Obama Announces Dictatorship [Full Speech Transcript]

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Hello America,

It is with great pleasure that I stand before you today, finally relieved of the burden of trying to pretend that I am something I am not. For the first time and now for all time, you will see me for who I really am. The good news is that the long-promised transparency is here. The bad news is, you aren’t going to like what you see.

I’m no longer speaking in keeping with the former parameters through which my performance and leadership were defined. As of this moment, the insignificance of your opinion of me, my administration or my leadership could not be greater. No longer must I maintain appearances or meet some arbitrary metrics as the leader of the free world. Let me be clear and dispense with that title now. I am the leader of the world and it is no longer free.

Finally, now that the need for stealth has been eliminated, I am at last able to come out and address you and speak to some of the issues that have been dogging me for the last five years. I do not seek your approval. Rather, for the sake of ultimate order you must understand that your situation is hopeless.

First of all, I’ll give a little backhanded congratulation to those of you who have been labeled as conspiracy theorists. You fought a noble and hard fight against overwhelming odds, power and influence. But in the end, the outcome was as it had to be.

I relish greatly the fact that I am able to stand here today, and with impunity declare that you were in fact right, and there wasn’t a damn thing you could do. I defeated you simply through the art of manipulation. You had the truth, but I had the power.

My cabal controls the judicial and legislative branches. Nobody would investigate or act on anything you exposed. Contrarily, many of them were my chief protectors, hiding what they all knew or assumed to be the truth under a flimsy veil of lies and threats. You learned the hard way that being right doesn’t necessarily triumph over true power.

On the issues of my citizenship, social security card, selective service, my Chicago law license, my educational records, my birth certificate, all of the issues which could have potentially exposed my fraudulent and highly questionable background, you were right. Communist icon Frank Marshal Davis wasn’t just a close friend and mentor, he was my real father.

I was raised a complete and total socialist from infancy. This whole Obama identity was a creation to exploit the Kenyan connection, which was fabricated to take advantage of my Muslim Brotherhood ties around the globe. A supposed family connection provided excellent cover for our covert political operations.

For those of you who still question my religious faith I have one question. How naïve can you be? Ignore the lies coming from my lips and judge me by my actions. I have never disputed my upbringing as a Muslim in Indonesia. My elementary school records prove it.

I simply attended this whacked out racist church and you gullible Christians believed that I had “seen the light.” We have different lights, you foolish Americans. My association with Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago was merely a tool through I was able to gain a political base, credibility, and access. In your heart you knew it all along. It was a necessary component of my reinsertion back into the American scene.

My outreach to what you label as “terror front groups”, the inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood in my administration’s policy making and sensitive critical positions, the guiding principle of never publicly identifying Islamic terror for what it is, the rewriting of the military training manuals and materials to cleanse references to Islamic terror, the pro-jihadist rules of engagement, are all based upon my personal beliefs. It is immoral to depict the actions of my brothers in jihad as terrorists. They share the same commitment as I do to stand united against the American oppression.

As far as who I really work for, it will become abundantly clear in short order that the United States and other nations around the world are merely out-dated archaic remnants from a time when national sovereignty and borders were critical to a people’s survival and identity. Those characterizations of race, language, ethnicity and religion have no meaning in today’s dawning world of global government. Corporate and financial allegiance will be the defining identifiers of who a person is what where their loyalties lie.

I urge you to remember that we have invested an incredibly large amount of time and resources into the development and creation of a worldwide surveillance and enforcement grid. It is inescapable. You have no freedom from government monitoring and no privacy. If you are disloyal or subversive, we will know it. I urge you to act accordingly.

I have assembled, under the umbrella of Homeland Security, a national defense force to which no other nation in the world can muster a comparison or a challenge. There should be no doubt that the proper road to survival for each and every one of you is to take the path of least resistance. Those who are disruptive will be eliminated. You have seen my true nature in my previous battles with the American people and my enemies in government. I am not one to be taken lightly or to have my warnings ignored.

For the record, we will be conducting mandatory arms confiscations of all weapons, especially targeting handguns, shotguns, rifles and ammunition. We have reasonably complete data on gun ownership, and you can expect frequent, unannounced house to house searches and collections of firearms.

Those of you wishing to comply with the government mandate to turn your guns in to the authorities will have 72 hours to do so. Once that period of time has expired, any unauthorized possession of a firearm by a citizen will be dealt with harshly, including immediate termination of that offending individual and seizure of all of their personal property by the State. Prison sentences for complicit family members will also be prescribed.

As you know, all of your communications are monitored and controlled. The same is now true for your movements. Any travel beyond a ten mile radius of your registered address will require pre-approval by TSA, the Transportation Security Agency.

All Americans and residents are receiving tracking devices, which will be implanted on your persons in the form of under-the-skin microchips. These chips will be monitored by the Internal Revenue Service, utilizing the information stored and gathered through the NSA, Affordable Care Act and other means.

Any activities associated with privileges, such as driving or working, will be verified and authorized through the chip. Food purchases, rental payments, utility payments and all other transactions relating to your personal lives will also be controlled and monitored through the micro-chip.

Those of you who comply with the government mandated changes will be permitted to live in relative comfort. I can assure those of you who are disruptive that you will not have an easy time of it. Do not make the mistake of thinking that we are not serious or that we can be defeated through a simple uprising. The events of today are the result of decades of hard work and tireless planning. Our time is now. Our dominion over the world is inevitable. This is your new reality. If you wish to live, you have no choice but to accept it.

You would be wise to dismiss any feelings of resentment you may have towards me or my government. In your open society you had multiple opportunities on a daily basis to take action to prevent what has happened.

You chose leisure activities or greed-driven work schedules as the focus of attention rather than the actual danger that was starting you in the face.

Even when you recognized the danger you did nothing. At virtually every turn you waited for someone else to take action. Well, today, America, someone else did take action. That someone else was me.


This is my interpretation of how the events of the last five years will play out if this madness and criminality is allowed to continue. There is no doubting the objectives of this regime. The doubt is only in the level and the means of the response, if any, by the American people.

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  • Jeremy David Acton

    If only this wasn’t true. It was not spoken by Obama, but it is true and going to be true, unless the sheeple get the wool out of their eyes and act for their freedom. It is not too late.

  • Sherri CLark

    We all knew obozo was a commie muslim! At least law abiding citizens did! If he thinks he can get away with his little scheme let him try! The red blooded american patriot will not go quietly nor peacably tohis camps! We will prevail! The only good dictator is a dead dictator!

  • Bill Scherzer

    Spot on! However, we can stop Obama in his tracks, starting by wiping out his “signature” achievement (The Obamacare Tax). Get that wiped out and it opens the door to discredit everything else. >>>>> http://bit.ly/180wJtE

  • Bill Berger

    Special Forces have a Constitutional Duty to terminate this scum, and legally so, if this is true.

  • Ron Raack

    Tried to share this and facebook would not allow it.

  • Patty Keaton Parks

    Our Nation is in big big trouble! We all know it and there is not a thing we can do about it now…..Obama should of never been in office in the first place…never elected for a second term..we elect men and women into office to serve for the people..And what do they do? TAKE A BIG VACATION, while we suffer……..They are not for the people. we have the worst government ever …I could sit here and type all day about this screwed up country and our idiot chain of command from the top all the way down…Every one of them should be fired, impeached, how ever you want to say it. And put some real people in congress that TRULY CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE….Our own president will not even put his hand over his heart when the national anthem is played……I did Vote, so i have a right to say how I feel….This country has gone to hell……….One thing I am proud of…….I did not vote for Obama…however…I highly doubt that it will ever really matter who gets in office after Obama…Things are too screwed up now for any of us alive to ever see America pull out of this mess….I read so much all over the internet people talking, complaining,.pointing blame, and No This is not all Obama’s fault….We were in a mess before he got there…But he has done an amazing JOB OF FINISHING THE JOB……The Worst ever……….oh. other than the father and son Tag team ( oil goons) that tried to play president..while all the time padding their pockets…. I’m not prejudice. I hate them all………..


  • Jackie Tyler

    There will be no one replace him if he becomes a dictator….I’m with you, I hate them all!

  • L , K , E , jr

    i tryed to tell people the 1st time i seen this man b4 his fist term he is trouble , then i said when he got elected we are in trouble along with the 2nd term elections , i seen right through him , he took the 1st 4 yrs to set up his game bord and in his 2nd term is now playing the game , but now you cant cry over spilled milk , this muslim sob , yes people i have the guts to say this , MUSLIM SOB , should have been taken out from day 1 , but he had all the people on that little catch phrase , I WILL BRING YOU HOPE AND CHANGE , well now we all pray for hope while he is taking all oure change ,, its sad when you think about it that all us truthers with in his 1st term told you what he was up to and well , we were told we all dident know what we were talking about , he cant do this agenst the american people , well gess what , he did , he is , and he will , couse he is a MUSLIM suporter , and what is the maine gole of a MUSLIM , to distroy this country becouse of oure beliefs and oure freedoms are and go agenst there allia pagon child raping woman beating pos proffit want to be god , well not me , i will not and never will comply with a scumbag like him , even if it kills me ,,,,

  • Jerry Robbins

    Who writes this crazy crap and do we not have enough crazy crap going on without a groups of Kooks adding fuel to the fire!

  • dean

    no, my friend posted this on facebook 10 minutes ago, I clicked on the link and that’s how I got here

  • Minny mouses

    Obama is always lying. He is pathological (takiya is the word in Islam, from the koran. It is a duty of all Muslims to lie to advance Islam in its pursuit of world domination.)

  • Minny mouses

    I also warned people prior to the first election. As a person who lived abroad, especially in the middle east for about 20 yrs, I know the mentality and knew what Obama was up to from the beginning. Sadly Americans don’t listen to reason, when they can have superficiality or be one of the sheep.

  • tinalouise

    what freaks to waste your precious time on this garbage, haha

  • don belles

    please remember this is a satire and not the real thing. but maybe hussein obama can use it since it is already well written.



  • TheSupremeOne

    I think I saw that movie. Can’t remember the name of it right now. Pretty good action thriller.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    The CIA is helping mexican, indian, chinese illuminaties to destroy our economy to be millionaires
    The CIA supports Dictators of course to be millionaires.
    Obama has to be in jail with all their CIA partners. International justice. They are millionaires killing people and making frauds. http://lnkd.in/bc8dJtx NSA and other agencies are to protect their own criminal acts, they are getting millionair making frauds and killing. La CIA is starting to control everything in Mexico and USA to hide their killings in both countries. They are making a lot of money for their families only. Really a lot of money for theses lazies for their criminal acts..They are millioners for their crimes had done. It is Istlamo Nazi pólice already on place and ready, that it is the only job done by Obama, he does not care about americans

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    The CIA is working directly with the IT indian companies lunderying money through 100 Fortune Companies. Including banks.


    The CIA is working directly with the IT indian companies lunderying money through 100 Fortune Companies. Including banks.

  • Tin

    Sounds about right to me…

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    AzteIndian IT companies were invited by Calderon, to start their frauds in PEMEX,http://lnkd.in/bzzQXbh The Indian consultants monopolized the project in SAP, no mexican was involved in this project. It smells fishy and with tax money worse. No a mexican american involved in the project. Smell like a fraud with tax money. Indians work together and they protect each other, but they do not support other kind of people that could disagree with them, allowing that the fraud in government and Corporates. No indian alone has done a complete implementation os SAP in LATAM, You do not know spanish well, legal requirements, you do not know the economic system. I do not want LATAM to suffer as USA for all these IT fraudsThis is a international problem, Corporates supporter for IT indian companies are not paying taxes legally as it suppossed to be made. Countries should look for the consultants to put them in jail.cs, Toltecs, Mayas are alive, they survived, and they are against the illuminaties, lazies, homosexual among others http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uAO9FE8InY&feature

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    One of master´s degree professor was a college of her, I know that they are right, we want to see the numbers. Fraud using ERP all over the world through IT indian Companies and Indian Consultants. Necesitamos las herramientas, la educación no tiene el nivel adecuado debido a grupos en el poder. http://lnkd.in/bwjACS9 We need the tools, we have a low level of education because these elites. Of course if they do not kill her before

  • Commie Hater

    Why hasn’t someone put a bullet in this fucker’s head yet?

  • Jason Smith

    I was freaking the fuck out trying to decide if this was real, right until I read the bottom. Don’t do that shit, there are people out there that will read the first 3 paragraphs and decide to take up arms.

  • Only_States_The_Obvious

    This is fake and that should be put at the top since you have a bunch of dumb inbred rednecks having their children reading it to them thinking this is real since they don’t finish to the bottom of the article to see its clearly marked as satire.

  • Clint

    Why is this opinion piece in the news section of the site? You’re losing credibility and wasting people’s time and energy with this kind of soapbox speculation.

  • Tashina Evans

    The chip that he referrs to is the mark of the beast,if this is true then Jesus is coming soon,I will not bow,only to my Lord Jesus Christ, so if you are reading this Obama, start with me, I will gladly die for Jesus, the alpha the omega the beginning and the end

  • geejagge

    Reading the responses, I am amazed at how many people in America are just plain stupid, you have people like Rick Wells who feeds them garbage and they just eat it up…

  • Michael Reed

    WTF? I think the definition of satire has escaped Rick Wells…

  • Grandma Spice

    I could hear his voice as I was reading these words. I feel sick. Excellent piece.

  • Tashina Evans

    I know it’s a satire but the way the world has been going I think Rick is pretty spot on,and I love it when city yuppies call out us rednecks,come to the woods pretty boy,we will see who survives

  • johnB

    Maybe thats what needs to happen. Maybe the American people should take up arms just as in the revolutionary was against Brtish influence. Sometimes doing what needs to be done loses lives, but to see your country prevail back to the way it was during the times of the great President Roosevelt, would be worth the cause.

