United States Missing Nukes

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October 14, 2013, while everyone is focused on the government shutdown, veterans are scrambling to try to pay bills, and the entire nation is on hold all of a sudden the worst possible thing happens. Up 50 to nukes go missing! The American public is none the wiser.

This is not the first time things like this have happened under the radar. In 2010, what is being called one of the biggest national security failures in US history, dozens of United States Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missiles (Nukes) went completely offline over the weekend at F.E. Warren Air Force Base outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  This base holds over one ninth of our stockpile. The nukes lost the ability to communicate with the systems controlling them. All the alarm systems we have to prevent theft and accidental launch went offline as well making it impossible to detect.

But the story doesn’t seem to be left there in the past.

Recently we had a breach of security that cost us at least one and up to two missing nukes from our arsenal. Worse, a US Senator warns the public of a possible nuke strike amid the fall out.

Then on October 11th , 2013 two United States Generals were fired midst the missing nukes, yes nukes in the plural. What was thought to be one in the transfer, has now turned in to two or more by this date.

The story even prompted people like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones to find out what is going on. It seems the number of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) Nuclear warheads keep growing. This is prompting specials all over the internet as to why these generals were fired.

But the major downfall of our security means that this weekend over 50 intercontinental ballistic (ICB)  missiles went missing, most due to computer malfunction in a system thought to be impossible to hack, but there are still some unaccounted for. This is not just a minor breach in security.

The weekend before we had a snow storm and weird weather patterns that wiped out 75,000 head of cows and several lives. This storm was big enough to cover a 5 State area was not even known by most people in 45 other states or told in the Mainstream Media. We are beginning to wonder what else did we miss?

These reports have people screaming false flag on the internet. Whether they are correct or not remains to be seen. What is apparent is that we have our nuclaer arsenal being moved or missing and  President Obama purging generals from the military. In a world gone mad, what is going on?


  • Marlys

    I read an article about a off shore nuclear explosion off the coast of South Carolina on October 8th. It basically read that the U.S. military had notified two earthquake centers that had registered a 4 point something earthquake that it was actually a detonated low level nuclear war head. Now go back…..the president was on a talk show and while talking about the Gulf of Mexico named the Charleston Harbor as a port/harbor that needed to deepened for cargo ships; in a speech Lindsay Graham gave he asked the audience how they would feel if So Carolina was under attack from a nuclear weapon; rumors of missing nuclear weapons have been reported a number of times over the past months. Then two nuclear submarine Commanders were fired? We’re they fired because they refused to unleash such a weapon on the American people? Of course, these two men will be dishonored where they may actually be heroes.

    During the Syrian war talk…our President tried to convince us we needed to go to war ‘to save the people’. He wanted to form an alliance with the militants–Al Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood to remove the President for his ‘war crimes’. He forgot, the people know who the enemy is and it certainly wasn’t the Syrain President or the Coptic Christians he protects. [By the way, the Christians are now forming armies to help fight WITH President Assad]. He didn’t get his way…he didn’t get his war. So just how far would he go to perpetuate his personal jihad against the American people? Behind all of this I think the Presidency was bought for him by Saudi money and he guaranteed Libya, Egypt and Syria would be handed over to the Muslim Brotherhood, along with the U.S.A.

    Just thinking…….

  • jfedwards

    Obama knows where they are, he planes to use them later.

  • Johnny Unite-Us

    I like the article except the whole thing about the 5 state storm. the storm was 5 states big, but traveled across many more than 5 states. and it WAS mentioned and covered on the weather channel, and on our local news. Just not really covered by national media, because it wasn’t really a lot of rain and wind, just unusually cold. the cattle died because they haven’t put on their winter coats yet, first frost is always challenging for ranchers and farmers. It happened rather harsh and early this year.

  • onetruepatriot

    Johnny Unite-Us, don’t you think that the snow being over the backs of the cattle had anything to do with them freezing? Many Ranchers had to wait for a week, before they could even count how many cattle they had lost!

  • jemnay

    There is a good possibility that the Generals were ordered to do the act but they refused and then took it upon themselves to conspire to start hiding the nukes from the evil asshole .lets just hope they did and only they know where they are and keep them safe.

  • Troubleshooter

    And Johnny, with all of the other crap that’s going on, doesn’t this seem just a wee bit too co-incidental? What comes next? These cattle ranchers being bought out en masse? Watch and see. This is not a natural event.

  • Beeyohbee

    Definitely weather seeding….build your hold out shelters….be ready,,,,,help your neighbors,,,,,band together as one……we will thrive…..

  • Barbara’s Political Rantings

    Are you guys sure this is the truth and not some satire the left is spreading around?

  • Johnny Unite-Us

    Weather manipulation has been happening for over two decades. When I moved to Texas in 96, they were talking on the local news about seeding clouds with aluminum oxide and carbon dioxide to cause super cooled moisture to coagulate and fall. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, nor that this wasn’t caused by manipulation. I just really hate to call something a conspiracy simply because something bad happened, or because the national media didn’t talk about it. Plenty of conspiracies cause good things, some conspiracies are talked about on the national media. Some are bad. Some are never mentioned. This event is as it is, and without hard evidence, I can’t be persuaded to advocate any certain position or opinion. Feel free to indulge yourself.

  • Johnny Unite-Us

    Please see my other comment. Also, the snow was not nearly as deep as you are claiming. The media can be counted on for one thing: if its sensational, they will print it.
    And they did. Just, it wasn’t as sensational as 5 feet of snow.

  • Troubleshooter

    Well Johnny Unite-us; Did you ever ask yourself WHY it has been so vehemently denied for the last 5 years? Do you remember the Fish and Bird Kills of the last few years, and the damage to Vegetation by mysterious “dust” that turned out to be composed of the same particulate compounds that Air Force personnel and their Public Media Liason admitted to dispersing in an ongoing Chem-Trailing Mission? It takes more than casual interest for a sensible opinion to be formed. It takes attention to details, and research, but really, only if you have kids and give a shit about what is being done to THEIR futures by these bastards. I suppose you are one of the mushrooms who thinks that the information available about the Illegal Research and Deployment of Directed Energy Weapons and Extra Low Frequency Radio Broadcast as a Behavioral Stimulus are just “Conspiracy Theories” too? I guess that would be why a Supreme Court Ruling upheld a Cease and Desist Order issued to certain Agencies with regard to their practice of Torturing People with Radio Waves. I’m pretty sure that, as foolish and Corrupt as our Court System is, such an issue would not have even been considered if there were not ample evidence of fact. Feel Free to Maintain Your Ignorance. Or not.

  • edward lynch

    who believes all of this crap???????? I have worked at those bases in the past and they are so far off base that NUKES are missing……….unbelievable………

  • Johnny Unite-Us

    Mmmm… mushrooms.