{Watch} Are Those FEMA Stickers on Your Mail Box?

FEMA mail box stickers

A theory has come about in the past year about reflective stickers that many people across the U.S. have been finding on their mail boxes. The theory claims that the stickers have been placed by FEMA, and that people are being “color coded” based upon what the government knows about their political leanings.

Those who believe this theory claim that if you have a red sticker on your mail box, then FEMA has determined you to be a veteran, or a conservative, or a true patriot and that you are going to be killed on the first night that the New World Order takes over.

If you have a blue sticker, then FEMA has determined that you believe many of the same things the people with red stickers believe, but you are a follower by nature, a sheeple, and you will be herded off to one of the many FEMA camps that are allegedly being set up all over the U.S.

If you have a yellow sticker, then you rock! You are a strong supporter of socialism, the New World Order, and the King, U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and you will be allowed to remain in your home- on house arrest.

What is the truth behind the stickers?

Well, you can believe the new “theory,” or you can ask anyone who has ever delivered news papers and they will tell you that it is to let them know whether the household receives the paper daily, on weekends, or both.

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  • Ricky Cu

    maybe u have it backwards

  • Ricky Cu

    maybe the red is for saving blood of the lamb and the yellow is for extreem exicusion

  • Ralph Pizzani

    Maybe your head is stuck up your fucking ass……whata ludicrous posting this is! You dumb fucks astound me!

  • Michael Lawrence

    Or maybe it would be a good idea to simply bug out and get off grid before martial law is declared. Or maybe just peel off any stickers on your box….

  • FFPUrbex

    Welp time to buy stickers of various colors to confuse them.

  • Cliff E.

    I’m leaning on the paper delivery theory

  • OriginalMB


  • RGP

    Peel off colored dots, set up a hidden game camera to see who replaces them.

  • Janet Wright

    Don’t think that this has anything to do with the new world order, but don’t be surprised by what the government knows about you. They will not depend on a sticker on your mailbox that’s for sure, but beware of micro chips. No laughing matter.

  • Patti Cranford Jones

    those are from the newspaper delivery

  • Crystal Smith

    His a theory lets ask the residence if they receive the paper daily, weekly, or just Sundays. Then compare the stickers with everyone else’s stickers that receives the same thing. Then you will have your answers.

  • Flimflam

    This story has been around since 2008 just look it up. Not new.

  • Will Wyatt

    do what i did when they ask for my political party say your a national socialist they get confused as hell but your idea sir is priceless

  • EaDiot

    Yeah you are right… it’s both, weekends and daily this a$$hat got it backwards.

  • Sean Broecker

    I delivered newspapers and never knew anything about stickers on mailboxes.

  • Thor Odinsen

    I was blown away when I found someone placed a mailbox around my Sticker!

  • Robley Martz

    Not a valid theory. I have been seeing these and I do not get a newspaper delivered!!!!! Someone sticks em on, I take em off!!!!

  • Schitstyx

    Sorry folks but papers don’t get delivered in a mailbox unless requested by the home owner. and they have they’re OWN separate box or slot for the paper..

    It’s MIDNIGHT when we get the papers and about 2 or 3 am when delivered they are driven by people and THROWN out a window on to your driveway or in a bush nearby.. AGAIN it’s fkn DARK when the papers are thrown out of a moving car. unless u have an apt which its then dropped on your porch or in a bush nearby if you’re an asshole.. and it’s still not for a mailbox ONLY A US POSTAL person can open your mailbox..

  • Schitstyx

    most likely for post office for hold mail reminder for carrier, or something else.. not for a news paper

  • Radiowave

    It’s not just one theory over the other- it’s both. The truth is that people who read newspapers deserve to be placed in FEMA camps. It’s just that simple. And they thought they could fool us…..

  • Cazzie

    So, what would they do for the people who get mail at a PO BOX? Satire, no doubt.

  • Desiree Seifert

    so many ignorant posts here, you people really are BRAIN DEAD!!

  • http://professionalseowriter.com/ Beth Parker

    I delivered newspapers and we used the stickers. They are reflective, so it doesn’t matter that it’s dark. My car’s lights would make them glow. It also doesn’t matter if you have a newspaper box. If the paper offers different subscription options, the stickers let the driver know which days you get the paper without checking the route sheet at every stop.

    They stickers might get put on the mailbox itself instead of the newspaper box depending on the location of the boxes. If the newspaper box is behind the mailbox as the driver approaches, the sticker goes on the mailbox so the driver can see it.

    You are right that newspaper delivery drivers can’t open your mailbox. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t put stickers on the outside. Regardless of where the sticker goes, the paper is either put into a paper box or hung from a hook under the mailbox.

    Newspapers may be thrown where you live, but that’s not how we did it.

  • Audrey

    Since you’re so fucking bright then what the hell does it really mean?

  • tim

    Newspaper? huh, you mean they still print newspapers! AND deliver them to your mailbox!

  • Joseph

    So the government wants you to get a daily newspaper subscription or else they’re going to kick your door down?

  • whyIoughta

    They are reflective, so they can be seen with headlights. Papers in my neighborhood go both in the lower box and on the driveway. Eventually, the delivery person memorizes their route.

  • Karen Senecal

    means NOTHING to them. they cant read the writing on the wall either. probably missed the color coding lesson in school. or they are still playing twister at their pot parties. who cares. they have been warned of what is coming. now they get what they deserve, for the rest of us, well. . .
    not so simple

  • EffyouMaobama

    Take all stickers off all except liberal boxes. Switch theirs to red for the commie bastards they are. Wait and see what happens and shoot the EFFERS who dare put stickers on mailbox. No way this GOV is trustworthy and I don’t believe the paper theory. The paper people know by records and that many dots cost a fortune. It is defacing property.