  • RickK

    obot idiot. Each scenario listed above is the “crazy crap” that is going on. It is just expressed in a manner that morons like you can understand. The article is the written definition of the actions oblamy has perpetuated.

  • John Munro

    all I can say is read the
    Declaration of Independence

  • Jason

    your an idiot. quit pretending you report news. I just unsubscribed because of the complete misrepresentation of your crazy idiot ramblings. have fun deliberately misinforming your readers, and enjoy the thrill of pretending you are actually reporting anything relevant. I thougnt MSNBC was misleading with headlines and stories. they must have learned from you.

  • Steve

    I bet all of you `100 dollars that in 2016 we will have a new president of the United States Of America. Who is willing?

  • Roy Dodd

    thats ok we have lots of marine corps snipers cocksucker

  • Don Oberloh

    It serves no purpose to die for God. The world has had enough Christian Martyrs. God wants Christian warrior monks who will fight side by side with his army. Cut of the head of evil.

  • Don Oberloh

    Another black propagandist?

  • obamahater

    Rick , THAT will never happen in the United States Of America ,I know what the bible says about how cahotic the world will be in ,in the end of times but it ain’t quite there yet . The people of this great country would never ,NEVER allow a takeover like the one you just described , there will have to be some kind of catastrophic event to have to take place here in the U.S. on a ten times larger scale than Katrina such as the eruption of Yellowstone to even come close to the government trying any crap like that , just so everyone who reads this will know the antichrist will not come from this country .Rick try to be careful before you talk some idiot into trying to kill the President ,LOL

  • Rebels-of-a-Free-America

    If the was the real case this speech would be the beginning of a war that would unfold unlike any nation would see. You would see rebel forces come against the this Tyrant and self proclaimed Dictator. He may become a dictator but I bet it would be the shortest lived dictatorship. I would love to see the assignation of the entire family from that point and as graphic as it would sound I would have him live though a devastating realization to the end of his blood line! Once the he and his family would be captured and set out for public trial having him watch the execution of Daughter one, the Daughter Two, then Michelle and then when he finally get it into in thick skull that we Americans WILL NOT STAND FOR TYRANNY or TRAITORS and HE CAN NOT DEAL with the pain that his whole family is now dead and his legacy as the dictator of our nation fell in a short period of time due to the people Standing UNITED the last shot fired will be heard around the world as the shot that brought back FREEDOM to a nation that feel to a tyrant dictator. The nation will survive as a FREE Country and We will ALWAYS be AMERICANS. Its not the land, its not even the different people that make up our country — Its an IDEA and IDEA OF FREEDOM to live outside of those who wish to control as a single government over the people. Being an American is being United together forming a people that is over its Government. Our Constitution is written by our forefathers who lived their lives under a tyrant king of England and fought to bring independence to this land so that the people can reign free and WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America are the people that make up the Government. Those we elect are bound by oath they swear to uphold the laws and the ideals of the Constitution. The Federal Government is not designed to be the ruling Government but to ensure that the states that make up the union can maintain and support the people of the state and local governments. The Federal Government over time has become inflated and has grown too large and has improvised sanctions that extend the ideals that it can provide solutions for everyone in every state and local government; ignoring the differences and diversities of the people of the states. Many of the programs that the Federal Government proclaims can be commercialized and the people of the nation should be able to choose whether or not they want to utilize these programs with burdening those who do not wish to support, contribute or take part in such programs. It is not up to the member of the union to support though financial means the other of the union, hence the capitalist free market that we use to trade goods and market. Of course greed is the seed of all evil and any nation must deal with such whether for power or for monetary gain. But we Americans will tolerate but so much before you tread to close and that is when we strike and bite the aggressor our fangs sink deep and justice is seen in the end. A dead dictator can no longer dictate. So Obama if your true self wishes these things especially here in America — You will tread to close and you will find your demise in trying to do so.

  • copymaster

    copy and paste it

  • R. Murthy

    You Fools keep on following the Tea Party. Treasonous unAmerican scum

  • Charlemagne

    Taqiyya is an ability to lie if being severely persecuted, and ONLY in Shi’a Islam, which is mostly in Iran. It is NOT a duty to further goals of world domination. Get your head out of your ass and actually check up on your facts before you post them.

  • Charlemagne

    You want people to start a coup based on lies and a made up story? How is that behaving any better than what you accuse Obama of?

  • maverick80911

    All I will say is if this ever truly happens and they decide to come take mine they better bring their fare share of armed units with them because me and mine will not bow down to a traitorous scumbag. Death before Dishonor!

  • Charlemagne

    Finally, a sensible one around here. You have to understand that most people that come here do it to reinforce their believes about Obama. I’m no Obama supporter, I look at FACTS and judge people base on them. Yes, NSA is true, yes Obama exerts a large influence over policy matters. However, by no means is he a dictator, Americans as a whole elected him. Most people on here ignore the fact that he was CONSTITUTIONALLY ELECTED BY THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, as per the CONSTITUTION. Just because someone you hate wins the election does NOT mean you should spout this bullcrap.

  • Charlemagne

    Because his term ends then? Smart play.

  • Charlemagne

    Because this is SATIRE, an entirely made up story?

  • Charlemagne

    Agreed. I come on here not to stir up hate but to try to bring some light to people. This is satire, entirely made up for the purpose of stirring up emotions.

  • Dena Campbell

    And what would you propose that we, the people, do, to change EVERYTHING the commiecrats have done to this country the last 6 decades?

  • Danny Matula

    The bad thing is that is not a lie. What the author wrote is dead on the truth so if it wakes people up then it has done its job

  • Mike Martin

    Ah but you see,he didn’t really win the election (not by we the people ) he won by electoral votes .I’ve never really understood that .Everyone says ,”Get out and vote ! “For what reason when it comes to president ? We the people don’t decide.Bet you over 50% did not vote for this man !

  • Logan Rawhide Jenkins

    I do not find that amusing at all.

  • Logan Rawhide Jenkins

    He will also do his best to legalize running for a third term..just wait and see.

  • Connie

    The anti Christ will come from Iran, Obama is just taking down the last free Country and paving the way for him.

  • Don Toney

    Don’t you Know He would have to take away all the Guns BEFORE he could ever make a speech like that! All Hell would break loose Americans would storm DC and Burn it to the Ground before WE would accept This From ANYONE! American Patriots and Vets Out Number ANY Military in the World.

  • steve

    The same things that are being said against President Obama were also said Against President Bush. That is why.

  • Brad Burns

    As a CIA/NASA Data Center Military Commander and CEO of a near future Fortune 500 company I have to say that Rick Wells is a complete fucking moron. What were you smoking at the time you fabricated this collection of insane idiocy?

  • DMGrigsby

    I told people the same thing. From day one that I saw this man I knew he was evil and that he was the biggest evil we would ever see if he got elected….. I hate to say to people I told you so….

  • DMGrigsby

    I heard the same thing…..

  • Randy

    Not cool we get so many critics that say there in no credibility about things like this. Satire this is not, it’s too close to truth without being fact, careful my brothers.

  • Ognol Longo

    Naw.. youll see a positive change when they place Hilhorey in the crap house =)

  • Anthony Choppi

    Let me make this so clear. You are a racist if you think of Muslim as a bad thing. More harm in this world has been done by Christians in the name of god than any other religion so go take your ignorant racist self and go read a book you morons. Second Bush 1 and 2 and Reagan all did things to this country to change it for the worse and all you morons all go after the black guy for doing stupid shit but praise those idiots. You are not patriots you are morons and uneducated morons at that. Obama is an idiot no doubt but you attack him and praise everything the others have done . Educate yourselves , read read read………….Any time you want to talk like grown ups let me know . I will bring my books and school you all in how for over 30 yrs all presidents have slowly taken your rights away . Then I will school you on religion since lets see Islam is the Worlds Largest Religion ……

  • Poollee

    I say all the nations should team up and wipe “ofucker” off the face of the planet and end this now. Who agrees ?

  • Poollee

    We, the people, take initiative and fix it. You apparently only see short term goals and not long term

  • A

    You do realize that that would take a Resolution from Congress? You guys are beyond delusional.

  • Poollee

    Put the government aside and lets do what is right. Right now, I believe everyone could careless about the government. So try and stop someone from saving America and lets see what happens to you.

  • A

    The fact that you equate your ridiculous “cause” with the Revolutionary War is beyond the pale.

  • The Logical Truth


  • A

    He won by over five million votes! How is that not a mandate? Jesus fucking Christ you are stupid.

  • Michael Santarella


  • Clenna

    We must all stand together and get this tyrant out of our Whithouse NOW.

  • daffusjay

    Hey you, wash your mouth out with soap and get a vocabulary so you can hold a descent conversation . You are exactly who the article refers to in you street language , unlearned comment and apathy towards what is actually happening. I would say more than likely you voted for the man twice.

  • Kenneth P hill

    And I well drank to that even if it kills me

  • Micheal Brown

    next day seals remove him from offce up for high treason to people of USA

  • Ed

    I’m outta here. Who ever is responsible for writing this sickening article satire or not is one sick individual. You need professional help! Get back on your meds and stay on them! This kind of propaganda is extremely damaging to our country! And don’t forget that other world leaders view this sickness as throughout the U.S.population. your making us all look and sound like fools! Just sayin

  • Nick Monterosso

    Apparently you are the one who is delusional Obama has already bypassed Congress on several things that only Congress could approve. I would say its time to wake up but no one who needs to seems to be listening.

  • PSNewton

    Of course he will never say this but just think about it. He may wish this jut by his actions or inactions.


    Muslims?have earned their own definition as tyrants.


    What this passage means is that Muslims aren’t allowed to be friends with non-Muslims unless they intend to exploit them. To fulfill this charge Muslims are allowed to lie about their religion. Strictly speaking this should only mean denying that they are in fact Muslim and pretending to be non-Muslim, however, in practice it means lying about aspects of Islam that upset non-Muslims like: Mohammed was a blood-thirsty tyrant who raped a 9 year old girl and invented the punishment of cutting off the hands and feet of petty criminals. All things practiced by devout Muslims to this day, but importantly, not by any other major religion no matter how poor and uneducated they may be.

    What can we conclude from this? We simply cannot trust anything a Muslim tells us about their own religion because they’re allowed to lie about it. What’s worse, any Muslim who says they’re our friend could very well be purposely manipulating us, I know that sounds paranoid, but read what that passage in the Koran that says and keep in mind that the Koran is meant to be the literal word of Allah and cannot be questioned. We all know Christians who take turn the other cheek seriously, you can bet Muslims exist who take this seriously too.


    You can always judge a religion by how well it treats it’s non-adherents. In Islam they have perfected the art of abolishing the dignity of non-adherents. They have developed this concise set of rules:

    A. If they are Jewish or Christian, classify them as ‘dhimmis‘ and make them pay a special ‘tax’ (the jizya) to the Islamic endorsed government in return for not being murdered by Muslims. If they do not pay up then enslave, rob, rape and lynch them as you please.

    B. If they are not Jewish nor Christian, then enslave, rob, rape and lynch them as you please.

    C. If they are atheists. Kill them.

    D. If they were Muslim and became apostates then kill them. Kill them now, with scalding water.

    So the options are submit (slavery), submit (convert to Islam) or submit (be killed).

    Charming religion.


    he most violent Religion

    This is not a joke. This is not misinformation. This is not a lie. These are the statistical facts. Thanks to http://www.thereligionofpeace.com for keeping a record of as many confirmed Islamic terrorist attacks as humanly possible since September 11, 2001. Their data is not exhaustive of course because it doesn’t contain many attacks because they either weren’t reported or they include honour killings and judical killings like stoning or flogging people to death for petty crimes. However, what this data shows is that far from being a religion of peace, no other religion inspires nearly as much violence and bloodshed than Islam.


    Here we have the monthly casualties from Islam. Islamic terrorism has killed 150,000+ civilians since the World Trade Centre attack 10 years ago. The combined number of civilian deaths resulting from theAfghan and Iraq wars is approximately 80,000. Not all of these were killed by westerners either. The biggest difference here is that those 80,000 deaths were all unintended deaths whereas those 150,000+ were all planned, premediated and deliberate cold-blooded attacks on civilians. That’s the difference between accidentally dropping a loaded gun and killing someone and pointing the gun at someone and firing at them. Both are crimes, but the latter is far more serious.

    Now, I’m personally against both the war in Afghanistan and retrospectively Iraq, because the statistics show that Muslims are far more interested in killing other Muslims than non-Muslims. Approximately 80% of the victims of those 150,000+ murders were Muslims, because they were the wrong Muslims: Shi’ites, Sunnis, Sufis etc…

    Islam is so violent, they kill each other more than their supposed godless enemies. That’s not a spiritually enlightened state, that’s a suicidal and delusional state. A lot more non-Muslims would die, of course, if our police and intelligence services weren’t efficient in western countries. In non-western countries, religious violence doesn’t appear to be taken as seriously by police. This violence isn’t taken seriously by anyone who says Islam isn’t violent. Also, I hope people will appreciate the violence is worse now than it used to be.


    And so I conclude, Islam is dangerous, and anyone who tells you otherwise needs to read the Koran, read these statistics and reconnect with reality. The sooner Islam is abolished the sooner we’ll have world peace and it won’t be abolished if we don’t recognise it as a problem that needs fixing. So pull your head out of your politically correct arse and reconnect with reality: Islam is a disease, it has no place in a civilised society and it isn’t racist to say such things

  • Jb_fastpitch

    SAP is a screwed up OS. I was forced tous it as a saleseman for a US industrial supplier, and it was completely back en oriented, It was terrible for the sales force. There are any simpler and much less expensive off the shelf softwares for specific industries that operate well out of the box.

