Owe Back Taxes Or Talk Bad About Government? No Travel for You Anymore

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Planning on flying anywhere for the holidays? If you owe back taxes, are a frequent flyer, or own a blog that is critical of the government, you might want to rethink your plans. Under the radar in October, the TSA tightened their screening guide lines to include these in their “screenings”. In fact they want a full background check.

The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) is stepping up its screenings to include even more information into your personal life before you can even board a plane. Before they will even “allow” you to travel to your next destination, they are going even further into the warrant-less search process and violating the Bill of Rights. While the majority of public in the United States will accept this as “routine” to “prevent terrorism”, the new checks may be anything but.

The agency is saying that the new goal is to “streamline” the process and changing the procedures to “protect” millions of Americans that do not pose a risk to travel. The new measures give the government greater power to use travelers’ personal data  for part of their “domestic airport screenings”. They are applying the same measures that are supposed to be used for Immigration and Customization for people entering the United States.

The procedure has been in place but was not activated until recently.  The TSA released the screening regulations in order to comply with government requirements. The new regulations put some of the data collection of the National Security Administration (NSA) scrutiny to shame.  As usual the details of the new provisions were never announced to the public.

So what are the things they are looking in to? Here is a quick list from TSA and the New York Times.

  • private employment information to include who you work for
  • vehicle registrations
  • travel history
  • property ownership records and what property you claim
  • physical characteristics
  • tax identification numbers and tax history
  • past travel itineraries
  • law enforcement information
  • “intelligence” information (the key word list used by the NSA)
  • passport numbers
  • frequent flier information
  • other “identifiers” linked to DHS databases (including web history and information, critical speaking of the government)

It has gotten so far out of hand that people came to the New York Times to get the information out.

I think the best way to look at it is as a pre-crime assessment every time you fly,” said Edward Hasbrouck, a consultant to the Identity Project, one of the groups that oppose the prescreening initiatives. “The default will be the highest, most intrusive level of search, and anything less will be conditioned on providing some additional information in some fashion.”

The T.S.A., which has been criticized for a one-size-fits-all approach to screening travelers, said the initiatives were needed to make the procedures more targeted.

“Secure Flight has successfully used information provided to airlines to identify and prevent known or suspected terrorists or other individuals on no-fly lists from gaining access to airplanes or secure areas of airports,” the security agency said in a statement. “Additional risk assessments are used for those higher-risk passengers.”

An agency official discussed some aspects of the initiative on the condition that she not be identified. She emphasized that the main goal of the program was to identify low-risk travelers for lighter screening at airport security checkpoints, adapting methods similar to those used to flag suspicious people entering the United States.~New York Times

This brings up several factors that this is just wrong. Why are we applying these rules to the normal passenger? Where is the data stored? Why is your property you own their business? Are the records even secure?

There is already one victim of the tighter security that gets repeatedly searched even though he has done nothing wrong because their new computer program has flagged him as a potential terrorist.

That has happened to Abdulla Darrat, an urban planner from Queens who said he was flagged for extra scrutiny all eight times he flew since June. When he tries to check in online, a message tells him to check in at the airport, where he receives a boarding pass marked with “SSSS” indicating that he must undergo enhanced screening. His name has been handwritten on a card at the podium where an agent checks passengers’ identification, he said.

“They pat me down,” Mr. Darrat, 31, said. “Then they pull out every single article of clothing in my bag. They take out every shirt and every pair of pants.”

After the checkpoint search, which includes swabbing his luggage to check for explosive residue, he said he was often stopped at the gate before being allowed to fly. He said he assumed that the extra scrutiny was because he had flown to Libya to visit relatives. He also expressed support for protests against Muammar el-Qaddafi in 2011, but the extra scrutiny did not happen until this summer.

“It adds this whole air of suspicion about me to everybody on the plane,” he said.~New York Times

It also seems that in some Minority Report like fashion strait from the movies that the entire process is automated for finding future potential terrorists.