  • Monterini

    I haven’t seen anything in my mailbox yet.

  • KSP

    Seriously this is so funny!!! I delivered newspapers for 10 years and we used the stickers….green you were active daily, yellow you were weekender, red sunday only. Newpapers have been using stickers since I was doing motorroutes 30 yrs ago!!!!

  • Smartey

    So what does it mean if you have no sticker?? I get a free pass?

  • Carrie Galluzzo-Seat

    I would be taking the stickers off and putting a little note telling them DON’T TOUCH MY MAIL BOX ITIS A FEDERAL OFFENSE messing with peoples mail boxes I don’t care who you are DON’T but your slimey hands on my property

  • dragon5126

    Since this only affects a small area and isnt across the nation it is obviously NOT the government doing it. NEXT since rural areas are where these mailboxes are primarily used, again, it isnt a governmental mark since over 80% of the nations population lives in urban regions. But you know, the people who think this is fema, well having them being added to a depopulation list WOULD be useful, since they do lack in the mental capabilities area…

  • WrestlingVet

    Are you all that stupid and paranoid? What would you THINK reflective stickers may be used for? How about TO MAKE SURE THAT THE MAILBOXES CAN BE SEEN AT NIGHT! If it were something diabolical why would they be reflective? Idiots!

  • Cindy

    Newspapers, by law, cannot be placed in a mail box. It has to have a dedicated Newspaper receptacle that is clearly marked for the newspaper to be placed in otherwise it is tossed on your lawn or driveway.

  • dragon5126

    really freak people out go around putting black stickers with skulls and cross bones on the mailboxes of neighbors that piss you off…

  • Clhend

    Sorry, but this story has been around a LOT longer than 2008. Try before Y2K, 1998-1999.

  • Iron Tub

    If you are really worried about it, peal the fricken thing off

  • Alyssa Jayne Kelly

    if they have a spot under the mail box for a newspaper it can. but you’re right, you cannot open someones mailbox if you are not the mail delivery person. often the newspaper box is right next to the mailbox though, and route drivers use the mailbox to identify the right house #. this government theory makes no sense anyway because those dots are not on community mailboxes (found in cul-de-sacs), the mail boxes on houses (like apartment buildings), or on PO boxes. Nor are they on any mailboxes in my area.

  • Darren Pilot Watson

    roflol, good answer,,, ask yourselfs this. Dont they already know who you are, where you live, what your all about? Dont think that they, the powers to be, already know all they need to or want to about you and I. They do, they dont need to place stickers on your mailbox to locate you. Just another load of BS to get everybody jumping about. Think, before you react. Confirm, confirm, confirm and if you cant,,,, ignor.

  • Matt Kocian

    Anyone caught putting anything on my mailbox on my property will meet Mr. Louisville!

  • Donnie Smith

    Yea , lets use colored dots..Never mind the fact that we already know every detail of their life..Medical records , tax records , home address , place of employment , political party associations …Anyone that thinks in such simple terms will be an easy target..

  • torr10

    nowhere does it say they put the paper in the mailbox….why do people so suddenly jump to try to look smart?

  • Mbrown

    i was gonna say just take them off yourself!

  • torr10

    Nowhere does the article say they put papers in the mailbox. Read much?

  • m

    Lol I delivered papers and never used stickers to tell what house received papers

  • m

    I’m looking for a yellow sticker to put on my box

  • Brina Michelle Goins

    how bout i get a sticker that says take your sticker and shove it, wonder how they will like that.

  • KrisGifford

    Its all fine that its for newpaper delivery but WHO still gets newspapers delivered? So perhaps they are FEMA stickers! o.0

  • Rusty

    but it would make it easier for the people who are coming to get you, who are going down a rural road at 4 a.m.(especially if they happen the be non-english speaking/reading UN)

  • Rusty

    Urban areas have less guns per capita and can be blocked off much better/easier. The stickers are here in Eastern Washington … how do you know it is NOT nation wide? If it was a postal mark would it not be nation wide?

  • Rusty

    There is another theory regarding the FEMA camps though, and that is that these residence facilities are for the elite and their chosen so that they will be safe during the fall of society. These are self contained, not biospheres, but everything (water, power, food, recreation, etc) needed to survive a national riotous calamity that may last a few months to several years. Maybe you want to go to FEMA camps …

  • beekeeper

    Used to deliver papers and I used those for my own color coded system. Green – every day, Blue – Sunday only, yellow – stopped, on vacation. Worked like a charm!

  • Jessica Bowman

    everyone who gets these stickers switch the colors and see what happens confuse the fuck out of them. Or maybe you will start getting a papper everyday not that many people pay for paper delivery anymore

  • Brenda Lewis


  • Spenser Long-Jordan

    that could be right

  • Hawg49Pan

    Sorry there Mr. Kocian, once you place that mailbox, it becomes property of the U.S. Postal Service, and protected by federal law! if you don’t believe me, ask your carrier.

  • lee

    i agree crystal i use to delivery for the newspapers and we use the stickers becuase they was easier to see at 3 am then most of the house numbers

  • prntmstr

    I just lost respect for your sight for even posting stupid crap like this!

  • ladagosta

    i love this and you are one of those who fills out the voter forms with the opposite answers just for the hell of it ,, i am gonna get me some colored dots too.. purple orange yellow red blue white black green oh and brown for the hell of it :-) i will have a poka dot mailbox

  • Kaara

    lmao !!!

