Entire Islands Reported Missing, Thousands Feared Dead in Philippines Super Storm

People washed away by Super Storm in the Philippine Islands

Over the past couple of days, the island nation of The Philippines has suffered what many are calling the worst typhoon in the recorded history of mankind, Super Typhoon Haiyan. The storm hit land in the upper northern half of the nation, made up of 7,107 islands in the Pacific Ring of fire, due south of China, and directly north of Indonesia, two days ago, with heavy rains and winds in excess of 200 mph. Much of the region has already suffered calamity this year in the way of other typhoons, flooding, and even earthquakes.

The region certainly was in no condition to be hit by another natural disaster, but mother nature has proven that she does not discriminate.

According to reports, the first Red Cross volunteers from the U.S. have begun arriving in the capital city of Manila, and more than 1,200 people are feared dead. However, true casualties in Philippine storms are never truly known and are always much higher than estimates claim. Much of the country is populated by squatters who live in over-populated shanty villages, in which accurate populations are hard to account for, as are accurate accounts of how many people go missing at times like these. Many of the squatter villages are built along the banks of streams for better access to water sources, and entire villages have often been swept away in the dead of night during flash floods.

The nation sits barely above sea level, and when it rains hard, as is the case when typhoons roll in, there is simply no place for the water to go, and it often rises faster than people can send an alarm, or even be awakened.

Gwendolyn Pang, Philippine Red Cross secretary general, said her organization estimated 1,200 people had died, while a UN official who visited Leyte described apocalyptic scenes from a Hollywood movie. “This is destruction on a massive scale. There are cars thrown like tumbleweed and the streets are strewn with debris,”

Sebastian Rhodes Stampa, a UN disaster management team member said. “The last time I saw something of this scale was in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami,” he continued, recalling the 2004 disaster that claimed nearly a quarter of a million lives in Indonesia. It may be weeks before a more accurate number of casualties is known, if ever.

Some initial reports circulating is that entire islands have vanished. With every island in the Philippines being heavily populated (total land mass of the entire country is only half the size of the U.S. state of Texas, yet there is a population of nearly 100 million), whatever number is finally determined, it is not going to be pleasant.

  • Jason Smith

    Mother nature kills people. We should put a law into place to Ban nature!

  • Imallset

    So sad. My heart goes out to them

  • ThePaganProLifer

    This is so sad… Rip all the people who are lost. I wish I could help.

  • Reba Joy

    this is so horrible, mother nature is under the Lords control and He seems to be culling out a lot of people anymore…or is just that it is all reported where years before it wasn’t….then again we can be great full for modern technology that warned them and saved untold numbers of lives …there is power in prayer

  • Lorne

    learn to spell and learn to think.

  • fpbiv375

    Hey Lorne, Do you know Reba Joy. Is her ability to spell or think a pressing issue for you? Why don’t you retire from your judgmental perch and shut your yap! Thanks, Phonics Nazi!

  • Dixie Darling
  • Reba Joy

    thank you for your reply

  • Lorne

    No I do not know Reba Joy, and “Phonics” refers to the sound of language not the spelling. I was mostly offended by the references to “the Lord” and the culling of people, which smacked of arrogance and ignorance. That, coupled with being “great full [sic]”, reminded me of why the blatantly religious are often seen as idiotic. And I mean that in its truest form, look it up.

    I feel very bad for the people in the Philippines and the suffering they are going through, but the invocation of “the Lord” and some talk of “culling” are truly egregious comments. If you or Reba were offended by my comments on correct spelling and critical thinking, then that is your cross to bear.

  • Kirk

    MOTHER NATURE DID NOT DO THIS< MAN DID. See you tube videos on Weather Modification, Geoengineering, HAARP NEXRAD, and on it goes. It is not heard of, so most dont know. ALL (SUPER) storms are Manipulated with Microwave energy, satellites, and Heating the air, bending the Air molecules for move clouds where you want them to go. Chemtrails spray metals in the Air that help make this ALL Happen. IT is Murder by Weather

  • Daniel Newell

    The Philippines consists of over 7,000 islands, only around 2,000 are actually populated, but other than that most of the info in this article is pretty accurate.

  • Christopher Benfield

    Are you for real man? I admit man has created some havoc in nature ,but to say ” ALL (SUPER) storms are Manipulated with Microwave energy, satellites, and Heating the air, bending the Air molecules for move clouds where you want them to go. Chemtrails spray metals in the Air that help make this ALL Happen. IT is Murder by Weather” would be terribly premature AT BEST. That would mean throughout history OR before (say 1900) there have been no superstorms EVER.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sheila.rider Sheila Rider


  • Christopher Benfield

    Maybe you should lighten up a bit! Because someone misspells a few words means little unless one is writing for a living or taking a test! Stop trying to control people with insults.Is it more ignorant to misspell words with their opinion,or to be petty and try to control with insults while thousands are dying in a typhoon?Before speaking just consider what i said.

  • realamie

    Heavenly Father, have mercy on us all. In Jesus’ Holy name, Amen.

  • None

    Biggest ERROR in this article is the expression “MOTHER NATURE.” bullshit.

  • Lorne

    a) We are writing and not speaking; and b) Christopher, you have missed the point. When one is going to make a public comment one should be held accountable for that comment; but spelling aside, the worst part of the message I replied to was that an ignoramus was saying that “mother nature”, ostensibly under “the Lord’s” control, was culling people. That is a terrible thing to say.

  • Lorne

    This is just craziness. Jason’s original comment at least had the virtue of being funny.

  • Petroniojrc Encabo

    Ban HAARP NEXRAD and make them pay!

  • listener007

    So sad. the storm hit hard on the poor and lowly. May their souls rest in peace

  • Patrick Reynolds

    im guessing you forgot about soddam and gamorah. or the flood. or the fact that GOD sanctioned the brutal war the jews fought for the holy land. This notion that people have of a benevolent God that doesnt kill is ridiculous! God DOES kill … and God has killed often over the years. God might not believe in killing arbitrarily … but God DOES kill from time to time! dont get me wrong sheila … i am a Christian … i believe in GOD all mighty i believe in his risen son JESUS CHRIST and i believe in the holy triumverate. i however DONT believe in GOD not killing. there are too many instances of it in the old testament!

  • Pete Snyder

    yanno, that picture is total bullshit. Bad photoshopping job there. Look at it. Phony.

  • Lorne

    Then, by your logic why did your god not protect them? There is nothing in your statement that is even close to sensible. There is no god. This was a natural catastrophe (arguments about man-made climate change aside) and we need to help these people. I have donated to the Philippine Red Cross. Have you?

  • A C

    You didn’t know…dummy that weather modification is simple using old technology? You didn’t know..dummy that declassified docs from the 1950s every government had weather modification. You didn’t know ..dummy that China and Soviets at the time..admitted that they could direct hurricanes and such using simple tools? Nobody can know if it was used but they do exist.

  • Lorne

    “dummy”… Recycled conspiracy theory crap and “dummy”. You have convinced me, sir. Convinced me that you are a moron.

  • Tanza Baptist Church

    May I know where exactly in the Philippines was this picture taken?

  • Craig

    The restraining Spirit of God is even now being withdrawn from the world. Hurricanes, storms, tempests, fire and flood, disasters by sea and land, follow each other in quick succession. Science seeks to explain all these. The signs thickening around us, telling of the near approach of the Son of God, are attributed to any other than the true cause. Men cannot discern the sentinel angels restraining the four winds that they shall not blow until the servants of God are sealed; but when God shall bid His angels loose the winds, there shall be such a scene of strife as no pen can picture.–Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 408. {ChS 52.1}
    The days in which we live are solemn and important. The Spirit of God is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the earth. Plagues and judgments are already falling upon the despisers of the grace of God. The calamities by land and sea, the unsettled state of society, the alarms of war, are portentous.

  • Craig

    part 2
    They forecast approaching events of the greatest magnitude. The agencies of evil are combining their forces, and consolidating. They are strengthening for the last great crisis. Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones.–Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 11. {ChS 52.2}
    The time is at hand when there will be sorrow in the world that no human balm can heal. The Spirit of God is being withdrawn. Disasters by sea and by land follow one another in quick succession. How frequently we hear of earthquakes and tornadoes, of destruction by fire and flood, with great loss of life and property! Apparently these calamities are capricious outbreaks of disorganized, unregulated forces of nature, wholly beyond the control of man; but in them all, God’s purpose may be read. They are among the agencies by which He seeks to arouse men and women to a sense of their danger.–Prophets and Kings, p. 277. {ChS 52.3}

  • Lorne

    There is no god. You fools just make me sad.

  • Eddie Simon

    OMG …Thoughts and prayers going out to all these people

  • Bob P

    Very sad. And on top of it I am waiting for some opportunist to start screaming Global Warming

  • Darrell Lynd

    Lord help them.

  • 楚 王

    Thank you for the sympathies on behalf of my country. We would appreciate it if you could donate material, labour, and medicine to whatever disaster relief organization you know is planning assistance. Most of all, we ask for prayers.

  • albee

    god was busy

  • PSNewton

    Craig I think Gods Spirit is here with believers until he comes for us….

  • PSNewton


  • Katie Colon

    So, to get a “good pic” with a helicopter they make it HARDER to hold onto shore with the chopper blades whirling water around-stupid-selfish-press

  • Ronald Bailey

    The problem with many in the Church community is that we have been indoctrinated to think a certain way sometimes very contrary to the scriptures themselves thus your comment on critical thinking is accepted but at the same time you don’t have to be rude to make your point.

  • Lorne

    I honestly do not believe I was being rude. I was simply speaking the truth as I see it.

  • Katie Colon

    When you speak from the Bible-people who do not know the Bible call it gibberish-I believe it is what is actually refered to as “tounges” because if you have never read it, you will never truly understand!

  • Lorne

    Nothing of what Reba Joy said is from the Bible. What is your point?

  • Ronald Bailey

    Where do you get that withdraw doctrine from is that in your bible or made up.How could he promise to be with his people until the end of the age and is withdrawing now,has the end come yet?

  • Ronald Bailey

    By saying there is no God what evidence can you provide to make your claim?

  • Lorne

    One cannot prove a negative — that is a logical fact. Let me amend my statement: there is as much likelihood of there being a god (Christian, Jewish, or Muslim in flavour) as there is a giant flying spaghetti monster. What evidence, beyond the anecdotal, can you offer that such a god exists?

  • Jan Rodriguez

    Hi everyone. I’m from Cebu, Philippines that was one of the places hit by typhoon. Although we did not suffer any major damage in the city, a few kilometers north of the province, and the neighboring island province, Leyte, was devastated. It’s not just framed structures that were obliterated but even well built structures.

    Here’s how you can help:

    Philippines Red Cross


    World Vision

    The Salvation Army

    Thank you!

  • Horoscopo

    Since we cannot do anything about the wrath of Mother Nature, as the most intelligent species on the planet we should do something when we can, such as the total ban of guns, so we can prevent additional carnage.

