Retired General: Some in military want to ‘take out’ Obama from presidency


Mattis-isms added…

A retired three star Flag Officer recently stated he knows of certain unnamed individuals within the Armed Forces of having at least considered the possibility of an armed coup d’état aimed directly at of Barack Obama, as reported by the on-line news portal Government Executive on Nov. 4, 2013.

Retired Army Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin states he’s personally spoken to service members who would:

Like to see the Armed Forces ‘fulfill their constitutional duty and take out the president.’

However, Boykin also correctly stated that:

Our Constitution puts a civilian in charge of the military and as a result a coup would not be constitutional.

You’re not going to see a coup in the military.

The retired three-star again went on to correctly state that those in uniform realize that even if their take on the US Constitution is different by certain civilians in positions of power, those in service keep their opinions to themselves until the leave the military.

I talk to a lot of folks who don’t support where Obama is taking the military, but in the military they can’t say anything.

Another retired Flag Officer, Lt. Gen. Patrick Brady, US Army (Retired) Congressional Medal of Honor, was more straightforward that his former comrade-in-arms.

Brady unleashed his anger at today’s crop of officers as nothing more than:

Girly-men leadership [and] medals for not shooting and operating a computer.

Questions Remain of Dumped Marine Four Star…

Fox News reported during January 2013 that there have been whisperings in military circles that the former Supreme Commander of CentCom (Central Command) General James Mattis, US Marine Corps (Retired) was forced to retire by Obama administration earlier this year.

As reported by Fox, General Mattis was relived of his über-powerful post die to the self-admitted bar brawler “increasingly making the White House nervous while butting heads with National Security Adviser Tom Donilon over Iran.”

Nicknamed “Mad Dog” and “Chaos” by his Marines, the General is known for his Chesterton-esque quips, such as: (self censored)

  • “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f**k with me, I’ll kill you all.”


  • “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”


  • “Demonstrate to the world there is ‘No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy’ than a U.S. Marine.”


  • “It is mostly a matter of wills. Whose will is going to break first? Ours or the enemy’s?”


  • “Be the hunter, not the hunted: Never allow your unit to be caught with its guard down.”


  • “In a country with millions of people & cars going everywhere, the enemy is going to get a car bomb out there once in a while.”
  • Keith Austin

    Like no one saw this coming. It couldn’t happen soon enough

  • Bill Berger

    Actually, as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, he IS designated as a military figure, and therefore, our Military DOES have the right to commit a Coup D’tat against this illegal Usurper, as well as the cronies who lend him their support.

  • Terry Fidler

    Gotta move fast before he fills every position with muslim lovin commie fags. The usurper MUST be taken down, IMMEDIATELY.

  • Remington 870

    When obama deems himself dictator and begins shooting Americans…then and only then will the military step in and arrest his illegal ass.

  • Don

    When they play hail to the chief, they also play 5 short general calls. One for each star. He is equal to a 5 star general which is why we no longer have any. With the secret service and his civilian forces protecting him, i don’t know how this can happen without his knowing. He also has the col. next to him at all times with the nuke codes so he would have to be in on it. Don’t do anything but wish about this happening and think about Biden as prez for 2 more years too. In 2 years we will be crawling with Muslims more than Mexicans too.

  • Alohaakamu`

    It really undermines your credibility, as a journalist, when you have typos and use bad grammar.
    I absolutely agree with your message though.

  • Reg

    Being “equal to” does not mean ” the same as” so I’m not sure how that applies. I’m of the opinion no person should be able to run for national office who hasn’t served in the military. If you’re going to be in the position to send men and women off to battle, you should be experienced in having been in that position, in having been willing to be at the mercy of someone else and committed to the good of your country to such a degree laying down your life would not be out of the question if need be.

  • afimedia

    When I was on active duty, General Mattis was still a Major. I served with him and he was always a damned fine Marine. I would have no problem following him into battle…even if I am an old fart now. By the way, what’s wrong with his quotes? “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy’ than a U.S. Marine.” Damned straight! No truer words ever spoken. You never want to piss off a Marine!

  • lostinspace9

    I wish instead of turning a gun on his own comrades, that muslim jihad had turned it on Obama.

  • lostinspace9

    Obama has already taken out Ambassador Stevens, Agent Smith, Navy Seal Doherty, Navy Seal Tyrone Woods & the guys his drones have taken out. How many more does he have to kill to get the military involved in taking out the trash?

  • lostinspace9

    I like your way of thinking. All future presidents should at least have one over-seas tour under his belt before commanding other soldiers to the front line.

  • leslie green

    Why wait until he starts shooting Americans, we should practice some “preventative medicine” our version of Obamacare, and get him out before there is blood shed.

  • Rene Thompson

    If only… would be the greatest service the Military could ever do for this country!

  • Troubleshooter

    So, if I understand you correctly Remington 870, you don’t believe that he has already assumed the role of dictator and started shooting Americans? Where the hell have you been, and, what do you the the Navy Yard Shootings were all about?

  • Joseph Taylor


  • Daniel Reidy

    Obama is a cocksucker

  • Raejean

    My heart would not bleed.

  • 4BlueStars

    The problem is you would also have to take out Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Biden, Kerry. . . basically the whole lot of them. They are like cockroaches. If you leave any at all they will multiply and you’ll be right back where you started.
    You would also have to impose martial law in places like Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, New Orleans, Oakland, etc. because those places would explode, as well as Leftist enclaves like New York, San Francisco, LA. It would get ugly.

  • cc0623

    This is a very simple resolution here. Vote out every democrap in the Senate and House in 2014 then we can arrest Obama for treason.

  • Mike B

    I would sincerely like to see our Military higharchy take out this worthless hunk of human disgrace.

  • Guest


  • old_ogre

    Its a sad state of affairs when we even have to think about such drastic measures!.. However its probably already too late…

  • retbubbleheadss


  • Rich Pea

    You think you have worries about Muslims?? Please….look at our own Congress. They are AMERICAN and are our worst enemies. Wake the fuck up. Please. Our military has been duped and they are doing nothing about it. You do nothing, say nothing and allow it to happen? You are also apart of the problem. Sorry, but until Marines and National Guard and Coast Guard and the Navy and the Army and the Airforce starts to say NO…they are all to blame as well as the man in office who isn’t even an American.

  • Dmeche

    The best legal and moral path is to simply have the military at many stages REFUSE to carry out his orders stating that they are un-constitutional. The various federal agencies, Congress, and the supreme court would have to do so as well and the Congress would have to vote to impeach him. We all know that so far that has not happened but hey, he claims not to know about anything going on around him so why not just tell him, “sure, Obama care is in place,” then IGNORE IT! He would never know the difference.

  • Terry J. Henry

    I wish them the best of luck, in ridding America of this disease called Obama

  • Tod Pierce

    the marines are here , they have landed. there are sign up pages find them sign up. plans are being made, it is complex.

  • kim

    Just please hurry and do it!

  • hellbentgerbils

    not too many will complain

  • Dawn Gaye Young

    cannot happen. polls are fixed.

