Principle Who Was Caught On Film Dragging Kids Will Keep Job



In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a principle caught red handed on tape dragging a Kindergarten student  down a hall way will not be fired.

The hearing lasted for several months with parents angered over her actions. In fact it wasn’t just one student but several that she was caught doing this to. While some people are saying that people deserve a second chance several young children’s safety is at stake.

Worse yet, after the year is up she will be a principle again and although she is supposed to be without pay for six months, she is receiving just $1000 shy of her normally $150,000 salary for a year.

From the Connecticut post:

BRIDGEPORT — Carmen Perez Dickson will keep her job with the district even though a majority of the city school board concluded the Jettie S. Tisdale School principal violated policy by using inappropriate physical force, without justification and put children at risk.

Dickson — who was caught on videotape dragging small children through the school hallways on three occasions in 2012 — will serve a six-month, unpaid suspension effective immediately.

The ruling was greeted with disbelief and outrage by some parents.

Parent Nakeya Hargrove, speaking publicly for the first time, said Dickson should have been fired.

victim“You should have seen the way she dragged my daughter out of the classrooms, first by the leg, then she dropped the leg and started pulling her by the arm,” said Hargrove, who only became aware of the videos last summer. She said she wants others to see the video too, although officials won’t release it.

Hargrove, who was not called to testify during the lengthy five-month hearing, said she spoke with school officials at the time and said she was guaranteed the matter was being handled, that Dickson would never be allowed to do it again. She feels betrayed.

Dickson has been on paid leave since July 2012, collecting $162,852 during that time, according to school officials. After her unpaid suspension, the board ordered Dickson to serve a six-month probation in an administrative role other than principal. She will also undergo sensitivity training.

The board determined that in about a year, she can be a principal again — but not at Tisdale.

Board members Sauda BarakaBobby Simmons,John Bagley and Jacqueline Kelleher voted to let Dickson keep her job. Thomas MulliganHernan Illingworth and Leticia Colon voted to fire her.

Baraka said she did not feel termination was justified based on what she viewed in the videos.

“I felt there should be other consequences and action,” Baraka said. She questioned the chain of custody of the videos, the inconsistency of some testimony given by witnesses and the lack of concern by security and staff when the incidents initially occurred.

Mulligan, who argued for termination, said the board’s core responsibility is to make sure that students are safe and learning in each of the district’s schools.

“Each and every one of us on the board witnessed (Dickson) on video, drag a small child down a hallway, pulling aggressively at the neck and arm in the process,” Mulligan said.

In addition to the videos, the board heard testimony from school staff that Dickson once slapped a child and intimidated a special-needs student by cracking a baseball bat on the desk in front of her. When it was her turn to testify, Dickson told the board she used the force she felt was necessary to keep the children from hurting themselves or others.

Kelleher, the board vice chairman and deciding vote, said she had significant concerns about the appropriateness of Dickson’s actions and admitted if it were her child, she’d be upset.

Even so, Kelleher said Dickson, a 35-year veteran educator, seemed dedicated to her job and believed she was doing the right thing. Kelleher said she was inclined to consider another route of penalty. Suspension and probation, she said, were more appropriate.

As news spread of the decision, the school superintendent’s office fielded a dozen or more calls from parents Thursday, said Sandra Kase, a senior adviser to the superintendent who made the initial call to fire Dickson.

“Parents are disgusted that this principal is receiving what they call a slap on the wrist for years of using excessive force against children,” Kase said. She added she thinks it declares open season for misconduct against children in Bridgeport schools.

“If we can’t hold principals accountable for their misconduct, how can we hold staff accountable?” she asked.

Schools Superintendent Paul Vallas, who had recommended termination, said he too was “astonished and appalled that anyone who claims to care about the safety of students could possibly reach this decision.”

Dickson’s attorney, Josephine Miller, said in her opinion any discipline was unwarranted.

“Certainly not a suspension of this magnitude,” Miller said. “We plan to continue this fight through the federal lawsuit that has been pending for some time.”

Miller, who two years ago represented Baraka and others when they successfully fought the state takeover of the board before the state Supreme Court, said it has not been decided if the board decision to suspend Dickson immediately without pay for six months would be appealed.

She said a federal lawsuit Dickson has filed over the matter would still be pursued in any case.

Hargrove said that at the time Dickson was caught dragging her daughter on the video, the kindergartner was going through emotional issues at home and the board was told she was lashing out at school. Her daughter is still at Tisdale and is now doing fine, Hargrove said.


  • AllAny

    Remember when teachers could spank kids in school? Need to go back to those days.

  • Robert

    so a school administrator can basically beat our kid’s but if a parent is caught disiplineing there own child we will go to jail….thinking the parents need to go to the school and drag her sorry ass from her desk and right on out and off school property….

  • Richard Maloney

    why was she not charged with child abuse or assault?? why were the police not involved? if a parent did that even once the CSA would be there taking that child from the parent and the parent in jail.
    When are school officials above the law?