  • Frank Tillman

    how old are you Kirk?

    You should consider the fact that just maybe you have been fed BULLSHIT

  • eddy

    Lorne, man her whole point is the Lord is killing people. he does it since the dark ages and nothing’s new about it. she just recited from the bible that’s all. relax

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    Learn to punctuate…or capitalize a sentence…before your grammar Nazi gets in a pickle.

    Learn to think about words like ‘ironic’, before you dismiss CONTENT for typos.

  • Lorne

    Kudos. I realized after I wrote that comment that I had not capitalized the sentence. Now, can you take on the meat of the argument, or is that the best you have? Oh, and I do not think “great full” is a typo. But again, the point of my original post was two-fold: learn to spell and learn to think. Punctuation was never really an issue, just to be clear. Now, can we focus on the more important aspect of this — the attribution of this natural disaster and the death and tragedy that came from it to “the Lord” and his “culling” of people? That is a reprehensible statement.

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    You decry arrogance? Now THAT’S ironic. You’re on the wrong PLANET to be offended by the words ‘The Lord’. People use them all the time. If they butthurt you, that’s your cross to bear.
    Suck it up, buttercup. Her beliefs are not there for your pleasure, despite your Lorne-o-centric view of the universe.

    I did notice someone being seen as idiotic, but you’d need a mirror to enjoy my perspective of whom that describes.

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    You’re wrong about that….of course:
    “”And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars;
    and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and
    the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking
    after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of
    heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in
    a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come
    to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption
    draweth nigh.” (Luke 21: 8-11, 25-28)”

    Whether you accept a prophecy as true or not is completely irrelevant. Whether you make a false claim that such things are not prophesied in the Bible is a matter of fact, not opinion.
    You stand corrected.

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    You were writing without capitalizing your first word, and correcting spelling. That, too, is writing, and you failed to make any point except that you’re pointless.
    The idea that The Lord might use weather to cull people is neither new nor controversial. Great Flood, Tribulation, blah blah.

    It’s not a terrible thing to say. Stop being dramatic. It’s a terrible thing to experience or behold. To call someone names and impugn their intelligence because of your personal aversion to religion just makes you small.

    Get bigger.

  • Lorne

    Clever but not near clever enough. Use of the words “the Lord” does not offend me — attaching them to “mother nature” and implying that this storm was somehow “culling” the herd of humanity, does. That is both arrogant and ignorant. Would it be too taxing for you to back up your claim that I am “idiotic” with anything substantial, without resorting to name-calling?

  • Raymond

    Pray to no gods as there is no such a god who listens. Unite and support each other poeple, help one another and rise up togather.

  • Lorne

    Read my comment again… “Nothing of what Reba Joy said is from the Bible.” I am not at all doubting the veracity of your quotations, but, once again, read my comment before going off on a tangent about it.

  • RITA

    and lots of it .

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    “The fool hath said in his heart ‘there is no God’.”

    To be absolutely CERTAIN there is no God in all the universe, and to achieve such an omniscient certainty is either god-like, or arrogantly ignorant. To try to convince OTHERS of such a thing…well, that’s just anti-religious zeal.

    Were there survivors? Seems like God DID protect some.

    Congratulations on your supposed donation. Did it bring anyone back to life?
    Is there a single thing that money can do in the wake of such destruction? Aside, of course, from giving you a tool to boast about, or replace material goods that most in such situations care less about than lost family members?

    Seriously, no one can stop you from being a self-congratulatory center-of-attention troll…except you.

    Will you make the effort?

  • Lorne

    If this “Lord” that you seem to believe in is killing people, and has been doing so since the dark ages, then why do you owe “him” any allegiance? Why would you worship such a hateful being?

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    “The fool hath said in his heart ‘There is no God’.” Cheer up, little buckeroo…we’re in good company.

    I do have Kleenex if your sadness overwhelms you.

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    Ah, regurgitating Richard Dawkins. Believe me, you have a religion, and a high priest. You just think incorrectly that being told what to think and say by one pundit is better than being told what to think and say by another pundit.

    I would ask you differently:
    How can you POSSIBLY expect anyone to take you seriously when you make a sweeping universal statement of ultimate truth, and you’re just a speck in the universe? What arrogance incites you to say to others that their belief in something greater than perception allows MUST be wrong?
    You’re a human with a belief set. Guess what. You’re one of us.

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    Calling someone an ignoramus, and all religious people fools, and then denying that you were being rude…seems a little obtuse.

    You were rude. Now you know.

  • Lorne

    Circular logic — a common failing when dealing with religious zealots.

    How can you call yourself a moral or righteous person if you worship an omnipotent being that allows this kind of death and destruction, choosing who to kill and who to save? I am left to assume that you worship him in the hopes that when something terrible happens to you, this god of yours will choose in your favour. That does not make you moral, it makes you a coward and a self-serving sycophant.

    And pardon me, I did donate. Are you suggesting that a donation, “supposed” or not, to the Philippine Red Cross is pointless? Really, is that what you just wrote? I suspect you are letting your zeal get the better part of your reason as that would be a rather callous and heartless thing to espouse. I cannot pick up a tool and go and help because I am quite far away from there at the moment. I can, however, help empower those who are there. What can you do, besides offer whispers in the dark to your invisible friend in the sky? Take that as a challenge.

  • Lorne

    See my reply below. No need to reiterate it here.

  • RITA

    to err is human no one is perfect and everyone has a point of view . i am not using proper grammar or punctuation, get over it , God is among us ,but so is satin . let us stop being so petty . love and understanding goes far .,

  • Lorne

    I amended my statement. And yes I did reference Dawkins’ flying spaghetti monster simply to expedite my argument; the FSM is widely known. I could have easily just made something else up — tooth fairies, Santa Claus, leprechauns, take your pick.

    By your own logic, if I am simply being told what to think by one pundit and, I must assume, you are being told to think by another, why are you blaming me? That makes no sense.

    To address your argument, “How can you POSSIBLY expect anyone to take you seriously when you make a sweeping universal statement of ultimate truth” is actually a great example of irony, given your biblical quotations aimed at me in posts previous.

  • Lorne

    The comment to which you are replying did not address punctuation, grammar, or spelling. I find it amusing that THAT is what so many of these replies are focusing on.

  • Lorne

    No, being rude would be calling people belittling names like “buttercup”. I was using the words as they were intended to be used.

  • Lorne

    Thank you for the information. I hope that many people will donate and help with the search and rescue, and the rebuilding.

  • Mary Ann Johnston

    Lorne, look at it this way. If there is no God, and I am wrong, then I simply die and that is the end, but I have found peace and joy in life that came from believing. If you are wrong and there IS a God, then you do not simply die and that is it. I lose nothing by believing, but you could lose everything by not believing. I do not read trolls, and this will be the only comment I make on here. I will be praying for your eyes to be opened and to become a born again child of His.

  • Karla Mae

    Please pray for my fellowmen. Pray for the Philippines.

  • Lorne

    Thank you for your prayers. I appreciate the sentiment that goes behind the statement, I really do. Pascal’s wager though (i.e. why not believe in god… etc.) is an old argument and need not be brought up here. Mary, I hope you have a good day, and I hope you can contribute to one of the funds listed below to help save lives there and rebuild.

  • Lorne

    After a quick perusal of your previous Disqus comments, I find it more than a little amusing that you are accusing me of being rude.

  • robert

    Some people are idiots if God was going to destroy any country for all its wrong doings it would be this country it is worse then Sodom and Gomorrah ever was so this would the country to be wiped out.

  • ns08

    Please be more responsible in your reporting. While it is true that there has been widespread devastation in the Visayas, there are also a lot of factual errors in this article (“Much of the country is populated by squatters who live in over-populated shanty villages, in which accurate populations are hard to account for, as are accurate accounts of how many people go missing at times like these. Many of the squatter villages are built along the banks of streams for better access to water sources, and entire villages have often been swept away in the dead of night during flash floods. The nation sits barely above sea level, and when it rains hard, as is the case when typhoons roll in, there is simply no place for the water to go, and it often rises faster than people can send an alarm, or even be awakened.”).

    This paragraph is an exaggeration. Over-populated shanty villages exist, but mostly in urban areas. People do not just disappear when it rains and water overflows, because Filipinos are used to typhoons and barely sleep when storms come. It’s just that the country has not seen a disaster of this proportion before. How do I know this? I am from the Philippines.

    Furthermore, the photo used was not from the Philippines. It is from this site: http://izismile.com/2013/08/26/spectators_get_washed_away_by_typhoon_trami_35_pics.html

  • ns08

    The photo isn’t even legit. It’s not from the Philippines, it was taken from a photo essay of something that took place in China!

  • ns08

    The photo was not taken in the Philippines. See my post above. Totally not legit.

  • Chris Tibbitts

    Let’s ban automobiles to, they kill…! And what about all the other things that kill people, knives, forks, spoons, McDonald’s… Guns don’t kill people silly Horoscopo, people and F*** up society kills people. What we should be banning is Hollywood and all their violence. Video games that promote killing and all the jack ass rappers who glorify killing. GUNS don’t kill people, stupid people like you do!

  • Lorne

    Do you have a link or other proof to back up that assertion?

  • Lorne

    I asked below for confirmation of your assertion and I deleted the comment when I found this link. It is reprehensible that this photo was used in this article, calling into question any and all of the assertions made therein.

  • will g

    I believe kirk…just look at storm that hit east coast right before the elections…news even called it that to see what tragic thing happened to see how it would benefit obama…wouldn’t put past our govt

  • americalandofthefree

    years ago they used to seed clouds to try to get them to rain over drought areas and crops. Its no secret the governments have been doing this for years. I think there was an article just last month where Sweden I think said they were doing cemtrails. there is proof if your brave enough to search and see what is really going on inside the worlds governments. to criticize before you have proof makes you one of the ignorant followers of what is being told to you its called selective information. You want to call someone a nut job get proof or dont falsely accuse someone of being crazy.

  • Andrew

    Heavenly father doesn’t have mercy on us all. When will people realize this? Life rises and falls. Lessons and experiences are not always easy. Can we accept this without creating something in our minds to soften reality? For the love of god and all that is holy, amen.

  • Andrew

    The world is changing. The weather patterns are shifting, as they have for millions of years before man arrived and invented god. And actually, the world doesn’t care how you interpret reality.

  • Andrew

    True enough, but if these f***ed up people and any idiot off the street can carry a gun on them, it’s like giving a sharp knife to a baby. They can’t control themselves, let alone this tool that can randomly and easily take human life. In countries where people don’t carry guns, amazingly enough, people aren’t killed with guns, and the murder and incarceration rates are so much lower….which improves people’s sense of peace and mental and physical health and economy, etc. I think we should be able to own guns, but why do we make such a damn big deal about them?

