November 18: National Common Core Protest

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A national day of protest has been scheduled for November 18th. While no group is official backing the protest, grass-roots operatives are pushing the day of protest from behind the scenes on social media. The date selection is has to do with the first day of Education Week, and Revolutionary War Day. The event is the brainchild of Christina Lichtenstein, Long Island, New York.

The protest is fairly simple. Just keep your children at home on November 18th. The event details are at Say No To Common Core.  On twitter, #SayNoToCommonCore is the hashtag being used to promote the event. Protest organizers are currently in several states: New York, Connecticut, Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Alaska. The event page can be found here.

The event is formally endorsed by the Arizona Freedom Alliance, The Daily Paul, CPR Worldwide Media, and Patriot Action Network.

The official notice states

This event is part of a national protest against the Common Core State Standards and it will take place in every state across this great country!

The eighteenth of November is significant to our movement, not only because this is the first day of American Education Week, but it is also Revolution Day!! Organizers are encouraging parents, students, teachers, and others to join the cause…

Please participate in this event and encourage everyone you know to do the same! We recommend that you keep your children out of school on November 18th and help us send a message to the federal government. We the people want evidence-based curriculum that is locally controlled and which does not require data mining our children. Instead of sending your children to school on November 18th, get your children out in public and raise awareness by educating others on the dangers of the Common Core State Standards!!!


The group has also issued a “Parents Executive Order” to accompany the event.

Common Core Executive Order




The Hall Monitor, National Protest Event Page

  • mikejafo1

    Help me understand what is so bad about The Common Core? Can anyone tell me, my wife is a teacher and she says it’s a good thing oone reason is “if you move and your kid is in the 8th grade, your kid will be assured to be ion the same grade of which you left, not a lesser grade or higher grade”

  • Thomas

    Exactly…the child will not exceed the grad-level at which he is performing. It dumbs-down the smarter kids and keeps everyone equally ignorant. Also, the curriculum consists of ‘re-written’ American history and sheds a bad light on our heritage. Too, the data-mining of our children gathers personal information that is then just sold off to large corporations to use how they see fit. Finally, the curriculum takes a more global perspective and discounts individual rights, the Bill of Rights and encourages the ‘green’ propaganda. You should look through your wife’s textbooks and let me know what you think after you’ve read through them all. Just thought I’d give you a little info to help the cause…peace.

  • Thomas

    Indiana’s standards for education far exceed what this wants to teach. We are doing just fine, Mr. Obama; we don’t need your help.

  • Talexa
  • snowballl

    i believe in common core

  • Lorina Danielle Potter

    Then your wife is part of the problem. It is my suggestion that she takes a real look at her choice of occupation. If she was my child’s teacher, I would pull my kid from her class. We want excellence, not just barely adequate! Our children deserve better than this disgusting dumbing down of American people.

  • Chris0113

    Do you also believe that our children should be learning (in 4th grade) about Mobstaz and pimpz? Yes I spelled them like in the books our children would read.
    Do you believe that the 11th grade students should be learning that rape and incest are acceptable and encouraged?
    I can go on, but I do not need to, If you honestly believe in common core as it is, I think honestly you are not truly informed about it.

  • snowballl



    Tell that to Gov. Pence.

  • Stina

    Allison Martinez. You have reported mis-information In your article. I am Christina Lichtenstein and National Protest Day was NOT my doing. I started NYS Protest day only, and never supported this movement going National. Can you please report this correctly. Thank you.

  • Stina

    Still incorrect. 24 hours to remove my name or I will contact my attorney. Thank you.

  • Laura Stclair

    Ohio is not backing this event. It will damage the stop common core movement to encourage keeping children from education.

  • Laura Stclair

    To quote above: While no group is official backing the protest, grass-roots operatives
    are pushing the day of protest from behind the scenes on social media.

    I am the owner of Stop Common Core in Ohio FB group..As well as an Admin in other state stop common core groups and PEACCS which is a National Stop Common Core group. None of these groups on social media are in support of this movement to keep children home from school. We strongly feel this event will damage all our efforts to educate the public on the evils of common core. Please remove Ohio.from your list of supporting states. Also, I might suggest you contacting those state group that Janet Wilson told your were participating and they will surely inform you to the contrary.

  • Yvonne Gasperino

    I am the founder and owner and also the admin of “Stop Common Core in
    New York State” FB group page. We are NOT endorsing this at all. Allison
    Martinez I invite you to speak to me directly about this, you can email me at
    [email protected] We work with 75+ admins from across the country all
    who are grassroots leaders in their respective states, some who have been in
    this fight for years. This was not a coordinated event. I would recommend that
    you contact each admin from the following states to confirm their participation:
    New York, Connecticut, Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky,
    Illinois, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia,
    North Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Alaska to confirm for yourself. (If you
    email me I will gladly forward your email on to them.). Thank you.

  • A. Neff

    I am the group owner/lead admin for Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards Kentucky and I did not endorse this event. I am also a co-admin for Badass Parents Association, a national group coordinating with the Badass Teachers Association which is also national, and neither of our national groups are endorsing or supporting this event. Christina Lichtenstein never endorsed her group’s NY state event going “national” as is being reported. The states listed here have social media group owners/admins and I’m certain if you contact them, you’ll find a different story altogether about this event. Parents, know your rights – but also, know the policies and laws where you live before you jump on board something like this. Anyone advocating for “illegal absences” on their group/event page should be approached with caution.

  • Yvonne Gasperino

    By the way that “group” (November 18th CC Protest) did NOT create the “Parents Executive Order” to go with the event. That was created and distributed by the Florida admin. Not so sure she gave her consent to use her “Parent’s Executive Order” for this Nov. 18th event. Allison Martinez, I would check with her directly before posting such information.

  • Yvonne Gasperino

    That group did not create the Parents Executive Order and nor did she (the creator of said document) give consent for them to do so. Allison I have given you my email and welcome you to contact me and will direct you to the person who created that document. She does not want them using it for this purpose. Thank you.

  • Macey

    I represent Parent Led Reform Oregon. I am afraid that calling this event “nationwide” is disingenuous at best. It’s not nationwide, not even close.
    Here in Oregon, people are just barely beginning to see the light about CC. To try to rally an event like this here would be like trying to herd cats. It would only cast doubt to anyone who is PRO CC about our abilities and it would also lower the morale of the people behind the movement.
    That said, Oregon will not have a part in the “national” protest day.
    Perhaps in the future…when we have way more planning and way more people involved in the movement.

  • kathleen

    I’m just hearing about the 11/18 protest. The info sheet doesn’t list GEORGIA (whete I reside) as a participating state. Not sure if I should keep my kids home, if I’m a “lone wolf”. Suggestions?