At the heart of the expanded effort is a database called the Automated Targeting System, which is maintained by the Department of Homeland Security and screens travelers entering the United States.

Data in the Automated Targeting System is used to decide who is placed on the no-fly list — thousands of people the United States government has banned from flying — and the selectee list, an unknown number of travelers who are required to undergo more in-depth screening, like Mr. Darrat. The T.S.A. also maintains a PreCheck disqualification list, tracking people accused of violating security regulations, including disputes with checkpoint or airline staff members.

Much of this personal data is widely shared within the Department of Homeland Security and with other government agencies. Privacy notices for these databases note that the information may be shared with federal, state and local authorities; foreign governments; law enforcement and intelligence agencies — and in some cases, private companies for purposes unrelated to security or travel.

For instance, an update about the T.S.A.’s Transportation Security Enforcement Record System, which contains information about travelers accused of “violations or potential violations” of security regulations, warns that the records may be shared with “a debt collection agency for the purpose of debt collection.”

A recent privacy notice about PreCheck notes that fingerprints submitted by people who apply for the program will be used by the F.B.I. to check its unsolved crimes database.~New York Times

This is unreal. We are labeling “potential terrorists”, giving the information to third parties including debt collectors, and violating the Bill of Rights? What happened to Freedom from Unreasonable Search and Seizures?

Sometimes we wish fiction was not becoming a reality. If people don’t speak up about these things, they relativity go un-noticed for years. This is verifiable with the TSA, Congressional Bills, and the New York Times. This is not their best seller list, this is real.  When does the nightmare end and how deep does this rabbit hole go?

  • Lloyd Harkins

    Time to start driving everywhere, before they start mandatory check points!!! Papers please!!

  • crawford

    this is the reason I am getting my private pilots license

  • George Skelton

    Well now, this makes sense……You can’t critisize the government. Violation of First Amendment. Just some more of Washington BS. Although, if Obitch would not let all the illegals and unwanted foreigners into this country, this would be something you never heard about……Check this out! A new dawn is coming. The democrats and the “old farts” are going to be seeking new jobs come election. Now, this is a “change” we can all appreciate. And don’t forget, The white house and many politicians will be spending “hard” time elsewhere!

  • Jim Mathis

    more of obamas shit

  • Jim Mathis

    they should have checked him out and he wouldn’t have been were he is today

  • Jes Starnes

    They will start them.

  • George

    we can only wish George Skelton, we can only wish. This is what happens when people turn into Sheeple and they feel they are “entitled” to what others have without working for it. We live in a country with so many low-informed drones it’s not even funny anymore. Drug addicts too.

  • m

    Don’t matter I get searched every time I fly before I get on the plane I’m pulled aside and searched not just here but in every country I’ve been to.

  • RGP

    The deal gets even better too with the TSA Precheck whereby if you pay a fee you are no longer subject to these checks like common riff raff and can just flash ID and walk through!

  • Glock Fortycal

    well put me on the list….Bummer sucks! and if you think I’m flying with any airline you’ve another thing coming. the TSA can kiss my big ole white butt!

  • RGP

    Theoretically everyone is a “potential” terrorist or criminal of some sort. If you can’t catch one just justify the agency by creating more potential terrorists by widening the definition thereof.
    The “critical of government” criteria is scary. Given the fact that pretty much all Americans, whether right wing, left wing, moderate, or wherever they are on the political spectrum, have made a million negative remarks about government, how many could actually pass the new requirements?

  • RGP

    Other countries are told who to pull aside by the TSA if the flight’s destination is the USA.

  • Joe Nida

    So what if u purchase a ticket and get to the airport and they dont let you board? Will you be reimbursed for the cost of the ticket? Get a free rental car? Will they help u find a job if you lose it due to not being able to fly? What if you miss a wedding, funeral, once in a lifetime event? Wheres the justification or compensation for that?