  • Tom Duritsky

    obuma made sure that there will be NO election.. He also sign a executive order to give his self another term in office.. So be it,now it’s up to us to do something,because NO ONE will help us. If we don’t do something then flush this country down the commode….

  • thestormy

    Add SEAL Team 6,set up for murder, and Bryon Terry,shot down with an ATF fire arm.

  • Lonnie Royal

    The man would flunk boot camp. He would fail miserably and then we put 5 stars on him? That is like making a 3 year old the CEO of a large Corporation. Where is the logic????

  • Vet4u

    We are Americans!!! Freedom and Justice is ingrained in Our Psyche!!! We don’t hand off to others what needs to be done. We do it Ourselves!!! The Military counts on US to Protect Them from Governmental Abuse!!! We are responsible if We lose The Freedom that has been paid for by our Blood!!!

  • JRGsr.

    So, if they’re in the military, they don’t want to say anything. OK. Pretty soon you won;t be able to say anything even if you want to. AND, no coup? It’s unconstitutional? Not to worry- soon there will be no constitution to worry about, and too late to restore it…..So we wouldn’t want to do anything unconsitutional, now, would we.

  • Sherry Jones

    The big question really would be the Constitutionality of a coup d’etat. After all, while it would appear to be unconstitutional because it is, in fact, our Constitution that places a civilian in charge of the military, what if that civilian is using his power to commit gross violations of the Constitution. It’s kind of like if the captain of a ship goes crazy or starts violating orders from his superiors or whatever, the 1st mate has a duty to relieve the captain. It seems to me that if the President is flagrantly violating the Constitution, doesn’t the military then have a duty to remove that President from power? After all, that is NOT the same thing as the military taking power itself.

  • bobbyjoeray

    Both at the same time, would be preferable. Could be done.

  • bobbyjoeray

    Just offer them a new cell Phone and more Food Stamps, problem solved.

  • High Treason

    Obama is a puppet to a group that most certainly does not have the US’ or the world’s best interests at heart. Obama MUST be captured and the truth dragged out of him. As a backup, if he lies to incriminate another group, extreme threats must be made. The guilty group that has been riding roughshod over the Constitution and human rights MUST be punished severely. Mind you, the whole Democratic Party is guilty of complicity-loyalty to their traitor of a President does NOT trump loyalty to the nation.

  • Joe_USA

    Don’t forget Jaime Zapata.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    The homoqueer Marines are too busy butt pumping each other and getting gay married (which you can do in your backwards heathen nation) to be able to do anything to Brother Obama.

    When he declares the Caliphate and transforms America into the United States of New Arabia, all you baggers are going to either convert or face the scimitar! We will close all your gloryholes so you’d probably kill yourselves anyway.

  • Rick Jackson

    is it true that muslims are butt bandits and due to inbreeding just plain bat shit crazy and as we all know they are baby rapers just like the criminal prophet they follow

  • Joe Edwards

    That is exactly what is supposed to happen if the president violates the constitution. and it also goes for any member of congress or the senate, or anyone in office who violates the constitution. In Iceland, they arrested, and threw all of the politicians out of office, their banking industry leaders, and declared bankruptcy about 5 years ago. they are now solvent and operating in the black. Most of this administration needs to be thrown out of office, arrested, financially investigated, and made to pay back the money to the American people that they have robbed from us. The Military has the obligation to take him out of office, and anyone complicit to violations of the law

  • Sherry Jones

    Exactly my point! Considering the treasonous actions (even if they haven’t been proven in a court of law yet) of this Administration, and the Constitutional violations committed by the President and many of the Congressmen and Senators, the military has a duty to uphold their oath to protect the Constitution and the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  • velenda760

    their job is to defend the constitution from foreign and DOMESTIC and obama is domestic terror.. our forefathers knew the only way to destroy America is from WITHIN and they safeguarded us from the very thing happening now…….. Push the Marines to far and them bad boys BITE BACK….

  • scrambo

    Jesus got yo number….God rest your soul !

  • shara70

    Are you talking bout the Barrybaggers?

  • Kathie AmericanCitizen

    Obviously, you don’t have a clue about our Marines, Seals, and other members of the military. Wait until they find you. You obviously don’t know how many heavily armed Americans we have. If you think we are going to sit back and do nothing, think again.
    Yes, I am a proud AmericanCitizen.

  • Kathie AmericanCitizen

    Really, I was just following orders doesn’t cut it anymore, especially if you shoot Americans.

  • Terri

    Plain and simple FUCK YOU!!

  • Terri


  • DMS

    So what are we waiting for?

  • Patrick Lawrence

    Bring your scimitar to our gun fight, it’s time to play cowboys and muslims anyway.

  • david

    I agree and we also have enemies under this administration who are connected with the Muslim Brotherhood and the head of DHS. How could this ever be? The Military I hope will do it for the protection of our country.

  • Jiskwa Agiya

    So let them follow the example of Pinochet

  • Jiskwa Agiya

    I wonder if they would still be able to do it if there were three parties instead of two.
    Something tells me that would throw a kink into their manipulations

  • Jiskwa Agiya

    Take a look at the battle for chile part 2
    what they did with the communist Usurper there
    And how they handled it afterwards

  • Jarhead

    Get some. OOH-RAH!

  • Jiskwa Agiya

    Take a look at what happened to Chile Allende nd how Pinochet took power and what they did with the presidential offices & supporters afterwards

  • john henery

    George Washington went to war with his troops. Send Obama over there on the front lines and then see how he would feel.

  • George Bleick

    Didn’t we all take an oath when we enlisted or were commissioned??? Why should that oath not still be in force?? Why are our troops not refusing to obey illegal & or unconstitutional orders?? Our Military SHOULD have the right to commit a Coup D’tat against the illegal usurper & the minions that follow his direction!! Something MUST be done before the fairy in chief goes any further with his tyrannical ways…….he’s a narcissistic pathological liar and needs to go!!

  • mickey5020

    Yea this really pisses me off , I want to know why our other parts of our government besides the president ever let this happen. I was reading about this in another report.

  • Kellie Coffman Petitfils

    I agree. No military service, no presidency. And someone needs to step up and do the deed. I’m sure most of America would pitch in for attorney’s fees, if they didn’t give him a medal first.

  • Sue Boardman Momsen-Suttles

    Absolutely!!! I am a Navy vet and have always felt that way….One who has not served our country in the greatest manner, i.e. the armed forces, has absolutely no clue what military life, strategies, etc are about and hence they cannot truly make good decisions on their “experience and judgment”. Just my opinion as well as many others I know of who have served.

  • Sue Boardman Momsen-Suttles

    Agree – maybe with that experience, we wouldn’t have a POTUS who apologizes for the US. Shameful.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Brother Khalid

    You speak the truth.
    Soon the U.S. of A. will be known as New Arabia and us Muslims will be running the world from the white house, which we will remane, “Usama House.”


  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Brother Obama has nothing to worry about. The military is too busy practicing show tunes and giving lectures on gay fag sex to think about a coup. Anyway, us Muslims are in control of key branches of the military and we got his back covered.


