said it was. so is this the start of the end ?

  • Rebecca

    I think we are going to see more and more of these “drills.” It’s a de-sensitization tactic to get people used to all those militarized police all over the place. If/when martial law is ever declared for real, it’ll just be business as usual for the average sheeple.

  • Patty Windom

    Why not open our eyes and not be so blind, dont let Marshall law take effect and quit letting Obama change America into a communist country.

  • Bug Spray

    So they are actually going to enter peoples homes ??

  • Maureen Williams Frier

    They will be focusing their drills on immobilizing and controlling mosques, Islamic training centers…right??

  • Debra Blakley Weasner

    How do you stop Martial Law?/

  • Debra Blakley Weasner

    First Martial Law then FEMA Camps.

  • Damien

    Now is the time to go pig hunting………lol

  • Mike Valentine

    By just saying no to Obama lol

  • Allen Mendell Wenzel

    We fight! We shoot! We revolt!

  • Roy Farnum

    There is only ONE sure fire way to stop the geopolitical ramifications of martial law.

  • bob deschenes

    Getting rid of Obama has been impossible too many people are just charmed by his site/presence. They won’t impeach him until they can’t because of martial law. He is taking over right in front of our eyes and anyone that does resist will just be shot dead. They already got burial sites dug up in some places with plastic coffins waiting to be filled.

  • bob deschenes

    Why are they buying millions of MREs right now? They did just that with the AMMO. When are people going to wake up?

  • Catherine Wood

    Already had their test run in Boston last Spring.

  • Joel Blayney

    WIth a gun.

  • Robert Fleeman Jr

    not saying i know something others don’t but it is my personal opinion that all this terrorist crap is just that crap sure there probably is potential terrorist but i think all the so called terrorist acts in the united states are manufactured as the democrats like to say setting us all up so things aren’t as clear as we would like them to be obama is the biggest liar not 1 thing out of his mouth is truth he is affiliated with the muslim brotherhood thus making the real terrorist our very own president,our government so sad no one see this well maybe people are starting to see now all i can say is thanks to the millions who voted for this liar stop listening to the news which obama owns thru threats there has been no news based on facts it is all what little the government will allow us to hear and it is all manufactured propaganda obama is to blame for benghazi along with hillary and probably many others they are all responsible for many other scandals but yet they try to throw the blame else where it is a fact that obama is attempting to kill the united states of america and stupid people that think they can get something for nothing are the ones letting him do it wake up sheeple there is no such thing as free from the government some one pays one way or the other in this case it’s gonna be everyone enjoy the short stretch of freedom we have left thanks democrats you really fucked us this time

  • ozarkgrannie

    That’s the longest sentence I’ve ever read..Very hard to read..

  • linlin

    Don’t let this happen. We should not have to fight our government, But we will fight . We will fight to the last man woman and child against any government force.

  • Fred in Oklahoma

    How in the hell is TEXAS allowing this to happen in their state? I thought Texas was “A Whole Other Country”, at least they used to say this.

    All I can say is, this really surprises me. Boston, sure (they would accept ANYTHING dished out), New Orleans, maybe (probably not again, but I could be wrong), BUT TEXAS???!!???

  • oathtocounstitution

    The idiots up there keep electing DemocRATS. This is what you get. I am locked and loaded. With a copy of The Texas Castle Doctrine.. Iam in fear for my life with these people running around. I have and will execute my rights as afforded me by law and the constitution. I hope the city council has body bags

  • Wayne Wilhelm

    You stop Martial Law by executing the leader.

  • Peter Pesola

    The big cities are liberal hell-holes full of useless sheep who swallow whatever rationale the government gives them…

  • shara70

    lol, good one! Remember, Harry Reid and Obama said supporters of freedom and the constitution are the real terroists.

  • Byron

    You do not have to participate in this, If you find yourself in the middle of one of these drills DISOBEY!

  • Ed Sargent

    This is Hitler all over again, it is mind control, the sheeples let it happen thinking oh everything will be ok, bullshit, this is not necessary, and this is obamas way to gradually take over the population and control the people and take away guns just as Hitler did. Dont let it happen, of all places Texas??? how is the governer doing that when he don’t even like obama, what is going on?? I wouldnt let it happen in my state, get those idiots out of Texas before someone gets shot going in someones house. Martail law is bullshit, just a way for the government to barge in your house with no warrant. dont let it happen Texas !!!!!!!!!! what is going thru these peoples minds letting this happen?? so stupid. It is a set up to see how people react, and if sheeples put their heads in the ground, you are telling the Hitler style government they can do as they please. Oh my god this country gong down the tubes and fast !