  • George Skelton

    Believe it or not, we still live in a country that believes “the government will take care of them.” Such a shame. If people would read between the lines and/or listen, they would quickly find out different…..We now have high ranking military officers making statements that they had soldiers under them stating they would take obama out if they could get close enough………We also have the Joint Chiefs of Staff that can go in and arrest the president and others. They have the power under the Constitu;tion. Not that that would likely happen, although it would be nice………Obitch’s biggest problem, and he’s just too stupid to realize, people in this coutry will only be pushed so far and then they will take action. What I can’t understand, is why our past presidents have not stepped forward and voiced their thoughts. Makes one wonder!

  • nickeljukeboxx

    I’v been doing that since 1971

  • Apalmer001

    I don’t fly and it isn’t necessary to fly to get where you are going. If people would boycott airlines we wouldn’t have such a problem because they would not have jobs.

  • Robert Fleeman Jr

    must be on a mission to stop air travel i know some people aren’t gonna want to deal with that

  • dougied57

    They were doing that in NY state 25 years ago. That’s why I left!

  • dougied57

    But…you don’t need a valid I.D. to vote!

  • John Fah-q Smith

    Make sure to use your real name on Facebook.

  • Tami Stanley Perkins

    So my question is “When are We The People going to stand and demand that this practice be stopped? When are we going to start fighting this criminal government and its illegal agencies? We must put a stop to this crap!!!! They have stepped over that line and if we do not start to stand up and demand that we are citizens and we have our constitutional rights, and by law they must adhere to them, then they will continue to push their illegal ways on us!!!!! WE have got to stand and fight, but do it properly, no reason for violence!!!! There are other ways to fight this, we will keep revolution as a last resort. God Bless everyone

  • Mickie Metzger

    Pretty soon we will have NO rights left.

  • Rediranch

    It’s easier to just complain about it strongly in the comments section of online news sites.

  • Tami Stanley Perkins

    That is the way to go Crawford, then you can fly your friends and family to destinations instead of going on a large aircraft!!!!

  • Robin Gonsalves

    What gets me is no border protection, but we aren’t able to leave! Time for someone to die!

  • jimmyt

    Already happening in Tennessee

  • Richard Maloney

    if everyone stopped flying for one day the airlines would go into bankruptcy and force the TSA to stop these nazi tatics. swabbing for explosives and baggage searches i can understand. but wanting my personal information is out of the question. i obtained my passport which is in good standing and that is all they need to know about me.

  • R.Young

    They had also better check to see if anyone is carrying a m ilitary ID, can’t let those American Home Grown Terrorists fly!

  • Hapless Kiwi

    Not everyone lives on the same continent.

  • Butler Reynolds

    Who was the numbskull president that created the TSA?

  • Christopher Lanuto

    wow this is some serious shit, how do they get awy with it is the entire gov, corrupt,bunch of traitors

  • Christopher Lanuto

    hey remember al gore, he had this plan for paper travels long ago, he was all for the u.n. to take over, just another key in the new world order plan

  • John Walt

    How far does it go? Not much.

  • John Walt

    Who is the numbskull president that has allowed these actions by the TSA?

  • mickey5020

    out of hand huh, I wish so badly that they would oust the ass.

  • mickey5020

    else where in the government though I bet

  • ladybaine

    First “papers please” and then we’ll all be wearing identifying armbands…

  • mickey5020

    Some people have jobs where they have to fly , where i work the groups have speakers and trainers that fly around the country , to different cities and venues .They would spend 1/2 of their time on the road accomplishing nothing. It also is cheaper to send and pay 1 or 2 persons rather than have to have half of a company come to them to train.

  • Nicholas John Hilzinger

    Fuck the TSA. They can all fucking go to Hell. and these fucking assholes wonder why people are pissed off. you fuckers better quit infringing upon us or its gonna get ugly.

  • Breanda Mc Cabe

    well, I am done flying to my destinations, unless it is impossible. What if you have family out of state, and one dies, and say for instance, you owe creditors, or back taxes ? Then what ? They hold you there till some one serves papers on you ? The IRS can freeze bank accounts for back taxes..or do they take all your money out of your purse , or wallet, then let you board ? ..And just because a junk debt collector says you owe money, you may have a common name,and it’s some one else… then what ? Good Grief….

