{Watch} “FEMA” Stickers Follow UP- Explanation or Further Confusion?

mail box FEMA stickers explained maybe

Three days ago we ran a story on the mysterious stickers that were showing up on mail boxes across the country. (See original story here: {Watch} Are Those FEMA Stickers on Your Mail Box?) The “conspiracy theory” is that the stickers are to let FEMA know if you have been chosen to live or die on hell night- the night (or it could be during day, I guess) when the New World Order (NWO) decides to take control.

Those who believe this theory claim that if you have a red sticker on your mail box, then FEMA has determined you to be a veteran, or a conservative, or a true patriot and that you are going to be killed on the first night that the New World Order takes over.

If you have a blue sticker, then FEMA has determined that you believe many of the same things the people with red stickers believe, but you are a follower by nature, a sheeple, and you will be herded off to one of the many FEMA camps that are allegedly being set up all over the U.S.

If you have a yellow sticker, then you rock! You are a strong supporter of socialism, the New World Order, and the King, U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and you will be allowed to remain in your home- on house arrest.

However, since the article first appeared, we’ve received lots of feedback, with people providing evidence for and against the news paper route explanation.

Mark Rooks is a 50 year old Vero Beach, Florida resident. He is an engineer and a pilot and he delivered papers in Winder, Georgia from 1996 to 1999,

“The stickers are used by delivery people,” he told me in an online interview today. “Every 3 months (may be different in other states but in Winder it was every 3 months) we would get a new list of current subscribers and as we ran our route we would put the new sticker (different colors) on mail boxes. They were reflective, so you could see them clearly right before sun up. No big conspiracy, just a way to keep from giving away free news papers to those who had not paid for their subscription.”

However, other people have come forward and claimed that they have been seeing the stickers appearing in their neighborhoods even though there is no paper route through their neighborhood. A mail carrier, who did not give me her permission to use her name, told me today that just this week she’s noticed the stickers on her route and that there is no paper route in the area, and that the postal service did not place the stickers. She has no idea who put them there.

So, there you have it- maybe. A reasonable explanation from Mr. Rooks, a man who used to place these mysterious stickers himself, and a not so reasonable explanation from a mail carrier who is as lost as much as we are in regard to the “FEMA” sticker conspiracy theory.

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  • lj

    seriously how hard is it to just take the darned thing off?

  • Thor

    With the number of idiots buying in to this, I’m gonna sell blue stickers on ebay for 10 bucks each.

  • Laurie Wolford

    I remember when years ago there was all this talk about the stickers that were put on the back of the street signs (black, red, blue, brown, yellow). I haven’t heard any thing on those in a while. Guess we will all find out what happens when it goes down!

  • Cliff E.

    my paper box has the orange sticker on it, but we get the paper 6 days a week (no saturday edition here)

  • Chad Hubbard

    what if you don’t have a mailbox.. duh duh duuuun

  • theonlywrightone

    i’ll ask again how does this work with cluster mailboxes?

  • lookup

    I have been a paper carrier for over 8 years, and this is exactly what these stickers are, paper carrier stickers. There are 3 colors, for 3 different subscriptions types, daily, weekend only and sun only. The colors are not necessarily red, blue and yellow. It’s what ever the district manager chooses. As far as the sticker where there is no paper delivery, maybe someone is playing a joke or something. I don’t have the answer to that. Come on people, stickers can be removed or changed colors!! Now, can we finally put this stupid theory to rest??

  • Kate Taylor

    I know for a fact the red sticker is from post office and means empty.. as in no one living at that residence, I am having an issue right now with my post office with an old red sticker snd the fill in carrier sent all my mail back one week from my apt do to he thought apt was empty from sticker..regular mailman was out having surgery, knew we lived there..

  • captbob123

    I hate my neighbor what kind of sticker do I put on his box

  • JLB

    Regardless this FEMA sticker on the mailboxes concept has been all over the internet for a long time. Why wouldn’t the newspaper companies use other colors instead of the exact ones from alleged leaked FEMA documents? They could have used orange, pink, violet, green….I am sure media sources as big as those that own newspaper publications would have been aware of this theory. This has either been done to make the FEMA theorists look crazy or it is starting….


    Waaaaa! I don’t have ANY sticker. I NEEDS me a sticker

  • Butch

    LOL I’ve looked we have a yellow sticker. The neighbor has 3 yellow and 2 green stickers. He gets the NY times on Sat. and Sun., plus the local paper. We only get the local paper.