  • ladagosta

    sure they do but it makes for easy hunting by the foot soldiers for a quick round up,,

  • ladagosta

    yep u said it already make it easy for the unknowing foot soldier

  • laura91

    the yellow sticker could be a trick to keep you from going on the run, be cautious.

  • Shazamashastagogleygoo

    I heard that if you gots more than 1 color its because the feds and the google know you are homosexual.

  • Jim Branco

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. NWO? Really? Fucking hicks. Till you dig deep for a bigger set of balls and actually do something about all the complaints you have about the best country in the world, STFU and go cry in your gun safe. Think its gonna help you, or really think that this martial law thing is coming? Go to Utah or something and leave the rest of us normal people be, and not have to see your dumb ass posts.

  • Tina Wright Horn

    they are for the carriers to see your box and some for newspaper carriers to tell those that have paid and those that are not on the list anylonger,. ghezz

  • Keltic Paddler

    Seriously, you guys and your conspiracy theories. You need to discover masturbation, and chill more x

  • Kristinn Doug Patterson

    LOL I wonder what no sticker means?

  • bobs baitshop

    do you know what a National socialist is?
    Hitler was a national socialist, and he founded the national socialist party of Germany. better known as a nazi.

  • Micah

    …said the paranoid schizophrenic

  • http://www.themysticryder.com/ Deniselee TheMysticRyder.com

    post offices use them too.. and paper delivery… FEMA na not going to go door to door with stickers lol…

  • Jordan

    i was just going to mention this, I live in a neighborhood with community boxes at the end of the streets. no dots there.

  • Andy Hendricks

    your right i used to be a pressman at the tifton gazette delivery guys were not allowed to put newspapers in mailboxes

  • kittycat2Teresa Yon

    actually I am an end of times believer and wouldn’t doubt anything nowdays…it’s crazy and gonna get worse.

  • dklinge

    I’ve been hearing this for years. It seems to me that with technology/gps etc, that a sticker on a mailbox is not going to be relied upon. They know all they need to know at every moment. where your are, within three feet , who your with, and what your doing. They know you better than you know you…. It’s all in Gods hands in reality. They will all meet their maker just as we will…..

  • Shawn

    In Texas home delivery drivers (newspaper delivery driver) can not touch mailboxes only tubes for the paper. I delivered paper for 6 years.

  • Doug Metko

    Please put one one my mail box, and bring lotsa body bags ;)

  • Will Wyatt

    yes i do i just say it to prove how stupid liberals are they think when they here socialist you are one of them i mearly do it to prove how stupid they are

  • Will Wyatt

    ill drink to that screw them when they are in a camp just means more supplies can be scavenged and divied up among the smart survivors who deserve them

  • Will Wyatt

    you have a point or better yet paint your mailbox to the color of your sticker then no matter how many they put up it will always blend in

  • Randall

    That’s exactly what it is.

    I get the Sunday paper, and these stickers are to show that the paper has been delivered.

  • J Derek Mitchell

    What ever happened to just tossing the paper into your front yard? Worked that way for decades. Just as the Service Station Attendant that would pump your gas, check your oil/air pressure and clean your windshield has gone the way of the dodo, so has the Paper Boy on his bicycle.

  • Cindy

    Yes it is dark..which is why the stickers are reflective!!! Gee what a novel idea! No we can’t put them in mailboxes but mailboxes can be seen from the road much easier than house numbers..and each sticker tells us which paper and which day that customer gets a paper. You people really need to get a life and quit being so paranoid!

  • Cindy


  • woodgrain

    They probably have another source of information that categorizes you. The sticker may be a reference, but I think everyone will become enemies of the government with marshal law. They’ll raid everyone though you may not be first.

  • woodgrain

    If you put a sticker on the box, technically the sticker is touching and not your finger. LOL Why wouldn’t they put the sticker on the tube or what ever paper acceptor they have? Why the post box?

  • HonorBound50

    Well, if the “theory” was true and they know me as well as proposed… then “they” know that after the assault, there will be fewer of them than when they started…

  • terlet

    NEVER subscribed to a paper. 3 red stickers.

  • kim in jax fl

    What if im npa? No party association? What sticker do I get then?

  • dsf

    It is illegal to deface the mailbox in any way.Mailboxes are protected by federal law (18 USC 1705) and it is a crime to vandalize them (and to injure, deface, or destroy any mail deposited in them). Therefore, any act of mailbox vandalism should be reported to the Postal Inspection Service.



  • G-5

    Do you get the news paper?

    The paper boy uses these to spot you and deliver faster. I hate the government too, but get a grip dude.

    I used to deliver papers and I used the yellow you have on your box, blue, red and green. Sometime they did not stick, it falls to the ground and I grab another one.

    You have been marked by the paper boy dude, pay your paper bill.

  • Guest

    buy rainbow coloured ones… that’ll really spin them out…

  • Joshua Johns

    I’ve never seen stickers on my mailbox unless there was a package for me that I needed to sign for and I had to go to the post office or I missed a UPS or FEDEX delivery. So, either these stickers are for paper boys to know who get’s what (which would make sense since we don’t have a news paper available here) or they have not determined how to ‘label’ my family or they forgot about the small town my house is in right in the middle of nowhere in the Midwest.

  • WhiteWolf2013

    Someone please message me about this, I live in Michigan, I think I’ve seen stickers before but I don’t believe we have them. I will look tomorrow. What does it mean if there is NO STICKER? The family has people in the military, we know local law enforcement, I own a company that does do government contracting but in my defense we do things that the government feels are not necessary or not worthy of doing – so my company picks up those contracts, I’ve applied for local law enforcement but been denied , we pay taxes, and I bitch, I own a facebook blog that is more or less anti-government. Someone explain to me what states have issued the stickers, which have not – what not having a sticker means. Thank you [email protected]

  • Old Ga Dawg


  • mjaphotography

    I love polka dots…good idea. :)

  • Mike Mosher

    never ignore stay vigilant. Just because you don’t believe something someone else does doesn’t make it false. i don’t think this is true, but keep your wits about you.

