Obama Skips Gettysburg Address




17,000,000,000,000 Bankruptcy Lane…

Abe Who…?

Despite resurrecting the memory of Abraham Lincoln whenever politically advantageous, Barack Obama has decided to give a pass on attending the official 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address Celebration, as reported by both The Patriot-News of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and The Republic of Columbus, Indiana on Oct. 31, 2013.

One of These Secretaries is Not Like The Other…

John Usher and Sally Jewell share the distinction of both serving their nation as the Secretary of the Interior.

The difference is that Usher accompanied his president 150 years ago to the Pennsylvania battlefield. This year, Secretary Jewell will be flying solo.

Barack Obama ensured the citizenry was reminded of the first Republican ever elected president during key historic moments in his political career.

Examples include:

  • Obama was the keynote speaker at the dedication of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, IL.
  • In 2007, Obama announced his candidacy for the presidency from the steps of the Old State Capitol in Springfield, as did Lincoln in 1857.
  • In 2009, Obama utilized the Lincoln Family Bible to be sworn into his first term.
  • Again in 2013, Obama used the same Lincoln Sacred Writ to be sworn into his second term.

According to the official White House website, the presidential schedule for Nov. 19, 2013 consists of nothing. He’ll be taking the day off.

As posted, during the sesquicentennial of the historic event at Gettysburg, the presidential dance card is listed as “No public schedule.”

  • Lazarus McDangerous

    Never in the history of the USA has a President of the United States, been so flatly hated by the British people… and yes, that includes George Washington.

  • Tony Liberatore

    Never in USA history has a president been hated as much as people hate Obama. That includes Regan.

  • Lazarus McDangerous

    So both the left and the right hate Obama! – So why is that fucknut still president!?

  • john henery

    I think Abama should be inpeach. He broke his OATH to uphold the consitution.

  • april

    He don’t want to be there because this one group wants his papers he will be in hiding afaird WE THE PEOPLE WILL IMPEACH HIM OURSELF

  • David Hoernle

    Lincoln freed the slaves and now Obama is doing his best to make Americans slaves by taking away our freedoms.

  • H2o

    Exactly..that’s the perfect question. WHY is he still president? Think about it. He’s not American, he hates Americans but he’s still president. Think about it.

  • Tinfoil

    Obama is staying out of FEMA zone 3 during the “training exercise” which coincides with the Gettsyburg Address celebration.