  • Mandy Moore

    I am sorry for the people who have lost their lives and family members, but I will NOT be donating to the Red Cross. I will never again donate to those hateful people, I lived through Hurricane Katrina, I lost everything, and because I lived in the “land mass between Alabama and New Orleans aka MISSISSIPPI” we were passed over for almost a week before they would even come to our aid. I will however donate to the Salvation Army, or even go there myself to help, but never again will I donate to the Red Cross

  • Lynne Alexander

    Thanks for standing up and making this point Lorne. The problem is that most folks have a skewed and very limited understanding of God simply because of the indoctrination of misinformation we grew up on. I am heartened to see you making this important point – God is love, we know this. Any kind of thinking which culminates in a vengeful or hateful God must be flawed at its basis.
    The All are One, the One is All is the place to start. Also, understanding there really is no “death” helps us to accept the earth’s cleansing of itself. Pointing fingers will eventually give way to understanding but for now.. they are where they are. It really is pointless trying to edify those who are not ready to see; a lesson I’m in the grips of learning now. Debate however is a healthy thing!
    I looked at these comments to see if some were raising suggestions that this superstorm was “manipulated”… just interested in tracking the awakening of the planet as a whole. It is very possible this storm was enhanced by “them”, maybe and maybe not. Guess we could use an insider/whistle-blower to confirm. Can’t trust the news at all anymore, can we? Crazy times~!

  • Andrew

    Lorne, it’s nice to see somebody taking to time and effort to offer intelligent and thoughtful ideas on these crazy forums. I hate to say it, but you’ll never win these battles.

  • Lorne

    I know, but every once in a while I try…

  • Andrew

    Obviously GOD(!!!!!) just doesn’t give a shit. A country of happy people who are devout Christians just got pounded by this GOD you speak of. Why would that be? Patrick, maybe you’ll realize that god has nothing to do with it, and that storms like these and more powerful than these have been happening for millions of years….long before people existed, and long before your god was invented.

  • flamengo1265

    It was reported that ISRAaid has sent a team to the area to help survivors and to help with rescues. No muslim groups will be sending personnel because most of the victims are non-muslims. Surprised?

    Also….that picture looks totally photoshopped.

  • Lorne

    ns08 has proven that the photo in question was taken from another website depicting another incident. Whether or not it was photoshopped is outside my wheelhouse.

  • sarcastic

    ban the hands…they kill people. guns?, nope they are lifeless…am i stupid?

  • Charlie Brown

    The Great Pumpkin will rise from the pumpkin patch and give presents to all the boys and girls who believe in him!

  • Lynne Alexander

    I agree with Lorne. It is a very terrible thing to say/believe. As if God does not truly love us. As if…!

  • Gary Harper

    No matter the conspiracy theories, they are seeding clouds over the Northern Plains routinely to try to alleviate the US drought. Look it up. To ,me the whole chemtrails conspiracy thing is laughable, but they really are spraying up there.

  • Lorne

    “there really is no “death”” — Please try and sell that line to the thousands and thousands of people dealing with the ACTUAL deaths of loved ones in the Philippines. That is such a terrible, terrible thing to say. I won’t even go into the rest of the nonsense you posted, I just want to highlight that comment you just made on this news report (and I use “news” lightly since it has been proven that the picture billboarding this page is false).

  • Lorne

    “blah blah” really was the most sensible thing you wrote in that post. And again, look back at your previous posts on Disqus and think about what you just wrote here.

  • Jason Smith

    Thank you, I was just trying to be funny.


    Its true, man made storms that go awry.

  • DesertandSeas

    This is a bad situation no matter how you look at it.

    The people need our help.

    I’m giving you the benefit of a doubt here.
    You damage your credibility by cutting and pasting images from other events and implying that they represent what has happened.

    Shame on you.


  • Jenny Ildefonso

    This post is not True!!!! How could you say that half of the Philippine and the entire region is populated by squatters, Hey man, before you will post such a news you should visit first the location and track the whole story on what really happen is otherwise you could be funny!!!

  • Steve

    blame it on Bush right?

  • Lester

    The sheep of this world do not want to listen to the guard dogs that tell them the wolves are coming…so then let the sheep die that don’t listen….

  • shara70

    I agree that weather manipulation does occur, but your proof that this particular storm was manipulated is where?

  • shara70

    Just because a person doesn’t have perfect spelling or sentence structure doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right to express themselves or that they are stupid.

  • Lorne

    Again with the spelling/grammar. They have the right to express themselves, of course, and that was exactly what I was complaining about. Incorrect grammar or spelling doesn’t necessarily make one appear stupid. Saying stupid, hateful things does, especially when that is coupled with incorrect grammar and spelling.

  • Balud1

    I am a Filipino from Borongan City, Eastern Samar, one of the places that was badly hit by the super typhoon. In my opinion, everyone should take a deep breath and refrain from this war of words which does not in any help the victims of this disaster. A lot of people, instead of doing things to help the victims, find it better to insult each other and argue about unimportant things; e.g., spelling, grammar, technology, among other things. Can we find it in our hearts to be more civil and have a little feeling of sympathy for the victims instead? The thousands of victims have no use for this blame game now, what they need is help.

    To those who expressed their sympathy and concern, thank you.

  • Lorne

    I agree. Bad reporting in this article aside, as I said below, please donate and help the groups that are there to help these people. I have and I hope others will too.

  • Susie Q

    My gosh, if this is true, then the government is definitely on a roll, Obamacare, Fema Camps, now this weather manipulation to kill people…..Wow, mankind is really making points with “the man upstairs” i.e. GOD! Genocide always seems to happen in third world country’s, but here we see that it is now being practiced in our United States also! COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS! WE NEED YOU TO HEAL OUR LAND AND PEOPLE!

  • Tommy Shanks

    I would agree with you but then we’d both be wrong. Murder by weather? Do your realize just how INSANE that sounds? Seek serious psychiatric help dude!

  • Tommy Shanks


  • Susie Q

    L E M M I N G S ! ! !

  • Independentrd

    Yes the did and they all failed!

  • Independentrd

    Cloud seeding works only on a very small scale. So far, nothing man has intentionally done has at best worked only on a very small scale. Even with cloud seeding the moisture/cloud has to be there in the first place. Seed a clear blue sky and you get nothing.

  • http://perilloux.net/ John S. Perilloux

    Kirk, your tinfoil lined propeller beanie is waiting for you at the front desk.

  • lebron

    h.a.a.r.p strikes again..

  • Natalie
  • natalie

    This is for all of you doubters of HAARP and this particular storm….have fun and don’t get too upset by what you see :) It’s like we live in an ongoing episode of The Twilight Zone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzxTXk1JCFw

  • natalie

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzxTXk1JCFw This is a link to some telling evidence of HAARP and this storm. There is a lot more than just this video…research before you bash!

  • Tomi Glover

    The facts are what he said is true, why dont you do some research on Haarp and find out yourself, I was watching radar tracking the day it wiped out Japan, look up scalar squares and maybe you,ll come up to date, how old are you?

  • Tim Miles

    It is obvious that NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up space battles…

  • MelodyRankin

    i agree. why send a man made “SUPER STORM” to wipe out the poor Filipino people? what benefit would come from that? i can think of many other places that the world would benefit from being wiped out. i feel so bad for these people! they already get the crap end of the stick and now it’s even worse!

  • M Busby

    if man causes the storms how do you explain the ice storms during the ice age, or the first earthquake in 1615, or the first flood and other disasters that happened before man became civilized? before we brought in modern technology?

  • Diane

    =( Stay strong Philippines<3

  • Jake Elliot

    OMG!! –it all makes sense now–that was the missing piece of the puzzle! We’re going to create a time machine and affect the weather of the past! It’ll be like Marty McFly in Back to the Future!!


  • Lynne Alexander

    That’s right Lorne. There is NO death other than via an individual’s perception, which is imagination-based. No death, no non-existence, no ending of the consciousness that is you, Lorne. Infinite changes of form are yours and mine. Tell that to the people of the Philippines losing loved ones…? Well somehow I think most of them know this already, Lorne. However, to get you started in the right direction, simply keep in mind the 4 universal laws which hold true no matter what. Only four and there aint no more. These are 4 absolute truths which neither my opinion nor yours can alter or effect, no matter how justified your righteous indignation or my emotional response might be. 1. you exist -always have, always will. 2. the All are One; the One is All. 3. that which is like, to itself is drawn and 4. everything changes except the first 3 laws. Try disputing this one Lorne. Good luck ;)
    Is the picture false? I’m not surprised.

  • Pied Piper

    In the end times, the Bible says that the people of the coast line will be destroyed. All coast. So take heed and maybe we should all look to Jesus for the answers instead of making excuses for our sins. Those who have eyes should see and those who have ears should hear. That the time is near and those who believe know that it is near.

  • Mrs. Leeman

    This picture is faker than my orgasms.

  • ns08

    I couldn’t help but be dismayed by the inaccuracies in this article. It’s a shame because I would like to give the author the benefit of the doubt and say that his intentions for publishing this are good. It’s just that when the veracity of part of a report comes into question, it undermines the entire thing and takes away attention from the real issue.

    Anyway, many thanks to all those who have expressed their support, especially those who have actually done something to help. I live in the capital, Manila, and was not directly affected, but I do have friends and extended family in those areas. Aid has been reaching the cities as people pitch in, but there are smaller islands and locations that have not been reached. :(

  • Lorne

    Wow… alright, I give up. I cannot argue with that level of crazy. Have a good day.

  • Joshua A Kneale


  • frank smith

    I’d blame the Governments who are trying to control the air currents around the poles!!! Bet they messing up the weather trying to divert some of the air flow around the poles.

  • Darqman

    If it’s man made weather than is it called Father Nature?

  • Steven Lehman

    happy birthday http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usmc be careful about throwing terms like liberty and freedom around like they have only one definition. If it’s worth sending our sons and daughters in harm’s way then you owe it to yourselves and to them to come to a deeper understanding of these terms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Concepts_of_Liberty

  • frita laisy

    you sir are high on drugs please seek medical attention immediately!

  • guest101

    The Island did not totally vanish only some of the structures/ buildings what were put up. ” MUCH of the country is over-populated with SQUATTERS” define squatters? because squatters term is defined as a person who lives in a place where he/she has no legal title to it. Be humble enough to change it to SOME parts of the country, although we don’t have sophisticated houses just like you or we may be living in a shanty type of houses but MOST of us certainly OWNED the land where we put up our houses. Once again there are parts of the country were renting and squatting are rampant like in Metro Manila were in the land are quite expensive but not in the provinces like Tacloban Leyte it is an Island nearest to the sea, but most people who live there owned the lands where they built their SHANTY houses.