  • Ryan Allerheiligen

    It’s only gonna take one person to start shooting and it will set off the whole powder keg!!!!! Who wants to be the First?

  • Ed Sargent

    made sense to me, it is exactly what is going on and the libtards are so dumb they have their heads up their asses and letting government control your lives for everything, this is outrages and I cant wait till we vote all these assholes out and our patriotic nation is restored, gosh these libtards are in it for the money and screw our freedoms

  • Ed Sargent

    Obama sent out a lie to the press, its for the homeless people and the libtards ate it up. anything this guy says the libtards believe and when he says he is sorry the idiots forgive him while he is ramming it up your butt with no vaseline. Wake UP AMERICA, right in front of your eyes !!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed Sargent

    what do you think Marshall Law is?? all bets are off, that means no waiting for a judge to sign a search warrant, why do you think they are pushing for it?? I will tell you one thing, there will be an outright war, so many Americans have bought guns in the past 3 years, more than all the years in the past put together, do you think they bought them to hang on the wall? hell no, they are going to blast anyone busting down the door and go down as a patriot, a freedom fighter, they might get off a few attacks and kill Amercans but after that all hell will break loose and obama will be in so much trouble the military just might march right in and militarily arrest him and end it in a couple days, some Americans will die though, but alot of these idiots trying to enforce marshall law will go down in a hell fire.

  • What Next

    I live in Irving at Airport hwy and the toll road I walk my dog below
    the overpasses to do his bizz. Anyway 45 min ago I have the dog out and
    see up on the tool road all these lights 5 LEO cars one like moving size
    truck 2 ambulances rescue squad fire
    truck and of all things the fire dept ladder truck. So I’m looking at
    all this up there and see they are pulling random cars in pulling folks
    out searching people and vehicles then releasing as they pull new ones
    in.Apparently someone noticed me and my big Doberman watching them
    because as I walked back into the parking lot a plain pickup truck pulls
    up with a guy in it wearing a vest but no kind of ID I couldn’t tell if
    he was armed or not he never got out of the truck. This guy proceeds to
    grill me asking what I am doing around there. I told him walking the
    dog and just walked away from him at that point the guy slowly pulled
    away and return in the direction of the group on the highway without
    further indecent.

  • What Next

    They were not giving people on the toll road a choice to not participate 45 min ago.

  • Joyce Rogers

    It’s ALL another trick to take our rights away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teddy Chaney

    You are so right Ed. If we don’t want martial law we resist with equal fire power. In our backyards we will overcome oppression.

  • Teddy Chaney

    As soon as they start in my community no problem with taking the first shot. Folks might want to secure a 7.62×39 I believe our wonderful government will enlist the help of the U.N. to disarm the population.

  • tho mas

    Oh, We have a voting system that works now?
    I think that delusion has long been debunked.
    No, we’re in for much more at this point.
    Time to pray and stand up

  • texmextexan

    Could it be that these “drills” are really a way for the Feds and other folks with them to check and see if common citizens are ready to take them on? Do they want to gauge if citizens are ready and willing to take these troops on. Warrants? They will sound the line in a movie of long ago: “Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges!” Same shit with warrantless searches. Who are the “agents” holding these “drills”? I am not a midget calling out my name. I am NOT HAPPY!

  • Kevin Curl

    Won’t be surprised when one or more of these ignoramus get shot by the public and to be honest I hope that it happens . Any cop or swat team stupid enough to believe that Marshall Law in America is a good thing deserve’s to be shot !

  • Stephanie Hughes

    I live in the north central Texas area… if ANYONE comes pointing a gun into my home, drill or not, they will have a gun pointing back at them… Gun safety 101: “Never point a gun at something you are not willing to destroy.” I am sure these people in the drills understand this rule, it is taught in all Texas gun safety courses… and as such, if anyone points a gun at me, I can reasonably assume they wish to destroy me, and I will defend myself.

  • Janie Johnson

    Your right, we don’t have to wonder where the terrorists are, they are all in the White House, Obama and his administration and of course the one who holds Obamas strings, Valerie Jarret.