  • Jhonnypatriot

    and if you don’t have a sticker that means Obama has a drone watching your location ready to drop the bombs when the time comes …they are flying so high you can’t hear them and you may be able to barely see them though they may only appear to be a small dot .. some theories say that they fly thing near the direction of the sun so if you go outside and stare at the sun long enough you will notice a small dot after a while .. guess what You’ve spotted a DRONE ! … lol please don’t go stare at the sun :)

  • Robert Guetschow

    Why would that matter? If mail is addressed to that box, it should be delivered. I didn’t get my power bill for 2 months. When I called the power company, they said the Post Office returned my bills saying the house was vacant. I’ve lived here 18 years. My father owns 2 house that are currently vacant, and they still deliver there. One keeps getting mail for my mother who’s been gone from there since 1985. lol… House next door to me is vacant. Still gets mail. I got all my other mail no problem. Just not my power bill. Somebody at the Post Office is f**king up.

  • Brandy Miller

    First, let’s assume that the stickers ARE real. Don’t you think they would come with RFID chips so that people could scan and verify this was the correct person? Wouldn’t want to mistakenly sweep up some supporter because their neighbor thought it would be hilarious to swap out their blue sticker for one of those fabulous yellow ones.

  • Brandy Miller

    Well, as I suggested earlier, if you have a sticker and it’s any color other than yellow, you take your sticker off your box, walk over to the hated neighbor’s house, and swap colors :).

  • American Patriot

    I will place every color sticker on my box…WHAT TO DO THEN???
    Too many colors…which do you choose?
    If the ‘law’ begins spying and snooping, and they trespass, it is GAME OVER for them!
    I wonder WHO will defy MY ORDERS TO SURRENDER when they are looking down the barrel of my .50 A.E Desert Eagle!
    I do NOT play games when anybody acts against MY interests, and are on MY property!!

  • Jhonnypatriot

    if you place all the colors on your mailbox you will receive a Obama plush toy that says “blame bush” when you squeeze it

  • Max Nicks

    They left a pink sticker on my mailbox. What’s it mean? They think I’m a girlie boy?

  • Dr. Obvious
  • petsnpeopletoo

    I had one of the blue stickers put on my mail box back in the 90’s. Moved since then a long time ago but I did hear they were placed for FEMA back then……Makes sense….Bush started this shit with using the Middle East to do his dirty work of bringing down the NY Towers to steal 4.1 Trillion Dollars along with Cheney & Rumsfeld…I’m sure it’s out there somewhere…Maybe in Bush’s own BBIC Bank he owns,so he could start a false war along with it……Then they brought in Clinton to continue the NWO agenda & Now Obama to bring in the Anti Christ & the New World Order.
    American’s are too brainwashed to stand up against any corruption and NO public media don’t help matters any. We are Screwed. He has fired ALL our top military and replaced it with his regime of muslim brotherhood thugs…..
    Good Luck, Stay Safe, And Please God Bless America AGAIN….

  • petsnpeopletoo

    Red and while you at it put a red one on the Pennsyvannia St. mailbox in DC…

  • petsnpeopletoo

    Almost rotflmao

  • Walter Jones


  • Kevin M. Koop

    If they kill us who will work for them, God knows these liberal idiots are too lazy to feed themselves! even i death we’ll get the last laugh!

  • Richard M

    So, who’s going to be going around killing people? People seem to think there is huge body of “military” or “semi-military” personnel sitting in some cantonment area waiting to be disbursed all across the US in those plain white UN vehicular convoys. Our armed forces are disbursed overseas, true. Our NG and Reserves are either over there or over here recuperating from being over there. They are not stupid. This is why the former DHS secretary proclaimed veterans to be a danger to this country, (read that as “a danger to Obama’s idea of country”). The military for the most part isn’t stupid, only those at the very top looking to keep making those stars and other promotions. This leaves an actual “wannabe” police force to be used. Real police forces are heavily outnumbered and those people hired by the TSA are idiots. I love conspiracy theories, I used to fall for a lot of this crap.

  • Nebulos

    Most mailboxes are in large mailbox areas either housed at the front of a development or in the middle..meaning instead of having to drive through a whole neighborhood door to door they have one main area the delivery person can go to..in cities..there are no mailboxes in front of anyone’s house..these rural areas are few compared to the entire nation..therefore the system would not work for fema or anyone for that matter..it is only a small percentage of homes compared to the nation as a whole…pssht! uh-DUH! ;)

  • Thor

    First, let’s assume REALITY
    I’d think if the government took enough time to learn each individuals beleifs, they’d make a marking system a little more sophisticated than a 2 cent STICKER. And I’m sure most of those mailboxes are multi-occupant dwellings….what do they do for a family with a husband who is a red sticker, and a wife who’s a yellow, and kids who are blue?
    Look, I can’t stand the administration in place any more than the next person, but for fucks sake, this kind of crap makes us sound like loons.

    But don’t worry….if you still believe you are right, I have a 5-pack of stickers for sale at the low low price of 30 bucks.