  • Torch

    They will just be doing drive by’s in the MRAPs no need for door to door

  • Canoe2day

    I have a painted red, white and blue brick! Where do you want it to hit you.

  • http://MacBigot.com Dan Oblak

    He-he… WEMMICKS!!! (Look it up…)

  • chris piercey

    My mailbox has no stickers

  • Rusty

    And Blue? or silver (seen a few of those and why on the “mail” box and not on the “paper” box they are totally separate here … bright yellow plastic Spokesman Review box

  • woodgrain

    That’s true. Nobody else is suppose to touch it. That’s why the hooks on the Bottom of some boxes are there. :)

  • John D. Giles

    We ask that government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living. The activities of the individual must not be allowed to clash with the interests of the community, but must take place within the confines and be for the good of all. Therefore, we demand: … an end to the power of financial interest. We demand profit sharing in big business. We demand a broad extension of care for the aged. We demand … the greatest possible consideration of small business in the purchases of the national, state, and municipal governments. In order to make possible to every capable and industrious [citizen] the attainment of higher education and thus the achievement of a post of leadership, the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our system of public education…. We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents…. The government must undertake the improvement of public health — by protecting mother and child, by prohibiting child labor — by the greatest possible support for all groups concerned with the physical education of youth. [W]e combat the … materialistic spirit within and without us, and are convinced that a permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good.

    National Socialist Party of Germany (NAZI)

  • Robert Wyatt Bogart

    National Socialist=Barry Soetoro

  • Rich Mars

    If you believe this you are an idiot…

  • Fart Fartington

    Bwahahaha. That’s pretty funny that you think a Postal Inspector would launch an investigation into the newspaper delivery man putting a sticker on your mail box. You’d have to have clear video of a person destroying mailboxes before they’d even raise an eyebrow. They could care less about people’s mailboxes as long as they’re functional.

    And y’all are the same type of people lamenting the lack of “common sense” in today’s America.

  • Fart Fartington

    Nobody suggested they put newspapers in mailbox. It’s pretty obvious that a mailbox is used for the “deliver to this house” sticker because putting a sticker on a blade of grass would be a little silly.

  • Fart Fartington

    That many dots cost a fortune? Imagine if you’re training a new delivery guy. For a few dollars you can show him every single subscriber. Or you can spend weeks trying to get him to remember each subscriber. Let’s see, $3-$50 dollars versus thousands of dollars. Simple dot stickers can be bought for under a penny apiece and nice reflective stickers can be bought for under 10 cents.

    Nah you’re probably right, the government is buying stickers from OfficeMax and marking us for death.

  • Fart Fartington

    Well if you were waiting on your Sunday paper I think you might be the one getting the worse end of the deal. If not, they could probably care less.

  • Fart Fartington

    This is how stupid these people are: seeing your post, they are going to assume you are a government operative trying to hush up the conspiracy to mark you for execution.

    I’m sorry but if you believe that (the conspiracy) then you’re mentally ill. Case closed you are seriously mentally ill and need help.

  • Fart Fartington

    It means you are a f*cking idiot that needs to see a psychiatrist and be put on meds. You are posting your email address on a message board because you think newspaper delivery people are marking households for execution with reflective stickers.

    You should seriously be ashamed of yourself.

  • Richard Storm

    If I see stickers on my mail box, I’m taking them off…

  • Fart Fartington

    Bwahaha. You don’t realize that when you have a newspaper tube with the paper’s name on it you don’t need a sticker on your mailbox?

    These comments are absolutely hilarious!

  • Fart Fartington

    I bout peed my pants reading that. Good one!

  • Di Marshall

    We ain’t got no sticker.

  • http://www.meetup.com/2nd-Amendment-Coalition-WNY/ LoveLeeConstitutionalist

    Some days the tin foil is on a bit to tightly. Unwind yourselves patriots…..

  • Big Beefy D

    Which is, clearly, evidence that the gubmint is coming for you and your family.

  • Big Beefy D

    Just so I am clear…your plan is to “scavenge and divvy up”? Let me know how that works. Wait, never mind, I know exactly how it will work.

  • Big Beefy D

    Any one caught supporting the >>>>NEW WORLD ORDER<<<< will be shot for treason,and sent to HELL….

  • Catherine Maio

    It will probably take you less time to learn how to turn the caps lock off of your keyboard. Do it.

  • Catherine Maio

    Isn’t that… Socialism? Gasp!

  • Damien

    The new paper carrier uses those to tell if they are all week customers or weekend. They deliver 3 to whatever number of different papers and each has its own color sticker. If They deliver at night this is the only way to tell what houses get what. This is why you might see more then one color sticker. So taking them off really is only going make things difficult for your paper delivery person, Not the government.

  • Night Rider

    Well, when I put those stickers out, I use RED for folks who take the daily newspaper, White for folks who take the paper only on weekends, and Blue for those who subscribe to the Investor’s Business Daily.

  • Night Rider

    and your paper carrier had to PAY for all those stolen papers you got.

  • Night Rider

    Because some people won’t let you put up a paper box, or of the homeowner puts it up they place it where you can’t even see it in the dark.

  • Night Rider

    Yes you do. There are millions of paper boxes installed in front of dwellings that no longer have a subscription

  • WhoDuhWhat

    The stickers are for the newspaper deliveries. All one needs to do is ask to ride along with a newspaper delivery rep and you will find out how they know who to deliver to. They also have cassette tapes/dvds to help on the route.

