16 Million Lose Coverage Due To Obama Care; Website Attacks Itself


An estimated 16-20 million people  will be losing their insurance coverage due to Obama Care because they do not comply with the mandates in Obama Care. This estimate by the Congressional Budget Office is regarded as a low figure.

As millions of Americans receive notices that their policies are ending, there seems to be little ability to log onto the healthcare exchange created by the Obama Care legislation. While Kathleen Sebelius contends that the website crashed due to server demand, others have challenged that narrative. People do not seem to be flocking to the website as they did opening day, and yet it still crashes.  Some on the left have accused “teabaggers” of launching denial of service attacks on the website.

As it turns out, it isn’t “teabaggers” or anyone else launching denial of service attacks on the Obama Care website. It is the website itself doing it.
Computer security expert John McAfee challenged the narrative that “overwhelming demand” for Obama Care caused healthcare.gov to crash. Rather, he said it was related to the architecture of the website.

Specifically, the problem has to do with how the website divides the processing tasks. The users computer is used to run over fifty programs that transfers information from the computer to the government website.  The transfer of information from the user’s computer and the website is locking down the system.

According to McAfee, the website is doing a denial of service attack on itself. As McAfee says,

 It is basically doing a denial of service attack on itself. It is a very bizarre situation.  Interesting academically, but not very useful.”

Perhaps President Obama should have check into Sebelius’ past website experience. Had he asked around Kansas, he would have known that the websites for the Department of Labor and the Department of Motor Vehicles in Kansas were disastrous under Sebelius’ watch. As State Rep. Scott Schwab told the Daily Caller,

“We heard several excuses for IT failures under Sebelius. Especially towards the end of her administration. The legislature was often frustrated with the Labor Department, Department of Administration, and also Pharmacy claims. It was hard to get clear answers back then too.“We pretty much expected HealthCare.gov to fail, because she has a pattern of failing on these big initiatives. We thought that was why she was not nominated originally.”

  • Jim Myhre

    “It is basically doing a denial of service attack on itself. It is a very bizarre situation. Interesting academically, but not very useful.” BWahaha!

  • danh1

    I am one of those who’s healthcare is illegal under the obama plan.
    I am in the missouri high risk pool, I had polio in 1952, sleep with CPAP, and walk with a cane, and 2 leg braces. My insurance is now illegal.