  • jorskippy

    Good thing the people in that area have been warned about the training exercise or else a New Civil War would have broken out…..

  • Claude Lynn Hayes

    WTF this is the first I heard of this and I’m in Rowlett. Those sonofabitches better not show up at my door.

  • Larry rogers

    were not going to have a chance to

  • Pamela Bourdeau

    And it seems that after one of the practice drills a real event follows.

  • crazyirishwoman

    Holy Crap! I used to live in the Bear Creek Apts. right off of 360. I also lived at the apts in Irving off of Northgate! I would have freaked out if I had been approached like that!

  • picnicfun

    Robert, you are deluded. You think the Boston Marathon bombing was Dem manufactured? The Aurora Batman killing? The terrorists captured before they became active? The terrorists don’t care what party we are. Just what nationality we are.

  • Cyndy Browne

    Their Command Centers? Are you nuts?? I Think our big City’s are lost, but there sure are a lot of us spread out all over this big state.

  • William Ranger Hobbel

    Just remember folks. Martial Law is an ILLEGAL ACT. The Constitution can NEVER be suspended for any reason. These people, from Obama all the way down to local law enforcement, took an oath to uphold, protect and Defend the Constitution. If any one declares or helps enforce Martial Law, they have violated that oath and their office or position becomes Null and Void. They become domestic enemies of the state and of this Nation. That makes them targets. Their authority is no longer valid. They have become traitors and enemy combatants. Declaring or enforcing Martial Law is an Act of blatant TREASON!!!! SO ALL GOVERNMENT, MILITARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

  • GR Arnold

    I can see them doing an exercise/drill to simulate an emergency but when I hear they are forcing vehicle to pull over and submit to warrantless searches then that changes the whole situation and I dont like what I am reading/hearing here.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    These people are the worst criminals you will ever see and our own Government will give them permission to treat us any way they wish or even kill us with out any fear of punishment! So if we are smart at first sight of them we sure better consider them an enemy here to take our country and enslave or imprison or kill us and we best kill them on sight!

  • Lucifer

    You dont have a warrant ….. you will suffer the same consequence as a buglar

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    True, but if it were 15 or more words you might not understand at all!

  • Cecilia Trevino

    Why are they concentrating on Texas so much. Could it be that this current administration fears that Texas is being too successful and most of its citizens fully informed on liberal tactics and its got them running scared? I think so. We are getting citizens that are fleeing liberal states more and more each month. I’ve ran into several and they are all saying that they came fleeing liberalism and socialism that destroyed their once prosperous state.

  • Bug Spray

    You’re talking to a guy that has built 113 AR’s in the last 6 months for friends family and clients.
    As a USMC 8541 from 78-82, I know what martial law is. And I am God damned well prepared for it. ( sorry lord )
    So I’ll ask again so I can inform my 3% brothers, ARE THEY ENTERING HOMES WITHOUT WARRANTS ?? YES OR NO !!
    Sound off ……

  • Cecilia Trevino

    You do it by not permitting the interruption of the citizens everyday life and paths in any way shape or form. You do it respectfully but, at the same time reminding them that they are suppose to serve and protect American citizens and that the presidency is not a monarchy or dictatorship. Set posters out that reminds them of what Hitler did and how he convinced good men to commit great cruelties. It seems to me that our men and women in law enforcement may be in need of a reality check.

  • Bug Spray

    But I will say I appreciate your passion Ed.

  • Bug Spray

    Trying to set the pecking order. Show them Texas boys who’s boss without actually bumping shoulders if you know what I mean. Intimidation ……. hope it backfires. All this nation needs is a spark, a shot across the bow.
    If and when it happens Cecilia, and I mean REALLY happens, the pent up anger and frustration of 40 years will be like New Year’s fireworks for a solid 6 months.
    Every single man I know from 25 – 65 are gritting their teeth. The old one’s are the worst.
    Hell, they want to start it.
    Makes me sad they have to endure this but it kinda cool. Mean old bastards……. ha.

  • Bug Spray

    Stroll down that way again tomorrow during daylight if you can and film it. I’m sure your Doberman will need to be walked again by then. Thanks for the heads up.

    Miss the hell out of my Dobie bty, someone stole her out of my back yard years ago. Just a puppy. Name was Mika.