  • gary

    Get reflective red dots, and non reflective red dots. Using the reflective red dots write “*uck Obama” in the middle, then surround them with non reflective red dots. During the day they’ll just look like red dots, but with cars lights at night……well, you get the idea ; )

  • Anthony Mcmahon

    i want u in my mouth

  • Anthony Mcmahon

    my mailbox they put scratch and sniff dots on it i couldnt believe it there was all sorts of chicks licking my box.

  • Will Wyatt

    well if you knew anything about common sense morality and decency and how real people should act well you would know how that would go ill put it this way read an old army manuel korea or back should explain it quite well


    Most people don’t even have mailboxes where I live in Oregon, only PO boxes. What now?

  • Mr.Dudemanguy

    Nah, I deliver the paper in Sacramento. We dont use the stickers, nor are their any on the mail boxes here. Some MIGHT use them to make deliveries easier for them, who knows. Each carrier does their own thing. But considering the fact I see no stickers here, I’d say it isn’t nation wide. If it IS doe the paper, it depends on the carrier. If its the government, I’d figure it’d happen here as well. Although, they COULD be just late on getting to us. lol ;)

  • Mr.Manguydude

    It would depend on the carrier and the company they work for.. Have common sense.. Its obviously not going to be the same everywhere you look. I’m all for conspiracies and always keep an eye out for trouble, but this story is ridiculous.

  • Debbie Holt

    I’ve got blue round sticker. It looks new. I haven’t had a paper in 7yrs. And my sticker was on back of mailbox. Also got me wrong , I don’t follow no one. Im stubborn and hard headed.know what I believe in and not changing my mind!!

  • Catherine Maio

    I’ve never gotten a stolen newspaper in my life, nor did I ever have any problem with my paper carrier (when I subscribed to my local paper)- my paper was dry rain, snow or shine, in a blue bag hung on my doorknob. I even saved the blue bags and returned them to the carrier when I had stockpiled enough because he had to pay for (a portion of) those bags. We had a great relationship, then my family moved.

  • Anthony Mo

    In the newspaper business the hot dots are used to let driver know what paper the subscriber gets.

  • Janet Switzer Enbody

    I delivered papers and yes, we used them to let us and our sub know where the papers are delivered. In my case the yellow ones were active subscribers and the blue were stops or vacation people. each driver has their own preference of color.

  • Dennis Shuckhart

    Full of Shit….. no stickers. Peroid

  • soutmezguine

    Dude, yeah she is pretty but have some tact…

  • Wes Orion

    Swap stickers with someone who does support the Fraud’s reign.

  • Amanda Harvey

    and I will die for my American Freedom..and will never bow down to obama…or allaha!,,
    So..to make it crystal clear…fuck u Mr. Dictator..and your goons!!

  • Amanda Harvey

    Just in case it is for real..:-) :-) :-)


    no one in my hood have news papers delivered..two of my neighbors has stickers on their mail boxes..


    Or just take them off! Coat the mail boxes with oil…

  • Anthony L Barrett

    No stickers here, I live right next to quantico marine corp base, literally a stream of water separates us lol, but yeah no one here has stickers like those, ive never even seen them period. guess were in the clear

  • Will Wyatt

    anybody ever tell you you look sexy as hell catherine and btw divvbing up supplies found while scouting is not socialism its called survival if the rifle men dont eat then you have no protection and its more like a capitalist set up due to this basically you are paying for you saftey with food ina situation like that i know icant type all that good

  • brianparker

    That is some serious tinfoil.

  • Te Paper Lady

    As a newspaper carrier I wonder what the white stickers, the green stickers, and the 3 different sized greenn triangles represent!! HAHAHA This was cute! THANKS for the laugh!!

  • carol

    It is happening in the UK too, do you think there is going to be enough room in the FEMA camps?

  • Conservativesniper

    I’m sure he does, Bob.

  • Conservativesniper

    Yeah, screw the paperboy. What a jackass of an idea.

  • Conservativesniper

    Yeah, I’m sure those lazy asses will get right on it. If you have absolutely NO ambition in life join the USPS.

  • Charles Cox

    if u beleive this shit you are a fuking moron!

  • usaok59

    Because everyone has a mailbox, box; some people’s paper tube is “stuck” behind the mailbox and doesn’t show up from a bit down the road at night.

    I figured out quite a while ago that it was a thing to help the delivery of newspapers, especially for sub drivers or in the dark.

  • Debbie Carter Williams

    But what if you have a sticker but you’ve never received newspapers? Hmmmm

  • Oscar Sterling

    thats a lot of stickers

  • Richard Wood

    noticed around where l live there are green stickers on peoples mail boxes and the ones with out mail boxes they are stuck on a tree in their yard

  • Thomas Hoster

    I saw this and read it and I went out to look at my mail box, and guess what, I had a yellow sticker on it. First off I an very vocal about this administration and the asshole you runs it. I’m a Combat vet (USMC) and I believe in our Constitution. so that had me wondering “Why” yellow. I’m a hard corps RED. But the Funny thing is (and this is why I believe this just might have some truth to it), I live so far out in the country, we don’t get a news paper delivered to us ! So why the stickers ? I then road around the local area and checked other box’s and found that not one ” Black” persons box had a sticker” but my neighbors who are “White” had RED and a few had Blue. Lock and Load time !

  • dave

    This is all interesting. In our rural community our mail boxes are pedestal group mail boxes (20) and locked. There is no way to tell which mailbox belongs to which house. I checked today and there are no stickers anywhere on the outside. I guess they will have to find another way to id me.