  • Weather Watcher

    PROOF THE TYPHOON WAS MAN MADE!! Please look at the info in this link, proof of microwave tampering! http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/11102013-microwave-beam-into-west-pacific-new-rotation-develops-as-result/

  • World Observer

    Stop beeing naive. Of course there are benefits for Bilderberg and other secret societies. Bilderbergs think we have to decrease the world Population to 500 mio People and a Country like the philippines who produce lots of childrenm but not enough Money for their Targets must be wiped out from their map. Wake up and fight shoulder by shoulder against theat inhuman plans of the richest criminals in the world! Ans by the way-a loving father doesen´t allow such things with his children-think about. Who never is willing to fight for his rights and alsways wait that God or Goverments are doing this shall not wonder that he will lose everything!

  • moe

    This is just a dress rehearsal from these Monsters!

  • Moe

    Some sheep want to remain asleep….. You can lead a horse to water…

  • just a human

    and i beg thee to answer… where would ‘the world benefit more’ from people being wiped out? ‘Poor Phillipino people’ are not on YOUR list apparently, so tell US, who do YOU think should be wiped out o great one?

  • Filipino

    Some comments I have read here are both funny and insensitive at the same time. This post has been made not for you to argue about but to inform you that people out there need help. You could just imagine how many mothers have lost their children, kids who have lost their parents, people who practically don’t have houses to live in anymore and there you are comfortably sitting in front of your computers, arguing over something intangible that wouldn’t help these people in need to stand up again.

    Thanks to those who truly stepped up and helped us. Good things will go your way because of your kindness.


  • Abraham Ortiz

    THIS IS NOT IN THE PHILIPPINES .THIS IS ON THIS SITE. http//izismile.com/2013/08/26.you people are a bunch of morons.FUCK YOUR OWN MOTHER.BASTARD!

  • wiselatina2theright

    you need to take your meds, honey.

  • Amy Stan

    I found this fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. http://www.gofundme.com/helptyphoonyolandavictims
    I wish this link will be shared to everyone! RIP to those missing Filipino

  • D Scott Horton

    I’m not as informed as you guys about all of that stuff and my vocabulary isn’t s extensive as yours. Lorne, it did seem like you were bragging due to the fact that you believe you donation is better than prayer. When you pray for people who believe and they know it, it gives them hope whether you believe or not. When you criticize people of faith for their faith, you do nothing constructive. Donating to the Red Cross is commendable, criticizing peoples faith is not.

  • D Scott Horton

    I hope you got through okay. My wife is from Calbayog City area. I know that is in western Samar but I wonder if you have any info. We still can’t contact her parents. Salamat po. God bless you.

  • D Scott Horton

    If you don’t believe in God, why should it bother you that other people do? For people who believe, victims and supporters, prayer is helpful. When you criticize the faith of others, you diminish whatever good you do with your money.

  • D Scott Horton

    You argue like a defrocked priest, just an observation.

  • D Scott Horton

    Perhaps a monastery dropout.

  • Lorne

    I was not bragging, but yes, monetary donations are far superior to prayers.

  • Gina Takeuchi

    Too sad for my beloved kababayans…..:-(

  • Rex Victor Gardose

    I don’t know how to react to this post. It’s laden with errors. Satellite pictures show that Haiyan passed mostly through the middle of the country, mostly the Visayas group of islands with some southern part of Luzon, and not the UPPER NORTHERN HALF OF THE NATION. Another error, MUCH OF THE COUNTRY IS POPULATED BY SQUATTERS; squatters can be found only in highly urbanized cities and they are only few. The headline is worse, ENTIRE ISLANDS REPORTED MISSING. Man, where did you get your data? Not even a single island is reported missing. Please verify before reporting; for your own credibility.

  • bitterboyblue

    I don’t know it it’s been mentioned int he comments already but the storm hit the LOWER half of the upper region of the country (Visayas) and not the upper northern half like the article says.

  • Ryan Avellanosa

    though i must say the photo above does not look like it’s from the philippines, just the same.. my prayers are with all of ‘em

  • Bug Spray

    It’s Bush’s fault.

  • flower

    and what about HAARP? The Navy did admit they were working on technology that formed rainclouds. What’s scary is that the Energy barons have said they really want S.E. Asia , even more than the Middle East for natural resources…..

    The economic inequality is unacceptable. Damn.

  • flower

    Yes. Look to God. and pray for for these poor people.

  • The Intellectual Creationist

    well simply put if you wanted to test something out you do it on people or a country that doesn’t effect THE USA economy, a bit far fetched theory but an ideal place to test something like earthquakes and typhoons would be Indonesia and the Philippines. One main reason may be also that they are so closely situated to China, that we know we are capable of actually using it against China. Trust me the USA has tested things on their own people and troops throughout history, some other country means nothing to them.

  • Francious

    God is just amazing! long time ago when there are still a few people on earth, they can age till a hundred. But now that the earth is way too populated, people die early. If that’s not enough, Mother Nature backs it up!!! Balance!

  • Ayin

    everyone…. Lets chop are hands!!! chop chop chop chopp…. aaaarghhh…

  • Bill S.

    The US is stepping up to the plate. There are Marines on the ground already with aircraft for search and rescue, tons of MREs and medical supplies. Obama has made it clear that we stand ready to do what is needed to help one of our old friend and ally. Thank you, Mr. President. Agan you make us proud.

  • death-to-GOD

    there is no god

  • Natalie

    I am sorry if my comment would seem rude but it looks like the image attached is not genuine…just saying :) peace bro!

  • free

    to divert the Napoles issue. Illuminate moves.

  • Carolj Animae Themusic

    IM so sorry for those who have families out there , i will keep everyone in prayers

  • rein

    why would we trust you with all your non sense. it happens in the philippines and indonesia because of their geographical location. if what you’re saying is true then why don’t they send one in the Arabic countries. the answer is : impossible. so where now is your point.

  • rein

    you’re right lorne. Those who seem to know a lot turns out to be MORON. hahaha. Bet they all love to watch sci fi movies so much that they can no longer identify the difference between imagination (HAARP, etc) from reality.

  • God

    shut the fuck up.

  • ferdz

    i bet superman took this picture.

  • Lynne Alexander

    Why thank you. Have a good day too.

  • tetet

    No details on the picture attached on this post. Is this taken from the recent devastation? :-(
    If so, I personally find it terrible to see their torment being open for public viewing.

  • mephisto008 .

    1. “Much of the country is populated by squatters who live in over-populated shanty villages”
    2. “entire islands have vanished”.
    3. “every island in the Philippines being heavily populated”
    1. Not true. “Squatters” or informal settlers are only in urban areas and cities.
    2. LOL
    3. Not true. Only the cities are heavily populated, not every island.

  • mephisto008 .

    LOL :D

  • Jaye Sañiram

    no Sir.. God is always with us

  • BoOk WoRm

    Not all storms are man-made but some may be the result of man using HAARP. May be accidental or may be on purpose. But it is true, if you are going to test out a weapon, you don’t test it out on yourself.

  • BoOk WoRm

    Not all storms are man-made but some may be the result of man using HAARP. May be accidental or may be on purpose. But it is true, if you are going to test out a weapon, you don’t test it out on yourself. ~

  • yewad131

    It’s a conspiracy theory, learn to recognize one.

  • yewad131

    The video claims that the U.S created the typhoon and intentionally directed it to the Philippines. The video claims without evidence and this is where the BULLSHIT comes.

  • yewad131

    It would have been far more beneficial if it were Russia or China.

  • yewad131

    Conspirashits will always be conspirashits. Always anti-science and anti-climate change. Anything to steer away from the subject.

  • yewad131

    It’s true the technology exists, but the OP is talking about the video on YouTube which is basically leaping to conclusions that the U.S did this and intentionally directed it to the Philippines. But then you’d ask why the hell would they do that, but the author would simply stir another conspiracy and on and on. It’s BS.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    God parting of the Red Sea to save the Jews; the storm surge is the same type of event…so God must think Filipinos are pretty pathetic, and must be damned. Or God is a sociopath.

  • IamLami

    In filipino and i have friends and family staying in there… How i wish you’ll experience the “Wrath of GOD in your own” i prayed that you will be dammed someday…

  • Arren

    the picture above is edited…

  • jdchem

    you are next @andrewsheldon:disqus

  • PrayPhilippines

    please pray for us here in the Philippines especially in Leyte, we will be preparing again for an incoming storm.. :(

  • pitchypitchan

    is this picture real or edited?

  • CraycRay

    Yeah, thousands are dead and let’s pray for the people who were victims, but the picture here is obviously fake. I hope you post authentic photos.

  • D Scott Horton

    As I told you in another post, donating is great but there is no need to criticize peoples faith in a time of crisis. If they believe in the power of prayer and it gives them comfort, why do you want to take away from that? You certainly are bragging.

  • kyriousrobert

    I think you are Satan manifesting in the body of andrew sheldon because you delight seeing people die in this calamity

  • Greek-Filipino

    Zeus and Poseidon, have mercy on our country.

  • Steenson
  • http://undergroundrecords.org/ Todd West

    I work for God son, he pays me extremely well. You are highly mistaken and confused.

  • http://undergroundrecords.org/ Todd West

    God does not exist to save someone or make those kinds of judgements. You are personifying something which it’s actual character you do not understand, nor is it your right to make demands of. For all you know, he saved as many as were killed in the storm.

  • Margaret C Pritchett

    May their families be together, my the survivors find comfort and peace.

  • Pert Cabatana

    “entire islands” have vanished sounds like an exaggeration unless names of specific islands are specified. As far as I know, no islands vanished.

  • Clinton Jones

    Really? Why all the hate? God have mercy, God is not, God is, Man did it, satan did it, mother nature did it. Instead of attacking each others beliefs, can WE at least show MERCY and COMPASSION towards our fellow man regardless what our beliefs our?

  • ea

    Stepping up to the plate again? Are you so frigging drunk on Kool Aide you can’t see straight? He was funding the muslim brotherhood that were persecuting. murdering and raping Christians (and still are). Hopefully we don’t give them the same “help”.

  • Stephen Spiker

    hey…. if you guys need my help and let me know… also you put me on airline to fly there so i can help them immediately. call me at 765-444-4637

  • michael

    poorly written. too much unnecessary information. cluttered.

  • Mae

    Peace be with you @andrewsheldon:disqus. Grade 1 kid is better than you. I don’t know why Satan like you exist for no reason at all

  • maria elena rocafort

    que triste, só nos resta ajuda-los com os materiais necessários, e que Deus tenha compaixão por essas pobres almas.

  • Jerome Alvarez

    these are one of the signs of the end times as stated in the bible.

  • May-you-hear

    God is no where to be found to those who do not want to know Him- those who seek Him ALWAYS FINDS HIM- I’m a Youth that once partied, live for women and everything else of the world, my happiness left when parties finished and ladies left- that’s because pleasures of this world 1. is perishable, 2. unsatisfying- Till I met Jesus- and Jesus meant so much more to me- when everything He said in His word, prove to exist ( sites, landmarks, and events history backs it up) to current day- everything that is going on was predicted in The Bible- and That VERY same Jesus said: I love you with an everlasting love- that means you too- death-to-God- He also said- He came so we can all have life more abundantly- but He also said: “I am the only way!”