  • James Hayden

    Stopped Flying in 91

  • Asillem4

    LOL I’ll never fly again. /facepalm

  • http://www.myspace.com/dxrinc DXRINC


  • Jhonnypatriot

    face it …bitching and crying wont’ stop this ..it will only get worse …we tried the soap box, that failed. we tried the ballot box, that failed … hope the next box doesn’t

  • Connie Ruales

    It’s a clear violation of our rights. WTF!!!! Next thing that will happen is they will have to screen us before being allowed to leave our own homes to go to work, school or running errands. We are going to end up with a person posted at our doors 24/7 screening us, searching our homes and following us around seeing our every move!

  • Rita Wilson Paulsen

    Next, identifying tattoos…..

  • alicelillie

    Yes driving everywhere is a good idea and I have been doing it for a long time. Retired, I have the time. I do worry about the retirement situation in a few years, but if one can retire or has the time, driving is best. Go online and check for roadblocks, then take scenic back roads. My blog is *definitely* critical of government…google me and check it out!

  • alicelillie

    Go online and check for where they are then avoid them.

  • Carol Powell

    That’s exactly why they want black boxes in all cars… tax you by the mile.. A$$wipes

  • MatticusRex

    just go drunk… it may not hurt that much, you might find out you are kind of into it, or you may not even remember… the pilot is driving not you and the drinks are reasonably priced and cabs are everywhere

  • TWScott

    Yeah, until they start “accidently” shooting down private aircraft of said “troublemakers”

  • Cora Urquilla

    to put it bluntly.. they DONT care

  • Laverl Turley

    I noticed while watching the Senate hearing with the defense department generals all making statements. They were asked if they meet with the president regularly, No they don’t they meet with one of his deciepels . So they do not come in contact with him directly.

  • asdf

    and it’s our own damn fault because we sit around with our thumbs up our asses and complain online.

  • Dorrence Stovall

    Don’t comply. Don’t give them this info if they ask you. Stand your ground!!

  • allen

    Americas SS and Gestapo in the works…

  • christy Hale

    and who voted for Obama?

  • nope

    Need not to wonder anymore why a TSA agent was shot and killed

  • Stephen

    You Do Not Have TO ABIDE> It is Illegal. Goes against your 4th Amendments rights. If you have ID(Driver’s License) you don’t have to prove anything else. This is bullsh*t. Somebody needs to stand up and file a complaint. This goes against everything. Fawk them and all you liberals and anybody just willing to comply to give up your rights. You all Idiots.

  • Robert Chambers

    They have already started this on some highways

  • Me

    Someone who is a real threat will NOT put information on the internet or on a cell phone. They will be totally descreet. So, I ask, what is this REALLY ABOUT?

  • http://mayohardware.blogspot.com/ Hoosier Newman

    He didn’t write the bill – check your facts

  • Michigan_REB

    Why do they keep allowing Obama anywhere near a plane since no one can even find out where he was born or went to school. Why wasn’t he vetted as well as they want to investigate American citizens.

  • Chris Kalika Blissett

    I cannot believe that every single poster believes this crap. Then there are the liars who claim its happening and those of you who haven’t verified this but just jump on the liars bandwagon. You are losing your country because you buy into this garbage. Anyone who tells you they’re coming for your guns and all the rest of the horseshit is either stupid or trying to sell you guns, ammo, gold and any other doomsday material you are prone to buy. Verify this information and not from the same kind of websites that push this crap. You need to get busy living, be part of America instead of trying to dig a hole and hide. Because these same dickheads pushing this apocalyptic crap are the ones most likely to kill you.

  • Steve V

    I for one will never agree to provide that kind information. If that means I can’t fly anymore, so be it. Maybe the airlines should lobby against this. It’s going to cost the them money. As everyone that doesn’t “have” to fly, won’t anymore.