  • LutherHeggs00

    I don’t receive ANY papers – and I have a red dot.

  • LutherHeggs00

    If they’re unsure, you simply be shot in the street and then on to the next one.

  • Samantha Davis


  • http://www.facebook.com/annathule Annathule

    Since I worked in a circulation department of a newspaper that shared area w/ 2 other papers, and we all had to agree on different colored reflective stickers that the delivery folks could see in their headlights as they delivered the papers and exactly whether they mean, as the author says “daily, weekend..” and the “both” is redundant.

    This is just the bloody end. Hey listen, I get several custom made tin foil beanies on my shelves, I put them on and off regularly. I sniff for a conspiracy long before I ever looking at the face value of something, and having been doing so for longer than most of you dipshits have been alive. But this is pure and unadulterated BULLS**T!!!!! Maybe if the STUPID – and I say that oh so lovingly, oh so resignedly, oh so frustratingly – “customers” would LOOK at the stickers, STOP F**KING pulling them off so we had to go keep replacing them week after week after week (because our F**KING carriers were no smarter – duh!) and would realize what they are, we wouldn’t be pulling our hair out by the fistfuls. And now you all come along and puke up this crap.

    The circulation departments all over America LOATH you idiots. God Himself could not loath you more. There is NO MEASURE of how much I loathe you criminally stupid people. You should lose your license to breathe! Yes, I agree w/ many of the things we need to look for nowadays to keep ourselves outta scope range, many things that “by-the-book” people look at US like we’re crazy! But this “takes the for-s**t” cake! Gaaaawwwwddddam!!! *shaking my head, throwing up my hands” I walked into a Froot Loop convention here!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/annathule Annathule

    Oh and when you don’t get your paper, call FEMA to bring it to you, (ignore their hysterical laughing, they can laugh, WE have to deal w/ you deluded twerps), not us, we’re sick of your stupid paranoid shit and you won’t get your paper for two weeks and we’ll bill you twice for the same period of time. And w/ the intelligence level of our carriers, retraining them is next to impossible and WE will laugh at your stupidity…cuz we can and we don’t care if you get your paper ever again.


  • Ed

    By law, only mail is allowed to be put in a mailbox. It’s against the law to put any kind of solicitation in a mailbox. Anyone putting stickers on a mailbox, other than the people that live at the residence, is considered damaging personal property. Newspapers are only allowed to be put in newspaper boxes or thrown onto your property, only if you request it. This law has been in effect since mailboxes were invented here in the USA. People misuse it because they don’t think people will report it.

  • Annonymous

    its not just liberals that are idiots.

  • Annonymous

    This guy and every subsequent jackass that follow him deserve a red sticker. Now I am not saying this shit is true or that I believe in it but you all need to GTFO just away were your shriveled little pee brains can’t dampen an otherwise fine day everyday you wake up. I am not the biggest government supporter but seriously get over yourselves this shit is just asinine on a level with the idiocy of the west burrough baptist church get over yourselves.

  • Fara Saliceti

    make sure its shiny and reflective too ^__^
    match them to the ones in use, that way they cant tell which is which

  • Fara Saliceti

    thanks for the idea :D

  • Nick Brown

    lol, dumb hillbilly, I used to deliver papers.. hahahah its funny when people spread lies and incorrect fears. there are plenty of correct theories to listen to. lol

  • cdreekfreak

    Years ago while living in Virginia i delivered papers for a living.325 papers a night and i infact used stickers like this to idenify wheather they had Sunday only delivery or weekrmd only etc.so i dont believe in this conspiracy involving fema…not to say we’re not being classifid by this government for future imprisonment or worse because of our politic. ..

  • Michael Baconater Bright

    The National Socialists, (Nazis) where fascists. Fascists are right wingers. Extreme right wingers. Even more extreme, though not be much, then the Tea Party.

  • Pete

    I do not get the newspaper and never have. My mail carrier has no idea what they are. And is it not odd that across the US they are the same stickers? Whats the odds of every newspaper company using the exact stickers? As I said earlier I have never gotten a newspaper. Mine was red for a little while then within 2 weeks of being rated 100% disabled by the VA mine changed to blue. Add I still do not get the paper.

  • Mark Hatzi

    big difference between left and right here or in Europe, it’s backwards, or was in the 30’s and until recently when the media changed everything

  • Robert Wyatt Bogart

    LOL, you are so wrong, Nazis were Left Wing! Extreme Right Wing is a Libertarian!

  • Shawn Jones

    With the technology we have today, do you really think they would use temporary stickers on ur mail box? Esp when they can read the name of the company you work for on your shirt from the satellite over your head or the drone flying nearby?

  • brian

    You are a freakin idiot. You and people like u are what’s wrong with America. Leftist libtards.

  • James

    I have a community mail box 2 blocks away, I dont get the paper and i keep geting a red sticker on my fince post at my driveway entrance ????????

  • Lonnie Stokes

    You better open that history book back up. Right wing is conservative not fascist

  • Janet Switzer Enbody

    I had delivered papers for 6 years and these are what we used to mark our active customers and different colors for people who are on vaction or stops..this idea of marking people for this reason is WRONG!! This is for paper customers!!

  • Jim Bancroft

    Oh Good Grief
    It is NOT right wing!
    The only connection that ever named Fascism right wing is because STALIN wanted people to know the difference between Soviet Socialism and German Socialism, so he called Hitler a right winger!