  • May-you-hear

    He parted the red sea- Jews were saved (His People) But the Egyptians perished (people who were pursuing, or standing against God’s people) God saves His people- So I high recommend you don’t stand in the way of them!!!

  • kash

    If that’s what you think,so just be on yourself..no need to announce it…

  • May-you-hear

    please don’t swear and not by God’s name!

  • ullessis abaya

    THE PICTURE IS FAKE, it is not from Philippines, the pictures was taken in China….. click the link, do not be misled by stupid reporters… http://izismile.com/2013/08/26/spectators_get_washed_away_by_typhoon_trami_35_pics.html

  • May-you-hear

    You know what they say- If your glasses is red- everything you see through that glasses is red! When will you all wake up and stop seeing all these things as coincidence and start reading your Bible and understand none of it is! Even if you blame mother nature- WHO CONTROLS it? God does!! How can the scripture be soo specific about end time signs and you chose to blind yourselves- when will man ever learn, when will man ever wake up from their childish thinking? I plea for your behalves to my Father!

  • GlenCoco

    It would have been far, far better if it were the Middle East! Wiping Islam off the globe would be better for everyone!

  • okjose56

    The one thing that makes this whole article worthless is that the people reading it have turned this into a debate about good God verses bad God. This is not a religious debate forum nor the place to wish damnation on ANY person or Country as has been written here.
    I hope that all of you that have chosen to jump on either side of this God debate actually take the time to READ THE ARTICLE, then put more energy into a possible solution to the situation now being experienced in the islands. They need everyone’s help staying alive, not a bunch of thoughtless comments and debates from hard headed, self serving individuals.
    The Red Cross and other places are doing their jobs, let us all see if we can help them them do it a little better!

  • Gabriel

    What makes us resilient and strong as a people and nation is our deep faith in God. Yes, you said, “life rises and falls.” That is true. It is our faith in God that makes the difference every time life rises and falls. We can remain grounded in gratitude and humility when ‘life rises’ and hopeful and courageous when ‘life falls’ . If you don’t believe in our merciful God at least respect our belief. Don not add insult to the injuries we have experienced by mocking our God and faith.

  • Gabriel

    By your words, you sound pretty damned already. There is no joy and peace but simply bitterness.

  • Mr. Bo Min Aung

    I am deeply sorry for those who lost lives in Philippines during the storm, and would like to express my sympathy for them.

    Sharing my poem:


  • Gabriel

    Don’t you see that out of the tragedies rise the great generosity, compassion, unity and the desire to help from people all over the world. God is great. Thanks be to God.

  • Patty Anne

    God’s name is not God. It’s a title. His real name is YHWH

  • Lorne

    I criticize faith because it is groundless and ineffectual to those who need our help, especially prayer; it may help the people who “feel bad” about what happened, but believe me, actually doing something to actually help feels much better. If I got comfort from talking to my toaster, you would call me crazy. Now replace that toaster with god. The toaster at least has the benefit of actually existing.

    And to the bragging point, again, if I say I donated money I am bragging, but if I say I prayed for them, I am not? Belief in the efficacy of prayer aside, how is one of those different from the other? Hypocrisy, that is all that statement is.

  • bp

    you should properly label the photos and attribute it. this photograph is in china during typhoon trami. not philippines

  • Josephine Bell

    People are so fucking stupid….

  • Josephine Bell

    Their “faith in God” makes them one of the biggest purchasers of religious icons made of ivory… I don’t have much sympathy for a country that supports that trade so deeply. I don’t have any sympathy for America either, they are fools who don’t give a damn about the environment either and it will slap them in the face, too. But the Philippines just has an appalling environmental record – severe over fishing and a towering amount of toxic waste. There government is making nice attempts at turning things around, but the people have a vast disrespect for life. Clearly, since they so often say “ivory honors god”. Really? Senseless killing honors who you think supposedly created life?? Dumbfucks.

  • Jake de Asis

    I don’t think you need to use that photo on top of your article. It’s tasteless. It’s not even real. This is too much tabloid!

  • Benny Roberson

    Let’s don’t forget that the devil is here and brings the bad things such as theses types of terrible events on this earth. God is battling the enemy of man, the devil every day. Satan is responsible for all of the pain we see here in this life. There is a great Controversy between good ( God who is love) and evil (the devil and sin) taking place right before our eyes. But God will be and is already victorious because of Jesus and the cross and the blood He shed for all of our sins. Believe in and server Him today! Eternal life is free and is yours by receiving Jesus into your life and living for Him every day!! Soon,Jesus will return and the sin problem will be no more! Come Lord Jesus!

  • Be Wise or Shut-up

    From the sound of it – you seemed to inhabit the underground fucked-up place yourself!!! You do not understand and have no drop of compassion in your little brain for other people’s faith. Huh!! Talking about how the Philippine Government runs its country and the people disrespecting life!! Why don’t you get out of that fucked-up hole you’re in right now and experience reality. Oh, I forgot!! You only have a tiny brain – that will never work anyway. Belittling America, really?!?! Just wait until the environment slap them in the face like you said — you are going down with it too..hahahahah. Dumb ass! Before you open your big, fat senseless mouth and criticized everyone. Go take your narcissistic ass to church!

  • Be Wise or Shut-up

    Another thing, before you talk bullshit about other countries, spell words correctly please………..

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    I would have thought I would have been first. Well he has put insufferable Christians in my face. That’s like a slow death I guess.

  • Douglas Rood

    Unbelievable as to what I read here…this is about many innocent lives lost many of you should be ashamed…Note to The Free Patriot you are no better you have the ability to edit or ban these garbage posts…but then it is all about site traffic….SAD!….

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    He caused or facilitated the storm…or did he not cause the Red Sea parting. You can’t have your cake and eat it. Now, what of the indiscriminatory nature of his killing. I’m still alive. The logic is lost on me….but there is faith…the acceptance of ideas without evidence. Not a very human value proposition unless you want to destroy people’s minds and make them dependent on your own ideas. Yes, I think that made more sense for the Ancient Romans.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    I think you are a hypocrite who will not give a cent or has not a cent to give to the people who suffer, who are victims of your values. You are right, I don’t care a great deal about people who have no notion of science, that cannot anticipate a storm surge…who place their faith in such incompetent govt. Your PM actually looks pretty good though to what you’ve had. Maybe the problem is your standard of value…Does your political system promote rationality? Or mindless extortion [like ours mind you]. That’s why one needs a discerning mind…to discern the rational ones who can save you. God can’t….or did it, you decide.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    Sorry post-graduate in science.

  • Peace Please.

    Hello , It’s not Filipinos who kills Animals here in our country. it’s actually other smugglers from other countries. “ivory honors god” I’ve never heard someone say this here in the Philippines. “Dumbfucks”

  • Alexis Carter

    People on this thread, please. The existence of God is not the issue here. Thousands of people died. God or no God, shouldn’t you be finding ways to at least help the surviving victims of this catastrophe? That is, if you care (and I do hope that you do).

  • Peace Please

    And the country that doesn’t have this kind of technology have to suffer.
    The country that can’t even stop the flood from rising in the roads have to suffer 200mph winds because they move the clouds and stuff.
    Mother nature is the best host. Even tho we destroy her , she keeps giving us the things we need. she still provides for us. But sometimes just like Human mother , they got angry and they punish us.

  • Anti-Noynoy

    This clearly states that you know nothing about their government.

  • Peace Please

    Sir , I’m a Catholic but wiping the Islam off the globe is not a good thing.
    They Believe in God but their beliefs are different. but we have One God sir. they are people too. we should accept them. but not the things they do.

  • Earthbuzzbiz

    This typhoon like most weather disasters in the last couple of years are created by HAARP! Wake up people the elite/cabal is simply doing population control.

  • Frank Tillman

    I am 60 and you are dumb as brick

  • Luigi

    you are so Dumb PATHETIC JOSEPHINE BELL, I don”t care about your stupid IVORY SHIT EAT IT you PIG!



  • William Kostric

    The phrase anti-climate change is anti-science. In fact, anyone who uses the phrase “climate change” is too silly to be taken seriously, as if ‘climate’ ever has or ever would not change.

  • Masterdon

    You better go back to school, Andrew Sheldon… Your English sucks!

  • Jason Smith

    I was trying to poke fun at all the people who say “guns kill people, we should ban them.”

  • Jason Smith

    I was only trying to be funny. I don’t care about your preachy shit. You believe what you want. But You don’t need to try to stuff your bible BS down my throat.

  • Jason Smith

    Horoscopo, I was trying to be funny by making fun of people who say exactly what you said…..

  • KRM

    Andrew, as a Christian, I just want to apologize for the tone of some of the comments directed towards you.

  • kit

    Hang on a second this is not about any of your personal opinions on god and your idea of god. Its about other people, people like yourself, mothers, daughter, fathers, sons… and maybe you are lucky enough to not be affected by the earth shattering incidents, but have some compassion for others… after all whether you believe in god or not, compassion and care for others is a humane approach as well as a spiritual one. Pray, donate, cry, sing…support in any way you can but don’t slander each other about different beliefs. And guaranteed if this natural disaster was happening at your feet you would find compassion and support for yourself and your neighbour.

  • sujumakelove

    you not what disgusting? the Muslim people in my country who laugh about this, saying this was a punishment from God, for attacking Muslim people in south Philippines. i really wish i doesn’t born here. may all victims rest in peace…

  • The Great AssMonkey

    So if I understand you correctly, you were just another scumbag who decided that it was easier to “find jesus” than to be responsible for your actions?

  • batusay

    please be guided that Jesus is not a lord, He’s our prophet.

  • Capt. Barbel

    here’s a super “brilliant” man who thinks he is still in his right mind. well, i think you have to go to a mental hospital… ;-)

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    Science major – not English. But I agree, and don’t care. People pay for my opinion, not my English. You will however be well-qualified to work in a call centre.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    No need really, I understand human nature. They are attacking that which they do not understand. I am throwing their apprehension at their face and they don’t like it. They react in the way they were educated. Its vile, not constructive, but then, as they get older, they might just realise, well outside of the Philippines people are far better off, and miraculously, they are not really Christians. Its a confusing message for them because there is no pure evil and good.
    I can empathise with their state of mind. It won’t help them though because I’m an affrontery to their self-contempt. Its an absolute contempt. They are comforted by the moral relativism of their fellow Filipinos. Pride in their sacrifice and destitution. Until a foreigner comes along….then they are like birds of prey stalking a piece of meat.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    Thanks for the validation. Don’t really need it. Its justice when you earn it. I really don’t want it from people with bad standards of value. Be sure to give it to your children…but not as mindless charity, so they develop some respect for facts and rationality. Avoid churches and ‘storm surges’, as both are conceptual threats. Sadly parents don’t think to spare their children.

