[Watch] Read Her Lips – Odd Exchange in House Immediately Prior to Stenographer Meltdown

297 house

Check this out for yourself, the full screen view worked best for me. This is not an edited video, unless C-span did it, as it is direct linked to their site.

You will find the stenographer, Dianne Reidy at the bottom of the screen, with her face visible just above the “g” in the word “remaining.”

As she is shuffling some things, at approximately the :11 second mark, a gray haired man comes over and appears to be addressing Reidy. She appears to say the word “what”.

An apparent conversation ensues, with the man nodding yes at the :15 second mark, and Reidy saying “ok” at the :16 second mark. She then gets up and walks, zombie-like, to the podium, and we all know the rest.


Her behavior was bizarre, to say the least. I’m not suggesting that this activity necessarily had anything to do with her rant. I would have no way of knowing that and I am not stating that it did.

I am saying, however, that it does have the appearance of some sort of “trigger phrase” being given, and the patsy then helplessly following instructions.

There certainly have been a lot of odd occurrences lately which defy a rational explanation.

In that context, please view the video as food for thought.

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  • Sharon Scruggs

    So, who is that white-haired man?

  • Anonymous

    He pulled out a phone and sent a message to someone, I wonder what this is all about.

  • Jason Neal

    I put less that zero credence to things such as this. That being said, it is creepy looking from the outside in.

  • Suzanne Tade

    I don’t think saying, ‘God is not mocked and the Masons rule our land is a ‘bizarre tirade.’ Especially, when you take into account the group she was addressing.

  • David

    The gray haired guy went straight to his phone after she got up and walked away.Interesting.

  • Michael Lawrence

    very odd behavior….I wonder what cause the meltdown

  • Roger Waterhouse

    Also notice the woman that is right there to take her place. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

  • Laverl Turley

    This appears to be more than her loosing it. What did that gray haired man say to her and what was the conversation between him and the other balding gentleman right after he got off his phone. I would like to talk to all three of these people and find out what went on at that moment. Very strange activity during this 2 minute ordeal.

  • Rebecca

    I’m wondering if she was paid by the elitists to go off on a rant to make Christians look like nut cases. The media is constantly flaunting videos and stories in an attempt to make anyone who believes in God to be some kind of lunatic. Nobody ever covers the stories where Christians do positive things like rallying communities to feed the homeless, etc.

  • Justin

    Just like they never cover the positive gun defense/education uses. Welcome to the propaganda machine, it is currently in OVERDRIVE.

  • Johnny Chimpo

    It looks to me like she was canned and lost her cool.

  • bamareporter

    As a court reporter for the “Ten Commandments” judge, Judge Moore, I know she was very stressed. Court Reporting is one of the top stressful jobs in the nation. These court reporters that come in are “contract” reporters through an agency on a “bid” system. I know, that’s what I do. So, she has an agency she works through but she has been doing this for many, many years. From what I understand, she was a highly respected court reporter who was very pleasant and expressed her spiritual beliefs on occasion. She was right in saying “God is not mocked” meaning what the House Republicans were doing by passing this bill was outrageous! They had passed 5 previously bills fully funding the government, but Harry Reid would not even bring them to the floor for a vote. They did exactly what we wanted them to do, and that is, to STOP OBAMACARE. So, I can understand her stresses. Just pray for her. :)

  • Karen

    The man that approaches her with the white hair and gray jacket turns his back and pulls what appears to be a cellphone out of his pocket after she gets up from her seat and heads to the podium and it appears he is dialing or texting from it while holding it down low like he wants no one to see.. The other female moves her stenographer machine into place and appears to be typing something. She and the man make eye contact a couple times and it appears she smiles and shrugs at one point after looking up at the lady at the podium. Very odd behavior especially on his part.

  • Desiree Seifert

    people need to do some serious research into MK ULTRA…… These people are ALL puppets!

  • Jacod

    That’s very possible…