  • Bug Spray

    Stay frosty till you see the whites of their eyes ….. then, aim for the knees. Shit was bound to happen sooner or later. Doing the same in SC.

  • Bug Spray

    F**k em, raid that shit. We paid for it. It belongs to us. Find it and get it. It belongs to you.

  • John Jett

    Well there are some soft spots, those femoral arteries and the face and neck look exposed. None of them are safe from flame weapons. They look formidable but not unbeatable.

  • usaok59

    with all due respect, you sound like a true Republican. We are respectful and non-combative, and treat others as we would like to be treated. How’s that working out for us? Not so good. I wish your plan would work, but when you face evil it’s not enough. Better stock up on bullets and beans.

  • usaok59

    Yep, I just got through the first few words and gave up. Punctuation!!! It’s the spice in a recipe.

  • Bill Berry

    somebody off his wheel

  • [email protected]

    These Constitutionally sworn cops are nothing but criminals. Once they start this anything goes.

  • Joanne Long

    Too much is being planned for Nov. 13-14 when the simulation of Grid II is to occur

  • Raymond Andrews

    If you want a perfect example of how things can go, look at New Orleans after Katrina. The N.O. police chief had a press conference saying that no one would be allowed to have guns. That any guns found on persons or in homes would be taken. This was an illegal act by the way but no one including the media did anything to question those in charge. Many of the weapons were never returned to the owners because their were such restrictive requirements to prove ownership and any documents that could prove it were destroyed in the food. There were police and military going door to door confiscating weapons. There are several videos of it as it is happening one of the videos show how the police wrestled a little old lady to the ground when she tried to show them the revolver she had for protection. Most of the police that were doing this were from out of town even other states and the Soldiers were “just following orders.” As far as I know, no one was ever held to account for their actions in this debacle.

  • Grandma Spice

    It’s the great insight that counts.

  • Mark Bigger

    we should not allow our local LEO’s to take part in these exercises, we must tell them nicely to refuse. they have an oath to uphold

  • Mark Bigger

    I don’t think you do, other than an unorganized revolution

  • Mark Bigger

    we get organized first, wish those recently fired military officers would start organizing things

  • Mark Bigger

    but you need a BIG gun and armor and friends with the same

  • Mark Bigger

    evil should be easily overcome when those sleeping wake up

  • Mark Bigger

    you should all respectfully demand of your congressmen to arrest or impeach the president. that is the starting place. don’t ask-DEMAND, this is wrote to mine:
    I preciously demanded you and Representative {name deleted} to impeach Obama.
    if Obama is was not born in America, he is not president. he needs to be arrested. not impeached. Sheriff Joe has enough information to prove him to be born in Kenya, as we all have suspected. Urge congress to have him arrested. If indeed he was born here then let him prove it.
    Either way I expect action from you and {other name deleted} and a reply next week as to what your actions will be. We the people are getting very mad and want action taken.
    thank you

  • SD

    I guess we could win if we could get all the dead Republicans to vote like the dead democRats do…but then again you have to sell your souls to hell for that, you know? Like Oblameo and the democRats?

  • always working

    how do you fight martial law impeach obama (the insane president) for the 188 impeachable acts which it is still going up then have him tried for treason

  • petsnpeopletoo

    I think these should be stopped right NOW. This is Obama’s army against us if you can’t see it happening you have to be a total idiot. The problem is HOW? How the heck to we stop this overtaken government from advancing their plans before they start GENOCIDE on us?


    Sherriff’s nationwide are putting the Goon squads on notice,contact your county Sherrif and find out what side of the fence there on bring awareness of the other County sherrifs stance on these issues they have said they will arrest and detain any effort made by any Government to disarm or illegally search US CITIZENS..IE CISPOA

  • Ran256

    I say we bring out local militia when these events are scheduled, and all Americans honor their second Amendment rights;

    What distinguishes those engaged in militia from an army

    1. The authority for militia is any threat to public safety.

    2. Those active in militia are usually not bound for a fixed term of service, or paid for it.

    3. Those active in militia cannot expect arms, supplies, or officers to be provided to them.

    4. No one has the authority to order militia to surrender, disarm, or disband.



  • Joben Davis

    i wonder what bobby hill last of the texas trill thought

  • Anonymous

    No, you don’t. Pay attention to the lessons learned in Iraq, where a country maybe the size of California tied up most of our military forces for years at a time.

