[Watch] Will Our Military Fire On American Citizens? – The Litmus Test Question Now Being Asked

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Like him or not, Alex Jones has been on the cutting edge of some of the biggest stories to hit alternative media and revealed some of the biggest secrets regarding our government’s operations and hidden agenda. He shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand just because of the content of the information.

The revelations here are all verifiable. So we need to watch and investigate on our own, as Jones recommends, in order to see with our own eyes that this is really possible.

The litmus test is making its way down the ranks asking our troops if they would be willing to fire upon American citizens. The reports are coming from a variety of sources, including retired Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith. Smith details the ongoing program from his sources.

Other callers in to the radio show detail their own personal experiences with DHS and the threat against our country.

The evidence is all around us and if this is true, it is a very dangerous development that needs serious attention.

Whether or not you believe this is actually happening, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to investigate and ask yourself if it could be true. We know for a fact that the DHS has ordered enough hollow point rounds to shoot every American at least five times.

It is our duty as Americans to be vigilant and to safeguard our republic. By doing so we will be protecting ourselves as well.

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  • Aaron Dana Pendlesteiger

    they are going to need to shoot a lot more then 5 rounds if they want to catch me….but its too late

    once one round is shot at me your already dead

  • usaok59

    They will break down your door and surround you before you can pull your weapon. This isn’t going to be pretty!

  • Jim Myhre

    Beat it, Troll!

  • robert

    the question should be
    will we the American Citizen fire on are on military?

  • Michigan Patriot

    they will die trying….

  • carl

    Will they fire on us? At this pointin time I would say no,but I believe under the current divisive government it wont be long before they are willing. Are we willing to fire on them? Beyound any doubt yes. If the government attempts to disarm we the people we the people will return fire. At that point we will be in a civil war.

  • elizabethmcfarland

    If they follow orders from our fake government and Obutthole you can be danged sure I will to protect myself and family. Our military needs to just say NO to any orders from Washington if they are given to fire on US citizens no matter the reason they are given. I give our military more credit than to blindly do what that bunch of idiot mush brains in Washington would order. I pray I am not wrong about them and they are not blind or stupid enough to do anything Obutthole and his cronnies want.

  • Morris T. Yates

    It seems that there are a lot of people that don’t know, or have forgotten, what the National Guard did to unarmed students that were protesting at Kent State. Also, the ones that will be doing the shooting are mostly going to be in the age range of 18-22 ( just kids) that will be scared to disobey an order. This country has already had one Civil War and history tends to repeat itself ! I pray that it won’t happen again but I’ve come to terms, psychologically, that it probably will ! It will not be like a “Tour of Duty” video game where you get to “restart” when you loose your life. It will be for real and it will be the end of this country!

  • Janet Switzer Enbody

    They better NOT!! They are here to protect US!!!

  • Sandra Stanislav

    you want a real way to stop the gov. stop working totally do not make any more tax dollars for them to spend


    ANY government agent, cop or soldier that fires a single round at ANY citizen has already signed their DEATH WARRANT!


    They will not see the neighbors attacking from behind, once the doors break down, the alarms go off and all hell breaks loose!
    The chemicals are released immediately as well!
    Let these TYRANTS breath ammonia and bleach mixtures!


    If they aim at us, WE WILL FIRE!!!


    NO lawful order can be given, that turns OUR MILITARY into an ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENTAL POLICE FORCE!




    SHEEP love to make money for government, and willingly PAY MORE to FEED THE MONSTER!
    Once the free money STOPS FLOWING, government LOSES THE ABILITY TO THREATEN!
    I doubt even the fed’s own NAZI GESTAPO will work for free, especially when they will be the ones being GUNNED DOWN FOR ACTS OF TERRORISM and TYRANNY!!

  • sandra

    excuse me!!!!
    I have an idea..
    let’s everyone call and report our guns stolen …
    go to your backyard and burry your guns in a nice protected waterproof case..
    and just when they think they can take over ..we all pull out our weapons and go after the Whitehouse….
    or tell this gov yes I am willing to shoot the public and when the time comes they turn on the gov…. hey whatever it takes…


    Do they not understand that we too, are also trained, and we have military experience?
    We have sniper training, and can take them down from a hidden location, or hit them while they are enroute?
    Late night assaults on THEIR HOMES WILL OCCUR!
    They will have far more to WORRY ABOUT than one citizen once this mess begins!
    I WILL TARGET the homes of ALL NAZIS, destroy communication sites, cut phone lines, shut down ALL internet and phone service(cellular), and this is just the beginning!
    They want a war…THEY’LL GET ONE!!
    STAND DOWN, or DIE….
    You do NOT get a warning!


    The DEATH TOLL of NAZIS LITTERING THE STREETS should be a WARNING to ANYBODY that thinks we will just accept being ruled by a dictator!


    Please, do NOT accept a dream world reality, these TYRANTS are here to DESTROY AMERICA, not build it!
    They only care about THEIR POWER OVER THE PEOPLE, and it falls to AMERICA to STOP THEM, and STOP THEM WE SHALL!

  • Daniella Baker Serven

    That picture looks like the police response in Boston after the bombers. Please don’t exaggerate

  • Mark Gatton

    That’s why Obama is replacing top generals. They would not give the order to fire on citizens.

  • Mark Gatton

    What do you think DHS is

  • helen

    I don’t consider DHS ‘our’ military…I consider it Obama’s military….My military is the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard….they are the ones who took the oath to uphold the constitution……

  • lll%

    when will tyrants learn that the lll%ers will always be there to crush their dreams of devoloping a tyranny. we did it to the brits and we even stop the santa anna from furthuring his hold… like the great japanese generald said “behind every blade of grass there will be a gun”

  • Penny Gleason Benedict

    If they fire upon me then yes, its called self defense

  • Jerry Dickerson

    are you a sleep they are here now to kill you you got kids thin wake up

  • Jerry Dickerson

    wake up wake up they are going to come

  • Jerry Dickerson

    they want most that will come after us are from other countries

  • Jerry Dickerson

    he will with the stroke of his pin congress will die first thin the house he want need them

  • Biscuitom

    They only people that would answer yes, are radical muslims. Now you know why the two military men planed to kidnap and rape that 13 year old. They found the loop hole on how to take over our military.

  • Charles Jetter

    if it is a matter of them or me.. you better believe that i will fire on anyone trying to harm me, my family and friends….no brag.. just fact….

  • Charles Jetter

    that’s ok.. the fired generals can lead us into battle against the tyrants in washington and their crew

  • Matthew Watson

    I am currently in the National Guard and I want you to know that I took an oath to protect the constitution against ALL enemies both foriegn and domestic and I will not fire on law abiding Americans it I wrong and should not be tollerated. Thank you for you faith in our military. PFC Watson ARNG

  • Steve Thompson

    Bring it on !

  • Spenser Long-Jordan

    no U.S. soldier has the balls to fire on a single Citizen.