  • Mark Schlager

    Army Vet and war-veteran against the current commander-in-thief.

  • PPQGrrl

    So quit yelling and step up.

  • heebeegeebees

    Not a problem. They should be looking over their shoulders at every turn.

  • PPQGrrl

    Never happen. Look, the low info voters are still voting for Dems. Keep promising them freebies and they’ll keep voting for the husseins.

  • Lori

    I have said the same thing for years. One cannot possibly know what our service men and women (and their families) endure if they have not experienced it first-hand. I am saddened by the decline of our country on so many levels.

  • Guttmuslims

    Why don’t you go BUTT F__K ALLAH

  • guttmuslims

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  • Guttmuslims

    I THINK ALL AMERICAN ammo should have PIG BLOOD added to the mixture in the Projectiles

  • Janie Johnson

    If we do not rid ourselves of Obama now in two years we will certainly be an Islamic Nation, with Fema camps full of Americans….

  • Greg

    …..and they should at least be a valid US citizen who can supply a VALID birth certificate proving so.

  • Joseph Taylor

    Yeah, and become a lone crazed nut taking action against the Federal Government, a fools actions, That’s just what they want. No I’m smarter than that, I’m just trying to wake people up and let them know what’s getting ready to hit them in the face like a brick wall. But when the time comes you can bet your life I’ll be right there next to my American brothers doing what ever it takes to keep our country free and our Constitution our nation’s Supreme law of the land, their NOT going to stop this attack on our freedoms and their march “FORWARD” with their agenda for America’s transformation, we have to work together to get the word out to those that will listen to us, I don’t want our people to get hurt by something crazy this tyrant might try to pull soon! Prepare, store WATER, FOOD, WEAPONS, AMMO! (SO STEP UP AND “START YELLING” WITH ME TO WARN PEOPLE IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR FREEDOMS & COUNTRYMEN)!

  • SgtNorton

    I would follow General Mattis to hell and back without question. What a hell of a man and Marine!

  • Harley Alderson

    you havent seen real americans in action. you aint ever taking this country over you filthy muslim rat bastard i can promise and i can guarantee that. you may have the government becaus ethey are a bunch of weasels who cow down to you losers but you dont have we the people and you never ever will because you dont rule us we will rule you and send you motherfuckers to hell where you belong. so dont tread on we the people if you know whats good for you ragheads. we took down the british empire who were more scary than you pansys who cant even fight in man to man combat because your too pussyish you rather fuck little girls you sick pedophile bastards

  • Harley Alderson

    itll never happen because we true americans will take every mosque out we will destroy your satanic theology and we will liberate all the children you molest and rape. so suck my balls your filthy arab

  • Harley Alderson

    we have to do it ourselves

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Mashallah, Brother Abdullah. These dumb Americunts will find the call to prayer more beautiful than their homo Toby Keith CD’s if they know what is good for them.

  • John Baker

    My bullets are dipped in pig fat. Take that to your 72 virgins.

  • Rickey Douglas Love

    Rag-Headed Sand Rats ~

  • Rickey Douglas Love

    Been a many a Man Hung for Just following a Corrupt Poison Leaders Orders ~

  • Jae Ashley Stewart

    Well, guess whose motorcade will be in Dallas later today (Wednesday, Nov. 6)? How timely.

    We ARE just fantasizing here, right?

  • Christopher Richey

    This is crucial…

    “those in uniform realize that even if their take on the US Constitution is different by certain civilians in positions of power, those in service keep their opinions to themselves ***until they leave the military***.”

    Purging these particular men is the biggest mistake of all of his mistakes. To quote Shack, “Do you think (in reply to not being a cop any more) that makes me less dangerous or more dangerous?”

    Soldiers follow orders. But, when faced with the question of an unlawful order, they will follow respect.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


    ALLAH has your number and its your ticket to hell.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    rick jacksoff

    you americans are lazy, drunken, dope addicts. You had best get used to us Muslims in power because that’s how it’s going to be. You make another crack about Muslims and your entire family will face Shariah Court.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    You lazy infidels cannot defeat our Muslim women and children, much less our powerful and dangerous Jihadists. When my camel is stomping on your tiny nuts, you can tell me then how Islam is not taking over.


  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Brother Khalid

    These americans are a brainless bunch of mofos. They need us Muslims to run their worthless and unimportant lives.


    Looks Like These Arabs Want Their Ass Kicked And Thats Just What They Will Get


    why don’t you go fuck your camel and get your ass out of our country


    In Your Dreams Ass-Hole

  • Sgt Cook USMC

    Sheik of Tikrit huh? I have ridden through that shit hole once before and no oke was able to stand against us. I seriously doubt that you could now either. Claiming to be a sheik of tikrit is like calling yourself the prince of the porta potty. Nice claim to power. And by the way… all of you calling the military gay. You fuck men for pleasure and women for procreation. Anyone who has been to a shithole muslim area has seen that first hand. Silly powerless clown. Just remember. You are only in charge now due to the fact that all the real men who stood to fight us as we invaded your town died at the hands of Marines. All that is left is the cowards who didn’t take up arms before.

  • Remington 870

    You are absolutely correct. He is a dictator, but has yet to proclaim his sorry ass as one …yet. He has given the orders to kill secret. But…when he openly stands on his White House balcony and gives the Seig Heil salute…this will be The Game Changer. No more rules of non-engagement for Patriots to follow.

  • Joyce Mitchell

    As I read your comment I am compelled to reply. You see,Mr. Imam that your comments are just what America needs to Wake us up to your radical mindset and your insidious plans for our country. How you can believe that your false religion gives you the right to slaughter people in the name of your god ( yes little g ) is in anyway righteous is beyond my realm of thinking. Your sickness will be taken down as all evil self destructs. You are as sick and evil as it gets. Thanks for your posts as now we know your plans for us. So come and get us Mr. Radical because we are ready for you now!!!! We are ready to die for our Freedom and we are well armed and ready!!! Your evil will NOT prevail!!! Our God says so!!!! The Lord Jesus Christ will prevail!

  • Judas_Christ

    We are definitely living in interesting times. I am just waiting for the spark to set it all off, have been for a quite awhile, but just when you expect to hear a big boom, it always goes silent.

  • Grandma Spice

    Think Eisenhower.

  • Will Brewer

    bring it on we will kill all you muslim fucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ballsy

    And your prophet Muhammed likes in his ass and mouth at the same time. 3 times a day every day.

  • steve

    we in fact did take an oath, TO GOD not to the government.

  • Doina Corina Cociuba


  • steve

    BRING IT RAG HEAD !!!! any time any place, we would hand you your ass on a platter !!

    Always has to be a troll running their mouth, probably a 15yr old thinking he is funny.

  • Publius

    Retired Army Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin states he’s personally spoken to service members who would:

    Like to see the Armed Forces ‘fulfill their constitutional duty and take out the president.’

    However, Boykin also correctly stated that:

    Our Constitution puts a civilian in charge of the military and as a result a coup would not be constitutional.