  • Kevin Price

    They already have started check points around the country my friend. Look it up on Youtube (D.H.S./Boarder Control Check Points inside the U.S.). The Elitist have their trap set to spring their trap of N.W.O. on us and they have been slowly marching on us for some time now. Look at how our Law enforcement treats every one, Look at Our Justice System, it’s a flipping joke. Every one that goes to court is held to a mass trial and ALL are found GUILTY!!! I have heard Law enforcement say: “EVERY ONE IS GUILTY OF SOMETHING, WE JUST CAUGHT YOU THIS TIME!” The Elitist plan to further enslave us FOREVER! This is here, It is NOW. The only choice WE have is to FIGHT or Become Slaves in the New World Order. I chose to FIGHT or Die REFUSE to be a slave to the Elitist system. Live Free Or Die, Liberty Or Death, I will not live any other way! Deo Volente, Deo Vindice.

  • Kevin Price

    The Government will shut down the internet before hand. Nice thought, But you’re wrong.

  • Kevin Price

    And to know where you are AT, and WHERE you are GOING and WHAT you are DOING an SAYING!

  • Kevin Price

    This goes much deeper than Obama. This plan is over 180 years old.

  • Kevin Price

    Welcome to New World Order my Patriot friend.

  • Kevin Price

    Make no mistake my friend, It will come down to a bloody fight. These Fascist, Elitist Bastards will not give up the power WE have entrusted them with without a fight. They fear every Gun Owner and they seek to render us powerless to stop their N.W.O. take over. Fight Or Become a slave, them are your choices.

  • Michael Santarella


  • Jim Morriss

    I ask this question to everyone go hmmmm. Why, after they strip search you and make sure you have no weapons, do they think they need to know your name?

  • Dspot7070

    Already happening in Texas, California, Kansas, Arizona, Washington state, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina. Those are just the ones I personally have seen them in. I stopped flying years ago.

  • Dspot7070

    You think they give a shit?

  • EOlson

    The already have them they are called GPS.

  • Mary Graves

    Obama did however appoint the head of TSA. If he doesn’t think it’s fair and all he can either stop them or fire the head of TSA. Personally, I don’t think he’ll do anything about it.

  • Michael Edwards


  • jimmy5D

    they have meds for your kind….

  • jimmy5D

    yea, they really after you, effin goon…

  • Apalmer001

    You’ve got a point, but I for one will never travel by air and be abused by the TSA.

  • Apalmer001

    Sad but true, Mickey.

  • Apalmer001

    Not me.

  • John Bohn

    Buses and trains coming next.

    Drive a car. Stupid ignorant saps. Every car sold in America since 2000 has a GPS locator in the computer. You can be tracked with 6 feet. Your vehicle can be disabled by remote . You will just sit there wondering what happened till Homeland Security arrives to take you away. This illegal alien Kenyans mater plan is to take over America in the next 2 1/2 ears. The jewish criminal conspirists that control America will have achieved sucess beyond their wildest dreams. Welcome to the 1%, the 10% middle/upper class and the rest just government welfare idiots. NO more reitirement, vacations, medical. 3rd worl coming.

  • MJB

    It is kinda like it was before the Berlin Wall came down… You cannot leave… All you illegals can come in so you can vote (illegally) to prop up this failing socialist scheme but you who love the America that was founded on the Constitution, you guys cannot travel!

    Hmmm… Sounds very much like the USSR!!!

  • USSA

    I stopped flying after they added the free sexual assault without dinner and a movie first so this is good in my book.. anything that pizzes more people off at their gvt is a good thing, thats the only way change will happen.

  • Captured Angel

    Only one problem, George. It is so easy to steal an election with electronic voting. Bush did it, and Obama did it. They’ve got their bases covered. BTW, any relation to Red? Skelton is a very rare name, I would imagine.

  • Captured Angel

    All of our presidents since Johnson (who was the mastermind behind the JFK assassination – see http://www.amazon.com/Man-Who-Killed-Kennedy-ebook/dp/B00E258056/ref=sr_1_11?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1385888388&sr=1-11&keywords=jfk+assassination) have been puppets of the NWO.