  • Janice Craig Thaxton

    If that had been one of my kids who had gotten dragged……….the principal would have NEVER made it to court! She’d still be in the hospital!

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  • Ilovemydawg88

    Any parent caught doing this to their own child on tape would have been promptly arrested. Fire this idiot! I am for stricter punishments for kids but not ABUSE!! Of course they won’t show the video… People would pour into the streets. Better be glad it wasn’t my child.. There would be more than a stupid board of education meeting.. SMFH!

  • Jamey Pearce-Rodriguez

    SENSITIVITY training?!?!?!?!?! WTF THIS is what’s wrong with us ! ! She hurts a child, physically mentally and most definitely emotionally and we pay her and she keeps her job, under the pretenses that she receives SENSITIVITY TRAINING! ! ! ! Seriously people, wake up and smell the napalm. *and if you read the article, she IS being paid even though she’s not supposed to be*

  • Justin.Time

    Well, that goodness it’s not something else besides the Marine in you. Who couldn’t understand your sentiments, Marine or not, we have to protect our children.

  • Mariann Tausch

    This is just a suggestion to the parents of the students involved in this heinous behavior…. File a civil suit against this woman. And make sure that she is punished by someone, if the schools fail to.

  • mrswright

    post the video with the story next time…otherwise it seems bogus.

  • Poor_Richard

    This is precisely what is wrong with the educational system in this country. No accountability and no respect for their responsibilities to the parents of the children in their charge.

  • Bobby Dunnam

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    I bet if she was white she would’ve been fired IMO.

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  • heavens2mergatroid

    Oh so insightful Spanky. WHY would I be looking for any kind of hole in WHAT argument? Like I’m gonna defend the abusive teacher? You are right on one point: I have no quarrel with this article and believe this behavior is assault against a child. Wrong on everything else you assume. When we’re trying to make a point in print, I think it’s important that we don’t appear to be ignorant of simple English. That makes it too easy for others to dismiss us as imbeciles. Sorry your mind-reading skills are off today.

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  • Frank McLain

    The sad part of this is if the school district and/or this principle thought that a parent was abusing their child in this manner the parents would have to answer to the courts and Department of Social Services, I hope the town votes all the members of the board that voted for her to keep job off the school board and find others grounds to terminate her, maybe like all the parents filing assault charges against her individually.

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  • Liberty

    This may be a small matter, but while reading the piece about that woman in Bridgeport, CT. who was not fired for child abuse, I noticed the article title was “Principle”……etc…….. There are two spellings for that word, The definition of “Principle” is …a belief or a standard of belief or a main rule or foundation. The definition of “Principal” is……a person in charge, or a main point or something or someone of higher importance or station. It’s obvious to those of us who went through school long ago that many young young writers and/or journalists never learned basic rules of English or writing skills. Too bad.

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  • olbaiD4283

    The system will never be held accountable. We are in a generation now, where the people in charge will take advantage of power. This was coming, people gave warning to others and they scoffed. Now look at what is happening, militarization of our law enforcement, the NSA/PRISM scandal, rewriting of the constitution, moving ever so closer to a police state. Anyone who is willing to give up freedom for security doesn’t deserve freedom in the first place…..

  • stinky stix

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  • stinky stix

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  • Sabrina

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  • Catherine Wood

    Why aren’t the parents filing charges?

  • Sean

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  • Sean

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  • GettingOlder58

    Roger that…. my Mother back in the 60’s went to our elementary school and confronted my brothers 5th grade teacher after school. This teacher had a habit of pulling the hair of students. My mother is 5.2 and this teacher was about 6 foot with a crew cut. She had her words with him in front of many students (my brother and I were next to her) and some of the other teachers… she did not like his attitude or his responses, she reached up and grabbed his crew cut with just a finger and a thumb, she brought him down to her level, face to face, and told him if he ever touched a child again, it would not be his hair she would pull out. He got the drift and kept a wide berth from us and never again pulled hair on any other kid. My mom was a wife of a Marine.

  • AddisonDewitt

    gee imagine if it had been a white Principal dragging little black kids down the hallway….Sharpton, Jackson and Obama would be up in arms….

  • olbaiD4283

    I agree, it’s this type of intolerance and mindset that creates barriers. This needs to stop, if “we” are going to change and set the precedent for future generations, then alot of us need to change at the very core and rethink our principals and ethics….

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    seriously? A parent would be in jail for this!

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    She should be in JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • David Gibler

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  • paul123454321

    A union in her workplace would have no say one way or the other as to if she is charged by the police for child abuse and endangerment. School priniciples are usually classed as management and not in the union anyway.

  • Dawn

    Sick. And in another a article, same day, a teacher was fired from a Christian school after her cel phone was stolen and racy pics she took of herself showed up on internet. What is wrong with this world???

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