  • anonymous

    Put the dog in boarding where it will be safe, then go out and watch them again. This time, refuse to answer intrusive questions unless he identifies himself personally and officially. He’s got no damned business (and probably no legal authority) to be questioning private, law-abiding citizens.

  • American Patriot

    Those that promote and operate such drills will find out soon, that their lives will be put to an abrupt END once the people have finally decided that this is the LAST STRAW, and made it known, that such actions SHALL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED at ANY level, by ANYBODY!
    The tyrants that adore such acts, ARE the terrorists we will have to exterminate, for OUR PROTECTION!
    Anybody that goes along blindly to these organized TERROR SQUADS will need to be identified, brought to the public’s court, and properly and IMMEDIATELY HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD, then TELEVISED as a WARNING TO ALL, that WE THE PEOPLE SHALL NOT BE TREAD UPON!

  • American Patriot

    Those that promote these, will be SHOT DEAD as TERRORISTS!
    There is NO OTHER EXCUSE to arm anybody to invoke FEAR and TERROR into the minds of people that pay these TERRORISTS, this WILL STOP or they will ALL find that THEY are going to BE the TARGETS OF REPRISAL KILLINGS, families of THEIRS shall be targeted, homes burned don, the terror shall be on THEM from that point, then we shall all see WHO RUNS FOR COVER!!
    I have the RIGHT to speak my mind, even if YOU do not like or approve of it, I do NOT need YOUR permission

  • American Patriot

    You only allow that which you agree with.
    Martial law is illegal when it is done for control, and as of now, this is the ONLY reason they are thinking of it….CONTROL of the people, then instill FEAR through the use of armed troops that support the treasonous government. Those that go along with this action, MUST be identified, and shot. Treason is more than handing out secrets, it is the very CORE of our nation’s rights and freedoms these tyrants ARE attempting to DESTROY. Their will is NOT the will of the people, but the desires of TYRANTS alone.

  • American Patriot

    ARMED RESISTANCE, snipers take out tyrants from hidden locations, the list of the how and why are long, the reasons to trample freedoms are short and dishonorable.
    CHOOSE the side you stand for, and STAY THE COURSE!

  • WisconsinEagleCDP

    WTF, are we standing still for this kind of Tyrannical Government action at any Level of Government, we really need to activate Citizen Militias’s to counter the drastic growth of Police Power and use of Military Equipment on The Soil of The United States of America, (and the fast growing Threat of Foreign Troops being used on the Soil of our Nation) in all levels of Government as the NWO make their final drive to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, Wake up Sheepie’s, or put on your Shackles and Get on your knee’s to Barack and his Puppet Masters of The NWO!

  • American Patriot

    Tyrants have always died from the bullets of a patriot!

  • Mark Bigger

    pay attention to the state you refer to: California, where the gun laws are strict and the citizens there would not dare to resist. And remember all of the forces Obama has and the military equipment they have, and who knows who will be on there side. who would be on the patriots side? would there be a racial war, democrats against republicans etc..too many variables. Would you surrender your handgun to 8 armored men with 556 rifles? of course you would

  • Troubleshooter

    If They are not planning to impose Martial Law, why are they Rehearsing for It? This is strictly Intimidation. I would be surprised if a meaningful percentage of the traitors wearing these uniforms are even U.S. Citizens.



  • Glenn Gallaher

    Do it respectfully?!?! Where the hell do you live, You do not get respect just because of some dam uniform, you earn it. If you can not earn it and demand it just because, go to hell. You sound like a dam criminal, give me this or else. This is not Germany, and just because you were a dam uniform and swear to uphold the constitution, does not mean a dam thing. Look at Obama. All it is, is a lie, until you show that you have enough respect for me to start with. Police are the ones interfering with my life, and holding code over law, and they demand respect for the job they do, Ha!! They are not there to protect me from anything, there is no law, no code, no rule, no regulation that states they have to protect me. It is a dam lie.

    As for those that I offend, screw you, ‘if thy eye offends thee pluck it out…’ If you do not understand that with freedom comes offense than go to one of the communistic countries that believe the same as you do or grow up. Understand that the Constitution is not a guarantee that you will not be offended, it is to limit government and their criminal activities under the guise of a Bugabear. And if you need reference read the Anti-Federalist papers to find out what I am talking about.

