Native Americans: No Deductibles, No Copays, No Individual Mandates Under Obamacare


When it comes to Obamacare, nothing beats being an Indian or an Eskimo.  They will have to pay no copayments, no deductibles and their total out-of-pocket costs for any given year is zero.  And we are being assured that it doesn’t have anything to do with the 2.5 million they gave Obama for his re-election or the $68,000 they gave Harry Reid.

And even better, in most cases you don’t even have to prove you are a real Indian.  (The Elizabeth Warren Exemption)  That means that thousands could claim Indian heritage to cut their medical costs.

An Indian Health Service document says:

“American Indians and Alaska natives who purchase health insurance on the individual market through an Exchange do not have to pay co-pays or other cost-sharing if their income does not exceed 300 percent of the poverty level, roughly $66,000 for a family of four in 2010 ($83,000 in Alaska),”

So who does pay for the deductibles and the copays?  If the health insurance companies are forced to eat the costs, then that will get passed on to non Indians in the form of higher premiums.  If the government pays for it, the taxpayers pay for it, many of who make much less than 300% of the poverty level.

There is another major Indian only provision you may not be aware of.  That provision says:

“Members of American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes are exempt from individual responsibility assessments.”

Translation?  The individual mandate does not include Indians.  They do not get penalized for not buying an insurance policy.

  • David Helms

    Um, I am a native american by blood and the government will do nothing for me. I didn’t vote for Obama. I don’t support the current morons in the government. And as far as proving my heritage, the government refuses to acknowledge it until my “tribe” does. The cherokee in North Carolina from where my father comes from will not allow me entrance because of some unknown reason to myself. I don’t want the handouts, I just want to claim my heritage. Please don’t assume that all Native Americans are somehow “mooching” from a system that didn’t even recognize us as humans until the 1940’s.

  • Anthony L Barrett

    This is the epiphany of bullshit, handed down by our dictator and like many should be, I AM PISSED!

  • Scott Pam

    I am starting my own tribe now.

  • Paula Lewis-Gilliam

    My husband is a full-blooded indian and my daughters are half and all are tribally enrolled, however we work and have health insurance through there. Part of the reason is that indian healthcare system is HORRIBLE!!! You never see the same doctor twice, to get an appointment with a doctor you have to go down to the hospital by around 7AM wait for hours so a nurse could assess if you need to be seen and how soon you need to be seen. It’s miserable .. so that gives a real picture of how Obamacare is going to work.. Now healthcare everywhere is going to be turning into that.. God help us all!!!

  • disqus_Vj4xPMBunA

    i will be cheif gettin dizzy!

  • Cliff E.

    And its the one “minority” you have to have a card for…. any tribes selling memberships?…. we are unable to prove our membership due to prideful ancestors

  • Erin

    Good point David! I myself belong to a California tribe that is not federally recognized even though we built a mission for the Spanish. We have been trying to get federal recognition for 1/2 a century and since our land is extremely valuable (Orange County beach front property), I doubt we will ever be granted recognition. Even though we are a state recognized tribe, we don’t get any handouts; monetary or otherwise.

    However, I will side with the Natives on this issue. I think giving them free healthcare is more than fair or instead, pay them the real cost of the land the government stole from them and pay them wrongful death payments with interest. Yeah, I bet those discounts are a lot less expensive aren’t they. And hell no, I never voted for Obama!

  • Patricia Fellows Barett

    am liking all the comments posted by American Indians which counters the propaganda of this article. American Indian communities were decimated and nearly destroyed. It is sad that the people that wrote this article are neglecting to look at this from a historical perspective. They deserve much more than they ever receive from a government that deceived them out of their land and rights.

  • John

    I also am a native American descendant by blood , My Great Great Grandfather was on the trail of tears , I have not registered because I neither want hand outs or want people to thank I am successful because of my heritage. I never voted for Obama nor do I except his health policy. There are many like me who feel that there heritage come s from the heart of our beliefs . For some that is exceptable for others it is entitlement , which if you look at what happened to the Native Americans when the settlers and military , Shot them ,Starved them and ran them off there land they deserve it.. Same thing is happening to all of us just in a different way.