  • Brandy Miller

    Stickers are what happens when you leave such important work to the lowest bidder, Thor :>)

  • Brandy Miller

    Then Santa Clause uses the chimney – oh, I mean, then they just knock on the door and ask politely which sticker you think they should use for you.

  • Thor

    point taken.

  • Paul Wesley Miracle

    With the technology we have today, there is no way our government is going to use a “sticker” system to determine who to round up. Maybe a social, gps, database, or all of them combined. But I seriously doubt they will rely on a sticker.

  • Their Grandma

    You love your mom!

  • Shelly Dunn-Davenport

    I read this article and you are STILL missing the idea about the stickers. THEY ARE for RURAL paper delivery. What we used to call driver routes. Unstinkin’ believable that you are still willing to promote and spread this conspiracy crap! No, a mail lady in a NEIGHBORHOOD would NOT see these. They are used on RURAL routes so as you drive up the road you can see the reflective sticker and know what house got what delivery. In neighborhoods the route is pretty much door to door delivery and back in the day done by kids who had smaller routes that were done by bicycle or walking. STOP this NONSENSE!!!

  • Rusty

    GPS is useless where I live everything is about a mile and a half off. ?? Thing is the mail boxes (most don’t use one) is at the beginning of about 8 miles of dirt roads (many 4X4 only) but that is just for the mountain. But Newspaper delivery does not make sense .as people who do not receive the paper have stickers while some who do get the paper do not …. somewhere some Sheriff is on You-tube in a court house saying they are there for UN soldiers to know who goes

  • msjoeshmoe

    I’m wearing my foil hat right now!


    seriously with the new Digital electric meters there is probable a way for them to have done that thru the meters – then all they have to do is zap the meter and find out what “kind” of house you are –

  • Thomas

    I don’t have any stickers on my box…and if I did, I would take it off. No biggie.

  • Onward Thruthe Fog

    Just put any color sticker on it, but if he is a paranoid prepper type of person, print FEMA on it.

  • Onward Thruthe Fog


  • Sensei

    Im just gonna switch my sticker with someone who is important in my town. Cmon guys….a sticker does n ot mean your gonna die lol.

  • Sensei

    im gonna put rainbow colors on my mailbox and call it a faggot.

  • Karl Erik J√ľnger

    I got several packs of the red, blue and yellow reflective disks…
    covered my mailbox! Yea, evil or honest intentions, by the time you
    figure it out, I already have you ranged!

  • Jeffery Moyer

    so if you don’t get a sticker you get a nuke? so far i”m screwed !

  • Humanity4Humans

    LOL Sheer brilliance

  • Johnny Q

    What if it is just a test from the government to see how the general public will react to “marking”. Just a thought.

  • Jesus

    Don’t worry…be back soon.

  • lj

    LOL, that would be a big seller considering the IQ of some Americans. It is so sad that so many people can’t discern the real threats and run after shadows.

  • lj

    I’m with you. It would be to easy to remove and move the stickers. The fact that no one on this site disagrees that there will be some kind of way to separate us speaks volumes. We all know there is something rotten in the Administration and it needs to be dealt with.

  • Paul Wesley Miracle

    GPS’s are in phones, cars, cameras, possibly t.v., gps, and any other electronical device. A gps can be implanted under the skin, or any location. GPS is a very real threat to how they will round up people. Be careful of what new technology you buy, especially phones. I know smart phones are useful, but is it really worth the risks? Do you want the government to know everyone you associate with, everywhere you go, and etc etc?

    I personally used to get the newspaper 10+ years ago, and I had a sticker on my mailbox. So it is true, and has been true for many many years. Now why people have stickers that don’t have paper? Who knows? Maybe it’s a local government that is trying to plan out it’s new government complex.

    But I guarantee you that stickers will not be how the government decides who is a patriot and who is a zombie. It most likely will be a list, and they will use phones to track down the majority of the people or the gps in your car.

  • Paul Wesley Miracle

    NSA spys on how many millions of Americans everyday. People are retarded if they think this day and age we will rely on a “sticker” system, and not some type of database. I think the threat is real, but I doubt they will use a sticker like you said.

  • Kate Taylor

    IDK why they do that. t also has to do with the company that sent it out. Like food stamps for instance, to alleviate fraud, they have to send that back if it shows vacant. people were getting address’s to vacant houses and using that to apply for food stamps as a separate house hold due to they would receive more in stamps that just being added on to someones case they lived with. New rules. for fraud. Blame the idiots that did the deeds

  • Kate Taylor

    plus, I have received mail before for an old tenant, was a credit card, I just moved in there. Was about 15 yrs ago. I could of used that card and racked up a bill, mailman should of sent that back.That is another reason they do not just deliver and leave, also if is time sensitive, like a lawsuit, and they just leave it, court would think you had been served when you had not. You would loose the case and not know it till you checked your credit.