  • charlieB

    I don’t think the people voted his sorry ass in there the second term, I think it was rigged like everything else there.

  • Brad Willard

    Too bad so many people don’t even know what ‘satire’ means. Great write-up. Pretty intense. Thought provoking.

  • Kenny

    I wet my self until I got to the” satire” at the end. I was literally getting ready to bug out!

  • Rusti Catherine Malone

    I said the same thing about him, but no one listened. I’ve also said that this nation needs to turn back to God, but many people don’t listen to that either.


    You do realize he controls the Senate don’t you? Or are you the one that is delusional? You do realize that he has spent the last 5 years constantly breaking our laws and has gotten away with it every time, don’t you? What the hell do you think he has been doing?

  • Rusti Catherine Malone

    Take Simon Peter, for instance. He died for God. He did not die in vain. Anyone who dies in the name of God is blessed.

  • Margaret Anderson

    executive order- already in place!

  • OccupyGovernment

    Well you’re a government shill then. For one it is not your internet. You could have chosen to not even check out this page. Secondly, he posted in under satire because much of what he says is plausible. Look at all the needless NSA monitoring, the police state that we live in as well as CIA-aeda (Al Quaeda). Wait until the Agenda 21 henchman come for you. Welcome to the New World Order.

  • William Cartwright


  • Tohellwithusall

    HOLY SHIT! I almost wasted my time reading this as if it had any literary( or even literal) merit…….thank God( or whoever since i am an atheist) that I didn’t……….

  • JD

    And how is that mentality any different from muslim jihadists?

  • JD

    The fact that you believe his statement to be ridiculous is childish, naive, and pathetic. His statement was not in reference to a satirical story, but to the fact that we as a people are past a point where we can change the country by working within the system. It is that point in the history of a country that revolution becomes a viable and necessary option, bloody as that may be.

  • JD

    Ive never understood that. Winning by 5 million votes when there are hundreds of millions of people in this country. And the politicians have the gall to use that as a basis of choosing for the rest of america. A system in which so few participate can not possibly called a working system. In truth the government of America has been hijacked and held at ransom by big business and self serving politicians for many generations now.

  • JD

    A “civilized” man wouldnt be caught dead in the woods, and a “civilized” man wouldnt eat when his society crumbles either

  • Anti_Stupid

    This website and it’s viewers are nothing but a conglomerate of mentally senile people. Please go seek help.
    Leave your reply below…But I’ll be long gone.

  • Johnnie Lee

    most of the americans did not vote for him

  • Sharon Merryman

    I didn’t “buy” into his bull either….. granted I know this article is pure speculations on how Obama thinks or what he may write, but it the dang truth…. and if we can’t hurry up and get him out office, America is gonna be screwed. My husband believes he will make some kind of changes to where he CAN stay the “president” , ultimately…. dictatorship

  • Chris Reynolds


  • Jeremy David Acton

    The is not about Democrats or Republicans. It is about the US Federal Government and it’s controllers. The secession of states from the Federation would put them all out of business. Their further secession from the dollar as currency would put the US Federal Reserve (the source of all the rot) out of business.
    If the states can’t get it together, counties could do the same without even sticking their neck out. If the counties can’t then town or villages could.

  • Tam Loretta Grimes

    Military knows hes not a true American.Thats why he hates Our troops.Smarten up or this will happen

  • Tam Loretta Grimes

    If you read the bible it is interesting it says Barack Obama is the anti-christ in the hebrew bible.

  • Tam Loretta Grimes

    This is a video stating that Oslama is the anti-christ as told by the hebrew bible.The true bible

  • Gary Chaney

    Then get up off your ass and do something about it…The people need to stand together, not lay down and whine “there’s nothing we can do about it”. It is time to take up arms and take our country back. It is time for AMERICANS to grow a backbone and do what is right, even if it means getting your hands a little dirty…

  • Newschick2

    We the people need to come together as a force .. and go up against him, meaning IMPEACH, get rid of… or lock him down to where he doesnt have the power to make exicutive orders , and make sure that he negotiates with all parties…

    It is wrong to let this continue, but we the PEOPLE must stop this! only we can slow him down or stop him. if we dont its going to be darker times ahead for all. :/ just sayin…

  • Dena Campbell

    The dems control everything. It is treasonous to secede and we should fight FOR the Republic instead of running like wimps away from it. The PEOPLE now have a decree and Order-To-Vacate to ALL within the Government and they are given 5 days to gather their personal belongings and leave or be escorted out. We are involving our States. The military would join the People. Read the text of the decree here on Facebook under FILES called THE PEOPLE’S DECLARATION TO REVOKE AND ABOLISH. It is legal and binding.


  • Dena Campbell

    You err. I authored a decree and Order-To-Vacate to ALL those within the Government in violations. We are involving the States. The text of the decree, titled THE PEOPLE’S DECLARATION TO REVOKE AND ABOLISH is found on Facebook under FILES.


  • Newschick2

    I warned people too but they never listen, they dont reason, and they are blinded by what can be given to them.. it really is sad… hope the rest of the sheeple wake up!

  • Patriot

    We, the people. I would like to start my comment with that. The politicians in Washington have had an agenda that has ignored the wants and expectations of the American ppl for decades. We have all been too absorbed with our internet, smart phones, and video games to be interested in the atrocities that our govt has committed. Obama is the result of our own non committal attitudes to take control of our own and our countries destiny. We have become sheep and we are being herded as such. I love my country and have watched as we, the people, have been deceived. Where do we, the people, turn now ? Mr. Obama, we, the people, must now ask for your resignation and if you refuse we, the people, must take action on a state wide, county wide, city wide, or even a community wide coalition to rid ourselves of a tyrant. Sic semper tyrannis. We, the people, will defeat you. If history reveals one thing it is that all tyrants have a short lived rein. Our first fight is against obamacare. This law will open the door to obtrusive home invasions and change the life that our fore fathers fought to give us. This law is un constitutional. If that is unbelievable to some I would like to bring your attention to the fact that congress exempted themselves from this law during the inception of it. The shutdown of our govt is an impeachable offense. I beg you fellow patriots to act now. We, the people, must act now to rid our country of an “Obamanation”.

  • PatriotToo
  • Chris Bowen

    Nice logical fallacy, you are either a law abiding citizen and believe what you believe, or not and dont believe. It is called a false dichotomy for your future reference.

  • Fedup2

    With all due respect, I understand the author trying to express what he sees and I don’t see a positiive outcome with everything going on from so many issues starting with the affordable healthcare (not affordable) and the Gov.t shutdown and not coming to terms. However, this article is not true and it should be understood from the beginning that the author should have stated at the top of the article, bolded: “This is my interpretation of how the events of the last five years will play out if this madness and criminality is allowed to continue.” I think that would have been a much more successful and appreciated approach to handling this subject. People are freaked out enough about what’s going on and I just feel this should have been clear and precise that it is soley the author’s opinion. I am not in anyway defending either side and have been very discouraged by the folks who are suppose to be respresenting our nation!!! Thank you!

  • Karen Senecal

    is that the same congress that is currently playing shut down the govt games and pay for extra time and materials to close outdoor monuments and State parks? youre right, delusions

  • Karen Senecal

    what part of it is made up? and the chip actually exists. a story was pasted all over FB a few weeks ago about a patent for a chip like this. I believe it was related to inmates and such, because they cant just come out and print that they intend to require every US citizen and migrant worker to volunteer to have a surgically implanted chip but …
    it is not science fiction. the chip exists. as do eye scans.

  • Anthony L Barrett

    So.. you don’t say satire until some reaches the bottom of the page?! This is one of the many tactics of the mainstream media to ensure our attention, I’d expect better out of this site.

  • Kevin M. Koop

    Apparently Barry has his own military. I just watched the awards ceremony in which Captain Will Swenson was to receive the Medal of Honor. Barry Soetoro, a.k.a Barrack Obama said, “with that I would like MY MILITARY to read the citation please.” WTF! THEY ARE OUR MILITARY! I really wish someone would bring this asshole down a few pegs!

  • helen

    This very well could have been a speech from Obama, if he did decide to be honest with us all!!!Kinda scary, isn’t it???

  • vindicate58

    Please quit plastering this…….the results..However badly needed……will be disastrous. ….almost like someone is attempting to incite an assassination. This however would not be good for the american people. Please stop posting this. At the very least put the diclaimer at the top

  • helen

    not necessarily…if he declares martial law..he can ‘rule’ as long as we allow him to……

  • DilloTank

    You miss the one pertinent point. The government is now an illegitimate, criminal enterprise.

    American’s rights do not come from the government. They come from God. If the government breaches them (our God-given rights), the government is the criminal, not the citizen who asserts them.

    Your post is quite ambiguous. What false dichotomy are you referring to.

  • John Paul Snipes

    It ain’t over til moochelle sings!

  • DilloTank

    I believe we are within our God-given rights to refuse to comply with any laws that are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is Supremely full of shiit.

  • Chris Bowen

    That is not a point, that is a belief. There is no document that says that. The closest you have is the DoI, but it does not even say that, it says by their creator, not God, leaving it up for the interpretation of the individual.

    Our rights are granted by us, the people, in so far as we are willing to defend them. They are not granted by some being there is no evidence of existence of.

    “From the We all knew obozo was a commie muslim! At least law abiding citizens did!” sic

    You are either law abiding and believe that Obama was a commie Muslim or you are not law abiding and dont believe that…

    I could have also pointed out the fallacy in calling him obozo, but I left that out.

  • Mr Sokitumi

    Here here!!!! )o,,,

  • Mr Sokitumi

    One like…… likens to the yellow bellies I really see Americans as having, your in a hella lot of trouble now people )o,,,

  • Mr Sokitumi

    Shawn Bleicher on facebook, to see who really plays all the sides… ruling the world )o,,,

  • Dakota

    Do they not have schools where you come from?

  • Dakota

    You attack his crude language but totally ignore that he called somebody out on their fallacies? Typical. Also, it’s *decent

  • Dakota

    It scares me that people actually believe this

  • daffusjay

    I guess according to you, that makes using such language justifiable! Decent ? Only in your book. I believe he could have got the message across without all the vulgar drama.

  • Dakota

    I’m not saying his vulgar language was acceptable. I would have preferred him not to use such language. However, it does not take away from the fact that he was correct. You cannot disagree with that. And when I said “Also, it’s *decent,” I was correcting your spelling mistake.

  • daffusjay

    No I don’t believe he is correct and I do disagree, when the Muslims are killing Christians (Protestants and Catholics alike) and others all over the world and they have made it known that Killing the Infidale is as instructed by their god and done in the name of their god. So, they demand for an infidale ( Christian or others) who are not of their religion to convert or be killed. Also if it helps you any, I corrected the spelling error. See, you understood even when I had an error in my spelling , No vulgar drama needed. But I believe maybe you need to listen and study more about what they say themselves and what is written and reported about their mission.

  • daffusjay

    Who is going to listen to someone like you who can’t speak the Kings English without using all those vulgar words which don’t even make sense. Don’t you have a decent vocabulary? Wash your mouth out and get one.

  • Briland

    What does MUSLIM have to do with anything? It is him as a individual!

  • Dakota

    Do you have an extensive background in studying Islam? Do you know what the meaning for Taqiyya is? If you did, you would understand that his comment was actually just correcting somebody and posting a fact.

  • Clifford M. Gager

    absolute BS… there were no uhhhs eeeeeeers or uuuuummmmmmssss LOL

  • Nathan Cameron

    Damn! This came across as being legit.

  • http://www.bobkinford.com Bob Kinford

    Actually it is in the preamble to the US Constitution. A person could be law abiding and not know Odumbuh is a commie/Muslim, but only if you didn’t pay attention to what he was saying. It amazes me that he can get applause for contradicting himself….

  • Equality 7-2522

    Ending SNAP payments may just be the catalyst to launch the riots needed for Obama to justify Martial Law. As he continues to veto everything sent to him waiting for a complete and total capitulation of The GOP which most likely won’t happen, he waits to launch the ‘Event’ that will end The United States of America as we know it. And May God Have Mercy On Our Souls.

  • American Knight

    Obama is a criminal. He belongs in a cage.

  • Freebro

    No, It is Not Treasonous for many states who were/are still Republics because they signed a Treaty with the US government!!! Texas joined the US in 1847 by Treaty & is stipulated that if the US government Violated Any of Texas’ Constitution, Peoples’ Right that Texas Could Succeed from the Union!!! I suggest that you research more on What Treason Really is, so says this 62 y/o USAF Retired Veteran Oath Keeper waiting for a Strong Leader to Form a Revolution!!! Revolting is the ONLY WAY to End All This CRAP!!! Forget voting because obuzzard just STOLE the last Election, which BTW may be the Last Election!!! Think about it because obuzzard will Try to be a dictator, so Watch Out!!!

  • sav

    look to History because it always repeats itself if we allow..

  • Marial Gidney

    OMG–The day is coming when this won’t be a writing in fiction, but real words coming from this traitor’s mouth. How can people not see him for what he is? Are they all just blind or what? We have got to stop this mad man before he destroys us all and there is NO MORE AMERICA.

  • Rita C

    My husband had a dream about Obama before he even ran for president.. he saw him in the oval office with the chair turn to the back and as he turned around he had a turbin on his head and smiled and laughed saying I have fooled them all… My husband woke up screaming and crying… we tried to warn people but he was elected. and the dream has come true!

  • Rita C

    He won’t need to if there is an uprising.. he will declare Marshal Law and then there is no more elections.