  • Aristeo Macayan

    I wonder what happen if this type of typhoon hits the middle east…

  • ofw2011

    u dont need to post your irritating comments here mr sujumakelove. u just wait for ur turn. perhaps more devastating punishment is reserved for u. in the future and we will be having the last laugh.

  • boy

    you did not understand what the man is saying, he is actually disgusted by what his fellow muslims are saying about the tragedy, he is ashamed of their reaction and wish he was not born where he is now and being a muslim. hope you read and understand well before making any comment, his english is broken and you have to read carefully.

  • Guest

    WTF is that “ivory honors god”??? i lived in the Philippines for more than 20 years and never heard anyone say that! You know nothing about our country!

  • Jennevie

    WTF is that “ivory honors god”??? i am living in the Philippines for more than 20 years and never heard anyone say that! You know nothing about our country!

  • guest

    hope u can still such lines when ur family is on the same situation….

  • cebuano

    sujumakelove said he is disgusted by muslim people in his country for laughing at what happened to filipinos. he is ashamed he was born there.

  • guest

    ~still say

  • cebuano

    Andrew, this is not the place and time for a debate, we need your help. please let realamie express and call her God. she is and we are asking you to help us.

  • Josephine Bracken

    Josephine Bell, when you accuse someone, make sure you have the right facts to back you up. I have been in the Philippines for 45 years and I have no idea where you got the fucking fact that Philippines is one of the biggest purchasers of religious icons made of ivory. Even if you go to Catholics churches here, the religious figures are mostly made of wood and I haven’t seen one made of Ivory. And where the fuck did you get that information that we so often say “ivory honors God”? Just shut up and stop pretending to be smart. You just showed the readers here that you are an idiot and you know nothing about the Philippines. Dunbfucks.

  • cebuano

    Josephine Bell – we need your help and understanding ..

  • guest

    nabasa mo ang iban nga comment? wala guro sila gintudluan sang “kung wala ka maayu ihambal, hilum” y cant they just sympathize… is it not enough people suffered? will they take bashing from the web too?

  • cebuano

    Josephine Bell I’d rather post as guest

  • cebuano

    Andrew Sheldon — we are humans that needs your help and understanding ..

  • jinjin

    i think the problem with you, Mr. Sheldon is that you have relied on LOGIC your entire life. God is beyond logic. Our minds (yours, mine, and everyone else’s) are finite and not enough to understand the one God who created the universe and everything in it. It is not for you to analyze and know the reasons why God allows these things to happen.

  • cebuano

    Andrew Sheldon – you will be more useful than that, you know you are .. our mothers give us water when we need it, our mother do not debate during our time of need. An Atheist can do better things like helping, and help is what we need now.

  • cebuano

    Andrew Sheldon — there are real people who needs your help and understanding… this time its about them .. Any Atheist knows that helping is what humans (atheist or religious) now. As an Atheist, it is your responsibility to show the better side of you. i know you can though i do not demand.

  • Joseph Ring

    Yeah, and you are on top of the list, JOSEPHINE BELL!. Dumbfucks!

  • cebuano

    Andrew Sheldon — im calling you as a human needing another human. Atheist and Religious people should focus their thoughts on helping not on awakening or debating each other. Andrew, please give us your understanding and help. help is what people needs now. An Atheist is peaceful, logical, deep thinker, reasonable on any given time and situation. Andrew, we are all human.

  • cebuano

    Andrew, an Atheist is logical, reasonable, free thinker, know what to do at any given situation. The situation now needs help. An Atheist know that help is needed now. We all know you have to right to speak your mind, but there are real people needing help now. Help is what is needed.

  • cebuano

    Andrew Sheldon – we are very sorry for the attacks on you. yes it is human nature. it is even predictable, you as an intelligent man knows its predictable. Any smart Atheist knows how to get along with religious people and so the way the act on times of needs. Though we both understand you are practicing your freedom of speech, but given the number of people reacting to your comment, it is logical that freedom of speech is not we need now. again sorry for the attacks

  • cebauno

    sujumakelove was disgusted by his fellow muslims at laughing to us filipinos. its very sad human laughing at humans death.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    I don’t do that type of help. I also don’t require that type of help because I think, I anticipate, I learn. That is the lesson I convey. Charity is a philosophy for victims. By all means find help if you need it, but ‘learn’. My help is ideas; here is the lesson. http://expat-philippines.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-pride-of-filipino-delusion-behind.html

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    I’m only concerned with this world; I don’t need to be concerned with any other. I’m not convinced by value systems which renounce this world for another; which renounce human nature, the human mind, which extol fear, which consider man evil by nature (a blatant contradiction), much less a god who causes damage, and disappears when the damage is done. I’d have sought a more discerning God….not one so blatantly and indiscriminately destructive of all life. I don’t try to find meaning in nonsense. Its intent was to destroy minds. It was a political tool. See it as that. The Romans fooled the Jews and many others….even me until 18yo.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    That does not mean the same thing to all people. Ask yourself what it means to be human. You think this disaster is a ‘chance to shine’, to be virtuous. Its not. Its a monumental waste. A 2000 year opportunity cost. Read this and sweep; not for the death of 10,000 lives, but for the death of the human spirit in 98 mil Filipinos (stave a thought for the 2mil Atheists who live in silence lest they be ostracised for being honest/rational). http://expat-philippines.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-pride-of-filipino-delusion-behind.html

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    You hang on a moment. This is more than you think because you clearly don’t think. Those people are dead. I care only for the living. You can cry on graves; I dare not spare the time. I hope you are emotional. I hope you are in pain…because you need to be…lest you return to your indifferent lives of ‘unthinkingness’. These deaths were preventable. The entire catastrophe was preventable…to the extent that the Philippines is carrying an opportunity cost for the thinking it did not do 1, 2, 50, 300 years ago. You haven’t a day to wait. You might be struck down by typhoid tomorrow because you didn’t consider it.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    No personal attacks or advice is exactly what is needed…for you speak as Filipinos, with a sense of responsibility…so take responsibility for the deaths which occurred. It was preventable. It wasn’t that the West couldn’t provide enough aid…it was that people renounced their minds. Its the sin of pride (in mental efficacy that you need to discover). You’re not the first nation to fall prey to religion; you were simply invaded by the wrong nation. Better it had been the British….better still just discovered it. Much better to discover.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon
  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon
  • Judith Stella Spraske

    Father I pray for the people in the Philippines In Jesus Name

  • May-you-hear

    As I said- the scripture says don’t even swear by a hair on your head- for you didn’t make it- don’t swear by what is not yours to swear by

  • Virakdara Kh

    All my heart to the victims. But why too many death? Why evacuation was not effective? Sorry, but I feel panic.

  • Godfearing

    F there’s no God,where did u came from.ur parents ur ancestors?aren’t u reading the Holy Scriptures to where we came from?then what are u,a clay formed into human?

  • Feb214

    My love is in the US military, he’s arriving to help send relief soon. :) lifting you all up in prayers!!! May the Almighty God hold you all in the palm of His hands and bring healing and unity within your country. Stay strong!!

  • Feb214

    You can say all you want about God believers and Americans. We may seem like bad people but we are always there to help those in need. Christians are the very first to act, volunteer and send relief when tragedy happens. The Americans are the ones whom people seek help from. Our country may not have some great people, but majority are more heart filled and loving than you. Overall, Without God believers and Americans some countries may not even be helped.

    You have to stop with your hypocrisy. What are you doing to better the earth? You are just as guilty.

  • zartre

    why are you putting words on the god you don’t know? you may be the sociopath!

  • noyp

    the residents should have left that place before the deadly typhoon landfall to avoid casualties because their place is a low-lying area..as seen on google earth..

  • pakyaw


  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    Mate you could be right…I’m going to start to a ghost in the sky. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    Noooo….If you care, you need to repudiate God. The dead are dead. We need to focus on the living. That means asking what it means to be human. Surviving demands thinking; avoiding problems by anticipating storm surges. What is the lesson from this emergency; to depend on government? Watch how the government creates an underclass dependent on government. Caring does not mean ‘giving’. Giving is only undermining the value proposition for living. What is the point of living if you are going to simply renounce the responsibility for thinking. Living for god is dying for god. Faith is incompatible with rationality. When you accept faith; you live on others rationality, or physical effort, and that value will not get you far beyond the factory floor. Notice how all the churches depend on the people who actually have money. But giving is noble? The church always needs money.

  • kusaky

    no he is right there is no god you tell me just 1 that has seen him no one has evre seen him so he is bullshit

  • kusaky

    your full of shit

  • John Walker

    Josephine Bell, your comments are uncalled for. I hope you will not end up realizing the wrath of God! Keep in mind, that all human beings were all created by GOD equal. Don’t brag being an American or European, I’ve been in the Philippines, and see them even better mannered than yours. So who really are “DUMBFUCKS”!

  • John Walker

    ANDREW SHELDON, your comments are uncalled for. I hope you will not end up realizing the wrath of God yourself! (I hope it will come sooner). Keep in mind, that all human beings were all created by GOD equal. Don’t brag being an American or European, I’ve been in the Philippines, and see them even better mannered than yours. So who really are “DUMBFUCKS”! If I were u, I will keep my mouth shut!

  • karjrens

    The picture is not from the philippines.. it is from china http://izismile.com/2013/08/26/spectators_get_washed_away_by_typhoon_trami_35_pics.html

  • ronaldm

    sujumaklove, how i wish this tragedy won’t happen in your country wherever it is. and when it does happen, we won’t laugh but will extend our sympathy because we filipinos are human, we have conscience. God bless you.

  • ZeaXoza

    I ask you all to please sweep all anger, patriotism, religion, discrimination, etc. under the rug for a moment and just use this time to sypathize and reach out to a country which is striving for a helping hand. This is not only the main problem in Philippines. There is also an inumerous amount of people with no roof above their heads, no branded accessories let alone any clothing at all, uneducated citizens and all we ask is for a little help, any help that would benefit would give hope to a single soul which has lost all. Because the country didn’t demand for discrimination, biased information or patriotism relating other countries, the Philippines pleaded for life’s necessities which is insuffecient to more than 50% of the population. They deserve that much.
    I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this and would contribute to the losses, I would like to pass my deepest gratitude to those who did so have a good day and may you be blessed
    -ZeaXoza,15 #PrayforthePhilippines

  • yewad131

    Preach brother, you just confirmed my thought. It’s too silly for people who doesn’t even believe that climates do change. I’m not even pointing out the part where man has contributed, they just become idiotic when they hear the word climate change. They’re also more likely to fall for conspirashit theories.

  • PLV

    Thanks for your reporting, however I wish you would have gotten your facts straight, The nation of 7000+ Islands does not as a nation sit “barely above sea level”. There are many mountains and hills there. Some place are barely above sea level. 2) The storm hit in the center or just south of the center of the nation not the northern half. 3rdly not every Island is heavily populated. There are islands with no one on them. What happened is a tragedy the death toll will be high. But to sensationalize it and/ or get facts wrong is sloppy reporting.