  • Nick Marra

    you got that right…

  • PCKaz

    Actually, no, they’re not right wingers. They’re European right wingers. Almost all of Europe / Asia is Socialist – Groups like the Nazis on the right, Communists on the left – but all socialists. National Socialists are the right side of the LEFT. The “socialist” bit should tip you off. Fascists are fascists. Mussolini was a fascist. The idea that Nazis are right wing was actually propagated by the liberal / socialist / communist left in order to discredit traditional conservative politics. Sort of the way they co-opted the term “liberal,” which actually really used to mean what the conservatives believe – individual freedom, little government interference, etc. You really ought to read your history.

  • oldsalt

    They (the NAZIs) were still socialists more akin to the left and not to freedom loving and free market conservatives.

  • Scott Manning

    Our local Volunteer Fire Department places stickers like these on our mailboxes so that they know who their supporters are in our community.

  • Jason Alan Glazier

    all those stickers are encoded with a chip open one up prove me wrong

  • Danielle

    Actually Fascism and Socialism are two totally different things. Fascists main goal is order and Socialists main goal is Equality.

  • Frank Martin

    How in the WORLD is the Tea Party extreme?

  • Joe Smith

    Tea party believes in the law, the U.S. Constitution. They are the furthest thing from a Nazi you could find. Democrats are the ones that think the Constitution is something to be thwarted. Nazi’s were totalitarian government rulers. Just like democrats today. That either makes liberals, “Extreme right wingers” or Nazi’s actually, hard line leftists. You hypocrites are just the same as the Nazis, the Communists, the Muslims. You lie, you kill, and you pretend it’s the other guy doing it. What ever end of the spectrum you want to call yourselves, you are ALL the same. Liars, nuts and power hungry extremists seeking control of others. You just wont admit what you really are.

  • laura

    Well I hate Obama but I don’t believe this crap.

  • Deana

    The dots are put on by the newspaper delivery person. Green was for every day, yellow was for weekend only and red was weekday only. Smh

  • whatashameforall

    the only NEW ORDER THAT IS GOING TO TAKE PLACE is when the Americans take over and set things straight,everything else is BS

  • Jason Pearson

    confuse the suckers., go buy a box of stickers n go round whole neighbourhood and cover all letter boxes with stickers., datl stuff em

  • Robert Ralph

    You know you just replied to an Idiot right?

  • Pedro Rutah

    Idiot demosocialist TROLL.

  • Pedro Rutah

    It’s redistribution Samantha. One of the pillars of Socialism and Marxism. John is a TROLL trying to fill you head with Bravo Sierra.

  • marijman

    The tea party whine again, it is evil to liberal socialist nazi, racist Obama supporters that there are people standing in the way of their agenda of irresponsible spending and a total surveillance police state policies like the NDAA and the NSA, and forced purchases from private companies, most of you liberals don’t even know what that means, all you know is that he’s black, so obviously anybody who disagrees with his is a racist. That is the most racist thing ever said in america. no one cares about his skin, it’s his lack policies, his ideology and his socialist agenda that’s the problem. If Romney tried to do half of the rape of our country like Obama has done he would have already been impeached.

  • James McEnanly

    I think that the main reason that Nazis are called ‘right wing’ by the left, and by extension almost everyone else, is that they were thoroughly discredited after WWII. If you are trying to institute a system where the government controls every aspect of your life, the last thing you want is a blazing example of the ultimate cost of such a government

  • marijman

    Socialists main goal under Obama is a total surveillance police state with forced purchase from private companies for OBAMACARE, and a handover to the UN and globalists of our liberty and constitution

  • marijman

    They are extreme because they won’t give in to quadrillions of spending of money we don’t have and actually respect the constitution… Think about it, they demonize the tea party because the tea party has the audacity to tell the childish libtards no

  • Teresa Martin Johnson

    LMAO Now I know for a fact this is bogus, I used to deliver a rural paper route, and I placed those stickers on boxes to determine when to deliver the newspaper. But if people are so worried, go change your stickers yourself.. lol But don’t call the paper and complain if you don’t receive your newspaper correctly.

  • Terry J. Henry

    I’ll put a Red, White, And Blue sticker on my mailbox…..that will really screw them up

  • Jennifer Weaver

    So, what if you don’t have a sticker. Are you off the grid?

  • Terry Teal

    This is about the most ignorant statement I’ve ever seen. and I’m not a tea party person. Since when was Standing for less government control Fascism? Fascism is Government control over every aspect of your life. This is a LEFTIST IDEAL. People wanting Freedom of religion, Freedom of speech, The right to defend themselves and their families. Are NOT FASCISTS they are CONSTITUTIONALISTS. Fascism is forcing your decrees and edicts upon a populace whether they want it or not. Now stop being a Sheeple and an uninformed voter. Go hit a library and learn about what freedom, the constitution, and bill of rights are about. Then read up on FASCISM References would be Nazi Germany, Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, North Korea, China.

  • Matt Lane

    Before anbody gets more worked over this and hasnt been poor enough to have to deliver newspapers for a job, listen to me closely. These stickers are to mark your maibox so they know what subscription you have. For example, saturday sunday only is one color.getting it for the full week gets you another color. If you only glet it delivered on certian days then thats another color. The people delivering the papers put them on at night when the paper is printed at 1am. This is nothing new. They have been doing this since papers were being delivered in the manner they are.

  • Bob

    That’s funny, he’s mad he’s not a “threat”. I kind of agree with the newspaper theory, because I don’t get any newspaper, and i have no sticker. Even though I would be a “red sticker” if they saw my facebook posts.

  • Jason Melchiore

    Socialism is enforced through the threat of force. And eventualy as the system disintegrates it becomes more facist in fear of losing its power. They both result in the same ends. Socialism is a failure despite its intentions.