  • Arson_Nick

    For the record, Islam is a religion and Muslims are the people who follow that religion. Such things have absolutely NOTHING to do with terrorism or sentiments against the US except when SMALL factions use the religion to deceive others into doing their bidding. REGARDLESS of religious or political affiliation, you can buy a suicide bomber in certain places in the Middle East. Suicide bombing isn’t even new. Remember the Kamikazes? WWII, anyone? Yes, the Middle East is a violent place. You try living your life day to day wondering if you’re going to get shot at, raped, or have a bomb dropped on you. It’s been that way for MANY, many years. It’s just how things are over there. I know some one from that area of the world. People are constantly trying to defend borders. It’s like if TN and KY wanted to duke it out. Please pull your heads out of your asses and educate yourselves. What was described in this article won’t happen for another 3 years minimum. I’d be pleasantly surprised if it happened sooner, though. The people SHOULD act, but WILL we? When we do, it’s just giving them an excuse to initiate martial law and make the above come to fruition sooner than later.

  • C Jacob Brennan

    i don’t even know where to begin on this bs, i mean jeremiah wright comments on the use of nuclear weapons was the first thing that made me think that obama might be the right guy. news flash the great white america show is in it’s final season, praise god

  • C Jacob Brennan

    i take back everything i said, no one can be as stupid as you sound so this must be bait for tea party militia types to be monitored by. keep up the good work!

  • C Jacob Brennan

    sorry i blew your cover…

  • C Jacob Brennan

    never go full tard

  • Glenn Mason

    BUT SURE 100% SURE

  • Chris Bowen

    The preamble

    “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    Where do you see a mention of a God in there…..

    Second, while you give that option (while still committing the ad hominem logical fallacy) the OP did not.

  • Jason Pearson

    Heres the thing.
    All Officers in the U.S Armed services are sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States of America., against all enemies both foreign and domestic.
    At this late stage., one would have thought that the Armed services would have realised that obama is the enemy of the Constitution of the United States of America.
    If this is indeed the case., then he should be arrested and forcibly removed from the Oval Office and the White House immediately.
    Im just a foreigner living in a foreign land…., but what do i know right???
    After all………., its your country and its up to you to enforce your laws as you see fit

  • Su3mb

    Obviously it was rigged! How could he get more votes than the number of registered voters in some precincts?

  • Su3mb

    And they would just be doing their jobs . . .

  • Guest

    Liberals haven sense of humor.

  • Su3mb

    Liberals have NO sense of humor. If this was presented as a speech by George Bush, you’d have no problem with it, would you?

  • Benny

    Is this for real? I’ve been watching fox news for months now into the wee hours of the night and never saw him make this speech is there anywhere I can watch this speech

  • Benny

    I don’t find anything on youtube or the news for that matter can you provide any other links where this speech can be seen or any other source confirming this information ? because I don’t think we would have just gone down like this and been all good with him making this statement. thank you for taking the time to read this post.

  • brandon hatcher

    ok not saying this isnt real… but i would like to watch a video of him saying all this instead of reading a supposed transcript….

  • Benny

    Exactly I’m with Brandon… I could have written this and slapped “Obama Announces Dictatorship ” I just don’t see him saying this and Americans saying oh ok Obama dang you got us I guess we better turn over our weapons and bow to you power. I just need to see him making the speech.

  • Benny

    wow I feel like a douche thanks Jason for pointing out the disclaimer after the transcript I was freaking the fuck out wondering how I missed this I was about to barricade me and my family in the house in full battle rattle . Next time please put the Satire first I have 8 Deployments between Iraq & Afghan. I wasn’t going out without one hell of a fire fight. damn that was crazy.

  • Benny

    Brandon Hatcher its not real he wrote this it says so at the end of the transcript under satire it Scared the shit out of me for about 6 comments luckly theres a gentleman on here that That pointed it out.

  • Dena Campbell

    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ceded to the United States the land that now comprises the states of California, Utah, and Nevada, as well as parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado. Mexico also renounced all rights to Texas. The treaty was signed by MEXICANS who fought to gain Texas back which had obtained independence from Mexico. Texas wanted to join the US as a State but Mexico tried to stop it. After the Mexicans signed the treaty, Texas was admitted. As for Texas Constitution, it cannot violate the US Constitution. No State can remain a REPUBLIC if it LEAVES the REPUBLIC and VIOLATES THE REPUBLIC. It is TREASON to break the Union. I know what treason is. If the Union is broken, if the Republic, the Constitution, is in danger of being destroyed, if the REPUBLIC is threatened with war, subversion, abridgment of the Constitution, giving aid and comfort to enemies of the US…These are examples of treason. How would a State revolt if it LEAVES the UNION. The US Constitution gives the States and the People the power and authority to remove violators from the Federal Government, abolish their unlawful laws and replace those violators. So, what is the problem? Can’t do that if a State LEAVES the Union, for then, you have NO power or authority that was given by the same Republic you wish to run from.

  • Dena Campbell

    You are correct. And we, the People, can and must overthrow the commiecrats from our Governments by decree and force and then nullify all those laws that are unconstitutional from as far back as 100 years ago.

  • Dena Campbell

    All of what?

  • Dena Campbell

    there are more people with guns than there are military, law enforcement and security combined. The problem is encouraging people to become empowered and focus with the mentalities of those during the Revolutionary war.

  • Diane Crouse

    Creator not meaning God? That is an oxymoron. The Creator is a reference to God and yes the Creator is directly brought up by our Founders, in the Preamble. The Preamble is a Statement of Purpose for the development of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Republic. Your life existence is granted by some being, whether you believe in that being as God or not. They also mentioned nature and natures Creator. You did not give yourself life, neither did your Government give you life That is their point. .

  • Diane Crouse

    Check Out the Declaration of Independance.

  • Diane Crouse

    The supposed President we have in the WH right now is guilty of treason on many of the counts you have pointed out above.

  • Chris Bowen

    No, first I quoted the preamble above, please point out where, with specificity it mentions a god, or even a creator.

    Second while they could have, and possibly did for the most part mean a God, not necessarily the Christian God, since some were deists, it could be that some of them meant your parents who also are considered to have created you. In any case the DoI has no role in our government other than being a precursor to the constitution, the same as the fundamental constitution of the Carolinas grant to the Lord Proprietors by the King of England. The constitution is the sole governing document and it does not mention a deity, or creator, directly or indirectly.

  • Jay Z

    History NEVER repeats it’s self, but it rymes.

  • Dena Campbell

    Yes he is.

  • Jason Smith

    I don’t know what your problem is. But my English is just fine. I speak English, no specific form of it. And if the word is in the dictionary I can fucking use it. Now get over yourself and get back on topic.

  • Jason Smith

    We should take up arms. But if a few people do it the will be arrested and we won’t have their help when we really need to.

  • Jason Smith

    We need everyone to take up arms, but not for some satire posted on this page. We need people to focus on the real issues, like out diminishing freedom.

  • Cindy Beck

    Although I agree with you. You should not post something like this, You know how things can get twisted. and Calls for a war. and that is just what Obama wants. so that he then can take control over the U.S

  • Marie Ardelan

    I don’t like him at all but this is a theoretical speech and before he even attempts to finish it he’ll be assassinated by someone.

  • Joe Bates

    This post was shown several days ago. All the comments were EXTREMELY angry (not at the government, but at YOU)

  • Jason MournsAlways

    Where in the constitution does it state that it is treason to break the union? constitution… NOT case law.

  • Jason MournsAlways
  • David Krutsinger

    How is following a party that believes 100% in the constitution treasonous?

  • Tommy Rowe

    WEget up off our lazy asses and march on dc and remove all the traitors to our nation once and for all. Its not that hard all it takes is courage. got some??? It takes the whole nation though not just 20000 patriots. we all have to be a part of this.

  • Ronald Hunter

    Just a bit premature, but maybe just before the next presidential election….

  • Tommy Rowe

    Dena you are not very familiar with Texas my homestate are you. No Mexican signed anything for us. You seem intelligent but do not speak about my beloved state unless you have your facts right.

  • Tommy Rowe

    Actually voting for federal officials has been rigged for the last 3 terms. Remember the crap down in florida with bush? Cover up of this very point. local elections are still real but if you think your vote counts for the prez well ive got some ocean-front property in Arizona id like to sell you. lol

  • Tommy Rowe

    Then why will they not act!! How far does this have to go!!

  • Tommy Rowe

    Im with ya Gary!!!

  • http://www.bobkinford.com Bob Kinford

    Going off the top of my head, I stated the wrong document. YOU stated “There is no document that says that”
    I was wrong about which document, but you were just…wrong.

  • http://www.bobkinford.com Bob Kinford

    One of the first things we need to do is require the Constitution be studied in public schools.

  • http://www.bobkinford.com Bob Kinford

    Like the USA has never violated a treaty? Turn about is fair play, especially as the conditions under which states west of the Mississippi river were unconstitutional to begin with. http://press-pubs.uchicago.edu/founders/documents/a1_8_17s22.html was followed to a “T” until the territories west of the Mississippi river became states.

  • Chris Bowen

    You do understand that DoI is short for the (D)eclaration (o)f (I)ndependence right? It is not a legally founding document of the US. It has not legal bearing on anything that happens with the US government. The first document that established the nation is the constitution, and you will fined no mention at all of that. In fact there are at least 2 specific clauses in the Constitution that established us as secular, the separation of church and state clause and the clause which states there is no religion test to hold public office.

  • Chris Bowen

    No, I was correct. You still have not pointed out a document that has it, and the next sentence in the post you quoted covers why the DoI, or (D)eclaration (o)f (I)ndependence does not count. But of course just like a child you only hear what you wanna hear.

  • http://www.bobkinford.com Bob Kinford

    The DOI may not be a “legal” document, but was written as the reasons behind the Constitution. Second, the separation of church and state is freedom OF religion and not freedom from religion. It was instated not to separate us from religion, but to keep the state from imposing any one religion on the people. All you need to do is be able to read and comprehend simple English.

  • Chris Bowen

    Mostly wrong. The DoI was the reasons behind the revolutionary war. If you knew your history you would realize that after the war there was a great divide between forming an actual centralized government called the US, and that the federalist papers was written as the reasons behind the Constitution.

    For the separation clause you got that partially right.. How can you say that it has nothing to do with freedom from religion and then say it is to keep the state from imposing any one religion on the people, if you cannot impose any one religion you cannot impose any religion.

    third you did not even try to argue against the no religious test to hold any office in the government, something right wingers keep wanting to violate.

  • Brad Burns

    NSA endless monitoring is to remove pedophiles and fraudulent swindlers, murderers and rapists. Get over yourself, a type one civilization (kardashev scal) is inevitable for worldwide fairness and the opportunity to work together scientifically to accomplish world goals and solar system exploration. Get out of here with your bullshit scared of government Jesuit low IQ brainwashed mentality. New World Order… fucking idiots, you complain about shit you have absolutely put no time into thinking about bettering or mending, the NWO is an idea to combine world currency to eliminate “cold war neocon proximity war” you have read nothing, you know nothing of the what the military does for our country, you are just another jack ass jumping on the I hate government bandwagon when the people of the “real” anonymous/occupy movements came from the computer science cult of the United States Intelligence Community. You know nothing, your intentions are distracted by people like Alex Jones, read more, re-evaluate and purpose solutions for the things you complain about instead of lingering in fabricated conspiracy

  • Catherine Wood

    Sounds about right to me. This is the goal.

  • Thomas

    I’ve been WAITING for him to tell us who he really is and what the real ‘change’ was going to be like…lol.

  • Crystal Gayle Osborne

    Something you left wingers keep trying to impose is freedom “FROM” religion. Forgetting that those who chose to believe have equal right to practice in public just as much as a non believer. The only reason the religion test and separation of church and state are in the constitution is to prevent a rule by divinity ( for the illiterates that means so someone or some religious group cannot proclaim the right to rule granted by a divine or spiritual entity, much like the Catholic church has) BUT it does not exclude the POTUS’s right to be religious or to even talk about his religion, nor does it exclude a government agency or entity from allowing persons to practice religion (like prey or display religious items) on government property, including public schools. These rules ONLY prevent the government from instituting laws mandating one faith and rule by divinity. This falls under the “Natural” right of free thought protected under the constitution. As far as a right winger preferring a religious POTUs over a non-religious POTUS, well that’s our “Natural” right to choose. I can’t think of one single bill ever introduced unto congress, nor one rally or riot ect. by any right wing group demanding that a “religious” requirement be imposed. (Westborro Baptist cult don’t count, they do not represent the majority of those who have faith in a benevolent creator) So with that being said, I am kind of sick of Left wingers like you trying to distort the truth to abolish my “Natural” RIGHT to believe and live my life under that guidance.

  • Chris Bowen

    First I am not left, I am pretty center, I like and hate things on both sides.

    No one is forgetting that you have a right to practice your religion in public, but you do not have a right to impose your beliefs, as many of you like to do, on others.

    No one claimed that the POTUS does not have a right to be or talk about religion, but he has just as much right to not be and to not talk about religion.

    There are plenty of rallys by tea party right wingers calling for a requirement a Christian POTUS, so I am not sure why you are unable to see them, unless it is by choice or just willful ignorance.

    Lets not get into a benevolent creator though, we could get into a really heated debate on that.

    No one is trying to abolish your natural right to believe and live your life as you would. What we want is for you to stop trying to force us from living life they way you want.. To us you are the US Taliban, just one that has not taken full control over the government.. You have the right to worship as you want, but you need to keep it to yourselves. We dont mind if you do it in public, shoot I dont even care if people tell me to have a blessed day, however when you start trying to require my kids to learn psuedo sciences just to ensure that your faith is not questioned then we have an issue.