    You’re not going to see a coup in the military.

    The oath that military members take is “to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” If, as the General claimed, it would be unconstitutional to physically remove an elected official who also happens to be a domestic enemy, then the “domestic” part of the oath is sort of pointless…it applies to ANY domestic enemy, including the President (if applicable). Preferably, Congress would take the steps laid out in the Constitution to impeach and remove a President that had become an enemy of the Constitution, but if it came to military action, I’m guessing that a good portion of Congress would also have to be considered domestic enemies. The thing is…who gets to decide who a “domestic enemy” is? That’s a very important question, and I have yet to see an authoritative answer.

    The General may be correct in his assessment that we will not see a coup in the military, but perhaps for the wrong reasons…

  • DvlDogSgt

    You ignorant portion of fecal matter. You hide behind women and children. The lowliest Marine private is more of a man than you will ever be. I wish you would come to the United States. I would love the opportunity to introduce you to two things familiar to millions of Americans. Sight picture and trigger squeeze.

  • DvlDogSgt

    There is no “Congressional Medal of Honor.” It is simply the “Medal of Honor.” Every time a journalist refers to this prestigious award as congressional, it lessens the prestige and honor duly associated with this award. With very few exceptions, there are no congressmen who can even define honor.

  • Jason Pearson

    They can form a military tribunal and have him tried under military law and send him to Leavensworth for sentence.., a place i think alot of ppl would like to see him.

  • Jb_fastpitch

    The only hope is seccession by a few states that for a new and Constitutional Republic.

  • gerbilcrusader

    Not gonna happen! Too many different races and cultures that will kill muslims at a heart beat. Ain’t no way in hell my asian community and my hispanic friends will ever allow Islam. Muslims will end up being exterminated!

  • gerbilcrusader

    My friends are marines! I piss them off all the time cause they know I am a superior warrior then they are. What you meant is DO NOT PISS OFF THE US MARINES obama! The US Marines can over throw DHS easily!

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  • Brian S Young

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  • Mark Adams

    is commander-n-chief, taking the “citizen” part of the constitution out
    of the equation. What Civilian Power Over Military means is the
    “leader” of the civilian population is commander-n-chief, but not a
    civilian as the word might suggest. So those who will not enact a coup
    d’état, because of the title of Art 2, Sec 2 are misunderstanding the

  • Mileaway

    I too want to know why Congress has sat on their asses! Everytime I hear one of them talk it’s always: ” Oh, yeah, we know, there’s nothing behind all those fubars Obama makes, he’s a citizen, I saw the Birth Certificate or It’s ok to let the Muslims do what they want, they’re all good people, just misunderstood.” Bullshit! There is something going on BEYOND the GOP and Democrap cronyism and I’d like to know what it is!

  • PhylBoyse

    This would be a big help with the situation we have now with barry and his czars, BUT this communist dictator is NOT worth eliminating this way. Don’t put him out of ours and his misery that easy way. He needs to be impeached, and they face a military tribunal – for impersonating a commander in chief – and set to Fort Leavenworth for the rest of his life. Just think of how many prisoners would like to get ahold of him and show him how it works…….. And then his stupid fat-a**ed broad and those two kids have to be thrown out in to the world with nothing. I feel sorry for the kids because they are at this time innocent because of the moronic actions of their parents. Plus make him give all of is 25 million dollars to the government to pay back a portion of all the vacations and trips and parties he has had TOTALLY at the taxpayers expense. And leave that stupid broad with nothing. She would be on welfare because she cannot hold a job. So don’t take the time to take him out – he isn’t worth the effort.

  • T. Collins

    We need to either takeover or get rid of the RNC and the DNC. These are the two organizations that keep pushing these Commie bastards on us to vote for. Why is it that the only choices we have to vote for are the ones sanctioned by these two national committees? They have become the enemies and we need to take them out.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

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  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


    Your ghetto army of immoral fags don’t worry anybody. Most of them are too drunk to fight and the rest are butt pumping each other for dope money.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


    What you need is a Muslim to put you in a Burka and send you to Iraq. This will soon happen.

  • I-Jay Jay

    Then impeach him, if you believe in our constitution, or you should have worked hard to make sure he didn’t win a second term.

  • I-Jay Jay

    I can’t believe so much stupidity.

  • Brian S Young

    Nubian?? I’m a redneck jew from GA. dumbass,towelheaded,fuckstick! Think about that… “redneck jew” in other words “your worst fucking nightmare” while you were learning how to fuck goats without soiling your robe i was learning how to survive and kill shit. next time i want any shit out of you… i will wipe it off your goats dick!

  • Janie Johnson

    I am sorry, but I think you should be directing this to the GOP..

  • jana66

    Oh, woo, we are all sooooo scaared. Abdullah The sheik of shit?

  • JD

    Brian Terry was killed 75 yards from my door step, the canyon he was in is called Peck canyon, the sand niggers use it as a highway in from mexico just as much as the wet backs do as well as the indian reservation to the west. My best guess is that Brian was killed by barry boo boo’s illegal sand nigger buddies and not cartel but here you can have some good news to go with this. The funniest thing I think I have EVER seen is 2 sand niggers dieing in the Arizona Desert from thirst and the mexicans that came across them did not help them. And as the mex were running drugs I sure as hell wasn’t going to risk anything on their behalf so you see there IS karma!…. camel jockies from far more severe desert enviroments even die coming through our borders. I watched these animals for several hours and then watched 4 mules strip them of all possesions and then roll them into a ravine so it will be mexicans killing them when they start their trouble here too.

  • scott

    You Muslims only do two things to those you fight, you are either at their throats, but most of the time you are bowing at their feet.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    redneck asshole from gayville

    When Islam takes over, you’ll be sucking the dick of my goat, and your hillbilly wife/sister will be sold to congo Muslims as a sex slave for their camels.

  • thestormy

    While bush was still in office they told us that they would come through our southern borders. I have been close the the border delivering freight. When you see them you think they are mexicans,but when they speak you knoe that they are camel jockeys. bush & bho has allowed this to happen to us. bho is bringing 12,000 more from Russia. I sometimes wonder if they are being used to murder Americans so the government doesn’t have to do it.

  • I-Jay Jay

    So many IDIOTS here! All the same dangerous IDIOTS!

  • Saintsation

    Would not a non citizen portraying to be the president be considered a “domestic enemy”

  • Saintsation

    Shoot that raghead with pigs blood and watch the bitch lose his 72 virgins to

    commit suicide! lmao

  • JoeDrager

    The president is a soldier; at least Bill Clinton claimed so. He sought protection from the Paula Jones law suit by claiming cover by the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Civil Relief Act.

  • snake

    a lot of this has nothing to do with gender, personaly i think that female’s don’t belong in combat at all. i’d rather put my life in my buddy’s hand’s then in some female’s hands. i just don’t honestly trust a female never have and never will. a buddy is someone that you do come to trust when it is all on the line.