    Respect is earned, as far as I am concerned, they have never earned it. Look at how many criminal Judges there are in the system, look at how the police police themselves and claim they did no wrong, look at how many of the police have actually served time for the crimes they commit. And I should respect them? Or anyone in Uniform? Earn it, because this idea that just because someone is in uniform is an idea of Hitler. It is to promote the idea of not questioning the people in uniform. It is the idea that they are right no matter what. It is the idea that a police officer can lie in court and nothing will happen to him or her. Proof, if a police officer writes you a ticket for speeding, do they have the right to do so, or do you sign because they have weapons present and are willing to use them against unarmed people? Is the police officer legally able to testify against you in a court of law? No.

    Sheeple like you are disgusting. Respectfully. Ha. Until they have respect for me and actually go out and catch criminals, rather than go out and harass the public, they deserve no respect.

  • Mike Swords

    Wow! What an intelligent coment made by the so-called American Patriot. Wait a bit and see what these men and women discover on their own. See how many of them are actually lovers of our way of life and our freedoms. They are smart people and will realize sooner than later that they have played by their political leaders in thier individual cities, towns and counties. And I’m sure your right Rebecca. But the politicians have to be called to answer for what they do and either allow or require their police, sheriff’s office and state police to be involved in. Right now Texas and Montana are leader states in all the political bullshit going on. They need to remain there. The feds will threaten to cancel grants and what have you that some departments or cities or whatever are receiving, if they don’t participate in the “drills.”

  • DeputyDuffy

    If worse comes to worse, Y’all can always call your local Sheriff’s Office. As an elected official, his authority takes precedence.
    Oh, yeah…By the way…DHS are NOT POLICE. Y’can call your Sheriff’s Office and report instances of Impersonation of Police Officers is they show up in clothing and vehicles labeled POLICE.

  • Betty Howell


  • Patriot

    i hope these cops understand what they are doing. they are taking the same rights from us that millions have fought and died for. i hope in due time they all have a guilty conscience . it has nothing to with safety or protection it is all about control. our forefathers would kick these guys ass for they stuff being done in the name of safety and security.

  • ianisme

    You do realise that you sound like an idiot, with all this ‘libtard’ stuff? Remind us again who was president when Homeland Security was established? Surely it wasn’t George Bush Jr was it? Face it, the 2 parties are virtually identical and neither are to be trusted an inch. Waffling on about ‘libtards’ is exactly the sort of divide and conquer bullshit that allows the evil ones to win.

  • mike

    well theres way more of us then there is of them so we need to stick together and fight to the death i guess. i say everybody has to know and get ready once the internet goes down then its time to lock and load and get together as many people as possible and get ready for the shit to hit the fan..

  • Tammy

    there are allot more of us in Cali then you think..

  • Cecilia Trevino

    @usaok59, I am not a Republican, I am Tea Party but, that is what we should initially do but, at the same time be ready for the worst case scenario. I have relatives in law enforcement and, those that have not ever served our country are the easiest for Obama to convince into enforcing martial law and violation of our rights and, they need a quick reminder of what they truly will become if they follow through with Nazi like tactics. Also there are those in law enforcement that do not support such tactics but need to be shown that the people support them when they say no to it.

  • Ed Sargent

    Be nice if you got your head out of your ass libtard

  • Ronald Hunter

    ?? Iraq fell in days. Are you thinking of Afghanistan?

  • usaok59

    Glenn, when you go out and actually DO something besides sit at your keyboard, then I’ll respect your opinion. Until then, you are just an angry old guy throwing around insults and feeling superior.