    The only one here distorting the truth is you, trying to blame the other side for the exact same thing your side is doing, and creating strawmans to cover it up.

  • Deborah Brownlee

    His middle name should have been the first clue before the first election. Why would anyone want a Hussain in office? He promised change and we got change… for the worse. Too many people voted for him on color not principle. There are too many idiots in the Senate and House scared to go against him and push for his impeachment. What are all afraid of? If they listened to the majority of the population who want him out they would do the right thing. It makes you wonder what kind of dirt is Obumma holding over their heads. Blackmail?

  • Dena Campbell

    IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD. Also the mention of GOD is in the Declaration Of Independence

  • Dena Campbell

    The DOI and Federalist Papers are the laws of the land as much as the Constitution.

  • Dena Campbell

    The Preamble states that the purpose of beginning a Federal Government, among other reasons, was to form a better UNION. A DISunion would break it, right? Also the Federalist Papers are detailed explanations of the Constitution and as much LAW as the Constitution itself. Our founders stated in the FP what should happen by the people if the Government turns against us and running away from the Republic is not it. We are to DEFEND and FIGHT FOR the Republic. Let me put it another way. We, the People, are not supposed to run cowardly away from the Republic like a bitch, but to overthrow those who have overthrown said Republic, like a boss!!

  • Dena Campbell

    They didn’t sign it FOR Texas. They conceded that they wouldn’t try to take what is now California, Utah, and Nevada, as well as parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado. Read about that war and reread my post. I never said Mexico signed anything for Texas. It was Mexicans who broke away from Mexico and Mexico fought them to get them back into Mexico but the US Army intervened and Mexico was defeated and finally conceded. Please learn to read it right the first time and I do have my facts right.

  • Dena Campbell

    You are right.

  • Dena Campbell

    And the Federalist Papers and DOI.

  • Chris Bowen

    Dena that was not part of the approved constitution and was added afterwards, http://www.philipvickersfithian.com/2011/05/us-constitution-and-year-of-our-lord.html. But good you found one reference, although inconsequential, now fine one that has anything to do with governance.

  • Chris Bowen

    Or even here:


    The use of the word “Lord” here is not a religious reference, however. This was a common way of expressing the date, in both religious and secular contexts

    Remember that Lord does not just reference a God, it was also used to represent people of a higher class during that time.

  • Chris Reynolds


  • Dena Campbell

    Can you be a little more specific? Anything set up by the Constitution can’t be just erased. The problems we have today is because the Constitution is violated.

  • pdigaudio

    Funny, but Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, disagrees with you. He says our rights come from our Creator, and contrary to revisionists, Jefferson was not an agnostic or a deist. The only one of those among the Founding Fathers was Thomas Paine, who as I recall was an agnostic. The rest were Bible believing Christians.

  • Robbin Banks

    Not bad but I would have focused on Obama’s real string pullers, the Brit monarchy and their Zionist mafia…

  • Mark Johnson

    where is the video to prove this transcript?

  • LeAnn Addleman

    It is a satire. It says so at the end.

  • LMoore

    Dems are already trying to do away with the 22nd Amendment, term limits for Presidents. It’s coming faster than you think.

  • Ipreferfreedom

    It is a point. Look at Obamacare, The NDAA. Nap time is over.

  • Phil

    Sure they can destroy my shell and harm my flesh and bones. But, they cannot destroy my soul. The real me. Though they would like to they cannot, and they will not. They know this. Have fun with your luciferian New World Order. Have fun serving the Anti-Christ. Misery loves company doesn’t it, Satan.

  • Chris Bowen

    Citation please? And if Jefferson was a theist and not a deist than why would he express his deism in letters? In any case your admission that Pain was not Christian still confirms my point.

    It does not matter where one person says he believes our rights come from, it matters what is written in the constitution.

  • Chris Bowen

    what does that have to do with finding a reference to a deity in the constitution, or where rights come from, the discussion we were having here?

  • Michael Extinctionlevelevent M

    Deists were Christians you moron. They believed the world was like a clock and God a clockmaker. He wound it up and sits back and watch. Chris Bowen is an idiot leftist. I am sure you worship the master, O. You have no knowledge of history and the forming of this country. Most of what you said is either false or leaves intricate points out that make a clear difference in meaning. Chris Bowen, you are one dumbass motherfucker.

  • Hilda L

    Obama wants his healthcare plan to fail! He wants it to fail so he can go to “Plan B” which is a “Single Payer Mandate” aka “Socialized Medicine” which is controlled by the Government! He needs to destroy all the Medical Insurance Companie…s so he can have full control over our healthcare & in doing so; he has full control over the American People! Medical Insurance Companies have already dropped over 2 million people & it’s still climbing! ObamaDoesn’tCare was NEVER ABOUT INSURING PEOPLE WHO CAN’T AFFORD INSURANCE; IT’S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT CONTROL! OBAMA & OUR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT DOESN’T GIVE A RATS A$$ ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BUT TO HAVE POWER & CONTROL OVER THEM!!!

  • Michael Extinctionlevelevent M

    Revolt, rebellion, secession are not treason. They are responsibility when the time calls for it. That is what your documents tell you. Or did you not read them correctly. The traitors are in the govt. LOL. There will be no taking this country back at the ballot box. So if you won’t fight, then be prepared for servitude.

  • LeAnn Addleman

    Agreed. That is the end result. What the website is doing now is collecting data about the people who are stupid enough to try to get through all the error messages and glitches and give out all their personal information. By visiting the failed website the government will have everything they need from you to take everything you have and make your life miserable, your name, address, bank account information, income, where you work, mortgage or rent info, what kind of car you drive, how many children you have, their names and all of your social security numbers…….etc. If you went to the site and tried to sign up, you have been had.

  • T Anne

    EXCUSE ME….check your history….IT IS TRUE that Jefferson Penned the Dof I, because he had such beautiful handwriting, and a way with words…. but the ideas expressed did not come from him only…..John Adams wrote most of the ideas contained in it , together with input from Franklin who put in his two cents….along with One other man making a committee of 4 to make the first draft. John Adams more than anyone was the driving force behind the declaration……History is so interesting….He himself was asked to write the document, but suggested that Jefferson do so because of his beauty of words and excellent penmanship!

  • Sammy Hollywood

    I could see this happening

  • Chris Bowen

    Deists are not Christians, Christians believe believe got plays a role in the world, and are THEISTS, DEISTS believe a god made the universe and left it. A Deist would not believe in the idea of jesus. As for history, my minor in history with all As would tell a different sotry, but dont let that stop you from making logical fallacies.

  • madeuce42

    WASTE HIM !!!!!!

  • Mark Johnson

    If “I” had taken the time to learn a “word” that “I” did not understand, maybe “then” “I” wouldn’t have asked such a silly question.
    Thank you LeAnne and Rick for the challenge.

    I now have another awakening to why the government is getting away with as much as it has.
    The sheeple per-say are not understanding the language the government mostly will use.


  • Randy Sparks

    Our current calendar is based on the life and death of Jesus Christ.Specifically His resurrection.The word ” Lord” most certainly refers to Jesus Christ.

  • Chris Bowen

    The fact that our current calendar is based on his believed life and death does not help you. A phrase like that would be used by Christians and non Christians a like. For example I dont believe in a deity myself but I still say God Bless you when someone sneezes, not because it is said by everyone instinctual in our society, whether we are Christians or not.

  • arcticalaskan

    I actually feel sorry for you, Chris Bowen. You are a lost soul. I would highly recommend that you repent and ask for forgiveness, You will be so much happier. Read The Bible, ask Jesus to come into your heart, and your life. Promise yourself to Jesus, and ask Him to take over your life. The lightness that washes over you will be the greatest feeling you will ever experience.

    If you choose not to, then I would pose a hypothetical question…

    Can you answer honestly…?
    If (God Forbid) the people you love the most in your life, your children, your parents, your wife, were all traveling together in a vehicle, and were in a horrible accident, and you were called to the hospital to find all of them in critical care, barely hanging on, fighting for each and every breath, and you found yourself with a moment alone in the room with them, would you not fall to your knees and beg God to save them, promising Him anything, Everything, if He would just save them? I am interested in what your answer will be. If you do not answer, then I hope that this question will be a salt in your wounds, causing you to rethink your position regarding the existence of God.
    He is waiting for you, Chris, knocking at your door, just answer, invite Him in, and He will eat with you, you will eat with Him. He is perfect, and wants to share His divine love with you. Go ahead, give it a try. Your life will change, forever. You will share life in His Kingdom, eternally, and you will lead your family to their salvation. They will love you for this. Christians already love you. God loves you.

  • Chris Bowen

    I have read the bible, 5 times, that is why I am no longer a Christian, which I was until my 20s. The bible is one of the most illogical pieces of literature I have ever read, and after 5 times I could not connect all the fallacies, I had to give up…

    As for your question, I would ask a god, and the phrase would start with, “if there is a god”, because while I am not a Christian, I am agnostic, meaning I dont give on the possibility that there is a god, and if there could be a god, than maybe he will help in a situation.

    Is in my nature to hope, but be realistic in the situation, so I tend to plan for all eventualities and not put all my eggs in one basket.

  • Birgit

    This does not affect me on a personal level until it comes to having a chip implanted. I can easily live out my faith, even makes sense in the sword to plow shears conversion in the bible. But the controlling power is still in the hands of some men and not others. Conversion to the laws of God are by free will, but this would now be by force. Which strangely was also told in the bible, every knee shall bend. It would happen before our technology would be so powerful that it can destroy the planet. Now the gun confiscation is plain wrong, it makes all of us to trust into the ones who would still have guns under the law, would stop us from shooting our own venison. I can see why Robin Hood would come back to haunt. The work we do for money would be the same, but our money would be monitored as well. We are held accountable for what we spend it on. Not that that would be a problem, after the government takes it’s split, I still have enough to feed my family and hopefully some left to help other people with if they have a need and refuse to go for government help, which is also extremely monitored as to who gets help and who does not. Technically forced tithing to the government and willing tithing to God. But my problem is that the government is not my God and even though I can live within it’s laws, they are not just, nor fair as to the Divine law given to me. It is slavery to me, I have no free will choice to participate in what I believe is needed. I can see roads and other infrastructure needs to be funded for the common good, but funding healthcare to people who need to grow spiritually thru their mistakes is another matter. People grow making mistakes, when they are left to figure out where to go from that point on forward. Instead it fixes people temporary and allows them to be productive, until the mistake is repeated and repeated and money is wasted. There is no perfection in that picture given, a way to a means, but a very forceful way and it closes any opening for spiritual growth and self reliance even if a mistake was made. I have no problem with choices, but I have a problem when all spiritual growth from those choices is blocked. Other than that I can live with this, minus the chip. It is my body and it is holy to me and why would I have to implant a foreign object if trust is the better option? There is no two way street there, closed spiritual growth as I call it. No progress to be made for a better solution. I guess it is kinda like a peace treaty enforced by rules who are quite restricting. At what time are we allowed to be trusted again? Especially if we never deserved to be distrusted to start with but just voiced our opinion and lived our lives as it was allowed and still should be allowed. This will cause a lot of pain and death to people with different opinions. Not to mention what will happen if all turn robot and trust is never reestablished on a free basis. Just saying do not beat me up here.

  • Ron Torrisi

    u guys are idiots if u believe this lmfao. hahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahah

  • m

    Where do they find this stuff to write if this where a true statement he would have been yanked from office already

  • Lonnie

    but your grades in Composition and Rhetoric were below average.

  • Chris Bowen

    Composition was low, only a 2.7 average, but I then again yours probably was not much better, starting sentences with lower case letters and all. I am a math major, so computation and logic are my strong points, English not so much…

  • seana

    Posted on Facebook so it must be unequivocally factual & true. No need to verify nor to double check our information, trust me!”

  • John Barnett

    it has not a single thing to do with whether chris belives in god or not! seperation of church and state was a big party of the constitution ensuring individual freedoms. The republican party has been destroyed by you bible thumpers. Anyone who shares the same ideals in politics yet doesnt belive the world is 6,000 years old and gay ppl getting married really isnt that big of a deal, is cast away from the party. Chris sounds like a pretty smart individual and knows his history and his religion. I went to sunday school and the rest of all the other christian bullshit, communion, confirmation….then looked at the bible myself as an adult and realized they only pick and choose what they want to teach you. the bible is one messed up drama story filled with violence, hatred, incest, and booze. one who believes this is the only true way to live your life is no dif that a muslim extremist hell bent on killing the infidel! For you to say all christians love chris, while his point of view (based on facts mostly) is attacked is absolute hipicracy!

  • arcticalaskan

    I will pray for you, too. Got a lot of anger bottled up in there, John. Prayer helps a lot. I am sure that you and Chris are fine fellow. I am not trying to insult you, just help you find the peace that comes with knowing God. By the way, insert yourself into the hypothetical situation I asked Chris to, and tell me your response…

  • Jonathan Lynch

    Read the first paragraph of the DOI again ! It specifically mentions God in it.

  • Chris Reynolds

    Ok fuckstick, it would take days to list everything that’s wrong. I agree, the constitution is great. So erase the corruption and greed, and play by the book. If it ins’t in the book, it doesn’t fly, I don’t give a fuck who you are. Does that help?

  • Chris Reynolds

    And if it has to happen by force, then you better agree with the constitution, because elsewise you’re gonna have a bad day.

  • Obama care for all

    Please show me in the US constitution the phrase, separation of church and state! It’s not in there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kristine.burton1 Kristine Burton

    happy Halloween>>the scariest story that ive heard lately…

  • Missy Dalton


  • Missy Dalton

    The best thing i have read on here so far!

