[Watch] Obama War Crimes Investigation In United Nations

333 drones

The United Nations is investigating possible War Crimes Charges against the Hussein Obama administration for their use of drone strikes against civilians, believing many of the attacks may be in violation of international law.

The U.N. has called for the United States to declassify operations run by the CIA, as well as a statement from the Hussein Obama regime over the legality of the attacks from the airborne unmanned platforms.

The report states that U.N. special investigator, Ben Emerson, headed a study which looked into drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Gaza, Libya and Somalia.

Pakistan claims the U.S. has conducted 330 drone strikes within their country alone since 2004. Their contention is that of the approximately 2200 drone related deaths, over 400 were civilians. The report also claims that in Yemen, more civilians have been killed than terrorists.

The Hussein Obama administration is accused of withholding information regarding the attacks from the investigators and creating “hurdles to transparency.” Emerson argues that a claim of “national security” is not a valid reason upon which to withhold data regarding the means through which casualties are counted.

The report indicates that the highest levels of deaths occurred between 2008 and 2010, which the impact being due partially to an increased intensity of strikes in Pakistan.

John Brennan, now the CIA director, previously stated in June of 2011, that there has not been a single civilian casualty in Pakistan due to drone strikes.

An upcoming general assembly of the United Nations will be held soon in New York City, in regards to this issue, after complaints were filed against the Obama administration by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

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    Don’t back down, UN. Every true American is behind you.

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    looks as though the whole world is mad at this freak of nature! i love it!

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    Hey, obombya. Tell e about the children again Murderer, traitor.

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    Obama is a puppet of the Rothschild’s!

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    there should be no penaltys against the united states but Obama should be tried and convicted then face the death penalty by slow hanging

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    Good luck on getting your documents UN. He is real good at evading our requests. This should get real interesting.

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    TALK, TALK, TALK, When will this man actually be tried for the crimes he has committed? My guess is never!

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    His right-hand-man Valerie will get him out of it. She is Iranian. Nothing will come of this, sadly.

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    Impeach if not treason.