  • Victorio Guerra

    newsflash: the sheikh is not a muslim, he is a troll who has taken all of your attention away from the subject at hand, which I disagree with. pulling a coup d’etat is a slippery slope. suppose some libs would ahve said that bush should have been taken out, would you agree to that? i say that it is a bad idea and furthermore, don’t you know the gubment is watching everything you say? be careful, gents. be careful with what you say on this forum, it could get you locked up. be more responsible.

  • Mandy Moore

    If there had never been a coup to begin with we would have never had The Revolutionary War; if the founding fathers of this country had not disobeyed the laws of Britain we would have never been formed. If The country had never been as divided as it is since the Civil War and the only reason another Civil War hasn’t happened is I believe people are scared that our own government would nuke its own citizens.

  • Mandy Moore

    If there had never been a coup to begin with we would have never had The Revolutionary War; if the founding fathers of this country had not disobeyed the laws of Britain we would have never been formed. This country has never been as divided as it is since the Civil War and the only reason another Civil War hasn’t happened is I believe people are scared that our own government would nuke its own citizens. I say this though, it is time our Citizens stop being sheep led to slaughter, get up off your ass and look at what being lazy and complacent has done to us. Stop thinking and behaving like they want you too and think for yourself while you still can, otherwise you may find very soon that you have no opinion, no voice, no freedom. While change is good, this is not change! THIS IS A REPEAT OF ADOLF HITLER! If you don’t believe me read a book or if you can’t even manage to do that GOOGLE HIM! There is a saying: Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely; why would we give these people so much power??? Is the saying true that History repeats itself; seems that is where we are headed, so unless you want to be branded with a number on your arm in a concentration camp being led to a gas chamber, I suggest you start getting off the video games and read a history lesson or 10.

  • Dick Norton

    When domestic situation becomes more chaotic military must seize DC. Keep everything working until Grand Tribunal steps in to oversee.

  • Dick Norton

    When domestic situation becomes more chaotic military must seize DC. Keep everything working until Grand Tribunal steps in to oversee.

  • Roseanne Largent

    called “population control”

  • Brian S Young

    douchebag, silly silly maggot. you make me laugh. islam taking must be high or maybe you should see a shrink.

  • dalebo63

    What equals a domestic enemy of the US Constitution?

  • maddawg19


  • maddawg19

    Du Manh U TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A muslim in power will still be fucking goats and PIGS

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    These ignorant baggers just hate Brother Obama because he is a black Muslim. All he wants to do is improve their lives but they’re just to racist and ignorant to appreciate it.

  • frank balls

    Wind check.distance check,yes sir

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    That’s no way to talk about your mother and sister. No wonder infidel women are rushing to us Muslims and joining our Harems. They tire of faggy americans and want to experience the power of us virile Muslims.

  • imp

    I think it starts at the grass roots level. We need to know our neighbors and campaign, run for office, but try not to split the patriotic parties, don’t know what to call this impeach him party. You get my meaning…diesmloamocrats…verses constitution party. In meeting a neighbor today…I learned she studies criminal justice..wants to join the police…I asked about how she felt about confiscating weapons ……made her think about her career.

  • imp

    Im a white woman. Married to a black man. Most people in this country have had to learn to accept cultures unlike their own…on some level or another. You are the “exception “. English great grandparent married a French woman. They were known enemies. You bring your hatred to us.

  • imp

    Show our solidarity America……vote some comments down…..start flying don’t tread on me flags.

  • imp

    Your comment, by the way sir is meant to be divisive. We know how to call a spade a spade.

  • ltc444

    I am not worried about a coup at this time.

    I am however worried about a mutiny among the lower ranks. These men and women are fed up with wasting their lives and bodies for a Commander who has consciously decided to undo all of their work by loosing the war.

    The administration deliberately screwed up the Status of Forces agreement negotiations with Iraqi. There goal was to force an early withdrawal and the subsequent destabilization of the nation.

    With their announcement of a date certain for the Afghanistan withdrawal they have ensured that the Taliban will retake the country and anyone who assisted or forces will be brutally murdered.

  • imp

    Same problem. Cant restrict freedom of speach……because we are not afraid!!!!

  • Alexandru Amoq

    Very interesting.

  • Max

    While I agree that military service is necessary, we must look to our past for better hope of a future. While Eisenhower was a great president, Grant wasnt. And Grant recieved accomidations for his role in ending the war of northern aggression. Firstly, i believe that i order to VOTE, one must have military service in their record. Those who will gladly give up their lives for the protection of freedom are more deserving of a voice than those who see the government as a means of profit and living. Those who are taking advantage of the food stamps program and the unemployed benefits I guarentee never served în the military. If they had, they would know hard work, and doing what it takes to live and survive.

  • Arthur C. Nicholas

    Well when will it happen?

  • Dana

    I hate muslims!!! I’m tired of this politically correct bullshit. There are no moderate muslims. I can tolerate any religion in the world but this one. Our world would be relatively peaceful if it wasn’t for them.

  • wildeagleone

    Where are the Chesty Pullers and the Patton’s ?? We need leaders that will guard and protect the Constitution of the United states and I guarantee the Marine veterans I served with will follow these leaders to the death. this COC is leading the fighting men and women to their death without a plan, with the exception of aiding and abetting the enemy, and that is treason in my book

  • wildeagleone

    Then why are you constantly printing stupid lines of stupidity.

  • No Name

    None to soon

  • lndependent

    We had some good leaders and OBummer got rid of them because he knew they would not allow this country to go down. He replaced them with his minions. Those he can control and who will not hesitate to take Americans out.

  • Hal White

    Absolutely! No candidacy without prior military sevice!

  • lndependent

    If he is a soldier then put is a$& on the front line. He wouldn’t last long because he would be running away, coward that he is. Put the first Mooch out there too. Now that would probably make the enemy run.

  • spidermike

    As a Vietnam Veteran, I would support a “Seven Days in May” event. Obama, P-ss Be Upon Him, has broken his oath of office time and time again. Pray Psalms 109:8

    Satan, your kingdom must come down
    Satan, your kingdom must come down
    I heard the voice of Jesus say
    Satan, your kingdom must come down

  • colleenf

    God have mercy on us that such evil exists and has been committed by our president that good and honorable men like Gen Boykin would want the president of the USA dead!

  • spidermike

    The Pullers and the Pattons are weeded out when they are junior officers. Some stay under the radar, put on the “mask” and say when they become generals, it will be different. But when they do get their stars, they have become the “mask”. Today’s generals laid down the soldier’s mantel with their first star and picked up the politician’s mantle. We are truly f-cked.