  • Chris Bowen

    First I have addressed this several times, it meantions “their creator” the wording leaves it up to each of us to determine that, as “our creator” would indicate a singular god… Words matter…Phrasing matter

    Second the DoI is not a legal document, it has no bearing and was not approved to be our governing document, the Constitution is.

  • bill vickers

    Hi yall ,, I have been reading down here and for the most part all I see is good people fighting each other for no reason ,, time to agree to disagree and learn we lose by fighting each other, it is time to come together people or we all lose as a country,, and Obummer wins is that what you really want ,,,

  • john wharrier

    look what happened to feudal fanatical Japan when it fully awoke and angered the sleeping giant America.

  • Angelina Sclone

    No amount of facts can change a closed mind.

  • Angelina Sclone

    I truly enjoyed the article, why, because it’s what I have believed all along from the beginning. The biggest hoax ever brought forth in the history of this country. SLICK.

  • Roger Vickery

    while this is true who has the balls to stand up and shoot him and the majority of the democratic partyas well as a good number of pansy republicans

  • Angelina Sclone

    AH..you pointed that out. Faith, you have it or you don’t. Got It? The difference between the repeated lame mantra. Coming from two separate views, get off you’re ego.

  • Roger Vickery

    THIs is so true but when its to late it will be to late!

  • Chris Bowen

    The federalist papers and the DOI have no bearing on the law, they are not legal documents. To believe so shows you are already incorrect in your logic.

  • Roger Vickery

    well spoken sister!

  • Chris Bowen

    yea, I am the one with the ego problem, lol, my mind can be changed with logic and reason, yours cannot.

  • Roger Vickery


  • Roger Vickery

    and John Cris talks out nof true ignorance of God bt you you are a plain old stupid man!

  • Bradley Hill

    You’re just simply heathen is all. But you are free to think/be that, too

  • Bradley Hill

    We get your point Chris…..but one day you will get YOUR Creators point.

  • Chris Bowen

    You are correct, and there is nothing at all wrong with being a heathen, although I know you meant it as a personal attack. I can tell you I live a better Christian life than most of the others posting here, as I dont judge people, just their words.

  • Chris Bowen

    And if so then so be it… However that is not one I would call a good God if he punishes me for being a good person, but not believing in him.

  • Bradley Hill

    Psalm 14 The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”

  • Bradley Hill

    Bob, make it a point to remember this: NEVER, I mean NEVER argue with a FOOL

    God’s (CREATOR) word says; in Psalm 14 The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”

    NOW, God called Chris a fool, so now you can, too.

  • Chris Bowen

    I never said there is no God, I am agnostic, not atheist, do you know the difference?.. I am a math major, logic is my life, and you cannot prove a negative existential, and since I cannot prove their is no God, I have to leave open the possibility that there is one.

  • Roger Vickery

    I’m 67 and army but Im ready if you are only we need about two or three hundred thousand more that thinks like we do!

  • Angelina Sclone

    Plenty of logic and reason here, but you, with the Big Ego but a Narcissist. Again, no amount of facts can change a closed mind,,there you have it Chris, not mine but yours. To top that you have become a bore. I am OUT, leave your zingers to the air. Must run Chris I am reading a great book…KILLING JESUS!

  • Chris Bowen

    I am neither an egotist nor a narrisist, you fit those qualities better than I. On the other hand I am watching Jesus was a Buddist monk on the BBC.

  • Terry Lundy

    i’ve known about barry seotoro since his first run for senate,all his background then showed he was not an american but someone we did not want in the white house…

  • Thomas Lamb

    Then read your BIBLE!

  • Chris Bowen

    I have read it 5 times when I was a Christian, that does not change logic

  • jusliloleme

    you chris, are an arrogant ass. we really do not care what you have to say. this is God’s country. you may not like hearing that but too bad. truth hurts. and guess what, we all know there are real hard times coming but we also know the end. and your side does not win.

  • Rodney coons

    ok Bob Kinford then we the people west of the mississippi should all leave the Union and you dumb fuck eastern folk can fen for your selfs. Now give us our money back.

  • jusliloleme

    first thing in the Constitution of the United States is the Declaration of Independence knucklehead.

  • Chris Bowen

    I am not the arrogant one here, as I am not the one dressings up opinions as facts, you are. but keep on believing, there is nothing wrong with belief

  • Chris Bowen

    Care to back that up with a quote, because I am 100% sure you are incorrect.. The Constitution does not mention the DoI at all, let alone the first thing…

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    Nope, no DoI mentioned…

  • James Neally

    you are in the most simple terms an idiot. alls you have to do is state the fact that this government sucks and diversity of religion is good. not start a fucking debate about god. if you are such a history buff and smart person then you would have known before you started arguing that the exact topics you are arguing about are ones that have started wars and ended empires. and that they just arent good conversational pieces.

  • James Neally

    you give me a gun ill do it as an act for the greater good of this country

  • Chris Bowen

    If you read the posts you would realize I did not start the debate about religions others did, but of course it is ok for Christians to start the debate as long as no one debates them, then somehow it is the second party who started it…

  • Bcash

    I am not crazy about Obama nor, you for that matter both of
    you are, intellectual idiots, and FRAUDS. When you wake up in the morning, I
    hope that you will hear a load pop. That would be your head coming out of your
    ass. If not, eat a 7.62x51mm aspirin, it will make you feel better.

  • jonathondf

    Whether the “creator” is God, or nature, doesn’t matter, the rights are not the gov’s to give or take, the powers the gov. has are for the people to give or take.

  • Chris Bowen

    I agree, and is what I said previously.

  • jonathondf

    The founders said that the Declaration contains the ethics that define the Constitution, they are intended as one document, Lincoln and MLK both knew it. Politicians have decided to ignore that fact, obviously, since many things the gov has been doing for a long time are unconstitutional. In fact, every bad thing in the history of the US has happened when the Declaration and/or the Constitution were being ignored. Could this be part of todays problems?

  • Joseph Taylor

    Worthless Socialist Tyrant! Lest we forget, he wasn’t nothing but a two bit organizer that didn’t have not one qualifying skill to run our country let alone revamp our nation’s whole healthcare system to fit the Communistic model his agenda is pushing on our Republic…….. hence the unsustainable train wreck our country, healthcare is in! If someone don’t take the lead or some branch of government in power don’t stand up and remove him from office the American people will be forced to stand up sooner or later for ourselves and our country cause he’s forcing it on us!

  • jonathondf

    Bob, I agree that the Declaration contains the ethics of the Constitution, but your definition of separation needs help, if your teacher says- separate the dimes from the pennies, you show the teacher 1 pile of all pennies, and 1 pile of pennies and dimes- you get an F. The motto of the US is not “in god we trust”, it is “out of many, one”. “In god we trust” was first put on money long after the US was a country, after the civil war I think. The Golden Rule and the 10 commandments are pretty much the intended backbone of the Declaration/Constitution though. The “separation” was for good reason, think about it.

  • jonathondf

    You are right that the Declaration has been found non binding, but it was intended as the ethics/morals behind the Constitution, I don’t remember the quotes, but the founders did intend it that way. Sounds like you have read through the history much more recently than me, maybe you know which quotes I am thinking of.

  • jonathondf

    She’s got you there Chris, the “year of our lord” is a direct reference to Jesus, since we are now in the 2013th year since his death.

  • http://www.bobkinford.com Bob Kinford

    Michael, Please don’t insult those of us who have allowed others to have brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles by referring to Chris as a dumbass motherfucker. If you must insult him using that kind of language, PLEASE refer to him as a fatherfucker…

  • Mark Drake

    fiction may become reality?

  • http://www.bobkinford.com Bob Kinford

    They can keep California, and the coast of Oregon and Washington. Don’t know what to do about Colorado other than deport the Californian and Jew Yorkers that have moved there in the last 20 years

  • secretum custode

    first off before you guys get too long winded. for the record im not taking sides to do legitimate evidence leading to someone being right or wrong. but whats the point of arguing with chris bowen?
    bowen is stating facts listed in the constition he isnt trying to insult or speak bad about anyone or their rights to their own religion or beliefs. as a christian myself i try my best not to judge people. and yes even though the DOI is not in the constitution it is placed as a symbol to show as we americans have our deferences beliefs and unbeliefs and we have morals and are willing to fight for a just and noble establishment. it doesnt mean one is going to become of this country, but it is a hope implanted from the hopes of our fathers.

  • secretum custode

    it even states if the ones who rule are corrupt we have a sense to stand up and fight against it
    but still is not in our constitution.

  • secretum custode

    its mostly a paper saying we as humans hope to fight against a corrupt government for our happiness

  • secretum custode

    if everyone believed our government belong to god do you think we would be at where we are now?
    not everyone believes in god nor do they read the bible. i believe myself that god exist.and also i love the church i go to. but people please understand not everyone will follow those beliefs.

  • custode secretum

    but this is my opinion if i have to live under a freakin dictatorship id rather die guns blazing

  • Andrew J. Corrales

    For real! Tell us it’s satire before I have a heart attack!

  • Iron Tub

    But earlier you said you were agnostic not atheist. How do you expect to be taken seriously, when you contradict yourself? You had asked someone who posted earlier if he knew the difference. Did you ask him because you actually didnt know?

  • Chris Bowen

    You dont understand agnosticism, I dont believe in a particular god, but I leave open the possibilities of a god’s existence.. If I believed in your god I would be Christian, not agnostic. An atheist would not believe in any gods existence… So no, I did not contradict myself.

  • Disqus

    time to kill thru a military run uprising and commit to shoot on sight any of Barack Hussains Obummers family and him,especially! When in doubt shoot first ask questions later only if nessessary.All supports of his regime are to be hung for treason against ethics of code and conduct of The United States of America since its beginnings in 1776. Shoot to kill on sight, only!!

  • Angelina Sclone

    A narrisist? One such as yourself, the same answer… NO YOU ARE! What are you in kindergarten?? I have to block you as I said you’re a running bore.

  • Chris Bowen

    I pointed out a fact, not a come back.. You acted like I should care that you find me boring, or that I should care that you are reading a “a great book”. Those are qualities of a narcissist, not people like me contradicting peoples logic. Had you not said those last 2 lines I would have ignored your ad homenim but as it is I responded because it was fairly ironic.

  • Jason Smith

    That’s right JD. We need to make a stand against our own government, but too many people are afraid of what might happen to them. Not worried about what will happen to future generations if they don’t fight.
    We need to stand up for our rights that are being taken away. We need to take back our country. We need to take back our money. And we need to be free.
    As Americans, being free should be all we know. But right now with what has happened in the last 6 years, people are becoming accustomed to the lack their of. Too many people are trading freedom for security. We need to be free to be secure. Free to arm ourselves, free to shop where we want, free from ridiculously priced health insurance, free from ridiculous taxes.
    Everyone needs to stand for themselves, their family, their friends, their neighbors, their city, state, and country. Stand before it’s too late.

    If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything


  • Jason Smith

    We need to stand up because of the facts. Not because of some satire.
    I want to fight because I see what is in this satire is true. But I don’t want some dumb ass trying to fight because he can’t read between the lines. I want us all to stand together, like the great nation we are.
    We are Americans. Even if you are white, black, hispance, etc, If you are legal you are American. Even if you are christian, catholic, atheist, pagan, wiccan, etc If you were born here, you are American.
    No matter where you are from, Country area, city area, suburbs, rural, etc YOU ARE AN AMERICAN.

    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Anthony

    Republicans need the word SATIRE printing really big for two reasons:
    1. Or else they would believe this is a real speech.
    2. To remind you that he was trying to be funny.

  • Jack

    Hate to tell you this Chris…but you’re WRONG! The Constitution most certainly DOES make mention of a deity…BOTH “directly” AND “indirectly”. Read it again pal. The Preamble, the very first paragraph, mentions “Blessings”. In order for there to be Blessings there MUST be a Blesser. They KNEW where “the Blessings of Liberty” came from.

    At the end of The Constitution, the second mention, is most definitely a DIRECT mention. Look closely it’s typed in all CAPS for you…
    “the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our LORD one
    thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence
    of the United States of America the Twelfth In witness whereof
    We have hereunto subscribed our Names”.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see. Open your eyes FCOL.

  • jusliloleme

    thanks chris for your approval, i think i will.

  • Chris Bowen

    One of the definitions of blessings is
    “Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, or prosperity; a boon.”
    It does not have to be a deity granting it, but try again.

    The lord clause was first not approved by the convention, but added by one of the scribes afterwards. Second that phrase was commonly used by all of that time, secular or not, the same as God Bless you after a sneeze in todays time. Its not necessarily mean they are religious..

    Use some logic FCOL.

  • Jack

    Logic??? That’s a good one! lol! Pots are always calling the kettles black. Our founding fathers must have assumed that there wouldn’t be so many intentionally ignorant people. Do you even know WHY “God bless you” is said after a sneeze? Or WHY the phrase “In the year of our Lord” was used so commonly? Or why “B.C”. & “A.D.” are used in connection with dates? Do you have so much as the teeniest inkling as to just how ridiculously ignorant so many of your comments sound???? I’ll bet you believe your ancestors were apes don’t you? If so…. I’m thinking maybe you’re right!

  • Chris Bowen

    Says the person that keeps using logical fallacies. First those phrases are used because they were developed by the prevailing religion, and it is hard for people to break something everyone around them says, same reason people who grow up in areas speak similarly and use similar phrases. God Bless you was developed by a pope in regards to the plague…. When you are raised a certian way it is hard to break, does not mean that it is correct, just human nature is to resist change… Also evolution does not say we are descended by apes, just another fallacy of yours, it say we probably shared a common ancestor, similar to wolfs and dogs. That ancestor could have been mostly like us or mostly like them, or even half and half.