  • Mike Regish

    How nice. You must be christian.

  • Mike Regish

    That’s just “why” backwards with an extra “h”.

  • Mike Regish

    How did this discussion turn to religion? This was a brutal act of nature. Nature has no conscience. No love. No promise. It just is what it is and does what it does. It cares not one whit what you believe.

  • Phungchimtu

    Devastating news one after another in this mortal world where power, pride an properties are still chasing by greed-enslaved people in the wind. God the Almighty only wants to take back the breath He gave us to sojourn in this little earth without no guarantee of how long and how to live but just to show us how much He loves us even in the deepest despair and the darkest doom.

    For people who believe in him, to live is to struggle, suffer and wrestle with greed, jealousy and covetousness but to die is gain.

    May the people who died in this tragedy be rested in the comfort of our God Almighty!

  • pauline

    Thank you for the sympathies. :) I would just like to point out that contrary to this: ” With every island in the Philippines being heavily populated”, not EVERY island in the Philippines is populated. There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines and majority of these islands are uninhabited/barely habited. :)

  • kiko

    “ivory honors god”?does it mean that what you’re saying is us killing Elephants!?i challenge you now miss “josephine bell”, come here in the philippines and find an elephant roming around and those in the Zoos. if you find one, i’ll give you its IVORY!!!damn you blood sucker!!!

  • A call for accountability

    Perhaps you should read/listen to people with the intent to understand instead of judgement. You just made yourself an example of what is wrong in this world. I guess a word of thanks is in order since you were able to write such a clear example of how we should NOT treat each other. If you must be so hateful then keep it to yourself as the rest of us would rather focus on building a world with out it.

  • fireviper

    Josephine Bell. . . ARE YOU CLEAN ENOUGH TO SAY THIS WORDS. . . before you write your comment, would you mind looking yourself in front of the mirror. . . we have our individual faith and beliefs, so, JUST KEEP YOUR COMMENTS WITH YOU, . . .

  • D Scott Horton

    It may be groundless to you and that is ok. It helps people who believe in it and you are going out of your way to tear down the hope that other people are trying to instill. Our prayers do not hurt you or anyone. You diminish the good with your argument against faith in a time when many people have nothing left but their faith. Wake up.

  • ToyCollectorsUnited

    Heart breaking

  • Lorne

    You have missed my point. Prayer makes you feel better; it does nothing to help those people. Making donations for food, water, and shelter does. Pray if you want to, but do that too. I hope you have a good day.

  • D Scott Horton

    And you have missed my point. When believers know other believers are praying for them, it is reassuring. You shouldn’t assume that people who are praying for help from God are doing nothing to provide material help. My wife’s family lives on Samar and they are grateful for our prayers, whether you appreciate it or not.

  • rhien villarin


  • cgand tare

    allah bless on philpine people

  • Lorne

    Then we shall have to agree to disagree on the efficacy of prayer. I hope your wife’s family is okay and that they receive more than just prayers to get them through this calamity.

  • Lorne

    Really, a death threat? What kind of person does that make you jdchem?

  • Lorne

    “I prayed that you will be dammed [sic] someday…” What a despicable thing to say. Is this the morality that your religion teaches you?

  • rhien villarin


  • Lorne

    I did indeed come from my parents and my ancestors. Where do you think I came from? Or you, for that matter? And to your last point, if that is indeed a question, I am confused because, according to your “Holy Scriptures”, you *did* come from clay, which, to be fair, is true in a certain light. We are all made of the same stuff that the universe is made of; and there is clay in the universe. Not that correlation is causality but…

  • Lorne

    If you remove god from that comment, is it any less true?

  • Lorne

    Your lack of rational thinking makes you a very dangerous person, in my opinion. I hope you have a good day. God help us if you have a bad one.

  • Lorne

    Did you know that there is no actual violence in any Hollywood movie, or any computer/video game? No one is actually hurt (well, except for the occasional stunt actor, but that is what they are paid for). These are artistic depictions of violence and study after study has proven that they have no effect on people’s psyche. In this era of 24-hour news, it may seem that we are living in a violent age, but anyone with a modicum of historical knowledge will confirm that our past was much, much more violent than is our society today.

  • Lorne

    One simple question: why would “they” want to send a storm to destroy a part of the Philippines?

  • Lorne

    I am pretty sure there were earthquakes prior to 1615.

  • theundeadtalkinghead

    the nimitz task force is on its way with relief…….they just left syria.

  • Aesculapios

    Hi ronald, I hope you read and understand what sujumaklove is trying to say. He is not saying bad about us, he actually cares for us.

  • Andre Maunsell

    I have relatives in Surigao, Leyte and Manila. I was watching this typhoon progress and one of the relatives who lives in germany was facebook chatting me. I saw it pass over homonhan island on its path towards Tacloban (which I was in back in 2008). I believe that island was wiped out completely and we have not heard much of that. My relative in germany was i think on the verge of a heart attack when she saw the severity of the storm and was not able to contact her family in Surigao. Anyhow, there is wide spread power outtages all over leyte which is where my daughter and dearest asawa is at. :( She lives far from Tacloban she is very close to Maasin City which from what I heard took a beating as well.

  • http://www.sheldonthinks.com/ Andrew Sheldon

    No one can understand that which is beyond human comprehension. That’s why you have to accept on faith. So God cannot be characterised in any positive sense at all. God embodies repudiations or antithetical values to what we know. Its the rejection of everything we know. i.e.
    1. Faith – Acceptance without evidence, anti-mind, anti-objectivity
    2. Supernatural – not natural or pertaining to this world. You can even talk of god loving. Contradiction in the bible.
    3. Altruism – non self. The value of an action means you do it for others. So if you kill for others, its ok. This sets up the ugly rationalisations perpetrated by Christians, i.e. The Crusades. Whilst seemingly studying at university is selfish because its selfish. Hmmm…not hurting anyone…so the ethics is a bit ambiguous there. Maybe they didn’t conceive of universities or the ‘production paradigm’ in the stone age.
    Otherwise God is a bit ambiguous. I’d sooner invest in bitcoin that God. Jesus however does take form. But not much more. He really does require an ‘appeal to authority’ fallacy. God’s son. Well, at least Aristotle got it right.
    He caused the storm. That’s the type of rationalisation that sees 2000-odd dead and others deluded. They all had their properties destroyed. But maybe you can argue they needed foreign charity for new brick houses. Please!

  • mmrb22

    hey josephine bell you don’t know what you are talking, there is no ivory icons in the phils…you are dumb bell !!!

  • dj110492

    i hope you realize and understand what the man is trying to say here sir, he didn’t say anything wrong about Filipinos who suffered because of that storm. i hope God bless you with understanding, too! :)

  • annski

    your family is lucky to have not experienced like this worst calamity…. but the ball is round we dont know when is ur turn……. instead of saying that u must pray for the people who r now suffering from that calamity….

  • jason

    A natural disaster nothing to do with anything of your primitive gods.

  • atruebornagain

    i like that u try to calm the discussion by focusing on helping people in need. i think what people / atheists are saying is that filipinos need to think better in the future because this event can happen again. prayer will not prevent this from happening again. but if people are educated, they can prolong their lives. i hope filipinos invest in education more than anything. not blind education but education that will really help them understand what to believe.

  • atruebornagain

    zarte – i would like to know more evidence about a real god before i begin referring to it as reality. simple request. doesn’t have to be complicated. personally i am seeking the right knowledge.

  • atruebornagain

    ifs and whens – when family is in his situation. well i don’t know. but i think people who are more educated and think very well live longer lives… i hope filipino invest more in education. para humaba ang ating buhay.

  • atruebornagain

    let us not forget that the money politicians have stolen or STEALING at this very moment could save so many lives in the future…i beg our kababayans na wag ng ipagbili ang boto at mag isip ng mabuti. only vote people with Good Ethics… not god-fearing but Good ethics. A true good person does not need god to know what is right.

  • atruebornagain

    i am hoping for the best. i advocate more education in philippines. i hope that govt invests in disaster prevention and educating people living in high risk areas in the future… instead of buying paper bags thinking they will help stop climate change. i hope people in the philippines will learn the value of thinking. not fearing a man in the sky to do good. but to do good regardless… kung meron dyos o wala. i hope people will not vote for stupid popular people, swayed by celebrity status. many died. their lives can not be put in vain by filipinos going back to the old ways of thinking. if we do, if we still think the same, we will not make the right decisions. bigger typhoons will come. all we can do is prepare for it, because there is no miracles, there is only good decisions. if prayer is the answer then there is no point of timely evacuation in the future. i’m sorry if this is reality. i just care if more people needlessly die.

  • atruebornagain

    why? your explanation will validate your intelligence

  • atruebornagain

    a lot of hate on comments. a lot misunderstanding of reality. a lot of reliance on faith and miracles. i just hope we filipinos honour the lives of those who died by thinking and preparing better for the future. big typhoons will come because the earth evolves and i really believe prayer is the last resort. Prayer is also not the first thing to do next time this happens. Filipinos need to be thinkers not blind believers diba. We are smart enough as a people. we can improve our minds – search for truth and be honest in our thinking not compartmentalized. i cry most for people who died because they are were so poor that they were not educated to even learn to think any better. that for me is the real tragedy. so open your minds, kababayans.

  • atruebornagain

    hi mike, i agree re nature just doing what it does – evolving. but the # of dead didn’t have to be that much. i think many people died because they relied on faith. this is common in our country and that’s a bigger tragedy because more typhoons will happen and if filipinos do not think any better, more people will die… and this is why blind belief in a miracle is dangerous and religion is related to the discussions related to this event.

  • leo

    have you seen your brain. if not then you have no brain.

  • atruebornagain

    a lot Filipinos have good manners. but many are too poor to have been educated and taught manners. but, i think manners and etiquette can be taught but morality has to be learned and internalized by each person. knowing which spoon to use first is easy enough but knowing right from wrong can be confusing.
    i see many christians in this page who got angry or sad or annoyed or shocked by anti-religious comments. but i am equally shocked with the christian’s way of responding. i feel for my fellow filipinos. i hope our govt will put more money in education, critical thinking skills so filipinos will learn right from wrong without having to rely on someone else’s word. i hope in the next typhoon people in philippines will have learned what to do, not simply rely on what politicians say or what weather experts say. i hope the importance of correct, timely info distribution will be prioritized in the future. this calls for a change of values amoung our people… a change of belief system.

  • Myne
  • to all filipinos

    mga kababayan kaya ntin ito…. kapit kamay magtulongan tayo. hyaan ntin cla magcomment ng khit anu… we will stand and with gods help makakaya ntin ito…

  • ken

    no its not!