  • Glenn

    With all due respect, General, I must take issue with you assertion that “our Constitution puts a civilian in charge of the military and as a result a coup would not be constitutional”. …Sir, your oath and the oath of every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine-past and present- REQUIRES us to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic. We have such a despotic enemy occupying the White House now, and his crimes against this nation, while too numerous to mention here, are well-documented, and are beyond refutation. Thus, Barack Obama could be arrested as part of your fulfillment of that oath.
    Yes, the military is subordinate to civilan authority…LAWFUL civilian authority…but when the President is flaunting the law and violating his oath of office, and the Congress refuses to initiate any action to restrain such abuses of power, then they are both in violation of their oaths to defend the Constitution, thereby making it incumbent upon the military to step in and to do their duty, as the armed forces would be the only lawful authority standing between saving the Republic and consigning it to the abyss of tyranny.
    There is nothing illegal about such a course of action, General, and history confirms my point. For example, after WWII, the German generals who conspired against Hitler and attempted to remove him from power were exonerated of any criminal wrongdoing by the International Miliatry Tribunal; yet those who said, “We could not revolt against lawful authority” were sent to prison – or to the gallows.
    Thus, General, international case law exists to support such an action on the part of the military against a rogue tyrant, and establishes severe consequences for those failing to do so – in fact, failure of the military to act against a criminal leader has repeatedly been equated by both the Nuremberg Tribunals and subsequent War Crimes Tribunals at The Hague as to aiding and abetting a criminal leader in the commission of his crmies….and those who fail to exercise their duty today risk facing the same consequences at the hands of a military tribunal (or facing partisan justice at the hands of an armed, outraged citizenry) in the future.
    So, military commanders: stand up, do your duty to God and to the Constituion and be remebered as heroes, or be damned and cursed in you graves by generations of yet-unborn Americans as the ones whose spinelessness and lack of action consigned them and their posterity to the chains of slavery. My prayers are with you that you may choose the right course of action.

  • 1LTLos

    gENERAL please watch your back and please motivate your friends to get on with it!

  • danclamage

    Back in the 1980’s, Communism was an imminent threat to the peace and security of the world. So it’s bitter irony that we now have a Communist in the White House. But the threat is still valid.

  • Tony

    To paraphrase Chris Mathews, I got a warm tingly feeling thinking about the military or someone taking obama out.

  • RAR

    I think you wou;ld be suprise as to how many people in this country think a coup, to kick ou the obama and his special people would follow some group of trained personal to lead , with all the people that are armed should not be a problum we need training.

  • Greg

    Alan Keyes says the military has no constitutional authority to remove Obama by Coup. Only by impeachment. I think that our Declaration of Independence & Constitution only give Congress the power to remove a sitting President & Declare War.

  • Jeff Wade

    Me too!

  • Jeff Wade

    WOW! Thank you GLENN!

  • Jeff Wade

    Good point, spidermike. And therein lies the irony. Becoming a higher power in our political system requires lying, cheating, stealing and all sorts of retched scheming. That’s who our leaders are! So, how do we change that system? Well… how COULD we have changed our system because, with all the liars and schemers in power, at this point, it is impossible.

  • Jeff Wade

    Tick tock… tick tock…

  • Jeff Wade

    Hells yeah! I’m with Mandy.

  • Jeff Wade

    I can’t either. And I’m talking about you. WAKE THE F*** UP!

  • Jeff Wade

    Is there ANYTHING ANYONE could have done to stop Hitler that would have been a bad thing, regardless of the law, regardless of his title? The one who takes out a Hitler will be a world renowned, respected and revered hero for all time. Step up. Do the right thing.

  • Jeff Wade

    Yep… interesting. The silence is deafening. “It’s quiet… TOO quiet…”

  • Jeff Wade

    On your last line: So you theorize… I hope you’re right.

  • I-Jay Jay

    Thanks for confirming what I said

  • I-Jay Jay

    Thanks for confirming what I said.

  • Jeff Wade

    So you say, Harley… I’ve heard lots of “saying,” but I’ve seen no action. At what point will this happen? News flash: They’ve ALREADY taken over parts of America. At this point, they’re only strengthening the hold they already have. Now, I agree with your sentiment, but I disagree with you in that I believe we’re too quick to talk, too slow to act.

  • Jeff Wade

    Abdullah, I believe you’re not really who you present here, but a character created to wake people up. Great strategy, I hope it works. Because real or not, the painful truth is, the character you present here is exactly correct. American patriots like to flap their pie holes. That’s ALL they’ve done up to now. They blow hot air. Muslims MAKE hot air, as in IED’s, burning buildings, and the breeze over a fresh corpse. I hope we stop talking and start giving you some resistance.

  • Jeff Wade

    Okay, seriously. Your argument is.. “You’re Stupid?” That’s it? And “Thanks for confirming what I said,” which is the equivalent of closing your eyes, sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “Stupid stupid stupid stupid….” And you’re calling this “intelligent” by contrast? Let’s get down to some information exchange, Jay. The president is quite obviously a fraud, and a dangerous one. We’re discussing the constitutionality of stopping him. So, contribute some information, or STFU.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


    You sound like Jihadist material. What size vest do you wear?

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


    You also know how to hump a spade. When Islam takes over, you and your slave will have to move some place else.

  • Jeff Wade

    Ha! You are indeed quite and interesting character, Abdullah. Whatever you’re up to, you’re motivating Americans to wake up to the real Islam. You know, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. And I already am one, regardless of my label. And if my instincts are correct, we’re actually on the same side… which is definitely not Islam. ;)

    Keep up the good work.

  • Janie Johnson

    That is good to hear……

  • imp

    Your reply shows your heart. “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” In English… calling a spade a spade means to speak the truth.

  • Christopher Richey

    They are not the last line…we are…and they are released from official duties that would conflict with them leading us…when the time comes. It could be a blessing in disguise. Notice the total lack of outrage from the military during these times? I served. We were silent…but not complacent. I served under President Reagan. At that time the idea that the Commander In Chief could be a treasonous bastard was unthinkable. Our mission was clear: We were training to fight Communism…The crop of officers that will replace these Honorable men, will be asking young men and women to attack American principles (and civilians) in the name of Marxism…it will be a short rebellion.

  • SRobert Freeman

    I also think they should be American born

  • SRobert Freeman

    politicians are a union a brotherhood, what they say means nothing, they keep getting elected by keeping the machine well oiled

  • SRobert Freeman

    we would still have to feed the bastard, I say send him back to Kenya

  • Watching_and_Waiting

    OK, I hope I don’t “say the wrong thing”. If I do, just know that I was “mis-quoted” or “taken out of context” (just like Obama and Jay Carney and Clnton and Sebelius and Holder and this whole administration have said at one time or another when questioned about their various atrocities at home and abroad): Why should our military be so fussy about ONE part of the Constitution, when their passivity in the face of these domestic enemies of the Constitution will most likely cause the destruction of THE ENTIRE CONSNTITUTION in the end??? Don’t they get it?? It’s like a policeman following one rule of thumb (“don’t be mean to a woman”), while ignoring another more important rule (if that same woman is robbing a bank at gunpoint, protect the innocent and prohibit the guilty) – but the police in that hypothetical situation decide not to use force to control the situation because it’s a female, and because of that, innocent people end up getting shot in the end. This is just a hypothetical, unrealistic situation, to illustrate my point). If the military decide to sit passively on the sidelines while their own ranks become infiltrated with girly-men and treacherous obama loyalists ( such as the secretary of defense, for starters) and their passivity allows the military to be crippled, and allows our government to become an evil dictatorship from within, then the military will have FAILED in it’s duty to protect the Constitution and this Nation. And all those who sat by idly, hoping that such passivity would protect them and their careers, will eventually be ‘outed’ one way or another, and will have to either swear loyalty to obama and the homosexual agenda, or will have their career (if not their life) ended prematurely anyway. In this seige which our nation is under, we are all combatants. No one is ‘innocent bystanders’ anymore. We are either for the corrupt, evil dictator obama, and his disrespect for human life, disrespect for God and man and morality – or we are for the Constitution and for a return to respect for God and a godly way of life and respect for human life and laws. The battle lines are becoming clearer every day… which side will you be on when the fight comes to your workplace or neighborhood? Just think: Which side would you have been on back in WWII if you were born a German (or French, etc) citizen? Would you have collaborated with the evil Nazi overlords out of fear for your life? Or would you have been one of the brave heroes who chose to stand up for truth and freedom at whatever cost? Think hard, because one day soon, without warning, you may have to answer this question for real.