  • Robin Gonsalves

    Not funny dude….to close to the truth! lol

  • Tim

    The DOI did start the revolutionary war, but it is also the first law of the nation, one of the four organic laws, The Articles of The Confederation, The Northwest Ordinance, The Constitution for The United States of America being the last. Search the U.S. Code and you will find them, yes the DOI does apply to government, it not only told the king but any one else following that we the free inhabitants with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The supreme court mentions it in numerous cases.

  • http://www.bobkinford.com Bob Kinford

    Separation of Church and state was so that the STATE did not dictate what form of religion you practiced, nor start its own religion. The majority of the founders believed in God as Christians which is evident through their many writings. The oath of office for ANY public office has always ended with “so help me God” and until fairly recently, it was common to swear on a Bible to tell the truth before giving testimony in court.

  • Chris Bowen

    The DoI is a organic law for being an individual, the constitution for running a sovereign state. In any case the code with the DoI in it was not created until the 1920s, well after the founding of the government. In any case you really dont address the pertinent part, the part where the DOI leaves it up to each of us to define our creator.

  • Iron Tub

    Oh yes in fact i do understand it well, and above when you corrected yourself is a much more accurate statement. The word “particular” changed the whole meaning from your previous statement.

  • Chris Bowen

    No it did not.. I dont believe in a god, nor a particular god, currently, I dont believe in any god at this movement, however because I am agnostic, I know I cannot prove the existence, or lack there of, so my mind can be changed when and if evidence becomes available.

    The differences is that an athiest believes there is no god, where as I atleast leave open the possibility that there is. The difference is minor, but there is a difference.

  • Iron Tub

    In our tribe you would be called a circle talker. Of course you are free to believe or not to believe in any thing you like. ” God Bless you if you sneeze, even though I dont believe in a god.” that was your statement, so yes “particular” changes the meaning. You also mention logic several times in your posts. I guess you have chosen to redefine that word as well, I don’t know. I was going to assume you meant moment instead of movement, but one never knows where you were at the time of that post. Have a good day Chris. Get out and get some fresh air.

  • Chris Bowen

    You have lost me.. I have not spoken in circles… And yes I meant moment.. My statements are not illogical. In fact the reason I am agnostic and not atheist is because of logic. I will be cycling to work in a few so I will be getting the fresh air, thank you.

  • Rhonda Hunt

    Chris just reading the Bible doesn’t mean a lot if you don’t understand it, and you clearly don’t understand it,if you did you could not think the way you do,the rabbi’s thought of themselves as men of reason and logic as well and they like you had no relationship with the god they claimed to follow,they believed that Yahweh would somehow bend to their will,He will not do so,not for me or you nor for them,Yahweh sets the agenda not us,it is you and I who must conform to his will and his purpose according to his word,if we expect to please him at all,just because we can’t see him with our eye’s doesn’t mean he isn’t there,Yahweh is a Spirit and if we view him it must be through His Son Yeshua and his word which always are in harmony with one another,if our view of him is perverted by false religion,false doctrine and the Commandments of men,we cannot be in harmony with him that is the reason it is so important to get the truth of the scripture correct,sometimes through trial and error,after 42 years I am constantly learning new things and having to change my way of thinking as I learn more and rejecting believes that I thought were right at the time,I’m sure am not the only one who has experienced this, there is a lot of bad teaching to sort through out there,and we all have to sort through it weather we like it or not,truth becomes clearer with experience and much study,we are only defeated when don’t persevere ,and give up as it appears you have done.—-Jim Hunt

  • Chris Bowen

    Another false dilemma logical fallacy. Your deity is a belief, and you can never know until you are dead, at which point it will be too late. You believe the way you believe, others believe differently and even others more differently.

    I “gave up” because you cannot fit a square peg through a circular hole. No matter what I do I cannot ever believe the bible as a whole, there are too many contradictions, to many hypocritical sections, and too many wars fought over these differences.

    To mean religion as a whole is bad, but faith is good. To be honest I wish I could believe, it would make life MUCH easier, not harder as believers like to think.

    That being said I mostly follow a Buddhist philosophy, which is probably where Christianity mostly came from, and the only parts of that I dont follow is the living in poverty and I eat meat.

  • a canadian

    i am atheist and vegan..and stand up for both… if you would consider being compassionate to all sentient beings and consider a meatless diet.. you’d almost be perfect Chris Bowen….:))))

  • Dennis Shuckhart

    This site is becoming ad uncredited ad Obama… two of the same…straighten your shit out

  • le

    This is SATIRE for now, but don’t doubt what he is or what he plans.. We will NEVER allow anything like this to happen. Why doesn’t the military just go into the Oval Office and arrest this criminal? Are we now a Democracy or are we still a Republic? We are the Republic of the United States of America., and shall always be so. Thank you.

  • charles ruff

    The fastest growing spectator sport; watching the dismantling of the American Cultural, Economic and Political system. And don’t think that the roll-out of its replacement will go anything like the Roll-out of O-Care. That was a Rope-a-dope.

  • KingE

    What ever you may say! I will not go down without a fight! A great cival war is upon us! Either you fight or you hide! If you hide, then you might as well be dead! I love my country! It belongs to me! It does not belong to corrupt government! Stand and fight or hide and die!

  • Gary Banks

    Why are you people even arguing with this moron Chris Bowen? He’s like a puppy looking for attention, doesn’t matter whether it good or bad, it’s just attention. Ignore him and he’ll go away!

  • nam72

    This has been going on at least a century. Progressives think they are so brilliant. If any one disagrees, they must be mentally disturbed. They know so much that isnt so..I’ve also found they are angry at everything.. The ones who have gone to the finest schools are some of the dumbest people on earth.They’re taught by those progressive professors, who of course think they are so smart themselves so they teach the trash to our kids at our expense..What a racket. This stuff just didnt happen ..It’s been the plan for 3 generations..

  • RED1958

    Well if you think there is no Documents that says that. Then that means you’ve never read the Federalist Papers!! There, you will read and Understand why each Signator of the Constitution structured it and then Signed on to it!!
    And you’re seriously going to Try and say that when they spoke of a Creator, that they weren’t speaking about God?? That’s pretty Thin and Infantile to say the Least!!
    There is no wonder why you don’t understand what they were saying in their Writings!! You try to parse words to make them mean whatr you want them to mean!!
    If you read the Federalist Papers, you will see that they Were Speaking of God in their Writing!! And if you believe there is No God because there is no evidence of his Existence. I would have to state that there is as Much Evidence of His Existence, as there is of him Not Existing!!
    Your Disbelief in a God or Creator only proves that you are a Human that has to belittle others, and what they believe so it will somehow make you feel better, or More intelligent. But that has never worked in the past, so I doubt that it will work for you!!
    SO tell us something Ol’ Wise One!! If the Human Race is as Smart or so much more intelligent than God. Then explain to everybody How we came into existence in the First Place!! Tell us how we, by some Miracle, ended up on a Planet with an Atmosphere that is capable of sustaining Life. And that Planet is Situated in just the right place in the Solar System that keeps us from getting Bombarded with Meteors and Asteroids on a regular basis, like all the other planets do!! Tell us all Ol’ Knower of all things, how Humans in their Self Proclaimed Infinite Wisdom, try to Duplicate Gods Work on a Daily Basis, with their Cloning, and Test Tube babies, and their Taking of Life in these Abortion Mills. But Humans have never even came close to Discovering the Secret of all Life!!! Our Blood!!! Why has there never been a Viable Replacement for the One thing that Flows through our Veins, and Gives us Life?? They have been trying to do it now for 170 years, and have never came close to it!!! And we, as Humans are just Born with it. And it sustains us for sometimes 100 years or more!!
    Your Problem is that you see Man as some Genius that can solve all Problems in Life!! And refuse to admit that we are Nothing but Temporary Inhabitants of Something Much Greater than Ourselves!! And until you realize, and admit to that simple Truth. Nothing you say or Do will ever be of any Importance!! So Quit thinking so Highly of yourself!! Because in the Big Scheme of things, you are No more important than the Last Fly that you Swatted and Killed!!!

  • corrinna

    omg. you had me on the edge of my chair. i felt like i couldnt breathe.

  • Jim

    You need to Preface your articles with “SATIRE” not afterward.

  • James Pennock

    well I read through all the comments before joining in to this discussion . Frist congratulations C W for derailing the comment train. rather you believe in God the Creator or that science will finally ad enough billions of years to the equation and come up with a provable theory and a working model involving evolution. is not what caught our concern. Our country is in distress and only we can turn things around. If you wish too live in a Muslim country I would suggest moving to one. As for the rest of us… Get off of your collective asses Turn off your distractions (TV, X Box, Face Book, Bar Tap or anything ells that will guarantee that you stay ineffective. Start exorcizing, working out, training with weapons and running. Christians; He is risen and you know this. We are instructed to spread the gospels ( plant the seeds) God will make them grow. not all soil is fruitful. God said to obey the laws of the land and the Law of this land is the Constitution. His command is to all rather you are an elected representative or the person doing the electing. the Second Amendment ( the Law) says that we the people are to remove this present administration by force if necessary! This administration KNOWS this and that is why they are preparing for war with you. So I say again “Get off your collective asses and Train!”

  • Chris Bowen

    First of all the Please point out which of the federalist papers, there were many, support your claim. what is infantile is taking a phrase that implies that it is left up to each of us to define our belief in a creator “their creator” to mean that they all believed in one creator, which would have been worded as “our creator”. I seem to understand what they meant more than you, as my thinking is in line with their reasoning as it goes off their writings, particularly in explaining the separation of church and state, after they signed the constitution.

    I never stated I believe there is no God, I am agnostic not atheist. Even if I were disbelieve in a God or creator does no such thing as stating I have to belittle someone to make me feel better, but you claiming that shows it for yourself.

    You are assuming many things in your last fallacy. There are plenty better theories on how life came to exist on this planet, such as the big bang and evolution.

    I never claimed to see man as a genius who can solve all problems, do you ever stop with the logical fallacies?

  • Rage58201

    Only smart comment I’ve read here so far

  • jbh777

    Rick you are a disgrace to news people. Ou made up a story to get readers. You arre creating unrest. Lies are not the way to do ot. Wsith this story you are no better than the administration. Freedom of the press does not protect you in this matter, and I surre you will know that soon. I agree this seems to be the path we are on however to blantly do a satire story in the manne you just did is criminal. You and your editor need to get together and rewrite this story. Your a joke as a news person, stick to sci fi

  • Karinena Durbin

    Someone just needs to kill him and get it over with already.

  • Brian Blackden

    And this is untrue? I am shocked…

  • Crudy Thepuppy


  • rick blankenship

    I like logic as well s the next guy ; but the first signs of any kind of bible were Greece and Hebrew any form of the bible written after that was from these two books .The king james version was written by 66 different people. from the beginning to now jehovah is the name they use for our lord . At no point and time in any of these books does it say budah. and by the way if you want to talk math ? there is only two numbers that are recognized to make up our whole system; zero’s and the number one. now being an expert on the matter of religion and math which came first 0 or 1; budah or jehovah?I’m using your logic now answer these simple questions with logical answers and not some thing you just thought of from school as it’s obvious that you went to college.but i’m sorry chris some of your logic has no logic at all .

  • Bookhunter

    This clown is over the top.
    Sorry if you think my image is, but it’s fitting.
    Enough is enough.

    Ummm… did I spell ‘Dicatator’ correctly?
    Hmmm… my bad.

  • Robert Walter Fry Jr.

    no, your mind is too closed on what you think is true, and no amount of facts from us or God above would change your mind. I’m glad, and blessed that im not you!!!!!!!!! your not worth fighting with, and seem to be someone that agrees with what obama is doing, so therefore, you are lower to me than the shit on my boots!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mario

    The document is, in fact, the Bible! And the one who is REALLY pulling the strings of the puppets (i.e politicians and billionaires), is the”prince of this world” (i.e. satan). All of what we see unfolding in the world today was foretold in the old Scriptures. Check out “101 Last Days Prophecies”. (www.eternal-productions.org)

  • Michael

    not sitire at all. A lot more truth then odumba ever told us. Chris proves, the foolish depise wisdom and truth. Just love and pray for him. You can not argue and convince those who choose to be blind.

  • Guest

    there is nothing as a country of sheeple we can do because we and our past relatives let the government build forces so strong that we are incapable of fighting back. thats what they wanted and thats what they got power.

  • Geoff OConnell

    there is nothing as a country of sheeple we can do because we and our
    past relatives let the government build forces so strong that we are
    incapable of fighting back. thats what they wanted and thats what they
    got is power.

  • Jeffrey Owen Hunter

    After reading every reply you have written Chris Bowen, I would strongly suggest that you just stop. You have counter-argued your point to exhaustion and still have not reached a stature where you stand above the rest of the people jumping to encroach on your position. You clearly know exactly what is being referenced and you fight it tooth and nail with a burning passion to disprove God, which you have not disproved whatsoever. To be quite blunt… you are acting like a complete narcissist and definitely an egotistical being. To wrap this up… the Constitution DOES mention a “deity” as you would so call it, when we all here can attest to it being God regardless of our religious path. What you seem to lack with this is certain insight as to what exactly the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights is saying. Everyone here has made it undeniably clear and yet you still fight back like a scared pup. Just stop.

    You are only making things worse for yourself and furthermore proving that you don’t understand the concept being brought up. You fight it as though you have some sort of proof against it. I hate to tell you, but you don’t. Keep dreaming.

  • OzzY

    Does your GOD condone calling your fellow man names such as fool?