  • ogie

    sa totoo sa foro na nabasa ko dito si Andrew lng ang may common sence na sinasabi

  • ylang-ylang

    amen !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ylang-ylang

    kataw-anan ba nimo bay, (cebuano ) ngano segi kag pakilooy anang tawhana. grabe ka ! pasagdehe na siya oi, o imo lang na siyang gi tuya, deli na mosabot kay brainwash na ni taning.

  • Kristel Romarez

    exactly i am a filipino.. for our info. he did not say anything bad to hurt us. he is concern and disgust some muslim are laughing at us. he says something rest in peace. to all the victim

  • Kristel Romarez

    thnx fir the sympathy

  • RayQN

    Ms. Bell if you have not lived long enough in the Philippines and base your statements purely on media and hearsay, I suggest you refrain from insulting my country and it people. I find your holier-than-art-thou attitude simply disgusting. I am sure that even your country is a guilty party (directly or indirectly) to these environmental misdeeds. As for purchasing icons made of ivory, I hope you have irrefutable evidence to support your claim. Otherwise may I suggest you stop making such unqualified comments. Do not make yourself look more stupid than you already are.

  • May-you-hear

    You have to be a child if you cannot understand this! If we believe in a God and He doesn’t exist- We still lose NOTHING in this life because it is fading the day you were born anyway and still we are blessed on this life Just as the Bible promises- But if YOU ARE WRONG- you may have gain the world but lose your soul! We have nothing to lose in this life or the “one to come” if it exists but you have nothing to look forward to and you call us scumbags? You’re a class drop out if you cannot understand that!

  • Guest

    lack of vocabulary and understanding!

  • courag

    Are you serious about some ppl laughing about this? ppl who laugh at this should be asame of themselves

  • courage

    Thanks Leo. i will take this example of yours with me when am witnessing to ppl that say there is nor God.

  • Ghing Gaudiano

    Tanx,,,4 all your donation in our country,,,God bless u all,,,,

  • atruebornagain

    mother nature, god, santa, tooth fairy, bigfoot, thor, zeus, sailor moon, angel of death and aqua man seem to be working as a team recently – they are all amazing super powers creating balance in this world. is this what you mean?

  • Silent Crusader

    May you understand the meaning of your hand sign… that is a goat horn sign…
    pls google search CATHOLIC SILENT CRUSADE and read post #17 about the hand sign.
    But on the other hand we thank all from all over the world for the help and prayers for what is happening in our beloved country.

  • Silent Crusader

    that is your thinking. google search ‘catholic silent crusade’ and read post #10.

  • BrentVA

    Of the 7,100 islands in the Philippines…many are small reefs or atolls and are unpopulated. Only about 800 are actually populated and some of those not heavily. But where the population is the most dense IS in the poorer barangays and in the coastal villages and those along waterways…so you are correct there.

  • roy

    to- ofw2011

    Please read and understand, no one is laughing at us,– sigh (—)zz Just be careful with your comments..

  • BTut

    My prayers go out to all the people of the Philippines. This is a world tragedy and I do hope your family and friend do recover quickly. I have friends and some family there and have not heard from them yet. Prayers to all…

  • lyjan.graham

    Philippine government is “too organized” to have the relief/foods/goods
    distributed, it is slowing everybody down, and more and more people are
    suffering. Even when we went to the post office yesterday, the staff
    named Elena was “too organized” it took us 30 minutes to get the
    package. Hopefully they will change this STUPID system so that they
    will SERVE more than ORGANIZE more. Wadda heck!

  • BTut

    First off Bell who are you to judge? American Here and I have a Half Filipino son. What Arabic country are you from that you speak with so much hate. Maybe if you where free as we are you would think different. See, when you don’t know freedom you can’t understand it. Thousands of people died here. It is a tragedy of the worst kind. It is like saying it is good for them in India too, China with the quakes it is good for them, Japan with the quake and tsunami. You are a heartless person and should be condemned to live in this area devastated by this event. The amount of life lost is unfathomable. My Prayers go out to all the people of the Philippines.

  • sujumakelove

    they wont, the Muslim in my country always tells it people that any disasters that struck countries where Muslim is not majority as a punishment from Allah, when there is forest fire on Australia and US, they say it was because those nations attacks Muslim community, when hurricane struck Myanmar they say it was punishment from Allah for attacking Rohiningya Muslim, and when this hurricane hit Philippine they say it was the revenge from Allah for attacking Muslim in the southern Philippine and yet on Tv they always said the nicest thing, about how sorry they are and hope the victims stay strong. but in their Friday preach they make the disaster as a joke!! they even use a speaker to spread the preaching outside the mosque. I’m a Christian and that is why i hate it so much.

  • Ruth Briones

    Christian or not, please have a little sense of compassion and sensitivity to those who are hurting. Thank you.

  • 楚 王

    ¿goat horn sign? hehehe… You are American! ^_^

  • 楚 王

    Don’t worry! Many crazy people in all countries. Sometimes, some of them have Internet so we all suffer when they talk! Just don’t be like them and we will all be okay! ^_^

  • rhum

    HEY! if you guys spent your praying time to something more productive, it would have been a so much better world. less wars, less poors, less corruption, better knowledge and more “know how”. how the church steals your time and money, and manipulate and brainwash you, is just sad. WAKE UP! stop focusing on an invisible god. “he” is just punishing you anyway. “he” is an expert in that.

  • Thomas Crenshaw

    Gave what I could :( obama economics makes this very little (sigh) . SAD is this was a HAARP attack a manmade disaster it is viewable in the noaa pics HAARP ran this storm into the Phillipine islands purposely probably by China over the islands dispute, either way if the news reported truth this is a act of war, I hope my govt didn’t do it, but with obama who knows? This was not a act of nature, before you criticize my words do your research, or your equally guilty for supression and disinformation

  • Silent Crusader

    I am from Philippines. If you may read this blog you will find the meaning of that hand sign. Pls find our for yourself in this blog: http://catholicsilentcrusade.blogspot.com/2013/10/17-beware-how-church-enemies-organized.html

  • Silent Crusader


    Please show this blog to your fellow muslims who are laughing at this tragedy. I hope they will understand that we are all brothers regardless who we are, where we are or what country we are from: http://catholicsilentcrusade.blogspot.com/2013/09/10-triumph-of-blessed-sacrament-history.html

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    Did that pass in your mind for some sort of verbal slap?
    Here’s my other cheek:
    Try harder.

    If you want me to look back on my other posts, since you obviously bothered to troll me…why not just be specific, instead of drama-queen cryptic?

    Did you need more attention? So far, you just seem like a shrill troll. Perhaps you can change my solid perception on that…

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    I asked you a question at the end of my post.

    You used a lot of air and self-aggrandizing blather instead of just answering ‘no’.

    I will commend you for the love in your heart…for the sound of your own voice.

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    To answer your question, which won’t save you of course from making baseless assumptions, which I presume is the entire wealth of your intellectual acumen:
    I prayed, and what I did for alms is none of your business.

    Sorry to offend you, but the bible again instructs well:
    “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of people in
    order to be noticed by them. If you do, you will have no reward from
    your Father in heaven.”
    I don’t need to tell you what I do or don’t to help people. Those who do are only doing so for the praise of men. >shrug<

    You can call me names, make all sorts of really crappy negative and hateful assumptions about me. That's what trolls do. You don't disappoint in that regard. How KIND you seem.

    Did you make sure your donation would never benefit some sycophantic Christian victim in the Philipines? That would be consistent with the rest of your hate speech.

    I hope, genuinely, that whatever pain in your life that makes you try so hard to hurt and hate others, with your speech and thoughts, finds solace and relief.
    Peace to you.

  • Lorne

    To clarify, you accused me of calling someone names and impugning their intelligence. I simply invited a cursory inspection of your own Disqus post history, which has more than ample proof that you are a hypocrite.

  • Lorne

    Oh, I thought I had made the effort. I refuted your claim, and in turn, asked you to clarify your position. You then, did exactly what you have accused me of doing: self-aggrandizement without answering any of the questions posed. Then, at the end of your post you make the attempt to be nice, or polite, or, dare-I-say “Christian”, but then end up being insulting. Once again, I loudly point in your direction and claim, “hypocrite”.

  • Lorne

    First of all, peace to you as well. I am happy that this post actually engages the discussion. I shall ignore the name calling and intelligence impugning to get to the heart of the matter in your post.

    1) Is not quoting the bible as proof that I am wrong, practicing your righteousness in front of others? Again, I call you a hypocrite. That and, I have never espoused any righteousness. It is simply my opinion.

    2) Of course, you do not need to tell me what you have done to help others. You do, however, need to explain this statement, which I challenged you above to make clear: “Is there a single thing that money can do in the wake of such destruction? Aside, of course, from giving you a tool to boast about, or replace material goods that most in such situations care less about than lost family members?” I would argue: food, water, and shelter. Anything you care to add? And if prayer is as effectual as you claim it is, then why is saying “I am praying for you” less boastful than saying “I donated money to help”?

    3) Interestingly, I am not the one calling you names. You have done so on several occasions in other exchanges. If you would like me to dig back through them to quote you, I shall think about whether it is worth the effort to do so; I have to assume you know what you have written. And, I have to assume you understand that you should be held accountable for those comments (but more on that below). I have made no “crappy or hateful assumptions” about you; quite the contrary, in fact. I assume you are a decent and caring person, just one who believes in a certain degree of nonsense. And that you are a hypocrite, which I have demonstrated at length. That is a statement of fact, not a personal judgement.

    4) Your claim that my speech is hate filled, is again, more of an indication of your own assumptions. If my donation benefits “some sycophantic Christian”, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or an atheist (or anyone at all, regardless of their religious affiliation, or lack thereof) then I consider that to be a good thing. Why are you the one so filled with hatred and anger?

    5) “I hope, genuinely, that whatever pain in your life that makes you try so hard to hurt and hate others, with your speech and thoughts, finds solace and relief.” — Truly, I could not have phrased my ending statement to you any better. I do not try to hurt others. This is a discussion on a webpage. If my words are hurtful to you, remember this little ditty we all learned as children: “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you.” This is a discussion. How is it hurting anyone?

    To clarify a point from above: looking at your posting history on Disqus (which is not trolling, one simple needs to click on your name), it is readily apparent that you, sir, are the one spilling hatred, vitriol, and intolerance. Yes, I advocate that there is no god and that prayer is less effective than monetary donations, in any situation. And yes, I admit that I find religious zealots delusional. Those are my opinions and I have the right to express them. Why do my comments make *you* so angry?

  • Lorne

    Look up “Pascal’s Wager”. Maybe it will open your eyes a little.

  • Lorne

    I am not sure if I should be insulted or inspired by this comment. Thanks for that though. Have a good day. :)

  • tral

    FOK U

  • Frank Tillman

    u r dumber than a rock

  • Missy

    thats just horrible! http://howtopasstheasvab.com