  • Watching_and_Waiting

    Hey Glenn Buddy, you said what I wanted to say, but so much better!!!! Thanks, man! This is true. We are under seige from an internal usurper, who’s propaganda machine is keeping this populace blind to the truth of this seige and of the hijacking of our Constitution. I’ve read extensively on the Hitler years. His officers and civillian leaders all felt that it would be impolite and “unseemly” to take any action against the “lawful government” – even though the government had become very unlawful, corrupt, and just plain evil. Only when the ghastly truths of the death camps and other atrocities became known (often those who smuggled the photo proof out paid dearly) did some wake up to the need to take action. By that time, taking action had become much more dangerous and difficult. Here’s an analogy I see in everyday life: Someone is driving really slow on a one-lane road. It’s a passing zone. But one or two drivers behind the slowpoke feel that it’s impolite to pass someone, so they just become “part of the problem” (it’s so much harder to pass multiple vehicles than to pass just one). The longer the line of slowpokes becomes, the harder it is for one intelligent person, who is tired of driving 35 mph in a 50 mph zone, to get past them. Finally someone has had enough and pulls around the vehicular logjam safely. Only to get pulled over by a cop for “driving to endanger” because the cop didn’t like the guy passing multiple cars (this happened to me!!). Those in high office or in law enforcement or the military in America who see what’s going wrong and who sit by silently out of fear for their jobs are like the timid cars who back up behind the one slowpoke. The more of the timid, passive people who refuse to do anything or speak out about the massive wrong-doing going on in America today, the harder it becomes for anyone to do anything to save this country or even to right individual wrongs. and to save themselves or their family.

  • Watching_and_Waiting

    SO TRUE spidermike, so true. This also exists in civillian life. I stepped down from management at my job when I saw that the higher one got in management, the more of a spineless. fuzzy-brained, mealy-mouthed person they became. They had to learn to speak out of both sides of their mouth (lie), CYA (stab underlings and competiters in the back), and fudge the corporate numbers (lie again). Their entire energy got funneled into protecting their career, rather than in improving the company and it’s products and employees. Leadership SHOULD be a mark of courage (& vice-versa, courage should be a mark of leadership). But instead, in this insane PC country now, cowardice and PC and nervous double-speak are the most prevalent hallmarks of so-called leaders – both civillian and military. Therefore, my motto: Expect BS, lies, and cowardice from anyone who’s in leadership – untill proven otherwise. Knowing this can be to one’s advantage when having to deal with them.

  • Watching_and_Waiting

    Read the constitution, then look at all of the laws being passed (either in congress or by executive order) today. You will find incompatibility between the constitution and the unconstitutional laws being passed, if your eyes and mind are truly open, and if you are not an obama kool-aid drinker. That, sir, will answer your question.

  • Watching_and_Waiting

    Mandy, I just praised someone else for posting a very well-thought out post, but now I think I’m going to have to give you even HIGHER PRAISE for your post!. You make some very excellent and intelligent points here! YES – the revolutionary war was a coup. We did fight against Britain and the “rightful ruler” King George at that time. This usurper is even more evil and corrupt than King George. His claims to qualify for national office have never been convincingly proven – they have only been continually obfuscated (by the MSM, the courts, and his phalanx of lawyers). Maybe we each need to willingly give up some of our comforts in order to wake ourselves up and get up on our feet. People who are comfortable rarely take bold, decisive and risky actions. They do not want to risk losing thier comforts. Well, NEWSFLASH: We’re all losing everything which makes those comforts possible (individual freedoms, safety from attack from domestic or foreign enemies, freedom from spying, economic freedoms, etc). So whether we speak our or act out – or not, our comforts are steadily going away anyway. Better to throw off our warm comforters, spring out of our beds, stand up like men and women of courage, splash cold water on our face so our eyes will be wide open, and gird ourselves for the moral, social, political, and whatever else battles which we will be facing sooner than later.

    BTW, here is a GREAT book to read:
    Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power” by Andrew Nagorski.

    This book is scary in the parallels which it illustrates between the enigmatic rise of Hitler and the enigmatic rise of obama (even though it never mentions obama by name), And the abuse of power by both of them. And the lies by both. And the ways that both of their propaganda machines shrouded them in smoke and mirrors. And the polarization they caused: people either were drawn to them by ideology, power-lust, and prejudice – or feared or hated them because they saw through the lies and corruption and the tragically evil goals which both moved toward.

  • spidermike

    I recently came across this great definition of Political Correctness.

    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  • Jeff Wade

    Good God man… tough times coming. Thanks for the info, scary as it is…

  • Jeff Wade

    And just to be clear, I’ve already made my peace with my kids – I can do what I need to do with a moments notice. I’ve already said my good byes for when and if the time comes. If you’re looking to hook up with someone dedicated and determined, I’m not hard to find…

  • xoxozo

    I’m a female and AGREE with you. Men and women are different. One has strengths the other doesn’t. What’s become wrong with that??? Women have a place in the military BUT on the battlefield is NOT one of them.

  • Christopher Richey

    God is good…and he told us of these days long ago…just imagine American soldiers watching order after order come from Washington to violate every Constitutional protection that they swore to protect. Some will. But the ones who don’t will be looking for leadership from REAL leaders…and they will organize. The problem with Marxist-Socialist-Communist ideology is that it has never been tried in a country that is economically monstrous, well fed and extremely armed…it has already failed…they just do not believe that people can think for themselves.

  • Richard Cotromano

    You sir are an Idiot!I won’t waste any more typing on you.

  • Richard Cotromano

    Hey abdullass sheik of tishit, bring it on diaperhead!

  • shamu9

    Come to Titusville Fl. and tell me that, you Camel Humping- Baby Raping -Flea Ridden Beard Wearin’ – Towel Headed MOSLEM FAG! I’ve got somrthing for ya, and it ain’t Popcorn, or even Hummus! You’re not an A-Rab anyway, but a Paid by Georg Soros/Schwartz, “The One True Nazi Jew” Troll-ing for Trouser Trout Democommie Phagg!

