“What??? The President’s People Will Contact You to Complete Enrollment?”


Obama Calling



What, the President’s people will contact you to complete your enrollment in Obama Care? How would they have the information to contact you to complete your enrollment? What is really going on with this website?

In his Rose Garden speech, the President clearly stated

In the coming weeks, we will contact you directly, personally, with a concrete recommendation for how you can complete your application, shop for coverage,…

Uh.. how do they have the information to contact folks who enrolled? How much information is being given away on the website?

Lou Dobbs report begins with the liberal rebellion and then moves into the area of cyber security.

Liberals on Capitol Hill are waking up to the nightmare that is Obama Care. Lou Dobbs reports that more voices are calling for Obama Care to be delayed and they are placing responsibility for the debacle squarely on the White House.

“The failure goes well beyond the website healthcare.gov. The media and the President’s usual allies are holding the President accountable for what is nothing less than an utter fiasco. It is not yet a revolt, but it is a decided change in voice and tone within the Democratic Party. ”

Sheheen has called on President Obama to delay the enrollment deadline until healthcare.gov is working properly. Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska joined the chorus moments ago. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida called the Obama Care rollout inexcusable. He told the White House to fire whoever is responsible for the barely functional website on which the Obama Administration hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Rep. Rick Nollan told the President, “Man up, let us know who was responsible, who was in charge here, and fire them.”

Even the New York Times has defended Sebelius and placed the blame squarely on the President.  The Washington Post front page covers the already failing health care co-ops. NBC and CBS are covering the disastrous rollout on both their broadcasts and their website. ABC alone is devoid of Obama Care news.
Lou Dobbs then moves into the area of cyber security and the use of the data revealed in the President’s Rose Garden address.

David Kennedy, cyber security expert says people who go to healthcare.gov are giving away a lot of information. He called it “one of the largest collections of information  in US history. ”  The website says it will share information with other government agencies, including the internal revenue service, the social security administration, and homeland security.

This validates the notion that if the government has the information, they will use it for other purposes. The website claims they will hang onto the information as long to achieve the  specified objective for which they were collected. Experian has also been contracted to verify enrollee’s identity. This is the same Experian who sold social security numbers to a hacker in Vietnam.


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