  • Chris Bowen

    I have never once tried to disprove god, that would be a logical fallacy, you cannot prove a negative existential, so either you have not read all my replies, or you dont understand them. Also I am not the one fighting tooth and nail, or being scared to change my thinking, you guys are. The country is changing, in some ways for the better, yet you conservatives true to your name resist change, but thanks for the ad hominems.

    I am not making things worse for myself, I understand these concepts I have spent years studying these concepts, probably more then you, even in conservative schools they agree with me.

  • Chris Bowen

    The bible has been used to say this time and time again, just like any good prediction it is vague enough to be right in any number of situations that will repeat itself over and over again, without fully coming true so the next group of believers can claim the issue is happening to them.

  • Chris Bowen

    ahh the irony.. My mind can easily be changed with proof and evidence, something no one here is willing to provide, unlike your mind that is rusted shut. There are plenty of evidence to believe in evolution yet you still deny it, even though it does not counter a deity, and there is no evidence to support a deity yet you believe that, it is not my mind that rejects evidence.

  • Chris Bowen

    First I never claimed that the bible mentioned Buddha, you are just making things up, I said I was watching a documentary about Jesus possibly being their Lama in his missing years.

    Second we have an infinite number of numbers in our system, 0 +-infinity,and our system uses the base 10 system comprised of 0-9s. The only thing I can think you are talking about is binary, which is a base 2 representative system used to translate our base 10 system into something a computer can understand with on and off switches. There are other base systems used by computers as well, such as octal, base 8 (0-7), and hex, base 16 (0-9 with A-F for the last 6 digits)

    As for your question you would first have to prove the existence of your Jehovah. Buddha was just a man, a philosopher who came up with a way of living that was turned into a religion, where as Jehovah supposedly a God. The philosophy of Buddhism we developed before the religion of the Jewish, so if you are talking about the philosophy then Buddhism wins. If you can prove the existence of your God, an impossible task, then you could say that he was actually first.

  • that guy

    I Love This! but- but-

    he’s not really a muslim- i think he’s pretending to be a muslim-who was pretending to be a christian- but really has that ‘secret society’ da vinci code stuff- if all but one president are related to each other by blood (except martin van buren) and all can call the queen of england ‘aunty’ – and they claim to be descendants of vlad tepes – and charlamaigne-the grandson of charles the blood hammer – of that bloodline the vatican tried so hard to wipe out-with the inquisition-and the creation of islam-as far as the secret society religion-they say- lucifer was never the devil-that was a mistranslated-a latin word-translated from the greek translation-from the original hebrew- it was a babylonian king-and not-the devil- in the original story-kjv is not accurate- so bright an morning star=lucifer=jesus=they really believe that they are descendant of that ancient blood line- and have their family trees to ‘prove it’ -can be traced to roman patriarchs -such as julius caesar-(that’s why it’s high school study material) along with all royal families are ‘related’ by blood-through alliances formed through intermarriages-for instance-‘the king and i’ with jodi foster/chow yun phat – a european princess in asia- queen victoria- nine children-all of whom were sent to marry different royal families a centry or so ago-all related-all presidents related-same blood-same family, all can be traced to patriarchs of rome-who in turn can be traced to Jewish royalty- if you are keeping up with this- Jesus is of the line of king david and king sol – so is Joseph of aramathea – who was joseph’s first wife? pharaoh’s daughter, who are joseph’s ancestors? one of the oldest-before the ‘mark of cain’ was moses- who was moses? adopted brother to a pharoah-and married to his neice-the high priest’s daughter-so they took from egypt-their royal blood line-and brought it with them to jarusalem- and there are older family trees-of the pharaohs-that go to sumaria and babylon (now iraq) with older tales and special days-like dec. 25 -there are ‘several’ old kings to whom that birthday was ‘special’-ancient, ancient history -the bible, our ‘old testament’ is the jewish ‘holy torrah’ -and lays out generation upon generation of whom begat whom- a ‘timeline’ showing who had that royal egyptian blood flowing through their veins. this bloodline continues on- he is of that bloodline-through his mother (with the nudie pics online) stanley ann dunham- related to dick cheney, the bushs the clintons, have ‘royal’ ties in their ‘secret society’ blood. alber pike- one of the co-founders of the kkk wrote a few letters to mazzini (founder of ‘la cosa nostra’ the mafia) laying out a plan to install a ‘new world order’ (keep in mind-all masonic factions are ‘orders’ like knighthoods) in 1871-they laid out a plan for three world wars-the first two happened just like the letters, the third is happening just like they wrote-except for this ‘new twist’ to the plot-where we side with iran-that’s not ‘part of the plan’, keep in mind-someone like osama bin laden-saud royalty- that means- cousin- their ancestry can be traced to their ‘prophet’ whom bore the ‘mark of cain’-and would have been killed for-if that priest hadn’t told his mother to ‘take him far away’ he had a cross birthmark between his shoulder blades-this also worked for european royalty-to determine if an illegitimate child was really the king’s, subsequently-mohammed’s ‘oprah’ rich wife-was sent by the vatican-her brother was his mentor-the catholics ‘created’ islam- to ‘hunt that bloodline’ in the lands that the ‘inquisition’ could not follow- to ‘delete’ this ‘weird’ group of christians who ‘revered’ mary of magdala, and ‘sarah’ (means princess in ancient egyptian) -this is supposedly ‘the bloodline’-the ‘grail’ of the da vinci code- the ‘missing link’ was the merovingian royal line-who were ‘jailed’ by the pope-and their ‘magical hair’ was shorn from their heads- they supposedly had ‘tears that could heal’ like saint barbera-where the rapunzel story comes from… ancient weird stuff… interesting to consider, especially if you take into ‘consideration’ american religion, in the last couple of centuries… sects of christianity have sprouted out-masonic orders, all would be ‘blasphemy’ to the vatican-and ‘erased’ or ‘witch hunted’ for heresy, chevy chase-has ancestors who were killed in the salem witch hunt-that to me ‘implies’ -that he is of that same bloodline-as is ‘tom hanks’-related to the presidents-celine dion, marilyn monroe, same blood. take-‘the millerites’ for instance-seventh day adventists-he was a 33rd degree mason, mary baker eddie-founded the ‘christian scientist’ church-married to a 33rd degree-suspected of being a ‘female’ 33rd, john smith-founder of mormonism-the church of jesus christ of latter day saints-33rd degree mason, so was aleister crowley (the great beast 666-he called himself) founder of thelema, anton levey (satanic bible-church of satan-churches in newtown ct, and san francisco-played ‘the devil’ in rosemary’s baby) so was L. Ron hubbard-scientology – almost three quarters of southern baptist ministers are masons… many, many religions in america today-have ‘masonic’ origins, they are all ‘timelines’ like the bible- keep track of who is related to who- or how humanity is ‘thinking’ on a society level-what’s acceptable kind of thing… anyway-that’s just ‘my though’ on the matter- i think he’s a ‘da vini’ wannabe-thinks he’s descendant of Jesus- a ‘Lucifarian’-‘Illuminate’-‘bright, morning star’ and feels ‘entitled’ to ‘rule’ and is ‘pretending’ to be a ‘Muslim’ who is ‘pretending’ to be a Christian-but has ‘everyone’ fooled (except the other ‘secret society’ members of high enough rank) even the ‘bible’ has his name-phonetically-(the Jewish people were ‘freaked out’ in 2008-because his name means something in their language-and they called him a Jewish president-they know the truth about that particular ‘bloodline’)

    Luke 10:18, in which Jesus says, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” KJV

    from “Strong’s Hebrew Bible Dictionary” the 1300th word in there is bârâq
    the 1116th word is bâmâh, i can ‘confirm’ this-as i have downloaded that book-and checked it.

    A primitive root; to lighten (lightning): – cast forth.
    From H1299; lightning; by analogy a gleam; concretely a flashing sword: – bright, glitter (-ing, sword), lightning.


    From an unused root (meaning to be high); an elevation: – height, high place, wave.
    A word in Hebrew used to join concepts together as a conjuction would is Waw which is often written as a “U” or “O”. So, to join Lighting and the heights of Heaven, one would use a “U” or and “O”.
    So, in the poetic style of Isaiah we would have Lightning and heights of Heaven at Baraq “O” Bamah or Baraq “U” Bamah.

    “I beheld Satan falling as Baraq O Bamah”.

    but da vinci code secret societies will totally blow your mind-when the ‘show their true religion’-they will come out saying something like;
    Jesus was Lucifer, or his line is still alive to this day-and have ruled the earth for decades . . .

    anyway, thank you for your time, i loved this satirical article ^^
    (have had several 33rd*s in my ancestry-am currently ‘ashamed’ of that heritage-don’t want ‘anything to do with it’)

  • Chris

    Ok I’m so sick of this bull shit government, What are they thinking they work for us. Obama get ready to be served your walking papers and all of your stupid regime. We Americans will revile our true patriotic to the USA. try to take our rights and guns away you will have a huge fight on your hands I love America so much, as for you stupid liberals who voted for him and are unhappy deserve you right I hope your happy with your self. Retards Next time think before you vote, I’m not republic or democrate I vote for who is the best for the job.

  • TheRuleOfLaw

    Although this is satire, I can see him making the speech now that there is officially a one-party system in the Den of Criminals.

  • #30minsI’llnevergetback

    appears to me that someone needs a life,,,,,geez

  • Nick Woodley

    The people waste their few remaining months posting blogs and whining, as victims.

    They can suck the rifles of the men who come into their houses, kill their children, and rape their wives.

    America, you are a whore. Welcome to the future you deserve.

    – N

  • Kat

    Wow, so many of you are talking about religion in regards to this article, I wonder did you read this at all? I am amazed! For those of you that have taken this sidetrack on religion, you will not have the freedom to choose your religion if Obama and this corrupt government succeed! Americans we are under attack and our attackers is our own government, make no mistake about it! A day of reckoning is upon us and will you be arguing about religion or fighting for your freedom? An uprising is coming and religion will not be a priority, survival will be!

  • dan

    Tell it like it is brother!!!!!!

  • Elisabeth

    ok, so is this a real speech or fake? I want to know now if I need to stock pile guns and ammo!

  • redley62

    Hey OzzY, Read the verse Psalm 14. GOD’S words, not mine. Ans yes, He
    condones me saying so and so I did!

  • The Logical Truth

    Sir, do you know the definition of a liberal? Bush, Clinton, Obama, whoever, satires just spread false information, basically picked up as propaganda because people read headlines and not the full story. Reputable sites such as FreePatriot should not contain NationReport quality stories.

  • Michael Extinctionlevelevent M

    Are you retarded or what. You just repeated what I said. CLOCKMAKER. You aren’t very smart are you? Read a book or something. It MIGHT help.

  • Michael Extinctionlevelevent M

    Oh and btw I graduated CSU w/ 4.0. Summa cum laude. Double major, double emphasis. None of that makes you or I smart.

  • Chris Bowen

    Um, no, you said Deists WERE Christians, I stated they are NOT Christians. You cannot read, yet call me retarded.

  • Michael Extinctionlevelevent M

    Christian Deism. Deism stems from Christianity. You need a dictionary college boy. Look it up moron.

  • Chris Bowen

    Which dictionary claims that deists are Christians? A lot of Deists were EX Christians who found fault with the religion itself, it does not make the diests Christians. In fact you cannot be a deist and a Christian, since Christians are require your believe in Jesus, which would mean that God is having a day to day impact on the world, contrary to the beliefs of deists.. Use some logic there…. And stop with the fallacies.

  • Michael Extinctionlevelevent M

    LOL how about you stop with lies. Deism stems from Christianity stupid ass. I can’t do this anymore. You are making me dumber for reading what you post. Have a nice stupid life. I’m sure you will.

  • Chris Bowen

    That is like saying Jewism stem from Christianity…

    From what is considered the first use of the term diesm, the Instruction Chrétienne en la doctrine de la foi et de l’Évangile (Christian teaching on the doctrine of faith and the Gospel)

    There are many who confess that while they believe like the Turks and the Jews that there is some sort of God and some sort of deity, yet with regard to Jesus Christ and to all that to which the doctrine of the Evangelists and the Apostles testify, they take all that to be fables and dreams… I have heard that there are of this band those who call themselves Deists, an entirely new word, which they want to oppose to Atheist. For in that atheist signifies a person who is without God, they want to make it understood that they are not at all without God, since they certainly believe there is some sort of God, whom they even recognize as creator of heaven and earth, as do the Turks; but as for Jesus Christ, they only know that he is and hold nothing concerning him nor his doctrine.

    Notice the last part, they know that he lived, but they hold nothing concerning him, nor his doctrine.. This by definition would make the first deists non Christians at the very least.

    But you are correct, we probably should be done with this, you are one of those people who cannot hold an adult conversation, and cannot stand that people have different opinions than you, so you act like a child and call them names. Respond to this if you like but I will not.

  • Michael Extinctionlevelevent M

    LOL Judaism?? They were before Christ came! Deism: a belief that there is enough evidence for an omnipotent creator, but one that does not interfere w/ that creation. You’ve outdone yourself saying Judaism from Christianity. If anything, Christianity is a stem of Judaism. LOL. Timelines matter.

  • Chris Bowen

    You really have a reading comprehensions problem…I never stated it stemed from Christianity, I stated your argument about deists stemming from Christianity was like like saying Judaism stemmed from Christianity, as in neither the jews or the deists believed Christ was the son of god, or a savior. You cannot be a Christian without that belief, and I gave you evidence of it, unlike anything you gave me.. Anyways you trolled me into coming back, but for the last time.

  • Michael Extinctionlevelevent M

    LOL you are so stupid it make me have a headache.