  • shamu9

    Another Phagg Azzed Georg Soros ‘The King Of the Jews’ Move-On Fake Ass Moslem Trolling Here. By your use of American Slang, you are Probably a Californicating Obamabot!

  • shamu9

    You Two Phag, Fake Azz, Moslem Goat Fornicators are most probably, by your Command of American Slang, Pimply Faced, 16 year old high school Fruits, Trolling Conservative Sites, on your Momma’s Computer, while she’s not home,’cuz no woman would have anything to do with y’all!

  • shamu9

    Allahu Phucque You!

  • Jim Gorman

    Why worry if it is constitutional – Obama does NOT worry if what he does is constitutional or not!
    Deal with him by any means necessary – the constitution I believe has a clause for dealing with this type of situation and it should be used. Let all of the people march on Washington and drag this jerk out by his neck.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    The mongoloid inbred baggers will be happy when President Obama declares this a Muslim nation soon. We can finally help them find meaning in their lives. They may be able to think more clearly once we take away their homo porn and gloryholes.

    ObamaCare won’t cover AIDS medications so a lot of these mofos are gonna die from that or the AK-47.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Shamjew, you will be the first to get a pressure cooker bomb shoved up your loose asshole by one of our Chechen jihadis.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    And when you (a mudshark) humps a spade (aka a negroid) you denigrate your race and dishonor your family.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


    Shut up you hillbilly homo. Brother Obama is the finest President your pathetic country has ever had. And finally, us Muslims have a real friend in the WH.

  • Princeton67atCoxdotnet

    We know where Caesar is…
    But whence cometh Brutus?

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    richard cotexman

    It ain’t worth leaving Tikrit to kick your faggy ass. All I have to do is say the word and more mujahideen than you can count will be combing the gay bars to track you down.

    So, you had best keep your mouth shut and start respecting your Muslim masters.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    victoria gayerra

    You’re probably hiding out until you illegal wetbacks get amnesty. Well, when Islam takes over, you beaners had best be finding your way back to Mexico.

  • Richard Cotromano

    I look forward to meeting your diaperhead friends,but your looking in the wrong places,All you maggots beware!When you least expect it,EXPECT IT!

  • Rachel Guess

    I have to disagree with Mr. Keyes on that. The military oath is to protect against all enemies, ‘foreign and domestic’. I think odimwit, his administration and his cronies are the biggest threat this nation has ever known.

  • cincinnatus

    If you’re not willing to scrub pots and pans, burn mogas mixed with crap, or write a blank check up to including one life, and cannot pass a secret, top secret, or top secret secure compartmentalized information clearance you should have no business snuggling your butt into Ronald Reagan’s favorite chair, or plopping your shoeware on the Resolute desk.
    If it is a crime lying to Congress, so should it be if you lie to the American people! how many scandals are there ongoing in the District of Criminals now and Urkel still insists he never knew anything? You can’t have it both ways, if you’re in charge the responsibility is yours and by now it’s beginning to look a lot like Supermax Colorado is in Urkel’s immediate and long time housing future.

  • Ben Bennett

    You guys have y full support, and can you clean up Congress some too while you are in there?

  • ICorps

    A “coup would not be constitutional”? That’s really laughable. Obama, more than any other individual of recent memory, has done the most to make the Constitution a meaningless document. Why should the statement that makes Obama commander in chief be the only thing that is still in force in the Constitution?

  • Betty

    I have often thought that our Military Forces should just say,’THAT’S IT.”We guit obeying the IDIOT.We are coming home.If they all did this what would happen ?

  • Tim jackson

    The Arab generals did it. do they have bigger balls than our Generals? or have ours become too corrupted?


    They say there is no room for a “new party” in competition for 3 legislative branches. I disagree. I will support the Tea Party candidate that I feel is best suited for the job. A demorat, well lets just say that they aren’t worth the effort. The GOP establishment as it is MUST not be allowed to gain any further ground. If a conservative is elected, a Tea Party conservative should be the one.

    If you want legal change, spread the word about the atrocities in both current parties. Since there isn’t a real “head of the Tea Party”, Colonel West has said he would gladly accept the position. It’s a start in the right direction.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    The oath is to defend the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, and there’s no quibble about the job title of said enemy.

  • anewpher

    This American would, with rifle in hand, stand and support capturing and removing Obama from Office. Until that happens – Rest in Peace America. Welcome to the new country – amerika.

  • anewpher

    5 Star generals are only in time of war. During peace time – which according to Obama we are in – there are no 5 star generals.

  • randydutton

    There’s a conflict in the article. Knowing people who want the military to stage a coup is NOT the same as people who say they personally would want to stage a coup. It’s the difference between third person and first person perspective.

    “personally spoken to service members who would: ‘Like to see the Armed Forces ‘fulfill their constitutional duty and take out the president.’”

    No one with commonsense would want Obama out and Biden in. And we know Biden probably would appoint Clinton as VP, thus setting her up for 2014.

    Obama’s his own worst enemy and his actions will help destroy the progressive movement for at least a generation.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Ha! These mofos will find out what their disrespect will earn when Brother Ubama declares the North American Caliphate and we close all their gloryholes.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Well said, Brother Abudullah! You’re certainly putting these trashy ‘Muricans in their place.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    American men are all homoqueers who love their homoerotic ‘sports and the gloryhole. That is why their women all desire to get plowed by one of us virile Muslim Arab men. Their men only crave the dirtty sanchez and the bathhouses.

    Our giant tunic snakes are known to drown scores of infidel harlots with our potent spooge and leave them quaking in lust and satisfaction.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    They have been replaced by homo butt-pumpers. And it is to our advantage.

  • drdebdrdeb

    Biden has dementia. Why not take the two of them down together?

  • James Jones


  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Jack-Off James, you Americans are nothing but a bunch of homos and drug addicts with high cholesterol and obesity. You aren’t going to do a damned thing against us or Brother Ubama. So get all your butt pumping in now because we will outlaw your faggot ways when we take over this November.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    Land Stealer Brian: we’ll just add your name to the list of lard ass Americans to send to the trailer park death camps, muthafuka.

  • John Kloch

    Obama on his last foot already to be kicked out of office, He has to keep out troops here in the states Afghanistan a lost fight already. it is time for our generals to kick his royal ass out of office and out congress has to kick him out before they to lose their vote and out of office. He wants to start a war to stay in office. Do we want another war I say not. Muslims want to kill each other fine that is one lest to be installed into the White out office. I say the military has to take him out of office because we lost America. Do you want the Muslim democratic part controlling this country and lose your constitution rights given to all Americans? Obama has to go back to the jungle he came from. We have to take him out of the voting for President. We have to eliminate OBAMA for good if you want your constitution as it was. Or we all lose the UNITED STATES do you all want to be all Muslim I do not think so. I sure in the hell do not. impeach or vote him out to get your rights you have will go to hell. Mark An American. Do you want to be a Muslim then leave this country. Americans have to keep the constitution to be free. AMERICA STAND UP FOR YOUR GIVENIRGTHS OR LOSE AMERICA. DO YOU WANT THAT?