  • Glenn Gallaher

    Never said I was better than anyone, but I know how to read and understand what I read, unlike some who have never been taught how to think for yourselves. You are right, I am old enough to remember when it was the job of a police officer to go catch criminals and not fill a quota and harass the public. But if you expect respect just because you put a uniform on, you are sadly mistaken. Respect is not earned by putting a uniform on, it is by doing things and showing that the oath that is taken by officers of law, and those in the military, actually matter. As is right now, we have a Military that is letting a criminal like Obama destroy the Constitution and them not doing a dam thing to stop the Bastard. And the Police that have also sworn to uphold the Constitution have a duty to remove this terrorist out of office for attacking and destroying the Constitution. I have not taken any oath to support the constitution, but the rights under the constitution I have a right to are being denied. As in due process, the right of me being innocent until proven innocent. I do not need an oath to support the constitution, all I need is a conscious.
    Insults?!?! Are you saying you are one of the people that swore an oath to uphold the Constitution? What the hell have you done to help fight against those that are destroying it? Silence is compliance. But say Respectfully. What respect? What respect have you earned to preserve the freedoms for the future children of this country? I try to educate those that can have an open debate, and I will not be silent when it comes to those like you who think just because you are in uniform, it automatically gives the right to demand respect. You say I am insulting, what have you done to earn respect? You say that we have to treat them with respect for the job they do. What is that? Harass the public, extort money by enforcing codes that violate the constitution? Do you do anything that does not promote government over the people? They are not there to protect the public, in fact there is no law, no code, no rule, no regulation, in any state, that requires a police officer has to protect the public. To serve and protect, it is a lie. It is To serve and protect the government.
    And you expect just because of a uniform they should get respect? Figure you how to pull your head out of your @55 and think. Why should I give anyone respect for putting on a uniform? I am sure the SS in Germany thought the same thing, and if not, they would shoot you, or beat you, or intimidated you. Realize, the same is happening here in this country, where if a police officer pulls over a speeder and not given respect, the police threatens the person, or assaults him, or shoots them. Or where they pretend to manufacture evidence ie smell something and that allows for a police officer to do a body cavity search, when a warrant is required. Where a police officer cannot legally testify against someone in a court of law, but are allowed to many times over. Or where when a police offer that has committed crimes are allowed to walk free without any punishment. Or where an officer is allowed to break into your house and then claim probable cause, where a search warrant is required and the officer is never punished. Sure the hell sounds a lot like the SS of the Nazi party to me. Respect, ha.
    So tell me where I should respect a civil servant that has more rights and more freedoms than I do? Where his support of the government over the people is rewarded by not having to face crimes against the public? Or where he has privileges like the right to brandish a fire arm in public and I am not. So your concept about treating this type of inequality as acceptable is wrong on so many different levels. Shame on you. Shame on what you teach your children. Shame on you for not teaching them to stand up against those that are wrong and making them victims rather than saviors.

  • Paul Wesley Miracle

    If you attack a innocent family for the actions of one member, then you are no better. You either believe in liberties and justice for all, or you don’t. There is no in between, or special circumstances. It’s all or nothing.

  • Paul Wesley Miracle

    When it comes, everyone goes out in the street and refuses to follow orders. If enough refuse to follow orders we will outnumber them. Not through violence, but just by peacefully refusing. They can’t justify killing innocents if we are not causing no harm or brutality.

  • working4change

    Tea party is a republican with balls…. any vote for a 3rd party right now is a vote for democrat control.. period! Need to vote out the crap in republican party and fix things. We lost for then a few races last week because ofidiots trying run as 3rd party that can not win. You can run as tea party or libertarian with in the republican party and not kill our chances… or continue to vote 3rd party and live with democrat rule from now on.

  • working4change

    Actually no… I havr camera all over. Let them arrest me without cause. I will have field day on TV shows exposing it. Good thing I live one of the few counties/town that would refuse an order without proper warrants for a criminal arrest, before taking away firearms. Yes it does exist in NJ, rare but there are a few good places left.

    Everyone should have a easy one touch or always on camera on their person. They are recording us, we should record them. You might have heard cops saying it is illegal to record them. False! It is your right! I prefer the pen camera. No wires or anything bulky n you could even let use the pen to sign something and it keeps recording. Audio and video.

    So no with out warrent they will have to break a few laws by breaking in to the safe bolted to the wall. It will be on video from more then a angles… :)

  • working4change

    It was established with a crap ton of restrictions the 2006 congress and barry removed the restictions and moved expanded power to administrative powers. Used to require court orders before a judge to collect data on a person. Data was kept away from administration by keeping it in private hands. Now barry forced these companies to “allow” 24/7 realtime access and passed thousands of laws and decrees to control it. ALL with out oversight from congress. Barry appiints communists and even enemies of this country, muslim brotherhoid members in this commities and writing our laws, aka regulations. BarryControl act have over 40k pages of new law. No one is congress read the first 2k pages, 90% is illegal. Then they want 40k pages of new illegal law to be enforced?!?!

    But you blame Bush….. r u nuts!

  • Stoned_Conservative

    You do not understand war. So your saying, the government can kill our family members, but we can’t kill theirs??. Are you stupid?