  • PrayerBurden

    I am not a Native American, nor do I have any ancestors who are (that I know of). On this issue, of exemption for the Natives, I have to say this is fair. From the horror stories I have heard about what was and has been done to these people, it is the least that can be done for them. If there was ever an ancestor in MY line that contributed to the mistreatment and deceitfulness that was done to the natives (I have no idea if they were involved or not) let me apologize on their behalf. The natives were mostly treated unfairly and continue to suffer because of it. This nation is feeling the consequences of this and now is the time to repent for the past and begin again.

  • Scott

    I’m from the “Smack A Hoe” Tribe, does that count??

  • Texas Sheridan

    This is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen you post Steven!!! I’m all for helping the Native Americans but Obuttplug care isn’t it. This is a freakin racist pos article. NOW if you want to talk about exemptions how about all them Muslims and Illegals that will get exemptions. The Native Americans deserve a helluva lot better than Obuttplug care and I’m glad they aren’t being forced to pay for this shit!! NOW as some addressed with Tribal issues is another thing. My brother is a good portion Black Foot but because of his sexual orientation the tribal leaders won’t acknowledge him. Besides Steve your articles are usually bland anyways. NO I’m not a troll or a libturd!!! Just think it was a pretty shitty way to use Native Americans. As one fellow said we should be doing BETTER by them, THEY are the first Americans and I only hope that more have a warrior spirit and heart since Obuttplug got his way and we are now deeper in debt.

  • libertyshaman

    I’m native American…I was born here!

  • tired of washington

    The slaughter of native americans was deplorable to say the least. They should have every chance to have a good life as anyone else. If any mistreatment of these people still happens to this day, it needs to be corrected immediately! My problem though is that these acts were done long before most of us were even born. Why should we all have to pay today for the immoral acts of way back then? My problem today is, look at (what I’ve been told) the conditions of some of the reservations. From what I’ve been seeing is that these reservations, the conditions there are horrible. That is what happens relying on the government to take of you.

  • Ann

    Looks like it is happening again to us right now…

  • Will die quicker

    This is the least we can do…but if you ask me we have all ready done enough to the Native Americans! Why punish them with Obamacare!
    I live in Alpine Co. Ca. Of the 5 tribes of Washoe, only one branch resides here. (The rest are in Nevada). The government has seen fit to give this band of Washoe a rattlesnake infested hill to live on. While all around them is the beautiful Carson Valley, land that was once their’s. It’s time to give back to the one true people….weather voted for Obama or not…we need to stop punishing them.

  • Christina Lee

    Well said. I am part Cherokee myself, was born in NC and most of my family also. Since I am mostly white and only part Cherokee, I would find it disrespectful to even think that I could receive the ‘handouts’ as this author described. Most American Indians live on reservations and do not receive ANYTHING from the government including respect. Native Americans deserve anything and everything the government is offering as well as the military (past and present).

  • Moccasin Juan

    LOL, Look at all the Indians coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches, “Gimme my free Obamacare”

  • CautiousPatriot

    Come on folks, you know why your “tribes” are not recognized…or you’re not allowed back on the “rez” where your family came from. The same reason this country has laws, prisons, borders and border patrol agents who enforce those borders. “Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!” Simple as that. Native Americans who live on the rez get free health care anyway…and they don’t have to abide by U.S. law, as long as they can make it back home. Stop your sniveling and keep your nose clean…just sayin! Oh, by the way, I’m also part Cherokee but my blood doesn’t make me special…the way I live my life and contribute to my family and community does though. Proud 10 year U.S. Air Force veteran and patriot.

  • Amy Anderson

    Isn’t the reason for this because they already have healthcare provided to them by the Indian Health Service?

  • Norene Starr

    oh hell it’s the only thing the anglos didn’t recede on and by the way Indian people were guinne pigs for all the medication yes it’s true the great govt that now all the sudden you are pissed off at because of the insurance used our IHS Indian Health Service (Indians) to make sure that what the phamacies and doctors gave you wouldn’t kill you at least in the 1980’s they sterilized many of our women trying out new birth control and are still doing so I guess we deserve free medical unless you want to risk your health for the good of ALL others…….there is always a down side so be careful what you ask for YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT!!!

  • Patricia A. Trentanelli-Begay

    My husband is a hundred percent Navajo. He pays taxes. Did not vote for Obama. He works his butt off. The only way, outside of our jobs, that he gets free healthcare is if he lives on his reservation. Not gonna happen…….oh, and btw- his grandpa was a code talker. Obama is an idiot.

  • Marion Bridger

    About time they got something back from what was stolen from them!!