  • Cheryl Trulove

    Are you guys aware of the Caves that are being fixed up like cities. I Believe they have been built in Ill. and their are a fleet of buses, and there are quit a few of them if I recall. There are stores , apts., I mean everything underground that a normal city has in it.

  • Jason Mckenzie

    If you’re arguing about political parties- good job. You’re giving the government exactly what they want. Divide and conquer. Who gives a rats ass whether Nazis are far left or far right. In the end they were followers. Mind controlled killers that took orders from who? Government. When the obamination declares war on the people you, will all still be arguing petty bullshit.

  • Senry Harrison Kiser

    I have apple green colored stickers on my newspaper box….hmmmmmm…….

  • Gary Graham



    Keep thinking that Socialist believe in equality! Right up to the time you are carted off to a FEMA camp!!!!


    Nazis are NOT on the Right!!! Hitler was a Nazi, which is about as far Left as you can get!

  • Danielle

    Actually that is their goal. I’m a government major I think I know what I’ve been learning. Hitler was a socialist so obviously I’m not promoting it I was just telling him that he was wrong. Fascism and Socialism are not the same thing but they are similar. Hitler forced equality by trying to create a certain look but he obviously took equality to an extreme.

  • John Vermore

    Before the Tea Party, decreasing the national debt was a “sometimes” topic in the media. Since the Tea Party came into being, decreasing the debt is now seen as extreme.

  • MontieR

    I used to deliver news papers and we used these stickers to know what type of delivery that house received, daily, weekly, sunday only or 7 day. Sorry tin foil boy no conspiracy here.

  • eric

    my friend delivers the paper and uses these stickers to keep track of who gets the paper daily and who gets the Sunday paper…LMAO

  • Dewayne from Texas

    You are an idiot Michael Bright. The Tea Party Conservatives believe in sticking to the Constitution and eliminating big government spending. That would benefit everyone and make our country stronger. You must be drinking the liberal Kool-Aid.

  • sbaker

    My left wing Super Liberal neighbor has 5 (yes 5) green stickers on his mailbox. Maybe that means he will be one of their leaders??????

  • David Rice

    “… or a conservative, or a true patriot and that you are going to be killed on the first night that the New World Order takes over.”

    I assume the True Believers have that backwards: fascist states always protect conservatives and patriots.

  • Dennis Hibbard

    After everyone is Arrested, guess there will be One Grocery Store, for who? Don’t forget it you can’t Fix it yourself ELITE when you need a Dentist, Heart Surgery, a mechanic Establish how to Seduce Yourselves

  • HangEmHigh

    I Have a BLUE one!!!

  • birdbrained2000

    Universities are notoriously liberal. Just because they teach it doesn’t mean it’s right. If domestic terrorists like Bill ayers and Angela Davis can become professors, our colleges are no longer learning centers but centers of indoctrination. Be unique. Fight the system. Stick it to the man. Be a conservative. How punk is that.

  • John P. Wilson

    I would simply remove the sticker, it’s that simple. It’s my mail box.

  • Cooter Laffitte

    ok folks all of this is bull, those yellow stickers are for your newspaper carriers ,the yellow is everyday paper, green is 5 days a week, red is weekend only, and blue is sunday paper only

  • http://Askwhy.us/ M. Chris Ritchie

    No… Because of the Internet, portable computers, applications, and databases they would not need to put anything on your mail box anymore. It might have been 20 years ago before all these great gadgets… But with the way American’s move now and changing sides of the fence – a sticker system would be to hard to be kept up with when there is a better way with just a few touches of a mouse or keyboard. Don’t forget about the Governments Secret watch list – this is most likely their new system to track those they deem unacceptable. The only way I know of to check to see if you are on that system is to buy a plane ticket some where and look for a code on your ticket that tells the TSA that YOU need to be watched and scrutinized more before being allowed to pass and fly. Forget what that code is now, but you can research it if you are curious.

  • Dustin Spears

    lol well for one no government employee including the post office or newspaper has the right too put stickers or anything on your personal property

  • Charles

    I knew this shit was far fetched. The government does a lot of fucked up shit but stickers on a mailbox isn’t one because it’s too easy to peel them off and place them on another one.

  • NickyG

    What does the green sticker mean?

  • jonnycomelately

    Your all screwed in the head. FEMA camps…hogwash! Spend your time doing something constructive.

  • Vicki

    Assinine….I use these on my job and do apply them to mailboxes for newspaper delivery identity purposes. Let’s not get carried away

  • Gary Pepper

    lol guess i got it made then dont i there afraid of me i dont vote becouse i cant i dont get a sticker becouse im not affiliated with any party even though im a veteran so some will be killed (red sticker) blue is(fema camps) yellow is (new world order) no sticker(lookout hes dangerous run fast)

  • Daniel

    Really? Why would they spend all the time putting stickers when they have plenty of databases with your address and can more or less estimate the number of residents within a home?

  • Victoria Marlow

    I do not believe that these stickers are put on your mail box by FEMA,, I am sure the trash men put them there so they know how many cans you put to the curb. I am going to call the trash company in the morning and find out. I think I am right and you are wrong by saying this. I will let you know.

  • Duke Williams

    I will be happy to place a red one on my mailbox………..but they`ll have the surprise of their lives !!!!!!!I don`t go down without taking them with me!!!!

  • Duke Williams

    stupid remark…you haven`t got a clue……..just rambles of your idiocy!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan McClain

    Fascists are in fact left wing, to be fascists is to have a near religious admiration to the state. I live for the state and die for the state as you see in North Korea.

  • Darren Pilot Watson


  • Darren Pilot Watson

    Ya ya, moving on.