  • Kim

    visit their website… http://www.cytelgroup.com/

  • Paul Wesley Miracle

    There is right and wrong, killing innocent people is wrong. No I am not stupid, what justifies the killings of innocents? They might not even like the guy and want to kill him themselves! I don’t support hurting innocent people for personal gain. That is not war, that is revenge, and it is not justice. And has your family members been killed by the official that you are targeting? Or what member are you speaking of? Or are you just talking in blanket terms and because one police officer shot a kid in some state, we should kill every police officers kid in revenge?

    Innocent people are killed in every war, correct. But the question was it intentional or un-intentional. And were they that dangerous they had to be removed immediately? Or could we of held them for a trial to stand justice for crimes committed? You can’t have justice, if you aren’t willing to give it. You can’t blame someone else for doing something you would do if you could. This is a battle of good vs evil. If you start doing evil things, it would only justify their cause.

  • Rachel M.

    Hell yeah! I’m with this person. All these “drills” are bullshit. Anyone coming onto MY property, trying to search MY home will be SHOT!

  • RCondran

    Remain armed.

  • T Anne

    It is quite obvious that you have not been to a Republican meeting in the last year……They are declaring “war” on any Tea party person within their party and cutting them out of everything. The Democrat won Virginia because a rich man and his friends who are also democats……paid for the 3rd pary candidate to run as a spoiler…..how do you like those tactics….

  • Old Ga Dawg


  • Benjamin

    how about you guys test it to see if it is a exercise or not pull a gun on them if it is a practice run they wont have real bullets.. if they are for real then someone is going to die if we do not stand up and fight for our freedoms AGAIN and this time on our own properties then we will lose them all.. they are doing this to test the waters and see if they could take texas by force.. if all of you damn obama supporters want to be slaves again leave this state if you want to be FREE do not allow this to happen.. and for the morons still blindly following obama that are most certainly going to talk shit.. i live in beaumont texas come get some..

  • John Schmalstieg

    I wonder what False-flag will pop up now? Every time there is one of these drills something happens. Remember the Boston Bombing? One of these drills was being conducted at the same time the bomb went off. If I lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro-plex, I would leave town while this is happening. It will not be safe for anyone.

  • working4change

    the few Rhinos are cutting out the teat party not the republicans. the Rhinos are really democrats if you look at their votes and how they treat people.

    The Point is the Republican VOTERS need to vote out the Rhinos and elect more teat party people.

    Again any vote for a 3rd party is a vote to keep democrats in place ripping us apart.

  • Mike Wilcox

    George Bush Jr. huh? You are a real bright one aren’t you?

  • ruckis

    You know its not necessary to CAPITALIZE words that you want to emphasize. It actually comes naturally, when you write, and use, proper punctuation.

  • Pow

    Fear, that’s what is driving your thought process. Police are 2nd Amendment protectors, they are not mindless robots. Police that would enforce unconstitutional laws will come from outside of this country. And they would have to eliminate a host of well trained and committed professionals called ” patriotic police officers”. Let your fear go, it’s warping your mind.

  • Mariaté

    Try using your training to suppress the freedoms of American citizens, and you can rest assured that there will be soooo many of you biting the dust that it will give new meaning to the phrases “smoked bacon” and “pigs in a blanket”.

  • Mariaté

    A thousand rounds of ammo in the hands of qualified snipers…each with a list of high profile designated targets…the terror in the hearts of the Washington overlords would be so real that they would either flee the country or impose such draconian measures so as to knock many off of the fence and into action, thereby swelling the ranks of the opposition and hastening their own downfall.

  • ramblinjack

    Are these people military or militarized police? Would be interesting to find out how they feel personally about participating in this crap. The PD in New Orleans was damn lucky not to have lost more people than they did. I believe if they try this crap in Texas they might be in for a little suprize.

  • Matthew Sharp

    While we respect and condone honest law enforcement, the men that would carry out martial law make us laugh with their arrogance. The thoughts of the crushing defeat they will suffer at the hands of America’s citizens makes us smile more. Drills are fine and well…they cannot practice or simulate an entire city’s citizenry responding in unison with stunning and overwhelming firepower.

  • Cathy Bardis

    this is wrong

  • Gina Pocan

    Shut the hell up…keep your grammar Nazi crap to yourself…